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24. 13. William Hodge Mill. 1842.. 313. Bodleian Assistants. 53.B. scheme of details formulated by The Contents and The the Index of Shelfmarks have been drawn up respectively Hill.A. They had belonged to Baroda. and will vol. In 1872 were deposited the two MSS. Eugen Hultzsch. by Mr. which are nos. once governor of who died in 1832. D. Prime Minister of Nepal. his catalogue to a Dr. belonging to Dr. with some hundreds of Sanskrit MSS. are those in the collection. brigadier-general Alexander Walker. number It 13. belonging to the RadcUffe Library (formerly to James Fraser).L. the Boden Professor (1832) of Of the 84 items in this catalogue.330 MSS. Orientalist. Hon. Strickland Gibson. and Mr. NICHOLSON.C.PREFACE OuB. some day 2nd E. earliest-acquired Prakrit MSS. mainly Sanskrit. 22.. M. G. B.. formerly Principal of Bishop's College. . In the collection of 6. 833. The whole has been seen through the press by Dr. 461 were presented by Sir William Walker. Calcutta. one of the two Sub-Librarians. In 1887 were bought from Dr.C. W. Reginald Harrison Palaeographical Index is by Mr. In 1843 no. 457-60.. with the collection of Sanskrit MSS. 63. who had died in Sept. other Prakrit doubtless appear MSS. Hayman Wilson. 410. Keith has constructed myself. the remaining 55. Arthur Ernest Cowley. have in a accrued since this catalogue was in type. his father. Gibson and myself. In 1849 were bought nos. Fellow of Magdalen College. they collection. 58 was bought in the Ouseley Sir had belonged to William Ouseley.. 409-11. first bought in 1842 from Horace Sanskrit at Oxford. the In 1845 nos. given in 1909 by His Excellency the Maharajah Sir Chandra Shum Shere Jung Bahadur Rana.

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Wilson 406 50 .VI INDEX OF SHELFMARKS OF MSS. in Catalogue No. 124 125 . 168 . in Collection No. IN WILSON No. in Collection No. . Catalogue No. IN Catalogde No. ivib 200* 205" . . . . WALKER No. . MS. Walker 411 461 MS. IN Collection No. Wilson 413 60 • . . IN Collection No. . in Collection Catalogue MS. MS. Walker 13 13 . . IN Catalogue No. No. Walter 63 410 . IN Collection MS. • • 15^" 158b . IN Collection No. • 54 (2) • • 370 371 210 . 211 261 262 349'' • . Walker 22 (1-2) . IN Catalogue No. MSS. Wilson 408 407 412 405 151 MS. 206 MSS. m . IN Catalooue No. MS. in Catalogue No.

MS. d. Sansk. Glazed paper (see col. Prakrit MS. Wilson 390 MS. Prakrit d.35 (see col. ] 1. i MS. d. MS. d. 1537 1541 1542 (very high in proportion to breadth) Devanagari. . 1768 * STanigadasa Those in thick type have extra ornamentation. 293 MS. Scribe & Place Chaeaotee op Weitiko where not obdin art Devanagabi Material whebe kot oediitabt Indian Papeb. n 4 . Prakrit d. Walker 171b. 833. 16. d. Jaina style (see col. Sansk. 21. (see coll. 27) . 280 MS. 62. Jaina style . 6. 22) (see col. 47. 27) Jaina Devanagari 41 MS. 49. 1688 1701 (see coL 26) (see col. d. Devanagari. Sansk. MS. . 276 (see col. Walker 205 d (1). . brown paper . 35 Prakrit d. 41 63. 66. d. 14 28 31 . MS. MS. 1689 . (2). Devanagarl. . 29 MS. 25.Sansk. MS. Prakrit MS. 1563 1586 . 292 . 5) . 9 MS. d. Walker 200" MS. Wilson 390 411. MS. . Prakrit d.* No. 26. Prakrit MS. 1465 1479 . 37. 5 . 3 4. . Fraser MS. Walker 124. 6) (see col. IN Catalogue & Shelfmabk Date a. Prakrit d.PALAEOGRAPHICAL INDEX OF DATED MSS. Prakrit MS. Jaina style . d.d. 125 MS. 19) (see col. 275. JainaDevanagari Devanagari. Devanagari. 32. 410. 15) (see col. Prakrit c. Prakrit d. . 24) (see col. Jaina style 5. 8) . 29. 13. 296 1598 1602 1609 1613 1623 1636 1662 1670 41 (4). Prakrit c. MS. 30) Bengali . Sansk. 43. . 42. e. MS. 20 MS. 25 . MS. 27) . 25) (see col. Jaina style 34. 1729 MS. Piakrit d. 1490 igil 1518 15. 12) 14. . 1443 1464 (see col. d. 33 Mill 8a. Dark grey- MS. Sansk. d. Eraser 38 1736 1740 1744 1753 1759 (see coL 35) 40. . i6 d. 3 . MS. . . Prakrit MS. (see col. 1 7) (see col. 461. Wilson 390 . . 1 7) 460. Prakrit d. MS. MSS. . 7.


.ani sarasarasavannachamda sumuhathd I I 76 verses. verse 53. x sq. about A. No. Prakrit an Prakrtacohandahkola. sriprakrtachamdakosa samdptah extremely inaccurate. blank.- European book.. being an anthology of erotic stanzas. with verse I II II the Prakrtacchanda^Lkosa of an anony- mous namaJj. 390 sq. Sthanangasiitra. On the 1872. being account. XVI. 27a. 2 Character Devanagari. a Prakrit poem. i'^ om namo mtaragdya suyam me diisam tenarn bhagavayd evam akkhdyam egejlve ege ajlve ege damde egd : 1 \ Contents kiriyd ege rest he ege aloe ege \ I being as in Weber. Bombay. 158 . 1 ? gurubhyo nama^ I pasuvdino rosdrunapa^imdsamkamta- —MS. 381. on I Z. 1870. The work is fully described by Weber. 197 sq. the Saptasataka of Hala. 3. pp. Scribe : f.. in : pf Prakrit metres. a8o. See also his Essay on the Sapta- \ sataka. Bikaner Gatal. I msarasvatyai namal}. Jaina style. of Beccan. Gatal. by Durgaprasad and Parab. 2nd—4th cent.. described in Aufrecht. Also ed. 171. Bate : probably about middle of 17th century.CATALOGUE OF PRAKRIT MANUSCRIPTS §1.. p. 177). ISth cent. Weber's ed. Prakrit grammar. .. as a Hindi poem. author. 3 iya iya 2^ : atha gdthdlaksanam On the literary importance. Bate : the latest watermark Character: Devanagari. Hist. 24. p. I B .- either side by two red i+24 + i like a Former shelfmark : MS. a : iti I puruAfter and Ind.. see Pref. notes in jayaii jinavdni II i 11 After verse 36. was copied by Weber in 1875 for his : II II I edition of the Saptasataka. cp. D. Stud. Sansk. m: : XVI. being the 3rd anga of the sacred canon of the Jains. watermarked Arranged ' T. who identifies the author with the prince of that name or at least with some client of his. 139. 1 see also Bhandarkar. Material European paper. i sq. Asiat. P Contents the Sthanangasutra. and Prakrit.B. Stud. p. It is See Mitra. 17th cent. There is these two have only 73 verses.. f.. \ It begins on f.. i djoyanaghiyanam suranaratorlyana harisamsamjai}.. d. of leaves : ii + 3 + xxxviii blank. XXVIII. 1 Contents METRE d.M. Journ. which differs slightly from the corresponding passage in Weber. Wilson 420 Hala's Saptasataka. erroneously described in the Bodl. Edmonds^. : galiagghapamkaam via sarnjndsaligorimuhaamdam lamjalim namaha 1 It ends on f. §S. The text is bounded on lines. It begins on sriganeidya nama^ f. No. of leaves. 1822. It ends on I chamddnam I kiyaviyandmdl suppasidhdi hhamydi Idsanajuydi cha chamdakusume 1 II 76 II iti date. xxviii. begins on f. p. II. 1889.. a diagram on f. Gatal. 1 1 1 : X 9-| in. •• Prakrit d. Size : io| X 5I in. CANONICAL WORKS JAINA PRAKRIT 3'' : lisatam rsibhlmasena 1 1 sri 6 sthi- varajiJn paratisaim lisa 3—MS. p. 10. Material Paper. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. a73. f2. Bought in 1887 from Dr. Gatal.. This MS. prdkrtachamdandma^ 1 I see Garrez. 1881. is 1822. srlgurubhyau 706 iasi sirihdlaraie pduakawammi sattasae sattasaam samattam gdhdnam sahdvaramanijjam 6 samdptam This MS. pp.. sandma : ti chamddsii f. LYRIC POETRY 2—MS. For the Prakrit (Maharastri) see Pischel. pp. Ind. 367 sq. Gatal. ^^^^^^ Size : MS. It is his J. Leipzig. sake 1706) a copy of the Flor. and has evidently been copied by a scribe totally ignorant of Sanskrit is The MS.Q. on f. 345 sq. which is very probably (because of the date. Weber. dhamme ege ahamme the The text is fairly well written. II. 11.

65'^. iv + ii6 + blank. . ends on : f. 353 : saya 35. 8^. 38 uddesaas. Former shelfmark : d. ends on : mar. ends on saya f. ends on f. 31 uddesaas. ends on f. 19. p. 80 uddesaas.: CATALOGUE OF PRAKRIT Edited. 18. 211'^: saya 14. n^. ends on f. 116^ \ saya 39. no.d. ends on f. p. 96 saya 8. This is written over some other The text is bounded on either side by three red lines. 34 uddesaas. 338^: f. ends on f. ends saya 31.- in the sacred canon of the Jains. being the 5th anga Former shelfmark: MS. 127^ saya 9. i pannavana i veya 2 rage 3 kappa titthe 8 limga 4 caritta 5 padisevand 6 nane 7 9 sarire 10 khitte 11 kdla 13 gai 13 samjama 14 nigase 15 mil jogu 16 vaoga 17 kasae 18 lesd 19 parindma 30 hamdhane 21 veya 32 kammodlrana 33 uvasampaJahana 24 sanndya 25 dhdre 26 2 bhava 27 dgarise 28 kdlam 29 tareya 30 samugghdya 31 khitta 33 phusandya 38 Ihdve 34 parimdnam khalu ^^ appdbahuam Ver. 283 : : saya 38. 161"'^: saya 11. the numbering runs i— 114. 8i^ 83. f. 13 uddesaas. 36^. ends on f. 10 uddesaas. It begins on f. 11 uddesaas. 451. Jaina Injuries: style. 310 Bhandarkar. : 1 I I I I I I 11 II I I I . ^^6 : saya 37. 1613. 347: saya 17. 1x6. Si'''': saya 7. namalj. 357"*^ saya 41 ends on f. 306''' : saya 25. corrections in a later hand. ends on f. 263^ saya 19. 93. with an avacuri in Sanskrit. no. 10 uddesaas. 11 uddesaas. ends uddesaas. Stud. Bought in 1887 from Dr. ends on f. ends on f. 347 : saya 34. ends on f. 239: saya 16. 281^: saya 21. 4. and a Gujarati by Megharaja. A. 83^. D. II.361. 356 saya 40. and a GujaratI gloss by Megharaja. ends on f. ii No. and the usual Jaina mark serves to adorn the centre MSS. 339: saya 29. no division. 368^ saya 30. 99"^. II. . 1873. 296 by Weber. ends on f. 34 saya 3. i. no punctuation. ^^^'^ 36. ioix4f in. ends on f. 231. 4. 70 saya 6. ends on f. ends on f. 117 — ^^6 : saya 38. ends on : : on There There is a vignette on f. p. 1883. 163. 13 uddesaas. 360''^ : then fol: lows the lisi- summary as in Weber. Bought in 1887 from Dr. 338^: saya 27. though in varying styles. Benares. 10 udsaya 12. 124 uddesaas. described by Weber. 17 saya 18. Biihler. I3uddesaas. Deccaw . Edited. 1880. 252 greater tendency to using n from that printed It is fairly well written. 4. 94. iv + 361 +ii blank. ends on f. 10 uddesaas. 18"'^. 337. The text is bounded on either side by three red lines. There are throughout itself is probably many letters are lost on ff. ends on saya 2. ends on f. 340 saya 30. (js) f. Sansk. Described under Sansk.. ends on f. ends on f. Prakrit gramis of each page. Scribe : his place of residence is given. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. ends on f. cf. 345: saya 33. : 370). 39. Report. Date : probably about middle of i8th century. 344'^ on f. Ind. Oatal.Eepor^ 1871. 10 uddesaas. d. ends uddesaas. : : : : : : : : 386 Weber. Saya i. 239. 14 uddesaas. 31 saya 4. Jaina style. written by one hand. i. 34 uddesaas. is to 361 15752. 199 desaas. 38^. 13 uddesaas. is The work. Benares. ends on f. 38. 10 uddesaas. In the original ends on f. namo arihamtanam namo siddhanam namo i''^ : \ \ 1 I ayariyanam livle I I nam. 39^. Yellow pigment is used for erasures. %^. Contents : comm. i. 35. Sansk. 1881. granthagras are marked The f. ends on f. 10 uddesaas. io6'v. 1613) varse dsosudi 13 ravau Ahimadanagare lisitam Character : Devanagari. XXV. 11 uddesaas. ends on f 179'^: saya 13. 4. ending on f. 343 saya 32. 10 f. see Pischel. : f. 79^ ^o. Kielhorn. 155^ saya 10. and I. the is more fully Size: iOjX5|-in. Material: Paper. Prakrit d. 60 uddesaas. with Abhayadeva's gloss 4 —MS.. D. 50 uddesaas. ^6 saya 5. d. ends on f. 282'^ saya 32. sporadically throughout. of leaves Date: f. 10 uddesaas. no. no. 464.o loe savvasahunam I namo bambhie The text varies in practically nothing save a 5 Contents : —MS. ends on f. proper title of which the Vivahaprajnapti. i. 12 uddesaas. 1 1 uddesaas. pp. ends on f. 1 1 uddesaas. ends on f. 1336. ends on f. : : Faneanirgrauthi. 218^: saya 15. the Bliagavatisiitra. 10 uddesaas. 361: samvat 1669 ( = a. saya 23. Sansk. Catah. Character: Devanagari. 283'''^ : saya 34.. and 116 respectively. 10 uddesaas. and part of Catal. and the sayas and uddesaas The granthagram according are carefully numbered. 335^ saya 26.. 10 uddesaas. with i. 3 Bhagavatisutra. 133 uddesaas. 430 sq. 13—19. A. with Abhayadeva's comm. in Oat. 6. 78. ^^ on f. uddesakas. Size: foliation ^_i^^__ MS. 10 uddesaas. It begins on f. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. the Paneanirgranthi.. ends on f. 3. The 10 thanas end on fF. Each page has in the centre a blank space. 38 uddesaas. 34 uddesaas. 124 uddesaas. 13 uddesaas. 10 uddesaas. 3"^. Another MS. 0/ leaves that f. om namo vltaragaya XVI. 372). 356 : so 115 is missing. 1598. 394 sq. a samgrahani of the Bhagavatisiitra. ends on f. 31^. On the Ardha-Magadii Prakrit of this and the following works. The MS. : Material: Paper. ends on f. No. : tam srlsivapunmadhe notice. 70 omitted in the 36 mamthdnam 11311 ddragdhd text is supplied in the margin on f. 1880.

The 7th anga of the sacred fully described by Weber. grasamkhya is 5464. 1877. 18th cent. Stud. In I Catal. with boimded on either side by a dark red line over two or more black lines. not by his hand. 1537. II. 8^. 1'"'. : composed end • at if.. loi is supplied 1 l I meghajt sdhacathardjapramusaputrapautrddisaparivdreI vinidditthd bhagavaipanamsasayassa 5 Snpamcanirgramthl sarndptal} II 11 1 etc.. Contents: Prakrit d. 14. In the centre of each page is the usual blank space partially filled by a spot of red. No. 11. Ind. Date: f. however. 306 sq. The text is . There is no blank space. II. He wrote no. 374).. 13"^. 319 sq. : I The MS. D. aa"': samvat 1593 ( = a. ao. Eugen Hultzsch (MS.in. Catal. 15T. P the Antakrtadasasutra. Material : Paper. This is. D. In this MS. two of which are also placed in either margin text is either side The bounded on bhattarakasn 5 srlsumatisdgarasurisvara tatpatte srl 5 mgajasdgarasurlsvara tatslksapam° srllalitasdgara tatsiksar° mdnikyasdgarapathandrsnvidhipak^agacche tham I of the versos.. Eugeji Hultzsch (MS. being the samayanam Campd ndmam nagarl hotthd nabhadde it is vannaii Pun- 6th anga of the sacred canon of the Jains. Jaina 6 — MS. ends on f. as ornaments. Edited. This work is fully described by Weber. The text is bounded on either side by a broad red The gramthaline covering two double black lines. Scribe : f. this MS. being the work is canon of the Jains. The text corresponds very exactly to that given in Weber. 1598) varse dsadhavadi 8 ravau I Jnanasagara lived in samvat 1737. snjindya namah tenam kdlenam tenam the irpasakadaSarigastitra. 1 begins on i^ om 23j %%y %% kdlenam tenam samaenam Throughout the text bears a very great resemblance to that in Weber.CATALOGUE OF PRAKRIT f. No.. i and On each page there is a space.X 5 in. la. 5'^.d. 68. 1877 with Abhayadeva's comm.. 8^^ : pam° krwastdganigaP 1 —MS. or a similar and in addition there is usually a circle of red upon either margin of each verso. and as his pupil Bought m 1887 from Dr. 179. Injuries : half of f. Jaina style. Calcutta. there is a hole in I f. 7 is lost . 10 vaggas. 36. d. d. 1589) vrse mdrgasisamdse suklapakse 9 tithau ravau vdsare Scribe : f. 8"^: samvat 1654 (=A. i^ tenam Stud. Hoernle. d. Contents Prakrit d. 8^. 5 sriyddavasisyaI Upasakadasangasiitra. No.. A. and a Hindi gloss by Vijayasadhu. 1 14 navdnagaragrdme sdhadhannd sdhajayamalla sdhamddhava sdhdjodhya sdhajasu sdha\ 8 —MS. 108^. MSS. Prakrit d. 375). 1589. Bibl. Size : loj X 4|. 103. Date: f. 3*^. kayor rsidhand Character: Devanagari. Calcutta. XVI.. I The (10) sections of I4'''. i om srisarvajndya namah. d. Former shelfmark:. Material : Paper. Ant. 6 Antakrtadasasiltra. XVI. a6.. 484 &(\. with Abhayadeva's comm. A. being the 8th : anga of the sacred canon of the Jains. The and suyakhamdha. 494 sq. 46^ 62. The (19) ajjhayanas of the ist suyakhamdha end on ff. Size : 1 1|. 7 Contents . Sansk. 315 sq.^^. Material : Paper. i5. 57 for his own use. of leaves. it 465 Ind. Stud. : I I ga° jl I vavijayapathandrtham : siravdddgrdme style. by R. filled a circle of red pigment. Ind. with Abhayadeva's comm. 106^. Character: Jaina Devanagari. the Jnatadharmakathasutra. Ind. o. 68v 69. namafy sarvajndya terfam Campa ndmam nayari hotthd etc. {§3) 6 on the margin of f. f. XVI. Bate: f. ceie vannaii etc. 81. Edited. It ends on 8^: daram 35 niggamthapulaya nhaya baiisa pa^isevagd kasdilld thovd samkhidyagund jahuttaram te ver. Sansk. 47. 114^ respectively.... 1885 sq. Former shelfmark : MS. begins on f. and a Hindi gloss device. of leaves : iv + 1 1 4 + ii blank. ^_^^^_ ksasakha. MS. 1537) varkhe phdganasudha astamldine vdrabhume lesakapathaI by Vijayasadhu. Bought in 1887 from Dr. is The MS. 4 The Jnatadharmakathasutra. but small figures are placed in the margins of fF. of leaves : iii + 8 + xlvii blank. Bought in 1887 from Dr. is The work sq.Ind.: iv + aa + xxxiii blank. which fully described by Weber. kdlenam tenam samayanam Campd ndmam nagarl : l B a . 445). 334.. his This must be Manikyasagara of the GoyaraXXIII. Eugen Hidtzsch (MS. 71V 74V 79T. 114: samvat 1645 ( = a. Catal. Size : lof X 5| in. Character Devanagari. 43^ 44. II. w 6w iti Snjnatddharmakathd sampurnna samd^ Then in letters written over some former ptdni notice: atha srisudharmasvdmipatie Jambusvdmi tadanukramena mcamdrasurir abhavat tasmln Camdrakule na U?dpitam I by a broad red hne over two double narrow lines. 100. it begins on f. II4. ornamented by two vignettes on fF. it must date early in life.

