Auditorium, NERTU Osmania University Hyderabad.

0930 Hrs – 1715 Hrs Registration starts at 0830 Hrs on first Day of the Workshop Registration Fee : Rs.3000/Time For students : Rs.2000/-

A Two Day Workshop on Modern Navigation

29-30 NOVEMBER 2013

To The Coordinator Workshop code: NERTU/SC/55 Research and Training Unit for Navigational Electronics Osmania University Hyderabad – 500 007 A.P., INDIA

The fee includes kit, workshop material, lunch, tea/snacks. The number of participants is limited and the selection is on a first-cumfirst served basis. The last date for registration is 20 th November 2013. Participants have to make their own arrangements for their travel and accommodation The advertisement along with Registration form proforma is available on our University website: http://www.osmania.ac.in For further details please contact Coordinator

Coordinator Prof. K.Deergha Rao
Director Research and Training Unit for Navigational Electronics Osmania University Hyderabad : 500 007 Tel : 27098066, 27682362 Fax: 27091762 e-mail:korraidrao@yahoo.com

Prof. K.Deergha Rao
Director R & T Unit for Navigational Electronics Osmania University, Hyderabad : 500 007 Tel : 27098066, 27682362; Fax: 27091762 E-mail: korraidrao@yahoo.com

Multiple. There are two GNSS systems currently in operation. IIT Hyderabad.V.input multiple-output (MIMO) radar is an emerging active sensing technology that uses diverse waveforms transmitted from widely spaced antennas to achieve increased target sensitivity. Signature of the Candidate 10. It has also conducted 54 short term courses/workshops on various facets of electronic navigation and the present one is the 55th one.Reddy. Also. foot-mounted INS is emerging for indoor localization in harsh environments. Since 1982. Date ™ An experiment in Indoor localization for harsh environments using foot-mounted INS ™ Integration of INS and GPS 9.S.D. It is hoped that the workshop will enable the participants to: ¾ Enrich their knowledge of various Navigational aids.U. A.U. Field of specialization Bank Draft1 No. Educational Qualifications Nature and Duration of Experience Fax Prof. 4. The workshop is useful not only to the researchers in this field but also to those who want to refresh their knowledge in this area.K. GPS enabled mobile handset units can provide various location-based services to the mobile user. Acquisition &Tracking ™ Kalman Filtering for Navigation 7. It has executed 46 sponsored/consultancy projects. Prof. GALILEO (European) and IRNSS (Indian) are currently being developed. Osmania University. some subject experts from DRDO.S. the U. reduction in coverage area. scientists. Multipath has noticeable impact on radar performance such as limitation of the range of radar sensors. reduction in resolution and sensitivity in detecting targets. 6.O. NERTU. 3. The workshop is aimed to create awareness among engineers. Hyderabad ”. INS technology. About NERTU The Research and Training Unit for Navigational Electronics (NERTU for short). ™ Integration of GPS and Cellular Networks ™ MIMO Radar .About the Workshop Among the various types of navigation aids in use today. is the focal point for research and training in the area of Electronic Navigation in India.Hari. A Two Day Workshop on Modern Navigation Registration Form Workshop code: NERTU/SC/55) 1. 8. V. NERTU. Three more systems named Compass (Chinese). 2. Radars.and Prof. renowned organizations. Global Positioning System (GPS) and the Russian GLObal Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS). Former Director(Retd). ¾ Familiarize themselves with latest trends in GNSS. IISc. Email Phone 5.Sarma. Major Areas to be covered ™ An Overview of Navigational Aids ™ An Overview of GNSS ™ GNSS Signal Structure. academicians and students. Bangalore. Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). Inertial Navigation System (INS). In the next generation wireless communications. Recommendation of the Sponsorer with Signature Date Place 1 Drafts should be drawn in favour of “Director. NERTU has been actively engaged in research and training in this strategic area of electronics. Integration of GPS and INS will be promising navigational aid even during GPS outage for some period. INS errors will increase with time due to drift. and Radar are the most prominent aids. Name Designation Address for correspondence Workshop Faculty The Workshop faculty includes NERTU staff.