Psychotic Psychiatry A Tract Book Essay By Anthony J. Fejfar, J.D., Esq., Coif © Copyright 2007 by Anthony J.


It used to be that philosophy or perhaps natural science were considered to be the disciplines most concerned with truth. Now, however, psychiatry is attempting to steal the stage. Psychiatry purports to be able to recognize that which is psychotic; psychotic being defined as “out of touch with reality.” The corollary of the foregoing, is, of course, that psychiatry must know what “reality” is in order to be able to distinguish it from nonreality. The problem is that psychiatry itself is totally out of touch with reality since it typically uses conventional morality and atheistic materialism as normative. It has gotten so bad that some psychiatrists think that metaphysics, the study of ultimate reality, is delusional or psychotic. Here is the best though. Do you know that if you tell a psychiatrist anything which he or she thinks is out of the ordinary that you will in all likelihood be diagnosed delusional or psychotic? Take this for example. It


is well known that the Mafia is active in the Kansas City area. I grew up in Nebraska and this was generally understood as being true. Let us say however, that I grew up and got a job in Kansas City and I was being rousted out of my job with no explanation. Let us also assume that I have been previously diagnosed as having Bipolar mental illness. I go to my psychiatrist and tell him that I suspect that I am being rousted in my job because I won’t pay protection or join the mafia. My psychiatrist, having grown up in Pakistan, immediately assumes I am delusional and diagnoses me with Schizophrenia without bothering to investigate the underlying facts. Now, it is painfully obvious that every psychiatrist should employ a private detective to check out the underlying facts of the patient’s story. In point of fact people do get persecuted by not only the mafia, but also the F.B.I. and the C.I.A. It is so obvious because it is in the newspaper. For

example, the local newspaper in Pittsburgh, PA, published a story about the new C.I.A. station chief in Pittsburgh. Now, this is interesting because at the last time that I checked, 50 U.S.C.S. section 401, et seq., known as the National Security Act, prohibits the C.I.A. from spying domestically in the United States.. I think that it is a felony under federal law. Under the

National Security Act, the National Counter Intelligence Agency (N.C.A.) is responsible for domestic spying.


Now, back to psychiatry. How about this for an interesting move? Joe Smith discovers that his wife is planning to run him in onto a psychiatric ward for treatment. She is keeping a careful list of all of Joe’s behaviours so that she can give this to the psychiatrist. Joe discovers the list and decides to get a crew cut, hair cut and grow a beard so that his cannot be accused of having cognitive dementia. Joe’s wife proceeds with her plan anyway.

The next month she has Joe involuntarily committed on a psychiatric ward for not combing his hair or shaving. Of course Joe does not need to

shave because he has grown a beard, and, Joe does not need to comb his hair because he has a short crew cut, hair cut. Although this is perfectly absurd, I suspect it happens fairly often. Think about it.