Catal. Material: Paper. 504 i^ : sq. 8 Former shelfmark : MS. bounded on is by two double ff- The 34^> (10) ajjhayanas of suyaskamdha II end on black lines in the centre of each The MS. Bought in 1887 from Dr. Character : Edited. 377 sq. II. Size: beginning and end. Edited. k° etc. 524 sq. 2^6. 9 Aupapatikasiitra. z^SBought in 1887 from Dr. Aupapatikasutra.. Bought in 1887 from Dr. Jaina style. (§ S) 8 cetiye like vannasamde tenam that printed to f. ? the Vipakasutra. hotthd I mamP vachdbhdrydsrd° ratandlmdnikimusrdvimkobhydm mam° gajdputrasahitdbhydm srlamcalagache vd° rarngavardhanaganlrndasisydndm SriapapdtikasHtram lekhitam doubtful.6^. d.. in the centre of each page appears a resemblance to that printed by (Leipzig. 36. with Abhayadeva's Calcutta.^_ 377). Calcutta. The work is fully described by Weber. of leaves: iii + 35+1 blank. Bate : probably beginning of 19th century. 339.. Stud. comm. Bate : . 337. ^1. The (10) ajjhayanas of suyaskamdha I (including 4 not marked) end on either side ff.. Bate: f. It begins on f. I The very by is gramthagram according various lacunae. Stud. with Abhayadeva's comm. 32^. Calcutta. Material : Paper. being the 9th ariga of the sacred canon of the Jains. I 1 I vd° I daydvardhanaganlndm Many of the letters are Character : Devanagari. page is a blank a comparatively poor one. ^^^^^^ iofx4|in. Sansk. 1880. bounded on either side by two double black lines. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. I uvavdlsutra samdp- __^_. tam iti ends on {gramthagram 1175) It f. ^^ samvat i^Sy (=a. A. The text begins on f. XVI. 1875. blank space. In the centre of each page is a blank space. There are a good many notes in a perhaps vertical lines at later hand. 380). Material: Paper. of leaves : iv +33 + xxxvii blank. II. d.: CATALOGUE OF PRAKRIT Punnabhadde text is MSS. being the nth anga is of the sacred canon of the Jains. 19V. According to f. Calcutta. text is . The text corresponds very closely to that given by Weber. and a bhasa gloss. Catal. . Former shelfmark : MS. Vipakasutra. 35^ text is apparently very accurate. Jaina style. according to this the gramthagram is iai6 (not 13x6 as in Weber). d.X 4^ in. XVI. Prakrit d.. 18th cent. The There are 890. D. Size: To|X4|-in. Bouffhtin 1887 from Dr. The text is bounded on either side by three red lines. i'^ namo : vitardgdya 1 tenam kdlenam tenant etc. 8 the gramthagram is 193. 7 Anuttaraupapatikasutra. i'''' : namo vltardgaya 1 Scribe : f. Contents : Prakrit d. am tenam \ kdlenam tenam samayanam Bajagihe nagare etc. Ind. Prakrit d. 33'^. Jaina style. Character: Devanagari. 11. Campd The text is bounded on either side by two double nayarl hotthd The text bears the closest possible black lines .. Former shelfmark : MS. Material: Paper.8 + xlii blank. In this MS.. 10 Contents : —MS. 16. II. 9 —MS. No. 1883). 1877. . 335 sq. Sansk. of leaves: iv + 37 + xxv blank. 35^> 35^words in the text are marked off by two small text is words are separated by Edited. Size: io|x5|in. with a Sansk. No. 1875. The lines at the top. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. Ind. Size : io|. 323 sq. The samosaranam section ends on f.. Sansk. 33'''' : mstarnbhatlrthe I prdgvdtajndtlya- tenam kdlenam tenam samaenam Campd ndma nayarl vannau The vannau Punnabhadde cetie It ends on f. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. and a Hindi gloss by Vijayasadhu. ^y Weber. Jaina style. The space. VIII. Bate : early part of i8th century. of leaves : iv +. Catal. upanga of the Jaina sacred canon. Eugen Hultzsch(MS. 33. and a bhasa gloss. 1511. I samaeiiarn. No. 18th cent. Devanagari. being the ist Stud. Ind. 378). with Abhayadeva's comm. Sansk. Character : Devanagari. The work is 11 Contents: the —MS.probably early part of 18th century. 37. This work fully No. g^6 sq. Former shelfmark : MS. 376). Weber and by Leumann 33^ : Edited. There is the usual ornament in the centre of each page. P the Anuttaraupapatikasutra. fully described by Weber. The The 34\ 3f> 35> 35> 35> 35> 35.. 31 the uvavaisutra on f. d. 1511) varse vaisdsasudi 5 gurau : \ described by Weber. and a Hindi gloss by Amrtacandra. comm. it begins on f. d.

i'^ arham namo usabhadiyanam caumsae titthagaranam iha khalu Jinamayam Jinanumayam The : 1 1 kimcil likhitam kutam 1 sutrdrthobhayatas tathd I vidvaII sarvam sodhyam krpdparail). 20''^.. Gatal. Ahmedabad. and Astronomic. Material : Paper. The work is fully described by Weber. consecutively. 10 P Jivabhigamasutra. srigurave namo arihamtdnam nama siddhdnam namo dyariydnam namo uvabbhdydnam riamo loe savvasdhunam namo icsaIt is only bhdiydnam catuvvisde titthayardnam etc. 19 sq. 1541. Character : Devanagarl. 107 sq. prakrI pigment has been first put. Ind. Size 10^x61 : approximately for both vols. 156''' of 125 sthitajj. .• . Catal. 181 sq. II. save of subject. and that Weber. 1716) madhau site sarvato bhadram ydm budhavdre 7 II dbhir hitakdrais ca I karamunimunisasivarse I 1 1 ll 1 \ text resembles very closely indeed that printed by : \ pratyaksaragananayd caturdasa sahasrdni I I gramthamdnarn. Sansk. moderately accurate. lines. 71. Material: Paper. it begins on f. 1740) srtdhamadakd- nagaramadhye snmahdmraprasaddt Character : Jivabhigamasutra. 88. Catal. 549 sq. at the beginning 57.. i''' of 124 om namalj. lines. 59.d. D.. being the 3rd Jwabh'gamo4 Jinddivijaya). II. VIII. No. CATALOGUE OF PRAKRIT 12 Contents : MSS.. 326 ff. Bate : probably middle of 1 7th century. with a gloss Devanagarl. Stud. Jinadivijaya in Gujarat!. Cp. It ends on f. dsan sisyd mukhyd Hitavijaydhvds tato nipundh Jaydbhidhapam^itasya \ 1 3 11 tesdm hi Bhdnavisrlmatsatirthyasukham dsukha11 I rdjamdnal} m^dhdvijivavijayasya sahodaro drag sddhur Former shelfmark MS. 240. on f. Journ. Size: ii|-X5 in. 611 (=1772 probably samvat. The work is fully described by Weber. Yellow pigment is used for corrections. 386). 83-^. Beng. 244. of leaves 156. is that of the middle period of Indian astronomy. jiva. 71. 156 of 125. p. red I I I II tdrakasrwijayddideva stdh I I -pattdmbardharmanayal}. In the centre of each page is the usual blank space. I 1 It ends on f. 17 16. i'^: snvltardgdya^ tenam kdlenam tenant samaenam Mithild I : ndma nayarl hotthd riddhitthimiyasamiddhd is \ The : text vijndnadiksdsiksddiddyakdn hitddivijaydn gurun II I nydyasdstravisesajndn rather carelessly written.. The text begins on f. (20) pahudas end 25V 39V 3av^ jlvdbhigama jwdjlvapadajndnam sadupdmgatayd siddhdmtapurusasydyam isyate atha prasasti^ It ends on f. 401 sq.. based 14 Contents : on the Sanskrit commentary of Malayagiri {Bodl. 1740. There are no divisions in the MS. Jaina style. 13. treating of spirit.. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. pp. D. It begins on f. i. samvat as f. 1883. 20^ 23. of leaves : iv + 183 + ii blank. Prakrit d.. Edited. harsenoccaistardm bhujadramge dvitlydA. Date: 125. 573 sq. d. Former shelfmark : MS. 33V. 396. 12. Catal. The text is bounded on either side by three red in. No. then rubbed out. (^3) II 10 II —MS. 76. II II : I up to f. In this MS. As. The 167 original foliation has 125 = ii + 124 = ii + 1 7 2 + ii blank. is _^___ The gloss interlinear. 17th cent.D. f. 19V. 1880. Contents: the Jivabhigamasiitra of the Jaina canon as in no. 3 mamdor Jlvdbhigamasamjnake vicdragahanem sutre dhiydm hitakdri tabdrtho 'yam prasasyate ill bhatII mayd 1 3 II I 67V 68. II.e. the Suryaprajnaptisiitra. being the 5th upanga in the sacred canon of the Jains. 156. Ind. with Malayagiri's comm. 14. Stud. dhisiddhividhdyinim kriyate I Jivdihigamasutrasya 1 tabdrthah on 64. In the centre of each page is the blank space. d. no. 88 surya- i II Sarasvatim namaskrtya bud1 prajnaptisutram sarnpurnam The 25-^. It ends is The text slokdndm sarvasamkhyayd 11 8 ll ydvan naksatramamdito ydvac ydval lavanasamudro srljlvdcamdrddityo tdvdd idam pustakam jayatu The taba differs snh bhigamasutra sampurnnam I \ I 1 1 both from that printed in the Ahmedabad in ed. is wrong). Walker by varse 124. dcdryamukhyd Vijayddisimhdh 11 simhd ivdsan I jagatl prasiddhdfy 2 II tesdm surivardndm 1 BudhagaI The teaching javijaydh prasasyagunayuktaJj. Sansk. 14 Suryaprajnaptisiitra. 557. The text is bounded on either side by two double black over which. krtavdms tabartham pamge Malayagirisuribhi^ krtdm tlkdm mamdadhiydm yat 5 api sugamdm upajlvya tabdrtha racito 'yam 1 I II II I upanga of the sacred canon of the Jains.. is treble. and a GujaratI gloss. A.. 1 83 Jlvabhigamasutram samaptam bounded on either side by two red and a black Une. Bought in 1887 from Dr. Bought in 1887 from Dr. XVI. pp. The granthagram is 4500. 1796 ( 13 —MSS. Cf. Eugen Hultzsch (MS.. The gloss begins on f.. 388 sq. A. the Jivabhigamasutra. suniscitam I Weber. Prakrit d. ibid. i'^ of 124 pranamya jhdna: I I —MS. Soc. 125 mdrgasirsasudi 3 guro likhitam 1 = a. 70V. Jaina style. Thibaut. ff. d.. 381). composed probably in a. respectively.

1884-1886. 37. but it may be by a different hand. 6. 73^^ ar#. being the 7th upanga of the sacred canon of the Jains. There is a hole in f. Prakrit d. but this is merely a : slip. i^ srlguruhhyo namal} namo arihamtdnam tenam : \ kdlenam tenant samaenam Mithild ndmam na nayaridam hotthd It is a somewhat carelessly written MS. Material: Paper. Bought in 1887 from Dr.M. on and by Kielhorn. Bate: f. II. no. 1880. 342. ? \ the Nirayavalisutra. Jaina style. 13 Candraprajnaptisutra.. Jaina style. the top of 14 is lost. 1541) varse caitrasudi 5 7'ohininaksatre ayusmanyoge Aldvalapure lesakapdthaka ^ubham bhavat (sic) 1 I 1 to f. 46: samvat 1642 ( = a. 15 Contents : —MS. 1586) varse phdgunavadi 4 sitavdsare Scribe : on f. Ind. In this MS. No. being the 6thupangaof the sacred canon of the Jains dealing with mythical geography. 241.. It begins on f. 19. 40. either margin in of the verso. d. This work is fully described by Weber. the Jambudvipaprajnaptisutra. P the Candraprajnaptisutra.G. 46 Jamvudivapannakarandnacunnl \ Wirayavalisutra. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. Jaina f. 17V. 42"^5 44. d. ^S9^ is written akdralipikrtarn sutram something which has been blotted out. Bought in 1887 from Dr. Ee^or^. 70. Material: Paper. 69^.d. The work is fully described by Weber. 1600. 45> 45^ and 48^ The text is bounded on either side by two double As usual. Bought in 1887 from Dr. Size: iOjX4jin. It begins on f. as the gramthagras Identical doubtless with that mentioned i?epor^. Jambudvipaprajnaptisutra. : I 1 1 centre of each page. red circles there are There is a vignette on f. There are a few marginal notes. Catal. Stud. i8v. Character: Devanagarl. Sansk. i^ Stud. 88: samvat 1597 ( = a. Contents : the Jambudvipaprajnaptiourni. Z. 144. Prakrit : d. "46 a later hand has added srisdmticamdravdcaka vardmtisatejacamdravibudhena sanipemacamdrasajusd citkose 'sau pratir mumuce 11 1 11 Character : Devanagarl. of leaves : iv + 48 + xxxi blank. A. XVI. 15. of the i6th cent. describes the work as a vitti.. 11 Jambudvipaprajnaptiourni. of leaves : iv + 46 + xix blank. are different. Bate: probably about a. 1881. 418 sq. I : I \ 17 Contents : —MS. i''' namo arihamtdnam : I jayati laccho I navanalinakuvalayavigasiyasayavattapattalada- to decorate f. 44j 44.in. iv+ (but 135 is double) + ii blank. perhaps by a later hand. Catal. 149. it begins on f. Former shelfmark : MS. ^6. i. 15^ 23. side by two double black Jamvudlpapannattl samattd \ I It is upangas in the sacred canon of the Jains. 1 7V. Bate: f. being the 8th to 12th : \ gramthdgratha i860 bounded on either The text is carelessly written. Character : Devanagari. d. p. style. MSS. Size: P Prakrit d. Sansk.: 11 Size : CATALOGUE OF PRAKRIT loi X 4|. Ind. comparable to no. there is a blank space in the black lines. letters Peterson. f. D. 579 sq. over with red smeared lines. and red pigment is used as an ornament on ff. 15 namo sarvajndya nathe Jains. namal}. d. Size: io|-X4jin. 16th or 17th cent. 12. being a commentary on the 6th upanga of the sacred canon of 18 Contents : —MS. 19. of leaves: iv + 88 + ii blank.blurred illegible.d. 410 sq. to judge from its resemblance to the other Jaina MSS. 5. Sansk. i^ It miuna vinayaviratiyatarakamalakayamjalipayato samattd ends on f. II. This work is described by Weber. 159^ samdttam The text is bounded on either side by a broad red line over two double black lines. . XL. ^^____ Former shelfmark : MS. 601 sq. The usual Jaina mark appears. Former shelfmark MS. No. i8v. Perhaps an abbreviated version of the curni in up Character Injuries ff. 42.B.. 1586.. leaves: 158 No. (J 3) 12 Material : Paper. iOyX4j in. XVI. 384). 93. and an attempt is made \ : I No. 18. Many 4^. It begins on f.. of Date possibly at the end of the i6th century. Catal. iti snjambudmpaprajnaptisutra It ends on f. Jaina style. II. 22. aiv ff. 18th cent. 13. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. Scribe : the form of decoration and writing render this MS. XVI. 12 383). The text is accurately written. : 1 I after 16 —MS. Ind. 19. p. Stud. 16th or 17th cent. 243. srutadevatdyai tenam kdlenam tenam samaenam \ . Hultzsch. Material: Paper. II.. 597 sq. 159''' with three. 14. In the centre of each In addition page is a red circle in a blank space. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. It ends on 48^ iti Camdapannattl samattd subham bhavatu The (20) pahudas end on gramthdgram sloka 1824 17V. Prakrit d. in which case its date becomes doubtful.. 23. 385).. : : Devanagarl. It is hardly possible definitely to iderrtify the hand with any one of these. F. 416 sq.

