Dave Mendoza Lyrics

Adam & Eve A Furious Voice for the Truth Again All I Want Ambassador American Man Another Golden Time Anymore Anytime Aquiah Are We Strangers Again Today As Brands From the Burning Asking You As One Babylon the Great Bad News BE Beautiful Day Believe It Or Not Better Place Big Picture Blessed Is the Man Blind Guides Breathe Bubble of Light Burn! Call On the Keys Call Out to Me Cheer Up! Claire Clueless Cold Wind Come All You Drifters Come To Da Poppa Concrete Hearts Cure Depending On You Desire Desnudo Donut Do You Enemies of Truth Enneagram Rap Europe Is Dying Everybody Come Everything Belongs Farewell Mr. President FEAR Fiery Eyes Find Your Dream Fire of Love’s Heart Fire, Water, Air & Earth First Day FOCUS Follow God Follow Me Forevermore Forward, March! Free Free As the Wind Freedom (We Are the Ones) From Your Lips Gently & Quietly I’ll Blow Your Mind Get Ready Give Me Truth God Needs You God of Love God's Creation Good Day to Die Hang On to the Lord Happy Christmas To Y’All HEAR ME Heavenly Help HE’S COMIN’ AGAIN HEY GIRL SHINE Home Hooked (Juicy Lie) HOPE OF THE HOPELESS How Weak Am I I Can’t Find The Words I Don’t Know I Give It All To You I Need Your Love I WAS DEAD I WILL TRUST I’d Like To Be With You Right Now If I If That's The Way You'll Use Me If You’d Only Reach Out Immanuel In Thy Skirts Is It A Sin It’s Gonna Be Okay It’s Gotta Be Jesus (Yashua) JUDAS Judgment Day Junkie for Your Truth JUST GIVE ME A CHANCE Just One Just One Day KING OF LOVE Largo (Haendel) Life Is Deeper Life’s Like a River Life’s Not a Freeway Listen & Live LISTEN TO THE WHISPERS LITTLE ANGEL OF THE STREET Lone Song Long Time Searching Losers Turn Winners LOST SHEEP SONG Lost Without You Love Come Into My Life Love Doesn’t Care What People Say Love Harder MEET THE MAKER MILLENNIAL SONG OF FREEDOM MONSTER More Than A Friend Mountain My Farewell My Hiding Place My Melody My Only Hope MY ROCK NAME OF THE POWER OF THE KEYS Never Quit New Beginning


No Friggin’ Way No One Else No Place To The Snakes! NOTHING BUT YOU Now On Guard ONLY JESUS Only You Passion Perfect God Perfect People Popularity PRAISE PRAISE SONG PRICE HE PAID Real Thing Relax Rise Above Roses or Daggers Run To My Arms Sacred Ground Salvation Rap SAVE OUR SOULS! Say What You’ve Gotta Say Seasons SEE YOU LATER Seguiré Send Me a Light Send Me Right Back to You Servant of The King Shadows Shady Cloak of Lies Shine Silver & Steel Simply Existing Sing About You Sinning Saint Sleep On SOLUTIONS Somebody’s Knockin’ at the Door of Your Heart Songs of Comfort Soon Soul Murder Soul Rain Spirit STANDARD OF LOVE St. Francis’ Prayer Straight to Me Sum of the Parts Summer’s Born Surrender Take it by Faith Talkin' 'Bout Faith

Thank You Hollywood Thank You, Lord! The Birds Fly South The Busker’s Song The Call The Day The Deeper Meaning of Everything The Devil Hates Me for That The Enemy Is Freakin’ Out The King’s Return The Only Thing That Matters Is Love The Race Goes On There (The Story of) Virginia Brandt & Hjalmer Berg THEY CAN’T STOP OUR RAIN The Year Love Disappeared Thief In the Night THINGS I’VE BEEN TOLD This is it THOU SHALT LOVE Tiempo del Fin T.I.M.E. Today TODAY IT ALL MAKES SENSE Together To My Family To You TRUST! Tube Song Turn Around T.W.O. Under the Wings of Love Waiting for Tomorrow Wake Up We Are the Same We Haven't Even Yet Begun To Love Welcome To Babylon Welcome To The Rhythm We’ve Come A Long Way WHEREVER Where Grey Skies Won’t Go Who You Are Will You Marry Me Winning Team Wisdom Woe! Worthy Yearn for You You You’re It You're The Air That I Breathe You Shed Light into My Heart You Won’t Ever be the Same

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Adam & Eve (June/July '08) (Chorus:) Call me (D) naive, but (G) I still be(A)lieve in (G) Adam & (D) Eve (As4) Call me in(D)sane but I think when it rained just Noah's family remained Call me a fool, but I think it's cool that Jesus Christ's gonna rule Maybe I'm gone for (G) writing this (A) song, but I will sing on Born & raised in a (D) country where people just (A) "know" that they descended from (G) monkeys Can be just a bit squeezy when they get into teasing folks who believe in Jesus And it's not like they're blissful, thinking they're just fistfuls of primordial soup that one day crawled out on land Overly glorified mutants, specialized in disputing things they don't understand (Ch.) If you just keep repeating the same old lie, folks won't think that you're cheatin' Cause they'd never assert you'd have such a nerve, instead of fearing a beatin' And if this worked before, they figure there must be more people to pull some wool all over their eyes And what they call education in our civilized nations doesn't amount to much more than just a big pack of lies So, (Ch. 2x)


A FURIOUS VOICE FOR THE TRUTH CHORUS: Let me (Em) do only (C) Your will Let me (G) go (D) where You choose Let (Am)me be yours, yours (B/G)only: a (C)furious (D)voice for the (Em) truth here in(C)side me I’ve got (G)nothing to (D) loose let your (Am)love guide & (B/G)make me a (C)furious (D)voice for the Truth! (G — C — Em — D — Em — C – G – D ) Come on , you strong men, take me out if you will My body is yours but my soul you can’t kill My life’s in the hands of the Ancient of Days & to Him with all of My heart I will pray: (Ch.:) Stand here beside me; nothing I am You, you alone will accomplish Your plan God, I cling to You, what else have I got You’re all I am & without You I’m not (Ch.:) Come all you great men, your gain is your loss Greater is He that’s in me than your ‘boss‘ His Word is mighty, strong is His hand I will proclaim His Truth throughout the land (Ch.:)


Again And You'll be all I needed to be finally completed Flow through me, make me wholly Yours and then just use me for whatever I am worth Go on, undo me, and piece me back together again And then take me to the water, fellow sons and fellow daughters Take me way beyond any borders of what they call law and order Make me rise up to be slaughtered if that's what You will And then raise me to Your harbor let my ship sail ever farther and embrace me like the father raced to kiss his long missing prodigal son and then let your greatest gift to me be not to let me part from You again


All I Want I've just gotta tell You, You're really the Best Compared to Your greatness, we're all just a mess To honor You means to be awesomely blessed All I want is You, forget about the rest So, come & let Your lovelight shine on me & make Your crazy love mine Jesus, You're simply the Best Lord, what would I do if I didn't have You? I've said this before, but I've just got no clue Many are called but the chosen are few The few who know nothing else matters but You So, come & let Your lovelight shine on me & make Your crazy love mine Jesus, all I want is You All I want, all I want is You All I want, all I want is You So, come & let Your lovelight shine on me & make Your crazy love mine Jesus, all I want is You All I want, all I want is You All I want, all I want is You


Ambassador (Capo 3rd fret) Intro Come and (G) see Just come and (Em) see (G) See Come and (Em) see (G) I'm here as an ambassador for my Space King (Em) Words of life & healing from my Country I bring (G) Coming from a Place where there's so much more (Em) Than anything in this old world you ever found before (C) I'm a stranger (Am) here, (D) a pilgrim in a foreign (Em) country (C) I'm just a-passin' through, my (Am) dear To in- (D)-vite whoever wants to meet the King of Love and (G) Peace Chorus Just come & (Em) see Come and (G) see Just come and (Em) see (G) Ambassador for my King I'm here to be (Em) Fulfilling all the wishes of His Majesty (G) Bringing you the message of His love & peace (Em) And an invitation to our Heavenlies (C) If you really wanna (Am) see (D) These things, you know, there is an (Em) answer (C) All that you must do is be-(Am)-lieve & (D) close your eyes Take my hand & come along with (G) me Chorus I'm (G) coming from a Place, oh, so wondrous to behold With (Em) buildings made of crystal & its walls of see-through gold The (G) flowers are gigantic & my people are free En-(Em) -joying all the pleasures of God's liberties (C) Come & (Am) see (D) A world of love you'll find a-(Em) -waiting (C) Follow (Am) me To (D) where the visions of your heart become reali- (G) -ty Chorus (G) I'm here as an ambassador for my Space King (Em) Leaves of life & healing from my Country I bring (G) Coming from a Place where there's so much more Than (Em) anything in this old world you ever found before (C) I'm an Ambassador of (Am) Love (D) And in this love you'll find the (Em) answer (C) Ask for God to change your (Am) life, be-(D)-lieve, receive Take my hand & love will set you (G) free Ending Choruses


American Man (Norteamericano)
Ac(Em)a me llaman Don José y solía vi(D)vir del terrano Pero hoy observo mi (Am) vida escapandome (Em) de la mano Siempre hubo ciertas cosas que me parecian extraño mas nada como al conco(Am)cer al nortea(Em)mericano My name is Don Jose and I used to live off the land But now I watching my life slowly slip through my hand There always were things that I simply could not understand But never the same as since I met the American Man (Em) O, (D) nunca volvera a ser lo (C) mismo el grano gracias (Am) a la ayuda amist(D)osa del nortea(Em)mericano Oh, things will never be the same Thanks to the friendly support of the American Man El dijo, “Debes ser astuto, usa mi grano especial Y el dinero se vendra cayendo como una torrente celestial” Mas en vez de cosechas que alimentaran mi pueblo hoy tengo Pienso para Ganado para (Am) que pueda comer mas carne el gringo He said, “You gotta be smart, Joe, use my special grain And you’ll see the money come falling from heaven just like the rain But instead of food crops we need I’m now growing cattle feed For the rich in the north to stuff their gloated bellies with meat O, nunca volvera a ser lo mismo el grano gracias a la ayuda amistosa del norteamericano Oh, things will never be the same Thanks to the friendly support of the American Man O nunca me engañaron tanto Como los senores honrados de la impresa Monsanto Oh, life will never be the same Thanks to the friendly support of the American Man O, nunca volvera a ser lo mismo el grano gracias a la ayuda amistosa del norteamericano Oh, things will never be the same Thanks to the friendly support of the American Man Thanks to the friendly support of the American Man Oh, the American Man Oh, the American Man


Another Golden Time
I’m sittin’ in this dark room & I’m Thinkin` of the latest lies that I’ve Heard on the t-box, boy, this time they knocked by socks off & I`m wonderin’ will this ever stop?, oh, will You take us back to the top, oh Lord to the way it used to be in times , in times so long gone by & I`m rememberin’ oh so clearly in my aging youthful mind desiring so sincerely that one day we all may find another golden time A time that didn’t feel so hard, a time to open up our hearts A time when people wouldn’t live a lie or live for money, do or die A time foretold so clearly in the book of ancient rhymes & if we read between the lines I know we`re gonna find another golden time.


Times all I dreamed of was finding Just a small trace of human touch Voices around would remind me I always expect to much Where did those sweet times go That you & I used to know Where did all our minds go That` s one thing God only knows (Chorus:) But I can`t wait in silence anymore I run from my island to your door Now those times left behind me Are lessons learned no more And I think I may find me A much brighter way to go No more sleepy dreamin` Of what is & could not be No more smoke and steamin` Well, that`s, at least no more for me (Chorus) You gave me faith when all was lost You taught my eyes to see Just bein` next to you`s the perfect thing for me (Chorus)


AQUIAH (C) A(G)qui(Am)ah, (F)A(C)qui(G)ah, come (C) help me set my (B/G) weary mind at (Am) ease, help me find (G/Am7) oh sweet rest & (F) peace in Jesus, (G) Aqui(C)ah Your spirit brings that peace & quiet far from all that noise & riot Ease my mind & slow me down calm my mood and heal my frown Move slowly like a feather in the wind let me bask in the calm you bring
Anytime Any(E)time, any (F#m°) place, any(Asus2)how (Bsus2) You can tune in to heaven right now Anytime, any place, anyway You can find peace and freedom and All that you’re needing today Anytime, any place, anyhow You can tune in to heavenly music right now Anytime, any place, anyway You can find peace and freedom and All that you’re needing today (F#m°) Maybe you feel (G#m°) tired & weak Or (Asus2) useless, growing (Bsus2) old Maybe you’ve been cheated by a lie that’s often told You don’t need to look that far for answers to it all Heaven’s right next door, if you need help, give us a call (Chorus) Feeling you’re forsaken & forgotten all along? Honey, there’s a whole new better world that’s coming on Just a drop of His elixir, and you’ll be renewed Tune into the station that is gonna see you through (Chorus)


ARE WE STRANGERS AGAIN TODAY? (C)You’ve called on Me for so (B/G)many years & (Am)I have dried all (Am7/G)your bitter tears You (F)know I’ve answered your (C)every call I’m (Dm7)always right there to catch you (G) when you fall But right now, though I’m right here you seem so far away So, tell Me, tell Me, My sweet child, are we strangers again to(C)day ? It hurts to see you in such stir When I could give you al the peace in the world So, why, darling, why must you fret When I haven’t ever failed to care for you yet So, please, Baby, come into My arms & don’t run away You know I’d die for you time & again So, are we strangers again today? (Chorus:) Are we (Am)strangers again to(Am7/G)day When I’m the (F)best Friend you’ll ever have (C) (B/G) Is there (Am)nothing you’d like to (Am7/G)say to Me No, not (F)even a moment of love? (C) (B/G) Don’t you think I might feel a little betrayed When I’m there and you run off? So, are we (Dm7)strangers again today, (C) sweet one Or would you (Dm7)like Me to (G) show you My (C) stuff? (B/G)... Remember those tears of joy you cried When you thought of Me in your bed last night & you thanked Me for all the things I did & honey I’m really nowhere about to quit But trouble arose with the break of dawn & the rush of the new day I’m here but you can’t seem to hear Me right now Say, are we strangers again today (Chorus) (Bridge:) So, why (Am)serve yourself an (Em)empty glass Why (F)stare into a (C) mirror, (B/G)dark You could be bursting with joy, peace, truth and love So, are we strangers again, just strangers again Or would you simply like to rise above?


As Brands From The Burning You know He has changed my life, why don't you let Him change yours, too? You know, He has saved my life (soul), why don't you let Him save you, too? We were saved just as brands from the burning when there was no hope left in sight Won't You keep my heart from yearning, Jesus, I need You tonight (Ch.) All through my life I'd been searching, seeking a reason to live Till one day I found the answer in Jesus, He taught me to love & to give (Ch.) You're no fool to give a life you can't keep for a love that you just cannot lose Come on, all you've got to do is receive, so, tell me, which side will you choose (2nd Ch.:) He's inside my heart, why don't you open your heart, too? You know, He's the way, the truth & the life you're searching, too (Ch.)


Asking You (May 29, 2009)
Why? - I'm asking you why must you always defy the One Who came to die for you, the One Who won't lie? Please, tell me why - why all the force and the strain the hunger and pain, innumerable faces, tears falling like rain? I'm asking you why all the killing and hate as if it was our fate to keep running away from love until it's too late? Just tell me why, I'm asking you why is it so hard to brak down this despicable wall of abominable pride? Why is it too hard to say that you keep looking for answers, solutions, results you won't accept anyway? I'm asking you why, if you're so God-damn smart, you keep breaking God's heart by rejecting His love, defying Him all the way? Just tell me why, before I'm gonna go, is your one single answer to the most precious chance you'll ever get always "no"? I'm asking you why, just tell me why are you so in love with death that you must strangle love's breath before it can come to life?


As One
(Am) Here (B/G) we (C) are, (F) we've come this (C) far (F) crossing that (C) bridge to the (Am) stars and Here we stand daring to defy (F) those who will (C) say that we (G) can't and here we walk, the few who believe that there's more to do than just talk and here we live, ready to die for the truth we must give (Chorus:) Ready to (C) fight an(G)other (F)day It's (G) time to shake off that (C) old, back-(G)breaking (F) weight Stop paying the price that He already paid No use hanging on this way Here He comes, here comes the Son the Son and the Father are One and here we run, run to His arms we have only just begun and here we sing, we sing our song cause we belong, let it ring and here we stand because we can do no other than here to stand (Ch.) (G) Here (F) we (C) are, we've (G) come this (F) far Here we stand because we can do no other Here we sing, we sing our song cause we belong Here He comes, here comes the Son We're all gonna be as one, as one, as one We're all gonna be as one when He comes We're all gonna be as one


Babylon the Great (July 31 2008) Babylon the Great is gonna meet her fate In one hour of one day she will be blown away Because she has made drunk with the wine of her fornication all the peoples of this earth, of every tongue and nation And I saw the woman drunk with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus in her was found the blood of prophets and all that were killed on the earth Babylon the Great is going to have to pay for her war-mongering, whoremongering, false & evil ways As much as she has glorified herself & lived deliciously So much torment & pain give her who sits there like a queen For the merchants of the earth have grown rich through her delicacies So come out of her, for God remembered her iniquities Babylon the Great is waking up too late therefore shall her pagues: death, famine and lament, come in one day So pay her back double portion of the cup she gave to you So rejoice over her, heaven & saints, for the Lord, the Judge, is true For in one hour such great riches they shall be no more & the voice of harpers & pipers shall be heard in thee no more And no craftsman of whatever craft he be shall be found no more in thee And the voice of the bride and the Bridegroom shall be heard no more in thee For by your sorceries were all nations deceived Babylon the Great is fallen - is fallen, in one hour is your judgment come Babylon the Great is fallen - is fallen, come and see what she has become Babylon the Great is fallen - is fallen, in one hour is your judgment come Babylon the Great is fallen - is fallen, come & weep over what she's done


Bad News Bad news all over the place (2x) That’s the genetic code of the human race Bad news ... see it written all over my face You left this pretty planet a pure disgrace Thanks for gettin` my kids stuck on tv Life’s a sitcom, let’s play it yippee! Bad news ... that’s Earth`s transmission into outer space Kill if you want to, just don’t leave a trace Thanks for teaching ‘em to never take no Now you teach ‘em how far they can’t go Bad news ... since Cain & Abel the same dirty chase If we’re monkeys don’t have to save face Wave your pistol then have a cigar The magic crystal says you’re gonna go far Bad news ... (2x) that’s the genetic code ... (2x) Bad news ... (4x)


BE (Tune both E-strings to D) Intro: (D/D-Ds2-D-D/D-G-G6-G/e-D/D-Ds2-D-D/D-As4) 2x (A-As4) Be (D/D) still (Ds2) and (D) know (D/D) that (G) I (G6) am (G/e) God Be (D/D) still (Ds2) and (D) know (D/D) that I (As4) am (A) Be (D/D) still (Ds2) and (D) know (D/D-G-G6-G/e-D/D) Be (D/D-Ds2-D-D/D) still (As4-A) Be (D/D-Ds2-D-D/D-G-G6-G/e-D/D-Ds2-D-D/D-As4) 2x (A-As4) Repeat whole song 3 times

Beautiful Day


It's a beautiful (G) day I know I'm on my (Em7) way I don't care what they (C) say I know I'll be o(D)kay, it's a beautiful (G) day (Ds4) Don't know how long it will last Hope it won't happen too fast My horizon is vast I wave goodbye to the past, it's a beautiful day It's (C) been a long (D) night without (G) seeing the (C) light The (Am7) sun shining (D) bright's almost (G) hurting my (C) But I'm (Am7) breathing in (D) life with all my (G) might (D) (Chorus) (Br.:) (C) Take all that pain away, today is the day to stop (G) crying (C) Nothing they'll do or say can (D) stop me from learning to (Em7) fly, (E)yeah (Ch. in A)


Believe It Or Not

April 2008

Be(C)lieve it or not, there is a (F) God, and He’s (C) hot He’s greater (Dm) than everything but Still small e(F)nough to fit in(G)side your heart Believe it or not, there is a chance that He’s got A place for you in His own Hut Your very own reserved and personal spot Believe it or not, His love is more than a lot There’s nothing He would want more Than welcome you inside His “Care-a-lot” Believe it or not, there is a proof to this plot: He sent His Son to the world To die for you & me, believe it or not Be(C)lieve it or not, with every (F) breath that you (C) take God proves that (F) He loves you (Am) with a love that (F) nothing can (G) shake Believe it or not, to find relief from your sins All (that) you must do is open, & ask the Son to come in Be(Am)lieve it or not, but it’s as (F) simple as that God’s greatest (C) gift is so easy for any(G)body to get Believe it or not, it won’t take more than a thought To know that the best part of your life has not happened yet (Ch.) Believe it or not, but there’s a power within Enabling even the weakest of losers to win Believe it or not, but if you follow Him Any need you may counter He will fill to the brim Believe it or not, but what you’re looking for Has come looking for you and standing right at your door Believe it or not, but you will see in the end If Jesus won’t turn out to be your totally coolest Friend


Better Place

Dec.14, 07

(D) I'm goin' somewhere, (G) I'm gettin' outta here (Em) I'm headin' for (G) New Jeru(F#/G)sa(Em)lem This world's not my home, it's not where I belong My Home's a new and better Place one where (A) I'll behold (A4) my Savior's (A) face all of God's true children were never flad-a-wavin' patriots of some earthly land But pilgrims & strangers aware of the dangers in calling some place on earth your home all the way down from Egypt to Rome (Ch.:) Not satis(D)fied with (G) earthly (A) fakes we'll look on high for God's Own State Won't fall for lies but we will wait for the (G) Real Thing, 'cause we're (A) heading for a Better (D) Place (G-Em-A4-A) (D) I'm goin' somewhere, (G) I'm gettin' outta here (Em) I'm headin' for (G) New Jeru(F#/G)sa(Em)lem This world's not my home, it's not where I belong Darling, the best is yet to come Safe & sound in dear Jesus' arms For justice we hunger, we're never warmongers or patriots of some earthly land But pilgrims & strangers aware of the dangers in making the devil's ways your own all the way from Saigon to Cologne or Alsaka down to San Antone nor your glorious NWO (Chorus 2x) for a Better (D) Place (G-Em-A4-A) (2x)


Big Picture
Ladies & Gentlemen we most humbly present the latest co-production of ALL and Heaven-Sent You may have heard the rumors and, yes, it's really true: this work, named "The Big Picture" is coming to a station near you, for you to take part in, too The Big Picture is (E) moving The Big Picture's a (C#/As2) live The Big Picture is (F#m) changing, growing and snowballing into (As2) one great Work of (Bs2) Life The Big Picture is (C#m) awesome, full of action and (As2) light every shade, every (F#m) contrast every spot in it be (As2) longs and so do (Bs2) you, yeah, that's (E) right. (Ch.:) (C#m) Welcome to (A) the Big (B) Picture here on the (B) stage of (A) life Come and meet (A) the Di(B)rector (A) He's the One Who (F#m) wrote your part He's (C#m) gonna help you (B) play it (E) right We know you've all been wondering about what's going on What is the Big Boss up to? What's taking Him so long But let us reassure you: it's really worth the wait When He'll get back on stage it won't be even one tiny moment too early or too late This Show's been in the making a couple thousand of years And you all know there's been some laughter drastic action and we know there've been some tears But when you deal with Perfection and that's what we've got here every shade, every (F#m) contrast every spot in it be (As2) longs and so do (Bs2) you, have no fear (Ch.2x) The Big Picture is (E) moving (A) The Big Picture's a (E) live (A) The Big Picture is (E) changing, growing and snowballing (A) into one great Work of (E) Life Welcome to the Big Picture (3x) of Life


Blessed Is the Man
(C) Blessed is the man who can weep (F) tears of joy (Am7) Blessed he who can't and won't (F) be annoyed by (C) all at(B/G)tempts of evil (F) to destroy for (Am7) all he (Am7/G) sees is (F) Heaven's glory out(Am7)shining any (Am7/G) fake reali(F)ty for (Am7) love's the only (Am7/G) real thing he can (F) see (Gs4) Blessed is the man who can resist temptation of fears beckoning him that slaughter generations He'll keep his eyes upon the goal that torch that burns deep in his soul constraining him to fight and never cease till even the last captive's been set free (Chorus:) (F) Blessed is the man who won't seek (C) his own glory For (F) that's not what he needs, he knows he's part of a (Em) greater story than (Gs4) you and I all (F) lesser claims are (Gs4) lies Blessed is the man who really loves a woman the way that he is loved by the One Who created all men to show His Nature for all eyes to see the only way that one would strive to be for love has been and love will always be the only hope and one true meaning the only end and the beginning the one and only true reality (Ch.)


Blind Guides (Chorus:) Blind, oh, blind guides of the blind deep is the ditch you’ll both wind up in Truth you won’t find in the closed rejecting mode your mind’s in 1.) You’ve all been fast asleep too long, repeating all the same old songs On your pews on Sunday morning, you despised to heed the warning You preferred to keep on yawning, refused to see the new day dawning Truth, the light & I repeat: Now you’ll have to face the heat 2.) Killed the prophets through the ages, persecute the wise & sages Burned a million sacred pages, locked your pupils up in cages There’s no war you wouldn’t wage to try to blot out in your rage The truth, the light & I repeat: Now you’ll ... ( Chorus) 3.) “Rich man, yeah, but pauper? No!” That’s the way you chose to go Soon you’ll feel the mortal blow of one who’ll reap what they have sown A better way you once were shown but refused and even so, Truth ... 4.) Will there be a second chance after you’ll have paid the dance? Or will you settle for romance with predition’s evil prince & Reap the harvest of your sins? Babylon, please take the hint! Truth ...


Sweet, sweet, ever so much sweeter is to me the taste of your love When I breathe you in ever so much deeper Deep, deep, Your heavenly love I live, I see, my scope's so much wider Wide, wide as the heavens above (Ch.:) I breathe You in When I breathe You in Climb, I climb ever so much higher strive toward You with all of my heart and soul When I dive, dive into your golden fire that burns the chaff & yet heals like the sun I come to life, I rise from the ashes of what I was before I found the One (Ch.) I fight, I fight ever so much harder while light, ever lighter becomes every task You're my bright shining, ever so much brighter light shower me, in Your love I will bask I'm alright tonight as long as You hold me tight oh right within You to be's all I ask (Ch.)


Bubble Of Light The cries of passion, the cries of change The cries of freedom from their sordid ways The cries of revolution, cries of devotion The cries of do or die, open up your eyes I`ll free you from those lies Let the fire burn deep in you & I`ll lift you up in One great bubble of light Freedom from Lethargy, for he`s your enemy The power of Pan, tossed in the can Bacchus just backs off, my brides they won`t stop Their cries of do or die to conquer every lie If you will give your all to Me I promise you the victory I`ll give you such great liberty in one big bubble of light Defeat the darkness, soak in the light Remove the madness, fight for what`s right Ring cries of passion & cries of change Stand back and watch me rearrange Keep ablaze the eternal flame & te world will watch you being raised in one big bubble... (fade:) naked and nothing – completely free I stand bewildered, they`re healing me Keys of the Kingdom clase to the heart I`m activated for a new start I`m activated, I`m activated In one great bubble of light


(G) (F) (C) (G)

I have called you out as a beacon for the World I have chosen you to be the vessels of My Word carriers of My message for which My people yearn I have lit the fuse the fuse, it’s time for you to burn I created you for this purpose alone, to shine the light of truth, for this hour you were born Stand up, wake up, & teach them all they’ve got to learn Now it’s up to you to spread the fire & burn Light up the world & let them see your fire burn Shine & light your candle at both ends, my children, burn (Am) (G) (F) (C) (Br.:) The darkest hour that this world has ever known (Am) (F) (C) (G) Is just before you, but you know you‘re not alone Get up, light up the darkness, soon I will return (Am) (F) (G) (A-G-D-A...) So, get on fire, I need you now to burn (rep. verses)


Call On The Keys Nov.16,2005 (D) (G) (F) (C) (Chorus:) (D) Turn the keys, (G) wield their power & (F)over(C)come (4x during 3rd time start:) (I call on the keys, I call on the keys, (I call on the keys) I call on the (D) keys & rise a(G)bove any(F)thing through His (C) Power (D) I (G) call on the (F) keys & find (C) hope where there was none be(D)fore (G) I call on the (F) keys & my (C) pain is no (D) more I (G) call on the (F) keys& they in(C)crease my faith (D) like (G) never be(F)fore I (C) call on the (D) keys & no(G)thing can harm me (F) because they're (C) in my hands (D) I (G) call on the (F) keys & leave be(C)hind the things of (D) carnal man I (G) call on the (F) keys & watch my (C) trials disap(D)pear & find the (G) power to not give (F) in to feelings (C) of dis(D)pair (G) (F) (C) (Chorus - modulation on 3rd line:) (E) (Asus2) (G) (Dsus2) (E) Who(Asus2)ever you (G) are, whatever (Dsus2) you've been through (E) you (Asus2) can rise a(G)bove, see what the (Dsus2) keys will do for (E) you Just (Asus2) call on the (G) keys, just (Dsus2) call on the (E) keys & claim what's (Asus2) rightfully (G) yours according (Dsus2) to His will (E) There's no (Asus2) door they can't (G) open, no (Dsus2) need He can't (E) fill if you (Asus2) call on (G) keys, (Dsus2) call on the keys (Chorus - modulation 3rd line:) (G) (C) (A#sus2) (F) (G) Just (C) call on the (A#sus2) keys, find comfort (F) through every (G) test Just (C) call on the (A#sus2) keys, you'll see things (F) change for the (G) best Nothing's be(C)yond your reach (A#sus2) if you (F) call on the (G) keys And He will de(C)liver (A#sus2) you from your (F) enemies (Chorus - mod.:) (Asus2) (Dsus2) (C) (G)


Call Out to Me
Intro: D-Bm-G-D---D-Bm-G-A---D-Bm-G-D---D-Bm-A-D (D) You feel (Bm) weak: you (G) call out to (D) Me! Your outlook is (Bm) bleak, you (G) call out to (A) Me! If (D) answers you (Bm) seek, just (G) call out to (D) Me! I'll set you (Bm) free if you (A) call out to (D) Me! Don't know what to do? Call out to Me! You ain't got no clue, until you call out to Me! It's simple but true, all you've got to do is call out to Me! My advice to you: Oh, child you've got to call out to Me! (Br.:) You ask, (G) "It's as easy as (D) that?" And I say, (G) It's that (D) easy (Bm) There's no condition too (A) bad No circum(G)stances I couldn't change No challenge that could (Asus4) tease Me (First verse) (Ch.:) If you feel tired & weak, call out to Me I'll give you all the strength & power you need I'll show you anything you want to see All is yours if you will call out to Me (rep.)


Cheer Up! Johnny Simmons never knew what he had until it blew up And all came crashing ‘round his ears one sunny day of June At first he didn’t know what to do, then he said, “I’ve been a fool. Life could be much worse than this!” & he said down & sang this tune Johnny Simmons born anew didn’t like some others do, go through life with their eyes closed & never getting any clue Learned his lesson, even two, passed it on for me & you Life could be much worse than this, can you sing it, too? (Chorus:) (Cheer up! )Life could be much worse than this (2x) So, cheer up, what have you got to lose? All you do in life is choose Will you sing a happy song, or will you sing the blues? It’s up to you, pick up the news, so what if life ain’t perfect, Dude? Come on, sing & dance with us & just kick off your shoes (Chorus)


Claire You never thought you would end up here like this Stuck with a kid & your life: what a mess you were enticed by the shimmering black light thought, 'Trust this demon & you'll be alright' Ra, the old liar, he sucked you right into the mire Now, how are you gonna get out of it? You thought you deserve something better than this So, you took what was yours & you didn't take shit You bit the hand of those who would die for you Jumped from the frying pan into the fire But, remember you used to be my girl One heart, one soul, your world was my world but you had to get out of it, yeah, you just..... (Chorus:) And you still just want to get out of this Don't want to get stuck with us lunatics You're sure you deserve something better than this somewhere Claire, I'm sure you'll find it somewhere All your ambitions & dreams & your castle of air Claire, and when you get there Write me a postcard that just says, "Made it!-Claire" How many lies can you tell without having to blush? Bluff like each hand you were dealt was a Royal Flash You, you were aiming higher You wouldn't get stuck with the rest of us fools in the mire No, you ha to go out of it, you just had to.... (Chorus) "Made it at last, free as a bird, finally, beauty has rescued the world" "Made it at last, free as a bird, finally, beauty has rescued the world"


CLUELESS (E) What do I know? – Nothing. (C#m7) What can I show? – Nothing. The (B) more I know, the more I don’t know The more I find out, the more I find to explore (Chorus:) I’m (E) clueless, I’m absolutely (C#m7) lost without Your love My Lord, I’m (As2) clueless, there’s nothing I’ve got that didn’t come from above I’m (F#m7) clueless, ultimately You’re all I know, all I’ve got I’m (Bsus2) just a big hole that needs You to be filled I’m just a poor soul that needs You to pay my bills So, what do I care if I’ve got nothing? As long as You’re there You’re my Everything You’re the One Who made something from the nothing I was When I lost everything You gave me more than I’d lost And I (F#m7) wouldn’t know why You chose to show me You cared I (As2) wouldn’t know why, but sudden(Bs2)ly You were there (Chorus) (1st Verse) (Chorus) …I’m (As2) just a poor soul that needs (Bs2) You more even (E) still (A-B-C#/As2)


Cold Wind There's a (Em)black (G)cloud (D)(Asus2) on the hor(Em)izon (Em) and there's a (Em)red (G)sky (D) (Asus2) and a bad tide (Em)risin' (G) (D)(Asus2) Watch out, all you dreamers, you better beware It's been way too long that you just didn't care and stood silently by as Big Brother plays on his mean, wicked game "hey, y'all, look here: I'm strong" and there's a (C)cold , (Bm) cold wind (Dsus2)blowin', (Asus2)blowin' from the (Em) north (Em) There's a clock tickin' sayin' time's up soon, pals There's a big shock in store for all you boys and gals For there's a new power growin' strong behind the scenes and if you don't wake up you're are gonna see what that means Welcome the great super hero who will tell you the score Watch as the greatest confusion ever comes bursting forth Yeah, there's a cold , cold wind blowin', blowin' from the north Offer your foreheads and hold out your right hands Here is the number, people, here comes the man But, honey, if you like freedom, best prepare while you can for the time's coming soon only the strongest will stand I tell you things ain't gonna stay the same way they were before Yeah, well, you may have seen things but here's the god of war and there's a cold , cold wind blowin', blowin' from the north


Come All You Drifters
Come all you drifters, I dare you to dance in the light of the Morning Star I have been lifted above all the mire & dark shadows of the past I have been cleansed from the guilt of my sins & I know you can been just the same Just open your heart & reach out for the light & the love you will //: find in His Name :// Come all you losers, I `ll help you to win this game by giving you a new start & though you may stumble, I` ll be here to catch you for I `ll always be in your heart I will protect you, love, guide & direct you past every storm in your path If you `ll only stop, look & listen to Me, honey, I `ll save you //: from the wrath :// ( 1st verse) You who despise me, disect, analyze me may never quite understand How faith, hope & love are born deep in the heart & can never just come from the head //: born deep in the heart ://


Come To Da Poppa (Rap:) //: Come to da Poppa man, come to da Poppa :// (2x) Come to da Poppa, you`ll see things aren`t really that bad Come to da Poppa, he`ll make your broken heart glad Come back into those arms that make the mighty universe spin Come to da Poppa, so good to be together again (Chorus) Come on back to the city of Banana Moonshine Come on back into the House of Joy where everybody`s so fine Come into the light of love that`s gonna kindle your heart Come to da Poppa, you know He`s loved you right from the start (Chorus) (Bridge:) Come on back to shine He`ll make your whole world rhyme Just say I`ll be Thine, for you are, you are (Chorus)


Concrete Hearts

As I walk the pavement of these city streets my eyes turn from those buildings to the people I meet. Conversation here won't lead very far, God, it almost seems to me as if they've all got concrete hearts.

Concrete hearted people never show what they feel, eyes as cold as diamonds, minds made of stainless steel, never tell on whose side they are, no, no, they won't show their loneliness deep in their concrete hearts.

Concrete hearts are as hard as the streets on which they walk, never mean a single thing when they talk, just surround themselves with concrete walls. Concrete hearts would rather stop beating than be caught shedding tears, always pretend they never once knew a fear, no, not even in a million years, sad lonely concrete hearts.

Talking to someone that I thought I once knew showing some emotion 's one thing she just won't do, leave me sittin' here in the bar, oh, but girl, tell me, who's ever been missing a concrete heart?

I'm not gonna let you make a fool of myself, just because you look as pretty as a vase on some shelf,


play with me but don't go too far, no I'll never let myself fall for you and your concrete heart.

Concrete hearts are as hard as the streets on which they walk, never mean a single thing when they talk, just surround themselves with concrete walls. Concrete hearts would rather stop beating than be caught shedding tears, always pretend they never once knew a fear, no, not even in a million years, sad lonely concrete hearts, cold lonely concrete hearts, sad lonely concrete hearts.


Round & round & round, keep spinning Without ever falling down, this old ball they`re now Bringing to its knees It’s such a catastrophe, guess it`s the way it has to be We burn the forest ‘cause we can`t see the trees Christ, this seems much too hard to bear I look for you but I can`t find you there (Chorus:) And I would fly into the breeze But you prefer me on my knees This life is such a strange disease So, why won’t You cure me, please That’s alright I was just kidding Cause I’ve had good times, I admit it That I cannot pretend were just a dream But when this thing, reality comes creepin`, Catchin’ up with me that silver lining’s further than it seemed Love has left a lonely, vacant chair I look for You but still don’t find You there


Depending On You (April 5 & 6, 2008)
(Intro: G-F#/Dsus2-Em-C 2x) Here I (G) stand by Your (F#/Dsus2) grace Bringing (Em) nothing but a (Em/D) heart full of (C) praise (D) I have tried for too long On my own, but I just wasn’t that (C) strong And as (C) I discard from my life all I (B/G) find less than true I trade (Am7) (in) those substitutes for the re(Em)solve that I’ll (Dsus4) be Depending on (G) You (intro) Let it rain down on me Let the water of Your Word wash me clean I’m afraid what I seemed & I thought to be was not really me And as You discard from my life all that’s much less than true Teach me one skill that will serve me when all other fall through: Depending on You (half intro) (Chorus:) De(C)pending on You I find (B/G) new strength within for things that (Am7) on my own I just couldn’t (G) do (D) Depending on You I am protected and know That there is no battle I could ever (Dsus4) lose Here I (G) stand by Your (F#/Dsus2) grace Bringing (Em) nothing but a (Em/D) heart full of (C) praise (D) I have tried for too long On my own, but I just wasn’t that (C) strong And as You discard from my life all that’s much less than true Teach me one skill that will serve me when all other fall through: Depending on You (Chorus)


DESIRE (Chorus:) Hold me close, don’t let me get singed by the fire Hold me tight, don’t let me lead myself astray Keep me close, don’t let me drown in my desire Keep me near, don’t let my heart wander away Jesus, You know me better than I know myself I put on a show, pretend to be somebody else Haven’t we all believed those lies we tell ourselves Help me to be the one You want & no one else (Ch.) Beautiful daydreams, wishing the world were another place Imagining perfect scenes & all flaws gone without a trace But life cannot all be fun & bliss without hard times to face The greater the darkness & sin, the more the light shines with radical grace (Ch.)


