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Appraisee Name (Code) Arvind Agarwal (147325)

Appraiser Name (Code) Anwar Ul Hoda (168532)

Additional Appraiser Name (Code)
Reviewer Name (Code) Sanjay Kabra (100076)
Period Under Review 22 May 2006 - 30 Jun 2007
Position Title Software Engineer
Band E1
Group Business Line
DOJ HCL Group 22 May 2006
DOJ HCLT Group 22 May 2006
LOB Name (Code) IS (50139680)
SBU Name (Code) IS-APPS (50139853)
BU Name (Code) IS-APP (50139990)
Location Name (Code) IS-GGN (50139683)
Section A : Performance - Key Performance Areas Vs. Achievement
S No. Key Performance Area (KPA) Results Achieved S
i achieved it in my oracle practice 's livelink connector inwhich i have
1 I need good core java skill
used core java .
2 I need core java sun certification. i am doing well for this certification. iwill achieve it in next one month.
I need sound knowledge in J2ee i have achieved it in doing work in BU portal which is based on spring and
Technlogies. hibernate
I need the good confidence in I have used the livelink content server api in java for making a connector
livelink content server api for crawling thorugh OSES.
I need the some exposure of
5 I have achieved it upto some extent
database handling
one project i have done here In this project i have got good learning how efficient use of core java with
QTA(query time authorization) livelink api
in this project i have succesfully implemented the issues of client like
7 manitenance project of oses
multilanguage support and login dubugging and manifest change

KPA updated/inserted by appraiser.

Section A' : Key Organizational Parameters

Question Answer Appraisee Comments

Actually pepole who are not billed they have been

Are you getting billed? If Not, then when do you think
1 No internal project sothat they should polished their
you will get billed?
project we will be shifted to new project.
What do you think is your percentage utilization (Person
51 -
2 hours billed / Person hours available) during the current
review period?
I have done coding in my project .and design and
What has been your contribution to quality and
3 preparation for my project which is a good contrib
productivity improvement?
and productivity imporvement.

How many candidates did you refer to HCL during

4 5
the current review period?
a) With 0 - 2 years experience.

5 In last 18 months, Often some reponsibilites like add code in VSS. that is i
a) Are you executing higher responsibilities?
there is one project is going on till date so we hav
b) Have you worked for more than one customer? No
c) Have you worked out of more than one base location? No No,i have worked only one base location.
6 Do you hold a valid visa for at least one country? No such requirement has not come yet
b) With greater than 2 years experience. 6

Section A' : Key Goal Matrix View

Section B : Performance - Critical success attributes
S. No. Attribute
Decision & Interface skills - Mature and balanced in decision making, focuses on problem, not people; interes
2 Customer orientation - Has ability to set customer expectations and meet them accordingly
3 Domain understanding - Able to see and connect with overall project context
4 Dependability & result orientation - Dependable and owns the tasks assigned
5 Process orientation - Output predictable as work habits are process oriented
6 Result orientation - Able to anticipate issues in line of approach
Team work - Accepted and respected by team
7 Demonstrates understanding and sensitivity to cross functional dependencies
Can mentor juniors and share knowledge
8 Conflict Handling - Avoids unnecessary conflicts and knows how to escalate issues
9 Adaptability - Adjusts to people, culture, policies and situations
Influencing & Persuading - Capacity to effect the actions, behavior and opinions of others by appealing to rea

Section C : Direct Dialogue with our customer

External Customers
S No. Customer Name, Designation, Organisation EMail ID Projec
1 Ajit singh Chawla - Project Leader Free GGN AP
2 Ajit singh Chawla - Project Leader Free GGN AP
3 Ajit singh Chawla - Project Leader Oracle
4 Ajit singh Chawla - Project Leader Oracle
5 Ajit singh Chawla - Project Leader IP Open T
6 Ajit singh Chawla - Project Leader IP Open T

Internal Customers
No Records Found
Section D : Appraisee Feedback


S. No. Attribute Rating Remarks
during livelink connector project i was given
1 I am aware of my roles and responsibilities at work
function document and traceiblilty matrix an
My job utilizes my expertise, knowledge and potential to I have been assinged new internal projet in
the fullest. the work on new technlogies seeing that my
I always get a chance to attend the differnt t
I have freedom to use my creativity and do my job
3 webservices traing to brushup my skills so th
new upcoming projects.
I get here oportunities to excel my technical
4 My job provides me opportunities to excel.
in project of new advance technologies
I can relate to the importance my job has to the overall I am giving output to the company by puttin
vision/mission of the organization technologies.
S. No. Attribute Rating Remarks
I am encouraged to take up higher responsibilities and
1 Ya, I am encouraged to take up hihger respo
explore new avenues within the preview of my work.
ya i am aware of growth opporutunties in hc
2 I am aware of growth opportunities available to me in HCL
new technologies which are really helpful for
I have opportunities to learn and enhance my skills for my Here I am learning new things by attending
professional growth useful for my professional growth.
S. No. Attribute Rating Remarks
Avenues are available to express my views and opinions
1 Here is good thing we can send our view by
on issues affecting me and organization
here all policies are transparent. any issue u
2 The policies and processes are transparent
or admin . we get our result of our problem
3 It’s fun place to work Sometime good cultural activites and some
4 I have many friends at work place Not so many.
Actuallly i spend more time in companies to
5 I look forward to come to work
update my skill
S. No. Attribute Rating Remarks
My colleagues are helpful and cooperative na
1 My colleagues are helpful and cooperative mannerism. if we learn new thing then we a
learn same thing .
My peers discuss and share all relevant information with
2 My peers always takes my view regarding wi
I have got guidence when ever i get trouble
3 I have always got guidance when I seek in the company
seniors always suggest me thing to do work

Overall Rating :

Three most important things to me , which the company should be sensitive to and should take care of?

1 I need company should provide flexible timing . whenever we get the workload in projects so that we could easily m
Section E : Key value add from your appraiser
S. No. My Appraiser Rating Appraisee Comm

1 Has facilitated in increasing my domain/technical knowledge. He has motivated to us to attend mor

Has given me professional inputs to enhance He has encouraged to us by giving int
performance/achievements. performance.
3 Has facilitated my work to become more process centric. He has always tried to do work as pro
he has always approved my technical
4 Has facilitated my skill upgradation.
5 Has given me regular feedback for my self-development.
6 Has been sensitive to my personal issues/concerns.

Overall Rating :

Section F : Personal Enrichment Plan

A) Technical / Functional Skills (related to your business / project / domain)

S. No. Area Justification
I would like to know server configutation of jboss server
1 JBOSS it is applicaiton server.Jboss is good application server fo
any project in EJB.
I am currentlty working on internal project of HCL.i need
2 J2EE to attend training regarding technlogies which iam using
this project
I want to attend the javamail becuase this is essential
3 Java Mail features of web based project so i want to learn
implementaion of the java mail.
B) Business and Process Competencies
S. No. Area Justification
C) Behavioral Competencies
S. No. Area Justification

Section G : Goal settings for next review period

S. No. Action Plan
1 I need to do certification SCPJ and then SCWCD and SCBCD.
I need good confidence level in new technologies spring and hibernate and struts which i am using in my current
3 I need to do hands on two server tomcat and weblogic
4 I need to attend the communcation training and presentation skill training