Size: iOjX4|-in. It ends on f. Benares. paccakkhanam. text is \ I I 1 1 Aturapratyakhyana and Bhaktaparijria. a maranavidhi. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. with 43 verses. ^6 a new subject. and 10. the ends on f. 63: samvat 1888 (=a.: 13 JRayagihe vannail I CATALOGUE OF PRAKRIT namam The : MSS. other dates in the MSS.d. being a treatise on the duties of bhikkhus and bhikkhunis in 137 verses. and Sadaranga's bhasa gloss. mahdnubhdvam munim I namiuna mahdyasayam ana Mahdviram bhanima bhaitaparinnam niyabharainatbhavagahanabhamanarlnd lahamti thd paratthdya i I II II I No. which ends on f. with a com- The red text is bounded on either side by two broad lines. 7. with 274 verses. 34. commentary is written at the top by two black lines. Jaina is page. 8. Sansk. Jaina style. The numbers of the verses and colophons mentary. text proper is arranged in the centre of the Character Injuries : : Devanagari. 36. 5''': iti Aurapaccakkhdnam sammattam The text is bounded on either side by a pattern in black and red. Bate: f. works are In this f. Material : Paper. {§ S) 14 nagare hottha I riddha Qunasilae ceiie 20 — MS. 3. The colophon is iti Gaccfidcdraprakarnnakam samdptam sn ca It is accompanied by a siitrartha likewise in Prakrit. 17 on the whole carefully written. the devimdatthaii. begins tihuyanasanravimdam samghavayanarayanamamgalam namiilm samanassa uttamatthe maranavihisamgaha vuccham nil) iti srimaIt contains 660 verses. bhanimo bhattaparmruim niyabharanamThere are 173 verses of this section. IBth or IVtti cent. 8.. MS. : : 21 —MS. Prakrit A. 1832. ends on f. The 6th section. : I I I The style. 445. II. The text agrees very closely with that given by Weber.. 6^ Gacchdydram sunittdnam padhittd bhikkhubhikkhunl kunarntujamjahdbhaniyam icchamtd hiam appano This last verse corresponds to 37 ver.X 4|. It begins on f. 345.. There are small ornaments in the margin. certain works of the Jaina sacred canon. 612 sq. suhamja malllnd tarn kappaddumakdnana suhayamjinasdsayamjana'CyMW There are 173 verses as in the copy in no.622. 388). : 387). f. 5^ r° vaijdpathandrtham Size : io|. 63 : 1 Mahamram Former shelfmark : MS.. 10^x5^ in. the virastava {sic).in. being the 3rd and snd These prakirnakas of the sacred canon of the Jains. The 8th section. It ends on f. the Bhaktaparijna precedes. These are fully described by Weber. 39. the camdaviyyayam. Then on tthaya paratthdya mil f. P Bhaktaparijna and Aturapratyakhyana. 1833) nd varse phdgunavada 9 This date casts considerable doubt \ upon many of the old in appearance. used by Weber. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. begins on mahdnumbhavam munim It ends on f. 19 Oontents: the —MS. A. Material: Paper. l II. Character : Devanagari. 45 Nirayavaliyd suyaskamdho sammdtta cha cha gramthagram 1109 cha The text is bounded on either side by two double black lines. Bought in 1887 from Dr. Material: Paper. \ 11 : 1 I 1 II II No. 16 Frakirnakasutra. Sansk. Catal. 6. and ends on f. with Candrasuri's comm. Bate : probably late i6th century. 247. 389). MS. d. Edited. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. ^____ d. XVI. of leaves : iv + 62 + ii blank. Hultzsch sane bhaniyam lull 1 has overlooked the first part. Former owner : f. : I No. D. Bought in 1887 from Dr. Then begins desakkadesaviraU sammadditthi the 2nd prakirnaka marijja jo jivo vam hoi bdlapamdiyamarinam jinasdnivua I : I Prakrit d. with 80 verses. Catal. 9. The 7th section. d. of leaves iv + 5 + lxvii blank. ends on f. the ganiviyya. as it is quite XVI. Catal.. treatises on euthanasia. %6. !'' Tiamiuna mahaisayam I The MS. The loth section. with a commentary.. Contents : : ranavihipamcamo uddeao overlooked this piece. Stud. Cf. It begins on Former shelfmark MS. Bought in 1887 from Dr. sammatto 1 Hultzsch has the Gaochac&rapralarnaka. 138 in the MS. ends on f. 1542. 623. Gacchdydram kimci uddharimo suyasamudddii i || It ends on f. The 9th section. The and bottom of the . 608 f. bounded on either side there a small hole in 27. In the centre of each page is a blank space. of leaves : iv + 45 + xxxi blank. The numbering of the lines is carefully done in red ink. d. i'*' namiuna Mahdviram tiyasimdanamamsiam mdhdbhdgam I I are in red ink. no. Stud. with 141 verses. 11. Sansk. D. 22 (i). 1885. 3^. with 173 verses. Character Devanagari. 19. The text is fairly well written. Former shelfmark : MS. ends on f. of the Prakirnakas. c. Size: 246. 433 I sq. : fully described by Weber. Jaina style. contains nos. I. : Ind. sq. Contents: the Prakrit d. 15. 28 Oacchacaraprakirnaka. Ind. Date : possibly middle of i8th century.

I4I''': iti I Character Injuries : : Devanagari. Bought in 1887 from Dr. legend illustrating the excellence of the Jaina the story of Samudravijaya and his rela- hramanasamghasya dcamdrdrkam dram namdatdd idam pustakam srltapdgacMsreyo 'stu hence called by Walker (1) on f. B. namiuna Mahdviram etc. (a) right-hand margin. srilj. of leaves : the two parts have 6 leaves apiece. vyasrdvikdsamuddyair likhdpitam jiganiupadesdt I pam§riuttamdvijaya- A Dharma by tives. in. The MS. Character : the usual Jaina figure. is In both cases the text bounded on by two double red Size Measurement of binding : i3f x 8f in. lated by Jacobi emabbham mabbhenam cha I nigratthat I ii ahiydro kahiii \ ii II and inaccurate. the order being (i) top of middle column. complete in S. Eugen Hultzsch (MS.. It begins on f. 6^ : attapadhanatthae 1 I IcP I bald laksitam om sq. It begins on f. I cha^ I Character : Devanagari.X 4j in. Mill 36 Bhadrabahu's Kalpasutra. —MS. ? Contents .: : 15 CATALOGUE OF PRAKRIT MSS. d. Bate: (i) probably about a. and a good deal of the is lost. The MS. only tolerably accurate. sadd i II mmahdvlrdya namal} II I I somavdre Idsitam Scribe : f. foliation makes 150 pages (not leaves). Jaina 24 — MS. No. The text is bounded on either side by two dark red lines. Bate : probably beginning of 19th century. of leaves : iii + 75 + iii blank. sril!. Bate: f. as in 96^^ sngwrubhyo nano. Material: Paper.^ samkhevena sirigunanihdnasilrinam kae kahd srl I kahiydl). 18 Former shelfmarJc MS. though well written. .- sadbhdvand 1% pratydkhydna 10 parlsahe a a driya 5 mada 8 dhydndni 4 ratnatraya 3 lesyd 6 vasyaka 6 kdya 6 yoga 3 samiti 5 prdndlj. It was transB. _^_^___ 11 II iti Qachdcdrapraklrnnakasutra sapwrnnah. Prakrit II. loa Jati (i. I snh' I I I I I \ letters. I chah I part of the left-hand margin missing throughout. ^^__^^ : 23 d. Contents: the Gacchacaraprakirnaka. 379. &c. I kdrakivadi 9 sampurnnam bhavati Scribe : f. 390). I 631 sq. Leipzig. Stud. Jenano gramtha. loi'^ maT).e. 137 : I I gdthdpramdnena gramtha 4944 atrddhyayandni sapta kathdnakdni nava sloka 4544 gdthd 4944 chalj. Size: io-|. is modern as in Jacobi's edition. 2)—MS.- the Kalpasutra of Bhadrabahu. 1879.D. 22 (1.. samvat 1598 ( = a. srimahdnikthasutram | I chalj. 1700. 348. \^ om namo titthassa namo arihamtdnam suarn me diisam tena bhagavayd iha khalu baumatthasamjamakiride evam akkhdyam XVI. 17th cent. E. 103 tenam kdlenam tenam samaenam Soriyapure nayare Samuddavijayaakkho hathimiyaAmdhakavinnisuyd sdyarahimavamaayaladharaiimpuranaabhicamdavasudeva iya ndmdjdyd Kumti Muddi duve puttiyd tat ha SamudsavvaIt ends on f. Arranged like a European book. 2. the and chedasutra of the sacred canon of the Jains.xxix blank. 21. 108 davijayo rdyd rajjarn pdldi jdyavehim savvariddhihim parivariu Baraval nayari I \ I I I : yahnsrivijayadevasuribhamddre muktam style. cha I The usual space in the centre of each page either side is partially filled up by lines. Material: Paper. ^__i^. with verse 137. P X. XXII. Mahanisithasutra. It begins on f. I 14a : parncacatvdrirnsaddgamaiapodhydpa\ I cAa I cha \ cha is nimittam likhitam idam sutram 1 §risuratibamdiravdstaI The MS. Sansk. Size: io-|x5|in.. (a) probably about A. The original No. It ends on f. Character • To|-x6 Material: Paper. 19th cent. No. Material : (? European) paper. In the centre is a blank space filled with auspicious chah sriJj. 1600. 1777.D. 10 pramddd 5 supal}. Jaina style. Contents described : Bought in 1887 from Dr. gachaydram sunittdnam etc. 45a I 1 (date as above) \ Ldtapilyayam liksitd cha I cha I vattamdne It l It is rather inaccurate. I tatvdni 9 vrata 1% dharma 10 samjima 17 gati 4 jndnas ca 5 Former shelfmark : MS. 1777) . the centre of each column is No. (4) foot of middle column. d. of leaves : iv + 6 -f. This work is fully by Weber. Devanagari. yati)-dharma. {§3) 16 middle column. In (3) left-hand margin.. and in the two margins. Jaina style. Walker 206 Gacchacaraprakirnaka. : d. sutrartha is untidily written. Catah.d. 438). Sansk. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. Ind. A. 6^^ Bate f. Devanagari. I a samjnd 4 karmma 8 kashdguhya 3 tisayd ^^jheydl} cha cha sudhibhih. is ends on 1 f. The colophon and subject headings are in light red. I srllj. 14a: samvat 18^4 sake i6gg pravarttamdne mdgasaramdse suklapakse dvitiydtithau ( = A. of leaves iv + 142 + ii blank. a coloured ornament. 1542) vararse : : the Mahanisithasutra.

begins on f. iv + 39 + xxxi f. in. A. 31 sq. d. Unlike MS. makes 40 H. and corresponds pretty closely to that used by Weber.. erased. of leaves foliation : No. d. It corresponds to recension A in Weber. as f. io| X 5|. Devanagarl. Really 32. i"'': purima carimdna kappo mamgalam vaddhamdnatitthammi to parikahim jinaganahardi therdvalicarittam 3 purima . II. F. Character : Devanagarl. Stud. 275 EalpSutaryacya. 30^ sam 1530 ( = a. i is blank. Contents : Sansk. mamgalam vaddhamdnatitthammi etc. P the Nandisutra.. No. II. Former shelfmark : MS. : 30^^ : Sumatihemaganind \ Character Devanagarl. 15 trebled. i sq. 1880. D.. Prakrit c. l Character Devanagarl. 1342. 70"*^: 1 37 being numbered Bate : probably beginning of 18th centtiry. Ind. Ill. 33^ iti srinamdisutram samdptam introduction of 50 verses ends on f. In this MS. The : Prakrit begins on tatha hi I I introduction pttspamdhi jdtlkusuma f. 3V: om namo srtmtardgdya jayat jagajlvajonl The text is very like viydnau jagaguru jagdnamdo accurately written. II.' f. Sansk. There is no blank space. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. fairly that printed in Weber. : 70'': Varahdnnapuranagare lasitam style. Material : Paper. Edited. Jaina style. and a Hindi gloss. this always. Cat. XVII. of leaves : iv-l-33 (in the original foliation the page is not numbered) + xxxvii blank. a canonical work It is fully described Ealpantarracya. Jaina style. f. Catal. usually quotes the Prakrit in full. 1880. it begins on f. d. though the writing looks later. comm. : Bought in 1887 from Dr. The Prakrit begins on f. 1464.. 18th cent. 435). 5. Bought Size : in 1887 from Dr. and is The It ends on f. 1343.d. 666.. a different recension of the Kalpantarvacya of the Jains. blank. 39'''. 276 Anuyogadvarasutra. is fairly accurate. Prakrit d. 10 X 4|: Material : Paper. {§ 3) 18 —MS. Material: Paper. XVII. with Hemacandrasuri's comm. : I No. Contents: the ITttaradhyayanastltra. 1464) varse It is probably a genuine date. Character : Bate. 651. i''': om namo vltardgdya ndmam parncaviham pannattam tam jahd suandnam dbhinibohiyandnarn ohindnam manapachavandnam kevalananam The MS. Jaina 29— MS. a collection of legends in Sanskrit and Prakrit illustrating the Kalpasutra of Bhadrabahu. a correction as regards the 79 and the month for something Date: f.: 17 CATALOGUE OF PRAKRIT 25 Contents : MSS. no. ^^_____ : Bought Size in 1887 from Dr. 3 contains I I I : I a vignette. Jaina style. Prakrit d. the Kalpantarvacya. 1 27 Contents Jains. d. It begins on f. 19* 26—MS. no.. Material: Paper. Catal. 1633) 'varse dvitiydsddhavadi 9 ravau This is. D. F. TJttaradhyayanasiitra. kappo \ C. 1465. and a bhasa I I 1 1 1 I Jena ya magalam tena jindnam cariyaJi samosarandni a mamgalattham eva therdvali I gloss. first No.. 6^^ sq. of leaves is iv + 30 + ii blank. 28 Contents : —MS. ? the Anuyogadvarasutra. is terribly inaccurate. 363. and in the centre of each page is a blank space. it 694 sq. Calcutta. Sansk. 1623. It ends on f. d kahijjai The MS. i samjogd vippamukkassa I \ andgarassa bhikkhuno \\ 1 vinai yam pdukarissdmi dnupuvvim suneha me 1 n Section c . Both in Sanskrit and Prakrit it has a text approximating closely to the recension called C by Weber. 434). Eugen Hultzsch (MS. I 11 II jinasisdnam 1 esa kappo ceva jam vdsdsu pajjosavijjcCi I vdsapadaii vd sdmititthe kahijjati I md I majjhimaydnam puna bhayanidyam I I padyosaviti vd na vd I mamgalam ca srivarddhamana- In tliis MS. leaves.. Catal. : —MS. Eugen Hultzsch (MS..in. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. after the long jimavrksamdhikalpadruma naremdra etc. A. The text isbounded on either sideby two double black lines.d. Scribe : f. of leaves iv + 70 + ii blank. see Sansk. 18th cent. The text is bounded on either side by two black lines. 3. the ist mulasutra of the Jaina sacred canon. but not _^^_^^ : Former shelfmark MS. 391).: purima carimdna I 1 573 sq. from that contained in the preceding MS. Stud. however. Cat. Bate: probably about middle of i8th century. see Sansk. Catal. The original samvat 1679 ( = a. with Malayagiri's Calcutta. B. Bought in 1887 from Dr.. Scribe . Edited. Size: io|x4|-in. Ind. 394). Sansk. Size: ioix4|-in. a canonical work of the It is fully described by Weber. 349. by Weber. A. 19 Kandisutra.