Desnudo Puedes decirme tu quien yo soy? De donde vengo y a donde voy? Puedes decirme tu que hago aqui? Si hay una razon de existir para mi? No aguanto mas sólo sobrevivir Preciso nuevos mundos pa descubrir Debo saber a donde debo ir Sin que me digan como me tengo que vestir (Ch.:) Desnudo llegué a éste mundo y desnudo me iré Lo unico que cuenta es el segundo y vivir cada uno antes de que se fué Llamando al cielo, habla tierra aquí Que veo aca es un susto para mi Y lo que escucho son mentiras y cuentos sin fin Ché, Dios, no puede ser que sigan siempre asi Hay un payazo en la téle jugando rey Que dice sus palabras desde hoy son ley Mas yo no quiero mas que paz, mañana y hoy Y sin verdad, dispuesto a vivir no estoy




July ‘06

Gee, this treadmill’s not for me Free’s what I was meant to be Bono says, “What can we do To free the world from poverty?” I would ask, “what can we do To free the rich from their misery?” Cast your jewels into the river, Watch them sparkle, watch them glitter In colors you have never seen Aaah, stop making such a fuss! Less is sometimes more, More sometimes less Jesus didn’t have a church, a house, no place to lay his head So why do we all think We need a golden king size feather bed? Go on, build your barns & make them bigger for your 15-digit figures you must leave here when you’re gone Gone. Thanks, Bill Gates, for what you’ve done! You could even make a tiny contribution For this song! I don’t have to envy you As I’m sure you don’t envy me After all, we’re all in the same boat, Big Brother, you & me Except I won’t have to stoop as low To get back to reality The reality that happiness Is merely the ability To enjoy things that money just won’t buy A chirping bird, a sunny sky, To see the donut, not the hole


Do You
1) When you sheer collapse under the weight that’s on your back & you’re feelin’ trapped & like you’re runnin’ outta luck close your eyes, call on Me & you`ll be alright 2) When you’re feelin` strong, that’s not when I got through to you Please, don’t get me wrong, I want you to enjoy life like I do It’s true, I’ve been with you all along I’m your song 3) Please, bear with me, darling, just like I will bear with you Are we just getting started or are we almost through? Wrong or right? - Please, not tonight! there`s gotta be something so much better to do (Chorus:) Please, tell me you remember (how I kept you warm at night) (Do you?) Tell me, can you remember (that I love you, wrong or right) (Do you?) Do you ever remember, do you? (Tell me, do you remember, do you?) 4) Do you want me to stop? Should I just pack my things & go But you don`t wanna talk, so there`s some things I`ll never know Should I just keep on gessin` what`s wrong with you? I just think there should be something better to do (2 fr.) (Chorus 2x)


ENEMIES OF TRUTH When (Bm7) you’ve declared war on the (En7) enemies of truth You’ll find the ride rough, turbulent and (Bm7) anything but smooth You’ll face one huge, tough Goliath, stout & (Em7) armed to his last tooth But life ain’t (Cmaj7) life until you’ve declared (G) war (As2) on the enemies of (Bm7) truth When you’ve declared war on the enemies of love You’ll walk a rough trail that you won’t make with no help from above They’ll try to tear you down, destroy you, make you scream “I’ve had enough” But life ain’t life until you’ve declared war on the enemies of love (Chorus:) (Em) Bring truth and love, instead of (Cmaj7) hatred and their (Bm7) lies Replace bondage with freedom, open up their blinded eyes Shatter illusions & expose the foe’s disguise And you’ll see (Cmaj7) God’s new world (Em7) finally a(Bm7)rise When you’ve declared war on the enemies of peace You’ll find the first hill to tackle’s to make your own hatred cease For only then will God’s full awesome power be released Life ain’t life until you’ve declared war on the enemies of peace When you’ve declared war on the enemies of life You’ll know that life’s more than what they take with bullets or with knives You’ll face the dawn when your last hour on earth will have arrived And you’ll go on as the victor over all of the enemies of life (Chorus) (First verse) …on the enemies of truth (3x)


The Enneagram Rap (by Dave Mendoza) I'm ONE - having fun's not what life's about for me I need perfection, every section of my life is squeaky clean Like St.Paul & Martin Luther at the core I'm a reformer I'm a teacher, preacher, innovative pioneer & explorer I'm a TWO, and for me, nothing matters quite like you I need someone in my life to dedicate my passion to Helping others - sisters, brothers, is what I'll most gladly do Because all you need is love & to be loved & needed, too I'm a THREE, I'm a THREE, and a winner I will be nothing less than success is gonna cut the cake for me I don't have much time for failures nor for losers or for wailers I won't stop, close the shop, before I have reached the top (Chorus:) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 distinguished kinds of human personalities, made in God's design 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 - if you can figure out yours I'll tell you mine I'm a FOUR, and what's more, I am different, that's the score to be anything but ordinary's what I'm striving for to stick out from all the others, I will dress in different colors because beauty is what's gonna save the world, & not your dollars I'm a FIVE and I jive with those who let me live my life In the castle that's my home I prefer to be alone Unless you will let me mind my business and will mind your own To collecting things and hoarding knowledge I am rather prone I'm a SIX, just a SIX - your old average people mix I will play along the game as long as by the rules you stick You don't really need to praise me or tell me that I'm amazing 'cause I fear that's just a game you play to rig things up your way (Chorus) I'm a SEVEN, and to me, life is pretty close to heaven I enjoy myself, & I would like to keep it up, so never let me in on all the ugly things out there, cause that's not clever Just don't worry and be happy & don't spoil the party, ever! I'm an EIGHT, I'm the boss & give you hell if you're too late I will even pick a fight with you, if that is what it takes If you're weak I will protect you, if you're strong I will respect you But provokoing me is something you might easily regret I'm a NINE, and I'm fine, even if I lag behind I don't need to be the greatest, I prefer to just be kind Ambition, competition & endeavor's not my mission I'd prefer to bring you peace & like to help you catch that vision (Chorus 2x) http://www.davemendoza.de/songs/other%20projects/misc/Enneagram%20Rap.mp3


Europe Is Dying And the man who stood there at the end of the line, he was cryin` He said, Give me a penny, son, can`t you see Europe is dyin` & I wished I hadn`t understood a single word he said & I wished it hadn`t been as if he`d looked inside my head So, little by little I ford my way up through the river & the power that`s mine is the power of one who`s forgiven & I wished I had some better news than what I just now read & I wished I hadn`t understood a single word the newsman said Yeah, I wished that I was wrong or even lyin` But seems like Europe is dying So I fly `cross the ocean & I find another man cryin` He says `gimme a cent, son, America, America is dyin` (Chorus 1+) & I wish we`d use a little more of what`s inside our heads, but, son, America`s dyin` Cause it`s not always the stronger one who`s always in the right & your money`s not a guarantee that you`ll win every fight God I wished that I was wrong or ... but your money is dyin`


EVERYBODY COME Everybody come & clap your hands everybody come & praise Him Everybody all across the land everybody shout & praise Him (Chorus:) Hallelujah, hallelujah, praise Your name, oh Jesus! Everybody come & clap your hands everybody come & praise His name! Everybody, swing your hips & dance everybody sing along now Everybody now this is your chance even if you don't know quite how (Chorus) Everybody come & dance with Jah, everybody dance with Jesus Everybody see that God is Love the Devil, he can only tease us (Ch.) Everybody come & clap your hands everybody come & praise Him Everybody all across the land everybody come & praise His name


Farewell Mr. President
This is a song for you, though it's a song you'll never hear The man who's wrecked & ruled "the greatest nation in the world" for 8 long years Oblivious to the facts, oblivious to how it feels to have lost a son in Iraq for some greedy, old men's petrol deals I wonder who'll wipe off that grin from your mischievous monkey face You're wading knee-deep in your sins, the blood of thousands on your hands Of all the hypocrites I've seen you were the one that takes the cake Farewell, Mr. President! You sure fulfilled your daddy's dreams: that New World Order's rolling in Cause, after all, what have you been than a mere puppet to their schemes? And best of all, you've done it all in the Name of the One you hate Cause you were taught not to repeat the one mistake your daddy made The hypocrites fell for you the way that brand of people do But me, I see right through your wicked smirk, oh, yes, I do Farewell, Mr. President! So now you're leaving with a bang, the way that big-shot people do to leave another man to hang in the place you have left him to I suppose history will show what you did, who you were for real Perhaps our grandchildren will know what all you schemers now conceal But in a long, black list of fools, I think you'll be and always will the most pathetic one of all to me Farewell, Mr. President! War is your game, war has been your creed Though it's sure as hell not you who fight, no you let other people bleed The wind you have sown, the storm you will reap So, come on get down off your thrown, make room for yet another creep "We won't get fooled again," is that what we really believed? But then we'll believe anything, anything - you screwed us over in our sleep Farewell, Mr. President! Sure had us fooled again Farewell, Mr. President! Don't come around again


EVERYTHING BELONGS Everything be(G)longs, everything must (Em/G)be Everything be(C)longs, everything will (Ds4) be the way it ought to (G) be Everything must (Em) change, we’re not here to (C) stay Everything must (Am7) grow, what has come must (Ds4) go, move from A to (G) B (Em) There are things that don’t seem to (C) make any sense Things the (G) purpose of which seems hard to (D) comprehend But that’s where (Em) faith comes in (C) Where we end (Am7) God begins (Ds4) (Ch.) (Em) I know, all things will work (C) out for good for those who (G) love the One (D) (Em) Who has made all (C) things in love, Who beckons (Am7) us to come, To come in(C)to His arms The dance has (D) just begun


FEAR I'm calling (C) you out there, whoever you (Am) are I call all the (C) seekers, wherever you (Am) are If you haven't been (C) duped & blinded but still be(Am)lieve you'll find the (G) truth you're looking (F)for then (Am) this is a coded (G) message that will (F) lead you to the (C) door: (Chorus:) (Am) S.a.(F)l.v.a.t.(G)i.o.n.'s for (C) you receiving (Am) J.e.(F)s.u.s. is (G) all you have to (C) do If (Am) f.a.(F)i.t.h. and l. (G) o.v.e.'s your (Am) deal you'll know (C) FEAR is (F) just False Evi(G)dence Appearing (Am) Real (F) (Am) (Gsus4) I'm calling (C) you out there, whoever you (Am) are I call all the (C) seekers, wherever you (Am) are If you cannot (C) believe that all you (G) see is where it (Am) ends and nothing (F) more cheer (Am) up my friend, I've (G) got the keys that (C) you've been looking (F) for (Ch.) (Br.:) I'm (Am) calling you though (G) I don't know just (Fmaj7) who or where you are I (Am) know that you're some(G)where out there how(Fmaj7)ever near or far For (Am) just like you I've (G) always felt this (Fmaj7) world's not up to par with (Am) what I knew I needed, to (Gsus4) fill an empty heart (Ch. 2x)


Fiery Eyes

Woman, let me forget myself in your fiery eyes
You came into my life, such a sweet surprise Your soft & slender body, tough spirit but broken hearted You gave me more than un poco de amor Woman, let me refresh myself at your tender lips My happiness lies in every move of your fingertips I long for your sweet caress, the taste of your gentle breast Baby, to me you` re a princess (Bridge:) Angel on fire, don’t look so disheartened as if our ways had already parted Woman in love, there`s nowhere I`d rather be Than right here with you on your bed reminding me Of the love, my Creator has for me (1st line) Make me regret the times when I lived in lies Sweetest of all my treasures, C’mon, my queen of pleasure You give me more than un poco de amor (Repeat 1st line 4x)


Find Your Dream (Em)Find (D)your (G)dream (Em), (C)follow your (D)desti(G)ny(Em) (C)Aim for your (D)goal, far be(Em)yond the (F#/Ds2)horizon & (C)you (D)will (G)see(Em) (C)Dreams will come (D)true for you, (Em)do what you’re (F#/Ds2)meant to do (C)Find (D)your (Gs4)dream (G) (G) Shoot! (Em)Your (C) destiny’s your (D) goal, your soul an (G) arrow (Em) (C) Far beyond your (D) scope there’s your to(G) morrow (Em) (C) Seize Your desti(D)ny, (C) reach for what you (D) see (C) Heed your vision, (D)your decisions de(G)termine what you’ll (Ds4) be (Chorus) Aim! Aim high, the future’s out there, yours to claim Act now, for things will never be the same Do what you must do, you’ve got to see it through There’s a crown & high reward that’s waiting there for you (Chorus) (Bridge:) (Em)Though there’ll be (D) obstacles a-(C)plenty on your (G)way (Em)The powers of (D) darkness will at(G)tempt to cause de(D)lay (Em)Look steady (C)on towards that (G)new & glorious (D)day No (Am) harm will come your way, (C)love will save the (Ds4)day (Chorus)


Fire Of Love’s Heart (Esus2)Come gather ‘round, children, Let’s find warmth here at the (Asus2)fireplace (Esus2)Let the true light of the Word warm your heart & light (Asus2) up your face ! (Bsus2)Receive the light & let it make you stronger (Asus2)Learn how to enjoy life a little longer, (F#m7)Here at the (Bsus2)fire of Love’s (Esus2) heart (Asus2) And though the night is approaching Like it has been long foretold No, we won’t lose our path We’ll refuse to let our hearts grow cold And though ten thousands may be falling all around us We’ll still hold on to the light that shines upon us Here at the fire of Love’s heart Bridge: (F#m°) Here you’ll find (G#m°)what you’ve been searching, a (As2) place where you’ll feel you be(Bs2°)long Here you’ll be always at home & receive the strength to carry on Here you’ll find brothers & sisters, a family that won’t fall apart Here at the feet of the King, here at the fire of love’s heart Come, gather ‘round, all you seekers, and let yourselves be found By the One in Whom all power, all wisdom and love abound If you’ve got love how could you ever be a loser ? The only losers are the ones who will refuse Her, The Queen of the fire of Love’s heart (G)Come gather ‘round, children, Let’s find warmth here at the (C9)fireplace (G)Find true fulfilment in yielding your all to love’s (C9)endless grace (Dsus)Please, open up your heart & just receive it There’s (C9)nothing you can’t do if you believe it (Am) Here at the (D) fire of Love’s (G)heart (Am) Here at the (D) fire of Love’s (G)heart


Fire, Water, Air And Earth

Five billion souls under one sun learning to live in peace on one, one speck of dust we call our planet. Five billion different worlds in one learning to get along, each one so very different from the other. So many different shades in one, so many different traits yet one, only one human race, one Father.

Fire, water, air and earth and what's inbetween, fire, water, air and earth and anything that is seen, learning to live with each other.

From a distance the stars all look the same but if we get close the aspects change: they all vary in purpose, size and colour. Like Venus, Mercury and Mars, our personal characters all are as manyfold as the constellations.

Fire, water, air and earth and what's inbetween, fire, water, air and earth and anything that is seen, learning to live with each other.

Just go walking down your street, so many different types you meet, wouldn't you be bored if we were all the same? One is proud, the other shy, some a little dumb, the other sly like a snake that's waiting for it's chance to bite. Some walk high and some walk low, one goes fast the other slow,


we all can learn a little something as we go. Some love music, some play ball, some can't stand that stuff at all, they'd rather work all day just making sure the money rolls. Some as quiet as a lamb some are violent, some are tame, we all need each other, no two folks are just the same. Red, brown, yellow, black or white, the one thing not to do is fight, but we must learn to live eternally in harmony. That's what we're all here for, we have to open the door, and take a step to love each other.

Fire, water, air and earth and what's inbetween, fire, water, air and earth and anything that is seen, learning to live with each other.


First Day (D) Good morning, God's child it’s (A) time to rise, yeah, (Em) this is the first day of the (G) rest of your (A) life What your (D) hand finds to do, do it (A) with all your might Cause (Em) this is the first day - (G) of the (A) rest of your (D) life (A-Em-G-A-) Good morning, God's child, rise & shine there's no time to lose, no time to murmur or whine the path of victory is yours, it’s yours to choose So, good morning, God's child; it's time to rise & shine Pick your feet up & leave your burdens behind Yeah, this is the journey to the rest of your life Though a steep path ahead & many hurdles you’ll find Child, this is the first day… Do what you can but don’t push too hard No, don’t worry & let go & let God finish all of the good in your life that He started just take the first step on the rest of your march


FOCUS Every day comes with a sheer array of Shiny things designed to make me go astray Countless temptations and distractions coming my way Must have this & “Lord, I still need that” And then I’m craving this, though I’m already fat & there’s this one thing missing for my happiness Until You call me to look up And You make all this madness stop (Chorus:) I focus on You & the more that I do The more I realize that nothin else In this whole world could ever really satsisfy I focus on You & the more that I do The more it becomes clear that all my wants, selfish addictions and desires disappear when I focus on You The web, the movies & computer games Along with buzzy drinks can sometimes blur our aim Make us forget that we are fighting a war Endless pleasure trips and lethargy can come across like Good & dear old friends to me until I can’t remember What I’m fighting for Lord, take control & lift me up And please make all this madness stop (Chorus) (2nd chorus:) When I focus on you I see nothing is true Except You and Your Cause That matters more than any other thing that I could ever do I focus on You and the more that I do Everything else fades away like a long & sad day With nothing to say until You came my way I focus on You (2x) I fix my mind, I keep my eyes pinned straight on You I’m tuning in, I won’t let go, You’re all I think, You’re all I know Make all this madness fade away There’s nothing else that’s left to say Cause without You it all won’t matter anyway I focus on You Keep me focused on You I focus on You


Follow God (Chorus:) For God’s sake, follow God ‘cause we’re just gonna have to trust Him, it has come to that For God’s sake, you’ve gotta see God No use in tryin’ to figure it all out in your own head That’s right, you heard what I said: You gotta see God, for God’s sake, follow God! For God’s sake, follow God ‘cause in the end we’re gonna find out we’re not all that smart It’s true, you gotta see God His signs are everywhere to see for open minds and hearts You wanna get it right from the start? You gotta see God, for God’s sake, follow God! (1st verse:) What’s the first thing you should do when you get stuck? Pray! – You gotta see God! Who do you turn to when it seems like you just ran out of luck? For God’s sake, follow God! Who’s the only One Who really knows what’s up? Hey, you gotta see God! (Chorus) For our mission, blind ambition’s not quite what it takes No way! You gotta see God! Calculations and equations till your head starts to ache? Uh-uh! Follow God! Mystifying speculation, mind-rotations till late? I’d say, you gotta see God! (Chorus) (rep. last line)


Follow Me ( Till The End Of The World ) Follow me where I go, wherever He may lead us now 'cause, love, don't you know that there's a new freedom that's just waiting for you, waiting to take you away, hey ... Yes, if you want to be free, just take my hand & follow me where I go, through fire & rain, love, through water & snow & don't you look back! But will you stay by my side through winter & summer, love, through flood & thru' tide & till the end of the world, babe we've got nothin' to hide No, no, no, no no we've got nothin' to hide ,no, no, no, no Oh, if you're longing for joy, for someone to love you & to care when you cry, why don't you break out & leave those old chains behind & don't you look back Oh, if you search for the truth, make up your mind now, babe which side will you choose & come follow me Girl, we've got nothin' to lose, no, no, no, no, No, we've got nothin' to lose ...


Forevermore I hear them say the words we read don't really mean quite what they say I hear them pray as if they don't expect an answer anyway I hear them say that God could not have made the world in 7 days I hear them justify themselves by saying "loving doesn't pay." I see them endlessly continuing their selfish, rotten game I see them point their crooked finger and yet never take the blame Why do they have to keep on killing, fighting, hurting, in His name? I cannot see how they'll escape from everlasting grief, contempt and shame Why do they have to keep on taking His most holy name in vain? Why won't they ever make attempts to put an end to all this pain? Why are they lying to themselves and to each other for mere gain? Why can't we be content with what we have, but murmur and complain? How can we say that we know better if our works don't show the same? Now is the day to break the fetters, strengthen the things that will remain "Thou shalt not kill" was hewn in letters that we'd better read again How can we hope He'll come & get us before tribulation reigns? I cannot see, I cannot hear, I cannot speak, I'm powerless I only feel and mourn and pray and await that ancient, promised bliss When He that was to come will come again and restore righteousness And every nation on this earth will once again call itself blessed Then will that mountain fill the earth, nothing will hurt kill or destroy New life will be born from the ashes, sorrow will turn into joy His name and truth will then be known by each man, woman, girl and boy No longer will the tempter and his legions pester and annoy I don't know when or how but I know one thing is for sure That day will come when all the nations will be cured The project "man" will be renewed, revamped and totally restored The rightful Heir and true King, Jesus Christ will reign forevermore Jesus Christ will reign forevermore Jesus Christ will reign forevermore Jesus Christ will reign forevermore


Forward, March! (Oct.8,9, 2007)
Chorus:) Forward, march! – Army of God, advance! Forward, march! – This is your second chance Forward, march! – Family, this is your dance Forward, march! – It may be their last chance You’ve been My chosen ones for nearly 40 years You’re the work of My hands, My blood, My sweat & My tears Out of America, to the ends of the earth I’ve called you out & now again I send you forth (Chorus) On February 18, 2008 I’ll send My signal shot The world must no longer wait I’m calling you to march, move forward & advance Take the offensive – this is your chance (Chorus) You can do what’s been unheard of, do what’s never been seen You will lead My Endtime Army as you follow your queen You will reap the mighty harvest, you will bring in My sheep You will usher in My Kingdom, wake’em up from their sleep (Chorus 3-4 times)



Locked up in an iron cell, my life was dark and vain, a hollow shell until you came in and you gave new life to me. Childhood memories were sad and gloomie as can be, there was no love for an unimportant little boy like me.

When you came along it was like someone finally turned the light on inside my dark room and made me see. When the morning dawns I know that you will come and take me home and set me free.

In the early morn' I'll spread my wings and I will soar into the sky and fly so free.

I was just a prisoner till the day you came along, trapped inside my cage just like a bird without a song, hardly anyone could understand what it's to be finally free, free.

Locked up in an iron cell, my life was dark and vain, a hollow shell until you came in and you gave new life to me, oh my past was hell, compared to what's become, you broke the spell and set me free -- free -- free!


Free As the Wind I go wherever I want to go where I'm coming from you don't know nor can you tell where it is I'm venturing I'm free – free as the wind free, free, free, free, free as the wind I blow wherever I want to blow you hear my song but you still don't know where it is my road ends or begins I'm free – free as the wind free, free, free, free, free as the wind I do whatever He bids me do you notice me but you don't have a clue where it is my Lord is beckoning I'm free – free as the wind free, free, free, free, free as the wind (Bridge:) So is anyone born of spirit and wind so is every son of the King of kings (First verse, chorus twice)


Freedom (We Are the Ones)
I can show you the way to freedom, if it’s freedom you want If you want to be led, I will lead on and teach you to confront All your fears, all your lusts & your demons, so they’ll no longer haunt If you’re blind, I can teach you to see them This is your freedom, if it’s freedom you want Freedom from numerous addictions to things you think you need Freedom from slavery to fiction, fables that make you bleed Freedom from fears and inhibitions, nightmares, worries and superstitions Freedom from their lies and delusions, disinformation and confusion Freedom from their control and intrusion: This is your freedom, if it’s freedom you want I can show you the way to freedom, if it’s freedom you want If you take Jesus and receive Him, you’ll need no more to run If you stick to His Words and do them, you’ll be His follower in truth and You will certainly know the truth then and that truth is gonna make you free, man Things you are blind to right now you will see then This is your freedom… Freedom from fears and inhibitions, nightmares, worries and superstitions Freedom from their lies and delusions, disinformation and confusion Freedom from their control and intrusion: This is your freedom, if it’s freedom you want We are the ones whom the Lord has raised and prepared to lead you through the darkness that’s to come We are the diamonds of dust who shine and sparkle in the sunlight of the One We are the shepherds who were sent to find you, gather you into the Master’s fold We are the children of the David of the End God sent and long ago foretold


From Your Lips
From Your lips – Words of gold From Your lips – Words of purest gold Straight from Your heart Your songs of love to me You impart Straight from Your humble heart From Your lips – Words that formed the worlds From Your lips – never a wrong was heard Straight from Your heart You give all I need from the start Straight from Your mighty heart Who am I to have found favor in Your eyes? What am I that for a wretch like me you died? Who am I to call You mine? From Your lips – drops that make all I’ve got, all I am From Your lips – we were formed before this world began Straight from Your heart come each song, dance & true work of art Straight from Your heart of hearts (Br. & 1st verse)


Gently & Quietly I'll Bow Your Mind Come, take my hand & I'll sure treat you kind Lead you someplace no one will ever find lay beside me & close your eyes leave all Earthly thoughts far behind Let me touch you deep down inside & gently & quietly I'll blow your mind I'm not the kind who need pompous ado silently I'll convey my point to you not a word, barely making a sound I will achieve to turn your head around you won't resist or cast my love aside when gently & quietly I'll blow your mind So, let me come in the hour of the night & gently & quietly I'll blow your mind


GET READY (Bsus/e) Come, pack your bags, we've got to get moving (Asus/b) onward Don't fall behind. there's only one way & that's forward (Esus4) Leave all be(E)hind, (Esus4) everything (E) you call your (D/g#) home (D) now (Asus/f#) There's more to (Asus2) find, much more that life's got in (Es4) store (E) now Tear up your roots, this is not your destination! Put on those boots! You're meant to be heralds to nations Come, follow me, let's catch your destiny out there You're meant to be free, this treadmill will get your life nowhere (Ch.:) We've got to (Bsus) get ready, (Esus) people, it's time to get (Bsus) goin' We've got to get ready, people, it's time to go (Br.:) (F#m) Over the hills, (Asus2) across the seas, there's a (E) destiny for (Bsus) you Way past these walls, you're gonna see that your dreams can still come true How does it feel living inside such a wrong world? Hero or heel, to them you will only speak wrong words It's not meant to be, although this cage may be golden Come & be free, follow the key that you're holding (Ch.) (Br.) (Ch. 2x)


Give Me Truth
(Ch..:) Oh, give me truth, whatever you give me Don’t need to paint it nice for me Cause what’s the use, if I can't believe in it I’ve heard enough lies in my day I'm not the kind who choose to blindly grope through a dark world, Where artificial lighting sets deluded minds awhirl Don't tell me lies, no alibis, no sweet, enticing words I'd rather have it straight, the facts - even if it hurts (Ch.) I must confess, I don’t like darkness all as much as light But careful with those coloured spotlights, when they get too bright To really see what’s going on, we need the light of truth And that sometimes reveals some things you won’t hear in the news (Ch.) I do appreciate you efforts to be friendly & polite The most politically correct, smart diplomat in sight But what I need is honesty to make it through my day It’s not the smoothness of your words that counts with me, no way (Ch.) So,…


God Needs You (capo 3rd) Don't you (C) sometimes feel the need to (G) prove that you can (Am) make (F) it in this (C) lost & lonely (G) world, all on your (Dm7) own? (F) And then sometimes you might even try to fake it and pretend that all you need is brains & brawn But when the (Am) storms of life tear (G) down your house & (Dm7) shake it (F) (Am) wouldn't it be nice to (G) know you're not a(F)lone? You don't (Am) have to be a (G) self-made fool you don't (Dm7) need to show off all (F) you can do there's (Am) really no point that you've (G) got to prove, brother (F) I've got news for (G) you: (C) God (G) needs (Am) you (F) to (C) do what you a(G)lone were meant to (Dm7) do (F) to play that part in His big plan that He knows no one else but you can, to love Him and to know you need Him, too So, when it all comes down to it, remember you're worth, every bit because (Am) God (G) needs (C) you Do you sometimes feel like everybody's watching? And just waiting for the moment you will fall? But then you're not the only one nobody's touching and there's many who feel no one cares at all If you realize there's many others searching Why not turn around & tune in to their call? It's time to take note you're not alone out there there are hungry souls like you everywhere they're just waiting for you to break out & share & to show them someone cares (Ch.) There's a (D) mighty harvest (A) out there no one's (Bm) reaping (G) there's a (D) big job waiting (A) no one wants to (Em) do (G) And I sometimes think that I can hear Him weeping 'cause the ones who care for others are so few So the (Bm) next time that old (A) loneliness comes (Em) creeping (G) Just be(Bm)lieve with all your (A) heart that this is (G) true: (Ch.)


God of Love


(D) You say (C9) can’t believe in a (G/a) God of love when there’s (Em7/f#) so much that (A7sus4) just won’t make (D) sense to you How can He be a God of love when there’s so much that’s bad & good things so few? How naív to believe all will turn out good Is this just wishful thinking or true? And you tell me that life has been hell for you Well, life has been hell for me, too But there’s one difference between our points of view And I think that’s what each of us choose You say, “What do I gain from believing this?” While I’d say, “What have you got to lose?” Just a load full of pride & a heart of blues You ask me, I’d say, that’s quite a deal: Just forget how much life has been hell for you Sister, I know quite well how that feels You see, faith is something you can’t touch or see Yet it can take you beyond any star It’s a torch light that leads some place you’ll be free & at home no matter where you are It’s a simple as turning a light switch on Illuminating a dark room & though life may have been quite some hell for you I’m offering Heaven to you Do you believe it? Will you receive it? Can you hear Jesus? He’s standing right at your door & just waiting for You to whisper the words, “Come on in!” Do you believe Him? Will you receive Him? He’s standing right at your door & just waiting for you Come on, let Him in! Do you believe it? Will you receive Him? Just say, “Dear Jesus, come into my heart, take my sin! I want to believe it! I want to receive you! Help me & save me, Come in!”


God's Creation (Chorus:) (G)When will the beauty of (C)God's creation find (D) admiration, ap(G)preciation of the inhabitants (C)of the nations Oh, (D) when will they honor (G) God? When will the church of God have the nerve to give Him the credit that He deserves When will they stop swallowing the devil's lies & his sweet sugar-coated pill? (C) He didn't need ten (D) billion years (C) to make this pretty (D) world appear (C) Just like Jesus didn't (D) need a year to (Em) heal the leprous (C) man but some people are (D) so afraid (C) to admit that he (D) could have made (C)The whole universe (D) in 6 days, that's too much (Em) for them to compre(C) (D) hend (Chorus) No amount of random mutations can come up with the equation that would be needed for generations of species to come about There's too much about evolution that doesn't jibe with the constitution of living things & their sheer perfection & it makes me wanna shout (Chorus)


Good Day to Die (Ch.:) It’s a good day to (As2) die, Good day to (F) teach’em how to (G) live (Ds2) Bid one last goodbye to pride & give all I’ve got to give Kill off those lies stopping me from helping you believe Yeah, it’s a (F) good day for me to (G) die for you, my friend (Ds2) (F) die that (G) you might (As2) live (C/As2-D/C>2-F-G…) Thank you for killing my pride by revealing a side of me I never knew I’m not the man I thought I was Thank you for teaching me well that we all deserve hell unless by His grace We choose to receive the Son of God Thanks for the way you wipe out my suspicions & doubts By showing me where they lead & where they’re coming from Thank you for being around to show you all I’ve found Even if it turns out that you want none of it (Ch.) Thank you for lending an ear & confronting your fears In accepting me here telling you there’s more than this And if you open your heart & say your little part You’ll be taking a step you won’t ever regret Don’t think I’m leading you on with the words of this song I believe & I mean every little part of it Someone must die that another may live & I’m here to tell you That that’s precisely what Jesus did (Ch.) Good day to die that you might live (4x)


(D-Tuning) (Chorus:) Hang (D)on to the Lord(G-A/D), hang (D)on to the Lord (G-A/D)(2x) (D)Brothers & sisters listen to (G)me, (A/D) (D)hear all the words the Lord’s given to (D)me (A/D) if you (D)wanna be happy, if you wanna be (G) free (A/D) Hang (D) on to the Lord & come on, sing with (G-A/D-D)me, (Chorus) Brothers & sisters, clap your hands we’re on our way home to the promised land we follow Jesus, we follow the Son We’ve hitched our way to the bright & morning (C/D-D)star (Chorus) Come everybody, small & great Step out of you pride before it`s too late Jesus is coming, He’s on His way & He’s gonna take us to a new & brighter (C/D-D)day (Chorus) (Bridge:) (G/D)If you (D) want (C) to be (D) happy, (G/D)if you (D) wan(C)na be (D) free (G/D) If you (D)wan(C)na en(D)joy your life & be (G/D) happy for eterni(C/D-D)ty (Chorus)


Happy Christmas To Y’All Happy Christmas to y’all Happy Christmas to y’all He `s always there when you fall Happy Christmas, Christmas Happy Christmas to y’all Happy Birthday, dear Lord I won’t deny you no more Because you made me see everything’s possible with you (Chorus) (2x) He’s always there when you call //: Happy Christmas to y’all ://


HEAR ME (G) Hear me, (f#/Ds2) clear me, (Em) encompass & be (f#/Ds2) near me (Am7) thrill me & (B/G) fill me with the (C) portion of Your (D) cup (G) Rear me, (f#/Ds2) steer me, (Em) let Your mercy be (f#/Ds2) sheer the (C) only (B/G) thing I care for (Am7) and dream (D) of You (C) know that I'm full (B/G) of desires My (Am7) heart knows wants like (G) raging fires But (C) now I turn a(B/G) round & Sire, I (Am7) give it all to (DS4) You (Ch.) A hopeless cause is what I was, there weren't any open doors Now I declare, Lord, You're the Boss, the One I adhere to (Ch.) (Br.:) (Em) Thy (f#/Ds2) will be (G) done (f#/Ds2) (2x) (Em) If (f#/Ds2) ever there has (G) been a perfect (C)cause I (Am7) know You (B/G) are the (Ds4) One (Ch.)


HEAVENLY HELP (Chorus:) (E) Heavenly (As2) help is (F#m7) what you (Bs2) need Heavenly help is yours to receive (E) If you (F#m7) want a (As2) life with no (Bs2) limits Gotta live your life in the spirit If you want a life with no limits, heavenly help is what you (E) need When you're (E) weak, child, then you're (A) strong with such weakness there's nothing wrong 'cause to (C#m) Jesus you be(B)long He's your (As2)help and He's your song, (B)oh, (Ch.) When you weep, child, find His arms they will keep you from all harm There's nothing greater than His charme He'll give you comfort & love beyond limits He'll make you feel so alive, so right in it He'll lift your heart, lift your soul, lift your spirit You'll rise above, find a whole new beginning (Ch.)


