Letter to Philip Jones From Jean Bush Active Denial Technology is a breakthrough non-lethal technology that uses millimeter-wave electromagnetic energy to stop, deter and turn back an advancing adversary from relatively long range. It is expected to save countless lives by providing a way to stop individuals without causing injury, before a deadly confrontation develops. The technology was developed by the Air Force Research Laboratory and the Department of Defense's Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate. Approximately $40 million has been spent on this technology over the past ten years. In July 2005 it was reported that the Active Denial System would be deployed to Iraq before the end of the year. Under an initiative called Project Sheriff, troops will receive a total of 15 vehicles. These deployments did not take place, and as of early 2007 the initial deployment was slated no sooner than 2010. This non-lethal technology was developed in response to Department of Defense needs for field commanders to have options short of the use of deadly force. Nonlethal technologies can be used for protection of Defense resources, peacekeeping, humanitarian missions and other situations in which the use of lethal force is undesirable. The system is intended to protect military personnel against smallarms fire, which is generally taken to mean a range of 1,000 meters. The system is described as having a range of 700 yards. ( Ground Systems.) This system is a radiant-dish set upon a small armored vehical with a rotating joint capable of the above mentioned range. This piece of human control technology was previewed for the public on ABC's `60 Minutes` last year. Right in our faces. Some public relations said that it cannot be used now as there is no money to fund it. Liars!!!!!!!!!!! This thing is not to protect military personnel, it is to be used against our own citizens in case of "civilian distruption, riots or looting." In other words, when they false flag us again, many will not sit still but will take to the streets. This system heats the first 1/16th of skin similar to a first degree burn, but many test subjects have been badly injured by this. Most if not all, will scramble away from it, which is it's intended pupose. Try putting your hand in a microwave oven for a few seconds! This, with the local police forces now militarized for "crowd control" and newer and more deadly tasers and other hand held "energy weapons", we hardly stand any chance of making our voices heard. Raytheon, the company that developed this, will make billions. We will be burned out, they will take over our trucking industry, limiting our ability to get food, our water is already loaded with drug residue and fluoride, our money, is worth less as each day passes, I heard somewhere that the US dollar is now only worth about 9 cents. I think it is less than that. If we make one move of protest, they will burn us, fire on us, starve us and slaughter us. We will be shot down like the dogs we have become. With our whining, groveling and howling at this horror coming at us, yet refusing to understand its very obvious nature, we will be scooped up and hauled away like so much garbage. This is what I fear most, Philip. This has been coming for a long time, yet few have paid attention. Now I think it is too late.

I can only disseminate this series of yours ( as far and wide as I can. I can't control who understands or even pays attention. Actually, I think I will just do the Conclusion for now, as you have covered everything in it. I can direct, where I need to, the rest of your work. Does anyone here doubt that this terror of the populations is on its way. Check out this link : It's all for real and unless we wake up soon, they will drop the hammer down hard and heavy. I know few if any here in DK will accept it can happen here.

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