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Welton Resume
Kurtis D. Welton 1836 Keyes Avenue Madison, WI 53711 (608) 273-0033 or (608) 251-0188 Find out more about me at: http://www.psalm40.org/, check out my business site at: http://www.buildtosuit.com/, or follow me when I Twitter at: http://twitter.com/KurtisDWelton or you could try LinkedIn at: http://www.LinkedIn.com/in/KurtisWelton, or check me out on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/Kurtis.D.Welton,

WELTON ENTERPRISES, INC. March 1999 to Present - President & Treasurer

I. Administrative Functions
A. Manage employees including: i) Hiring and Firing Decisions ii) Create and Maintain Job Descriptions iii) Resolve Disputes between Employees iv) Be a Sounding Board for Complaints B. Manage all aspects of the banking relationships including: i) Loan refinancings ii) Obtaining new loans for construction, development and lines of credit iii) Monthly reviews of Operating Statements and Balance Sheets for 7 Entities iv) Establishing and maintaining 15 Checking and Cash Management Accounts iv) Obtaining Appraisals, Environmental Audits, Surveys, Title Work, etc. C. Prepare Agendas and Run Weekly Staff meetings D. Prepare Ken Welton's Personal Financial Statement annually E. Coordinate the Development and Implementation of Strategic Plans F. Encourage and Facilitate Continuing Education for all Staff G. Provide for Ongoing Motivational Efforts H. Train successor for business continuity

II. Accounting
A. Plan for Day-to-Day cash needs & future cash needs B. Coordination of Tax Planning Issues and Audits C. Handle accounting and tax related correspondence D. Review and Approve all Financial Statements for: Welton Family Limited Partnership, Welton Properties, LLC, Welton Enterprises, Inc., Hy Cite/Welton, LLC, 3PP PLUS, LLC, NEW WEI LLC, Welton Investments Limited Partnership, Welton Employees I, LLC and Ken Welton E. Coordinate Preparation of Operating Budgets for all Improved Properties and Operating Entities

III. Development Activities
A. Structure and Assist in creating acceptable terms and conditions for deals B. "Relationship building" with customers, clients, and business partners C. Manage work product of "third-party" builders Page 1 of 5

Kurtis D. Welton Resume
D. Assist with construction accounting functions E. Process loan requests for the banks F. Draft Responses to RFP's G. Manage client contact from response to completion H. Handle hard and soft cost budgeting I. Prepare project Proforma's

IV. Asset Management
A. Review of contracts, bids, legal documents, etc. B. Discuss Strategy on various issues C. Review and Approval of Credit Risks D. Discussion and Approval of Large Deal Parameters i) Rent, SF, Term, Tenant Improvements, Other pertinent aspects of the deal E. Manage Follow through and Oversee Project Management of build-outs, etc. F. Evaluation of Process upon completion.

V. Miscellaneous
A. Continuing to perform most of the functions of former "Manager, Special Projects" position below. WELTON ENTERPRISES, INC. October '95 to March 1999 Manager, Special Projects I. Returned to Welton Enterprises, Inc. to rezone, subdivide and lease-up a 55,000 sq. ft. industrial/manufacturing building on 7 acres on the NorthEast side of Madison. II. Coordinated the marketing and sale of the 7,000+ sq.ft. home of the Chairman of the Board, including the surveying, subdivision and annexation of land into the City of Madison. III. Research and write executive summaries for industrial, retail, and residential land developments (including market value lot price analyses and Tax Incremental Financing Districts implications), and Economic Outlook Seminars. IV. Prepare drafts and finished copies of persuasive texts for accomplishing various goals, create cash flow analysis spreadsheets for potential projects, and prepare the operating budgets for dozens of existing entities. V. Write deed restrictions, restrictive covenants, and cross-easement language as necessary for ongoing developments. VI. Prepared comprehensive Vacancy Reports and Lease Summary analysis for over 200 tenants monthly and coordinate the negotiations of Purchase Contracts for vacant land parcels between Owners, Attorneys, Brokers, and Buyers. VII. Negotiate agreements with City, Town, County, and State Engineers, Planners, Attorneys, Politicians, Bureaucrats, and Citizens in Middleton, Burke, Fitchburg, and Madison on land developments, annexations, plats and rezonings. VIII. I author, produce the graphics for, and write the HTML and Java scripts and source code for Welton Enterprises, Inc. website on the Internet and update the website as needed.

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Kurtis D. Welton Resume
STARK COMPANY August '90 to October '95

Independent Sales
Worked as a Sales Associate with Independent Contractor status. In my last full year I negotiated and closed over 20 "sides" with a volume of over $4.3 million putting me among the top 10 sales associates in the entire company. My sales over the 5 year period I worked at Stark included the sale of residential income properties, commercial/industrial land and buildings, farms and farmlands, many single family homes and buildable lots (including waterfront properties), operating businesses, restaurants, and more. WELTON ENTERPRISES, INC. April '87 to August '90

Business Administration
Handled all administrative functions from the inception of the company in April of '87; including setting up files, the bookkeeping system, hiring and training bookkeepers and front office personnel. As Treasurer I routed and/or approved all invoices, prepared the monthly financial statements for all projects, and coordinated the preparation of all quarterly and annual tax statements.