1465) varse Scribe: f. The text seems accurate. Its text 18. II. The "Uttaradhyayanasutra. 48"^: sdhu khdvamti kammam anegabhavasamciyam duttd I I anamtam \ II 1142 II Oghaniryukti samdpta}} I Ver. 33'^. a semi-canonical work It is described "Uttaradhyayanakatha. II. In the centre of each page is the usual Jaina figure. 20. : pramukhasdraparlvdrayutdhhydm sripustakabhdmddgdre &rluttarddhyayanam svabhdtrsopanayandpunydrtham lekhaydm cakre §ubham bhavatu \ I 396.. 318: uttarajha- yandni sammattani II 36 11 The MS. c. The 11 sets of a hundred ^yY^ io|X4|in. S. c. Contents . d. Weber. n. I. Devanagari. XVII.. ff. 45^.. See Sansk. It begins on f. 1346. according to have Edited. 25 30 —MS. 18th cent.. Eugen Hultzsch (MSS. 1 142= 33'^: srikharataragacchesrljinavarddhanasu- ver. 16. 28: namal}. The text is bounded on either side by a broad red line over two double lines. Lacunae are marked on ff. 13"^. i^: arihamte vam816 sq. f. Several the usual Jaina figure. the Oghaniryukti. 3 end on fF. Date : early part of 1 7th century.. 395). Date: f. In the centre of each page is only in small points. sections. is fairly well written and accurate. No. 33''': samvat 1531 ( = a. : : Devanagari. on . 20 2 i'^ . P a few of the gathas of the tJttaradhyayanasutra are quoted here and there throughout the work. c. XVII. A. 10. No. section 2 . partially filled up by a dot of omitted verses red pigment. D. but 'D' among Weber's MSS. see Weber. and ends on f. 82-84. 10. It begins on f. Character Injuries . Size: i2|^X4|-in.. 62. 1 1 56 in Weber. Jiv 63. 31 (1. 11^ 12V. two works written by the same hand. 17th cent. The Oghaniryukti. 19 ends on section 6. 29. blank. 68"^.. 13— a8 having suffered considerably. nearest to that of Gatal. 29. Contents : Prakrit d. MSS. 18-^. 14. 2^ section 3 on f. I. The MS. Cat. . a5^ 27. MS. ff. 17. iti srioghaniryuktih samdptalj. to judge from the paper. 3"''. i"^. . XLY. of leaves : iv + 46 + xxv blank. f. 15V. ai^ 24^ 25. 397). Chq. of leaves : iv + 1 o + Ixi Date : about a. 1700. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. 39.. its text seems in 36 as in no. Jaina style. {§ S) e. 5. 4^. Material: Paper. 27^ 28^. 2). here in 1142 verses. . Ind. at the left-hand no. sections Uttaradhyayanasutra. On the verso there are similar spots in been added by a later hand. Bought in 1887 from Dr. : 7.. of leaves . Sansk. either margin. Small lacunae are bottom corner. more than any of Weber's MSS. p. sarvajndya araI Former shelfmark : MS. \ Verse 1164 identical with verse 11 60 in Weber's Devanagari. by Weber.. see 716-729. ripattaprabhusrrjiriacamddhanasuripattdlamkdrasrijina- Stud. P Contents 1. . 22\ 28. a prakirnaka.d. complete shows some deviations. cp. ii"^.d. with Laksmivallabha's tika and a bhasa gloss.. 19^ ao^ 21. usually in a very corrupt form.B. has been much eaten by ants. 31. iv + 33 + xliii blank. 2"'^. and translated by Jacobi.E. Bought in 1887 from Dr. 817. is carefully written . 1 Character Injuries if. 26J. 622. Ind. no. from that in no. II. a'^ are damaged The text seems fairly accurate. one collection. or of Peterson's (see 622 sq. sodyadharanabhdryd lasdi putrasrigirindragiriirmgdra-raso-° srljinacdracaturmukhaprdsddasamuddharana hdmgaiirdt-Srd-" bhdrydsrd-° srlm^nikydbhydm rdjaso-° \ suso-° mamdalikaso-° ba(iuyaso-° isaraso-" kumd . Sansk. Calcutta. 122. hamte vamdittd cailddasapuvvl taheva dasapuvvl ekkdrasamgasuttatthadharae savvasddhu ya \\i\\ It ends on evam ughasamdydri jumjamtd caranakaranam f. i^. II. 1923. \ Catal. 32 —MS. It begins on f. For the work. a. I 11 II Bought in 1887 from Dr. 14. ff. 8^ 10. 26. Stud. Catal.racter : the MS. partially filled in with a spot of red pigment. marked on 3. and Oghaniryukti.• 253 of the Jains. 43 sq. In each margin of the verso is °dharmmika°) -vdtsalyddyanekapunyacdritrapavitra- a similar spot. 123. Prakrit f. Jaina style. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. caudasapuvvl taheva dasapuvvl dittd ikkdrasamgasuttatthadhdrae savvasahu « 1 It contains 1 164 verses. sdgarasuripattaprabhdkara^njinasumdarasuripattaprabhdkaradinakara. 1535. 816. c. verses end on It 7^. Material: Paper. Oghaniryukti. Jaina style. Size: I2fx5|in. 18. No. 1880. 2)— MS. Size: Weber. Catal. pdlaI Former shelfmark MS. 5-36 3 16V 8. 816. Sansk. 29. Material: Paper.srtjinaharsasurindm upadesena srl\ I mamdapadurgravdstavyasonidelhaputrasrlsatrumjayamahdtirthaydtrasrijinaharsasuripadasthdpandsdvarmmika(or In both cases the text is bounded on either side by a broad red line over two thin double lines. 8x6. la. 416). CATALOGUE OF PRAKRIT 4 on 6v f. 2. II. 4.. 28 with ver.- ends on is 72"^ : 33. 19"^.

The verses text Bate: sdsavadi so old. as double. II. and ends on f. XVII. Material: Vaper. frequently filled in with red pigment. with 7a verses. later Character Injuries : : Devanagari. very high in proportion to the breadth. the last being on f. further On the Former shelfmark : MS. 167. even the verses are numbered by loo's. 742 sq. 69. i^. Contents : on Prakrit d. {§3) 22 The MS. In the centre of each page is the usual Jaina There are many corrections and notes by a 35 — MS. as in the preceding MS. : pedhiya). the rest being filled by the commentary. 89. 349. attempted. MS. the text appears to be fairly accurate. Sansk. and the gramthagra is 3107. 34^^. AvaSyakauiryukti. 21 hand. 50 sq. 1 also very is many marginal notes in later hands. The numbering of the frequently made in red ink. The uvasagga. Bought in 1887 from Dr. Catal. 131. The text is bounded on either side by two black Hues. 173. 141V. . ii Sansk. They end on 7 (theravalia 38\ 42^ 46. 156. 11 8^: The text shows very The MS. 71. Jaina style. Jaina style. of leaves : iv + i a8 (f. The text is bounded by two double black lines. No.^111. 34. 81 for the of 1 8th century. Size: io^X5| in. d. 141V. 257. 402). attributed to Bhadrabahu.21 CATALOGUE OF PRAKRIT is MSS. of leaves 116 leaves. lo®*^ 16-19 ^'"^ There are really ^"^ ^* 45» 4^' ^^^ d.. II. f.- c 2 . ia8: dsosudi a Sukle I esd anuggahattha phudaviyaddhavisuddhavamjand innd Scribe: adyeha srimadd{coTrected to bhadd°)anahillapattane likhitd ikkdrasasaehim 1 satthia I hiehim I samgahiya II116411 pam° bhdvacamdrena{V) I After this oghanijjutti samattd cha a later hand has added the same verse as in no. 24. 38. 0/ leaves : verso large circles of red are also made on the two ornamentation is margins. 69. 16V. Size : 401). D. 415). the pedhia runs up to £ 5. In this .. No. 5^> 62. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. -Size lof X 5f in. 41 with the 139th verse. 108-110 are supplied There are F. 33 — MS. 258. 1356. Contents : 10^x4.. The MS. 35. A. 118. 73"'^: samv 159 1 1 ( = a. 43^ with the ao8th verse. Former shelfmark: MS. 65. 64. 20 88V. 189. d. 269. 179. the Oghanirjrukti. Character : Devanagari. and sometimes iv4-72 + ii blank. The padhama varacaria ends on f. is tolerably accurate. iv + 118+ blank. Bought in 1887 from Dr. 16 above. d. P No. 141^. gathas or sections respectively. d. 4).. ends on f. 1 1 8'*': samv 1546 ( = a. ia8) + ii blank. In the centre of each page is the usual Jaina ornament. 74V. with Jnanasagara's Avacuri of Dronacarya's Bate: f. 1 29 in the original foliation should be f. ff. Yellow pigment is much used for corrections Weber.. 417). The 133.. The biavaracariya (sic) ends on f. counting 86 verses then begins f. with the 177th verse. I verses being either side numbered in it. Sansk. begins on f. The text of the niryukti occupies the middle of the and column. Cat. with both of Weber's 34 — MS. In the centre of each page is the Jaina figure. in 1887 . Contents: It Prakrit d. The samosarana ends on f. 1490. ao8. a work connected with the and mulasutra It is fuUy described by of the Jaina sacred canon. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. 17th cent. ? the Avasyakaniryukti. No. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. with 355 verses. 5a. Stud.i^^^_ from Dr. Vrtti. figure. i ravau The paper 1535) varse vailooks not by any means line over is is bounded on either side by a broad red two double red lines. 16—19 ^^^ missing. ^___^__ Former shelfmark : MS. samdptam irimaddva^yakam considerable differences from that in Weber. 10^ blank. Jaina style. 13'^. which thus disagree to some extent Character Devanagari. In the centre is of each page the Jaina figure. See Sansk. 1490) varse It has 1164 verses. no. 105. 9iv^ MSS.d. 742 sq. Bate: probably end of 17th century or beginning Avasyakaniryukti.7. 41^. Catal. 270 Oghanirsrukti. Ff. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. Bought in 1887 from Dr. Material : Paper. 83. as in no. 153. Material: Paper. in a later hand. Thereafter the and erasures. 78. 5. 69. ends on f. Size : I of X 4j in. The (21) (for ajjhayanas the titles see Weber. on written throughout in black ink. 6^. Avasyakaniryukti.) have 131 (50 for the theravalia. The ganadharavada ends on f. f. : ft". There are enumerated 2525 gathas on f. 17th cent. 105V 114. ii7v^ 123V. of columns : 3. Bought Material: Paper. Ind. Sansk.

a6a. Date probably beginning of 17th century. are on f. '^ krtam black . i : vavagayakamI The MS. The red lines. 20''^ namiuna jinavarimde tihuyanavarandnadamsanapawe bamdhudayasamtajjuttam vocchdmi thayarn. 398. Scribe: later f. d. 16th or 17th cent. of leaves : iv + 3 + liii blank. Stud. Stud. i : I samdsail vucham kiraX jiena kammam f. 431). Bought in 1887 from Dr. D. dealing with the six mahavratas. I I saharisabhdvo kare atitthe jinerisl 1 I panamdmi suydya suyddevi II i II tittham- 39 (1-4)— MS. 36 — MS. 4) I 24 The \ No. No. Ind. Material: Paper. asomdse suklapakse saptamydm tithau ravivdsare MS. Contents It is : 22 P DaSavaikalika. 1876. I subharn. of leaves : iv + 141 + ii blank.. hand has added I A kngamdhdrabimdari lakhitaml}. Paksikasutra. 323. sarvajnaya namalj. I II II : of the 5 parts of the Karmagrantha attributed \ begins on him. 77 sq. 13"'^ iti Pdksikaksdmand maharisl II : Karmagrantha. Material: Paper. attributed to Sijjamdescribed by Weber. i arham attdna mohadalanl janxtm suyandnabhaviyaloyassa sarisd : 1 Devanagari. 30^ eyam gdhdna sayam ahithdvaddhiail padhikuna jo guru pucchat ndhi Kammavivdgam ca11 11 : I svaird II 168 II Former shelfmark : MS. tham the Karmavipakasiitra of Devendrasuri. ff. Size: io|X4|-in.d. The Karmastava in 5^ verses. 16th or 17th cent. 13^. 837 sq. appears to be inaccurate. A. Yellow text is makalamkam vtram namiuna kammagayakusalam vuccham kammavivdgam guruvayaddham samdsena 1 It ends on f.d. 819-821.. of leaves iv + 14 + xliii blank. Character : Devanagari. Ind. f. 37 Contents : —MS.. 1600. mdhdsatl hdsrapathandrtham : 1 I the 17th century. It ends on f.. XVI. : is probably as old as the middle of style. 26 the Da^avaikalika. II. Catal. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. Bate: possibly about a. Prakrit d.P Contents the to first : 807 i: sq. Former shelfmark: MS. the 3rd mulasutra of the Jaina sacred canon. style. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. 41"'^: me ti huyanamahiu siddho buddho niramjano niccho disail varandnalambham damsanasuddhim samdhim ca II : I 1 . Jaina 58'''-6o^ (61 verses). 1313. 31 Former shelfmark: MS. Prakrit d. figure. It begins on f. Prakrit d. Bought in 1887 fi-om Dr. Size: io|x4|-in. No. No. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. Contents : Sansk. I 4. bhavatu srlr astu I chalj. is repeated. and ends on srldevendrasuribhil}. 17th cent. is fairly accurate. Material: Paper. in prose and verse. : lines. original 14a The 3 has been corrected save on f. 11 1 II It has as usual heuhim jena vo bhattae 60 verses. for which see Weber. XVII. I nanda's commentary. Catal. ($$ 3. 138. 271 atitthasiddhe ya titthasiddhe ya I siddhe a II See 3 ya ndnam ca vamddmi Weber. does not appear to be over accurate. The Karmavipaka of Garga Rsi with ParamaIt begins samdptah. Character . Sansk. the Paksikasutra. 1563. P 4 parts of a Karmagrantha with Sanskrit commentaries. Basavaikdlikam samdptam In the centre of each page is a Jaina figure. Size: io~X4|-in. Sansk. . Bought in 1887 from Dr. 406). Printed in Laghuprakaranasamgraha.. II. Jaina style. d. srlrastu Character Devanagari. 85. 1. does not look half as old. and enumerating the components of sruta. + 13 +xli blank. Jaina Character: Devanagari. d. 14''^ The MS. The text is bounded on either side by two double black lines. There are really leaves foliation as f. It sirivtrajinam vamdia kammavivdgam f.. dhammo mamgalam I ukkat- ahimsd samjamo tavo devd vi tarn namamsamti iti jassa dhammo sayd mano i It ends on f. bounded at either side by two double pigment is freely used for erasures. Jaina style. Sansk. bhava. The text is bounded on It either side by two double Bombay. I It begins on om \ namah. The words separated from one another by small strokes at the In the centre of each page is the usual Jaina top. 1563) varse 2. of leaves : Bate: f. iii 447). 13'^: Bate : the MS. XVII. iti I srlkarmavipdkasutram I sril). samvat 1619 (=a. 373.23 CATALOGUE OF PRAKRIT MSS. DOGMATIC AND DISCIPLINE Devendrasuri's Earmavipakasutra. nisdmeha mil The last verse is on f. fully II. d. Catal. NON-CANONICAL TREATISES 38 — MS. It begins on f.

fF. The Bandhasvamitva in 54 verses. are missing. (§ 4>) 26 After the colophon of Govindagani's comm. Date. 33. 11 : 1 II 4. Jaina 37 is lost. II.d. f. Gatal. Not older than 1750 a. with an interlinear gloss in : 40 — MS. Size : 1 1 X 4| in. The Kriyasthanakavicara. Sansk. F. i^ in Sanskrit by Mativardhana. undisguised. 1359. 3. ending on f. It begins on f. d. text in 30 verses. The S'ravakavrata. 1701) varse posavadi 9 dine imduvdsare li° 2. 6. 1884. fF. Weber. in 64 aryas. Gat.samvat 1658 ( = a.. 7. 1744. and is followed by a few words bhasa. Bombay 1 ed. is foliated Bought in 1887 from Dr. 31V: mrdyamallajitasisyapujyakasnma- Devanagari. Text accurate. ff. 75V: iti 13 Kriydsthdnakavicdralj. 1701. 1739) vaisdsasuditrayodasydm tithau \ 1 27 is missing. F. etc. wrapper is (f. A Gujarati comm. janamto taha ya Ooyamo bhamuina ttitthanaham yavam abuhamna bohanattham dhammadhammam phaIt ends on f. I I gaiyalthanadesayam siddham gaXyaiesu voccham vamdhassamittam oghenam 1 n iya It ends on f. 1602) varse srdvanavadi i lasitam 5-7. I Date: Scribe : 89"^: I miti vaisdsavadi f. . No. lost.ai. follow 22 Prakrit verses. as in the preceding MS. Contents . Cat. + xix blank. 41V: samvat 1785 ( = a. original are fairly accurate. See Sansk. partly illegible through abrasion. in bhasa. f. with Sadhuratcommentary. with the commentary It begins on f. 3. and the end are Nearly every leaf is in part illegible through abrasion. of leaves: iv+79 + xix blank. ill srl srl sn sri See Sansk. srijinapravacandya etc.d. as 15—18. See Sansk. It begins on f. the Gautamaprceha. d. no. ending f. is nasuri's : I The The MSS. with commentary. Wilson 390 Gautamaprceha. Character Injuries : : Devanagari. It begins : on drasurih quite wrong. A portion of the Sadalitika. ^2^ : namiuna Vaddhamanam : I 41 (i-7)_MS.d. 89'^ : samvat 1800 ( = a. is fairly accurate. in Gujarati. It begins on f.. Really 74. The Navatattva. 60. text in 39 verses. 439). D. It ends on f. 31^: samP 1757 ( = a. 61 jivd \jtvd 3 etc. 384. 31^: adaya° etc. style. 15-18.. It begins on f. D. No. 64 jina 1 ajina 3 tittha 3 'titthd 1 4 1 gihi 5 anna 6 salimga 7 tht 8 na7'a I Bought in 1887 from Dr. Gat. a Prakrit treatise on the same subject as the Kriyasthana in anga II. in HincW. 1380. noharajitakisya srldllinagre srll} lipnkrtam 1 munijagardma dtmdarthe I f. It ends on f. 419). 29.d. no. 1744) varse vara adltavara h-irupanagaramadhye lisitam pam I I I gydnara srimdhardjdSrirdjastmghajlvijatrdjye Character Injuries : : 4. fF. About end of 15th century. f.. 9 napusd 10 patteya 11 sayambuddhd 13 Imddhabohi 13 kka i^nikkdya 15 49 11 iti srinavatatvaprakaranam samattam srt Before this is added: iti moksatat11 I 1 vam 5. A. 1358. Really 38. 1 : I I I 1 i anarthakriya 3 dkdsaknyd 4 dra5 mrsdkriyd 6 adatdddnakriyd 7 adhydtmaki kriyd 8 mdnakriyd 9 mitrakriyd 10 mdydkriyd 11 iriydvahikl kriyd After this the gloss becomes bhasa thus: arthakriyd staknyd (?) I II II : I I I II II These 13 are briefly discussed in 16 verses. 42^ iti Karmastavabhasya samaptam 3. 2. 43^ namah. 64—69^. 14 -. probably middle of 17th century. no. of leaves : separately. The Navatattya. srivitardgdya 73 nathd 3 himsd 3 kanhd 4 dithi 5 mosa 6 dinneya 7 abbhappa 8 mdna 9 mitte 10 mdyd 11 lobhe 13 riydvahiyd 13 Ilin These are glossed in Sanskrit Hindi.. ^^^ : vimalorukevalapaydsam I nicchinnamohapasam pasariyapanayajanapuriyasam payail panamittu jinapasam II i II ITavatattva.. Each MS. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. athd 1 It begins on I nam. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. A. of leaves: iv + 39 f. f.25 CATALOGUE OF PRAKRIT MSS. 280 Gautamaprceha. On the whole accurate. ^^"^ puvvasurikayapayaranesu jadabuddhina mae rdHyam vamdhassamittam (illegible) kammatthaya soil II 54 \ text 2. Contents : 1. 39^^ jam Goyamena lam pucche i puttham tarn kahia jinavarena inrena bhavvd bhaveha adayasay a dhamnadhammam phalam payadam 63 gahana hoi caiisatthl gatha hui lisapannattarena The verse is incomplete. blank. iii). with Somasundara's Navatattvabalavabodhain Gujarati. on the Karmagranthah satikah Deventitle The printed in the 4.. Material: Paper. and ends on f. as Date: 1. and ends on f. 9 I The text is very inaccurate. + 75 + ii Material: Paper. The Karmagranthaprathamavieara. II I I \ I I I I Size: ioix5iin. Size: io|-X5in. : text in 49 verses. 70-73"*^. i^: namiuna titthaThe ndham etc. It begins on f. etc. the Gautamaprceha in 64 aryas on the main Jaina metaphysical tenets. ii No. Jaina style. 3. Scribe: 1. 39. with a commentary. Material : Paper. f. 41'^.