HE’S COMIN’ AGAIN (D-Tuning: bass E-string tuned down 1 note to D) (D)Many a year I’ve been (G/D) waiting for (A/D) love to (G/D) comfort my (D) soul (G/D) (A/D) (G/D) (D)Many a night I went (G/D) looking a(A/D) round to find a (G/D) cure for it (D) all (G/D) (A/D) (G/D) (Bm) Then I finally (A) found it in a (G) way I never (A) thought I would(D...) know For (Bm) I’d looked East and (A)South and West until (G)finally The Holy (Em)Book I was (Asus4)shown. Now I know,

He’s (D) comin’ again Yes, He’s (G/D)comin’ for me, I (A/D)know Comin’ (G/D) to take me (D)home (G/D) to my heavenly (A/D)...home I know that He’s comin’ again Yes, He’s comin’ for me, I know Comin’ to take me home, nevermore to roam Many a time I thought joy was something that I’d just never know Many a night I spent prayin’ for someone Who would not let me go (Bm)Then He came in(A)to my life and (Em)filled my heart with (G – A)love (Bm) Now I’m waiting (A)for the day when He’ll (Em)come again (G) Comin’ from a(Asus4)bove Repeat Chorus Bridge: (A) Coming back to (Bm)take His own back (G)Home to their re(D)ward; (A) After history's (Bm)toughest test, we'll be (G)rescued by our Lo(A)rd. As quickly as the (Bm)lightning lights the (G)sky from east to (D) west, (A) That's how Je(Bm)sus will come; all God's (G)children will be blessed To re(As4) ceive Heaven's best. (Repeat Chorus twice)



(Em)Hey, (G)girl, (D)shine! (Asus2) It’s time to (Em)wake up (G) (D) (Asus2) (Em)Hey, (G)girl, (D)rise! (Asus2) Time to (Em)get up(G) (D) (Asus2)
(repeat) Time to (Em) get your butt back (G)on the street & (D)share your light with every(Asus2) one you meet
(Em) (G) (D) (Asus2)

Time to (Em) face the morning (G)with a grin & (D) show them all what you’ve (Asus2) got within, yeah
(Em) (G) (D) (Asus2)

(Chorus) It’s time to say a little morning prayer & kiss the One who’s always there Put that skirt back on your hips & comb your hair with your fingertips (Chorus) It’s time to give a little praise again Rememberin’ how good he’s been So, come on, baby, let `s get on the street & share a little light with all we meet (Chorus 2x)


Summoned by the tolling of the bell we run to save as many souls from hell and wake up from the old usurper's spell as come to listen Beckoned by the clearest (sweetest) Voice of all I can't resist the urge to heed Your call to help up anyone of those who fall and carry them back home For there are many people in this world who haven't seen yet and who haven't heard the light of truth that shines forth from His Word oh, come and listen Come and listen that your souls may live there's no one else Who would have more to give than He Who died to teach us to forgive and carry us back Home For there are dark and troubled times ahead of which the ancients and the sages said that there have been no darker times before nor should they come back anymore Unless they're shortened no flesh should be saved but through this darkness the way will be paved for Jesus to return and take us Home Even so, come & come quickly, Lord Help us to gather all those who are Yours help them to hear Your voice and get on board before You'll take us Home


Hooked (Juicy Lie)

May 26, 2007

(Em-Ds2-C-Em 2x) (Em) Please listen to me (Ds2) as I sing this (C) song of a (Em) girl who could have become the greatest ray of hope this world could ever need and want (Em) She had it all, but (D) she settled for less (Am) she didn't want no (C) great ad(Ds2)venture Just blend in, that's all just go to the mall just be like everybody else, sure: (Chorus:) (Em) All so busy working (As2) on their (Em) looks Yeah, the (Em) world of shiny things has (Ds2) got them (Am) hooked and they (C) don't see that the Devil's (D) just a (Am) crook they don't (C) see it (Ds2) one juicy lie was all it (Em) took (intro) Please listen to me as I tell this story of a boy who could have become A savior of the world for he had what they need and want He had it all, but he settled for less he didn't want no great adventure Just blend in... (2nd Ch.:) All so busy working on their looks yeah, the world of "busy-busy" 's got them hooked and they don't see that the Devil's just a crook they don't see it... (Bridge:) (C) Don't you think that I look (Em) cool? I don't want to be no fool for any(D)one but my friends' golden rule 'cause (3rd ch.:) We're all so busy working on our looks yeah the world of busy-busy's got me hooked and I don't care if the Devil's just a crook I don't (C) see it, don't want to (Ds2) see it, hey, I don't (C) see it, don't make me (Ds2) see it, I don't (C) see it (Ds2) one juicy like was all it took (Intro 2x) one juicy lie, yeah


HOPE OF THE HOPELESS 7/10/04 Be a (G) light to the (Em) world, be a (D) bringer of (G) peace be the (Em) hope of the (C) hopeless, be the (D) answer they (G) seek be a (Em) sample of (C) love, (D) live what you (G) preach be a (Em) way for the (C) captives, show them (D) how to be (Em) free Be a (G) fisher of (Em) men, be a (D) saver of (G) souls be a (Em) gentle, true (C) shepherd, bring them (D) into the (G) fold be a (Em) giver of (C) life from a (D) pure heart of (G) gold give the (Em) people the (C) message, tell them (D) what God has (G) told (Em) Children of (C) David, come, (F) heed the (G) call (Em) There's nothing (C) like you, so (F) give it your (G) all (Em) You are the (C) only ones who (F) live the full (G) truth So, (Em) don't hide from (C) others what's been (F) given to (D) you (Ch.) Be a (G) light to the (Em) world, be a (D) bringer of (G) peace be the (Em) hope of the (C) hopeless, be the (D) answer they (G) seek be a (Em) sample of (C) love, (D) live what you (G) preach be a (Em) way for the (C) captives, show them (D) how to be (G) free (mod.) Be a (A) fisher of (F#m) men, be a (E) saver of (A) souls be a (F#m) gentle, true (D) shepherd, bring them (E) into the (A) fold be a (F#m) giver of (D) life from a (E) pure heart of (A) gold give the (F#m) people the (D) message, tell them (E) what God has (A) told (F#m) She's (E) waiting for (A) you (F#m) her (E) heart cries for (A) you (F#m) for (E) you've got the (A) whole counsel of (D) God, the (Bm) way , the (A) life, the (Esus4) truth (Ch.) Be a (A) light to the (F#m) world, be a (E) bringer of (A) peace be the (F#m) hope of the (D) hopeless, be the (E) answer they (A) seek be a (F#m) sample of (D) love, (E) live what you (A) preach be a (F#m) way for the (D) captives, show them (E) how to be (F#m) free (E) Be a (A) fisher of (F#m) men, be a (E) saver of (A) souls be a (F#m) gentle, true (D) shepherd, bring them (E) into the (A) fold be a (F#m) giver of (D) life from a (E) pure heart of (A) gold give the (F#m) people the (D) message, tell them (E) what God has (A) told


How Weak Am I
(D) Oh, (G) how (D) weak am I, com(A)pared to Your strength, oh (G) God, com(A)pared to Your love, oh (G) God com(A)pared to You, mighty (G) God, (A) (D) Oh, (G) how (D) weak am I, com(A)pared to (G) my (D) God (D) Oh, (G) how (D) feeble am I, com(A)pared to Your strength, oh (G) God, com(A)pared to Your love, oh (G) God com(A)pared to You, mighty (G) God, (A) (D) Oh, (G) how (D) feeble am I, com(A)pared to (G) my (D) God Oh, how sweet it is to be cared for by You, oh God to be sheltered by You, oh God to be strengthened by You, oh God Oh, how sweet it is to be cared for by my God Oh, how precious Your every Promise, oh God Your loving kindness, oh God Your Word that guides us, oh God Oh, how precious is every Promise of God (Bridge:) That is (A) why we give (D) glory & (G) praise to Your (D) Name Because (A) Yours is all power, all (G) honor & (As4) fame) Oh, how magnificent are Your splendors, oh God Though I am frail & can't always see things Your way, oh God You have taught us to pray, oh God You enlighten my way, oh God Though I am frail, I know You dwell in me, oh God


I Can’t Find The Words
I believe in real love, a love for you & me I `ve got something within my heart that everyone can see I believe in true love, a love that you can feel There’s a fire burnin’ in my soul that nobody can steal The woman next to me she drives me crazy & all I really see she’s so amazing you mean that much to me I just can’t make it the love you give to me I just can’t take it, no (Chorus:) I can’t find the words, I just can’t find the words I can’t find a way to express the love inside me I can’t find the words, I just can’t find no words I can’t find the words to say how much I love you I love you in the morning I love you in the day I love you when the night time comes & I kiss you right away You know that I believe in true love & maybe you will see that there is something more in life to really set you free Oh, I believe in magic & in eternity & that everything is possible if you will just believe Oh & I believe in angels & in the heavenlies & that you don `t need to worry, babe, cause there `s enough for you & me mmh, & I believe in freedom & yes, I know there is a God there’s a fountain runnin’ from my soul, we must get right back to the start & oh, I believe in Jesus, the One Who’s got the key & if you wanna change, your life, just come along with me The woman next to me ... (Chorus) ... I can `t find the words -- I wanna give until it hurts


I Don’t Know
(Chorus:) I don’t know. Why can`t I just be smart & let go? The faster you’ll learn that you don`t know, the better off you’ll be, so, be smart & say I don`t know I don’t know, tomorrow’s in the hands of God alone The faster you’ll that there’s no need to worry, the happier you’ll be, so, just let go. Who among you can add one single day to your lives By what you know It`s easy to say Hey, folks, I know the way But the wiser man will just say I don’t know (Chorus) Don’t be like the man who crossed the frozen river On hands & knees, so slow When, all of a sudden, behind him came rattling A team of horses, pulling a heavy load (Chorus)


I Give It All To You May 23 06 My ambitions, pre-conceived ideas & notions & desires - I give it all to You! - I give it all to You! My possessions, attitudes, my self-deceptions & my lies - I give it all to You! - I give it all to You! My reputation, situation, sense of duty to this world - I give it all to You! - I give it all to You! My own will, my selfishness, my independence & my girl - I give it all to You! - I give it all to You! (Ch.:) Because You said, "Whosoever he be of you that won't give up all that he has" Because You said, "Whosoever he be of you that won't give up all that he has he cannot be My disciple" My perception, all I think I know and all I have been told - I give it all to You! - I give it all to You! My expectations of what life is gonna hand me when I'm old - I give it all to You! - I give it all to You! My illusions & confusions rainbow-castles & delusions - give it all to You! - I give it all to You! My position, superstitions, fears and secret inhibitions - give'em all to You, - I give it all to You! (Ch.:) My opinions & dominions, ghosts & phantoms of the past - I give it all to You! - I give it all to You! Any riches and material things that aren't gonna last - I give it all to You! - I give it all to You! All my plans, my past, my present, future, both - my life and death - I give it all to You! - I give it all to You! Anything You'd ever ask for, both, my tears and happiness - I give it all to You! - I give it all to You! (Ch.:) ..."My disciple... My Disciple"


I Need Your Love

(Buenos Aíres 1983)

(D)Jesus, take my hand, You (D/Em)know, I just can’t make it by my(A/D)self, I need your helping (D) hand (D/G-D/A) (D)Jesus, take my hand, I (D/Em)pray, there‘s nothing more that I can (A/D) say, You’ve got to help me make a (D) stand (D/G-D/A) (1st Ch.:) I (Bm) need Your love like a (F#m) flower needs the sun & rain (Es4)Without Your (E)love (Asus4)every day is (A) just the same When I’m lone & feeling blue, the only Friend that’s left is You, You give me more than I could ask for And when I don’t know what to do, You know, I pray & just ask You, You always show me with Your answer (2nd Ch.:) Lord, I need Your love more than the Earth needs the sun’s shining face Without Your love I’d just be lost in outer space I need Your Love (4x) More than a little child his mother – I need Your love more than a sister or a brother – I need You, I need Your love (3rd Ch.:) Lord, I need Your love more than a flower needs the falling rain Without Your love every day is just the same & all my days, they’re all in vain I need Your love (4x)


(Em/f#)I still remember it as clearly as if it happened (D)just today: (Em/f#)I was driven in my car when suddenly this truck rolled up a(D)cross my way, (Am)It was to late to brake, and all I could do was cry (G/A)out and pray & the (Am)next thing I re(C)member (D)was the (Em/f#)crash (Em/f#...)I somehow knew that I was dead, though I remember I was feelin' great Then I heard people scream and someone by the car wreck said, 'It is too late' when I looked over there to see what he meant I thought that (Em)I would faint, for the dead man lying on the ground was me and (Am) that's when I (G) realized (C) I was feelin' (Dm) just so light and (F)hoverin' right a(Dm7) bove a nearby (Gs4) tree (G) (Am) I felt like (G) I could fly and (C) yelled, 'Hey, I (Dm) didn't die' though (F) no one heard me, (Dm) I just felt so (Gs4) free (G) (Chorus:) I was (Am/B) dead and am a(G/A)live again I was (Am/B) dead and am a(G/A)live again and when (F) I came back my (G) whole life was (Am/B) changed (Em/f#)...As I soared up into the evening sky suddenly I saw Some former loved ones who had passes away and left this World long ago They greeted me and told me not to be afraid or worry anymore as they led me through a passage of light beyond the tunnel I saw golden light, as bright as I had never seen A shiny City full of flowers of new colours, rolling hills of green As we drew nearer I was welcomed by a bright, angelic, shining Being and I felt such warmth and love I'd never known and (Am)...then, in a moment's time He showed me all my life and all I'd ever done, good, wrong or right I saw how I had failed and prayed, 'God if there's a way, please let me go back and start again!' (Chorus) (Em/f#)...Then, suddenly, to my amazement, I woke up back in the hospital Doctors around me had revived my body, which was feeling miserable But all the pain I felt could not begin to equal with the joy I felt That my life had begun to make sense Now for the first time in my whole life I could realize there was a plan and behind everything in life there is a reason and God's mighty hand and that our purpose here in life is just to learn to love our fellowman and yes, I now know there's a life after death and (Am)... I talked to all my friends about this experience Though they just laughed it off, time and again I know that it was real and so is the joy I feel I now have a mission to fulfill For..... (Chorus)


I WILL TRUST (Chorus:) I will (Em) trust & not be (G) a(Ds2)fraid, (As2) I (G) will ... (3x) I’ve got a (Em) first class ticket (G) to (Ds2)Heaven (As2) (G) Second (Em) best will be no longer (G) my (Ds2)style (As2) (G) I’m gonna (Em) sit right here & (G) stop (Ds2) worryin’ (As2) (G) & for a (Em) change I will enjoy (G) the (Ds2) ride (Chorus) I‘m an old man & had many troubles Most of which never happened anyway I must seal off myself from those bubbles (the) worries about tomorrow & yesterday (Chorus) (rap:) I’m in a good trance, gotta catch this drift


I’d Like To Be With You Right Now

I’d like to be with you right now
Under the stars somewhere, somehow & there we`d take a peaceful vow I’d like to be with you right now Oh God, to be with you right now The thought makes me want to dance & shout Your love has turned me inside out If I could be with you right now If I could be with you right now Take all your apples from tree by tree Love is what will work for me Send me a pauper, send me a clown But please let me be with you right now (1st verse)


If I
If I could say just one thing to you I think I’d say , ‘Yeah, girl, f ... you, too That `s just no way, treat me like you do me You do me, you do me, to Treat me the way you do Just pretend that’s the end & all is said & nothing `s done drifting one step further from the sun, well, have fun. If I could send one message to you You’d read : ‘I believe what we had was true’ I know some day you’ll see me like I see you I see you, I know you’ll see me the way I see you: Just a perfectly alright ‘nuther fucked up Lonely hunter for the truth (Bridge:) Why must we break up in anger, like this? Why do we still fight after 6.000 years Guess all trust in mankind will be hereby dismissed Cause love sometimes needs stronger ties than gently singin’ `Seal It With A Kiss` (1st verse)


If That's The Way You'll Use Me (C)I'm gonna (G)be Your (F)prick, (Am) I'm gonna (G) be Your (F) poking (G) stick (C) Yes, even (B/G) if it's (Am) me they'll (Am/G) kick if (F) that's the (Am7) way You'll (Dm7) use me (G) (C...) I wanna be Your voice, the one who tells 'em, 'It's your choice!' I wanna make some joyful noise, if that's the way You'll use me I wanna be Your me. The me You just want me to be as long as You're in all I see and that's the way You'll use me I wanna be a loo, yes, even if they think I'm 'pooh' no matter what they'll say or do, if that's the way You'll use me (Chorus:) (F) Any(G)thing You'll (C) say, I'll (Am) be, (F) to be your (G) fool's my (C) desti(Am)ny (F) Lord You bring (G) out the (C) best in (Am) me, to (F) be Your (Am7) slave is to be (Dm7) real(Am7)ly (G) free (Am7) (B/G) (Dm7)... I wanna be Your cock, the one who wakes and makes 'em rock so, let 'em go and say I suck, if that's the way You'll use me I wanna be Your fool, Your ole heehaw and faithful mule As long as I can be Your tool and that's the way You'll use me I wanna be Your crack, the one they'll say's completely whack as long as they'll go on, not back and that's the way You'll use me I wanna be your slave, the one they'll say no shrink can save If I'll be nuts as I'll be brave, and that's the way You'll use me (Chorus) (Bridge:) (Fmaj7) Nothing in this World, no high or (E) low can ever separate me (F) from (Am7) Your (Dm7) Love (G) (Fmaj7) Any obstacle ahead are (E) only windmill giants that You'll (Dm7) help (Am7) me (F) rise a(G)bove, hey! I wanna be Your pawn, as long as I'll go ever on I'd rather make 'em scream than yawn if that's the way You'll use me I'm gonna be Your prick, I'm gonna be Your poking stick Yes, even if it's me I'll kick, if that's the way You'll use me (Chorus)


If You’d Only Reach Out

Dec.30, 1984

If you’d only reach out & touch Me & would call upon My name You’d find oh, sweet rest from your care & pain, as you’d never found the same If you’d only call out & receive Me, I would whisper in your ears All my wondrous, precious Words of life that would cast out all your fears If you’d only reach out & touch Me (Ch.:) And you would learn how to sing like a sparrow in spring & find a new life full of freedom Yes, you would learn how to fly like an angel, so high & you’d never come back again If you’d only reach out & touch Me If you’d just lift your heart up to heaven & would listen to My voice You’d find treasures that forever last, more than silver and all gold If you’d just open your heart & receive Me as I stand here at your door I would give you joy & such heavenly bliss as you’d never known before If you’d only reach out... (Ch.)


The Lord Himself will give you signs: The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a Son and they will call Him Immanuel For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, the government rests on His shoulders. And he will be called Immanuel Wonderful Counselor Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.


In Thy Skirts



Thousands of unborn new babies each day are legally murdered the civilized way In the name of progress, the name of advance they are stripped of each semblance of even a chance You may cry your heart out while they bleed to death Or think you're so great cause you stole their first breath In thy skirts is found the blood of the souls of the poor innocents 10.000 starvation victims a day while we carelessly throw our leftovers away We're all so clever, developed & smart We consider killing each other an art You may shrug your shoulder while they starve to death and plan which country you're going to ruin next


Is It A Sin
Is it sin to wanna share love with all men? Is it sin just because you don`t understand? Is it sin if I ask you again, is it a sin? Is it sin not to keep for myself what I`ve got? Is it sin to reach out, do I ask for a lot? Is it sin if I ask you why not?, is it a sin? Is it a sin if I act on what I do believe do you believe? Is it a sin to put feet to what we have received, to freely give? What makes you think that you`ve got nothing to win so you hold in. Is it a sin, is it a sin? So, here I stand alone against the wall of you heart & scream please collapse! Please collapse! Running all around & bang my head on the ground I scream open up! Finally open up Open up your heart ! Is it sin to wanna share love with all men ... ( first 2 verses) ... Is it sin if I asked you why not ? (3x) Is it a sin? (3x)


It’s Gonna Be Okay
(E) (As2) (C#m) (B)

(Ch.:) It’s gonna be okay. This life’s just preparation for the real thing, anyway

It’s gonna be alright. Just stay real close to Me & I’m gonna see you through the night It’s gonna be okay, your nightmares & your worries, they won’t happen anyway If you hold on tight, you’ll see the tunnel’s end will bring a bright & shining light
(A) (F#m°) (B) (As2) (E) (E) (B)

Pain’s a part of life just like sunshine & rain
Hey, don’t let that gray cloud steal your smile away No way, no way. Just listen to the Words I’ve got to say (Ch.) Hey, just thinking till it hurts won’t save the day Say, don’t you think that I could find a better way Today? Today! Let the sunshine in & let it chase your blues away
(Ch. 2x)


IT’S GOTTA BE I was (G) talkin' to the Lord about some things I'd said 'cause I (Bm7) couldn't really tell had they been good or bad Our in(Am7)tentions may so often be quite good and pure then there's (C) other times that I just wouldn't be so sure So, the Lord said, 'Honey, don't fret nor dismay, there's a simple little rule by which you've got to play And if you'll stick to it you won't go astray, What(C)ever you do, what(D)ever you say, It's gotta be (G) love. It's gotta be (Em) humble it's gotta be (C) true, kind, give peace to the troubled and sight (Am7) to the blind it's gotta set the (Bm) captives free and (C) most of all, (D) it's gotta be (G) Me So I went about my life & what life's all about and I stuck to the rule, followed that golden route Till a week or so later, must have sheer forgot and a nasty little thing to say slipped out The reaction wasn't quite what I had hoped it was And well, isn't that the way that it so often goes So I'm goin' back to Jesus, what He has to say Said "Remember what I told you just the other day?" (Ch.) So if you're some fellow who's quick with his lip Let me share this with you: don't let nothin' slip that you wouldn't want someone to have said to you and remember that Jesus gave this golden rule: (Ch.)


(Tune bass string to D) (Chorus:) (D) Jesus, (C) Jesus, (B/G)Jesus, my God (C) & my (D) Lord (D) Jesus, (C) Jesus, (B/G) Jesus, the Way (C) and the (D) Door (D) Jesus, (C) Jesus, (B/G) Jesus, the Truth (C) & the (D) Life Jesus, (C) Jesus, (B/G) Jesus, the Bread (C) & the (D) Light (D) In the beginning was the Word and the (C) Word was with God, the Word was God and the (B/G) Word was made flesh and we saw the glory of (D) Jesus (D) Neither is there another name given (C) whereby we can be saved under heaven (B/G) All knees shall bow, all tongues will give glory to (D) Jesus (Ch.) The First and the Last, Alpha & Omega, King of kings, Lion of the tribe of Judah, Glory to Him forever & ever, Jesus! The Lamb of God, slain from the foundation of the world He will rule all the nations at the right hand of the throne of the Ancient of Days, Jesus! (2nd Chorus:) Yashua, Yashua, Yashua, Yashua Messiah Yashua, Yashua, Yashua, set my heart on fire! Yashua, Yashua, Yashua, He’s gonna take you higher Yashua, Yashua, Yashua, He’s gonna teach you to fly (Bridge:) (D) He’ll come from Heaven with a shout, (C/D)He’ll teach us what life’s all about (B/G) He’s the One you can‘t do without, (Bb/G) so, let Him (A7s4) chase away your (D) doubts (D) He’s standing, knocking at your (C/D)door, tell me, what are you waiting (B/G) for? He’s got to offer so much more, (Bb/G) open your heart & (A7s4) give all your cares to... (Chorus 1 & 2)


Friend, tell Me, why, why did you betray Me? Come, seal my fate with a kiss Did your pride not let you just obey Me? You took the lies if the witch Brother, you don’t know what you’ve done, do you? Not to Me, but to your own soul You sought to save yourself, secure your own tomorrow Now that it’s done, what have you gained? For I, I will rise again, while you’ll drown in your sorrow left with your everlasting shame Go & do that which you must do quickly Name My price, what am I worth Go and take your 30 pieces of silver and cast them into the dirt Come to Me now, and ask Me the question: “What are these wounds in Your hands?” And in My tears and My pain I’ll answer: “These are the wounds of a friend.” What if a man should gain the World and lose his soul? Oh, only what’s given can be saved Now you have paid the price & thrown it all away Oh, Judas, the choices that you made


Judgment Day (Oct.2, 2006)
What is it that makes you try to avoid me? What makes you run and turn the other way? What is it that you just get so annoyed by Before there's even one word I can say? Why are you so afraid to hear me talking? And way too scared to look into my eyes? Exactly what's it you can't keep from stalking What makes you hide & put on your disguise? Oh well, that's (D) just too bad that (C) you can't stand the (G) fire Too bad that you're allergic to the heat So sad that it's the truth you don't desire but you prefer to play your game of cheats Your pitiful addiction to the darkness has made you come to fight against the light In this life's play you've fogotten what your part is no longer able to tell wrong from right One simple choice from you could well reverse this and put you back onto a better way: the childlike act of saying 'yes' to Jesus and you'll be justified on Judgement Day What good is it when one man owns the whole world and finds himself afraid to face the light No pinball wizard failed to see "game over" No day failed to be followed by the night


Junkie for Your Truth Pillars of light lead me Home to the place where everything's right that has always been wrong here No matter where I am, You're there to lead me on Hisses and squeals from the slaves of the serpent threaten me all along my way, still I'm bent on reaching my goal no matter what they say or do (Ch.:) I need another shot of You cause I'm a junkie for (Your) the truth Shelter (Keep) me from their poison flood and soak (bathe) Me in Your precious blood I need another shot of You The only Stuff that will ever do Give me more of that Spirit Juice Cause I'm a junkie, a junkie for Your truth Make me a stonewall they'll chew out their teeth on Not nudge an inch from the truth I stand upon Make me a rock in their midst, Lord, a rock like You Pitiful pleas for me finally to give in cannot divert me from Your Wine I drink in No way I live without dying each day for You Ch. Bridge: Cause with(F)out it (G) I just can't go (As2) on I (F) need Your (G) truth to keep me (F) strong (G) (Ch.)


JUST GIVE ME A CHANCE In times of (D) darkness (A/D) I will be your (Bm) light (Bm/A) In times of (G) sadness (Ds2/F#) I will be your (Em) joy (A7s4) In (A7) times of (G) struggle I (A) will be your de(F#m)liverance (Bm) In times of (Em7) weakness (A7s4) I will (A7) be your (D) strength (G) In (A) times of (D) questions (A/D) I will be your (Bm) answer (Bm/A) In times of (G) doubt I will (Ds2/F#) be faith unto (Em7) you (A7s4A7)And (G) more im(A)portant then (D) any of (G) this, I am (D) Lo(A7s4- A7)ve to (D) you (G) (A) I (D...) love you & I forgive you, I want to heal you & mend your wounds, strengthen you & renew your heart Renew your spirit, your conviction & your will to live Chorus: (D) Just (A) give Me a (Bm) chance (Bm/A) & I’ll (G) prove to you that (Ds2/F#) I still am the (Em7) Master of the (A7s4- A7) dance (G) I will set your (A) soul on fire, (D) I’ll fulfill your (G) heart’s desire If you’ll (D) just give (A7s4) Me (A7) a (D) chance (G) (A) (D...) So be not discouraged, be not disheartened Look not back & do not be remorseful Over the mistakes or sins of the past, for the past is the past ( Chorus ) Bridge: I have (Bm) covered these mistakes & sins & (F#m) that which was scarlet shall be (Em7) made (A7s4) white (A7) as (D) snow As (Bm) far as the east is (F#m) from the west, So (G) far have I re(Ds2/F#)moved your transgressions (Em7) from you (A7s4) (A7) In times of (D...) darkness I will be your light In times of sadness I will be your joy And more important then any of this, I am Love to you Yes, more important then any of this, I am Love to you ( Chorus )


Just One

April 24, 1997

Just one beat of a heart away from falling apart Just one width of a hair away from just giving up But if you hold on for one more breath You’ll find shoulders to lean on And leaning find your strength Just one beat of a heart away from finding the truth Coming so close to knowing, and yet so far The choice has always been yours Determine now what you’ll be What you will do, and, baby, who you are Just one beat of a heart between the finish and start Just one blink of an eye will make the difference Just one word from your lips, one touch or even a glimpse Can determine the course of years you’ve yet to live Just one look or a smile, an inch, a yard or a mile, Second, minute, hour, or day You can’t tell anyway Who do you think’s in control? C’mon, only God knows it all Sometimes you’re tempted to think, “Does anything matter at all?” There’s just one thing you can do and that’s let Him work through you He’ll give your life a new start With nothing you can’t do Just one beat of a heart…


Just One Day
(Intro:) You came my way, bumped into my life on just an ordinary cold November day & you came to stay `cause I think you mighty like the kind of silly games you & me would like to play 1) & I’d think you & me we’ve got Yeah, I think that you and me, we’ve got Some mighty damn good reason to stay Don’t blow away, your beauty’s like the summer wind That once taught me to bow my head & praNo calling for a taxi cab, there’s not a moment I won’t grab, a 1.000 years with you are just one day Just one day I’ll do as you say cause I found out by experience That for me there is just no other way (1 + 2) ... just one day (3x) (intro)


KING OF LOVE (Em) The streets are empty and you (Asus2) hear (Am) the wind blow (D) & whisper of forgotten (G/A) things you don't know (Em/f#)if there is something for you (Cmaj7) to be(Ds2/F#)lieve (Em/D) in (B7) if there is someone you can (C) still hold (D) on to So many years of your whole life seem wasted although of every cup of fame you've tasted but all those streams of pleasure have run dry now & leave you empty with a thirsty sigh, oh But there's a voice that whispers deep within you a voice of hope that cries, 'Let the light shine through! And let it chase all your dark clouds away & change your life into a (Em) sunny (E) day (Ch.:) Let Him (Am) in, let Him (D) in This is the (G) King of Love Who's (C) calling (B/G) (Am) Calling you to come (D) back into the (G) Country of the (Em) Free (E) Let Him (Am) in, let Him (D) in This is the (G) King of (F#/Dsus2) Love Who's (Em) calling (Am) Calling you to (D) come back to be (Gs4) free (G) So many people live in their own cages chains forged by their own hands in selfish rages Prisoners of their own desires & passions yet never really knowing satisfaction But there's a Man Who longs so hard to free them Who lived for love & died for you and me and rose again to set the captives free that we might live for all eternity (Ch.)


(Music: G.F.Haendel, original Italian lyrics: unknown, English and Spanish translation: Dave Mendoza)

Oh my sweet Lord I feel you inside Oh, Lord, the peace You give Courage envelops me When You are near God, come live in me I want to lay me down Here in the soft green grass My saving Love No, don’t leave me, Lord Please, don’t forsake me, Lord Light and life of my heart Let me hope to bask in the beating of Your heart Please, don’t forsake me, Lord O mi Señor Te siento en mi Señor, cual paz me das me envueleve el animo cuando me hablas Dios, ven, vive en mi quiero hundirme aqui dentro de Tu calor salvante Amor No me dejes, no No me dejes, Senor Luz de mi corazon Solo en tu latido puedo esperar en Ti quiero estar


Life Is Deeper You can give me your phony smile & tell me you're alright You can even tell me you're satisfied with the way you drink away your nights You can tell me your stories of how happy you once were but a look into your eyes shows me that there's a deep desire in you for something more (Chorus:) Life is deeper, much deeper than some people confess That is why they all live in such a superficial mess There is more to, much more to life than people admit It is more than playing poker, drinking beer or watching football on your tv set You can give me your party life & pretend you're living high & I congratulate you for the different one you lay almost every other night You can call it relaxation or satisfaction of some kind But if that's what you call happiness, my friend, I really must confess you're far from right (chorus) (Bridge:) But you just wonder how I can believe in the hereafter & all my pleas for you to believe are met with cynical laughter But if eternity's an ocean then this life's just a tea spoon's portion of it all, friend, can't you see? You can show off with your latest model of a BMW take me to your favorite golf club every Sunday afternoon You can treat me nice with color slides of your trips to Honolulu but fulfill that yearning, aching void inside your cold & empty heart, they'll never do (chorus)


Life's Like a River Life's like a river that is flowing endlessly ever on towards the boundless ocean of eternity Down the mountains through the valleys, passing nature scenes Or through filthy, smoky cities, till it meets its destiny Mile by mile you run your course, keep fowin' where you're bound until the journeys over & the day your goal is found A song's like a picture, some abstract & sometimes clear so, let me paint my message now for everyone to hear The truth is an arrow that can cut you to the heart deep down to the bone & marrow, it'll tear your soul apart Separates the fight from wrong & shows you where you stand until the day you face yourself & take the master's hand Speech is a mirror by the which we all can see if the one who talks is chained by pride or whether he is free the mind is a traveler, a lonesome pilgrim on his own that can meet a lot of fellows that'll tell him where to roam Mile by mile you run your course, keep goin' where you're bound until the journeys over & the day your goal is found


Life's Not A Freeway
I know what's on your mind, babe You think I'm left way behind, babe But one fine day you'll find out that despite the way it may seem, hey, life's not a freeway No need for pushin' & shovin' It's time we started some lovin' You need to get through your mind that despite the way... It's a rough & rugged mountain track that once you have started you don't dare look back I know what's clouding your mind, man, pressure from every side, Stan You've gotta learn to say 'Stop!' 'cause,... I know you're tryin' to be first, boy but turning out just a jerk, Roy I think you better slow down, for...


Listen & Live
There is a life void of worry & strife you don't have to act as though you had arrived If you pretend you'll lose in the end why don't you just reach out for the Master's hand Darling, (Chorus:) Listen & live Listen & live, Stop, look, listen & live Listen & live Listen & live, Stop, look, listen & live Empty your mind strip your soul & take time to leave all your cares & your worries behind In the quiet & calm find that soft, healing balm just lay your soul into the Lord's mighty palm as you (chorus, repeat)


LISTEN TO THE WHISPERS (capo 3rd fret) (Chorus:) Listen to the (C) whispers (G) (Am) in your (F) heart that will tell you (C) where to (Dm7) go, (Am7) listen to the (F) voice of (G) love Listen to the (C) whispers (G) deep (Am) in your (F) heart [Listen to the (C) whispers! ] (F) (C) (G) Listen to the whispers, to the Words of Love that tell you what to do 'cause they come from above You can hear the whispers if you're still enough (Listen to the whispers!) (Am7) Child, there are so (Em7) many of us just waiting, (Fmaj7) waiting for a chance to (G) speak (Am7) Child, you know, we're (Em7) here to help you you've just (Fmaj7) got to have the faith & re(Gs4)ceive (G) (Chorus) Give, give out the love, children because this is an important time Live, don't be afraid now, just be there & give it out, oh, let it shine (Bridge:) There are so (Fmaj7) many souls that might (Em7) never know His love & (Fmaj7) joy & Heaven's peace of (Em7) mind That's why (Fmaj7) you must go to share & (Em7) tell & show them the (Fmaj7) blissful life that's yet to (Gs4) find (Chorus) .....to give out, give out, give out the love .....we'll give you guidance from above


LITTLE ANGEL OF THE STREET (G-C9-G-Ds4-E/G-C9-G-Ds4-G) Little (C9) angel of the (G) street (Ds4) (Em/G) you have (C9) made my life com(G)plete (Ds4) You came with your sweet, sweet mile saying "just a wee, wee while & every(Am)thing will (C) be al(Ds4)right" Little angel of the street You put me back upon my feet You brought hope where there was none I couln't cope, you taught me, "hang on, the darkest hour's just before dawn" (Intro) (Em/G) You talked about how Christ was born to bear His cross & all their scorn to bring life to one like me Little angel of the street You were more than kind & sweet Will you tell your Lord for me since that's where you went to be that I'm ready to believe? (Em/G) Tell Him, "thanks" for sending you to this drunk & homless fool tell Him from me, "I owe you" and if He wants, He can send me, too Angel, see you (G) soon Oh, Angel I see you I'll be home someday soon thanks to you, girl, thanks to you


Lone Song
Why isn't it easier to heal the pain When you've been stripped of your pride & left standing in the rain? I wish I could help you make it through this fight I know it's rough on your own tryin' to make another night Where is all this lonely living gonna end? You feel like wanting to cry or even die, you hurt so bad Come on, turn around, I've had enough of your frown you should get out of yourself There's so much to do, there's someone waiting for you somerwhere else If you believe you'll find strength to pull right out of this hole in your mind Learn to receive from above & you'll be able to give and you'll find your love Bad when you're a loser from the start to end but if you'll give it a try you'll be back on your feet again sad when all the wounds inside don't seem to mend but there'll be waiting a prize if you hold on until the end Wrong to give up when you feel you're beat again Without a battle to fight there'll be no shiny crown to win Get up on your feet or get on out on the street & face the morning again You've got to break out, away from under that cloud you've been haunted by so long Find someone else who needs love & you won't ever be lonely again Open the shell that's surrounding your heart & just reach out your hand: There's love!


Long Time Searching (G) I’m so weak, Lord, & (C) You’re so (D) strong (G-C-D) (Em) You’re right, Lord, & (C) I’m so (D) wrong (Em-C-D) (Am) I know to You (C) I be(D)long (Am-C-D) I’ve spent a (Am) long, long, long time (C) searching to (D) find my way (G) home (C-D) You’re my light when I can’t see I was tied up, You set me free I’m Yours for eternity I’ve been a long, long, long time walkin’ just to get to You Lord, I love You to the bones I know You won’t leave me alone It’s to you I sing my song I’ve spent a long, long, long time searchin’ to find my way home Thank You for Your big, big love And the power to rise above Thank You, Lord, for AME* & for giving us the power of the keys Lord, You’re really my best Friend Thank You for holding my hand Help me up when I can’t stand You bring Your bright light in my life, You help me understand Jesus, You’re so way, way cool! You’re so wise and I’m your fool Help me, Lord, stick to Your rules I’ve been a long, long, long time waitin’ to become Your tool (1st verse) * AME: “Ask Me everything!”


Losers Turn Winners
The fake of the century's revealed now, though some are still blind and can't see, it just isn't all gold that glitters, not everything's good that is cheap. And some things can be quite expensive and bring you deep down to your knees, for those things you insisted on having, you may find out your life was the fees.

For some people life is a teacher and others won't ever perceive, too late, much too late comes the awakening, they find out they have been deceived. The mystery's past comprehension to sqare minded natural men, the harvest they'll reap is damnation, let's break loose as long as we can.

So here's to all of you captives who really believe to be free but are bound by the chains of your own bigotries, traditions, rivalry and greed. I just can't cope with all their hatred, the madness in all that I see, oh God, I beseech you to bring it to halt, this system of idolatry.

For you who may think we're the losers, for lack of material gain, may find out when we'll reach the end of the road, that the losers turn winners again, the losers turn winners again.


The line's drawn between those who're simple and blindly just treading along, and those who know just what they're doing, they'll have you all sold before long. Their plan has been kept through the ages and soon will have come to its end, the plot is complete and has rendered the whole world in the palm of their hands.

I damn all your weavings of evil, your rituals, cursing and spells, compared to the light you're just fooling around your road will just land you in hell. I pray for all those you have blinded that one day they might again see, I pray for the ones you have bound with your lies that the truth will again set them free.

And though you may think I'm a loser for lack of what you call success I'd rather be poor as a peasant than found guilty of all your excess.

Yeah, you who may think we're the losers, for lack of material gain, may find out when we're 'round the corner that the losers turned winners again, the losers turn winners again.


