SAP Note 975868 Conversions when downloading spreadsheets

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Valid Since 04.11.2011

When you download a list for a spreadsheet, the generated file is always a text file that is separated by tabulators. This results in three problems: 1. The proposed "xls" file extension may be too specific to Excel for some users. In a Unicode system, the text file should be converted to a particular code page. Excel 2007 cannot directly open files that have the extension xls but are not true excel files. The system always then asks whether you really want to open the file.



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Excel, LIST_CONVERT_TO_DAT, Excel 2007, Office 2007, xls

Reason and Prerequisites Solution
Import the Support Package below or implement the correction. After you import the Support Package, there is a new SET/GET parameter LIST_CONVERT_TO_DAT, that includes the file extension to be proposed. You can define this parameter in the user master (TR SU01/SU3). For Excel 2007, the default value should be changed to txt using the SET/GET parameter. As of SAP_BASIS Release 7.02, the proposed extension is changed from xls to txt. You must confirm the request dialog for opening in Excel 2007 with "Yes". If no code page is entered in the Save dialog, conversion to UTF16-LE is still performed in a Unicode system. Note 980169 must also be imported. After you implement the correction instructions specified below, you must also manually create the SET/GET parameter LIST_CONVERT_TO_DAT in the development class SABP. To do this, in transaction SE80, use the function "Edit object" or Shift+F5 to select the entry SET/GET Parameter ID in the tab page "More..." and enter the following as the ID and short text: LIST_CONVERT_TO_DAT "File name extension during spreadsheet download" As of Release 6.20 Support Package SAPKB62061, as of Release 6.40 Support Package SAPKB64019, as of Release 7.00 Support Package SAPKB70010, and as of Release 7.01, the SET/GET parameter LIST_CONVERT_TO_DAT is already available in the standard system. You no longer have to create it.

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