ver. tattvasukhabodhikdm vrttim Character : Devanagari.: 27 2. the centre of each page is Bought in 1887 from Dr. 1362. Prakrit d. Hultzsch. Jaina 1 style. 45 — MS. 1479.. A. The work begins on i I with the Sanskrit commentary of Sadhuratnastiri. Contents : of the thanas of the Jinas. XL. is very inaccurate. treating in 263 aryas of mythical Geography. of a correct archetype. I of X 5 in. the text of the Wavatattva in 29 verses with the same commentary as in the preceding MS. Material: Paper. no. 8^ : : in 1887 from Dr. see Weber. : Devanagari. It begins on f. Sansk. who gives the date as a.. 42— MS. Mumuksamofdhvayo lilekha NavaScribe : f. Material: Paper. 1331 see verse 360 terahasayasagasle lihiyam inam Somatilayasurihim Bhandarkar. treating in 361 Prakrit stanzas the Character : Devanagari. The MS. BatnaSekhara's Laghuksetrasamasa. Somatilaka. 325. seems usual Jaina figure . hole in 2. 292 metaphysical Wavatattva. 368 in Weber. f. to be a comparatively modern copy is the centre of each page. It is. Former shelfmark : MS. 442). 31'^: surlhim jam Rayanaseharandmaehim appattham eva raHyam narakhittavikkham samsohiyam payaranam suyaneyahim loe pdvei ttam kularamgamayapaI I siddham II.p. 9: samvat 1535 ( = a. Character : Devanagari. i'*' jivajlvd punnam pdvdsava samvaro a : nijjarand \ bamdho mukkho a taha nava iattd humti caiidasa caudasa bdydlisd bdsii humti II ill sattdvanam bdrasa cail nava bhed kammeneamto muhuttamittam pi It ends on f. (J 4) 28 36 tnahd 4. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. 64. 1 1 63 II yaviSvandthena I The Prakrit 859 .d. d. 1479) varse caitrasuddha 9 gurau Scribe: f. lio. __^^ . gives 18 16 as the date. Sattarisayathana of Dharmaghosa : and his pupil. 1759). 18th cent. 9 Mahisdsanapure pam° camdrayasoganind likhdpitam sisyavargdndm pathandrthe likhitam dcdrSize: . Cat. Report. but this is unnecessary. tolerably accurate. 1759. : I authors. 278 The words text is are separated either bounded on by strokes at the top.in. A. is Cat.G. Ind. Bombay. d. 255 1886-1892. Peterson. For other MSS. i^: viramjaya- seharapayapayatthiyam panamiuna gurum ca sasaranatthd khittaviydrdnuilm ucchumi i II I mamdu tti II It ends I : on f. Date : probably end of 18th century. 1887— i89i. samvat 1815 (=a. On the the text . 293 Navatattva. c. the Navatattva. 41^ MSS. however. more accurately written. with his Sanskrit commentary. ff. Sansk. iv + 8 + xlix maghau mdse ravivdre dydm I samvad isvemdudamtirupamite varse sitetarapakse pamcamydm karmmavdI i. 43 —MS. Ixiv. of leaves Date : f. 25. The MS. Was Padmasdgarendlekhi ci° daydsdgaraci° pdthdya M'ritten for Anamdasagara. and in the usual Jaina figure. Injuries : somewhat worm-eaten. cp. Ant. printed in Laghuprakaranasamgraha. d. CATALOGUE OF PRAKRIT F.. See Sansk. Jaina style. There are a good many later corrections. Cf.. In the centre of each page is the Bought Size : lOj X 4j No. Contents . II. 8'^ sim II 2 II phdsiam jehim hujja sammattam tesim avatthapuggala iti Navatatvaprakaranam pariattho ceva samsdro 39 ndyavvd hdyald I : I II II panamiya panamirasurdsuranarimde savvannu gayamohe suhadesanajaniyajanabohe i tesim ciya cavanal pana kalldnaga kamd samdsenam patteyam puvvabhavdi thdnasattarisayam boccham 2 It ends with verse 361 sattarisayapamdne jo jindne ya thane [padhai sunazjhdne thdvae vdpahdne lahudarisanandne pdvmnam amdne paramasuhanihdne jai so siddhithdne 61 (Cp. 1876.. Called . ? Contents Dharmaghosa and Somatilaka's Sattarisayathana. d. It begins on f. Cat. in. no. : i 44—MS... Eugen Hultzsch (MS.? Contents : the Iiaghuksetrasamasa of Ratnasekhara. See Weber. d. 441). Catal. 8^ : bounded on either side by two double red lines. Z.D.• Sansk. D. /. 1361.M. Jaina style. style. 99. VI. i Sansk. Material : Paper. 841) iti Sattarisayathdnam sammmattam cha Weber's I II II \ 1 11 II : I I 11 II I I samdptam I See Sansk. Size : 1 1 X 4|. Report. d. 1365. cf leaves: iii + 13 + lxix blank. of leaves iv + 9 + Iv blank. or three single. No. blank. Catal. 17th cent. Date: f. siririsahdijinamdo treatise in 39 verses on the 9 categories of the system. p. D. 1281. No. Character Injuries : 475).e. The side by three red lines. The names of these thanas which they f. no. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. 38a-56a. a Jaina are inserted in Sanskrit after the verses of have formed the subject. Jaina f. The text occupies text has 369 verses. Klatt. Bought in 1887 from Dr. Sansk.

II. tivihanapadikkdmto Then follow. No. The samyaktvaf. Jaina style. Contents in : Sansk.) in the as his gurus. I feel pretty confident that the latter must be identical with our author. On ff. For I the suri. Report. on f. See Sansh Cat. Material Paper. is correct. 18841886. p. p. is has clearly once been part of a great whole. Date: very possibly about a.93. Character : Devanagari. Character . 66. of leaves : iv + 3 1 + ii blank. 437). pp. vd° Batnakirttiganind lakhitam I sahidevapathandrtham mamtriAlso not in the ist hand. 1883. II. 892-895 Peterson. 13. Injuries. 19.. The MS. 48. : iii + 107 + probably the first half of 1 7th century. n. d. pp.d. : the Samgrahani. 36 30 55 sq. P the Sraddhapratikramanasiitra.. cp. d. Form£r shelfmark: MS. D. 33 (373 w. Catal. Beport. Weher.D. 353. d. . Ant. 1636.. p. d. See for this work. The lines. 323 P Samgrahani. manasutra.. 2. It begins on f. 883 Gat. 51. S'ripalacaritra sutra. If he was a predecessor of Haribhadra his date must be 8th or 9th cent. Contents MS. Peterson. in. Catal. In the centre of each page is the usual Jaina figure. 1886-1893^ . and agrees very closely sq. 1876. No. AsVajrasenaand Hematilaka. 75 (318 \v. with Weber's MS. Size : 9I X 4^ in. 1882. on f. 19. 1883. 13. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. with a hole in the : I \ I II I II I centre. text is bounded on either side by two double red samvat 1692 ( = a. 1886-1893.6 . 19. 1052 sq. a manual of Jaina doctrine in 514 (nominally 530) Prakrit aryas. Sansk. p. is The margin consists of two double red an addendum by a later hand. both 1—33 and 63-83 (64 being repeated). : mam l I I \ II II Bought Size : in 1887 from Dr. the siksavrata on loi the sesa on 107^- 48 —MS. Report. i guruvirahammi a thavandguruvaesovadamsanattham ca jinavirahammi a jinabimbasevandmamtanam sahalam Mill It ends on f. A.Catal. -Report. for the author. There are some glosses by a later hand. 33'^ jam uddhiyam suydii puvvdyariyakaya mahavasamaie bemi yavvam suyaharehim taheva suyadevayd eya 14 11 gdthd 530 samgrahani sammattd gramthdgram 650 There are only 514 verses. 45. lines. . Cp. the details of the writing II II of the text and commentary. In the centre of each page is the usual Jaina figure. Contents: Sansk. xxxix. Notices. 333. i vlram namiuna tigaranavisuddham ndnamanarntdsamgahanitti ndmenam II ill voccham tamahattham thiibhavanogdhanaya surandraydna patteyam naratirir yadehamdnam dilpamdnam ca vucchdmi 2 It ends dra^ani. 3 are in It has also the f. p. 36. 103. 14. ig^.. 9. of leaves xvii blank.Beport. d. 50 aryas of the duties and penances of laymen of the Sanskrit commentary. are Jinabhadragani's Samgrahani. I : XI. The Prakrit is fairly accurate. II.29 anonymous a CATALOGUE OF PRAKRIT in Mitra. Mitra. Peterson. vamddmi jine cauvvlsam 50 107 and 107'^. Jaina style. 33"'' : srlkharataragacche srijinabhadrasuri- vijayamdne 1 a later hand. Z.M. called also Brhatsamgrahani to distinguish it from the shorter redaction of Candrasuri as in no. Scribe : figure. as foliated S'raddhapratikramanasutra. the gunavrata on f. Bought in 1887 from Dr. 46. 79 . 15^ are blank.. II. : 472). 10^ X 5^ Material: Paper. i3h-37b. treating Ff. is careful and fairly accurate. and some words on f. 1886-1893. Notices. f. Devanagari. ff. 107 evam aham dloia nimdia garahia dugumchium sammam Jaina sect. but are replaced in an old hand. Weber. 17th cent. if Jacobi.. dhikara ends on f. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. author of the S'ripalacaritra. The nitthavia aifhakamIt begins on f. No. 13. no. Catal. 91. 57^^ . MSS. Material : Paper. ciii. no. ff. 33"^: of the text. Indian Institute Library. based on Devabhadrasuri's vivarana. 137 .- iii + 33 + xliv I blank.O. D. with Ratnasekharagani's : Beport. Bombay. XL. Jaina style..on ff. Bought in 1887 from Dr. 8 (375 w. 891. 14. have been lost. See Sansk..). 1367. A. of leaves . 1650. f. Weber. (§4) Prakrit d. 1373. 44. The it 46— MS. by Jinabha- commentary undoubtedly the teachers of Ratnasekharasuri. see Beport. 1636) varse kdrttikasudi trayovasl gurau This is not in the hand Date. 1366. 320 MS. Size : io|- X 4|- in.. His traditional date is Tnd. VIII. Date : Printed in Laghuprakaranasamgraha. not with that of the feddhapratikramana- was written in A. I 539-589. the Samgrahani of Candrasuri in 277 Prakrit verses with a Sanskrit avaciirni.). Eugen Hultzsch (MS. the anuvratapamcakadhikara name SravakapratikraX. Klatt. 1883. There is 47 —MS. Character : Devanagari. Peterson. 470). 17th cent.. 1884-1886. In the centre of each page is the usual Jaina Ff.whom he mentionsinhis (365 vv.

of leaves : i+86 + i blank. pp. bhdvd savvasamyogalakkhand II The 1st mahadhikara.M. 81. the commentary in a small hand. a Jain Weber. This com- On Piety and at the sides of the had been written. 473). The text proper is written in a large hand. Karmakanda commentary the gathas begin on f. Peterson. 9^. Date: about beginning of 19th century. 10. 0/ columns : 3. 1884. Palaeographie. 1 98. Wilson 458 18th cent. of Date : i. iii verses. p. imdasayavamdiydnam : likhitam I tihuvanahidamadhwanisahavakkdnarn. of leaves if. + 26 + xlix blank. 8^. Prakrit Contents: the c. 2 182 verses.e. Date: perhaps end of 17th century.. 50. i'^ asyam gathayam (?) Nemindtham varddhamdnam caturvimsatittrthamkarasarnuddyam The text ca Nemicandr deary ydda. Bought in 1887 from Dr. lOjX^^ : in. Report. Character : Devanagarl. 1883. A. suit the To mentary on vv. iii Material: Paper. XL. after the text He lived about a. xxviifin. 17—77. gdthd pranamya sirasd Nemim gunarayanavibhusanam Mahdviram samattarayananilayam payadisamutklrtarna vocham w i The gathtts throughout are sanskritized in this style. Essays^. 1 8 iti snnemicandrasaiddhdntiviracitakarmThe commentary is very maprakrtigramtha samdptah. Peterson. 1166. Bhandarkar. ? I Kundakundacarya's FaScastikayaprabhrta. Hultzsch. Report. \ i S'"' : abde sagaradvaitadiggajasomdnvite 1768). No. as so. 1886-1892. 418). having only 81 gathas with a Persian translation. the Karmakanda. sam 1824 (= a. 1 25. and the whole ends on f. He was also called Devendra after his becoming a sadhu. It seems probable that the same hand which wrote the MS. CATALOGUE OF PRAKRIT Verse a is: MSS. p. i'^ om namo vitaragaya fanamiya sirasd nemim gunarayanavihusanam Mahdviram sammattarayananiThe comlayam payadisamukkittanam boccham in mentary begins on f. p. c. in a. \ 1 I II tika. The Karmakanda is also to be nam namo jindnam jidabhavdnam cha me sassa ho appd ndnadamsanalakkhano F. . 50 — MS. Most of the consonants are written with a little curve like r at the foot. does 7. Jaina style. with a long Persian commentary. of Nemicandrasaiddhanwith a commentary. Devanagari. Character : 4—9 are missing. Size : not give sdgara as a designation of but Biihler. d. glazed. Size : 9I X 6| in. leaves f. 1214 . mentary was added — f. which The text begins is merely a word for word gloss. D. I : 51 —MS. breaks off with gatha 81 on f. 24. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. also wrote the commentary. The text occupies the centre of the middle column. scanty for ff. in 161 stanzas. 18. 1073. 3 Nemicandra's Karmakanda. gives 1827. {§ i) 82 uvavayacavanavira1 found in no. The MS. Bought in 1887 from Dr.G. Injuries: S. his commentary on the Nirayavali. There are vignettes on f.. Size: I2fx6|in.). note. containing text and com- preceding MS. 1173. 108"^: ego \ sesd me vdhird f. priest. d. dakundacarya with the Sanskrit commentary of Brahmadevaji. d. 154.d. lix sq. No. Scribe: Ndnigaddsa. Nemichandra. 2. Gatal. is very inaccurate. might be Really 20. Candrasuri's pradesavyakhyatippanaka on the Avasyakasutra was written in a. Material : Paper. 1768. Il'emicandra's Wilson 262 in the Contents . and probably the scribe of the text was the author of the commentary. Jaina style. Report. : \ I 11 : Character . 11. No. 86 sfiganesdya namal}. Z.^ The original author is text proper. 49 —MS.. ends on 71 : iti . II. The MS. ham s(tmkham igasamalyam gamagamane hassajim bhavanavimamjahannathil 11 dasavasasa- 2 II This work was used by Colebrooke. ? Karmakanda of Nemicandra as : 4-9 are lost. and though it take the date as 1824. \ I amtdtidagund1 The text is bounded on either side by two red lines. xxviii. apparently fragmentary. 44. Sansk.ndm namaskdro 'sti ends on f. 17. p. Material: Paper. Former shel/mark : MS. on f. it is safer to No.- Devanagari for the Prakrit. 18^: at the top. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. 18861892. 86^ is written : ' Karma Kand — -Treatise on Jain Doctrines translated from Prakrit into Persian.D. diagrams on ff. Contents : abde sagaradvaitadiggajasomdnvite sukramdse rudratithau prdleyarasmivdre Sapddajaydbhidheye pure samudrabijaydtmajajinagrhe bidvadbarajicchri 108 srldhoksacarndrajitkasya sisyena the Pancastikayapratahrta of Kun- Ndnigaddsenedam gramtharn. : iv + 18 + 17.31 p. 19th cent. with Nauigadasa's commentary. a short summary of Jaina metaphysic in It begins on f.