LOST SHEEP SONG Intro: (G/D-Em7-C/D-D7) 2x Well, (G/D) here we are a(C9)gain tonight, some (D) of the 9(G/D)9 To(Em)gether singing (C) songs again & (G) everything’s so (D) fine We (G) think we truly (C9)have arrived, so (D)safely in the (G) fold But (Em) brothers, where’s the (Em/D)Master gone out (Am7)in the bitter (D) cold? I’ve (G/D) seen it time and (C9) time again, we (D) argue & dis(G)pute A(Em)bout our different (C) views of doctrines, in(G)terpreting the (D) Truth But (G) somewhere out there (C9) in the dark, while (D) we all fuss & (G) fight There’s (Em) someone who be(Em/D)longs to us, who’s (Am7) not yet found the (D) light So, (Em) let us stop our (Em/D) arguing & (Em/C#) get together (C) now to (G) join the Master’s (D) search out there, I (C) hear Him calling (D) out: Chorus: “I’m callin’ (G) you, yes (C9) you out there (D) somewhere in the (G) dark My (Em) brother or my (Em/D) sister, oh, how(Am7)ever lost you (D) are I’m callin’ (G) you, yes (C9) you out there (D) somewhere in the (G) night & (Em) if you hear My (Em/D) voice, then follow (Am7) ‘till you reach the (D) light I (Em) know that you are (Em/D) lost out there, so (Em/C#) cold & so a(C) lone But (G) if you hear My (D) voice & follow, I (C9) know I’m gonna (D) find & take you (G/D) home” (Em7-C/D-D7) So (G) here’s to all the (C9) lost sheep who are (D) out there in the (G) dark You (Em) may not know where (Em/D) you belong but (Am7)deep inside your (D) heart You’ll (Em) hear the Master (Em/D) Shepherd’s voice like (Em/C#) echo in my (C) song & (G) if you hear His (D) voice, however (C9) small in that dark(D) night, oh little (C9-B/G) lamb: I (Am7) know He’s gonna (D) find & take you (G) home (C) (D) ( Chorus )


Lost Without You I'm lost without You & without You I just haven't got a clue Nohope without You & without You I just don't know what to do Life's all about You, You're the Essence of my being, through & through Lord I allow You to use me whichever way seems good to You I'm lost without You, You're the Essence of everything that I need Before I found You life was filled with empty selfishness & greed Revolve around You's what I want my life to do in every deed I'm so astounded by You, You're the Wine I drink, the Bread I eat I'm lost without You, You're the Light that I was so much longing for Can't live without You, Jesus, You're the stuff of which I just need more Sheer gone without You, I'm so thankful You came knocking on my door Can't breathe without You, without You life knocks me out, I hit the floor (Rep. all)


Love, Come Into My Life Love, come into my life, love, come into my heart Love, fill my soul with joy & light & never let it part, Love, come into my life, come into my heart There is a ray of hope for each lost soul There is a glimpse of light for every man There lies Salvation at the reach of every hand & by faith, it can be yours (Chorus) The greatest gift of all is yours today If you fulfill your part & ask, you'll find the way Open your heart, the light will come in all its might, in all its power (Chorus)


Love Doesn't Care What People Say I've got a feeling, an honest opinion an inner conviction to stand up for what's right For there have been times I listened to people caring too much what they'd call wrong or right Now set me free, Lord. Help me to be what You want me do be and not care what they say For I must be free, Lord. & know what I'm here for And see it through no matter what price I have to pay (Chorus :) Love doesn't care what people may say It just keeps on loving the one anyway Though thousands may try to toss you off the brink No, love doesn't carfe what people think Sometimes I doubt aand sometimes I waver struggling to bring out the words on my heart No compromise, no truth mixed with lies will ever succeed to turn darkness to light Help me to be bold now. a messenger sold out on what I'm proclaiming wherever I go So I'll be a fighter, willing as a martyr to live and do die for the truth that I know ( Chorus ) Cause if you really love someone you're afraid of losing You'll tell them the truth even though if may hurt An honest foundation makes the best relations Keep sharing your heart with the world everyday


Love Harder
(Song from the free Dave Mendoza album "Good Day to Die") (Chorus:) We've got to learn how to (Em) love better (Cmaj7) love stronger, (Bm7) love deeper, (Am7) love harder (Bm7) learn to hear (Em) much better, (Cmaj7) feel stronger (Bm7) look deeper, (Am7) try harder (Bm7) (Em) How any of us here can (Cmaj7) quite sincerely (Bm7) say that we love (Am7) others (Bm7) in the (Em) way that they are (Am7) yearning to be (Bm7) loved - a love that's (Am7) truly from a(Em)bove? Do we take time to make them see that we are here for them 'cause we renounce all lesser purposes than love because that's what God is? (Em) How any of us here can (Cmaj7) quite sincerely (Bm7) say that we know (Am7) others (Bm7) in the (Em) way that they are (Am7) yearning to be (Bm7) known, accepted as one of our own? The word "respect" means "look again" so, look and recognize your friends for who and what they truly are because... (Chorus) (Em) How any of us here can (Cmaj7) quite sincerely (Bm7) say that we are truly in the (Em) way that Jesus Christ taught us to walk? Our deeds tell more than what we say So let us all do more than talk and not just know but walk the way How many of us are distracted by the means of keeping rolling the machine? We feed our bodies, not the soul and consequently fail to know what it is that makes us all grow Oh, (Chorus)


MEET THE MAKER (G) Jesus, my husband, come and (D) save me (Em) help me to enjoy the little (C9) things Teach me (G) thankfulness, and the gift of con(D)tentment for the (Em) blessings and sweet things your life (C9) brings (G) Help me to remember time is (D) shorter than the (Em) Devil sometimes tries to make me (C9) think And that his (G) trinkets aren't really that im(D)portant and when he (Em) tempts me, help me rise up and (C9) sing: (Chorus:) Meet my (G) Genie, if you (D)can Say 'hi!' to (Em) Jesus, my ever loving (C9) husband (Em) Me, I may be less than (C9) nothing but (G) I've got an all-powerful (D)Friend Meet my (Em) Maker, if you can (C9) stand the shining (G) light of the keys of His (D) Kingdom Little (Em) me, I'm surely less than (D) nothing So, meet the (Am) Maker, (C) if you (G) can (G) Jesus, my love, save me from tempt(D)ation (Em) help me daily to make the right (C9) choice (G) Let me serve you without reser(D)vation and when I'm (Em) out there, let me be Your (C9) voice: 2x (Chorus)


MILLENNIAL SONG OF FREEDOM (tune 5th & 6th string to G) Intro: (G) (D/G) (C/G) (D/G)... (G) A thousands (D/G)years of (C/G) peace & (D/G) freedom at (G) last (D/G) (C/G) (D/G) (G) Gone are all (D/G) the (C/G) shadows (D/G) of the (G) past (D/G) (C/G) (D/G) (G) All the (D/G) children of (C/G) love now (D/G) reign with (G) Him (D/G) (C/G) (D/G) (G) as princes (D/G) & prin(C/G)cesses (D/G) of the (G) King (D/G) (C/G) (D/G) (G...) Arms of war & weapons are all banned only peace & love reign the land The Word of God is known by every man the lion laying side by side with the lamb (Chorus:) & now (G) I'm sing(D)ing, (G) you're sing(D)ing, (G) we're sing(D/G)ing a (C/G) song of (D) freedom & now (G) I'm sing(D)ing, (G) you're sing(D)ing, (G) we're sing(D/G)ing a (C/G) song of (D) freedom & (G) love (D/G) (C/G) (D/G) there is no more sorrow, fear nor pain for those who love him only joy remains The beauty of creation has been restored & every tongue has come to praise the Lord (bridge:) (Am7)They will reign as kings & priests on (Bm7°) thrones beside the King (Am7) Who will have restored the Earth to (Bm7°) everlasting spring (Am7) Rivers flowing in the deserts, (Bm7°) flowers everywhere the (Am7) laughter & the song of children (Bm7°) fill the Earth & air (Chorus)


Intro: (G- Am7-C-D) You say, (G)God is a (C)monster, dark, (G)evil and (C)sinister for al(Em)lowing a(C)trocities (Am) everyday (D) Cause how (G)could He be (C)good and how (G)could He be (C)love when He a(Em)llows hatred, (C)torture & (F)war, yousay. (D) So you (Em)call my God (C) evil, an old (Em) tough macho (Am) meanie Who's (F) teasing us (C) all in some (D) kind of play And how (Em) stupid of (C) me to still (Em) keep on be(Am)lieving... do you (F) mind if I (C) praise the Lord, (D) anyway? Do you (F) mind if I (C) praise the Lord, (G) anyway? (Am7 C D) You say we're all just victims of this ogre in heaven & to Him you just know you will never bow Cause He's bad and He hates you, He won't do things as you'd do them if you could only be Him right now So you spit out opinions about God and His minions, we're all duped, brainwashed robots you'll free, you vow from our slavery to madness our sickening gladness... do you mind if we praise the Lord, anyhow? (chorus 1:) Cause (G) what's it you've (Em) got to give? Can you (G) make one single (Em) cell live or put a (G) smile on my (Am) face when I'm (C) down & (D) out? Do you (Am) have a sol(F)ution or just (Am) more brain pol(F)lution Is there (C) truth or con(F)fusion in the (D) things you shout? Can you (G) brighten my (Em) day with the (G) words that you (Em) say can you (Am) keep all those (F) ghosts haunting (D) you at bay? Well, if (F) not, could you (C) please, and Sir, (F) ever so (C) kindly, hum(F)anely, be(C)nignly give (D) me a break? And would you (C) mind if I (Am) praise the Lord (G) anyway? (Am C D) Let me (G) tell you a (C) secret: all the (G) things we call (C) evil and (Em) bad may look (C) different to (Am) us someday (D) When we've (G) learned that those (C) very things we (G) loathed made the (C)difference and our (Em) sufferings were (C) only the (F) price we paid (D) for a (Em) heart soft & (C) golden, melted (Em) broken & (Am) molded by the (F) treatment the (C) Potter ap(D)plies to clay And I'm (Em) quite sure, my (C) friend, when we'll (Em) see in the (Am)end the re(F)sult of what (C) you cannot (D) see today I bet (C) you're gonna (Am) praise the Lord (G) anyway (Am7-C-D) (Chorus2:) Though (G) you had no(Em)thing to give, (G) yet His love (Em) made you live, put a (G) smile on your (Am) face when you're (C) down & (D) out He will (Am) give you so(F)lutions for that (Am) old brain pol(F)lution truth in (C) place of con(F)fusion, trust in (D) place of doubts He will (G) brighten your (Em) day with just (G) one Word He'll (Em) say and you'll (Am) finally ac(F)knowledge the (D) price He paid on the (F) cross on that (C) day when the (F) sky turned to (C) grey and He (F) looked at you, (C) heard every (D) word you say and said, (C) "Darling, I (Am) died for you, (G) anyway!" (Am C D)


More Than A Friend (25/7/04) Come into the house of my heart, dear Lord I need help cleaning up, scrubbing walls and the floors I promise You won't find any "do not disturb" signs You're so much more than welcome any old time Come into the room of my heart, my Lord All I want You to find, is a wide open door If the place is a mess, Lord, excuse me for this do You have a prescription against sloppiness? Come into the home of my heat, my One You're simply tops when it comes to really having fun Feel free to throw out anything You think is no good I trust & know You know best, Lord, that's understood (Br.:) (C) There were times I (Ds4) felt I had to (G) hide what I had (Em) deep inside & thought the darkness wasn't all that bad, was blinded by Your light But now I know there's nothing greater than Your love, and nothing sadder than (Am7) someone thinking (B/G) they know better, who'll let (C) pride run with their (Ds4) lives (Rep. Verses 1-3, swap 2nd half of verse 2 for:) Come on in & let there be just You & me I'll lock up the door & hand You the key Come into the bed of my heart, dear Lord Take my life, take my all, I just wanna be Yours And although there are those who won't understand You can love me, alright, cause You're much more than a friend


MOUNTAIN Let's (G) go, My friend, climb that mountain with Me we're gonna (F) sing & dance for e(C)ternity This trail we're on may be quite rough & steep but as you start to walk, I'll give you all that you need: (A#s2) Strength to (F) climb when you feel (C) weak (G) And the faith to make it up to that golden (A) peak (D-C-G…) Come on, My friend, climb this mountain with Me, this is the mountain which before you couldn't see when you were so distracted by comfort & ease that you forgot to show people the way to be free Now you know you're going somewhere Step by step toward that crown up there


My Farewell

( Hello Heaven)

Hello Heaven, good-bye, Earth It’s been a good time, could have been worse Don’t shed a tear, friends, if I must go into that Light much brighter than anything we’ve known We’ve had our good times & hard times, too But be assured that Someone’s got a clue Don’t weep my children, at least not for me But if you must, weep for the darkness you’ll still see For men love darkness more than the light & that’s the reason there’s so much more wrong than right So, this is my farewell, though the time I may not know I’ll hear the tolling of the bell, just let me be prepared to go Not be attached to nor cling to treasures Pertaining to this world, I want to fly & just let go So, hello Heaven, good-bye, Earth


My Hiding Place My hiding place where no one goes, that's where I wait for them to know that neither power, luck nor gain determine who will truly reign My hiding place where this is heard: "In the beginning was the Word" where neither day reigns nor the night, but only Your eternal light my hiding place My hiding place, where there's no room for wealth nor money to consume but only love there reigns supreme, and shines on me its golden beam My hiding place, that's where you'll find the One Who rules my heart and mind So vast and great and yet so close, my every thought and dream He knows My hiding place My hiding place, that secret spot Your Holy Book has spoken of where shepherd king David of old found refuge from the bitter cold For he who dwells beneath Your wings will stand when all else around sinks and they who find comfort in You know they've a Helper strong & true, my Hiding Place My hiding place, that's where you'll find me leaving this old world behind a place of peace within the storm, You are my Rock, Safety and Warmth You are the hand that shelters me, the only One Who sets me free I can't get nothing out of life unless there's You for me to hide, My Hiding Place


My Melody You say you know me by the way I walk categorize me by the way I talk I'm just a gypsy beggar you can mock & that's alright with me You judge me by the way I sing my song & whisper to your friend, that note was wrong She answers, and his nose is much too long! What kind of freak is he? (Chorus:) But I Just sing you my melody a love song that could set your spirit free And even though perhaps you don't like me just one or two minutes, couldn't you listen? Cause I don't wanna be the star of the show I just want one thing & that's let you know that there's Someone above you who loves you more than you know You say attention's what he's looking for Or, he's just after money, & that's all Why don't you tell him to get on the ball & go to work like we? And all the while you try to analyse how could you ever even realize that in my song a secret message lies how could you ever see? (Chorus)


My Only Hope

(July 6, 2008)

As we're (Am) faced with the challenge to rise above The (G) pain inflicted on us by the ones we love The (F) lessons I glean lead me to conclude: My (Dm) on(Am)ly (F) hope's (Gsus4) in (Am) You Since it's hopeless trying to figure out (G) what it is we all get so annoyed about the (F) one thing that sticks out beyond a doubt is true: My (Dm)on(Am)ly (F) hope's (Gsus4) in (C) You in (Gs4) You Lord, my (Dm) on(Am)ly (F) hope's in (Gsus4) You It can be (Am) fatal to assume that flesh and blood can do the (G) one thing that has been reserved for Someone Who knows (F) all about our bugs and Who can fix'em, too Our only hope's in You Yet sometimes we expect of others more than (G) what they presently are eligible for we (F) press them into molds carefully construed when our only hope's in (C) You in (Gs4) You Lord, our (Dm) on(Am)ly (F) hope's in (Gsus4) You So (F) break our idols, (Am7) put a stop to (Dm7) our delusion, (C) wake us up The only One it pays to put our eyes upon is (Gs4) You The world doesn't need another pair of feet of clay But Someone Who'll assure us that we'll be okay I made up my mind, Jesus, it's You I choose My (Dm) on(Am)ly (F) hope's (Gsus4) in (Am) You Before I lose another bet I placed on someone else's promises or pretty face I'll stick to the solution that has proven true: My (Dm)on(Am)ly (F) hope's (Gsus4) in (C) You in (Gs4) You Lord, my (Dm) on(Am)ly (F) hope's in (Gsus4) You In (Am) You, in (Gs4) You Lord, my (Dm) on(Am)ly (F) hope's in (Gsus4) You As we're (Am) faced with the challenge to rise above The (G) pain inflicted on us by the ones we love The (F) lessons I glean lead me to conclude... (Dm) (Am) (F) (Gsus4) (C)


Intro: (G) (Dsus4/B) (C9/D) (Dsus) (G) Once I was (Dsus4/B) searching a (C9/D) reason to (Dsus) live (G) Once I was (Dsus4/B) thirsting had (C9/D) not much to (Dsus) give (Em) Now (Dsus2/F#) I have (G) found (C9) solid (Am7) ground (B/G) I found (C) every(Dsus)thing in (Em) You, (Dsus2/F#) You 're the (G) strength (C9) of my (Am7) life (B/G) made ev(C)erything (Dsus) right (Chorus:) You're my (G) Rock (D) You're my (C9) fortress (D) You're the (G) reason (Dsus4/B) that I (C9/D) live (Dsus4) You're my (G) joy, (D) my Sal(C9)vation (D) You're (G) all I've (Dsus4/B) got to (C9/D) give (Dsus4) You're my (G) Rock, (D) You're my (C9) fortress (D) You're my (G) strength, You (Dsus4/B) are my (C9/D) light (Dsus4) You're my (G)joy, (D) my Sal(C9)vation (D) you make (G) every(Dsus4/B)thing al(C9/D)right You're my (Dsus4) song in the deepest (G) night (intro) (G) Now I am (Dsus4/B) breathing, (C9/D) now I'm a(Dsus)live (G) I found the (Dsus4/B) reason, the (C9/D) fountain of (Dsus) life (Em) Now (Dsus2/F#) I have (G) found (C9) solid (Am7) ground (B/G) I found (C) every(Dsus)thing in (Em) You, (Dsus2/F#) You 're the (G) strength (C9) of my (Am7) life (B/G) made ev(C)erything (Dsus) right (Chorus)


NAME OF THE POWER OF THE KEYS Intro: (C-G-D-A) 4x (Chorus:) In the (Em) name of the power, the power of the keys name of the power, the power of the keys (Asus2) name of the power, the power of the keys (Em) name of the power, the power of the keys We’re gonna (G) bring that (D)old, damn (Asus2) lizard down to his (Em) knees 1.) In the (Em) name of the keys of the Kingdom We‘re gonna (D) bring Satan to his (Em) knees We‘ll rise a(D)bove things we used to (Asus2) call impossibili(Em)ties 2.) With the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven We‘re gonna open up any door Yes, we shall wield greater strength & power than any man before (Refrain:) So, let’s (C) all claim the (G) power, the (D) power of the (A) keys Yes, we’ll (C) stand in the (G) power, the (D) power of the (A) keys Yeah, let‘s (C) call on the (G) power, the (D) power of the (A) keys of the (Em) Kingdom (Chorus) 3.) With the power of the keys of the Kingdom The word “can`t“ has no meaning to you There‘s no limit to what can be achieved & understood 4.) If you call on the keys of the Kingdom There’ll be a new way in wich you’ll see For there’ll be light on your path and no more lying vanities (Refrain) (Chorus) (add:) We’ll rise a(G)bove things we (D)used to (Asus2) call impossibli(Em)ties (Asus2) (Em) And there‘ll be (G)light on your (D) path & (Asus2) no more lying vani(Em)ties (Asus2) (Em) We‘re gonna (G) bring that (D) old, damn (Asus2) lizard down to his (Em) knees. (Asus2) (Em)


Never Quit No, I'm not giving in, I'll keep hanging on I'm not giving up, never gonna stop No, I, I refuse to quit, I'm destined to go on I may not be that strong but I carry on Never quit! Do you sometimes feel as if nobody cares no one shares the burdens that you bear? Do you sometimes wonder "Is anybody there?" Well I can relate if that's how you feel I know it's real but I assure you, it's no big deal Cause when temptation bids me to give in, saying, "You can't win" and when the Enemy is closing in, I just grin and answer, (Ch.) Do you sometimes feel as though your life's a mess the more you give, they all could not care less? Do you sometimes wonder where's the point in this? Well, I've been there, too, it ain't somethin' new Whatever you do, grit your teeth and follow through And when temptation bids you to give in, saying "You can't win" and when the Enemy is closing in, show him your grin and answer


New Beginning
(Song from the free Dave Mendoza album “The King’s Return”) Look at the signs of the (Dm) times: (G) hunger, war, disease and (C) crime (Am) Blinded guides leading the blind mistaking darkness for the light It's getting late, it's comin' our way Don't hesitate to help God set things straight Change is rolling in, so let's open the gate (Ch.:) Yes, the (C) End's coming (G) soon and with it (F) a new be(C)ginning with it (F) a new be(C)ginning: God's new (Am) Kingdom and (G) rule Yes, the (C) End's coming (G) soon and with it (F) a new be(C)ginning with it (F) a new be(C)ginning: God's new (G) Kingdom and (C) rule Yes, the Peace Train will arrive after mankind's darkest night Knowing the Author of Life We will finally see the light You can be free if you want to be But there's no one so blind as those who refuse to see Love is coming in, coming for you and me (Ch.) (Rep. Ch. in D-A-G-D-G-D-Bm-A D-A-G-D-G-D- A – D)


No Friggin’ Way (Nov.23, 2006)
Would I trade my faith for your deluded ways of hatred? No friggin’ way, dude! No friggin’ way, dude! Sell my life of freedom for a fake steak in the Matrix? No friggin’ way, dude! No friggin’ way! You can tell me all you want how life evolved in ancient swamps Repeat your mantras ‘til you almost fall for them yourselves Still I won’t believe a word of all your expert schemes I’ve heard enough of all of that so put your book back in the shelf Am I gonna bow down to your idol on the mount? No friggin’ way, dude! No friggin’ way, dude! Take your mark into my head or hand for a discount? No friggin’ way, dude! No friggin’ way! Maybe I won’t be as brave then as I feel right now But I know my God’s gonna save me from your clutches anyhow You can tell me to behave, but I still think you’re so depraved Although your outside’s shiny like a golden polished cow Am I gonna fall for you when all the others will do? No friggin’ way, dude! No friggin’ way, dude! Cause in my heart there burns a flame that’s gonna put your pride to shame, A flame that’s even older than the fallen likes of you In my soul there glows a name that signifies the end of your game Satan, in the name of Jesus, I defy you (solo) Do you really think you stand a chance against the Master of the dance? No friggin’ way, dude! No friggin’ way, dude! No friggin’ way, dude! No friggin’ way!


No One Else (Chorus:) Lord, there is non one else like You No one as marvelous as You No one as beautiful, wonderful, magnificent as You Jesus, You thrill me through & through There's nothing I can't do with You Jesus, You lift me up, raise me up, as you fill me up with You (C) Everyday the sun greets me, the first thing on my mind is (G) You My (C) first responsibility and (Am7) number one priority is You I can do (Em) nothing without (C) You, cause there's... (Ch.) I give my plans up willingly, without You, I'm just silly me, it's true Without Your re-directions, Lord, without Your sweet affection: no clue! Lord, I haven't got a clue (Ch.)

No Place To The Snakes! Give no place to the snakes, awake, for Christ's sake! Their lies & their hate just don't cut the cake They've been blinded like fools, they're the Devil's own tools They are suckers for Pan & his motto, "Crap rules!" Can't you see that their intention's to drag you to the pit? Make you despise all that's good & forget about it They won't stop until you cop out & become one of them, join the club of those all heaven calls a crying shame They're despisers of their birthright, they just toss it away for a cheap mess of pottage that's seen better days! 'No place to the snakes!' is our motto today Don't let any cheap excuses steal your crown away! What it all boils down to & on what it all depends is: Are you standing on the Rock or where DO you stand? Is it Jesus & His Word or the System of man that your faith is built upon? Rock or shifting sand? No place to the snakes, nor the Evil one if you listen to him, you're gonna come undone! he's scared out of his wits of what you're going to be: The Lord's Endtime power-houses, making history! No one is strong enough to stand on their own, without the Word, that standard in your life you will be blown about with every wind of every doctrine, every silly act cause faith is built by faithful study of the Word & that's fact! No place to the Devil, not at any time or level! If your suffer with us now, you're gonna reign forever But if you choose to reign now, you'll lose, so beware of the leaven of the Scribes & the Pharisees' share (1st verse)


(Tune bass string to D) At last (Dsus2)all my visions have come true and now I am living just for you The (D)songs that I’m (Dsus4) singing, I’m (Dsus2) singing for (D) You & (D) inside my (D4) head there’s (Dsus2) nothing but You The past is forgiven – all things new my life - it is hidden just in You The (D) sum of the (Dsus4) lessons I’m (Dsus2) learning is (D) You & (D) when it comes (Dsus4) down I’ve got (Dsus2) nothing but You Chorus: (D/F) When it comes down to it, You are my Everything (D/G) nothing & no one to really re(A4)ly on but (D- Dsus4- Dsus2- D)You (G) Hey, (A) hey, nothing but (D- Dsus4- Dsus2- D)You The mess I was living touched by You is just the beginning of love so true I’m a hole that’s waiting to be filled up by You & all that I yearn for is nothing but You


Now is the moment to touch and to feel You Now is the time to let You live in me Now to experience Your total realness Now I can know, I may trust, I must be Now You're as real as You ever will be Now I can taste You & know I'm alive Now I can tell You're always right here with me Now is the place in time I finally realize (Ch.:) Now & forever You're Power to heal us Now You're the Essence of all that we need Now we are clean through the Words that You give us Now we can be just as free as we'll ever be Now is the moment I want to live in You Now is as good a time as can ever be Now's the time to finally let go and let You Now You are here, so it's perfect enough for me Now - one more moment in service to my King Now's where the past and the future unite Now and each day I know You're Everything Happiness, comfort, bliss, love, warmth and power and light (Ch.) Now we can be just as free as we'll ever be


ON GUARD (G) Now is the (Am) hour to (bm) fight for the (C) Kingdom & (G) lay aside (Am) personal (bm) trials(C Am) Now is the time to unite for the Lord & forsake our worldly desires (C) We're all respon(D)sible (G) for gain or (Em) loss, (C) we must win (D)the victory (G)! (G7) Do what each one can do, forget your problems, too, (C) now is the (Am) hour to (Dsus4-D) be: (Chorus:) On (G) guard! We (Am)have to be (bm) sober & (C) watchful On (G) guard, lift (Am) the standard (bm/A) higher (Am) On guard! Lest the fiery darts of the foe should set our walls of union on fire On guard! United we stand, but divided we'll fall, let's keep wining, fighters! (C) Firm in the (D) victory, strong in the faith, holding on to the promises He's given us (G7) Bold in the power of God, wielding his Spirit's sword yielding our all to the Lord Now is the hour to stand in the gap & hold on to the calling before us Now is the time to step forward for God & to fight like true faithful soldiers All things are possible if we believe, we have been destined to win Put the whole armor on, we won't surrender, no, let us stay faithful and sing: (Chorus) Come, let's all lay aside foolishness, shallowness, worldliness, selfishness, self-pity & pride No time for nursing wounds, we must keep fighting on & in our calling abide side by side (modulation to A) (Chorus in A)


Intro: (Am-C-D- Am-C-G-) (Am) So many (C) people today I see (D) livin’ a lie (Am) for all their (C) riches & things that can (G)never satisfy (Am) I don’t wanna (C) live no more for your (D) money god alone (Am) no longer (C) for myself, no longer (G) want to live alone I don’t wanna live no more for an image so unreal for all your idols & drugs, oh, no, I’m searchin to be free Yes, I’m lookin’ for freedom & wanna see the land Yeah, I wanna hear the truth & I want to understand I wanna be lovin’ & I wanna learn how to live no longer just for myself, want you to teach me how to give I found the answer in Jesus Christ He died for me & you & bled to give eternal life Yes, the way is Jesus & he’s knockin` at your heart Open the door, let Him in & He`ll never no, He won’t ever depart Yes, only Jesus, only He can satisfy Only Jesus is ever gonna take you way up high He came & lived for love & died for love alone that you might never die but could live forever on He really loves you & even when it all goes wrong He’ll never leave you but He will love you on & on ....


Only You (Aug.11, 2009)
(D) Only You can give (A) meaning to life (Em) Only You can make (G) all wrongs turn (A) right Only You truly can satisfy every deepest yearning, answer every "Why?" (G)On(Bm)ly (A)You, only You Only You can turn darkness to light and bring peace to every man and woman and child Only You know the answer because You're the first and the last of all that is and was Only You, only You (Ch.:) Only (D) You managed to make (A) happiness mine when all (Em) else had failed to (G) make me feel (A) fine Only You have truly always been there Never once let me down or failed to show that You care Only You, only You Only You are the Love of my life cause no one else knows who I really am deep inside Only You've got that place in my soul One You're the key that fits in that God-shaped hole Only You, only You (Ch.:)


Gimme some passion, gimme some wildfire gimme that crazy, crazy lovin', gimme some life, yeah Gimme those wild hours of intense emotion Gimme some heat, oh just a few moments of total devotion What makes you think that I don't deserve it? If love is our God, we might as well show it, might as well serve Him Love is a power, much more than a sermon It's something you live with every beat of your heart stop acting so German! (Chorus) Gimme some thunder, gimme some lightning Gimme the one thing I just can't resist, let's make life exciting There's Someone waiting now, He wants to show you how to turn your life from a desert into a crystal blue ocean


Perfect God
I woke up this morning & once again I looked at the state that my life is in Beginning to wonder if it’s right Is this really the way that things should be Or have I failed God or’s He failing me? Then I hear His voice, “Not in your life!” (Chorus:) I don’t have a perfect life, I’m no perfect husband to my wife But I have a perfect God I don’t have a perfect house & man, you should see the car I drive but I have a perfect God And He’s all I need & all you need, too With Him there is nothing that we can’t do & know everything’s alright Cause His perfect care cares for me & you & His perfect strength will make all things new & love us, imperfect as we are Cause what greater love can a great God do Than give His own Son for both, me & you To show us that we’ve got a perfect God So I walk through my day & once again It’s me and my Savior holding my hand & I’m thinking, “Gosh, what a life!” For I can see beauty in everything & meaning & sense where before there’s been barely the hint of a glimpse of light (Chorus, last half twice)


Perfect People
Anyone can love perfect people perfect people are so easy to love if ever such a thing there was as perfect people give me perfect people, they're so easy to love Everybody wants to have perfect people, perfect people are so easy to have around you've got a reason to laugh with perfect people yes only perfect people that's what I want to have Everybody wants to be like perfect people Yes, perfect people will just do right for me just like the ones on TV, such perfect people cause with perfect people, that's what I'll be Life can be a lonely place full of perfect people those perfect people are so tiring to chase perfect bodies, perfect face, such perfect people less than perfect people belong in outer space


Popularity (July 31 2009 - translated & adapted from German original) People are asking me, "Hey, where's your money, dude? Are you nuts? You can't just live the way it pleases you!" But they don't understand that I can't live that way: another cog in the machine, same old rut every day They say, "How come he doesn't want to play our game? Are you a coward, or a weakling, are you not ashamed?" But I just know that your game ain't the one that's meant for me, your hunt for entertainment, cash and popularity (Chorus:) Come, oh come, heavenly One Come shine on us like the sun (2x) Popularity is not the thing for me because the One for Whom I live was nailed onto a tree He wasn't popular, He was no superstar That was a lie cooked up by someone that's gone way too far My Lord was persecuted, executed like a thief So to think they'd make me famous would be quite naive As long as I am truly servant of God's Son this world and I are never gonna be as one I'm only here to say how much you're being loved No matter how often you turn your back on God There is no greater beauty than His glorious light: Jesus the Son Who brightens up my darkest night (Chorus 2x) (Rep. last 2 verses) (Chorus)


(Chorus:) (G) Praise, (A7sus4/G) praise, (B/G) praise is the (C9/D) weapon that’ll (Dsus4) blow that old (C9/D) Devil right in(Em7/G)to Outer (Dsus4/F#) Space (G) Praise, (A7sus4/G) praise, (B/G) praise when the (C9/D) battles’s gettin‘ (Dsus4) hot, gettin‘(C9/D) heavy & you’ll (Em7/G) sure find some (Dsus4/F#) grace So, (G) praise, (A7sus4/G) praise, (B/G) praise Him (Me) every(C9/D)day when you (Dsus4) feel like it & (C9/D) when you don’t, just (Em7/G) sing the clouds a(Dsus4/F#)way Just (G) praise, (A7sus4/G) praise (B/G) praise any(C9/D)way, ‘cause, my (Dsus4) brother, to be (C9/D) happy‘s that the (Em7/G) only price (Dsus4/F#) you must (G)pay (-A7sus4/G- B/G- C9/DDsus4- C9/D- Em7/G- Dsus4/F#-) (G) I woke up this (A7sus4/G) morning with a (B/G) cloud around my (C9/D) head wishin’ (G) that the day was (A7sus4/G) over, nearly (B/G) wishin‘ I was (C9/D) dead That’s (G) when His voice came (A7sus4/G) to me & my (B/G) Everything, He (C9/D) said, “Would you (Em7/G) like to (Dsus4/F#)know the way?“ I (G) answered, “Lord, You (Dsus4/) bet!” He said,... (Chorus) Later through the day that counsel must hace slipped my mind there were many bills to pay & there was nothing I could find Till an angel tipped my shoulder & asked, “Brother, are you blind? You’re sitting on a heap of blessings, please let me remind you:” (Chorus) Finally, in the evening the ole punk came ‘round again He said, “Man, you’re such a loser, you’re so stinkin’ full of sin!” I said, “Wait a second, Buster, just let me load this here gun!” & I blast him double barrel, I still watch him scream & run as I... (Chorus) (add:) (G) Praise Him for my (A7sus4/G) troubles, praise Him (B/G) for my trials & (C9/D) battles Praise Him, (Dsus4) everyday gets (C9/D) better than the (Em7/G) day it all be(Dsus4/F#)gan (G) Praise Him for my (A7sus4/G) weakness, for His (B/G) strength & joy & (C9/D) meekness Praise Him (Dsus4) when the day be(C9/D)gins & praise Him (Em7/G) when the day is (Dsus4/F#) done (G) Praise Him in the (A7sus4/G) morning, when you (B/G) first appear be(C9/D)fore Him Praise Him (Dsus4) noon-time, evening, (C9/D) night-time, let His (Em7/G) praise become your (Dsus4/F#) song (G) Praise Him for the (A7sus4/G) way He made you, (B/G) praise Him, through Him (C9/D) God forgave you (Dsus4) Praise Him all your (C9/D) life long, praise Him (Em7/G) every night & (Dsus4/F#) every (G) day (-A7sus4/G- B/G- C9/DDsus4- C9/D- Em7/G- Dsus4/F#-)


PRAISE SONG Intro: (E- As2 – E)
(E) Praise Him - (As2 – E) in all things, with every breath (Bs2°)you (E)breathe (E) Praise Him - (As2 – E) with every thought you think, with every word (Ds2) you (E)speak (E) Praise Him -(As2 – E) for He gives you vic(Bs2°)to(E)ry (E) Praise Him - (As2 – E) for delivering you from your en(Ds2)em(E)ies (E) Praise Him -(As2 – E) for He is a right(Bs2°)eous (E) Ruler (E) Praise Him - (As2 – E) for His judgements are righteous (Ds2) & (E) true (E) Praise Him -(As2 – E) for choosing and (Bs2°) rescuing (E) you (E) Praise Him -(As2 – E) for taking you in, for lo(Ds2)ving (E) you (E) Praise Him - (As2 – E)for His strength made perfect in (Bs2°) your (E) weakness (E) Praise Him -(As2 – E) for His constant vi(Ds2)gi(E)lance (E)...Praise Him - praise the Lord for His supply Praise Him - for guiding and leading the way Praise Him - for always being there for you Praise Him - for His angels watching over you Praise Him - and thank Him for His protection Praise Him - praise Him for His revelations Praise Him - for His awesome works & power Praise Him - that you can call Him any hour Praise Him - that at His name every knee must bow Praise Him - that the devils tremble in the wake of His shadow Praise Him - sing His praise continually Praise Him - praise Him for His strategy Praise Him - that for you there's no standing still Praise Him - through you others will come to know Him Praise Him - for trusting you to feed His sheep Praise Him - for the power to fulfill your destiny Praise Him - praise Him for His awesomeness Praise Him - for the power to overcome all obstacles Praise Him - praise our Jesus for His love Praise Him - for giving you the power to rise above


PRICE HE PAID (Jan06) (Em/f#-Cmaj7-Dsus2-As2...) (Em/f#) He (Cmaj7) was a (Ds2) Man of (As2) many (Em/f#) sor(Cmaj7)rows (Ds2-As2) And a Man acquainted with grief But the Lord cast all our transgressions on Him And by His stripes we are healed (Cmaj7) And (Em)by (Ds2) His stripes (As2) we are (3x) (Em/f#) healed (Cmaj7-Dsus2-As2...) As we partake here of His body remembering the sacrifice He made we become one, even His body Let us remember the price He paid (Cmaj7) Let us remember the price He, let us remember the price Let us remember the price He paid (Chorus:) (Em/f#) Let (Cmaj7) us re(Ds2)member the (As2) price He Let us remember the price Let us remember the price He paid He paid He was despised of men, rejected we turned our faces away from Him Surely He's borne our griefs & sorrows wounded for us & for our sins (Cmaj7) Wounded for us & for our (3x) (Em/f#) sins All we like sheep have gone astray, yeah Everyone turned to his own way He was oppressed, He was afflicted yet there was nothing He would say So, (Cmaj7) Let us remember the price He, let us remember the price Let us remember the price He paid (Chorus 2x)


Real Thing (or: The Drugstore / or: Endtime Underground)
Come on in & strip your soul bare, my friend What do you stand to lose but your sins? And what you stand to gain is all things instead all things you've only dared to dream We may seem nothing but a weird bunch, but then: Open your eyes & look again & what you'll se is called the REAL THING, my friend God's chosen prophets of the End (Chorus: We're the real thing, my friend, this is it, come on in God's wild, stark naked Underground If it's real things you want, it's the real thing you'll get your search is over, you've been found Bring your children, your friends & start living again bring anyone you care about If all that you've know is just another dead end Just make your choice for steppin' out & join God's Endtime Underground Come on in, this is the Drugstore, my friend a place of which our prophets dreamed we just get high on the truth we found in Jesus, our Man Get ready, soon He'll come again To wipe out Satan's reign of evil & sin Our tribulation's gonna end All we can offer you's our love, life & Him open your heart, let Him in (2nd Chorus:) He's the Real Thing... Receive Jesus & then you will be born again tell everyone you care about (3rd Ch.:) ... We're His children, His friends, we're His bride of the End We're everything life's all about With Him in your heart there'll be new life without end Just make your choice, receive Him now


RELAX Re(E)lax, you didn't miss (C#m) anything it's not like the (A) place you've been was cut off from (B) everything Relax, you're right where you're meant to be even if that's not what you see you've just got to have trust in Me Every(G#m7)body else seems to have so much (F#m7) more fun than you do And you (A) tend to feel as maybe I've for(E)gotten about (B) you But the place I chose for you is one where I can draw you close to Me And if (A) you would only let Me show you, (B) you would clearly see: (Ch.) Some other place than this, you think, it all would be alright It wouldn't be such a fight & there's be no more lonely nights But right here is where I've ordained to be the place for you to come that I am all you ever needed, all you could ever dream & want (Br.:) (As2) Let go & let (B) Me Be all you want to see And I guarantee That (F#m7) you'll be happy in the end for (As2) having trusted (B) in My hand (Ch.)


