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Swing Prism

Swing Prism rigid borescopes, by GE, can fulfill the function of two or three separate conventional borescopes. The direction-of-view is adjustable from 55° to 115° and scans an object’s entire length. A zoom feature magnifies the entire image, unlike conventional zoom features that simply narrow the field-of-view. Additionally, the rotating barrel allows 360° viewing without moving the body of the scope. Swing Prism borescopes are available in 6, 8 and 10 mm diameters.

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Swing Prism Borescope. GE Inspection Technology {tab=Features} Precision Optics GE Rigid Borescopes feature precision lenses. Rigid Borescope. prisms and cover-glasses that deliver bright. clear imag Special attention to maximizing light transmission in the optical path results in increased image brightn Superior Illumination Performance 2 / 10 .

in a “wrap-around” arran All GE Rigid Borescopes are designed to correctly illuminate the entire field-of-view.) to 905.).0 mm (0. There are five choices of direction-of-view (DOV) and.).15 in.Swing Prism Borescope. on some diameters.94 in.24 in. right down to their Diameter and Length Options Standard range Rigid Borescopes are available in diameters 4. GE Inspection Technology By bringing the illumination fibers close to the viewing window at the distal tip. three different fields-of view Tip Length 3 / 10 . 6. 8.63 in.0 mm (3.0 m The standard range is available in working lengths from 100. Rigid Borescope.).0 mm (0.0 mm (35.

Swing Prism Borescope. GE Inspection Technology Unique tip design with shortest tip length and wrap around fibers Tip Length Swing-prism Rigid Borescopes come with variable direction-of-view. rotatable objecti This multiple viewing capability is further enhanced by the rotatable insertion tube. which provides 340º 4 / 10 . Rigid Borescope. a focusing device.

0 mm (0.) An optional variable magnification zoom eyepiece can be selected on the 8.24 in.Swing Prism Borescope. 6.) and 10. GE Inspection Technology This versatility allows the same scope to be used for multiple applications and reduces inspection time b GE Swing-prism Rigid Borescopes are available in three diameters.0 mm Key Features & Benefits 360-degree rotary scan All metal construction Triple tube construction for increased durability Threaded light post to accept other manufacturers' light guide "Wrap-around" light fibers for more efficient use of light Standard 32 mm DIN eyepiece for camera adaptability Rugged Construction GE Rigid Borescopes are specifically designed to meet the demands of harsh industrial environments. Triple-Tube Insertion Shaft The insertion tube assembly consists of a double-walled stainless steel tube surrounding illumination fib All-Metal Body 5 / 10 .0 mm (0. Rigid Borescope.) 8.31 in.31 in.0 mm (0.

allowing the viewing field to be scanned 360˚ Viewing Direction Indicator When inspecting inside a closed cavity or inspection area. Rigid Borescopes were subjected to 20. Rigid Borescope.000operating cycles. and Zoom Eyepiece Option All Rigid Borescopes can be specified with a variable magnification zoom eyepiece. stop to stop.Swing Prism Borescope. which gives a step 6 / 10 . the tip of the Rigid Borescope might not be v Fiber and Bearing Life-Tested and Proven During development testing. Adaptable Light Guide Fitting All Rigid Borescopes have detachable click-on/click-off pistol grips that make them easy to handle. GE Inspection Technology An anodized aluminum body provides a secure and rugged location for the rotatable insertion tube and 360° Rotary Scan The insertion tube of the Rigid Borescope can be rotated.

at The super-large exit lens of the zoom ocular delivers images that are big.Nuclear.Power Generation .Other . Military. Combustion Turbine.Commercial. the zoom gives similar magnification. OEM. Hydro and Wind . bright and very easy to view. Combined-cycle. Shipping Turbine Inspection Impeller 7 / 10 . Rigid Borescope. MRO and Business Aviation .Manufacturing. GE Inspection Technology When used on an instrument with a narrow field-ofview of 35º.Aerospace . Fossil. {tab=Applications} .Swing Prism Borescope.

GE Inspection Technology Oil-way Clear and Free of Debris and Burrs Airframe Inspection 8 / 10 .Swing Prism Borescope. Rigid Borescope.

Rigid Borescope.Swing Prism Borescope. GE Inspection Technology Valve Turbine Inspection 9 / 10 .

0 (6.) VAR VAR R6-45-VAR-50 6.0 mm (0.) Part Number Diameter Working Length3 Direction-of-View Field-of-View R6-27-VAR-50 6.70 R8-57-VAR-50 8.) R: 95 mm (3.06 in.0 (15.0 (19. GE Inspection Technology {tab=Specifications} Operating Temperature -40° to 121° C (-40° to 249° F) in aviation fuel.4 (7.) VAR {tab=Media Gallery} Images {tab=Download} {loadposition tab_download} {/tabs} 10 / 10 .70 in. Pressure Resistance Bar (44 psi.236 45.0 cm (10.75 in.8 (5.0 cm (22.) 69.315 in.0 cm (9.20 in.0 mm (0.394 in.Swing Prism Borescope.5 in.) VAR RZ10-49-VAR-50 49.40 in.) in.0 cm (27. gasoline.0 mm (0.0 mm (0.) 23.) Fluid Resistance Insertion Tube will withstandimmersion Body Length RM: PR: RZ: 160 200 140 50 mm mm mm (2.30 RZ10-69-VAR-50 10.)in. kerosene.) R8-23-VAR-50 8.315 in.) RZ8-40-VAR-50 40.) 57.0 (0.236 27. Rigid Borescope.63 in.0 (17.

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