a treatise in 51 verses on the jiva in Jaina Dogmatic. ends on f. The 3rd mahadhikara ends on f. ends on f. ? Contents : a collection of Gathas on topics of morals 71 with an enumera- tion of these parts. 1st mahadhikara. f. of leaves : iv + 3 16 + iii blank. 137^. This the Paiicastikayasamgrahasutra of (see no. the Jivavicara. Antaradhikara If. 107-109'^. f. 89V : with the last verse of the 3rd mahadhikara bhdvanatthampavayanabhavatti (read bhatti)-ppacodidena may a bhaniya evayana (read ^yampava°) sdram pacachiyam sarngahasuttam (read parncatthiyasamgaham suttarn) 1134611 VIII. 79^ „ III. A. WUson 261 Gathas. ends on f. In the f. are both in Prakrit without translation. punyadisaptapadartha jivapudgalasamyogaparinamena nirvrtta iti kathana. jivastikaya.^ : sri- mamahddhikdras tadanamtaram pamcdsadgdthdbhir dasabhir amtaradhikdrai navapaddrthapratipddakdbhidhd- natrtlyamahddhikdras cety adhikdratrayam samuddI jinemdrdya namal^ mal}. ends on f. sarndptal}. 1371. 81^ „ „ IV. Contents . Bate . ends on srlrdma f. ends on f. I cha I iti Pamcd' snrdjadharajlcarandbjdbhydm nabhuvanapalvarn vlrarn namiuna bhandmi abuhaI I .64: VII. glazed. XX. ^^ V. ii+rio + ii blank. 52 — MS. 107 : iti gramthacha evam samdptirupena dvddasasthale gdthd gatd cha trtlyamahddhikdra^ samdptah The rest of the work. It is concluded by tdtparyavrtto prathamatas iti this colophon. 39. 5 maggappa- „ „ „ „ „ V.in. I The commentary states that the work was written for S^ivakumara Maharaja. Material Paper. Peterson. style. Report. p. 1 9a: verse aoo on 79. Ant. Cat. 316 arntdtlyanam tihuyanahidamadhuravisadavakkdnam dagundnam namo jjindnarn jidabhavdnam mil Gatha a (counted as 3) is found on f. ramoksamargavayavambhutayor darsanajfidnayor visayabhut&ndm jivddinavapaddrthdnam pratipddakadvitlyamahddhikdrai. Material: Paper. and the commentary verses. ends on f. antaradhikara I ends on f. 2. : 1 I II 83'^: The MS. It begins on f. Devanagari. cp. 36 : „ „ „ „ IV. ff. aka^astikaya. but 21 ^5 is passed over. : : 53 — MS. 96. ends on f. 73^ II. and discipline. (Sarasvatigacchapattavali).. ends on f. f. ends on f. ends on f. 1736. 93: X. Cat. 345. The original ld^^ samayasabddrthapithikdbhidhdnalj. 85V: on no. 346. No. f. ends on makes : iii. 50 good. Date: possibly middle of i8th century. D. punyapapavyakhyana. of leaves: foliation see the verses cited in Sansk. is See Sansk. with a Sanskrit version and a Persian imda sadavamdicommentary. pudgalastikaya. some Jaina characteristics. 154. 88V VII. Former owner : Size : 1 1 X 6 in. dravyapithika. i886-i89a. an'': samanamuhugddam aharn cadugddinivdranam sanivvdnam (1) eso panamivya sirasd samayam inam sunadha vonnammi u 3 Vv. 96^: Jong enumeration of the constituent parts) Hi dasabhir amtaradhikarail}. Cat. 19tb cent. Size : 10 X 6|. 351 Cp... Arranged like a European book. ends on f. See Sansk. Gat. xx: Hoernle. It begins on f. nirjarapratipadana.. „ IX. Tnd. Jaina ends on f. no special title. forms a sort of appendix treating of the satkalah. 161 I cha 1 The is inahadhikara^ samaptal}. (§4) I 34 cha I prathamo stikdyaprdbhrtalj. In the and mahadhikara. ends on f. Devanagari. ni^cayavyavaharakalaprarupana. (after a Prakrit is carefully written. vyavaharamoksamargakathana. 66^ VIII. samaptalj. f.: : : :: : : : 33 tdtparyavrtto CATALOGUE OF PRAKRIT pamcastikayasaddravyandmo i MSS. pamcakadgathahhir vyavaha- The and mahadhikara. p.. Character about the beginning of the 19th century. but with commentary. samvarapadarthavyakhyana. jivapadartha. Peterson. dharmmadharmma. 1360. Kundakundacarya the text ends on : VI. is Kundakundacarya of doubtful date. rraser 38 kdraili Parncdstikdyasatdravyapratipddakandmd pratha- Jivavicara. punyapapasravavyakhyana. This will explain the title Panca^adgatha given by Wilson in Sansk. Antaradhikara I. 60^ VI. 109 astdbhir amtarddhiaikddasottarasatagdthdbhir tdvad 1 I I I No. Character „ „ III. ends on f. ends on f. bhavamoksapratipadana. 5l) . ends is extremely inaccurate. vamdhavyakhy|na. f. no. 1371. verse Verse 110 occurs on 300 on f. ___ : no.

Jivavicara. but ver. 297 P makes 7 ff. 8^ : iti snjwavicdraprakaranam tabartham samdptam I up with a spot of red pigment. Is he the teacher of Abhayadeva (a. 81 iti injlvaviydro prakaranam is fairly The text. but the Jivavicara. 9^- Character Devanagari. Bought The ff. 4'^. glazed. a gloss in Gujarati. original foliation No. For this work of S^antisuri see the comm. the Date: f. Oat. nos. 3 dohakasutrani paramabhedena tridhatmapratipadana. Material: Paper. is accompanied by and below the Sanskrit commentary. II. 434). f. Size: ioix5|in. no. aa. 34^.? samkkhitto uddhariil II I rumddum suyasamudsammattam : i : the text of the Jivavicara written above It is accurate.. 6 je vi anamta sivama'imniruvamandnamaya paramasor The comm.. p. again matthu I) 344 II gives Yogindradeva as the author's name. blank. 8^ : eso jivaviydro samI i 55 —MS. of leaves : iv + 6 + xxxvii blank. Scribe : the : name has been deleted.. 7 ? in 1887 from Dr. i Material : Paper. 1373. ii6o) in Weber. lines. Verse 50 gives the author's name. Oat. which begins on vlram jagadvrdyam I f. and ends on f. reads jhdnagniyae. 1372. 1736) pravarttamdne vaisdkhamase suklottarapakse 10 tithau sanivdsare 1 Paramatmaprakasa of Yogindradeva. Date: somewhat doubtful: perhaps 17th century. no. Gat. Date : probably the beginning of the 19th century. a^ thus tathd vamditva svagurum gurum vaksye l In the centre of each page partially filled is the usual Jaina figure. 1373. 1374. 344 on f. with a Sanskrit Scribe: Jyajirsi^ri f. 7 dohakasutrani vijnapana. 404^. 179 : II tacchisyarsivddyajl tena svdtmdrtham likhito runs tarn : 'yam Jivavicdro Character : Bodl. No. Vi is always as usual joined to the above the line. d. 36 285 jivasaruvam kimci vi jaha bhaniam puvvaIt ends on f. reads JiaVm and mdhi bhajamta a II sivamayaP.late. a Digambara Jaina work in 346 verses.1 : : : : : 35 bohattham surihim \\ I CATALOGUE OF PRAKRIT i II MSS. The Prakrit words are usually separated by strokes preceding MS. WUson 371 In the explanation the comm. Jaina style. P the Jivavicara of S'antisuri as in the commentary is good.. i''^. in 51 verses. It is carelessly and inaccurately written with many Sanskrit forms. d. pamcaparame?tinamaskara. 17th cent. Jaina Size: io|-X5jin. either side by an elaborate There are very pretty vignettes on No.. praksepapamcakasahita. Contents : Sansk.. of leaves + 48 + i This part consists muktigatavyaktirupaparamatmakathana. jam mdim kimpi vijarnpi yail varandni khamamtu mahu I 1 juttdjuttu vi etthu 1 je bujhahim para- 54 2. 6^. style. (2) — MS. leth cent. Jaina style. It begins on f. d. The text is bounded on either side by three red iv sq. (§4) Sansk. 1372. in Sansk. accurate. no. no. the ist verse begins niccaniramjanandnarnaya te kammakalamka dahevi : I dare lipikrto Jlvavivlcdro dharmdrtham at the \ written paramappa navevi Verse a is \ II i II The comm. Character : dehasthitisaktirupaparamatmakathana amtarbhuta- Devanagari. Cat. 34 dohakasutrani . See Sansk. 895. i being blank. sutraiji 5 dohaka- Size : I if X 5| . CataL. Ver. At the end of the text appears svasti snmallumpdkhyagacche sripattddhlsasnpujydcdryajlsrisri 6 srisivajiji tacchisyasripujyarsiSn : 1 5 Srisuryamallajl dharajl 1 I tacchisyasrlpujyajirsisri 5 srirdja- te vadail sirisiddhagana hosahim on f. OataL. See Sansk. Material: Paper.- in. which accurate. The work is written in a modern and very inaccurate The text is not very form of Mahara^gtri Prakrit. Devanagari. 8^: dcdryajih-i 6 srUivajijl tatiisyapu- 5 mjdjiji tasya kisyapujyajlsrlrsisri 5 rdjaThis is dharajljl tasya Hsyarsivddyajt tena Stamhhath'thabim- commentary. text is bounded on pattern of I. 18th cent.d.t:jndnanem arthem gloss) ddil II I commentary of Bhavasiiudara. preceding word. Jlvavicdrasya sutrdrtha lokavarttayd II i il It ends on f. In ver. I srl I is wrong. The 56 —MS. See Sansk. After a long table of contents. especially upon the metaphysical system of the Jainas. of leaves : iii + 8 + iv blank. lines. with the Contents khevaruina jhdnanahetu (jdna° in te\. \ I end of the commentary. ending ye jdyd jhdnaggiyai on f. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. 8'^: samvat 1792 varse idke 1658 (=a. Yogindradeva's Faramatmaprakaia. The plan of the work is thus given in the preface. f. 10 dohakasutrani : of a leaves. 345 is illegible. 5 it reads riuna I It begins on f. and ends on f.

: on f. 39 dohakasutrani abhedaratnatraya. nirwikalpasamadhi. 13 dohakasutrani (completing the 41 above mentioned). Sansk. Paramatmarupakathana. CATALOGUE OF PRAKRIT svadehapramitivisaye MSS. STOTRA etc.. (i) In this portion the 26 sutras.. 18: srilalitasdgaratatsisyarsimdnikyasdI The culikavyakhyanam {sic) sutrani. i dohakasutrani niscayavyavaharamoksamargga. Size : io|^ X 5| in. text is bounded on either side by two double red lines. of leaves: iii+ 18 + xxxl blank. split. of that work D 3 . Bought in 1887 from Dr. No author's name is given. Jacobi. and many letters are illegible 93^ has through abrasion. deals with the remaining 107 with the verse 7 sthalas. f. i^. is missing at the end . To Bhadrabahu a stotra of this name is ascribed in a pattavalivacana in Weber. snupasarggaparastotraml}. I 1680. which is title in ver. another follows ends this contains nothing important. 9. 313. 37 counted as two. 1033. Contents: the Ratnasamcaya. Ant. 34 ? dohakasutrani mithyabhavakathana. 31 dohakasutrani These 123 sutras make up the prathamaprakarana.M. II. namiuiiajinam viram uvaydratthd gurum ca slsam ca siddhdmtasdIt ends on bhaiidmi jerayanasdritthd 11 i II ragdhd f. i 57 —MS. e. 37. No. 165. d. 3. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. moksasvarupakathana. 3 sutras (3) (4) Injuries: ff. 8 dohakasutrani: samanyabhedabhavana. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. beginning paramasamahi° are divided amongst : I lipikrtam JDevigirigara svapathandrtham lasitam mdhddurge Probably this is the head of the Goyaraksasakha. : Devanagari. XXIII. 136. thana. msa (i. 15 dohakasutrani parigrahatyaga. Very possibly about end of 17th century. 164. of leaves ff. 46a). 10 dohakasutrani mlalitasdgarasadgurubhyo namal). sngurubhyo namal} namo ariham3 1 1 I I I I io| X 5^ : in. The Yellow pigment is very fireely used for erasures. being an outline of It begins on the Jaina system. 696. 1^: I I 1 1 f 18: iti I srlratnasamcaya sampurrinam jdtam I subham bhavatulj. Prakrit d. XXXIII. 3^-4)5 but It begins 1 Bought in 1887 from Dr. style. paramatmaprakasanama. 8 sutras . Upasargaharastotra. 163. Material is : Paper. Really 198 leaves vesirn iti I padhamam havaz mamgalam I The colophon the is : No. 3 sutras. 37 samksepajivasya tavicara. 38 svaparama- Character Injuries lost : 6 dohakasutrani dravyagunaparyayasvarupakathana. which would suit the date which we probably get for the scribe. Jaina style. (#4. Z. 4Vj gv. 10.. whose pupil Jiianasagara was living a. Former shelfmark : MS. 76. Jaina (a) arhatpada. 168. (1-4)— MS. The and mahadhikara begins with moksamoksaphalamoksamarggasvarupa. 3 dohakasutrani: karmavicara. 17th cent. 8 dohakasutrani samyagdrstibhavana. 14 dohakasutrani suddhopayoga (ekacatvarimsatsutramadhye suddha° ityadisutrapamcakaparyamtam suddhopayogamukhyatvena vyakhyanam).G. mentions a MS. filled up with letters. Material : Paper. P 3 sutras phalakathana. samanyabhedabhavanakathana. av. A good many notes have been added by a later hand. Character .B. and upasaggaharam. : : : : : : : : : : . especially on ff. 5 dohakasutrani (the omission of a sentence marked before the 5) vitaragasvayamvedanajnana. are double. Ind. Catal. 8 dohakasutrani The MS. 8 dohakasutrani page is the usual Jaina figure. paper recent. 18. a corner. 3. 3. Size as ff. i8'^. 145' 146. (5) paramatmaprakasaradhakapurusanam phalaka- ^ 5. : : : . 446). 3 sutras. 3-11 are badly worm-eaten. Date : very doubtful. iii + 1 80 + ii blank. 173-1775 179? have been Late : perhaps end of 17th century. 9 dohakasutrani niscayasamyagdrftikathana. suddhanayena jivaj}. siddhipada.. . 3 sutras . f. moksa)-phala. writing looks old. Scribe: f. so^asavar'^nikavarnnavat 1 sarvve iti kevalajndnasvabhdvalaksanena samdna mu- khyatvena vyakhydnam. 8 dohakasutraiii a leaf Devanagari. 14 dohakasutrani punyapapaisamana. Ratnasamcaya. 3 siitras (6) paramatmaprakasaradhanayogyapurusakathanaj Contents: (ff.. 166. ii"^. 133. 171. 58 1. Ousoley 136 18th cent. 134. appears to be inexact. (7) patanika i. In the centre of each samabhava. tdnam namo siddhdnam namo ayariydnam rmmo uvabbhdydnam namo loe savvasdhunam eso pamcanamokkdro savvapdvappandsano mamgaldnam ca sav: I the IJpasargaharastotra in 5 verses. in 331 Prakrit gathas. 179.5) .d..

Jaina style. sampurnam \ is Jacobi. . glazed. jaya jaya jay a namo 'stu noma 'stu namo arihamttdnam namo siddhdnam namo dyarjanam namo uvadhyanam namo loye It begins 1 I I I 1 accurately no. the 14th is numbered 17. : 1 172.. 2 Tajayapahuttapayasaya addhamahdpdifiherajuttdnam samayasitta{sic)-ddhiydnam (the rest being at the top of f. Arranged like a No.M. the title of which as given above. Character : Devanagari. worthless. and ends on f. 56 namal). 973. 315 Dhanapala's Bsabhapancasatika. Prakrit Grammar.D. 88. MSS. trans. yava iya 2. no. No. Material: Paper. Jaina figure. Size : The book is arranged in Euro- This practically exhausts the writer's Prakrit. Cp. Character: Devanagari. a6a . ascribes a work : I I l on f. atha solahakdranapujd Usyate I . ending Jinavayai}. of which in this MS. Injuries : the top three lines of every page have been I The whole MS. is written so carelessly as to be considerably damaged by water. see f. 321. The S'riajitasantijmastavana in 35 Prakrit verses. Catal. Rsabha. and by Klatt. no.D. of leaves : iii + 6 + Ixxxv blank. Mitra. lisatam Scribe : f..e dyaram kunaII hal). begins p.. 39 Bhandarkar.934. c. See Sansk. no. 934. 5''': Jayajamtukappapdyava camddrdyapamkayavanassa sayalamunigdrnagdmani tiloyacuddmani nama namo /e II i It ends on f. p. Z. Deccan no. d. Cat. lacchi in a. mentions a MS. Cp. : I 1 XXXIII. In the centre of each page is the usual text is The bounded on either side by two 11 11 double red lines.G. prabha's commentary. Material : Paper. Notices. II. 350. 171. The Sntajayapamhutastotra in 14 stanzas. written.3i5> no. 1309 still somewhat uncerManatunga's date is 933. Date: probably end of 18th century. Wilson 370 Jaina Prayers. of leaves : iii + 56 + iii blank.. bhuydt I drayutena sdhajisnsu§adevapathandrtham. Smith.56 -H ii blank.. No. pp. Oatal. —^-^— 6~ x 7^ in. 36 II iti I. ^^. p. no. CATALOGUE OF PRAKRIT Coll. c. Material: Paper. 696. Z. 38. 36 is merely an exhortation. 3 iti srutajayapamhutastotram sampurnam Jacobi. The Bhayaharastotra of Manatunga. 1881 see For regard poem Peterson. Size: iOjX4|in. to this Ixii. It Jacobi.G. 41 1 aiddhi Sriga^esdya I 1-9. Weber. tain. In all four the Prakrit (late Maharastri) very inCat. very badly written. see Sansk. : I ca pasamtasavvaffayapdvam dovijinavare patj.. For the MS. 3 namiUna panayasuragana. A. d. and bhasa. Eugen Hultzsch (MS.M. 5 iti snbhayaharastotram sampurnam See Peterson. II II Edited with comm. 1883. ________ : I Bought in 1887 from Dr. 35.52. 1387. who presumably gave it to Wilson. The authorwrote thePaiya- on f. jalipraprajd samdptd I srl srl srl I These pieces occupy The second section begins on f. Contents : this by Sadhukirti. p. borrowed from Bodl. 377. d. Ver. a. Pischel. It begins on f. 4. 445-477. assigns a work of this name to His copy has a Gujarat! balavabodha MS. Bate: apparently copied in Jan. 322.. 59 —MS.. a legend with Report. some Jaina characteristics. p. P.. of this work. 3. if. 2^ is illegible through damp) nasal sayaladuriyam bhaviyanam bhattiyuttdnam 2 It ends on f. (2). srtsarasvatyai on f 1^: srtganeSdya nama^ nama^ \ jainam namafy siddhebhyal}. 19. Sanskrit. Sansk. Bhandarkar. XXXIII. for JinaWeber. see f. snajitasdntijinam stavanam samparijaml}. is fairly accurate. the rest is a sort of mixture of Sanskrit and The first section ends on f. 54^ applies to the whole MS. and by the separation necessary in consequence of their sticking together. . bearing this title to Manadeva (Tijayapahutta of ManaIt begins deva with Vrtti by Harsakirti). 1821. l I pp. 37. Character : Devanagari. IX. 413). 50 verses in praise of the tirthamkara. ? Contents: the Rsabhapancasatika of Dhanapala... Nandisena. p. 6^: I II vi jhdnaggipaliyaviyakammemdhanabdlabuddkind bhattie thuo bhava bhayasamuddabohinthabohimae cha iti mrsabhapamcdsatikd samdptd phalo II 50 I II I I The MS. 321. 9 : 60 — MS. i8ai. 40^ iti puspdbhasa. 694. Report. begins on f. 247. Size: io|x6|-in. 1886-1892. contains a jumble of devotional sentences in Prakrit. Oatal. 1882. 33.cuddmanikiranaramjiyam munino caranayuyalam mahdbhayam panasayam samtthavam bucham 1 It has here 23 stanzas. 17th cent.(7aiflZTlI.. (§5) I 40 273. rsaharsacamdrena Sripattandmmadkye bhdtrnihdlacam: aindram padam prdptiparam pamodam dhanydtmatdm dtmani manya iti sampurnam Subham mdnya It ends on f. Cap.avaydmi iti 1 jayagurusamtigunakare II 1 gdha i n It ends on 1 f. European book.. Date : about middle of 17th century.D. p. 5 ajiyam jiyasavvabhayayam samtam I. sarvvasdhunam 1 : pean style. It Former owner : T. 232 is P. Cp. of leaves : ii -I.

