How to Transfer InSight Training Data (version 1.0) Use these instructions IF: a. You have InSight version 1.

0 and need to reinstall on a different computer AND b. You are midway through your training and want to continue where you left off. (If you would like to start over, simply re-install and sign-in. You will not need to re-register) Please Note: This process has not been tested by our QA team, and is not supported. However, many customers have completed this process successfully. If you would prefer to upgrade to InSight 1.1, please call 1-800-5996463. Portability is a feature of InSight 1.1, however you will need to start your training schedule from the beginning. Instructions: 1) Copy the UserData folder from the original computer over to a USB memory stick/flash drive and set aside for later use. UserData folder’s default location: XP: C:\Documents and Settings\[userfolder]\Posit Science • VISTA: C:\Users\[userfolder]\PositScience


Install InSight on the new computer (do not launch program after installing).


Open the Posit Science folder (C:\Documents and Settings\[userfolder]\Posit Science. [XP] or C:\Users\[userfolder]\PositScience [Vista])

4) Set this window aside or minimize for later use.


Insert the USB memory stick into computer and open removable storage drive to view its contents. (My Computer  Devices with Removable Storage)

6) Locate the UserData folder that you copied over from the original computer. Right-click this folder, then leftclick “Copy”. You can close this window once you’re sure you have the folder copied.

7) Go back to the Posit Science folder that you minimized. Right-click inside this window, then left-click “Paste”. You should see 2 folders listed inside the Posit Science folder (Cortex and UserData).

8) Close this window and launch InSight. 9) You should see the user names listed from the original computer if the data transferred successfully.

10)Click a user name to login and you will receive “CortexLoginError32”

11)Click OK and a separate web page will open to the “My Account” login window. 12)Enter the participant’s User name and Password, then click Sign In.

13)Click the “My Profile” tab, then Click “Switch Computer”.

Student 1 1234 Student Way Studentville, ST 12345

14)Click “Switch Home Computer” again.

15)Click “Ok” to confirm.

16)You should now see that your computer was switched successfully.

Student 1 1234 Student Way Studentville, ST 12345

17)Click “Sign Out” in the upper right corner of the page and you will be brought back to the main Sign In page. Close this page.

18) You

will be returned to the InSight login screen where you should now be able to login with your username.

Proceed to main menu and click on “View Performance Summary” to confirm that your data has transferred successfully.

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