Asset Management
My Property Management activities included initiation of all leasing negotiations, space layout and design, supervision of tenant buildout and/or remodeling, and coordination of all support services (janitorial, grounds upkeep, etc.). Also I coordinated the resolution of tenant complaints, relocations, and expansions. I was responsible for the preparation and handling of invoices, construction pay requests, and lien waivers. My Development activities included using custom designed (by myself) spreadsheets (Lotus 1-2-3) for feasibility and sensitivity analysis of land acquisitions, annexations, and developments. I created Proforma budgets (both capital and operational) for various speculative and build to suit projects. I negotiated with builders and architects in the design and construction of professional office facilities, and worked with city and other government officials for the approval of same. Finally I oversaw the construction management and buildout of same. Simultaneously with the above I handled the leasing negotiations and sales of these same projects.

Sales and Marketing
My Brokerage activities included listing commercial real estate, negotiating offers, preparing closing statements, and coordinating other marketing efforts. Other marketing efforts included research and recommendation on the use of advertising media including local newspapers, magazines, radio and television. I handled the production of collateral sales materials (maps, plats, brochures, price lists, etc.), audio and visual sales aids for trade shows, copywriting for advertisements, and sales letters and programs for all developments. EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT, INC. December 1983 to April 1987 I developed an in-house capability for spreadsheet feasibility and sensitivity analysis of various projects resulting in the syndication of a shopping center, the development of an office park, and the development of a former drive-in movie theater. I also performed most of the asset management, sales, and marketing tasks outlined above. Page 3 of 5

Kurtis D. Welton Resume
LAKE CITY MANAGEMENT, INC. May 1982 to October 1986 I was Resident Manager of a 150 unit apartment complex in Downtown Madison. I was responsible for showing property, soliciting applications for leases, maintaining common areas and maintaining tenant relations. I assisted in the coordination of a major remodeling and rehab of the kitchen and balcony areas of all 150 units as well as ongoing minor maintenance work. As needed I updated the building directories, reprogrammed visitor phone security systems, collected and deposited rents, and prepared work orders for major ongoing maintenance and repair work.

CONTINUING EDUCATION ("Keeping the Saw Sharp")
Lorman Education Services/Wickwire Gavin, P.C.- Construction Management and DesignBuild Issues and Practices UW-Madison College of Engineering - Detecting Deficiencies in Working Drawings and Specifications Small Business Development Center - UW-Madison - Applied Problem Solving & Decision Making Small Business Development Center - UW-Madison - High Performance Negotiation Center for Organizational Effectiveness @ UW-Madison - Leadership Essentials and Performance Coaching Small Business Seminar Series of BSC&F - Enhancing Executive Compensation and Benefits Small Business Development Center @ University of Wisconsin - Financial Management Techniques David MacLatchy - Successful Project Management Earned the G.R.I. award of the N.A.R. CCIM Course 100 - Marketing and Leasing Techniques for Commercial Properties Dunn & Bradstreet - Managing Multiple Priorities Career Track - How to Deal with Difficult People SkilPath - Advanced Telephone Techniques . . . and many others FORMAL EDUCATION 1979-1983 -- Graduate University of Wisconsin - Madison School of Business - B.B.A. in Real Estate and Urban Land Economics "The Graaskamp Program" with a four year cumulative GPA of over 3.2 1977 - 1978 -- I graduated #1 in the self-paced training curriculum of the United States Army Signal School in Ft. Gordon, GA (C.O.B.E.T.). 1972-1976 -- Madison West Senior High School. Graduated in the top 10% in a class of over 650 seniors.

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Kurtis D. Welton Resume
Madison Breakfast Rotary Club Charter Member until 2005 and President of the Club in 1989-90. Former Club Historian and Chaplain. Past Secretary, Board Member for 8 years, and Paul Harris Fellow. Membership Committee Chairman from 1990-94 during which time the club grew from 30 members to over 57 members. District 6250 Membership Growth Committee Chairman 1995-97, member of the District 6250 Computer Resources Committee 1996, District 6250 1995-96 Conference Sergeant at Arms Committee Chairman, Webmaster for the 1996-97 Presidents Elect Training Seminar Committee of Districts 6250, 6220, and 6270. Member of the 1997-98 District 6250 Public Affairs Committee.

Webmaster for the Madison Diocese Website. Appointed a member of the Board of Education of the Diocese of Madison by the Most Reverend Bishop William H. Bullock to a 3 Year term until June 30, 2000, re-appointed until 2003. Elected by the Board to the office of Secretary for 1998-99, Vice President for 2001-2002, and President for 2002-2003. Undeservedly awarded the Pro Ecclesia Et Pontifice medal in October 2000 by His Supreme Pontiff Pope John Paul II.

Lector from 1974 to 1989. High School Catechist from 1981 to the Present.

Lector and Cantor from 1989 to the Present. Volunteer for Interfaith Hospitality Network and Luke House from 1998 to present. Presider at Word and Communion Services from 2001 to 2004.

Lector and Acolyte, from 2001 until the fire.

Member from 1983 to 1995. Served on the Governmental Affairs, R.P.A.C, Professional Standards and Arbitration Committees as a member.

Member from 1992 to the Present.

Advisory Board Member - 1996-1998

Notary Public - March 1998 to the Present.

Born and raised in Madison, WI.; married for 27 years to Maria. Five blessed children so far: Carmen24, Sophia-22, James-20, John-18, and Grace - 11, and two holy Godsons: Christopher Ament, and Jaime Anibal Hernández Martínez. I enjoy reading, praying, playing guitar, singing and songwriting, martial arts (I have earned a Black belt in Tae Kwon Do - Jung Do Kwan Style), tennis, diving & swimming, languages, mountain climbing and bungee jumping.

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