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Rodel Reyes CST-200A Week 1 Day 3 10/11/2013 Nicole Stone Chapter 1: Case Exercises 1-3 Complete case exercises

1, 2 and 3 under the Case Exercises heading at the end of chapter 1 in your textbook. Submit completed assignment to your instructor using ACOT e-Learn. The next day at SLS found everyone in technical support busy restoring computer systems to their former state and installing new virus and worm control software. Amy found herself learning how to install desktop computer operating systems and applications as SLS made a heroic effort to recover from the attack of the previous day. 1. Do you think this event was caused by an insider or outsider? Why do you think this? I would say either or. An insider could have been involved, unfortunately, but unintentionally, by attaching a personal usb flash removable drive to the office computer, that unbeknownst to the owner, was infected elsewhere with a virus or worm. But, more than likely the culprit was an outsider because it was stated in narrative that the problems started when the users clicked their e-mail attachments. And most e-mails normally come from the outside. 2. Other than installing virus and worm control software, what can SLS do to prepare for the next incident? They should install an industry-standard firewall into their systems. Actually they should have had one already, otherwise this problem would not have happened. But I guess they do not have a robust security policy in place. Also, the fact that they were installing NEW virus software tells me that they either had a cheap one installed before or that they never had one in the first place. 3. Do you think this attack was the result of a virus or a worm? Why do you think this? It would have to be both. A virus can destroy your computer system and a worm is used to spread it. The fact that Amy received a bunch of infected e-mails simultaneously tells me that this is a devastating worm that propagates a virus and spreads it rapidly through the e-mails via their attachments.