Rise Above (English Version of “Steig’ hinauf”) Proclaim it now with all your might: Under a bushel’s no place for the light Open the door and let it out What you receive is what you must shout You’re not alive just to stay alive No, that’s not what life’s all about The choice is yours: high or be low Make up your mind & let us know The higher path’s the one you are called to walk All others lead where you won’t go No man lives just to himself alone No, brother, that just isn’t so (Chorus:) Don’t allow to remain unfound all that’s yours yet to retrieve You were born to walk higher ground, life is yours, if you believe Pay no mind to “it can’t be done” nor to those who push & shove Mountain peeks are your destiny, do what you must do for love: Rise above! Down in the valley they start to scream Because you’re ruining their scheme “Hey, that’s no way, get yourself back down here! Take your place in the machine!” Don’t listen to them, their Titanic is sinking Don’t let them rob you of your dream (Chorus twice)


Roses or Daggers Turn off this way I feel, your thoughts and words are real Are your words roses you pass on or knives & daggers made of steel? Will your cutting remarks just leave a host of scars Or will your words blind up & heal the broken hearts along your path? (Chorus:) Choose now which way to walk Be mindful when you talk & careful with your choice words //: will they be blessing or a curse :\\ (2x) will they be blessings? Society today teaches us wicked ways You turn your television on & your home’s flooded with decay Chase out these evil birds that utter hateful words Lest you be one more casually & yictim of the prince of dirt (Chorus 2x)


Run To My Arms

Nov.17 2004

Run to My arms, I will hold you so close, I will keep you from harm Run to My arms, you won’t need any clothes, here you’ll be safe and warm Run to My arms, baby run like the wind, run as fast as you can Run to my arms, baby, run to My arms again (G*) I have heard you in the garden, (F#/D*) searching for Me You came with (Em*) pain as you saw you were not as (D*) I would have you be I’m calling you to cast aside your garments and your robes I long for nothing but to feel your skin, feel you so close So, run to my arms, remove these silky gowns, let your hair blow wild in the wind Run to My arms, strip off these things which hide the warmth of your body from My skin Run to My arms, let nothing come between us so that only you remain Run to My arms, baby, run to My arms again I wish only only to touch you & I care not what they say Come to me now, my bride, my love, let nothing cause delay Let your heart pound out each step that brings you close to Me Your steps be swift, your thoughts be of none other, let Me be all you see (Rep. Ch.1)


Sacred Ground St. Teresa, pray for me that I might make it back some day That I might get my feet of clay back on sacred ground Hey, St. Martin, pray for me that one good day I, too, might see That in no other thing but love is real happiness found You know I do believe but I don` t always put feet to it , I need a little help from all you guys up there in Heaven, ginme sacred ground (Put my feet back on sacred ground!) Hey, St. Peter, pray for me just like Jesus once did for thee When the old serpent thought that he might sift you like wheat You know we all get weak but if we`ll ask we`ll receive That` s why I need a little help from all you guys up there... (Chorus:) Put my feet back on sacred ground (Bridge:) Send someone down here to me to take me by the hand Help this feeble mind of mine to finally understand, hey, hey ... (1st verse + Bridge) (Chorus 4x)


Salvation Rap
In the Beginning was the Word, was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God And the Word was made flesh (was made flesh) and lived among us He came unto His own and His own received Him not (Ch.:) But as many as received, as received, as received Him to them gave He power to become the sons of God even to them that believe, that believe (believe) on His name to them gave He power to become the sons of God You see, He's standing at the door of your heart, of your heart now, knocking, waiting for you to let Him in You see that all you've got to do is open up your heart now And just ask Him, receive him, ask Jesus to come in (Ch.) You see, we've all been sinners, we've all made mistakes and that's why God sent His Son that through His death we might be saved Because God loved everyone in the world so much, He gave His one and only Son so that through faith in Him we could be saved (Ch.) You can't work for it (work for it) because it is a gift And He won't take it back from you (back from you) because it is a gift you can't work for it, pay for it, earn it, it's a gift you can't be good enough nor too bad, can't deserve it, it's a gift (Ch.) For by grace are you saved through faith - not of yourselves it is a gift of God and not of works - not of yourselves for the wages of sin is death - not of yourselves But the gift of God is eternal - eternal - eternal - eternal life But the gift of God is eternal - eternal - eternal life through Jesus Christ (Ch.) Just pray this pray & repeat after me and say, "Jesus, come into my heart! Forgive all my sins, give me eternal life, I believe You are the Son of God..." (Ch.)


There's a storm on the horizon, many will drown in the flood But it's in your hand to save them: don't be guilty of their blood Son of man, I made you a watchman to warn the wicked of their doom But if you fail to give them warning I’ll require their blood from you Can’t you hear their call, can’t you hear them, too? Their spirits are crying out to you: “Won’t you hear our call, won’t you save our souls? Won’t you come & do all you can do? (Chorus:) Save our souls! Save our souls! Save our souls from the grind of the old! Save our souls! Save our souls! Save our souls from the darkness & cold, Save our souls!” This Titanic’s slowly sinking, sinking to an icy ground Don’t waste precious time just thinking; seek the lost & those who will be found For there are those who still remember there’s more to life than vain success And they are reaching out their hands now, won’t you save them Won’t you save them from this mess? (Chorus) Can’t you hear their calls, can’t you hear them, too? Their spirits are crying out to you: “Won’t you hear our call, won’t you hear our call? Won’t you come & do all you can do? (Chorus)


Say What You've Got to Say
Boy, you've got something to say so don't just lock it away Let it burst, let it flow They don't need more silly songs but one who tells'em what's wrong and which way to go (Am) Say what you've (G) got to say (Em) speak what's on your (F) heart to speak Show them the life and way and truth they may not seem to seek Give what you've got to give Don't hide what you received They may not show today what soon will be known, that you've got just what they need It may not promise success, this road that looks like a mess compared to Mammon's big guns But you're to free them from fear and not just tickle their ears there's more at stake here than fun (Ch.) (Br.:) (Dm) Give them new (Am) life for real a (F) love that's not (G) found in this world (Dm) Tell them a(F)bout the deal (Em) that's guaranteed (Am) out of this world Never again may this chance come around To lead (G) this soul Home So, (Ch.)


Seasons (G---D-C—Em---D-C—G---D-C—Em---C-G) In the spring time of my life I heard the birds like angels sing Thrilled by all the newness every day of life would bring The sky, the animals and flowers, all seemed to be as one in the spring time of my life, my dance on earth had just begun In the summer of my life, I danced, I laughed, I drank and sang Sought the company of others, held many a maiden's hand I said, "Sun, you'll be my friend forever, moon, you'll be my bride And I hoped the dance would never end with you right by my side In the autumn of my life I felt the wind begin to blow And the fruits of what my life had sown clearly began to show So I harvested my tears and laughter and deemed it the best I enjoyed the fruits of all my labors and laid down to rest In the winter of my life I could hear the angels sing Ever beckoning to come back to the Source of everything There was some remorse but also joy as I could hear Him say "Welcome back, enjoy forever what I've done for you this day!" In the seasons of my life I learned that everything belongs to love God and one another is the purpose of our song He that sows in tears will reap in joy and gather his reward In the seasons of my life I learned to love and trust the Lord




Where you stand, I must have missed Perhaps your face will tell me this If you won`t pull back into your den Do something for me,don`t run off again! Where you`re headed, no one really knows Least of all yourself, but that`s the way it goes Anywhere a pretty face will take A young woman who`s just just learning how to fake (Chorus:) Listen to the word I`ve got for you, there`s nothin` you can say or think or try to do that`ll ever manage to replace respect See you later, once your senses have you back I don`t know with whom or how you sleep I just hope that he`s a little deep Not like the rest of those superficial dudes Who threaten to pluck you up by your roots. (Chorus 2x)


Seguiré / I’ll Go On

(Chorus:) Con El seguiré a cualquier lado, con El me iré al citio dorado
With Him I’ll go on – wherever. With Him I’ll walk on to heaven No me importa donde vaya, tampoco peligros que hayan And I don’t care where He’s going, nor which perils I’ll be knowing No me importa que haga el malo, no me iré de Su lado Whatever the foe may do, from God’s side I’ll never move (add:) (Chorus)

Jesus es Amor que nunca falla, Dios es el calor que acalenta mi alma Jesus, He is Love that won’t let me go, my God is the warmth inside my soul Y aunque no sé donde vaya, sé que mi Dios nunca falla Though I don’t know where He’s leading, I know He will never leave me Y aunque ya no veo nada, sólo sé Jesus me ama And though I still can’t see nothing, all I know is Jesus loves me Amor, la verdad, amor – nada mas The one truth is love, come on, rise above Jesús, que vengas, danos que tengamos Jesus, please, Lord, come, give us a new Home


Send Me A Light

Sometimes you feel there's a world on your shoulders, day after day slowly we're getting older, faint seems the visions and dreams that inspired us yesterday, caught in a web of taboos and possessions was the desire for success my transgression? All I want now is to find a way out, a way to escape.

Somewhere I know there just must be an answer, a purpose for me in this world to exist for, I don't know where but I won't give up searching till I find, I can't believe that the dream I once lived should be over, and I don't see how it could be that it all should have left me nowhere. Give me new faith to hang on to, give me new hopes I can cling to, send me a light that will guide me through all this night around me.

Funny it seems how the things we most long for, once obtained can leave us cold like a closed door, all those material things can bring is such emptiness. Trapped in a cage of clichees and belongings, I don't need a house or a car to feel strong in. All I want now is to finally break out, a way to escape.

Somewhere I know there just must be an answer, a purpose for me in this world to exist for, I don't know where but I won't give up searching till I find,


I can't believe that the dream I once lived should be over, how could it be that it all should have left me nowhere. Give me new faith to hang on to, give me new hopes I can cling to, send me a light that will guide me through all this night around me. Give me new hope to hang on to, give me new faith I can cling to, Send me a light, sned me a light, to guide me through the night.


Send Me Right Back To You

Here I stand at the start of a new thing, somehow, somewhere, someplace new. And I know that wherever it leads me, you'll show me just what to do. As long as I'll stay true I'll hear from you and I'll know where to move.

And I don't know, will I succeed or will I fail in my pursuit. I just know that the sowing is my job and the reaping is all up to you. I'll do what I can do to spread the news and what else can I do but tell the world about you.

And the road isn't gonna be easy all of the time, this I know. But it's better to suffer a little than to live like a king just for show, and I'll go high and low, fast or slow, until everyone knows.

Here I am singin' to someone, sending my thoughts up to you. And I know that whether they'll like it or whether they won't, you're the truth. And when the race is run and work's all done and I'll finally be through, send me right back to you,


send me right back, send me right back on to you, please let me be with you, let me, send me, just sent me right back to you!


Servant of the King
You may speak with the tongues of angels, you may know all things May be brave & defy all danger that this world may bring You may know how to walk on water, you may dine with kings May establish your own world order & wear a diamond ring But can you joy in the simple glory a sunset brings? Or have faith to believe the story about the King of kings? And if you do, can you yield all questions to His royal hands? If you’re calling yourself a Christian, would you go to the end? Would you follow Him up that mountain where His cross stands Where His blood once became a fountain, nails pierced His feet & hands? And would you partake of that communion of God with men And take the gift of Salvation from His Own hands to find (Ch.:) He‘s real, so real; more real than anything you see or feel And you yield your will, surrender everything, become a servant of the King In the valley of indecision multitudes trudge along Perishing without any vision, souls void of tune or song For too many neglect their mission to right the wrongs They’ve avoided the Master Fisher’s call for way too long So, lift your eyes up unto the harvest, white in the fields Oh, have mercy on all the starving souls who long to know that... (Chorus 2x)


Shadows Who will be My torch in the middle of the night? Who'll whisper My truth in the void of any right? (Ch.:) Run from the shadows, you must be strong soon the night will break into a new blue dawn Hush, little darling, you've run too long soon the light is gonna sing its victory song Herald the morning with its golden glow Soon the summer will melt the winter's snow Fly on the wings of an eagle, like a dove Hide in the lonesome wilderness, My Love (Chorus) ...leave the empty grave forever far below ...leave the shadows far behind


Shady Cloak Of Lies Shady Cloaks of lies -- the Devil's favorite game Pulls 'em 'cross their eyes -- a dirty rotten shame So they won't even realize that they've been fooled & they've been framed by the shady cloaks of lies one of the Devil's very favorite games Tell them there's no plan, that there's no purpose at all tell 'em it's coincidence they're living on this ball Tell them God is dead, no one to catch you when you fall & pretty soon you'll have 'em so confused & scared you'll see they won't resist at all (Chorus:) Shady Cloaks of lies from the time children go to school Shady Cloaks of lies only a few find they've been fooled Shady Cloaks of lies from the cradle to the grave The truth was crucified with Jesus, but He rose again so that we could be saved Try to count each piece of dirt, polluting every land Try to count each chemical, each dead bird in the sand Try, (to) count all crimes & evils, every hair on every skunk & you still won't come up with the amount of lies that you've been handed by the punk (Chorus) Shady Cloaks of lies -- the Devil's favorite game Pulls 'em 'cross their eyes -- a dirty rotten shame So they won't even realize that they've been fooled & they've been framed by the shady cloaks of lies one of the Devil's very favorite games



(Chorus:) Shine, shine, shine! Go & let the whole world know just what it is that’s on My mind Shine, shine, shine! And I will let them know that I’m with you if you’ll only let it shine This is My will for you, to let your light so shine If you will yield to Me they’ll know that you are Mine A city that is on a hill no one can hide I’ll be your flame if you’ll proclaim my name & burn free Let it… (Chorus) The power is yours to let there be darkness or light The power is yours to choose to turn wrong into right A city that is on a hill no one can hide I’ll be your flame if you’ll proclaim my name & burn free Let it shine,… (Ch. 3x)


Silver & Steel My Love's eyes are shining just like silver & steel there is no way to sing about the way that I feel Sweeter than honey, Her skin's whiter than milk Her hair as dark as the night, her touch as tender as silk She's got me running on the water, she's got me ridin' on the wind There's just no way I could describe this crazy state that I'm in She makes me rich man or a pauper, thief or a prince my universe is out of order if my Love won't let me in (Chorus) My Love's eyes are shining just like silver & steel there is no way to sing about the way that I feel Clearer than water, Her heart's purer than gold fills me with strength when I'm tired, makes me feel young when I'm old There's no way I could be without Her without Her love I'd be lost I'm like a fish out of the water, I need Her at any cost Won't let Her slip right through my fingers won't let Her part from me again I need my love right here to linger until the very end


Simply Existing
Simply existing is hard enough to do So, if you don’t mind me sayin’ so But I don’t need the likes of you To tell me I don’t do anything stewing here in my own brew But that simple little living thing’s already hard enough to do (1st line) So don’t come `round here calling me an uneducated little fool I’m a slow but I’m a happy man & well, can that be said of you Cause that simple ... (Bridge:) You come here tellin` me all that I`ve got to do but I`d rather listen to the voice I know is true (1st line) If you don`t know where you`re goin` ,boy we`re gonna see who`s been the fool just sit down, get your instructions, too from the one who cares for you & can turn simply existing into a life joyful & true


Sing About You I shouldn’t sing about You Though that’s just all I can do So maybe I’ll just cover up & make this sound like soda pop Some jingle from the TV slop Cause I shouldn’t sing about You I shouldn’t sing about You Though You’re all I know that’s true So maybe I’ll just drop Your name Before I put myself to shame & I will be the one to blame cause I shouldn’t sing about You I shouldn’t sing about You Though there’s some folks who just do Scream “Hallelujah,” sing & shout Tell all the world what they’re about I wonder how come they’re allowed When I shouldn’t sing about You (Br.:) (Am7) Maybe I can make You a big (G) myste(F)ry So no one has to know what it is I believe I don’t know if I’m bold enough to tell the world about Your love After all, they’re smart enough to figure out what You’re about Let the others sing & shout, I’ll hide my talents in the ground I shouldn’t sing about You Some folks just shirk when I do Cause You’re just so unpopular You’re all else but a superstar They all say it would go too far If I kept on singin’ ‘bout You I shouldn’t sing about You But there’s nothing else I can do So let’em try to wipe me out I simply can’t help sing & shout Aah, Jesus, You’re what life’s about I can’t stop singin’ but You And on & on & on & on Till all those jerks are finally gone I’ll keep on singin’ ‘bout You


Sinning Saint
(Chorus:) I’m not better than you no matter what it is you do We’ve all blowin it, it’s true: I have surely messed up, too I’m not bad better than you I’m a sinning saint like you Some folks just can’t wait They’ve got to bend each bent line straight They see things black & white They’ve got to know what’s wrong or right But Jesus said, it’s best to wait To see what grows there: wheat or weed As much as we would like to be, Perfect’s not the way we emerge yet (Chorus) If you’re better than Joe, Congratulations! Way to go! If you’re better than Jim, self-righteousness might be your sin Just remember, that little splinter In Jim & Joe’s eye, they’ll survive It would seem, that old beam In my own eye needs more attention (Ch.)


Sleep On Is this all that you have found? All you live for – here & now? Nothing more than what you see right now, Each sight, each touch, each sound Is this all that you believe? All you hear & feel & see? All that matters to you is this moment However fleeting it may be Sleep on, sleep on If that’s all you wish to see Sleep on, sleep on If that’s what your choice will be Do I scare you with my song? Think that I’m the one who’s wrong? “Things should stay where each of them belongs and they’ve been this way for so long” (Ch.2x)


SOLUTIONS I will show you the (G) solutions! I will show you what to do & say! I will tell you where to (Em) go and where I guide I'll make a (G) way. I will make (Em) crooked paths straight, I'll make your (C) mountains melt away I'll steer you (Am7) safely through this fog & turn your (D) darkness into day I'll be your light when shadows fall, I'll be your answer when you call I will supply your every need if you just call on Me (Ch.) I'm here to catch you when you fall, I'll be your Guard, your Wonderwall I'll be your strength in time of need if you will only trust in Me My child, don't worry no more, for you I'll open any door Believe & prove that I am true for I am so in love with you (Ch,) (Bridge:) (C) Let's get together, I'm more than your best (G) friend (C) My love is forever and with Me there's no (Dsus4) end (Ch.) I'll be your water when you thirst, make you feel better when you're worst If you will only put Me first I'll give you everything My name is "Love, all that you need!", If you feel trapped, I'll set you free If you will only come to Me, I'll ease your every pain If you'll let Me make love to you, you'll see there's nothing we can't do I'll be your power when you're weak show you the answers that you seek I'm all of this & so much more and I am standing at your door I'm the One Who created you, forever I'll love you I will show you the solutions, child, there is nothing more to say I'll clear away all your confusion any price for you I'd pay I'll be your Love of all loves, I'm gonna help you rise above and when your life on earth is through I'll be right (D) there to welcome (G) you (I'm always here to comfort you)


Somebody’s Knockin’ at the Door of Your Heart
Mendoza 4/82 Verse 1:

(A)Somebody’s knockin’ at the (Amaj6) door of your heart He’s (Bm) waitin’ that you’ll let Him in (E7sus4 – E) Some(Bm)one who want to give your life (Bm7) a new start A (Bm7) chance to start all over (Esus4) again Somebody’s knockin’ at the door of your heart You’re hearin’ His voice, say ‘hello’ So don’t be unkind, don’t say ‘no’ Chorus: Let Him (A) into your (Amaj6) heart, let His (A7) be a part of you Yes, His (Dm) love is the (A) key for you, let (E7sus4) Him in (let Him (E) in) Let Him into your heart, let his love guide the things you do You will find so much for you, let Him in
Verse 2:

Somebody loves you and He wants you to know that He’ll be with you till the end Somebody calls you and He won’t let you go Until you’ll love Him more than a friend Repeat Chorus


SONGS OF COMFORT (A) Rain drenched streets, Lord (D) help me, please (E) I’m as ‘lone as I (D) just can (E) be (A) All my friends have for(D)saken me (E) Now you are the only (D) One who’s left to (E) me & You’re telling me, ( CHORUS:) (A) “If you are feelin’ blue, there’s (Ds2/f#) one thing you can do just (E) sing out from your heart a new song & let My (Ds2/f#) Spirit comfort (E) you & brother, now, (A) if you’re feelin’ down & there’s (Ds2/f#) just no friend around just (E) call out from your heart out to My name & you will see (Ds2/f#) soon I’ll be a(A)round” (A) Thank you, Lord, for (Ds2/f#) hearin’ me, (E) now I know that for (Ds2/f#) sure you do love (E) me (A) Anthems sweet, (Ds2/f#) prophecies, (E) These are the gifts that only (Ds2/f#) You can give to (E) me, their tellin’ me...... (CHORUS:) (A)... “ If you’re......... ......yes, you just (Ds2/f#) call My name out, (E) call My name out (A) loud.” Pain & fears are gone today & those tears that filled my eyes You wiped away. All the things You’ve given me I want to share So when my brother comes to me, I’ll tell him now,.... (CHORUS:) (BRIDGE:) (E) I never thought that it would be so (Ds2/f#) easy but be(E)lievin’ it is (A) all you have to (Ds2/f#) do (E) & when you’re in the dumps my friend, just hear those (Ds2/f#) songs of comfort, (E) songs of comfort we’ll (A) sing to (Ds2/f#) you! I’ll keep singing these (Ds2/f#) songs of comfort..... (E) .....for (A) me & (Ds2/f#) you............


SOON (Es2) Soon You will re(Bs2)turn and pick me (Es2) up The sky will (Bs2) burn and time will (G#m°) stop All that we (F#m°) yearned for will fin(As2)ally start to come to pass And soon the curse will be removed again Then is this madness gonna end And we will finally be one and walk on hand in hand When You’ll come When You’ll come Soon You’ll wipe the teardrops from our eyes You’ll finally silence all those lies That we’ve been fed for centuries by the traitor, day and night And soon the world will finally wake up & be restored to what it was We’ll start again & play it from the top, the way it ought When You’ll come, when You’ll come Soon the sky will open like a tent You’ll beckon us to come on in And join the greatest wedding party there has ever been Oh, soon, we’ll finally make love not war The way we used to do before the fall of man & soon you’ll open up Your Kingdom’s door When You’ll come


Soul Murder June 15 & 16, 2008 There she (C) goes a(D)gain, to her own (C) slaughter, just (D) like a (G) lamb (Em) Unaware of them conforming her to their scam Obediently plays her role She follows, though there’s no goal She faithfully walks down that road everyday Through the heat and through the cold To the murder of her soul (Em) She carries a (D) heavy (G) weight (C) Determined she won’t be late Habit has told her that this is her home And the place where she belongs She (C) tells her friends (D) things that will make her fit in And subtly as in dreams takes part in the machine And where (C) once a child uninhibited, shameless and wild Change is taking place in her spirit, her style, on her face Obediently plays her role She follows, though there’s no goal She faithfully walks down that road everyday Through the heat and through the cold To the murder of her soul And I (Em) bleed (D) inside, though my (C) anger & pain I can’t (G) hide Where has (Em) gone the (D) child that I (C) once used to know Who was (B/G) real, without show With a (Am7) light shining (D) from her (G) eyes To my God I cry, “Oh please, don’t let the love in her die!” Save her from their lies they are feeding her now Make her stronger somehow And believe what they don’t (Ds4) allow As (C) she tries to (D) play that (G) role (Em) And follows where there’s no goal Faithfully rides down that road everyday Through the heat and through the cold To the murder of her soul To the murder of her (G) soul


Soul Rain

Love, stop breaking my heart, I gave it to you, you tear it apart. Love, hold on to my heart, two souls gropin' 'round alone in the dark. I feel the rain fall down on my soul, just soothing the pain that I've come to know. I hear the rain, the ground is so dry, wash away the stains that covered my life.

Listen to it, the soul rain that washes me clean, just try and catch the soul rain that falls deep within, I've got a thing pouring under my skin I call soul rain.

Tears, yes, I have cried tears, in secret, alone, hiding from my fears, love, start melting the ice, this world is so cold, infested with lies. I feel the rain pour into my life, it waters my heart and streams from my eyes, I hear the rain, I open my hands, I open my lips, I kiss and I drink the dew heaven sends.

Listen to it, the soul rain that washes me clean, just try and catch the soul rain that falls deep within, I've got a thing pouring under my skin I call soul rain.

Listen to it, the soul rain that falls deep within, just try and catch the soul rain that washes me clean,


and when I smile there's a rainbow that beams through my soul rain.



(April 5 & 6, 2007)

Spirit, come and be life to me Fill me with ecstasy Make me all I should be Sweep me away Spirit, fill me with more of You Let me be through and through Possessed and empowered to do Works eternal and true Breathe Your magic into me & teach my eyes to truly see When I belong to You then I am free Be the music when I sing Let me see You in everything Teach me to live in service to the King Bring meaning to each speck of dust Help us do what we really must And keep our focus on eternity Spirit let me see You everywhere Know You are always there Teach me to really care Show me the way Captivate my heart & soul & keep my vision on the goal alarm me when my mind’s about to stray Whisper words of life to me & be the wisdom that I need for every challenge I may face today Keep my heart ever close to Yours Be all I yearn and hunger for & please, don’t ever let me go away from You (1st verse) …Sweep me away (rep.)


Sum of the Parts
Guess I'm not much of a hero today I'd rather let You be the Star, anyway Of all the things I can ever do or say not one could begin to compare with the price that You paid Guess I'll let You be the Hero today we're only Your weak, humble brides anyway If You're strong in our weakness, guess that's okay You're perfectly welcome to take the lead now and always I'm hopelessly lost without You, Lord, today You're more than a compass, You're (both) guide and the way I'm totally helpless without You right here You're all that has mattered & will ever matter for real Cause whether we live, Lord, we live unto You And whether we die, Lord, it's unto You, too (whatever You choose) As much as the world has to offer each day You're more than the sum of the parts any of us might play So please, take this song from my heart, Lord, I pray I only return what is Yours, anyway If I may only partake of Your grace I'll know 'll have found more than I could any other place And if I worship, Lord, let it be You, and not just an image my mind made of You Cause You deserve no less than love that is real our passion, commitment, all we can give, fathom or feel G-D-C-G Am-C-G D-F#/Ds-G-Em Am-B/G-C-D (Ch.:) D-F#/Ds-G-Em D-C-G D-F#/Ds-G-Em Am-B/G-C-D (last ch.: ... You're more than the sum of the parts of us all anyway


(Asus2) Love don't give up hope to soon, though you're not born with silver spoon in (A/E) hand or mouth, nor your own room with hobby horse & lots of toys, don't (F#°/A) worry away the afternoon, those (F#°/D) pampered little girls & boys are (Asus2/C#) not as rich as (Esus4) you For (Asus2) I have something more to give to My children than to live mere (A/E) superficial, little lives with everything that money buys & (F#°/A) yet an emptiness within that (F#°/D) grows & grows with every sin of (Asus2/C#) selfishness & (Esus4) pride All (Asus2) the distractions in the world could never numb the pain & the hurt that (A/E) comes from leaving out the word proceeding from the mouth of God to (F#°/A) shine a light onto your path, bring (F#°/D) love & light where darkness was, the (Asus2/C#) code to bring your system up (Esus4) to the standard of (Asus2) love the standard of (A/E) love the standard of (F#°/A) love (F#°/D) (Asus2/C#) Lift the standard of (Esus4)love Obliterated, ridiculed have been My teachings by those fools themselves professing to be wise, selling for truth a pack of lies they claim their darkness to be light, declare their wrongs to be right & the only way of life So, I sent prophets, one by one, to show them that this can't be done: the Lord & Builder of the house expelled from His own & cast out they persecuted everyone, they even killed My very Son, how long will you go on? Mete out destruction, mete out the wind, a mighty hurricane is what you'll reap, & righteous judgment for your sins you self-righteous & foolish men, deceived by Satan & his kin: Be ready, for I'm bringing in the standard of love Prefer your neighbor to yourself & don't hurt anybody else for if you give you will receive; if you will live you must believe And man will reap what he will sow, this simple rule for all to know: that's the standard of love Do unto others as you would that they do to you; that is good And keep your brother fed & warm, don't wish upon them no ill nor harm No greater love has any man than he who would die for his friends That's the standard of love
(Lift the standard up, hold the standard up, raise the standard up, lift the standard of love....)


St. Francis’ Prayer There’s an old (D) song we used to (G) sing Called “All I (Bm) Want Is Serve The (G) King” God, how I long to feel that (D) way To want (G) nothing else but pour (F#/G) myself (Em) out for You (A) every (D) day I thought my foes had hoofs & hornes To vanquish each & everyone’s what I had sworn But no one came as close to putting out my fire As the most treacherous of all my enemies, my own desire (Chorus:) So, let me (Bm) give all I can (D) Let me no (Bm) longer seek to just re(F#m)ceive (A) Let me do (G)anything for any(D)one, any(Bm)where & let me (Em)pray with (F#/Dsus2) all my (G) heart (A) St. Francis’ (D) prayer Where there is hate, let me sow love Let me no longer seek to just be loved Where there is injury and pain Let me forgive again, again and again For it’s in giving we receive By letting go we find the treasures we most seek We’ll be forgiven as much as we forgive And it’s by dying that forever we live (Bridge:) Lord, (Bm) make me an instrument (A) of Your (D) peace (Bm) Let me bring light where (A) darkness (D) is Let (G) me, let (A) me (Chorus 2x)


Straight to Me Straight to Me’s where I want you to run, want you to come To find the answers that you seek Straight to Me’s where I want you to fly, to send your cry Find everything you need I’m always right here for you to come, for you to run to To give you all you can receive I will always answer your requests, yes, everyone As much as you believe Here with Me you will be be Safe, protected from all harm, Sincerely loved and cared for Here inside My loving arms You’ll find true love forevermore (Rep. Song)


Summer's Born

In the distance I can see the sun arise and chase away the clouds of doom. Long before the daybreak darkness filled the sky but now you see the first flowers bloom. Glittering sunlight kisses my eyes and fills my mind with heavenly tunes. Everything the cold of winter put to sleep now comes to life with the first breath of June. Gone are the rainy days, summer has come and washed them away. Now winter's pain has paid for the life that's being born before our eyes.

Like a butterfly emerging from the dark of it's cocoon so summer's born. It's the promise of a new life without pain the curse removed, the bonds of death torn. Glittering sunlight touches my eyes and wipes away all doubts and fears. In the silence of the morning you can hear the voice of God whisper in your ears. Now all of creation groans longing to be freed from it's chains. Melt all the ice and snow, heavenly warmth, come, fill my everlasting days.


SURRENDER (Chorus:) (Asus2) Lord, I surrender, surrender to You (G) Lord, I surrender (D) all that I've (C) got (D) to (Asus2) You (rep.) Lord, I surrender myself and my pride to You, Lord I surrender all that I am to You Lord, I surrender my spirit and soul to you Lord, I surrender, I give it all back to You Lord I surrender, my body and flesh to You You gave it all and I give it all back to You Jesus, surrender is what I will do for You I lift my hands and I give it all up to You (Ch.) Lord, I surrender, I lay myself down before You for You to take me & do what You want to do Lord, I am empty, I pour myself out to You for You to fill me, Your Spirit to run through and through Lord, I surrender, I give it all back to You Total surrender is what I was born to do Lord, I surrender, I open my self to You Please, won't You take me, take all that I am to You (Ch.) (Br.:) I (Em) cease from running and I (D) fly in(G)to Your (Asus2) arms My (G) Jesus, come in and (D) replace the (C) cold with (D) Your (Asus) warmth My (G) life is death unless I (Ds4) live for all You (Asus2) are


Take it by Faith Take it by faith that there is more to life than what you see Take it by faith there is a perfect plan for both, you & me Take it by faith that at the end of the road you`ll find all you dreamed Take it by faith that it all ain`t as bleak as right now it may seem Take it by faith, take it by faith Take it by faith that you` re becoming just what you were meant to be Take it by faith he that created you did it so perfectly Take it by faith this world `s a mere passage way to eternity Take it by faith there `s so much more for both, you & me Take it by faith, take it by faith (Bridge:) Take it by faith that we`re all much more than some accident in space That you`re in good hands by it is sheer amazing grace Take it by faith, take it by faith sure as a hammer hits He`s gonna right your wrongs Take it by faith there is place for you where you`ll feel you belong Take it by faith compared to forever this life isn`t very long, take it by faith (1st verse)


TALKIN’ ‘BOUT FAITH (Capo 2nd) I (G) used to think that strong is (C9) strong, & (Ds4) weak is weak (C9) But now I'm starting to see things quite differently That (Em/G) things are not always the (C9) way they (Ds2) seem to be (C9) below the surface there's a deeper mystery And though my ships come home with broken sails I will not quit for I know my God cannot fail Circumstances have become irrelevant when you leave everything inside His mighty hands (Chorus:) I'm talking 'bout faith - not faith in numbers but the unseen, yet almighty hand of God I'm walking by faith, though I may stumble I'll get up & keep on walking against all odds There is a way that seems right to many a man But before you leap, I'd say, better look again! That road to fame may turn out to be a dead end While God's way up is down, for His true mountain men Thank You, Jesus, Lord, You always win When we lose all, You still give us back everything We're persecuted, mocked & scorned, despised by men But that's no wonder; just like You, we'll rise again (Chorus) (add:) For eye has not seen & ear has not heard the wonderful things that God has prepared for those who hold on to His Word


Thank You Hollywood One of those days, don `t know if I really would But I just might catch a plane & fly to Hollywood & I’d stand there & take a long last look & then I’d blow the place apart, now wouldn`t that look good Then I’d steal a car, maybe a Chevrolet or a T-Bird or a Mustang & I `d leave L.A. & I’d drive right up to the Grand Canyon site where Thelma & Louise took off & I `d take that ride But in the sand I’d leave a note that read, (Chorus:) ´ Thank you Hollywood` , Thank you Hollywood Thank you Hollywooooooooooood! & after that I’d get out of the car yeah, like Batman or E.T. you know, with just a tiny scar & then I’d spread my wings & set out to fly & kill a hundred million folks who, well, just had to die & then the boss `ld scream ´cut` & I’d be a star so I’d shake his hand & say ´Thanks again!` (Chorus) made me lotta wood, guess I really should fly to it ...


(G) Thank You, Lord, for (Em) each distraction (C) I would like to (D) have but simply (G) can't af(Em)ford (C-D) (G) Thank You for the (Em) way You turn the (C) Devil's dead-end (D) streets into an (G) open (Em) door and (C) for the way You (D) make me want You (G) more & (Em) more & (C) realize it's (D) You I'm living (G) for (Em-C-D) Thank You, Lord, for loving me when I feel rotten to the core & don't think anyone could love me anymore You wipe my slate clean and reset the score (Bridge:) (Em) Thank You that each day it seems my (D) life has just be(Em)gun Thanks for keeping my world in (D) orbit 'round Your (Em) sun and (C) for the way are hearts are slowly (D) melting into one (Chorus:) And I want (G) more, give me (Em) more of Your (C) precious love, sweet (D) Jesus I want (Em) more, give me (C) more, You mean (Am) everything to (D) me And I give You my all, cause You deserve no less, sweet Jesus You are my All-in-all and I'm Yours eternally Oh, (G) thank You Lord for (Em) making my foes (C) tremble at the (D) mere glimpse of Your (G) mighty sword (Em-C-D) I (G) thank You for (Em) the (C) way You make it (D) clear that You are (G) Lord of (Em) Lords We (C) may not win the (D) battle, but You've (G) won this (Em) war For (C) all things that You (D) are, I praise You, (G) Lord (Em-C-D) (Bridge:) (Em) Thank You that each day it seems my (D) life has just be(Em)gun Thanks for keeping my world in (D) orbit 'round Your (Em) sun and (C) for the way are hearts are slowly (D) melting into one (Chorus:) And I want (G) more, give me (Em) more of Your (C) precious love, sweet (D) Jesus I want (Em) more, give me (C) more, You mean (Am) everything to (D) me And I give You my all, cause You deserve no less, sweet Jesus You are my All-in-all and I'm Yours eternally (repeat Chorus) Thank You Lord, praise You, Lord! Glory to You, Jesus! We are floored by how gracious and how wonderful You are Lord, we want You, need You, love You, we are lost without You, Jesus We give praise to Your strength & for everything You are Praise You, Lord, Hallelujah! We surrender and run to You Give us more, we need more of Your never-ending love Fill us all with Your love, we are empty vessels, Jesus Give us more, take us now, we are ready for Your love Thank You, Lord! Thank You Lord! Hallelujah, praise You, Jesus! Oh, we praise You, our God for how wonderful You are

The Birds Fly South
The birds fly south in autumn, & they return in spring So, when You will return, my Love, I will have learned to sing One night while I lay listening to some symphony or song I felt the fire glistening in my love's heartbeat strong A vision clearly struck me of things that are to be Of sceneries, like fairy tales in books our children read The birds fly south in winter, & I will fly to You At the carcass the eagles gather, so, will You call me, too?


The Busker's Song

Every night I sing and play guitar, take my music from bar to bar. I walk in, there they are, starin' at me like at some creature from Mars. I say "Hi!", they go "Huh, what's the freak up to, anyhow? Seems he don't quite know who we are: we're our town's intelligentsia!

Don't you know we're the coolcats, can't you see we're the cream of the town, won't you bow, to the Jet-set, we're the cool-gang, the insider crowd. Don't you know we're the coolcats, can't you see we're the cream of the town, won't you bow, we're the Jet-set, and we don't need no strangers around!"

I play my songs, just three or four, 'cause I know they can't take anymore, some pay and leave the scene of crime, before I can make 'em eke out a dime. When I'm done with the show, no one dares clap or say "bravo". Say "Don't you know who we are? We're our town's Saturday night disco stars

Don't you know we're the coolcats, can't you see we're the cream of the town,


won't you bow, we're the Jet-set, we're the cool-gang, the insider crowd. Don't you know we're the coolcats, can't you see we're the cream of the town, won't you bow, we're the Jet-set, and we don't need you strangers around!"

Every night I sing and play guitar I take my music from bar to bar. Well I don't care just who you are, whether king or queen or pope or czar. I know you're so intellectual, so educated, so critical. But when it comes down to this acting "cool": it's just yourselves you're tryin' to fool.

So you think you're the coolcats, so you think you're the cream of the town, well I think you're just bullheads, call it cool, man, I call it lukewarm. So you think you're the coolcats, so you think you're the cream of the town, well I think you're just bullheads,

all this coolness is bringin' me down.


THE CALL (G) Whoa, (D) whoa, (Em) there’s something you’ll (C) want to (D) know Whoa, whoa, there’s a light with a golden glow Whoa, whoa, there’s Someone you’ll want to meet Whoa, whoa, His love’s for eternity Let’s (Am7) say you’re a prisoner, your (B/G) fears are the walls That (C) keep you from His arms, from (D) living at all Convention’s the warden, deceit locks the doors Well, I’ve got the keys, babe, if you’re ready for more (Chorus) You’re so disillusioned from all that you hear You’d like to be free but there’s so much to fear Well, I’ve got the answer, tailor made for you Just call out to Jesus, He’ll come rescue you (Chorus:) Whoa, whoa, He’s right here, knocking at your door Whoa, whoa, have no fear, love can do much more Whoa, whoa, He’s the truth that you want to know Whoa, whoa, there’s no place His love cannot go Whoa, whoa, Jesus lives, can you hear His call? Whoa, whoa, take His keys and break down the walls


The Day
I know it's hard when you don't have a reason Nothing to live for, nothing to believe in everyday's struggle to just keep existing I know how it feels accuse I've been through the same thing But then one day a friend & I were talking about religious trips & groups, you know, kind of joking He told me about the People of Love then We met the next day to go & see them I still remember it, how the door opened Two arms flung around me, a smile, a warm welcome True songs of life were sung, words of love spoken I was a lost sheep, my heart young & broken People bald hands & sang prayers before eating I knew that this was the love I'd been seeking & then they asked me if I would receive Him I didn't know but how could I resist Him (Chorus:) The day first believed in Him, I'll never forget it The day my new life did begin I'll never regret it The day I first believed in Him, the day I was born again Something inside me was suddenly changing And I came back almost every evening soon I quit dope, though at school friends were laughing Suddenly I knew my life had a meaning Never again I'd be tired of living Now I know all my mistakes are forgiven God fills with life every moment I'm breathing And I know I'm donna make it to heaven I know it's real & I really believe it It's nothing you must do, only receive it He’s knocking on your heart's door, of, can't you feel it If you just let Him in you'll be so glad for the day you first... (Chorus) (you'll never forget it....) (remember I said it...) (you'll never regret it...)


