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Debaprasad Mukherjee, PhD Department of Information Technology Dr. B C.

Roy Engineering College, (West Bengal University of Technology, Kolkata) Durgapur 713206, Burdwan, West Bengal. Phone: +91-9831114666 Email: Areas of Interest Key Strategic Areas Government Process Re-Engineering Technology Development Programmes Change Management (HR, QMS) Key Technical Areas Governance Engineering & Architectural Change Management ICT Plan Formulation & Policy Initiatives e-Governance Projects Government Process Re-Engineering, Change Management & ICT infrastructure sizing Open Data and Social Media Networking Next Generation e-Governance and Innovations in e-Governance International Cooperation & Collaboration on e-Governance Programme

Profile A proven project supervisor, administrator and educationist with vast exposure to various fields of science, engineering and humanities, with specific interest in the applications of information and communication technologies to governance and administration. Present position Associate Professor, Department of Information Technology, Dr. B.C. Roy Engineering College, West Bengal University of Technology- Kolkata, Durgapur, West Bengal. (One of the best engineering institutes in eastern India.) Experience January 2013- Present, Associate Professor, Department of Information Technology, Dr. B.C. Roy Engineering College, West Bengal University of Technology- Kolkata, Durgapur, Burdwan, West Bengal. August 2009- December 2012, Assistant Professor, Department of Information Technology, Dr. B.C. Roy Engineering College, West Bengal University of Technology- Kolkata, Durgapur, Burdwan, West Bengal. March 2006- August 2009, Lecturer, School of Information Technology, Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur, West Bengal. -1-

August 2003- March 2006, CSIR Research Fellow in Department of Bioinformatics, Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Kolkata. Qualifications 2011, PhD Computer Science & Engineering, Jadavpur University, Kolkata 2001, BE Electrical Engineering, Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College, University of North Bengal, West Bengal. Scholastic recognitions and achievements GATE Electrical Engineering 2002 GATE Engineering Sciences 2001 TIFR JEST Physics 2001 CSIR Doctoral Fellowship CSIR Doctoral Course JNCASR DST Doctoral Fellowship, 2001 Diploma Bioinformatics, IBAB, Bangalore, 2003 Publication Chair, IEEE Conference R & D areas Complex systems Algorithms Policy of education, research, and ICT in administration, governance, management and media Theses & Projects supervised Post Graduate level: ~20, Undergraduate level: ~25, Doctoral level: 2 Ongoing. Funded projects: 1 (proposal under preparation) Publications (Citations: ~15 non self citations) Dimensional information exchange based swarm/genetic algorithm for multiple image fusion and shape primitive detection (Under preparation) Swarm algorithm for hyper-edge generation for clustering and classification (Under preparation) Nonlinear state estimation using mix adaptive unscented kalman filters, A Mukherjee, D Mukherjee, A Sengupta, SCI Journal (Submitted)


Evolution of complex codon usage and compositional features of retroviruses, S Roychoudhury, D Mukherjee, IEEE Conference (Submitted). Distributed probability density function estimation of environmental function from sensor network data, A Mukherjee, D Mukherjee, IEEE-ICSIPR, 2013. Filter design for tracking of ballistic target missile using seeker measurements with time lag, A Mukherjee, A Sengupta, D Mukherjee, IEEE-ICSIPR, 2013. Variety event detection in wireless sensor networks through single hop cluster topology, A Chatterjee, D Mukherjee, IEEE-WOCN, 2013. A transport protocol for congestion avoidance in wireless sensor networks using clusterbased single-hop-tree topology, A Chatterjee, A Mukherjee, D Mukherjee, IEEE-EAIT 2012. A detailed comparative analysis on the overall codon usage pattern in herpesviruses, S Roychoudhury, D Mukherjee, Elsevier-Virus Research, 2010. Genus specific evolution of codon usage and nucleotide compositional traits of poxviruses, S Roychoudhury, A Pan, D Mukherjee, Springer- Virus Genes, 2011. Complexity, the connectionist conjecture and ontology of complexity, D Mukherjee, Cogprints, 2009. Mycobacterium tuberculosis systems biology data in R, S Ramachandran, [OSDD Consortium], D Mukherjee, Biobytes, 2009. Brain machine interface- emerging paradigms, M Mukherjee, D Mukherjee, WBSSSC, 2008 Patterns of codons in selenocysteine superfamily in eukaryotes for association rule mining and prediction, I Sengupta, S Roychowdhury, D Mukherjee, WASET, 2008 Computational analysis of regulatory and signaling domains from online databases for association rule mining, P Jaiswal, S Basu. D Mukherjee, Nature-ICSB 2007. Comparative analysis of amino acid usage of the connexin super family, A Pal, D Mukherjee, Nature-ICSB, 2007. Patterns of k-tuples in GPCRs in eukaryotes for machine learning, A Basu, D Mukherjee, WASET 2008 Clusterviz: a web technology based software for clustering and visualization, D Mukherjee, C Dutta, INSA-NCBMPD, 2005. Microprocessor based control algorithms for signal transducers, D Mukherjee, A Mal, NBUEEBJGEC, 2001.

Other recognitions and achievements


Invited talks and lectures in several seminars in various technology forums in Bangalore and Kolkata, on ICT policy and Complex Systems Reviewer of some journals of Springer, Elseiver, Wiley, Kluwer, etc for papers on Complex Systems Invited member of administrative committees of some engineering, ICT and education societies of West Bengal. Member of organizing committee of some state and national level conferences, workshops and seminars on ICT and its applications, and Complex Systems. Personal details Date of birth: 26th January, 1980. Caste: General. Nationality: Indian.