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Reggie Noble, CFA, FRM Toshin Phoenix Hatsudai 2, #303 1-15-3 Hommachi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 151-0071 001-847-XXX-XXXX

(USA); +81-80-XXXX-XXXX (Tokyo, Japan) Dear Prospective Employer: I am looking for a job that will challenge my analytical, communication, and mathematical abilities. I have left my resume objective vague because I am willing to try anything that I perceive to be a challenge or that will lead to a challenging analytical job within an Investment/ALM/ERM/Accounting/Finance department. I will definitely be a valuable asset to your company because not only do I have over ten years of professional experience, but also during those years I made it a point to continue my education by taking several difficult professional exams. I have passed all three levels of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam and have earned my CFA designation meaning I am now a CFA charter holder. I am also a newly minted FRM (Financial Risk Manager) charter holder as well. I also passed 3 actuarial exams that consisted of advanced calculus, statistics, and interest theory principles. This means that I have a broad/detailed understanding of the domestic and international investment world, a fundamental understanding of financial accounting, a solid math foundation, and a good grasp of insurance products and ALM modeling. I am a quick and motivated learner and I am definitely comfortable learning complex material. I am willing to attain any licenses or exams required for future opportunities. I love learning and never pass up an opportunity to further my education. I have both a math and a financial background that will suit your company well. In my most recent and continuing ALM role at Sun Life Financial I gained a more intimate understanding of evaluating the impact of interest rates on asset market value and cashflows as well as the interest rate impact on liability market value and cashflows. Furthermore I have gained valuable experience in using ALFA and Derivative Solutions to model swaps and swaptions and analyzing their hedging impact on liability cashflow. Due to my role as a Financial Analyst at Allstate I have experience in researching and modeling complex investment securities using actuarial software like TAS/Moses, experience in examining the duration of various types assets and liabilities and have solid experience modeling in Microsoft Excel or using Visual Basic to automate the flow of data for the purpose of analysis. As a Pricing Analyst at American Express Financial Advisors I learned invaluable knowledge on how to set up Excel financial models for hard to price securities and how to evaluate the price movements of a broad range of securities including options, mortgages, and futures. I also am familiar with Bloomberg, which will assist in any research I will be asked to do. In my role as an Actuarial Analyst, I learned how to model insurance products and understand the significant pricing factors behind them. I have been working in Boston, Massachusetts for over 5 years and have also worked in Chicago, Hartford and Minneapolis. I also travel internationally 5 to 6 times a year and have become very comfortable with the prospect of potentially working overseas. Thus I am comfortable with any geographic location and I am willing to relocate if the right opportunity is presented. Thank you, Reggie Noble