The Deeper Meaning of Everything The (C) deeper meaning of (Am) everything is (F) hidden (G) in plain (C) view But if your god is coincidence it's plain that you've been screwed The deeper meaning of everything is what we learn to see if we acknowledge we're blind and bound and long to be set free (F) Oh, (G) what do you think you (Am) know? Has your (F) world room (G) left to (F) grow? (G) What do you think you (Am) see? every (f) flower, (G) bird or (C) tree has a (G) lesson to teach (Am) you & (F) me if (G) you see... (Ch.) So you've really got a college degree you think you know and see more than folks like me I just enjoy what God's giving me revel in His synphony the best things in life are free if you see... (Ch.)


The Devil Hates Me For That
Hey, how's it goin'? You know, I'm badly attracted to you How're you feelin'? Is my message comin' through? Open your ears, & I'll sing you a tune, &, Baby, maybe you'll hate me for that, but I've got an urge, I've just gotta keep singin', uh-huh, the Devil hates me for that I'm like a river of music, rollin' right over your ears & fears & washin', washin' your tears away Come with me, darlin', we'll float through the evening & hold on to each other's hands 'til the break of day (The Devil hates me for that!) Said, hey, can you hear me, or do I have to turn up the P.A.? I've got a feeling your mind is tempted to drift away But I've got something to tell you & I mean it to kill your blues in nothing flat I'll give you some news to make you feel like you're dreamin' Uh-huh, I know the Devil hates me for that I'm like a diamond of dust that's a-sparklin' inside of this small ray of light, just tryin' to drag you out of the dark Hang on to me & we'll head for the sunlight floatin' right out of the night for a happy day (The ole boy'll hate us for that!) Tell ya somethin', I think the angels will love us for that Every Saint up in heaven's rejoicing, uh-huh, I think they're all tickled pink about that Yeah, the Man on the Top really digs what I'm doin', uh-huh, I think He really likes me for that I think He really loves me for that


The Enemy Is Freakin' Out
(Chorus:) The Enemy is freakin' out! He's going mad without a doubt He's pulling all his big guns out But there's nothing he can do he's just a raging fool and we're gonna stand our ground "Lucy in the sky" has gone electric: he's panicking and freaking out right now The battle got intense and rather hectic Won't be long till Jesus knocks him out (Chorus) Everytime the Devil pulls a smart one & thinks he's gonna score a point this time he finds himself out-smarted, licked & out-gunned So he'll just throw a fit & scream & whine (Ch.) (Bridge:) Old (Asus2) Satan't just a bluff & not a (D) real threat Intimidation's what he's all about He may pretend he's really quite some (Bm) big cat (G) But (Em) when God's hounds come, (A) he'll just run & (D) shout (Chorus)


The King's Return (Dave Mendoza - June 29, 2009) You (Em) can't win a (D) battle (C) half-hearted(B7)ly nor has any drifter yet crossed the sea That glorious crown isn't won easily So fight on, my brother, for the victory (Chorus) (G) Look toward the day when our (D) King will come back Don't let (Am) shiny temptations get (Em) you off the track He'll give you everything you'll ever lack So shine on, brother, (Ds4) let your light (C) burn un(D)til He re(Em)turns (D-C-B7) This world lies in darkness, no light do they see We're not on vacation, there are souls to be freed Do not be deluded but cling to the truth So He'll know you're His when He'll come for you (Chorus) (Bridge:) And (G) though the road's rough and the (D) journey is long (Am) keep your light pure and your (Em) heart filled with song Let (G) your mind be clear and your (D) faith ever strong on this (Am) long, (C) long (D) road back (Em) Home (D-C-D) (Chorus)


THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS IS LOVE If to(Em)day was your (D)last and you (C)knew it, how much (Em)time would you (D)spend on (C)things that mean (Am7)nothing in the (D)scope of eterni(Em)ty? Every minute would seem so precious Every second would be treasured by you And the (Em)things of this (D)world would seem (C)pointless & (G)dim Only (C)one thing would (D)make sense to you. You would (G) stop worry(D)ing about (C) money You would stop caring ‘bout what they say You would (Em) stop thinking (D) of prest(C)ige & clich(G)es If tod(Em)ay was your (D)very last (C)day (2x) You would want to love those dearest to you On your brink on that journey above And make sure they know how much they mean to you Cause the only thing that matters is love (3x) (1st verse) You’ll know just the worth of what you’re holding When you’re facing your journey above Everything becomes abundantly clear in those moments For the only thing that matters is love


The Race Goes On 'All things remain the way they were' , the fool, he cried 'Nothing will change' he thought, yeah well, & that same day he died Be not deceived by tales of beautiful & strong Don’t fall asleep, for change will come, it won’t be long //: The race goes on :// 'What’s that to you?' , you ask & call me 'holy preacher man' But I just give what I receive, that’s all I can I can’t believe in things like pure coincidence Too many things I see were said, make too much sense //: The race goes on :// (Bridge:)

The race towards total confusion to bring the deaf & blind delusion I just can’t put my fingers on the hour, the day but it will come As surely as the night is followed by the sun //:The race goes on :\\ It just goes on & on ...


THERE Ds2-B/Ds2-C6-G


There – there goes a real queen One who’s got everything that a man would want From the woman he loves There – there walks the real thing No matter how small she seems against those big shot imitations on your TV screens Where are all those beauty queens when you’re a man in need Of just a little bit of love You can touch indeed (Br.:) C6-G-Ds2-B/Ds2 In this whole world I have found nothing better ever True beauty beats all those clowns who think they’re so clever She chased away all my frowns with her smile – Forever I’m gonna sing it out (Em) loud, you’re a (A7) taste of heaven (rep. whole song & first 2 verses) There goes the real thing Babe, you’re a real queen Ds2-B/Ds2-C6-G-Ds2-C6-G-A7… Girl, you’re so much better than their pomp & their lies Everyday I thank my Creator for you opened up my eyes And if I’d write a million letters how could I ever deny That baby, He put us together, He’s the Cause for you & I You & I, Babe Cause you are my real thing The one who’s got everything That a man would want from the woman he loves


(THE STORY OF) VIRGINIA BRANDT & HJALMER BERG (Em/G) Virginia was a (C9) rich girl in (Gsus)1917 (Dsus4-D-Dsus4-D), she (Em/G) wasn‘t really (C9) fond of the a(Gsus)ristocratic (Dsus4-D-Dsus4-D) scene So, (Em/G) she eloped with (C9) Hjalmer from her (Gsus) well protected (Dsus4-D-Dsus4-D)world & that‘s (Em/G) how we got the (C9) story of Virg(Gsus)inia Brandt & (Dsus4-D-Dsus4-D)Hjalmer Berg (Em/G)- (C9)- (Gsus)- (Dsus4-D-Dsus4-D)... Now, Hjalmer was a singer of good old gospel songs Though he was poor, Virginia knew that with him she belonged for something was to happen, someone was to emerge from this unusual union of Virginia Brandt & Hjalmer Berg A tragedy bound ‘Ginia to a sickbed, paralyzed But Hjalmer wouldn‘t give up & opened up her eyes Said everything is possible – those promises still work! & claimed the healing miracle of Virginia Brandt & Hjalmer Berg The fame of ‘Ginias healing spread quickly thr‘out the land Turned many into believes, though some folks had her banned And in a tiny, wooden, Oakland California hut, the world got ready for the baby of Virginia Brandt & Hjalmer Berg They named their baby David, and beloved sure he was He turned into a prophet, a reacher for the stars & through him I found faith, hope, love & freedom like a bird And so today I thank God for Virginia Brandt & Hjalmer Berg (Bridge:) (Em/G) Everything makes sense, each (C9) tale begins and ends The (Am7) details well designed & (Dsus4) planned (Em/G) Fools are they who think that (C9) all‘s an accident You‘ll (Am7) see when we‘ll come ‘round the (Dsus4) bend. (Em/G)- (C9)- (Gsus)- (Dsus4-D-Dsus4-D)... (1st Verse)


THEY CAN’T STOP OUR RAIN (C9) They can’t stop our rain, no, (B/G) they can’t help it & (Asus4/G) we’ll go on until one (A) day we’ll (Asus4) win, I sing (C9) They can’t stop our rain, (B/G) they are but fools (Asus4/G) who try to raise their hands to (A) stop the (Asus4) rain (C9) They can’t stop our rain, (B/G) they’re bound to lose (Asus4/G) For God’s on our side, we can’t (A) help but (Asus4) win (C9) They can’t stop our rain & (B/G) you will see (Asus4/G) The truth will fill the Earth as the (C9) waters cover the (G) se(C9)as cover the (G) se(C9)as (G) They can’t stop our rain, even (C9) though they try The (G) latter rain that I’ve ordained shall (C9) never run dry (D) How can they raise their hands up? (C9) Fools they that try! The (G) flame that I have kindled shall (C9) never die. (D) For I am with you and you (C9) are My children & I (G) love you with an everylasting (C9) love.” (rep. 1st part)


The Year Love Disappeared
There are some weird things happening in the World today It seems they're slowly taking all our sense away & though you still can't see the writing on the wall I know that time keeps ticking & a hard rain's gonna fall There are some bad birds hanging underneath the sky controlling wants & wishes while our feelings die & though we still can't see the end, it's getting clear to see we're living in the year love disappeared This is the year we learned to run I knew someday it had to come This is the year we always feared This is the year love disappeared All those tv commercials have programmed our kids to thinking getting rich is really all there is this is the decade when material things replaced our need for love & closed our minds to values from above


Thief In The Night
He came, He came like a thief in the night He came like a thief in the night We were all like zombies, we were hypnotized by that tv happiness & Hollywood lies Oh, we were all too busy lovin' ourselves & we had turned this World into a piece of hell Yeah, we had all been blinded by the Serpent's light until He came, He came like a thief in the night (Chorus) Yeah, we had craved for power, our lust was greed We were fanatical egotists, spilled the seed We wore with pride the tattoo beneath our skin We'd built a raging kingdom we were servants in Where every right was wrong & every wrong was right until He came, He came like a thief in the night


Intro e------3--2-0---------------------------------3--2-0--------------b-----3-------3------------------3-----------3-------3--0------3-3g----0--------------0----0---2-4-2-4-2-0----0----------0---0-2-4-2d----------------0---------0-------------------------------0------a------------------------------------------3---------3---3--------E--3----------3-------3--3-----------------------------------------

(Gsus) I have been told the ma(C9)jority is always (Dsus4) right (D) You‘re (Gsus) born, you grow old, you (C9) work & you live, then you (Dsus4) die (D) And (Em/G) when you are gone there‘s (Am7) no trace left of you at (Dsus4) all (D) Except (Em/G) dead flesh and bone, there‘s (Am7) nobody out there to (Dsus4) call (D) (Chorus:) (Gsus) I have been told many things to believe in (C9) I have been told things that (Dsus4) turned out a (D) lie (Gsus) One of the things they said not to believe in (C9) Turned out to be the truth (Dsus4) for wich I‘m (D) ready to (intro) die I have been told “the Bible‘s symbolic, that‘s all“ And that paper, not gold is what makes man rise up or fall “It‘s all in your mind; the truth is a matter of interpretation What you will find is nothing“ ... oh, stop, I can‘t hear anymore, you know, (Chorus) (Bridge:) (Gsus) There is a light wich no mortal eye‘s seen yet (C9) There is a sound wich no (Dsus4) ear has yet (D) heard Gsus) There is a truth wich will blow your finite minds (C9) There is a wisdom that‘s (Dsus4) not of this (D) world I have been told that if you become like a child You‘ll never grow old in a world that‘s so far out & wild Dig this, you cone heads, pseudo intellectuals Concocters of theories, I‘m ready to die Eat this, dictators of false education The science you boast of ‘s a bittersweet lie Nothing of all that you‘ve told us could ever live up to this Stand back, I‘m ready to live & to die


This is it Work at it till you get it right Even if you have to stay up all night Work at it till all the pieces fit & you stand back, cross your arms & think This is it, This is it! Don` t give up till you get it straight Brother Fun, oh well, he can wait Don` t surrender, never quit & never give up before you can really say This is it! - This is it! This is it when the morning comes This is it, right here in your arms Looks like this time I really got it right This is it, this is it, baby every little bit of it


THOU SHALT LOVE (G) Hey, Mc Gov’ner, ruler, have you (C9) gone insane? (G) Don’t you know that evil doers have (C9) hell to pay? You (G) slap us in the (C9) face with your (G) lies every(C9)day & you go (D) on & on & on as if you (C9) planned WWIII to be happening by latest next (G) May. (C9) Hey, hey, hey, (G) hey. (C9) Your greed & your selfishness, they take the cake You sleep & you dream when will you awake? To the fact that you might wind up with hell to pay For the crimes & wrongs you perpetrate on the poor & the needy you said you would save Hey, hey, hey, (D) hey, (C9) (G) don’t you hear Him (D)...say, (Chorus:) Thou shalt (D) love, love, (C9) love, love, (G) love, love, love -- all else will (D)...fade away (C9) (G) Yes, thou shalt (D) love, love, (C9) love, love, (G) love, love, love -- why don’t you (D) start today? (C9) (G) Turn around, remember, there’s a deal you made When you said that you’d accept the price He paid Instead you’re just another sad addition to the weight Of the cross He took up on that hill, that those you would have killed might find life & be saved, Hey, hey, hey, hey Don’t you hear Him say (Chorus) (D) Only what you do in love is (C9) ever really gonna count & (G) ever really gonna stay (D) Love is still the answer to the (C9) problems of the world, no (G) matter what you do or say, I said (Chorus) (Bridge:) (Asus2) Do you really think that Heaven (C9) waits For (G) someone sowing cruise missiles & (D) hate? (Asus2) Hey, hey, hey, (Esus2° ) hey (Dsus2°)(Asus2)... (Chorus) Thou shalt (Esus2°) love, love, (Dsus2°) love, love, (Asus2) love, love, love -- all else will (Esus2°)...fade away (Dsus2°) (Asus2) Yes, thou shalt (Esus2°) love, love, (Dsus2°) love, love, (Asus2) love, love, love -- why don’t you (Esus2°) start today? (Dsus2°) (Asus2)


Tiempo del Fin


Manana la vida será mas facil de lo que es hoy dia se piensa el idiota que ignora las senas de la sombra oscura La guerra avanza y pronto nos traerá la última etapa y parte del tiempo del fin La Bestia subirá del agua de muchos pueblos y gentes y harà la guerra en contra de los que tienen el testimonio de vida se abrirá el libro de las palabras de vida del Cordero, pues, es el tiempo del fin Profetas de los siglos heacharon sombras de hoy en sus profecías Perdidos los almas de los que siguen al hijo de la perdicion Benditos los muertos que mueren en el Senor desde ahora, ya que es el tiempo del fin Benditos los muertos que en el Senor mueren de ahora Benditos los muertos que mueren en el Senor



(Feb.20, 2007)

How well do you really know the heart of your wife, the heart of your husband, the heart of your child? How well do we really know the heart of God? How much do you really take time to find out the souls of your loved ones and what they're about? How well do you really hear the voice of God? How well can you really hear their innermost cries their deep, secret longings & hidden desires? How much can we really say that we love the least of our brethren the way we'd love God (Ch.:) It takes (C) time to learn to (Fmaj7) love and that's the one (Am) thing that we're all running (Fmaj7) out of It takes time to learn to care to really tune in, realize they are there So (C) why do (Dm7) we al(Em7)low our ene(Fmaj7)my to steal from us the one thing that we need to learn, to see, to hear & feel & really be 'cause love is spelled t.i.m.e. (Give'em your time!) For what do I really care, immortal souls or fragile possessions, and temporal goals? How much can I really say I'm putting first things first? How much do I really invest in the stocks that won't crash? Do I build on the Rock? How much do I really pour into the values that will last?


Oughtta be hittin' the road, oughtta be hittin' a load of folks out there today Got something stuck in my throat somebody don't want me to get anywhere today So I'm-a pull out my keys and I'm a-stickin' my sword in the face of the Enemy After all, am I free, or am I free, or am I free, or am I free? Free to go where He shows, free to be who my Lord tells me to be today Free to do what He says free enough to serve Him, free to obey If I don't make any sense is it possible friends you have not yet looked God's way? But if you lend me a hand He can teach you to stand upon His rock today (Ch.:) Cause today is the day Love can show you the way and no matter what they do our say Today's the tomorrow you dreamed of yesterday the sun shines, a good time to make hay yes, today is a good day to live and a good day to give all you got, today Love is more than a pond, it's an ocean upon which we all can sail away it's as big as the sun & you can change anyone with just one of its rays Come & let's make a move, come & get with a groove, things are gonna be okay It's not a hard one to choose what have you got to lose, c'mon let's have some fun today


Memories of mine painted in shades of grey Times I thought I would not see the light of day Growin’ up’s a hard task when you don’t know why Or if there’s any purpose in the tears we cry Meanwhile I’ve learned trials are often heaven –sent Though most times you don’t know what’s comin’ ‘round the bend When the night is darkest, give it one more try Even if you don’t care if you live or die (CHORUS:) But I can see it now, finally it’s all so clear (it all makes sense) Now, that the sun broke through the clouds & made them disappear Yes, I can see it now, finally it all makes sense Those deep & dark turns in life’s road that I went thru’ Today it all makes sense Though tomorrow’s not visible to our eyes I know, I know someone in whose hands it lies Faith & trust are hard to keep when no one’s there Until you finally see there’s help from everywhere (CHORUS:) (last Chorus:) But I can see it now, finally it’s all so clear (it all makes sense) Now, that the sun broke through the clouds & made them disappear .....the way you put me to the test ‘cause you knew how it would end .....my life’s road with all it’s bends Yes, every lesson you had to put me thru’, //: Today it all makes sense://


United we'll stand but divided we'll fall that's why we simply must stick together Together we're great, separated we're small we've got to fight and march on together Let's choose to win for the sake of us all let's choose to run, win, work, stand together Let's do our best to heed and answer the call for unity and let's walk together (Chorus:) For the sake of you, for the sake of me for the sake of all: let's get together For the sake of truth, for the sake of peace for the sake of love let's get together You and me, we were meant to be one because we'll be much stronger together A three-fold chord can't easily be undone That's why we've got to hold on together Let's become like the Father and Son as They are One, let's all be together Let's not falter but stick to our guns Let's be in heart, mind, soul, truth, together (Ch.) We've got the answers to the world's problems but only if we stay together We've got the power to master the hurdles but only if we take them together You and me, sister, may never be perfect but we can rise above sin together You and me brother, will never be heard if we won't join hands and sing together (Ch.2x)


To My Family When you were born you filled my life with joy on that cool autumn morn My little girl, my precious gift of love, you came, so sweet Your little eyes exploring all around you, always open wide Such lively eyes, intensely studying everything they'd see I sang & danced those first days of your life, holding you in my arms I still recall singing to you, rocking you to sleep Now time has passed & I've watched you learning how to walk & talk & now my love, you’re even learning how to write and read And someday soon you'll have grown up and maybe you will hear this song Remember that you’ll always be the girl that one day came from Heaven to me My little boy, red cheeks, big eyes, you're truly any father's joy Can laugh, can cry, & sometimes you don't know which of the two You grow so fast that when I've gone a few days I feel years have passed But even then you cuddle up, I'm still daddy to you you're showing me my weaknesses & strengths just like a mirror's glass for you reflect the love, the joy, the pain that we show you And yes, I know, together we will always be in heart & soul & though sometimes you're not with me, my son, you can be sure I'll always love you My little wife, mother of my children, partner of my life you hold me tight, assuring me each day & every night You're loving me, putting up with my faults & helping me I couldn't see where I would be without you today And if sometimes it got too hard to bear when things just weren't right I thank you now for that you stayed & stuck it out with me My faithful one, we've surely come a long way since our love began And I believe we'll always be a true family & now we wait for number three And yes, no matter what may come, whether ill, death or harm we'll sail through the storm & be safe His arms


TO YOU (G) Please, Jesus, (Ds4) be the One that (Am) they will hear with(C)in my (D) song (G) let it be (C) Your voice they can (D) hear (C-D) Please, Jesus, be the light that shines through me both, day & night help me to make Your signals clear Let there be nothing left in me of pride and selfishness Let what they see in me be You, Jesus Cause I want nothing else but You in place of my old self Come in and make everything new Cause (Em) all I (C) want is (D) make sure You know (Am) I belong and (C) all that (Em) counts to (D) me is just to (Am) give it all to (C) You (Em-D-Am) To (G) You Lord, make it right don't let me lead no secret double-life Make me hot, not trying to be cool Lord make it true that I see everything the way You do Settle for less? I'd be a fool. (Bridge:) Cause (Em) without You, nothing (D) turns out (G) right ex(C)cept for You, all My (D) truth is (G) lies the (Em) only way I can (D) turn for (Am) light's to (C) You - to You (Chorus) ... to (C) You (Em-D-Em) to (C) You (Em-D-Am) (2x) To (G) You (Ds4-Am-C-D-G)


TRUST! (Esus2) When the bills need to be paid (Dsus2) and your income's kinda late you (Asus2) think they can no longer wait - (E) trust! When you don't know what to do, think the world is through with you Life's a fire, you're the stew - trust! When there's no one left around, friends & helpers can't be found & nothing's feeling safe & sound - trust! When everybody everywhere seems to get the better share no one knows that you are there - trust! (Asus2) Trust that I'll come through for you, (E) trust I'll do what you can't do (Dsus2) Trust I'm gonna see you through (Bsus2) (Esus2) Trust! (Ds2)... When you don't know what to say, panic's not too far away Don't be curled up in dismay - trust! The Enemy is closing in, you're just about to lose your grin wondering when I'll come in - trust! When they're knocking on your door & you're the one they're coming for think you can't take anymore - trust! Nothing's the way it should be, nothing you can clearly see wondering what the clue could be - trust!


Tube Song (I've Had Enough) I've had enough of this hype it's taken too much of my time Yeah, I've had enough of all this violence & crime, Lord, I've had enough Baby, turn off that TV Tell me, can you remember you & me? Honey, don't you think there's so much more to see in each other's eyes? Let's make our own real live movies Baby, come on, let's do it Cause I've had enough of all this make-belief & going through it I wanna control what's my mind & not be a zombie, left behind The most precious thing we've got is time, so let's stop wasting it, 'cause I've had enough Each night I'm turnin' on the TV no, I don't know just what's drivin' me My hand is glued to the remote control Sometimes it's just as if it bought my soul And as I'm zappin' through the channels until my head is really quite a mess I witness murder & destruction, guns shooting, fist fights & abduction Oh they show me all the things that I should have Oh they tell me when to cry and when to laugh Oh, they teach me what is wrong & what is right Yeah, they tell me who to love and who to fight But... (Ch.) I now discover many other things to do on my after-work evenings I dedicate my time to music or maybe I just sit and read a book Maybe I'll take you to a restaurant or we'll go hit the park & have some fun If all else fails, let's do my favorite: we'll get undressed & jump into the night Not only skinny girls are pretty like they're tryin' to tell me on the TV Cause I know true love & emotion beat any photograph in motion (Ch.)


Turn Around (Nov.29-04)
(Asus2) Hey, I'm sorry, but I've got something to (G) say. (Dsus2) Hey, don't you know you're going the wrong (Asus2) way? Why do you refuse to see they tell you (G) lies? (Dsus2) I'm asking you, do you really want to (Asus2) die? So, you think you're pretty sure which way to go Whoa, I'd say that there's a lot that you don't know Blind, with your eyes closed there's not much you will find Do you mind if I tell you how to not be left behind? (Chorus:) Cause it's (G) time to wake up (D) to the sound of (F) changes that are (C) comin' round Dis(G)cover what's yet (D) to be found while (F) there's still time for (C) you to (G) turn a(Asus2)round (C) (Dsus2) turn a(Asus2)round Say, did you know there's big changes on their way? May I suggest the best thing you can do is pray? Boy, you're sure distracted by your fancy toys annoyed by me telling you they won't bring you joy Try, put them aside, see how long you'll get by Untie the chords that bind you to this selfish life Say, did you know that the Answer's on its way Be brave & take the hand by which you might be saved (Chorus) (Bridge:) (C) No, that's (G) not the way to (Dsus2) go There's (C) certain death & (G) danger at the (Dsus2) end of Satan's road Wake (C) up right now & (G) see the (Dsus2) light what's (C) wrong is wrong and (G) right is (Dsus2) right foll(C)ow me up the (G) path of life, let's (Dsus2) go Yeah, it's time to (Asus2) go War is on, my friend, & that you can't ignore no more Now the Prince of Peace is knocking at your door Live a new life with so much more love to give Believe and let yourself be no longer deceived Cause it's (G) time to wake up (D) to the sound of (F) changes that are (C) comin' round Dis(G)cover what's yet (D) to be found while (F) there's still time for (C) you to (G) turn a(Asus2)round (C) (Dsus2) turn a(Asus2)round


T.W.O. The truth is, they're telling you lies my friend The truth is, you wouldn't believe me to what extent They're making the true heroes look like creeps What they call "news" is mostly make-belief While most of us fall in their trap like sheep but I can show you the way out I'll show you the way out The truth is, the world was no accident, it was planned The truth is, there is a God and He loves you, my friend While everything else will be blown away His love and His truth will be here to stay No matter how badly you've lost your way cause I can show you the way out I'll show you the way out You turn on the TV or pick up the paper and all that they sell you is lies But if you look up to the Man on the cross and believe in Him, you won't ever die The truth is, He loves you so much that he died for you The truth is, Jesus alone's gonna see you through Even if your life looks like a dead end street He's gonna put you back on your feet Just take Him and He's gonna set you free Cause He will show you the way out He'll show you the way out He'll show you the way out He'll show you the way out


Under The Wings Of Love

Rise, rise little sparrow, spread your tiny wings and fly till you touch the sky, so high, you'll touch the rainbow, you let the wind blow through your feathers as you fly. You've got no sorrows, no care for tomorrow, you've got a place to hide, you're safe under the shadow, the shining shadow under the wings of love. You've got nothing to worry about, your Father won't let you fall to the ground, the strongest arms in the universe have promised you their care.

So, come, come on, tomorrow, no matter how black your gloom, I'm not scared of you, for I will cast all my sorrows onto the shoulders that are gonna see me through, I'm safe under the shadow, the shining shadow, under the wings of love.

Oh, the beauty of little things, He knows the number of every hair, the strongest arms in the universe have promised you their care.

So rise, rise little sparrow, spread your tiny wings and fly till you touch the sky, so high, you've got no sorrows under the shadow,


under the wings of love.


Waiting for Tomorrow (Dec.13, 2007) (Intro: C--Am--F--Gs4-G 2x) (C) Yesterdays have (Am) come and gone, to(F)day is all I (Gs4)have (G) and yet, the things I see around me, make me rather sad So (Am) I cling to Your (F) promises of (C) better days a(Gs4)head (G) If (Am) everything will (F) be the way You (Gs4) said, (G) I'm waiting for to(C)morrow (intro) You promised You would soon return to save us from this mess And that the world from shore to shore would live in righteousness If that is true & You'll bring true & lasting happiness I can't wait for those changes to take place I can't wait for tomorrow (intro) (Chorus:) All I (Am) have, all I've (F) done, is like (C) ice beneath the (Gs4) sun (G) I would gladly trade the world for one glimpse of Heaven's Son You can keep your here & now with all your things that you call fun But (Dm7) me, I will hold (Am7) out for something (F) better I'm (Gs4) waiting (G) for to(C)morrow (intro) I'm looking forward to the days we won't need planes to fly And no more dark black clouds of smoke pierce holes into the sky No politicians, televisions spouting off their lies A world where all the innocents won't die I'm waiting for tomorrow I'm waiting for a time when there'll be no such thing as war No money, no clichés, but truth and love will tell the score There won't be any evil people, rotten to the core We'll all know: Only idiots get bored! Can't wait for that tomorrow (Chorus 2x) (Choir:) Here in the Kingdom of God's Son true love is all you need Here in His Kingdom everyone's as happy as can be (3x)


WAKE UP! (Em) Hey, you're all junkies, hooked to the lie you better (Cmaj7) wake up before you (As2) die without even having (Em) lived look (Camj7) up to the sky, your re(As2)demption is nigh if you are (Em) bold enough to live (Cmaj7) brave enough to receive the light, want to be (As2) saved from your deceit & lies & think it's (Cmaj7) time to open up your eyes think you should (As2) wake up & (Em) live (Em) Maybe the darkness was all of the light you have (Cmaj7) known for all your (As2) lives, but you've merely been de(Em)ceived There (Camj7) is such a thing as the (As2) truth and the right thing to (Em) do if you believe have got the (Cmaj7) courage to receive the guts to (As2) work on this with me the urge to (Cmaj7) break out of your trance & sleep, think you should (Asus2) wake up and live (Ch.:) (As2) Wake up, it's time to stop drifting & (Em) reach out for the top (As2) Wake up, it's time to start living for (Em) real, not for the mob (As2) Wake up it's time to know that you can be (Em) healed, you can be (Cmaj7) freed from the ad(As2)diction to this lie that you have (Em) lived Ladies & Gentlemen, let me most humbly present the One Who paid the price to set you free Condemned, executed & tortured to death in a place named Calvary that was a thing He did for you and me that was the thing He'd come to do and be the Savior-Scapegoat of humanity that we should wake up and live (Ch. 2x)


We Are the Same (Praise to the Lamb) (Speed: 120) (E) Praise (C#/As2) to the (E) Lamb slain (A) from this (F#m) world's foun(Bs4)da(B)tion (A) Praise (G#m) to the (C#m) One Who (A) was and (F#m) is to (B) come Praise to the Savior of all tongues and nations Praise to the Lord Om(A)nipo(B)tent Who (E) reigns Praise Him Who's come, redeemed us from our failures Praise Him Who was and is, will always be Praise to the Star Who'll rise for us each morning Healing in His wings, Jesus, King of (E) kings (Speed: 84) Though we were (A) nothing but (B) clay yet (G#m) He found a (C#m) way to (A) take from (B) us our (Es4) shame (E) Though we were (A) nothing but (B) dust He be(C#m)came one of (F#m) us Through (A) Him, the (B) Son of (Es4) God (E), (A) now we (B) are the (E) same (12-Step: 84) (Chorus:) (E) We (F#m) are the (B) same, (A) sons of God (B) through His (Es4) name (E) Re(F#m)deemed, (A) pardoned, (B) saved, cleansed (A) by His blood (B) from our (E) shame Re(F#m)born (A) by His (B) grace, He's (A) made us His (B) bride with (A) nothing to (B) hide Oh, (F#m) praise Him, we (B) are the (E) same


We Haven't Even Yet Begun To Love (Feb 14, 2007)
(Em) Why, sister, (Ds2) do you cry? Have (C) you not found any(Ds2)one to love you (Em) right here in (Ds2) paradise, cause (C) you don't look the same? (Ds2) Why, sister, do you sigh? Are you too fat, too old too ugly for those who keep an eye on image and cliché? (C) When will the truth be(Ds4)gin (the things we've known our lives long) to really start sinking in (to finally drive the point home) that we have only loved the One as much as we have loved the lowest one, the last to come, oh [Chorus:] (G) Isn't it a (C) shame hypocri(Ds4)sy should have found its (C) way into our ranks? After all, we're claiming to be free from all the System's stupid, foul pranks (Em) Don't we claim (C) that we (Ds4) see? (Well, come on, have a look then!) So, (Oh) brother, could it be we (C) haven't even yet be(Em)gun to love? (D-C) We (Ds2) haven't even yet begun to love Time to see eye to eye & ask ourselves, are we the real thing putting to practice what we preach It's easy to fall for lies when we think that we dig the whole thing that life's got nothing left to teach - us When will we really live? There's so much more to give We only love the One as much as we will love the lowest one, the least of them, oh, [Chorus] When will the truth begin... ... the outcast we consider scum, oh ... We haven't even yet be(G)gun to love (C), oh (D) We (C) haven't even yet be(G)gun to love (C-D)


Welcome To Babylon

May ’92

Fatsack cadillac, drivin’ around With the hi-fi blastin’ like he owns the town Sugarbag, someone’s gonna steal your crown if you don’t watch out Big hunks, tough punks pushin’ you around Mammoth cash busters just draggin’ me down I can’t stand no more of that techno sound, I wanna drop out Dancer prance America the Whore Romance in vain cause you’ve been there before You look surprised, “Isn’t there anymore?” -- Great Confusion! Black smoke, death choke, oxygen’s gone Highway plugged up, rush hour’s on How long must we all still carry on? (Ch.:) Welcome to Babylon! Welcome to Babylon! High priest, sly biest, robbin’ the poor Bittersweet sermons are your bait and the lure Just tell me how you can be so hoggone sure you’re on the right track? 59 people living on the same floor barely ever say Hi to the fellow next door Tell me who are you goin’ through all this for I wanna go back Set pace, rat race, see how they run “I’m gonna get rich quicker than the other one! Stepping on people is actually fun!” (Ch.)


Welcome To The Rhythm (from the album “Rhythm Of Life”)

Dec.12 1994 by Dave Mendoza

As I sit here by this bed in which you’re waiting to be born So many things in my head, holding on to your sweet mom Wondering if you’re a boy or a girl, a rough little gem or smooth pearl Will your hair be straight or curled? Either way, we’ll always give you all the love in this world (Chorus:) Welcome to the rhythm, welcome to the tune Welcome to this world which you’re about to know so soon Welcome to the outside, welcome to the light Welcome to the music, welcome to the rhythm of life! Why am I always so nervous during a delivery? Although you’re already fifth to be a child in this family Well, we’ve been waiting so long Guess I’m not patient or strong What if the doctors do wrong? Guess I’ll trust in heaven, might as well just right down this song (Chorus) Finally the mystery unfurls One last push into this world I don’t breathe, move, talk or stir Here you come now, baby, Hallelujah, Mom, it’s a girl! (Ch.)


We’ve Come A Long Way (Ch.:) We’ve come a long way, yeah, come our way home We’ve come a long way, oh, yes, we’ve come our way home (rep.) We found the way & there ain’t no other Come on & step out by faith today, my brother! We’ve got the truth & there ain’t no more We’ve got a light, got an open door Because we’ve... (Ch.) We got home & here we’ll stay forever Come no more to roam, no, never Here we’ll stay for many thousand years There’ll ne no more pain nor cryin’ nor tears (Ch.)

July ‘82


(Chorus:) Wherever You (G) lead, (Am) there I will (C) follow (D) I’ll be on my (G) knees, (C) waiting for Your (Am) grace (D) Whatever You (G) feed me, (Am) that I will (C) swallow (D) All I want is to (G) see the (C) light on Your (Am) face (D) I will hold my (G) peace, (Am) You take my (C) sorrows! I will let You (G) speak, my (C) heart is Your (Am) home My trust in You is com(G)plete, (Am) You’re my tom(C)orrow (D) You’ll be all I (G) need, I’m (C) never a (Am) lone (D) (G) You’re enough for (Am) me, though I can’t (C) get enough of (D) You (G) You‘re the air I (C) breathe, You’re in (Am) everything I (D) do You’re my (G) beacon, Lord, my (Am) shining light that (C) helps me make it (D) through my (G) troubled times & (C) darkest night, You’re (Am) more than all I (D) knew (Ch.) You are the Sun, I am a tree, Lord, You’re everything to me You’re the rain, I’m a flower, in You alone, there‘s my power You’re my Husband, I’m Your wife, You’re what’s keeping me alive You’re the Bridegroom, I’m Your bride, You’re the wave I’ll ride (Ch.)


Where Grey Skies Won't Go

I grew up in a grey sky town, lots of people with grey sky frowns, man, I tell you, they bring you down, them grey sky blues.

Traveled far to a southern land where the nights are much longer and you see smiles in the warm white sand and the skies are blue.

Now some folks say there's no place like home, but I'd say depends on where you're born, 'cause I feel just like a southern man who'd vote for grey skies to be banned.

So take me where the golden sunsets glow, where the sky is blue and the palm trees grow, that is where I will call my home, there where life's still worth living, where the sun shines and grey skies won't go.

I grew tired of black chimney smoke, fourtyfive year olds dyin' of stroke, I said, God must be kiddin', I hope make those grey skies move.

Man I barely turned seventeen, I was no longer to be seen


in the land governed by machines where the grey skies rule.

Now I know some people just don't care whether they breathe in smoke or air, but I wanna sleep 'neath a starry sky where the moonlight lingers in my lover's eyes.

So take me where the golden sunsets glow, where the sky is blue and the palm trees grow, that is where I will call my home, there where life's still worth living, where the sun shines and grey skies won't go, where the grey skies won't go, where the grey skies won't go, the grey skies won't go, grey skies won't go.


WHO YOU ARE (capo 4th fret) (Intro: Am-F-G-Am-G-F 2x) (Chorus:) (Am) You don’t have to (F) hate your(G)self (Am) ‘cause I love you the (G) way you (F) are More than status, power, fame or wealth, in My world you are a star To really live means to become what I see you already are Don’t let your heart get hard and numb, come & let Me show you who you are Who you are So many you cry because you feel unloved and useless So many times you wonder why you’re made the way you are But you don’t have to be ashamed of all those hurts & bruises You don’t have to hide your scars (G/a) Let Me show you what I (As2) see when I look at you Let Me set your trapped mind free and know you’re beautiful To become what you must be, just accept that all is (C) well And that includes the way you (E) are, so let it be, love, let it (Am) be (Chorus) If I believe in you, can’t you believe Me for you, too? Believe in that I knew what I did when I chose you (Chorus) It’s okay to love yourself, it’s okay to trust in who you are You don’t have to hate yourself, ‘cause you’re made and loved the way you are It’s okay to love yourself, come & let Me show you who you are Who you are Who you are Who you are Who you are


Will You Marry Me
I never thought it would come to this But you bewitched me with your kiss //: will you marry me? :\\ I swore I’d never say that line But here I go for the second time: //: will you marry me? :\\ (Chorus:) Will you marry me up in the canyon, by the brook? Will you marry me beneath the angels` smiling looks? Will you marry me & may our witness be the One Who makes our love each day as if it’s only just begun I thought I’d never say these words I felt were just for fools & nerds, will you marry me? I’ve been a coward all my life How come I didn’t run this time, will you ... (2nd Chorus:) Will you marry me beneath the shade of some old tree? Will you marry me, the stars, the mountains, you & me Will you marry me in that most peculiar style? I’ve got this feeling you and me, will stick together for a while (3rd Chorus:) Will you marry me before the dusk turns into day? Will you marry me & sing our “I’ll Be On My Way”? Will you marry me cause` you don’t care what people say Cause I love you & you love me & what else really matters anyway?