d. p. Bodl. 35^> 36^. Contents : the Jambudrstanta. Date : the date of the text is given on f. No. No author's name is given for it. sampurntj. attributed to Dharmadasa. 1 33^. in 197 gathas in this ? 61— merely a word for word translation of the original. 355 sq. no. Catal.asumdaraganikrtam. by Padmasundaragani. Catal.. sarnvat 1878 = A. ^o^. The text is bounded on either side by two red lines. 11 5V a Sanskrit translation of some words is written. II. Ant. Catal. Size : 1 1| X 6| No. the 55th teacher of the Tapagaccha. 4^. For the MS. I I I I Material: Paper. ^jv 32V 24^. pp. The name of the author is not given in the is given by the bhasa commentator on the Former shelfmark: MS. 7) 42 and in bhasa. 16th or 17th cent. 356) • It begins on f. 4th part of the MS. 1506 and onwards (see Klatt. II. 34^. Sansk. i . 31V. 43. 1884— 1886. For the commentary see f 46^ sn 5 parn° sukhasdgarajltatslsya pam° sn phattesdgarajltatsisyasam pam° 5 : 1 : \ : I ramjyedrasdgaraga Character : I ta I -caturasdgara llptkrtam style. The text is bounded on either side by a pattern in red ink.' 1822. 383. Size: ii-|x4|-in. unless the scribe wrote it. Size: io|x5|-in. upddhydyasnpadm.. Upadelamalaprakarana. Catal. 40^. Jaina style. which renders its appearance untidy. Ind. : Jaina Legend. i?e/)ori. Jaina style. and consists of i leaf.. d. MS.. a. Bought in 1887 from Dr. I see Bodl. 46^ sarnvat 1809 ( = A. The MS. d. Bate: diflBcult to judge probably a. who wrote in a. 41 §&. of leaves: in. 393. D. 1753. 13^. 1 Devanagari. No. is much daubed over with grey or yellow pigment. Material: Paper. 431). Eugen Hultzsch (MS. 399. 46^The whole concludes on f. of leaves : iv + 46 + ii blank. cited by Weber. prefixed Hemacandra's Dhatupatha instead of : f. d. 46T Jambuajjhayane egavisamo uddeso ai evam Jambuajjhxtyana sammattam . 1549 the Rayamallabhyudayakavya. p. see Sansk. 17th cent. Jaina 63 — MS. Cat. savvouam tattha nam vayanamdlapiassa jakkhassa jakkhdyayane hotthd divve tatthanam hatthisisae nagare Adlnasattun ndmam rdyd hotthd ujjhdne hotthd I I I I mahayd \ tassa \ nam Adlnasattussa ranno dhdranl pa- I mokkharn On f. i88a. II..D. 1600— 1700. 7^ iti Kurmmdputrakathanakam sam: 1 1 I 11 11 : purwijam texti 1 but it work. CATALOGUE OF PRAKRIT MSS. Contents: one leaf of some Jaina legend. 17th cent.am II 31 II §7. in 544 Prakrit gathas. i^: srtdevagurubhyo nama^ fenam kdlenam tenam samaenam Bidyagihe nama nayaro hotthd tarn jahd tattha nam Bdyagihe Gunasilae ndmam cete vatj. Sansk. II II 1 dsakasvardpam This Padmasundaragani is very probably identical with the one mentioned in Harsakirti's list of the leaders of the Nagapuriya branch of the Tapagaccha as receiving favours from Akbar. It is fully described by Weber. Peterson. 436).^__ MS. 1753) nd bhddravdvd iz That of the commentary is given ibid. XI. Material: Paper. 183a) nd varse mdgakaracada i dine ( Scribe : no name is given for that of the text. d. i namiuna vaddhamanam asurimdasurimdapanayapayaMmalam kummdputtacarittam bucchdmi aham samasenam i It ends with verse 197 on f. 43^> 4^. 377. in a I uddesas in Prakrit. The commentary and the different hands. 1596. In the centre is the usual Jaina figure.. 980.nau tattha Rdyagihe Senie ndmam rdyd hotthd The ai uddesas end on if.^^ I 62—MS. with an anonymous commentary in bhasa. The text is bounded on either side by two double red lines. with a commentary. i. Prakrit d. 17V. this is the Character : Devanagari. A. LEGENDARY HISTORY The commentary JAINA PRAKRIT (M 6. Catah. 1883.^^. text proper are written by Contents: the Kurmaputrakathanaka. and in the centre of each page is the usual Jaina figure. Character : Devanagari. see Bhandarkar. Bought in 1887 from Dr. Bate: probably about middle of 17th century. a Prakrit poem . pp. JAINA PRAKRIT 23 Report. 37^ 38^ 39. ^2. 1016 sq. io8a sq. It begins on f. DIDACTIC LITERATURE 64— MS. 27 Jinamanikya's Kurmaputrakathanaka. by Jinamanikya. 35"*'. by error to Walker 168 P Former shelfmark : MS. ? Contents : the Upadesamalaprakarana. the pupil of Hemavimalasuha. of leaves : iv + 7 + Ixv blank.. Weber. It continues riddhisamiddhe tassa nam hatthimagassa hahiduttarapuratthime disiI bhdge I ettha 1 nam Puspha{&\c)-karamdae 1 ndmam PRAKRIT 29 Fadmasundaragani's Jambudrstanta. a Jaina caritra. Prakrit d.. 981. 337. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. It begins on f. D. Prakrit d. being is interlinear.

The 65 Contents : —MS. with paraphrases in Sanskrit. 1662) var?e akvan- annampi tam na sokkham jam jivadaydena husavam(J) Cp. by a conversation with The first section ends on f. {§7) 44 namiuna Jinavarimde imdanarimdaccie tiloyaguru Uvaesamdlam inam o vucchdmi guruvaesenam \\ 1 11 It ends on f. 41 1). Munipatiearitra. c. and are mended the usual Jaina figure. with paper. vv. Sansk. 1813 in Weber. d. I text Is hlupadesamdldprakaranam very inaccurate compared to is 11 11 In the centre of each leaf the Jaina figure. 1099. 266. 38. 1797 corresponds to ver. Catah. DaSadrstantakatha. Sansk.MSS. Weber. Bought m 1887 from Dr. Bought in 1887 from Dr.43 I CATALOGUE OF PRAKRIT \ MSS. 18th cent. 8^^: samvat 1718 ( = a.avinagayd vdnl W 544 II iti The samdptam that in Weber. i : om namo many words arham dhlram I I namiuna mahdmrara munivaHcariyam vucham I W caUtisdscCisamjuyam 1 susdhugunarayariapa- PRAKRIT 66 — MS. of leaves : iv + 4 + Iv blank. and may : I Former shelfmark MS. 33 Viradevagani's Mahipalacaritra. i66a. of leaves : iii + 83 + ii blank. important variation of reading. 248. d. pasiuna. There is a vignette on f. 18th cent. Scribe : f. savvam. 36 sngora lisi Character : Devanagarl. 32 io|x5f in. it consists of only 1 : i). i^ namiuna Bisahandham kevalavarandnadamsanasanaham vlhiyasuresarasevam kanaya va sayd niruvalevam In this MS. Injuries: the MS. __ii____ line. a prince. The correspond to vv. The colophon is iti srlmahipdlacaritram sampurnam iti The bhasa commentary is interlinear. and 6^ verses. 438). is badly torn. 37. No. no. : I must have been written about 1350 a. Contents : Prakrit d.. by Viradevagani. Date: possibly a. 11^: munikathdnakam 1 cha The third 2 iti dvitlyam Suvratamunikathdnakam dihattham W 11 11 I II II ends on f. 1081. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. Sansk. 26 akkharamattdhl'QMm jam ciya padhiyam aydnamdnenam tam samaU mujjha savvam jinavaya: 1 I 1 Mahavira. 1418. of the Candragaccha. Size: iOjX5|-in. cxxx. 1682. Jaina style. legends in Prakrit aryas. bounded on is written fairly carefully. No. Cat. 1817-1830 in Weber. 1750-1800. reading.. \^. Catal. as Siddhasena wrote a commentary on thePravacanasaroddhara in A. 4^ : Upadesaverse is on I Former shelfmark : MS. 457). Bought in 1887 from Dr. Beccan Coll. ? the Dasadrstantakatha. Report. 850 Petertext . p. Jaina style. II. It begins on f. however. d. 8 1—83 have been torn. II. Municandra mentions a work in GujaratI. 1097. son. text is bounded on either side by a broad red sometimes over two double black lines. i: rayandyarapab- either side by two black fines. see Weber. Material: Paper. II. vudhi. 685. 1 I . The text is The ist verse is on f. Size: 67 —MS. Bikaner Catal. Devanagari. : perhaps be ascribed to the authorship of the scribe of the MS. with a commentary in bhasa written within Akabaravada. 53. bhattham rayanam tattha vi II ca nihi sudullaham vva manuyajammam i rorassa dullaho hoi jinadham- mo II 3 This is in fact the 3rd verse of the The last mala.. see Weber. 1886-1893. 308. On the verso there are red 1798— 1801 circles also in the margins. 1186. with a commentary. I. d.. pupil of Municandra.Yin. A. 0. d. It begins on f. at Lahore. The MS.? the Munipatiearitra. Bate: {. perhaps the commentary. Material: Paper. p. p. Contents : Prakrit d. ettha yam. 280 For other MSS. no. telling of the conversion of Mahipala. pupil of Siddhasena.6^.d. Sansk. Material: Paper. p. in a. Catal. II mdse suklapakse dvitiydtithau vrhaspativdre irlakabardvddamaddhe lipikrtam asti esd pustikd ciram tigtatu I The line is bounded on either side by a broad yellow lines. Jaina style. karamtihim'. d. 1097-1099 . d.. 10: iti maifipatticaritre prathamam tenawam ca kathitarn S'ivaThe second ends on f. of leaves : iv + 36 + xlix blank. a collection of short It begins I No. up with a red circle. with no Ver. 31. 2. .6. KashiNath K\inie. and ends on £ 83^: iti srimahipdlakathdtabdrtha sampurna 1 Size: 10^x5 in. vajjiyam rajjarogehi ruva mdUyadiham viiilam f. Notices. D. illustrated by lo drstantakathas in bhasa. filled 1801 verses: ver. on f.. who erroneously ascribes the work to Bhandarkar. Character : Devanagari. the Mahipalacaritra. 13 : iti trtlyam Bhanadasadhukathdnakam : I The fourth ends on f 15^ iti Yonakamunikathdnakam These 4 contain 219. 1700. being a selection of verses from Hemacandra's Upadesamala. Catal. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. Mitra. 1831 is omitted.0. d. p. and are illegible. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. and in the centre of each page red two over text is Character Injuries : : ff. Bate : perhaps A. caturtham.

: from Dr. D. d. L^vi. containing 15. Catal. ($J 7. Esq. 1—7 have replaced the original ff. pp. text and commentary at sq. andin Peterson. Character : Devanagarl. where a Florentine MS. Bought in 1887 from Dr.. of leaves ii+117 + ii blank. with Mass. CATALOGUE OF SANSKRIT MANUSCRIPTS 313 ADDENDA TO AUFRECHT'S there are many corrections in the is new The text in the old leaves bounded on either side by three or four dark red lines. attributed to Haribhadrasuri. d. I of X 4|- Material Paper. Report. 20. 3i. of leaves iv + 6 -I. The two parts in the original foliation have 44 (really 45. p. of an anonymous It begins Measurement of binding i3j x 6^ in. 5. 1750— 1800. appears to be moderately accurate. European Arranged like a (1-40). P Contents . in. pp. 1886-1892. 17. No. : f. iJepor^. cp. 8. in. Report. he belongs at latest to the 8th cent. cit. om sirimram namiunarn pucchal sirigoyamo on f. iii sent by W. The whole ends on 1 a8 : iti muni- paticaritram sampurnam I prefer this title to that given by Hultzsch from verse i. 755 and see J.45 The remaining 390 18. This is a careless and inaccurate MS.M. 64. D. 1700. . pp. and Measurement of binding : I3|-x6-j-in. 138. 196 A) is mentioned. : 414). 1 90 1. Prakrit Grammar. CATALOGUE OF PRAKRIT verses are divided into 13 short 18.Ixi blank. comm. 1838. ? Contents : edited. Sansk. BSjaSekhara's Earpuramaiijari. though as no quotations are given in Peterson.- maghakrma Scribe : author. of leaves : i + 33 + ii blank. of Vasudeva. Cambridge. No.- in. Measurement of binding : lof X 9I in. on Jan.. XI. and from the colophon on f. D. 1908. Bate: about A. 406. H. no. i895-i898. 249-351.373. Z. with the Durgaprasada and K. 8) 46 by Lanman. Catalogus Catalogorum. 6^. 22. No. The text is bounded on either side by three or four red lines. 33: samvat 1871 Sake 1736 (=A. date of Vararuci Benares in 1899. 24 Ekadaiicaritra. Cp. book. 19th cent. Measurement of binding 13^ x 6i No.A. 15. being a short caritra of 151 verses. 30. (S. g. 19th cent. and Pischel. pp. No. Former shelfmark : MS.. Injuries : LXIV. JAINA PRAKRIT 68 —MS. 17th or 18th cent. op. 268. 1814) . Mill. Character : Devanagarl. Original paged No. MSS.- . 1-6) -h 72 leaves. Bate: f. io~X 4^ . iti sriekddasHcaritram sampurnam So inaccurately Written as to be almost 6'''' ll 13 bhumivdsare likkitam Kalikatdmadhya vrdhmana 33 I : Gauda I kim ndmadheyarn Laksmarfah 1 II : 406 Frakrtaprakasa. I samdsenam bhayavam kahesu iniham igdrasimunakaranam ca i It ends on f. assumed by Aufrecht.S.). MS. ^^. Jaina style. f. of leaves : i + 37 + i blank. Waters. Deccan Goll. of leaves: iii -I. no. P. 307.. Former owner f. VII. P Contents leaves. The text is bounded on either side by two red Hues. 56. 9 and 10 are on yellow paper. 543 sq. Contents : if this Bhamaha is. On the Prakrit see Pischel. 1814. because a Munipaticaritra in Magadhi is mentioned in Bhandarkar. Jaina style. d.. Bombay. by Konow. Biihler. p. Ff. 32. A. 122. of leaves: iii+38-l-xU blank. Prakrit Grammar. i. 37. Date : perhaps about a. Prakrit d. 34. 10. where it is Analysed by S. 1887. translation sections. to Dr. in Pandit. g. P Contents later : the MS.. Former Bought Size : shelfmark in 1887 . 19tb cent.- the Ekadaiicaritra. 1882-1884. which has used yellow pigment profusely 1 unintelligible.p. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. p. certainty is unattainable. 314 (do. 33. Theatre Indien. Also printed. Also ed. Sansk. 33. by Paraba. has been much corrected by a hand..G. Kasmir Report. 75. On the (= Katyayana 1) see Pischel. there are holes in ff. p.D. : : 405 Frakrtaprakasa. ai verses. Eugen Hultzsch (MS. Notices. Haraprasad.30 + iii blank. identical with the rhetorician. Material : Paper. : S8. 14. 456).. The MS. for ff.R. cxxxviii. Size : for erasures. Presumably these are identical with this work. There are some additions in a very late hand on f. as apparently p. 407 Frakrtaprakasa. 30. p.

p. Measurement of binding i2|X5|in. MS. i in. 175*'. 163. see kavivaro in ver. No. Prdkrit Grammar. D. Pischel. 678 Pischel. He quotes Vasantaraja. under no. The words are frequently separated by small lines at the top. (§8) 48 Kumaragiri. India Office Oatal. P : the history of this grammar may be as the Samksiptasara of Kramadisvara included 410 Hemacaudra's Grammar. 74. Vararuci and Hemacandra. 19th Contents : cent. The text occupies the centre of each page. Prakrit Qrammar..D. according to Eggeling. Catal. but gives no evidence . I43'''. IV. I commentaries. which is doubtless the reading of this one also (n and 1 being much alike in careless Bengali). see Weber. izf X 6-|- in.x 5 in. Lacunae are not rare. son of Vanesvara. Mitra. of Gramm.). . foliation In the original 30+123 f. The three parts in 411 Hemacaiidra's Grrammar. This is a similar work to Jumuranandin's. 1880. 19th cent.^__^ this is part 2 of the blank. 60. of leaves . 70. p.. reads Vanesvara. by a writer patronized by Hammira of S'akambhari (14th cent. There are some corrections in the margin. is right in regarding the correct title to be Pingalavrtti.p. Burnell.. 41. He was not the son. of leaves : : 17 X 4j Material: yellow country paper. by R. of leaves : ii + 239 + ii blank. ^^: samvat 1665 ( = a. 4. Catalogus Catalogorum. 1609. i + 43 + i blank there is a MS. The work is a chapter . Tanjore Catal. Prdkrit Grammar. ^gge\mg. takes Vidyavinoda to be Narayapa's son. which is the more unfortunate as the book is the best authority for S'auraseni. India Office Catal. A. described 413 Vidyavinoda's Frakrtapada. 38-40. Mackenzie MSS. II. pp. leaves. Pischel. 1609) varse bhadrapadamase suklapakse pamcamydm tithau suraguruvdre Vikramakhyananagare yugapradhdnasrlratnasihapdrsve munijndnajyamtdkhyena lipikrtam Character : Devanagari. Jaina style. Material: Measurement of binding : i5|..6'j. Used by Pischel. in transliteration. is very incorrect. A.. 309. The seven separate parts have 35 + (5 + 1 3) + 35 + 28 + 34 + i a + 76 leaves respectively.: . No. : + 36 + i . Date: vat 1574 Snmannrpavlkramdrkasamaydtttasam1518) varse kdrttikamdse iuklapakse I on Prakrit. ? Measurement. worthless. ff. of leaves : ii + 1 1 o + ii blank. Measurement of binding : 1 1 x 6 1 in. In his MS. The text is bounded on either side by three dark red lines. son of Jatadhara. Printed with Laksminatha's comm. Bloch. 310. which is mentioned in Date: f. no. Prdkrit Grammar. d.. is not good. 3. 1 6a. the commentary the top and bottom. ^^^^^_ purnamasyam gurau Character Devanagari. see Pischel. No. 19th cent. Notices.. edited. ? For this comm. of leaves: ii+ 144 + ii blank. There can be no doubt that Vidyavinoda is the author who condensed a work by Narayana. there are 8 paricchedas. the text is bounded on either side is by three 457 Pingala's Chandahiastra. circa a. p. Aufrecht. and kavind in ver. brother of Sameru. as the work W. II. 3.. His MS. 1877. in the India Office. extr. 19th cent.2. Essays. and notes. No. p. Contents : the original foliation have 33 + (44 + 5) + 28 leaves. i 391— 1416. see Mitra. etc. from Peterson. Cp.. but the edition p. 1—82 are on yellow country paper. 47 CATALOGUE OF PRAKRIT 408 FrakrtaprakaSa. 409 Frakrtaprakasa. with German Cp. of leaves : i + ^50 + i blank. Contents : red lines. Contents translation : 1518. 30. really it must be a mere epithet. 43. Jaina style. and it is still extant with a commentary by Jumuranandin. p. d. . MSS. 41. Catal. D. The MS. mdld. 269. No. _^_^^^ : Measurement of binding Material: Paper. which will explain ver. 370 Eggeling. In the centre of each page the usual ? Jaina figure. see Pischel. Ulwar Catal. is a paraphrase of Pingala's rules. Cp. Contents follows : Measurement of binding : i^j x 3|- in. but only a protege of Jayasimhadeva. probably of Measurement of binding No.. 407. 212. whose minister was Katayavema. Colebrooke. ( = A. P MSS. 19th cent. 412 Markandeya's Prakrtasarvasva. Kdvyap. Material: yellow country paper.

