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in Shape @ your Library; or, How we started wellness programs at our libraries
Laura T. Carroll Basehor Community Library Tricia Karlin Lawrence Public Library

KLA Conference October 10, 2013

Epidemic of lifestyle diseases has developed in the United States.

Workplace Wellness Program Study

2013 RAND Health study sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Health Promotion Activities Offered by Employers with Wellness Program

77% - lifestyle management (nutrition/weight loss, tness, smoking cessation) 76% - on-site vaccinations 56% - disease management 55% - tness benets 44% - nurse line 21% - healthy foods

Under the Aordable Care Act, employers can charge higher premiums to employees who dont sign up for workplace wellness programs.

Benets for the par>cipants

Comparing wellness program participants to

statistically matched nonparticipants

Statistically signicant and clinically meaningful

improvements in exercise frequency, smoking behavior, and weight control, but not cholesterol control. Those improvements are sustainable over an observation period of four years with ongoing program participation.

Benet for the employer

Participation in a wellness program over ve years is associated with a trend toward lower health care costs and decreasing health care use. But the change is not statistically signicant.

ALA resource

B eC ome H eaL thier!

B ecome the
Mission Statement:
Wellness is a state of being in which your physical, mental & emotional health are balanced & sound & you experience satisfaction with yourself & your life.

author of your own health!


B eC ome H eaL thier

making better choices toward a happier, healthier, more successful life!

BeCome HeaLthier ac>vi>es

Yoga after sta meeting Massage Weight Challenge

BeCome HeaLthier ac>vi>es

Weight loss apps presentation during sta meeting FACE sta meeting presentation with balancing

exercise Healthy snack in the break room

BeCome HeaLthier ac>vi>es

Exercise log Walk Kansas program National Walk @ Lunch Day Recess

And the most popular ac>vity sponsored by BeCome HeaLthier was..

Outcomes of BeCome HeaLthier

Made the library a healthier place to work Supported individual wellness goals Stress level stayed about the same. No change in the amount of exercise Diet now healthier

Unexpected benet
I thought the wellness committees activities were

good because they brought people together who dont normally work together. You got to talk with people from other areas of the library.

Thank you!