Winning Team I'd vote for you if you would run for president I'd have you elected as my queen I'd choose you any day over the government 'cause you're the sweetest boss I've ever seen (Ch.:) Cause, Baby, I think you & me, we are a winning team It's true, you see, you can have the driver's seat Cause all we need is love and unity and some humility for us to become a winning team The same goes for our brothers, sisters, all our friends who're with us, trying to change the world with love If we will stick together till the very end our King will find us joined as one when He'll come from above Cause brother, I think you... (Chorus)


Wisdom Tell me, who is She that talks to & soothes the wind & the fire & the rain Gives me Her comfort & touches me, heals me & eases my every pain Is She a woman, a spirit, some magic or only a mystical dream ? I’ve known Her since I was a child, so I know that she must be reality Oh, I can feel Her, oh, I can breath Her Oh, & I know I’m not alone on this lonesome road Once in a vision I thought I had seen just a glimpse of Her smiling at me The beauty & grace of Her facial expression is something I will always see Sometimes at night in the stillness I hear Her like whispering into my ears Wonderful words of Her wisdom that fill me with peace when I know She’s near Oh, I can hear Her, want to be near Her Never want Her to let me go Once in a summer I thought that I heard Her like singin’ a lovely refrain Of all of the wonders & miracles of life & repeat it again & again Spirit of freedom & love, Queen of Heaven, oh Mother of all that is life Oh, for my heart to be filled with Your wisdom, Your truth to enlighten my eyes Oh, I can see Her, feel & perceive Her in every miracle of life


Woe! When the (Am) children of Zion (G) dream about the (F) Matrix (Am) Trading truth & (G) love for the (F) Big Lie & (Em) hatred Des(Am)pising their own (G) heritage & (F) think it’s rather odd It’s (Am) hard, (G) hard, (Am) When the children of David bow down & worship mammon They stop living the Law of Love, having all things in common When money is the thing of which they just can’t get enough It’s tough, tough, tough (Chorus:) (F) Lord, forgive us for we’ve strayed & (Am) heal us from our sin (G) Help us get back on the way for (Am) we’re destined to win (F) Free us from the bondage of the (Am) Devil and his kin (G) Help us wipe off from his face that (Em) evil, wicked (E) grin When the children of the Kingdom go astray and follow Satan Down the broad way, through the wide gate of those who’ll only betray them When sheep put on the clothes of wolves, pretending they’re so bad It’s sad, sad, sad When the New Church of the Lamb has lost ist purpose & the vision And the multitudes are still lost in the vale of indecision Cuase the shepherds have not come to tenderly gather them in It’s sin, sin sin (Chorus:) (F) Lord, forgive us for we’ve strayed & (Am) heal us from our sin (G) Help us get back on the way for (Am) we’re destined to win (F) Free us from the bondage of the (Am) Devil and his kin (G) Help us wipe off from his face that (Em) evil, wicked (E) grin (Bridge:) (G) Break us and re-make us and wake (F) us up from our (Am) sleep (G) For we have to warn the world & (F) find His little (Am) sheep (G) With the keys of destiny there’s (F) nothing we can’t (Am) do We’ll (G) rise above and overcome and (E) win the World for You (Chorus 2x)


Worthy (2.Samuel 22:2,4,7,33) The (A) LORD (E) is my (D) rock, and my (C#m) fortress, (D) and my de(E)liverer God is my strength and power: and He maketh my way perfect. (Chorus:) (D) I will call on the (E)LORD, Who is worthy to be praised: so shall I be saved from mine enemies. In my distress I called upon the LORD, and cried to my God: and He did hear my voice out of His temple, and my cry did enter into His ears. (Ch.) Who is worthy to be praised (2x) Thou art worthy to be praised You are worthy to be praised


Yearn for You (April 08)
Every day has a new riddle for me Like crawling through a fog on hands and knees Question marks in the dark Where's the spark that will just shine enough light on the shadowy path before me? There are many things I just can't see unless You reveal them to me I've no clue where to go, what to do unless You show me & lead me & guide me Oh, Jesus, (Chorus:) I yearn for You I'm burning to learn so much more from You Teach me, Lord, let Your Word make my world more like Yours Open my eyes and my heart, Lord and teach me to see I want to be so much more like You, Jesus Change my heart, give me a new start, a new part to play in this mystery called life Jesus, show me the way! Every day brings a new challenge to me like a new prison from which to break free Whispers and voices surrounding me pointing in different directions in my quest & search for the key (mod.) There are many things I just can't see unless You reveal them to me I've no clue where to go, what to do unless You show me & lead me & guide me Oh, Jesus, (Chorus) Put the right words on my lips to say Be my way, make my day fill every moment with Your light, Your love & Your presence Oh, Jesus, (Chorus)


You (Living God)
Oh You are my sunshine, you are my life Oh, You give me comfort from all my strife You enlighten my hours, both, day & night You’ve wiped away all of those tears from my eyes -- You are a rainbow, you made the flowers, you made the butterflies You are my Angel, You are my Lover, Your Spirit takes me so high You set me on fire, You gave me light You encouraged my heart in the deepest night Oh, You show all the wonders of life to me You shared all the secrets of life with me -- You taught me the dance & You taught me to sing You taught me to love & to give You taught me to cheer up a broken man’s heart You’re the first One who taught me to live Oh, You make me happy You make me sing You fill up my heart like a deep blue spring Oh, You are the meaning of life to me & now, rise up again & make love to me -- Over the hills and over the trees, over the mountains so high Over the rivers and over the waters on wings of the spirit we fly, high (1st verse) Oh, Jesus, the Son of the Living God, Praise be unto Your name, oh, Living God!


You’re It
Yeah, I've been told before, "There's nothing worth searchin' for, There’s no reason to believe In things that you cannot see." But when I look up to the stars, Amazed at the myst'ry that we are And the beauty that I feel, Op.1: That's all the reason I need. Op.2: I'm so convinced You are real. Op.3: My heart sings out, "You are real!" Chorus 1 Jesus, You're the One I need, You're the One I've been looking for. You see, I couldn’t find an open door, And I heard that You’ve got the keys. Jesus, You're the One I want To take me to Your fancy restaurant Up in the Place they call heavenly. Would you keep a table for me? Jesus, You're the One I need. Verse 2 With not a place to go, Many things I still don't know. Barely see the road in front of me, There's too much fog there to see. Come and shine Your light Into my heart & set things right, Make me part of Your family; So glad that You've rescued me. (Repeat Chorus 1) Bridge Let them have their loud, empty places, Filled with meaningless faces. I still know that my place is Somewhere higher than that. Let them keep their nasty illusions, Their brains stuffed with confusion. There’s one simple solution, And I'll just leave it at that: Chorus 2 Jesus is the One you need, He's the One you've been looking for. You see, you couldn't find an open door, But I tell ya, He's got the keys. Yeah, He's the One you want To take you to His fancy restaurant Up in the Place beyond the blue, He's got a table for you. Jesus is the One you need,


YOU’RE THE AIR THAT I BREATHE (C9) Lord, You're so gracious to (Em/G) me, You are all I can (F/G) see made me more than I (Gsus4) ever asked to be Lord, You're all that I am, You do all that I can't You're the beginning & end of my story (C9) You're in all I (Am7) do, I'm nothing without (F/G) You I'm just a helpless (Gsus4) fool without Your love You're my Destiny, Yours I'm meant to be You're the air that I breathe, Jesus, You're better than a dream You're life's purpose to (Em/G) me, I am totally free being tied to You's all I want to be I'm perplexed by Your ways, You turned my night into day took my burden away, You rescued me For eterni(Am7) ty, Yours I'm meant to be I was blind, now I see Your majesty Without You life was pain, now I'm born again You're the air that I breathe, Jesus, You're better than a dream (Br.:) (Am7) Though Life still ain't (Em) perfect & there may be (Fmaj7) battles at every (C) turn I now know what I'm fighting for & with (G) You there's nothing I can't learn (First verse)


You Shed Light Into My Heart (Thanks to You) Could I forget, would it be fair to let it slip my mind, all the things that you & I have gone through? There's no regret, nor can I fail ever to mention thank you for the way that you have made my life true Thanks to you I love this life Thanks to you I found my part Thanks to you I found my way You shed light into my heart Now I walk, my head held high, ever facing towards the Son Share with me the love of life, feel forever just begun


You Won't Ever Be The Same I had such a very broken heart, everything I dreamed fell apart couldn't find another start, oh no I, deep down inside was so alone, in spite of all the things owned kept on looking for a way back home Then I still clearly remember the day when the Son came into my life set me free from care & strife, turned my darkness to light and chased the dark clouds all away Now I won't ever be the same again my heart cracked open & love came Now want to tell the World & sing That all life’s reason is in loving Him Now you, I turn around & look at you because you're seeming just as blue as me before I was born anew You see, this love, isn't just for me but it can also set you free & lift your life into the heavenlies So why, why don't you Just give it a try? You hear him knocking at your heart He'll give your life another start, although you're torn apart And a love that will never die And you won't ever be the same again If you just open up & let Him in Then you'll want to tell the World & sing that all life's reason is in loving Him


GERMAN LYRICS: Alternative (Em-G-As2-Ds2-Em-Cmaj7-Ds2-As2) Es (Em) gibt eine (G) Alterna-(As2)-ti-(Ds2)ve im (Em) Dienste des (Cmaj7) Königs der (Ds2) Lie-(As2)-be Bist (Em) du unbe-(G)-weglich und (As2) ange-(Ds2)-passt oder (Em) spürst du dass (Cmaj7) du noch viel (Ds2) mehr in dir (As2) hast? Es (Em) gibt eine (G) Alterna-(As2)-ti-(Ds2)ve (Em-Cmaj7-Ds2-As2) Bist du (Em) dazu ge-(G)-boren ein (As2) Sklave zu (Ds2) sein oder (Em) hörst du den (Cmaj7) Freiheitsdrang (Ds2) in dir schrei'n? Es (Em) gibt eine (G) Alterna-(As2)-ti-(Ds2)ve (Em-Cmaj7-Ds2-As2) Ist (Em) Geld alles (G) was du vor (As2) Augen (Ds2) hast oder (Em) glaubst du es (Cmaj7) gibt eine (Ds2) bessere Last? Es (Em) gibt eine (G) Alterna-(As2)-ti-(Ds2)ve im (Em) Dienste des (Cmaj7) Königs der (Ds2) Lie-(As2)-be Ist dein (C9) Schicksal Routine von (G) früh bis (Em/G)spät oder (C9) glaubst du dass noch etwas (G) anderes (D) geht? Fällt dir (C9) zum Thema Leben sonst (G) nichts mehr (Em/G) ein oder (C9) bist du bestimmt frei ge-(G)-boren zu (D) sein? Es (Em) gibt eine (G) Alterna-(As2)-ti-(Ds2)ve im (Em) Dienste des (Cmaj7) Königs der (Ds2) Lie-(As2)-be Ist der (Em) Alltagstrott (G) etwas das (As2) dich nicht (Ds2) stört oder (Em) hast du die(Cmaj7) Stimme der (Ds2) Freiheit gehört? Es (Em) gibt eine (G) Alterna-(As2)-ti-(Ds2)ve (Em-Cmaj7-Ds2-As2) Ist es (Em) dir schlicht egal wer dein Meister (Ds2) ist oder (Em) fühlst du dich als ob du im (Ds2) falschen Film bist? Es (Em) gibt eine (G) Alterna-(As2)-ti-(Ds2)ve (Em-Cmaj7-Ds2-As2) Dein Leben: (Em) recht oder (G) schlecht? Bist du falsch oder (Ds2) echt? Glaubst du (Em) nicht dass das Schicksal sich (Ds2) irgendwann rächt? Es (Em) gibt eine (G) Alterna-(As2)-ti-(Ds2)ve für (Em)welche hast (Cmaj7)du dich entschie-(Ds2)-den (As2)? (Em-G-As2-Ds2-Em-Cmaj7-Ds2-As2) Merkst du (C9)dass irgendwas hier ver-(G)-kehrt 'rum ist und dass (C9)du ohne Liebe ver-(G)-loren bist Ist dein (C9)Herr und dein Meister der (G) Antichrist oder (C9)glaubst du dass Jesus der (G) Richtige ist? (Em-G-As2-Ds2-Em-Cmaj7-Ds2-As2) Es (Em) gibt eine (G) Alterna-(As2)-ti-(Ds2)ve im (Em) Dienste des (Cmaj7) Königs der (Ds2) Lie-(As2)-be Es (Em) gibt eine (G) Alterna-(As2)-ti-(Ds2)ve für (Em)welche hast (Cmaj7)du dich entschie-(Ds2)-den (As2)? Die (Em) einzige (G) Alterna-(As2)-ti-(Ds2)ve findest (Em) du hier in (Cmaj7) Gottes (Ds2) Familie (As2) (Em-G-As2-Ds2-Em-Cmaj7-Ds2-As2)


GERMAN LYRICS: Index: Alternative Bald Bin ich jetzt ein Terrorist? Der Feind Der Schmerz der Andern Du bist alles Du kannst

Du lebst

Du bist ja überhaupt nicht so cool

Du rast wie der Wind Es gibt ein Gebot Ganz nah Glauben heisst Sehen Glaub’s oder nicht Herrenrasse? Hier komm’ ich Ich bin dankbar Ich bin glücklich Ich glaub' den Schwachsinn nicht Ich raff’s einfach nicht

Ich rufe dich
Ihr könnt Mich

Kinder des Lichts
Kurz vor Mitternacht in Deutschland

Land in Sicht Lass‘ sie geh’n Nur das Licht Nur die Liebe Psalm 1 Rette mich Return To Paradise

Sag’ mir wo die Liebe ist ...
Schieb’ Liebe in dein Herz Schon immer See You Later Sei unser Mann Selbstmitleid Sinn des Lebens So viel zum Thema Steig Hinauf TV-Zombie Was könnt’ wichtiger sein? Weißt du noch damals? Wer bin ich


Alternative (Em-G-As2-Ds2-Em-Cmaj7-Ds2-As2) Es (Em) gibt eine (G) Alterna-(As2)-ti-(Ds2)ve im (Em) Dienste des (Cmaj7) Königs der (Ds2) Lie-(As2)-be Bist (Em) du unbe-(G)-weglich und (As2) ange-(Ds2)-passt oder (Em) spürst du dass (Cmaj7) du noch viel (Ds2) mehr in dir (As2) hast? Es (Em) gibt eine (G) Alterna-(As2)-ti-(Ds2)ve (Em-Cmaj7-Ds2-As2) Bist du (Em) dazu ge-(G)-boren ein (As2) Sklave zu (Ds2) sein oder (Em) hörst du den (Cmaj7) Freiheitsdrang (Ds2) in dir schrei'n? Es (Em) gibt eine (G) Alterna-(As2)-ti-(Ds2)ve (Em-Cmaj7-Ds2-As2) Ist (Em) Geld alles (G) was du vor (As2) Augen (Ds2) hast oder (Em) glaubst du es (Cmaj7) gibt eine (Ds2) bessere Last? Es (Em) gibt eine (G) Alterna-(As2)-ti-(Ds2)ve im (Em) Dienste des (Cmaj7) Königs der (Ds2) Lie-(As2)-be Ist dein (C9) Schicksal Routine von (G) früh bis (Em/G)spät oder (C9) glaubst du dass noch etwas (G) anderes (D) geht? Fällt dir (C9) zum Thema Leben sonst (G) nichts mehr (Em/G) ein oder (C9) bist du bestimmt frei ge-(G)-boren zu (D) sein? Es (Em) gibt eine (G) Alterna-(As2)-ti-(Ds2)ve im (Em) Dienste des (Cmaj7) Königs der (Ds2) Lie-(As2)-be Ist der (Em) Alltagstrott (G) etwas das (As2) dich nicht (Ds2) stört oder (Em) hast du die(Cmaj7) Stimme der (Ds2) Freiheit gehört? Es (Em) gibt eine (G) Alterna-(As2)-ti-(Ds2)ve (Em-Cmaj7-Ds2-As2) Ist es (Em) dir schlicht egal wer dein Meister (Ds2) ist oder (Em) fühlst du dich als ob du im (Ds2) falschen Film bist? Es (Em) gibt eine (G) Alterna-(As2)-ti-(Ds2)ve (Em-Cmaj7-Ds2-As2) Dein Leben: (Em) recht oder (G) schlecht? Bist du falsch oder (Ds2) echt? Glaubst du (Em) nicht dass das Schicksal sich (Ds2) irgendwann rächt? Es (Em) gibt eine (G) Alterna-(As2)-ti-(Ds2)ve für (Em)welche hast (Cmaj7)du dich entschie-(Ds2)-den (As2)? (Em-G-As2-Ds2-Em-Cmaj7-Ds2-As2) Merkst du (C9)dass irgendwas hier ver-(G)-kehrt 'rum ist und dass (C9)du ohne Liebe ver-(G)-loren bist Ist dein (C9)Herr und dein Meister der (G) Antichrist oder (C9)glaubst du dass Jesus der (G) Richtige ist? (Em-G-As2-Ds2-Em-Cmaj7-Ds2-As2) Es (Em) gibt eine (G) Alterna-(As2)-ti-(Ds2)ve im (Em) Dienste des (Cmaj7) Königs der (Ds2) Lie-(As2)-be Es (Em) gibt eine (G) Alterna-(As2)-ti-(Ds2)ve für (Em)welche hast (Cmaj7)du dich entschie-(Ds2)-den (As2)? Die (Em) einzige (G) Alterna-(As2)-ti-(Ds2)ve findest (Em) du hier in (Cmaj7) Gottes (Ds2) Familie (As2) (Em-G-As2-Ds2-Em-Cmaj7-Ds2-As2)



Bald Bald kommst Du zurück & holst mich ab in der Entrückung in der Nacht wenn Du das Glück nach dem wir uns sehnen vollkommen machst Und bald wird auch der Fluch behoben sein der auf uns lastet wie ein Stein wir werden endlich und für immer frei sein und vereint wenn Du kommst wenn Du kommst Bald wischst Du die letzte Träne fort wenn wir Dich seh'n an jenem Ort an dem Du zu Beginn die Welten erschufst durch Dein Wort und bald wird alles Tote auferstehen und neues Leben wird erblüh'n und offenbar jedes Geheimnis das wir nicht verstehen wenn Du kommst wenn Du kommst Bald - ein neuer Anfang für die Welt wenn die Zeit selbst plötzlich anhält & Du uns zu Dir rufst, hinauf in's off'ne Himmelszelt Und bald wird Frieden herrschen wo einst Krieg aller Hass von Sanftmut besiegt Wenn jedes Auge dieser Welt endlich Dein Licht erblickt wenn Du kommst wenn Du kommst wenn Du kommst wenn Du kommst



Bin ich jetzt ein Terrorist? Bin ich jetzt ein Terrorist weil ich für eure Riesentraumfabrik einfach zu wach bin? Weil ich das was ihr uns eintrichtern wollt nicht schluck‘, sondern sag‘, „So’n Schwachsinn!“? Steh‘ ich jetzt auf eurer schwarzen Liste weil ich nur allzu gerne wüsste wie ich dem ganzen Schrott-System meinen Mittelfinger zeig‘? Werd‘ ich jetzt von euch geächtet weil ich mein gutes Recht verfechte zu tun & lassen und zu glauben was ich schlicht und einfach tun, und glauben mag? Seid ihr jetzt gar sehr empört weil es mich ganz heftig stört dass ihr uns betäubt, belügt & aussaugt; von früh bis spät bespitzelt, ausraubt, versucht uns in den Schlaf zu wiegen, den letzten Freiheitsdrang besiegen, benutzt wie eine wegwerfbare Batterie? Würdet ihr mich jetzt gern zerquetschen, eliminieren und zerfetzen, die nackte Wahrheit ausradier’n? Ich sag‘ euch gleich, das schafft ihr nie! Für jeden von uns den ihr töten werdet verliert ihr tausend eurer Herde dein Hass bringt dich unter die Erde, du großer Sonnengott, ich prophezei‘ dir deinen Fall Du kamst herab, du Stern des Morgens, wolltest dir die Welt mal eben borgen „Wer braucht den Himmel wenn man Hölle haben kann?“ Bin ich jetzt ein Terrorist weil ich schrei, „Bezahlt die GEZ nicht!“ Bezahlst du deinen Nachbarn etwa auch dafür dass sein Hund in deinen Garten kacken darf? Meine Ohren sind Geschwülste, wund und taub von dem Gesülze mit dem ihr uns tagein tagaus schier bombardiert Werd‘ ich jetzt auf das Schafott kommen weil ich sag‘ „Boykottiert die Tkom!“ oder „Leute, stoppt das Ferkel!“ „Poli-ticker sind Null-Blicker!“ „Herr Professor, Sie sind im Irrtum!“ „Herr Doktor, Sie sind Quacksalber! Schluck‘ deine Medizin doch selber oder amputiert euch doch mal selbst das falsche Bein!“? Ihr habt Denjenigen verachtet Der euch den Sinn des Lebens brachte, wolltet Ihn in eine Schachtel stecken in ein Haus mit vielen bunten Ecken mit Orgelsound am Sonntag Morgen und Glockenklang So wahr Er auferstanden ist, ich bin wie Er kein Terrorist, zumindest keiner der mit Spielzeugwaffen kämpft Sein Wort ist meine Munition. Sag‘ jetzt nicht gleich, „Ach, kenn‘ ich schon!“ Denn du weisst nichts und das was du zu wissen glaubst hat man dir nur einverleibt Und wenn du denkst ich bin voll panne und hab‘ wohl einen an der Kanne dann pass‘ mal schön auf was noch bald vor uns geschieht: Wiev iel Eier kannst du kochen, wieviele Tage oder Wochen wirst du überleben wenn man dir den Stecker zieht? Wenn jeder Laden an der Ecke ganz einfach zu ist, Mann, verrecke! Die Welt ist eh‘ überbevölkert - oder nicht? Man muss die Massen dezimieren und das Gesindel eliminieren. Gestern die Juden, morgen die Christen und alle ander’n Terroristen und dann, was dann? Wie fein und, ach, wie toll wird’s sein: Dann läuten wir die neue Ära des großen Führers aller Heere, die langersehnte, wunderschöne neue Weltordnung - ganz ohne Bargeld - ein.


Receive the Mark, or die!



Der Feind Der Krieg um eure Seelen der vor langer Zeit begann kommt langsam zum Finale das das Gute längst gewann Der Feind hockt direkt vor euch auf einem schönen Tisch ein Schrein in eurem Heiligtum – doch ihr erkennt ihn nicht Er stiehlt euch eure Kinder, er stiehlt euch eure Zeit er stiehlt euch eure Meinung, macht sich in euren Köpfen breit Er sagt euch wie ihr sein müsst um cool und „in“ zu sein und nistet sich in jeder kleinsten Faser eures Wesens ein Er definiert euch neu die Wahrheit, Ethik, Moral, und zwar genau und wer von dieser Gerade abweicht, der wird schon seh’n, das war nicht schlau Diktiert Gedanken und Gefühle, eure Gewohnheiten auch denn er weiss alles was ihr jemals wolltet (oder etwa nicht?) und braucht Er zeigt dir endlos schöne Bilder & singt dich täglich in den Schlaf Bestimmt wann du Adrenalin brauchts & lachen oder weinen darfst Er raubt euch eure Energien, ihr Geiseln eurer eig’nen Couch Wann schnippt er wohl mit seinem Finger: „Es ist vorbei. Wacht auf!“? Er ist kein Mensch und doch ganz viele, und hat doch nich ein Herz gehabt er ist ein Ding, eine Maschine: euer heissgeliebter Fernsehapparat Wenn dir das Wörtchen „Freiheit“ lieb ist, dann geb‘ ich dir den guten Rat: Lass‘ dich nicht länger mehr versklaven, steh‘ auf und geh‘, schreite zur Tat Und hol‘ die Axt aus deinem Keller, zieh‘ ihm den Stecker ‘raus und, Mann, dann hau‘ das Ding in tausend Stücke & fang‘ ein neues Leben an!

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Der Schmerz der Andern

(near Aulendorf, summer 2000)

Ich (E) liege hier nackt am (C#/As2) See, der Himmel könnte kaum (E) blauer sein Doch irgendwas tief in mir tut (C#/As2) weh, aus der Ferne hör' (F#m7) ich Geschrei ich (Bs2) kann ihn einfach nicht igno(A)rier'n, den Schmerz der (E) ander'n Abends Sekt & kaltes Buffet, "die Jacke sieht teuer aus" Doch während ich mire diese Leute anseh' geht mir langsam der Ofen aus Ich kann ihn einfach nicht ignorier'n... (Ref.:) Den Schmerz all (F#m) derer die's ver(A)sucht haben, und nicht ge(E)schafft & jener die (F#) Hände voll trübem (A) Wasser trinken, statt (E) Seen aus purem (B) Saft Die Stimme wird (A) stärker, die mich fragt, "Hey, was hast du (B) heute getan das einen (F#m) Unterschied (E) macht?" Die Trommelfelle tun mir noch weh von der Musik und dem netten Applaus Doch spätestens um viertel vor vier geh ich allein nach haus Ich denk' darüber nach was wohl geschieht, meine Gedanken wandern Ich kann ihn einfach nicht ignorier'n... (Ref. &) Derer die suchen und immer nocht nichts gefunden haben den Schmerz der Verlierer, während wir uns am Siegestrunk laben Hört doch bittel mal (B) auf, könnt ihr mir nicht nur (A) eine Minute lang (F#m) zuhör'n? Schon gut, macht ruhig weiter, es ist ja doch nur der Schmerz der Andern



Du bist alles (Ref.:) Du bist größer als ich, das ist mir heut' klar Du bist mehr als alles was ich je besaß Deine Liebe wird in meiner Schwäche stark Du bist alles was ich brauche Du bist alles was ich hab' Einst sah ich so was wie meinen Feind in Dir Kein Rivale, eher so was wie'n hohes Tier Du da oben und ganz klein hier unten wir Bis Du mir zeigtest, das war nur ein Hirngespinst von mir Denn wer und was Du wirklich bist wird mir erst langsam klar Seitdem ich weiss wie sehr ich frueher auf dem Holzweg war Und dass ich jetzt erst lebe (Ref.) Oft geht's uns nur drum zu zeigen wir sind stark Wir definier'n uns mit dem was jeder zu tun vermag Viel zu spät wird klar, dass dort der Haken lag Wir ignorieren Dich und Deine Güte jeden Tag Und wer und was du wirklich bist wird uns erst langsam klar wenn wir beginnen einzuseh'n dass Du es wirklich warst der uns das Leben gab (Ref.) Herr, ... (2x) Du bist alles was ich hab’ Du bist alles fuer mich B Ab Gb E Db E


Du kannst "Wo ist der Sinn in all diesem Chaos?" fragst du dich "Wo führt das hin?" fagst du in deiner Wut auf Mich Und kannst du's jetzt auch nicht seh'n schon bald, Mein Kind, wirst du versteh'n: Du kannst auf Mich bau'n und du kannst Mir vertrau'n Gib' Mir die Chance, & Ich werd's nicht versau'n Ich weiß was Ich tu' - irgendwann gibst du's zu: Es gibt einen Plan den auch du sehen kannst Komm', leg' alles in Meine Hand Du kannst "Wo ist der Sinn in all' diesem Elend und Geschrei? Gott, ich glaub' Du spinnst, geht Dir uns're Welt am Arsch vorbei?" So gebt ihr Mir die Schuld an jedem Übel dieser Welt Doch Meine Antwort bhleibt Geduld; diesen Weg habt ihr selbst gewählt Du kannst auf Mich bau'n und du kannst Mir vertrau'n Gib' Mir die Chance, & Ich werd's nicht versau'n Ich weiß was Ich tu' - irgendwann gibst du's zu: Es gibt einen Plan den auch du sehen kannst Komm', leg' alles in Meine Hand Du kannst

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Du lebst Wenn jemand sich entschließt zu leben, zu lernen, zu lieben, zu geben. Wenn jemand den Einblick in's Geheimnis erfasst, dann wird er von manchen geliebt & von vielen gehasst Wenn Du aufhören willst zu kriechen, versuchst einen Stern zu erreichen Dann wird dir von manchen ein Tor aufgemacht wirst von einer Handvoll gelobt & von den Massen verlacht Doch du kannst sie nicht einmal hören Dein Blick ist fixiert auf dein Ziel Du lässt dich von niemandem stören weder hindern noch ablenken, von ihrem Spiel- du steigst Bereit sein sich selbst zu verlieren bedeutet zu seh'n zu kapieren Es gilt größ'res zu finden als lediglich sich selbst Lass los & steh nackt vor dem Licht. dem Schöpfer der Welt Und lass' dich von Ihm inspirieren, du weißt, es gibt nichts das nicht geht. Was hast du schon zu verlieren? Dein Stolz ist es, der deinem Glück widersteht Drum lass' einfach los, bevor du dich versiehst: So wahr du in dieser Welt lebst- ich schwör dir, du schwebst Drum lass dich vom Leben verführen den Wundern & Rätseln die es ständig gibt Lass dich von der Liebe berühren Wenn du weißt du wirst bedingungslos geliebt dann freu dich: du lebst MP3


Du bist ja überhaupt nicht so cool Du bist ja überhaupt nicht so cool wie ich immer gedacht hab` Und ich, ich bin der kleine Idiot über den ihr immer gelacht habt Und jetzt, jetzt sitzt du vor mir und weinst Weil draussen keine Sonne für dich mehr scheint Du bist ja ... Jeden Morgen in der Schule, was habt ihr gepafft, Mann Und kam ein Pauker daher gerannt nanntest du ihn `nen Blödmann Und jetzt hast du null Ahnung wohin Das Leben hat für dich keinen Sinn Du bist ja ... (Bridge:) Einst dachtest du die ganze Welt gehörte dir Jetzt fragst du dich nur ständig, he was soll ich hier Nana`n`na na na`n`nahna ... (1st v. & Bridge) //:Du bist ja ... :\\ (3x)



Du rast wie der Wind (Em) So, du glaubst du hast (C) Pech gehabt und, nun, es (G) kam halt wie es (D) kam Du stehtst nicht gern als Versager da, doch was dir abgeht ist dein Charme Und wo sind nur all die Leute hin mit denen alles möglich war? Du siehst, die Zeit hat dich eingeholt, du stehst mit leeren Händen da Und was nun? Gibst du (C) auf oder bringst du zu (G) Ende was du einst an(D)gefangen (Em) hast? Dieser ewige Schwachsinn raubt dir noch die Sinne, Mädel, pass auf was du machst Du gehörst nicht hier hin, also falte die Hände und bete dass, wenn du gehst du irgend einen Ort, irgend einen Platz findest, nun tret schon auf's (Ds4) Gas (Ref.:) Du rast wie der (G) Wind & hoffst (F#/Ds2) niemand er(Em)kennt dass du (D) keiner von (C) ihnen bist, 's nie (B/G) wirst und nie (Ds4) warst Du gehörst nicht hier hin, drim renn' Baby, renn' auch wenn jeder hier dich nur einen Feigling nennt Du rast wie der Wind Irgendwie ist es komisch, wie schwer es oft ist sich eizugestehen dass du ziemlich weit von dem Weg abkamst den du einst auszogst zu geh'n Und wie lang' es immer dauert bis man bereit ist einzusehen Wir haben alle viel Mist gebaut, was gibt's daran nicht zu versteh'n Aber du bist spezial, auf deine Weise genial, auch wenn du jetzt sagst, "Der spinnt!" Dir ist sicherlich klar, du bist das was du warst: schon immer ein ganz besond'res Kind Auf deine eigene Art bist du echt wunderbar auch wenn du manchmal ganz grundlos ausklinkst Das ist mir ganz egal, ich bin nur für dich da, & ich folge dir nach (Ref.) MP3


Es gibt ein Gebot (Thou Shalt Love) Sehr geehrter Herr - 'ch mein' - Mister President könnt' es sein dass jemand hier das Ziel verkennt? Du laberst auf uns ein, wie's Politiker halt tun und du erzählst uns, bis die Übeltat bestraft ist, wird dein Zorn niemals ruh'n Der Krieg macht sich bezahlt und ist gut für's Geschäft Vor allem dort wo Öl sich leicht entbehren lässt Deinem Volk ist's ja egal ob du korrupt bist und brutal solange du nur weiter vorgibst du liebst Jesus statt Krösus gewinnt jeder Trottel die Wahl Doch was dir entgeht ist was geschrieben steht: "Es gibt ein Gebot: lieb' Gott und deinen Nächsten wie dich selbst" - so wie dich selbst "Es gibt ein Gebot: lieb' Gott und deinen Nächsten wie dich selbst" - nichts and'res zählt Ich muss sagen, du bist wirklich ganz schön abgebrüht so wie du das Blau schier aus dem Himmel lügst Du bist zwar nicht der erste der das wirklich super kann und bestimmt auch nicht der letzte der uns weis machen will dass wenn man den Feind killt, hilft's dem Land Was dir entgeht ist was geschrieben steht (Ref.) Einzig und allein was wir in Liebe tun bleibt je besteh'n auch lang nachdem der Vorhang fällt Nur wie du den geringsten deiner Brüder hier behandelt hast, ist was in Gottes Augen zählt Glaubst du denn der Himmel wär für die die keine and're Lösung kennen als den Krieg?


Ganz nah Ganz nah, ich brauch' Dich ganz nah Wenn ich Dich nicht bei mir spür' bin ich nicht ganz da Ganz nah, ich brauch' Dich ganz nah Lass mich Dein Herz in meinem klopfen fühl'n sag' mir, was ist wahr Bist Du so weit weg wie sie's uns einreden wollen? Sind wir bloß ein Stück Dreck, dem Urschleim Zufall entronnen? Sind wir nur ein Patent - 'ne Art Massenproduktion? Oder bin ich Dein Kind und vielleicht wartest Du schon? (Ref.) Sind wir vorprogrammiert dazu uns selbst zu zerstör'n oder sind wir bestimmt dazu zu Dir zu gehör'n? Hast Du uns gar schon satt oder fängst Du jetzt erst an uns zu zeigen was Deine Liebe bewirken kann? (Ref.) Sag', bist Du die Liebe Selbst, so wie Dein Buch Dich beschreibt oder ein Supergehirn das hier sein Unwesen treibt? Ist Dein Name Jehovah, Krishna, Buddha, Allah oder bist Du der zu dem uns're Seele ausruft, "Papa!"? (Ref.)


Glauben heisst Sehen Ich dachte immer schwach ist schwach und stark ist stark doch heut' hab' ich gelernt, nee, das war alles Quark Gegebenheiten sind nämlich bedeutungslos denn Gott macht große Leute klein und kleine groß Drum, kehrt mein Schiff auch mit gebroch'nen Masten heim so werd' ich nicht verzagen sondern Ihm vertrau'n Denn nichts scheint wie es ist und nichts ist wie es scheint Unter der Oberfläche kann es oft ganz anders sein Denn Glauben heisst seh'n, wenn auch ganz anders nämlich mit Augen die das Unsichtbare seh'n Hör' auf zu verstehen um zu glauben sondern glaube um am Ende zu versteh'n Da ist ein Weg der scheint den Menschen recht zu sein Jedoch am Ende fliegt er in die Patsche rein Bevor du springst guck lieber vorher noch mal hin und denk' dran dass bei Gott die Dinge anders sind Danke Jesus, dass Du stets gewinnst Du findest uns auch wenn wir schier verloren sind Werden wir auch verfolgt, verspottet, ausgelacht Du bist und bleibst Der der aus allem Gutes macht (Ref.)

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Glaub’s oder nicht (Ref.:) Ob du’s (C) glaubst oder nicht, es gibt ’nen (F) Gott Und der (C) ist größer als al(Dm)les was es gibt Und doch passt (F) Er in jedes (G) Herz das Ihn liebt Glaub’s oder nicht, Er hat ’ne Stadt voller Licht In der gibt es auch ganz bestimmt Ein Häuschen ganz speziell gebaut für dich Und glaubt’s oder nicht, Er liebt euch mehr als ihr wisst Und dass du’s ja nicht vergisst: Es gibt nichts das Ihm wichtiger ist Ja, glaub’s oder nicht, es ist mehr als ein Gerücht Er gab den eigenen Sohn für dich und mich Ja, ob du’s glaubst oder nicht Ob du’s (C) glaubst oder nicht, Der der Sein (F) Wort niemals (C) bricht Hast ge(F)sagt, uns zu (Am) lieben sei Sei(F)ne größte (G) Pflicht Ob du’s glaubst oder nicht, Der der das Wort Gottes spricht Hat geschworen Er lässt uns nie, nein niemals im Stich Ob du’s (Am) glaubst oder nicht, Er ist das (F) Leben & Licht Denn leb(C)lose Materie plus Ener(G)gie reichen nicht Damit Leben entspringt fehlt noch Information Und die hat immer, ja immer einen Author (Ref.) Ob du’s glaubst oder nicht, es gibt ein ewiges Licht Heller als das Licht der Sonne und doch blendet es nicht Ob du’s glaubst oder nicht, & auch wenn du Ihn nicht siehst Er ist die große Liebe von der du immer liest Ob du’s glaubst oder nicht, nur in Seinem Gesicht Wirst du die Liebe finden die niemals erlischt Ob du’s glaubst oder nicht, bevor alles zerbricht Wird sich zeigen ob’s klug war zu glauben oder nicht (Ref.)