59^: samvat 1744 ( = a.. Notices. of leaves : ii original fohation have + 67 + ii blank. approximately the date. 19tb. In the original foliation there are 46. The MS. 1688. darakd yam bhavdnt selasua pavval uma gauri ajjlm (?) dugga siva yakavvd yam cam4l II 3 The text is bounded on either side by two black lines.S. and has ao leaves. 19th cent. : I I II Measurement of binding i6 X 4 in. lines. Bate: f. P Contents: the words are separated Character: Jaina Devanagari. 15th cent. 460. is Kamamala. IV. of leaves : this is part 4 of no. No. Prakrit Grammar. I Measurement of binding : 1 1 x 5 in. No. A. A. 1670. of leaves : has 66. 1670). 1414. cent. 3 is inaccurate.: is a good deal corrected.d. 460 Commentary on Material: Fingala's Chandalbsastra.D. at 1051. 173. must be \ Bate: f.CATALOGUE OF PRAKRIT 458 Fingala's Chandahlastra. . dark red f. 307—234 are missing. : 15^ x 3|Material: yellow country paper. of leaves : iii + 45 + iii blank. : Contents : these ff. though not the date of this part. : for Vamanacarya's comm. + 65 + i blank. in. described under no. Bate: f. 1443) 'varse This. but f. ? Contents : MSS. part i is on dark grey-brown paper.d. Measurement of binding No. 13 lost) have evidently been placed in front of the rest of the MS. 34: sakabdalj. He . etc. P Measurement. The original foliation is lost. is very Ver. 159a (=a. 39 i Measurem£nt of binding : lOj X 6j in. Vv. 45. but f 13 is lost. (§8) 50 461 Citrasena's commentary on Fingala's Chandahaastra. on 59"^. No. i— 16 (f. because they are in the same handwriting. 45^: samvat 1499 ( = a. by small 833 strokes over the line. this part 2 of the MS. see Mitra. part 3 on the usual yellow country paper. Scribe: quite different from that of part i. d. wrote also a Prakrtacandrika Contents the text which still exists Pischel. p. 1688) varse maghamase (apparently a correction) htklapakse i dine I 459 Fingala's Chandahsastra. and the MS. is bounded on either side by two The gramthasamkhya is given. The two parts in the 34 + ^^ leaves.

j-h. Alavalapnra. 1479). 413. 29. 65. 39 = MS. Samksiptasara. 25. Eurmaputrakatha- TJttaradhyayanakatha. tJagarama (a. 13. 15. INDEX [Authors and theib Relatives. William). 49. 39 (i). 44. 58 (in this vol. by Dhanapala. 37. Jatadhara. Ahimadanagara. Jivavicara. Jinabhadragani. 34. 12. 1563). column 39 (in this vol. Avasyakaniryukti. 1. 39 9.d. 39. Kalikata. Jnanasagara. i). Jinasumdarasuri. 51. 30. 29. 40. naka. 5. 0. 53. 6. 13.). 50. Candrasuri. Gathas. Bsabhapancasatika. Candragaccha. Tejacandra. 151 11. 11. Samgrahani. 6. 34. I. Jwinuranandin. a. Kalpantarvacya. attributed to Jinavarddhanasuri. 412. 19. 19. Jinadivijaya. 27. Antakrtadasaslitra. 52. 41 tGyanara Catha. 52.d. Jinaprabha. 24. 19. former owner of Gautamaprccha. Kundakuudacarya. Eurmaputrakathanaka. 6. tGora. 41(4). by ITemicandra. 16. 54 (2). section 3 (in the MS. Earmastava. Jlvavijaya. 27.' Anuttaraupapatikasutra. Jinamanikya. Jaina Legend. Jinabhadrasuri. 64. p. 48. 1701). 43. 405. 66. 7. Candrakula. 1 1 8. 4. Ealpasutra. Tapagaccha. ai. by Bhadrabahu.d. n: c. Jayasimhadeva. Gaiirai. Garga Bsi. Italics = other authors or works. 29. father of Vanesvara. Jaina Prayers. *Anandasagara (a. 41 (2). AScalagaccha. patron (a. 23. Candrasiiri. Dayavardhanagani. 62. 19. 61. (i). r. y. 35. Thick type = Prakrit authors. 413. 6. Uttamavijayajigani. XTpasargaharastotra. 61. (sir (i). Aturapratyakhyana. 29. EarpuramaSjari. 1: e. h: Beferences are made thus :— 58 (3). p-h. Kumaragiri. by by Garga Bsi. Kharataragaccba. Jnatadharmakathasutra. 39 (2). 6. 19. Chandahiastra. 64. Places. JambusvaraT. d-h. v: w: i. 19.d. Jayamalla. Jinasagarasuri. 25. au: k. Kriyasthanakavieara. * Karmavipaka.d. 411. Jivavijaya. ITpasakadasaiigasutra. '59.j. 405. 6. Isara.asiitra. u. 57. 29. patron of fPadmasagara (a. 40. Gacchacaraprakirnaka. 29. 43. JiTabhigam. 16. * Earmakanda. 47. 1609). Girisrngara. 41 (6). by Jina- Jinacamddhasuri. 38. patron (a. g. in the Bodleian. 6. Jambudvipaprajfiapticurni. 39 (i). Order of alphabet: — a. Kramadiivara. by Santisuri. Candrayasogani. 29. 61. 457- *Dayasagnra. 68. 29. c-h. 41 (7). 58 (3). 6. 29. : • : = an owner. s. 19. Gajasagarasuri^vara. 28. t = a scribe. Historical Names. Earmagrantha. FaScastikayaprabhrta. i. 10. 63. 32. 35. t-h.d. g-h. 55. by Kajasekhara. 410. 1598). Ekadasicaritra. 24.d. 21. 47. 22. or works. 60. Piiigala. 12. by Hemacandra. Jinaharsasuri. 17. JambudTxpaprajnaptisutra. 57. 171 2). Upade^amala.b.] Akabaravada. 19. Samgrahani.). 29. tJnanajyantakhya (a. 20. Govindagani. patron of tVisvanatha (a. u.d. by Devendrasuri. 33. (2). m: . k-h. XTpadesamalaprakarana. Oghaniryukti. Uttaradhyayanasutra. Jambudrstanta. 413. 6. 39. b-h. Ayodhya. Anahillapattana.d. Kdtayavema. D. Earmavipakasutra. 31 (i). 29. Works. 41 (i). Girinara. 1744). 5. Earmavipaka. Avacuri on Ogha- niryukti. Candraprajnaptisutra. n: (h). 313. 53. m (ih) f. Commentary on Earmastava. 1729). 33. 47. Kdtyayana. t-h. by Padmasundaragani. tGandharabindari (a. 19. d. 461. r. 22. 19. 31 *OuBeley 58. Goyaraksa^akha 6. Former Owners. Earmagranthaprathamavicara. Anuyogadvarasutra. manikya. Aupapatikasutra. s. (a. Jasu. 26. Jnanasagara. d-b. 66. n: t. 13.). Jinaraja. Dharmadasa. 412. 19. Alhayadeva. 14. Scribes and theie Eelatives and Patrons. n: t. 58 (i).. 29. r. 6. 12.

39. library of. 0. IVamamala. Prakrtaeandrika. 43. 405. 22. by Markandeya. at- tributed to. H. 461. RayamallabhyudayaleoArya. Vidhipaksagaccha. 35. 411. k-h. 41 (2-4). 62. Meghaji. 412. 13. 413.d. 50-52. ai. 24. 56. d. 43. 39. 31. 52. Nirayavalisutra. 405—409.i. S'ivaji. Navatattva. Batnasekharagani. by Batnasekharasiiri. 10. 29. *Walker William). . t-h. Yadava. *Wilson Fadmasundaragani. 67. lo. Vikramakhya(na)nagara. 41 Baduya. DhannS.). 35. Order of alphabet: — a. 43. drasuri. 467. Sattarisa7atb.d.asutra. teacher of suri. Sadasitika. 26. b-h. 13. Niraydvall. 413. by Batnasekhara. 29. 41 (i). 39 SarnJcsiptasS/ra.— : INDEX Daiadrstantakatha. by Jinabhadragani. S'ivakumara. 48. Frakirnakasutra. Sanskrit Commentary on Samgrahani. 40. 39. 1768).44. Vijayadeva. XJpadesamalaprEikarana. Batnasamcaya. 19. 23. 1729). 31. former owner of 24.d. 29. * : Thick type = Prakrit authors. 25. Malayagiri. S^antisuri. 20. 45. 6. D. Commentary on Gautamaprccha. Navatattvabalavabodha. Vanesvara. d-h. 66. teacher of Manoharajl. (i). 13. 63. 62. 39. BsabhapaScasatika. S'raddhapratikramanaslitra. Dillnagra. Manikya. 58 (in this vol. d-h. in (m) f. S'anticandra. 5.ana. 34. Dhamadakanagara. 5. 45. 53. (2). 19. 11. 19. 45. Rupanagara. 39. 833. 46. attributed to. (a.8ii. Vijayadisimha. Manatunga. former owner of Madhava. Pragvatajnatiya. 47. Brahmadevajl. Mahipalacaritra. Bhagavatisiitra. 51. S'ripdlacaritra. Bb. 53. *VidyajI (a. 36. 29. Devigirimahadurga. by Candrasiiri. 60. 458. Prakrtaeandrika. 67. 42. 41. William Hodge). h : (h). n c. 1636). Bhanavijaya. Vasantardja. 66. 46. FaucanirgrantM. 11. 29. Narayana. teacher of tJagarama Manoharajl. V y. Nibalacandra. 6 . 67. 42. section 3 (in the MS. 46. Vidyavinoda. teacher of fManikyaLalitasagara. Karmavipakasutra. 1701). (prof. 15. (4). Jambudrstau- Faramatmaprakasa. p-h. 41 (3). Frakrtapada. Vipakasutra. Nandisena. 19. 48. 45. Manikyasagara. attributed to. S'ripattana. Ealpasiitra.). 406408. fBhimasena.Faramatmaprakasa. 1: e. father of NarEyana. 69. attributed to Sijjambhava. 22. 4. 16. Avasyakanirytikti on. former owner of 2. S'ravakavrata. Laghuks etrasamasa. 51. Vararud. 1759). 29. tPadmasagara (a. 58. tLak?mana (a. 57. 409-411. Frakrtasarvasva.d. ja. i. 32. g. Frakrtacchatidabkosa. by Yogindradeya. d. 1479). a. d. Can- Mab. 313. Kangavardhanaganinda. r. 65. Dhanapala.d. 54 (2). 34. Faramananda. 58 58 (4). Mativardhaua. Dronacarya. 39 = MS. 25. Bhayaharastotra. 18.r. in the Bodleian. 68 Manadeva. 6. Dharmadasa. S'atrumjayamahatirtha.Mahipalacaritra. Fadma- Devendrasuri. ITpasargaharastotra. (3)' 39- 64. 4. 44. Varahannapura. Eayamallaji. 49. 457-460. Soma- Mandalika. Phattesagarajl. 13. 58 LatapUya. by Mallumpakhyagaccha. 21. 413. PradeiavySMhyatippanaha. 13. 58. Batnasiha. Italics = other authors or works. by Viradevagani. 58 (4). Frakrtaprakasa. 27. : : : p. 39 (i). Pravacanasaroddhara. Bhaktaparijua. 42. *Mill (rev. fBatnaklrtigard (a. 6.u. Maharaja. tNanigadasa (a. 1. 413. g-h. 40. Jivavicara.). 38. 410. (sir ITemicaudra. Bhayaharastotra. m 1'. Faksikasutra. 52 Eajaslmghajl. 48. 23. n t. 18 14). Navanagaragrama. Samgrahani. 1. PdiyalaccM. 34. Fingalavrtti. Sanskrit Commentary on Fancastikayaprabhrta. 57. 63. S'ravakapratikramanasiitra. d. Vajrasena. Devabhadrasuri. tVilvanatha (a. 64. (3). t-h. 19. S'ivapurl. 55. Miinipaticaritra. Horace Hayman). 40. n t. Fancastikayaprabhrta. Jivavicara. brother of fHarsacandra. by Manatunga. Vivahaprajnapti.amafa. 457-461. 20. B. j-h. 66. 50. Mahl^asanapura. 41 (5) S'riajitasantijinastavana. 35. 27. Bandhasvamitva. 49. 6. : : • : : . + = a scribe. 47. 39- 6.anisitfa. 46. 53. sundara. 313. 66. by Vidya^^inoda. 66. 413. or works. 62. _ Vamanacdrya. 1. Commentary on. Waters (W. 1736). 45. 40. S'ritajayapainhutastotra. 412.a. Vrtti on Oghaniryukti. 411. 39 (0(3). Chandahsastra. by Candrasuri. 3. 37Fingala. Laghuksetrasamasa. au k. ^ Bhavasundara. Commentary on Earmavipaka. (2). 11. n w: ^. by Ksabha. 5. 53. 41 ta. by Vamandc&rya. Cf. 59. 33. Earmakanda. by Eundakundacarya. 405. Batnasekhara. 13. j. ITaudis&tra. ViradeTagani. Commentary Bhadrabahu. : = an owner. 29. 39.u. by Kramadiivara. 48. Eajadharaji. 6. 405. Yogindradeva. b. 41 (i). by tBhavacandra. Muiiicandra. 10. Dalavaikalika. 412. 68 Eatnasekhara- Dharmaghosa. Keferenoes are made thus 58 (3). Samgrahani. 413. c-h.nBknt Commentary on . 6. s. 55. Vachabharya. Sanskrit Commentary on S'raddhapratlkramanasutra. 51. sagara. 35. by sundaragani. Vijayadevasuri. column 39 (in this vol. 58 (2).). 458. dr. teacher of Viradevagani. tMumuksamota (a.

11. Sadhuratnasuri. 35. Sahideva. 23. SukliasagarajT. 44. 35.Eugen). 69. c-h. : Order of alphabet :— a. Somatilaka. Grammar. Sanipemacandra. r. column 39 (in this vol.25-40. by Hala. Sattarisayathana. 5. 1. ai. A. or works. 58 (4).. teacher of BatnaSekharasuri. Haribhadra. d-h. f. v: ^.formerownerof53. g-h. d-h. 16. = Prakrit w : Italics = other authors : t = a scribe. 411. n c. 1. A'-v . 47. 67. former owner of 60. 58. (3).former owner of 1. U^adeiamala. 3-12. patron of tRatnakirtigani 1626). Hemavimalasuha. 42. in the Bodleian. 5557. 58. p-h. Oxford : Printed at the Clarendon Press by Horace Hart. 29. Stambhatirtha. 23.). Hematilaka. 36. 3. M. Thick type y. 1 : e. teacher of Jina- 5. 61. s. 58 (in this vol. SaptaSataka. d. or works. Haribhadrasuri. *Hultzscb(dr. SJjjambhava. 53. g. Siravadagrama. 14. Cap. u. 53.). i. section 3 (in the MS. 62. j. INDEX Sujaji. ITavatattrabalavataodha. 41 (3). 42-49. Siddbasena. DaSavaikaUka attributed to. r. *Smith. : manikya. authors. (a. Hemaeandra. nunnery at. Suryamallajl. Hala. SarsaMrti. Stiratibandira. tSusadeva. 41 (2). a.). 64-68. 66. k-h. n p. (h). b. Keferences are made thus: — 58 h : u. 2. 45.i). Sthanangasutra. P. 45. n t. 39. 14r-21. tHarsaoandra. t.m: 39 = MS. Suryaprajnaptisutra. 62. 6. : * = an owner. o. 15. *Fraser(James). Sddhukirti. 29. 13. Commentary on Navatattva. Somasundara. 39. 61. 44. -'m (A): f. by Pharmaghosa and Somatilaka. 65. 833. Hitavijaya. j-h. 39.53 Sattarisayathana. Hamsu. 58 (2). b-h._53. 39. t-h.T. n : t-h. 410. 2. au : k.. SaptaSataka. 47. s. d. 19. Sumatisagarasiirisvara. 12.




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