Herrenrasse? Und das ist also die Herrenrasse „Ein Snickers, und zwar JETZT!“ - Gott wie ich sie hasse Der Trendschmied der mich rügt wenn ich den Juden in mir zu sehr raushängen lasse Der Besoff`ne der mit glasigem Blick drauf wartet dass ich Ihm sein nächstes Bier verpasse. Herrenrasse? Dass ich nicht lache. Wenn ihr die Welt beherrschen wollt, dann steckt mich lieber in’s KZ! Erschießt oder vergast mich, macht aus mir `ne Lampe für neben’s Bett! Das ist sie nun: die Herrenrasse ne Horde wilder Säufer, ungelehrt & arrogant. Ein Heer ..., ach was, `ne blinde Meute: stur & extrem intolerant „Wir sind nicht stolz auf was wir war` n, doch wir sind stolz auf was wir sind“ Nun, wartet’s ab; in ein paar Jahren: Der nächste Führer kommt bestimmt (4x)



Hier komm’ ich

(So viel zu tun)

Hörst du es nicht? Die Stimme vor deiner Tür kündigt Veränderungen an Ein Herold des Lichts der den Weg weisen will doch Gehör schenkt ihm nur wer dann & wann Zu viel zu tun, wir sind viel zu beschäftigt Damit unsre Sandburg zu bau`n Und unseren Nachbarn aus Neid & aus Habgier Das einzige Schäfchen zu klau`n (Chorus:) So viel zu tun ich hab` sooo viel zu tun: Denn schließlich soll das ja auch gut ausgeh`n Wenn ich geh`in die ewige Ruh` So viel zu tun, ich hab` sooo viel zu tun Mach` Platz, Mensch, es geht hier um Eindruck Der Verlierer bist ja schließlich wohl du – Jedenfalls nicht ich, denn wo ich hingeh` Da gibt es so was wie schwach schon mal nicht Keine Zeit für Loser, Weichei – Schmuser Fahr schon `rüber – aus dem Weg! //: Hier komm` ich Hier komm` ich :// Siehst du es nicht? Das Licht vor deiner Tür Kündigt Veränderungen an Ein Tunnel der dich zu dem Ort führt Von dem du nie mehr zurückkehren kannst All` diese Jahre hast du niemals geglaubt Dass es sowas wirklich geben kann Doch die sind dahin, so wie Staub mit dem Wind Obwohl ihr Echo dich jetzt übermannt: (Chorus)


Ich bin dankbar 15.1.2008 Ich bin (G) dankbar dafür dass (C) es Dich (G) gibt Ich bin (Em) dankbar dafür wie sehr (D) Du mich (G) liebst Ich bin dankbar für den Sonnenschein Und dafür dass ich weiss ich bin nie allein Ich (C-G) bin (D) dankbar, bin (C-G) Dir so (D) dankbar Da(C)für dass Du (G) meine (D) Stimme (G) hörst Und mich (C) täglich ein (G) Stück näher (D) zu Dir (G) führst Ich bin dankbar für diesen neuen Tag Und für jeden der mich auch ein bisschen mag Ich bin dankbar für mein warmes Bett Und für unsere Katze, denn die ist nett (Ref.) Ich bin dankbar dass Du mir 2 Hände gabst & dass Du bei mir bist und Du nie versagst Auch für Nase und Ohren & Mund geb’ ich Dank Und dafür dass ich viel öfter gesund bin, als krank (Ref.) Für die Menschen und Tiere der Welt dank ich Dir Auch wenn nicht alle genauso sind wie bei uns hier Und ich dank’ Dir so sehr für die Bibel, Dein Wort Drum will ich’s auch verkünden allen an jedem Ort (Ref. 2x)



Ich bin glücklich


Ich bin (C) arm wie eine (G)Kirchenmaus und (Am) seh‘ auch nicht wie (Em)Rambo aus doch (F) ich mach‘ Satan (C) den Garaus, ich bin (Gs4) glücklich (G) Ich wohn‘ in einem schiefen Haus, oft geht mir fast der Diesel aus doch all‘ das macht mir gar nichts aus, ich bin glücklich Ich bin (Am) glücklich und zu(Em)frieden, denn ich (F) lerne gerad‘ zu (C) lieben und zu (F) lieben, meine (C) Lieben: das ist (Dm) das worum’s hier (G) geht Ich bin dankbar für mein Leben, hab‘ ich auch nicht viel zu geben ausser einem kleinen Lächeln, Gottes (Dm)Wort und diesem Lied (C- G – Am –Em – F – C – Dm – G) Ich bin Vater von 6 Kindern, das bedeutet „schwer behindert“ in einem Land in dem man Kinder kriegen als Missgeschick ansieht Ich wollt‘ immer cool und smart sein, hab‘ gelernt dass wirklich stark sein ist sich seine Schwächen einzugestehen, mich zu nehmen wie ich bin (Ref.) (Am) Hörst du dort in (B/G) jedem Ort, der (C) Pfeifer lockt die (Dm) Kinder fort Er pfeift die schönsten Melodien von Barbies und was anzuzieh’n Das Auto da, das muss ich hab’n, wow! Playstation! Ey guck’mal da... Doch ich sag‘ nur, „Nee, brauch‘ ich nicht, ich hab‘ doch dich, und du hast (G4) mich (Ref.) ... ich bin glücklich & zufrieden denn ich lerne wie man liebt



Ich glaub' den Schwachsinn nicht (Ref.:) Ich (G) glaub' den (D) Schwachsinn (Em) nicht (D) das (Am7) ihr (C) ohne (D) mich! Ihr (Bm) könnt mir euren (Em) Mist erzählen und (Am) mich damit zu (C) Tode quälen ich (G) glaub' den (D) Schwachsinn (C) nicht (G) (G) Johnny geht jetzt (D) auf die höh're (Em) Schule (D) Er (Am7) freute sich und (C) fühlte sich ganz (D) cool, 'ey! Doch (Bm) irgendwas ging (Em) schief als er dem (Am) Biolehrer eines (C) Tags quer reinlief und (G) ange(D)ödet (C) rief (Ref.) Was ihr da von mir erwartet zu glauben lässt micht denken euch fehl'n wohl ein paar Schrauben Dass wir alle Mutanten sind & ich des Orang Utans Enkel bin das glaubt ihr doch wohl selber nicht! (Br.:) Nämlich vor 40 Milliarden Jahren da ging die erste kleine Zelle baden Ihr wuchs ein Beinchen, schwupp-di-wupp, mutierte weiter bis zum Schluss: dem Homo Sapiens Überfluss das (C) ist mein sinnlos(D)er Verdruss (Ref.) Das selbe gilt übrigens für die Medien: das Märchen vom Räuber Ali ben Laden Die Waffenfunde im Iraq war'n nur ein neuer Ölvertrag Das ist der Grund aus dem ich überhaupt nicht wählen mag (Ref. 2x) MP3 Video


Ich raff’s einfach nicht


C f/g Am F-G C F G4-G Ich raff’s einfach nicht, krieg’s nicht gebacken, So’n loser wie ich hat Millionen Macken Em/c Fmaj7 Am F-G Em/c Fmaj7 G4-G Ich seh‘ dein Gesicht, fang‘ an zu zittern Du bist mein Sonnenlicht nach dem Gewitter Du bist die Liebe, mein Regenbogen Bist meine Hoffnung, das ist echt nicht gelogen Ich hätte nie gedacht dass mir so was passiert Als hätt‘ mich das Schicksal mal wieder schön angeschmiert Du bist meine Heldin, die Heldin des Tages Zeig‘ mir dein Geheimnis, erzähl‘ mir’s, verrat‘ es Du bist die Antwort auf all‘ meine Fragen die mich daran hindert vollends zu versagen All‘ meine Wunden hast du wieder geheilt, Du hast dein Leben mit jedem geteilt Bist die Vollendung meiner Symphonie Der Atem des Lebens so pur wie noch nie D D/G Bm G-A D D/G A4-A Ich raff’s einfach nicht, krieg‘s nicht auf die Reihe Bin zu alt für so’n Mist, sieht doch jeder Laie F#m/d G Bm Wer trägt die Schuld dran wenn dein Herz mit dir durchgeht? G A F#m/d G A4-A Wer hat die Geduld wenn deine Welt auf dem Kopf steht? Wer hat die Vernunft und die Weisheit gepachtet, wer der das Mensch sein mit seinen Schwächen verachtet? Du hast mir Reichtum durch deine Armut gebracht Hast mich immer geliebt, hast alles mitgemacht Ich hab‘ alles velor’n beim Versuch zu versteh’n und alles gefunden, denn Glauben ist sehen Ich sitz‘ hier am Boden, mutterseelenallein, wer kann sich’s schon leisten verliebt zu sein Was ist so verkehrt dran, verliebt zu sein? Was ist schon dabei Mann...? Es ist schon in Ordnung veliebt zu sein D- D/A- G/a- Em7- A7s4- D


Ich rufe dich Wir sind erneut versammelt hier, die 99 Treu'n wir singen Lobgesänge und, ach, alles ist so fein Wir glauben wir haben's geschafft, so sicher hier im Stall Doch wo ging nur der Meister hin? Es ist doch heut' so kalt. Ich weiß, wir diskutieren gern, manchmal tagein tagaus und legen uns dabei die Wahrheit oft von neuem aus Doch währenddessen, irgendwo dort in der dunklen Nacht irrt jemand der zu uns gehört, der Gott noch nicht gefunden hat Drum lasst uns uns zusammentun und aufhör'n mit dem Streit und Jesus helfen, ihn zu finden; ich höre wie Er weint: (Ref.:) Ich rufe dich, ja dich dort draussen in der Dunkelheit Ich werde geh'n um dich zu finden, ganz egal wie weit Ich rufe dich, ja dich, der du umher irrst in der Nacht und wenn du Meine Stimme hörst, dan folg' ihr bis der Morgen lacht Ich weiss dass du dort draussen bist, verloren und allein Doch wenn du Meiner Stimme folgst, dann find' Ich dich bestimmt und führ' dich heim Drum sing' ich dieses Lied für euch, die ihr dort draussen seid Du weisst vielleicht nicht wo du hingehörst, doch mit der Zeit wirst du die Stimme Gottes auch in deinem Herzen hör'n und wenn du Seine Stimme hörst und ihr gehorchst, o kleines Lamm, ich weiss genau: Er findet dich bestimmt und führt dich heim (Ref.)



Ihr könnt Mich (G) Ich brauch‘ Dich, (D)Jesus! Mein (C)Blick ist nicht ganz (D)klar Halt’ meine Hánd, ich weiss Du bist ímmer für mich dá Lass’ sie doch lachen – ist mir doch schnurz egal All’ Deine Wunder sind mir einfach zu real Als dass (Em) ich sie igno(D)rieren könnte, so (Am)tun als ob ich (C)sie verstünde, so (G) tun als wär’ doch (D) alles sonnen(C)klar Da war ‘ne Explosion im All, jetzt sind wir hier, ‘ey, klarer Fall, Der Urknall Kasper schrie, “seit ihr alle da?” Doch (G)ganz so einfach (D)geht das nicht, wenn (C) keiner sprach “Es (Am) werde Licht” Wie(G)so leuchtet’s dann (D) trotzdem hell und (C) klar? (Ref.:) “Ihr (G) könnt Mich, ihr (D) könnt Mich, könnt (C) Mich nicht ignorier’n.” So (G) sprach der liebe (D) Gott und fing an (C) alles zu kre(D)ier’n “Ihr könnt Mich, ihr könnt Mich zwar weder sehen noch kapier’n Doch Ich bin da, is’ doch sonnenklar, Mensch, denk’ mal, dafür gab’ Ich dir dein Hirn!” Hey, danke, Jésus! Jetzt seh ich schon viel mehr. Hab ‘ne Weile gebraucht, doch war alles nicht so schwer Ich nehme an auf Glauben kommt es an, wenn man dánach trachtet zú versteh’n, muss man es mánchmal einfach ánders angeh’n Du tust die Dinge auf and’re Art als wir es würden, find’ ich stark obwohl ich manchmal nur “Bahnhof” versteh’ Dein Geld liegt auf ‘ner and’ren Bank als unser Konto, na, Gott sei Dank! Ich hoffe núr, Du fängst uns áuf wenn wir baden geh’n D’rum komm’ und zeig’ mir Dein Gesicht, ich will es seh’n, das gold’ne Licht das Dich umgab, beim Wiederaufersteh’n Komm’, zeig’ uns was Du wirklich kannst, wie du íhnen aud der Náse ‘rumtanzt, Lass’ mich Dich hör’n, auch wenn ich Dich nicht seh’: (Ref.) (2. Zeile:) “Ich bin in jedem Grashalm, jedem Strauch und jedem Tier” (wiederh.:) “... definier’n. Gewinner wird nur wer bereit ist alles zu verlier’n...” Ihr könnt Mich sehen, ihr könnt Mich hören, ihr müsst nur alle richtig hinhör’n Ihr könnt mich fühlen, könnt Mich spüren, Mensch, ich steh’ vor deiner Tür Ihr könnt Mich annehmen, könnt Mich fassen, könnt Mich lieben oder hassen Könnt mit Mir fliegen, mit Mir lachen, mit Mir könnt ihr fast alles machen Könnt Mich gewinnen, nie verlieren, nur eins nicht: ihr könnt Mich nicht ignorieren! (Ihr könnt Mich, ihr könnt Mich,) ihr könnt Mich nicht ignorieren... Wann werdet ihr’s endlich kapier’n?


Kinder des Lichts (G) Liebe ist die (Em) Lösung, ob du’s (C) glaubst oder (G) nicht Was (C) tickt in dieser (B/G) Welt schon richtig? (Am7) Ganz gewiss nicht (D) ich Selbst die Meister der Physik haben die Antwort nicht Das große Paradox des Seins lacht ihnen in’s Gesicht (Ref.:) Aber (C) ich weiß (G) etwas, tja, das (C) wissen die (G) nicht Ich (C) sehe was was (B/G) ihr nicht seht Weil’s (Am7) halt unsichtbar (D) ist Und ich kenn’ Jemand, tja, den kennen die nicht Der hat des Rätsels Lösung, die verstehen nur die Kinder des Lichts Wer von euch der größte sein will, sei aller Knecht Es geht darum was richtig ist und nicht drum wer hat recht Je mehr ich weiß, so klarer wird: ich weiß eigentlich nichts Die Früchte all der Neunmalklugen sprechen klar für sich (Ref.) (Wiederh. 1, Hälfte +) Glaubt ihr auch ich sei vielleicht etwas geblendet vom Licht Ich weiß etwas das nur versteht wer weiß dass er nichts ist Und ich hör’ etwas, das vernehmen sie nicht: Die Stimme des Erfinders des Spiels „Alles aus Nichts“ Und du kannst Ihn genauso kennen lernen wie ich Er (C) steht an deiner (B/G) Tür und klopft „Komm’ (C) rein“ ist was Er (B/G) Sich erhofft Er (C) ruft und fleht, e(B/G)gal wie oft Bis (C) du die Türe (B/G) öffnest und ein (Am7) Teil wirst Von den (Ds4) Kindern des (C) Lichts (G) Kinder des Lichts...



Kurz vor Mitternacht in Deutschland Es wird Mitternacht in Deutschland Ich pinkel mich fast voll vor Angst Mann, was da abgeht, schon in der Glotze Das macht den stärksten Mann doch krank Die wollen Blut seh’n, dir Dinger andreh’n Die du dir eh nicht leisten kannst Kurz vor Mitternacht in Deutschland He, Alter, renn’ so lang du kannst Und die Blutsauger von der Sparkasse Die rauben dir den letzten Saft Schwätzen dir irgendwelche Kredite auf Für die du Jahre schuften kannst Und die Psychopaten an der Grenze Die brüllen, „zeigt uns eure Schwänze! Und wenn ihr irgendwas zu kiffen habt Dann stell’ n wir euch gleich an die Wand“ Ja, aber abends in der ‚Alten Post‘ Da geht der Bär erst richtig ab Da wird gesoffen bis zur Ohnmacht So kommt ein Zollmann erst auf Trab Kurz vor ... (Chorus) Als ob das alles nicht schon genug wär Komm’n da noch 7 Skinheads rein Einer sagt ihm gefällt dein Gesicht nicht & haut dir kurz mal eine rein Mich packt die Panik ‚sag‘ , „Danke, Gerhard! Hauptsache du kannst dich noch freu’n“ Kurz vor Mitternacht in Deutschland Da kannst du einiges bereu `n Und dann die Leute unten im ‚Snakepit‘ Ja, die war’n auch schon besser drauf Es läuft ne Session, die Jungs spiel’n scheiße Und so ist spärlich der Applaus Spät nach Mitternacht in Deutschland Millonen Meilen von zuhaus’ Spät nach Mitternacht in Deutschland Wie find` ich meinen Weg nach Haus` ? Spät nach Mitternacht in Deutschland mit Glück kommst du hier lebend raus Spät nach Mitternacht in Deutschland Millionen Meilen von zuhaus`



Land in Sicht (Aug 16, 2005) (C) Lass' mich bit(F)te nicht im (C) Stich ich (Dm7) brauch' doch nur (Em/G) dich ich (F) lieb' dich so (C) richtig ich (Gs4) weiss ohne (Am7) dich ist (F) mir gar nichts (C) wichtig ge(Dm7)nug als dass (Em7) ich mich (F) den ganzen (C) Tag damit (Gs4) 'rum plag' Ver(Am7)misst du (F) mich vielleicht (C) nicht nur ein (G) bisschen was (Am7) ich will ist (F) zwar nicht so (C) wichtig für (G) dich Nur lass (C) mich bit(F)te nicht im (C) Stich ich (Dm7) weiss ohne (Em7) dich krieg' (F) ich das ja (C) eh gar nicht (Gsus4) hin Denn für (Am7) mich bist (F) du einfach (C) richtig fühl' (Dm7) mich klein und (Em7) nichtig wenn (F) du nicht mehr (C) hier bei mir (Gs4) bist Du bist (Am7) mein Hauch (F) von Sonnen(C)schein komm he(G)rein und sei (Am7) mein denn mit (F) dir fühl' ich (C) mich niemals (G) mehr allein Drum (C) lass mich nicht (F) geh'n ohne (C) dich ich (Dm7) seh' nur Dein (Em7) Licht Dich zu (F) fühl'n ist das (C) Ende der (Gsus4) Not Land in (Am7) Sicht wie wenn der (F) Morgen an(C)bricht sich rot und (Dm7) golden ver(Em7)mischt Dich zu (F) fühl'n ist das (C) Ende der (G) Not, Land in (C) Sicht


Lass‘ sie geh’n Manche Gefühle kann kein Mensch verstehen Manche Gedanken kennt eh‘ nur der Wind Es gibt Gefahren die kann man erst sehen wenn man schon hinter dem Scheitelpunkt steht an dem’s kein Zurück mehr, nur noch Vorwärts gibt, lass‘ sie geh’n Für manche Probleme gibt’s nur dan eine Lösung wenn du auch bereit bist die Lösung zu seh’n Erkennst du die Handschrift des Guten im Bösen? Dann siehst du das nichts aus dem Zufall entsteht Und dass es immer irgendwie weitergeht, lass‘ sie geh’n Lass‘ sie geh’n ihren eig’nen Weg zu finden Lass sie geh’n ganz gleich auch wie weit Was nützt es dir schon sie an dich festzubinden? Dein größter Freund ist die Zeit Die Jahre vergeh’n, du wirst älter und weiser Fragen werden durch Antworten ersetzt Du bist klüger geworden, und auch etwas leiser Denn schließlich hast du die Geheimschrift entdeckt die in jeder einzelnen Begebenheit steckt selbst in dem Schmerz der jetzt weit zurück liegt im Hall der Entscheidung der niemals versiegt, „lass‘ sie geh’n“ (Ch. +) ... der sie in deine Arme zurücktreibt allerspätestens in der Ewigkeit

Nur das Licht Nur das Licht deiner Augen, deiner Augen will ich seh`n Nur das Licht, denn du bist wunderschön Nur das Licht, das Licht deiner Hände will ich fühl`n Das Licht, denn du bist wunderschön


Nur das Licht, das Licht deiner Stimme will ich hör`n Du bist Licht denn du bist wunderschön Bleib’ mir niemals nur einen Augenblick verborgen Nur einen Augenblick verborgen, mein Licht (2x) Fühlst du die Macht? Flieg’ durch die Nacht ... Nur das Licht ... Nur das Licht, das Licht deiner Wunden soll mich heilen Dein Gesicht aus Licht will ich berühr’n MP3

Nur die Liebe Nun aber bleiben Liebe, Glaube, Hoffnung, diese drei Doch die Liebe ist die größte unter ihnen Geld und Reichtum kann ich dir nicht geben Aber was ich hab’, das geb’ ich Dir: mein ganzes Leben (Ref.:) Nur die Liebe, nur die Liebe Nur die Liebe, mehr hab’ ich dir nicht zu geben Nur für Liebe, nur für Liebe Nur für Liebe ganz alleine will ich leben Größere Liebe die hat keiner als dass ein Mensch sein Leben lässst für seine Freunde Was willst du mit Autos? Was willst du mit Geld? Ich nehm’ lieber Liebe, sie ist die größte Macht der Welt (Ref.)


Psalm 1 (C) Glücklich (B/C) sind die (Am) die nicht (Gs4)wan(G)deln im (F) Rate (Am7) derer (Dm7) die schlecht (Gs4) han(G)deln und (F) nicht im (Am7) Rat der (Dm7) Sünder (C) geh'n nicht (F) lungern (Am7) wo die (Gs4) Spöt(G)ter (C) steh'n Sondern sich freu'n am Wort des (Am/G) Herrn es Tag und Nacht tief in sich hör'n Ein solcher ist so wie ein Baum gepflanzt nah an des Flusses Saum Der Früchte trägt zur rechten Zeit und dessen Laub ihm ewig bleibt Und was er auch beginnen mag es bringt ihm stets seinen Ertrag Doch so ist nicht der der nicht glaubt sondern wie Spreu die der Wind raubt Darum wird der der hasst nicht steh'n wenn der Sturm des Gerichts wird weh'n Und auch erreicht der Sünder nicht den Saal derer die sind gerecht Der Herr kennt des Gerechten Weg Doch der des Gottlosen vergeht


Rette mich Herr, rette meine Seele vor dem der macht dass ich mein Ziel verfehle & macht dass ich Dein Licht nicht mehr klar sehe O Herr, bitte rette mich vor mir selbst Herr, rette meine Seele vor dem der nicht lässt dass ich Dich verstehe und mich nicht Deine Wahrheit sehen lässt, O Herr, rette mich vor mir selbst (Ref.:) Herr, rette meine Seele vor dem der mich dazu bringt mich zu quälen & denkt dass jeder sein eigenes Glück stehlen muss Herr, bitte rette mich vor mir selbst Herr, führ' mich zu der Stelle von der aus ich Dein großes Bild erkennen kann und leite mich hin zu der großen Quelle all dessen das größer ist als ich selbst Herr, lass' mich helfen jenen die lernen wollen ander'n zu vergeben und jenen die nicht nur ständig danach streben Götzen zu machen aus sich selbst Herr, gib' uns Deinen Segen, gib' uns Kraft Dinge für Dich zu bewegen und Macht in Liebe miteinander zu leben O Herr, und nicht nur jeder für sich selbst (Ref. 2x) MP3 Video


Return To Paradise (Zurück in’s Paradies) Wenn du es wirklich suchst zu verstehen Und lernst mit geschloss’nen Augen zu seh’n Den Weg nicht nur wissen, sondern zu geh’n Dann hast du’s geschnallt, das große Gescheh’n Wenn’s dir egal is, ob du gewinnst Oder verlierst & trotzdem weiter grinst Und d’rauf pfeifst wenn jeder schreit „du spinnst“ Dann hast du’s gerafft, das Spiel & den Sinn Wenn du erst in Fahrt kommst wenn gar nichts mehr geht Jedes Hindernis weg lachst das dir im Weg steht Dann hast du gemerkt woher der Wind weht & wie rum sich der Kreis des Lebens dreht (Ref.:) Geh’ mit mir, flieg’ mit mir zurück in’s Paradies Und wenn du allein bist und weisst du bist nicht allein Weil sich um dich ein ganzes Heer vereint Dann ist dein „Ja“ stärker als 10.000 „Nein“ & du hast ihn besiegt, den letzten Feind Und wenn sich dann das Tor des Lebens schließt & du statt dem Ende den Anfang siehst & du es verlässt, das dunkle Verließ dann bist du zurück im Paradies (Ref.)

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Sag’ mir wo die Liebe ist ... ... ich hab sie nämlich schwer vermisst Einst hast du mich so geküsst als wär’s für dich das größte Glück Doch dann kam der Feind, die Zeit und stahl uns’re Glückseligkeit Sag mir wo ... Ich werd’ hier noch total verrückt denn alles schreit nur " Geld ist Glück" Wo sind nur die Tage hin als wir noch suchten einen Sinn Bruder, Schwester, bin ich tot? Sonst helft mir doch in meiner Not Und sagt mir ... MP3


Schieb’ Liebe in dein Herz Raff´ dich mal auf & schieb` Liebe in dein Herz Wach endlich auf und schieb Liebe (You gotta shove the love) Das beste Input für den Durchblick Die love-mega-power-zip disc (Ch. Var.:) Mach dich mal auf ... Das Zeug ist nämlich echt nicht ohne Das Chappi für meine Kanone (Chorus x2) (rap:) Love, the power that does unite The hearts of both, this, & the other side If you think that you can, like some do, do without Tell you man, you are in for a mighty shout Love alone is the thang that it`s all about Like milk with cookies `stead of brussel sprouts S` shove it in, turn it on, spread it all around Open up, shove the love & then give it out C`mon, open up & shove love into your heart Come on, wake up you gotta shove the love `til all get enough (2x + Chorus x2, whistle) MP3


Schon immer Du bist die schönste Blume in meinem Garten Auf dich hab’ ich schon so schrecklich lang gewartet Du bist der Regenbogen an meinem Himmel Ohne dich wär’ meine Seele schon längst verschimmelt (Chorus:) Denn du bist stark, du bist real Du bist immer für mich da Du hältst mich fest, ich bin nicht allein Ich glaub` nichts könnt’ besser sein als deine Liebe Du bist die Kirsche auf meiner Geburtstagstorte Ich glaub’ es gibt echt nur eine von deiner Sorte Mensch, wo bist du nur dermaßen lang geblieben? Wie konnt’ ich einst leben ohne dich zu lieben? (2.Chorus:) Doch ich kann dich seh’n wie du vor mir stehst Du lässt mich nie alleine geh’n Du fängst mich auf, du bist mein Zuhaus’ Mit dir kann ich alles klarer seh’n Ich glaub’ ich schwebe Das Leben liegt vor mir wie eine Riesenwelle Komm’ wir zieh’n uns aus und spring` n rein Halt so, auf die Schnelle „Ich hab` keine Lust“ ist ein Satz den ich von dir nicht kenne du bist genau so süß wie die Prinzessin aus Krieg der Sterne (Chorus 1 + 2 ...)... hurra, ich lebe (1. Zeile) Du bist das allerschönste Bild in meinem Zimmer Ich glaube, geliebt hab’ ich dich eigentlich schon immer ... schon immer (3x)



See You Later

(Irgendwo & irgendwann)

Wo du stehst das weiß ich nicht Vielleicht verrät` s mir dein Gesicht Wenn du dich nicht schon wieder versteckst Komm’ tu was Gutes & lauf` nicht wieder weg Wo du hin willst weißt du selber nicht Ist ja auch egal, Hauptsache schön & reich Nun, hässlich bist du nicht, das weißt du ganz genau Doch das Wort reich ersetz’ ich ganz gewiss niemals mit schlau (Chorus:) Hör’ mir zu was ich dir sagen muss: Mit der Show die du hier abziehst ist jetzt endgültig schluss. Kein kleiner Finger mehr, um den man mich noch wickeln kann. Ich seh` dich später irgendwo & irgendwann Wie du schläfst, das weiß ich nicht, nun ich nehme an Nicht halb so schlecht wie ich Es sei denn du träumst ganz rein zufällig auch Von Godzilla & King Kong im Megadrogenrausch.

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Sei unser Mann (Dm) Sie haben Dich fertig ge(C)macht (Am) doch Du hast weiter ge(F)lacht (Em-Dm) Du hast sie trotzdem ge(C)liebt (Am) Zeigtest der Welt wie man (F) gibt und (Em) gibt und (Dm) gibt Ihr Hass flog Dir um die Ohren Hast viele Freunde verloren Hast uns gezeigt was ein Held ist Wer auch nicht von dieser Welt ist, ist Dein Freund (Ref.:) Was Du tatst hast Du aus (C) Liebe getan (Am) Liebe statt Hass und (Dm) all uns’rem Wahn Dagegen kommt keine (C) Macht der Welt an (Am) Komm’ zeig’ uns was Du noch (Dm) kannst, Sei (Am) unser (F) Mann (Em-Dm) Sieh’ an wie die Massen toben Sie weigern sich Dich zu loben Vom Feind verkauft und belogen Haben sie den Mann betrogen der für sie starb Doch jetzt hab’ ich keine Angst mehr Vor ihrem brutalen Handwerk Du hast mich mächtig gemacht Denn Du stärkst jeden der schwach ist, arm und matt (Ref. 2x) ... denn (Em) es gibt (Dm) nichts was (C) ich durch (Am) Dich nicht (Dm) kann
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(by Dave Mendoza, June 8, 2004)

In meinem Kopf lief heut‘ ‘ne Show von ganz besond’rer Art Der Showhost, Mr. Ego präsentierte seinen Star „Maine Damen, meine Herren, heut‘ mit von der Partie: das Selbstmitleid mit seiner Show ‚Fühl‘ mich so elend wie noch nie‘“ Ein Hauch von seinem Zaubergas verwandelt dich im Nu in Kummersack und Trauerkloß mit ihrem Hit „Buhu“ Buhuhuhu, buhuhuhu, buhuhuhu, buhuhuhu Das Selbstmitleid im Rampenlicht verneigte sich ganz tief & widmete dann mir persönlich sein allerneu’stes Lied Es hieß „Du armer, mega-oberallerärmster Mann“ und zog mich dann mit seiner Melodie in seinen Bann Buhuhuhu, buhuhuhu, buhuhuhu, keiner hört mir zu außer Du Du kamst durch meine Tür nicht durch den Kopf sondern durch’s Herz Tratst meinem Teufel in den Hintern dass er flog, ganz ohne Scherz Mit einer kalten Dusche triebst du auch Herrn Ego fort das Wasser war so kühl und klar, das Wasser was Dein Wort Juhuhuhu, keiner kämpft wie Du Du wandelst meine Traurigkeit in Freude um im Nu Juhuhuhu alles wird gut Wo gestern noch die Einsamkeit war, da bist heute Du MP3


Sinn des Lebens Die Suche nach dem Sinn des Lebens Ist nicht, wie mancher meint, vergebens Auch ist das Thema nicht tabu, sperr’n sich auch noch so viele vor ihm zu Im Gegenteil, so manches Kind nimmt schon zuweil Ganz unbewusst an dem Geheimnis teil Muss es doch auch durch sein Benehmen Lernen dass geben seliger ist als nehmen Drum, langes Suchen, kurzer Sinn: nur wer gibt der auch gewinnt Wer Liebe kennt, der weiß: hierin liegt uns` res kurzen Lebens Sinn (intro) Die Suche nach dem Sinn des Lebens Ist nicht die Irrfahrt eines jeden Der glaubt Gott wäre sein Verstand, sein Bauch, sein Auto oder Land Er findet sich vielmehr von selbst Wenn ein Herz mit einem anderen verschmilzt. Drum, langes Suchen, kurzer Sinn: nur wer liebt ... ... Sinn liegt uns’res ...



So viel zum Thema So viel zum Thema, “Das wussten wir nicht:” Ihr habt’s ignoriert. So viel zur Masche, „Wir sind doch so schlicht, überhaupt nichts kapiert.“ So viel zum Thema, „wir sind doch so blind Niemand der uns führt.“ Ihr habt gezeigt Ihr habt gar nichts gelernt Es hat Euch nicht berührt Egal wie oft, ihr tut es doch Alles was zählt ist wer bringt Geld Und wenn es auch der Teufel ist Ihr fallt drauf rein, auf seine List Das Gewissen verbrennt jeden der nicht erkennt Dass er wieder in die Falle rennt (Ref.) Die Wahrheit interessiert euch nicht Ihr wollt die Dunkelheit, kein Licht Und wenn die Welt zusammenbricht, dann war’s halt Pech, was kümmert’s mich Nein, es ist nicht das Kreuz vor dem ihr euch verbeugt Denn ihr habt überhaupt nichts bereut (Ref.) MP3 Video


Steig Hinauf (Em)Verlaut’ es nur, verbirg’ es (D) nicht unter ’nen (B7) Scheffel stellt man kein (Em) Licht Öffne die Tür, lass es hinaus Was du bekommst muss wieder `raus Du bist nicht nur zum über(Am)leben hier Wie (B7) all die anderen (Em) auch Du hast die Wahl: hoch oder tief Geht auch so manches dabei schief, der höh’re Weg ist deine Berufung alles andere ist naiv Du lebst nicht nur für dich allein komm’, zeig uns: was ist dein Motiv (Chorus:) (G) Lass nicht länger ver (C)loren sein was es (Am) hier zu finden (D) gibt Du bist dazu geboren ein Strom zu sein der nie versiegt Hör nicht auf all’ die ander’n die sagen „es hat keinen Sinn, gib’ auf“ Dieser Berg ist dein Schicksal es gibt nur eins zu tun, steig `rauf Unten im Tal sind sie entsetzt Weil du ihr Weltbild schier zerfetzt „So geht das nicht, komm’ sofort da runter du verstößt gegen das Gesetzt“ Doch hör’ nicht auf die, ihre Titanic geht unter Der beste Lacher lacht zuletzt



TV-Zombie (Chorus:) TV (Em) Zombie, (Am) TV (Em) Zombie (B) (2x) (Em) Ich bin ein TV Zombie, glotz' von (Am) früh bis spät Ich zap' mich durch die Sender bis gar nichts mehr geht (G) Ich zieh' mir jede Talkshow rein, den aller(D)letzten Tratsch (Em) Kenn' jeden Werbespot und (B) füll' mein Hirn mit Quatsch (Ch.) Ich bin ein TV Zombie, leb' auf meiner Couch meine Fernbedienung ist alles was ich brauch' Vielleicht ein Fläschchen oder 2 dazu und wenn ihr mich in Ruhe lasst, lass' ich euch auch in Ruh' (Ch.) Ich wünsch' mir Unterhaltung, denn was brauch' ich sonst? Dann muss ich nicht mehr denken, das ist meine Kunst Und wenn ich einst in's Gras beiss', geb' den Löffel ab Dann denkt an meine Glotze und legt sie mir mit in's Grab (Ch.) (G) Meine Seele gehört dem (D) Master, der GEZ und dem Flimmer(Em)kasten sein Wunsch ist mein Be(B)fehl (Ch.) (2x)



Was könnt’ wichtiger sein? (Em) gut oder schlecht, so leicht richtet es sich nicht drum lass’ es lieber (A) sein Liebe hat recht, wer nicht liebt, der bleibt ein Knecht Nur sie kann be(D)frei’n Arm oder reich, ganz so wichtig ist das nicht Wie was in dir steckt Hart oder weich – wie aufrichtig ist das Herz Das da in dir schlägt? Dir oder mir, wem gehört das Ganze hier? Wer regiert deine Welt? Liebe ist mir wichtiger als meine Gier Nach Ruhm, nach Macht und Geld (Ref.:) (G) Ich wüsste (D) nicht was könnt’ wichtiger (A) sein als dieses Licht das auf mein Leben scheint Siehst du es nicht selber auch langsam ein? Die einzige Pflicht in der Welt Ist einfach du zu (Em) sein Ganz so viel Text verarbeitet ihr ja nicht Drum lass ich’s lieber sein Und lass den Rest dieses Lieds ganz prompt und schlicht Wie den Anfang sein Arm oder reich... Dir oder mir... (Ref. 2x)
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Weißt du noch damals? Weißt du noch damals als wir noch jung war `n Wir war’n kaputt, Mann; echt abgefuckt, Mann Doch da war etwas in uns `ren Augen In das die Erwachsenen sich nicht zu seh’n trauten Wir hatten Träume, nenn’s Illusionen Doch wer sieht je schon das an das wir glauben? Wir hatten Mut, wir hatten Wut Wir fanden’s angebracht uns wegzudreh’n Und viel zu schlecht um mitzugeh’n Vielzu schlecht um mitzuspiel’n, dieses Spiel das ihr so liebt (1.Str.) Wir war’n verstrahlt Mann, echt durchgeknallt, ... ... mussten hier raus, hielten’s nicht aus es noch länger mit anzusehen wie sie uns das Hirn verdreh’n uns lehren einfach wegzuseh’n um einige war’s schon gesche’n



Wer bin ich (Dietrich Bonhoeffer, 1943) (Em) Wer bin (G) ich? Einsames (As2) Fragen (C) treibt (Ds2) mit mir (Em) Spott Wer ich auch (G) bin, Du (As2) kennst mich (C) Dein bin (Ds2) ich, oh (Em) Gott (Em)Wer bin ich? Sie (G) sagen mir oft, ich träte (As2) aus meiner Zelle ge(C)lassen und (Ds2)heiter und (Em) fest wie ein (G)Gutsherr aus seinem (As2) Schloß. (C) (Ds2) (Em)Wer bin ich? Sie sagen mir (G) oft, ich spräche mit (As2) meinen Bewachern (C) frei und (Ds2) freundlich und (Em) klar, als (G) hätte ich zu ge(As2)bieten. (C) (Ds2) (Em) Wer bin ich? Sie sagen mir (G) auch, ich trüge die (As2) Tage des Unglücks (C) gleichmütig, (Ds2) lächelnd und (Em) stolz, wie (G) einer, der Siegen ge(As2)wohnt ist. (C) (Ds2) (Em) Bin ich das wirklich, was ander(C)e von mir (Ds2) sagen? Oder (Em) bin ich nur das, was ich (C) selbst von mir (Ds2) weiß? Un(G)ruhig, sehnsüchtig, (D) krank, wie ein Vogel im (Em) Käfig, (C) ringend nach (Ds2) Lebens(Em)atem, als (G) würgte mir einer die (D) Kehle, hungernd nach (Am) Farben, nach (Em) Blumen, (G) nach Vogel(D)stimmen, (G) dürstend nach guten (D) Worten, nach menschlicher (Am) Nähe, (C) (Am) zitternd vor (Em) Zorn über (D) Willkür und kleinlichste (Am) Kränkung, umge(C)trieben vom (Em)Warten (C) auf große (D) Dinge, (G) ohnmächtig bangend um (D) Freunde in endloser (Am) Ferne, müde und (C) zu leer zum (Em) Beten, zum (C) Denken, zum (D) Schaffen, (Am) matt und be(Em)reit, von allem (C) Abschied zu (D) nehmen? Wer bin (Am) ich? (C) Der oder (D) jener? (G) Bin ich denn heute (D) dieser und morgen ein (Am) anderer? Bin ich (C) beides zu(Em)gleich? Vor (C) Menschen ein (D) Heuchler und vor mir (Am) selbst ein ver(Em)ächtlich weh(C)leidiger (D) Schwächling? Oder (G) gleicht, was in mir noch (D) ist, dem geschlagenen (Am) Heer, das in (C) Unordnung (Em) weicht vor schon ge(C)wonnenem (D) Sieg? Wer bin (Am) ich? (C) Einsames (D) Fragen (F) treibt (G) mit mir (Am) Spott. Wer ich auch (C) bin, Du (D) kennst mich, (F) Dein bin (G) ich, o (Am) Gott! Wer bin (C) ich? Einsames (D) Fragen...

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