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Siemens Steam Turbines (SST)

SST-200 steam turbine for economical production of heat and power

Whether you need power generation for independent power production or for any industrial application, the SST-200 steam turbine offers you the exibility, reliability and economy of operation you demand.

Operational capability
The SST-200 turbine is developed to achieve high efficiency for generator drives combined with high reliability for mechanical drives, and is characterized by easy handling, facilitated by the modular package. SST-200 drivers are designed for automatic operation needing no special consideration during operation.

The SST-200 range: proven design for a wide range of applications

The SST-200 is a single casing steam turbine in packaged and skid-mounted design. It represents a solution based on long experience of both mechanical and generator drives in a variety of industrial applications.

Robust solutions for both mechanical and generator drive applications

The back pressure and condensing turbines, with and without extraction or bleed points, are characterized by a robust layout, essential for driving compressors, pumps and fans in the chemical and petrochemical industry. Some specic applications are: ethylene plants ammonia or fertilizer plants methanol plants These reliable and exible turbines are also the turbines of choice for generator drives, especially in biomass plants or biomass-red applications. For generator drive an epicyclic gearbox combined with the generator is preferred, since this provides high efficiency together with a very compact arrangement.

HKW Neubrcke, Germany, 9 MW, generator drive for biomass plant

Turboset with SST-200 steam turbine up to 10 MW

Power Generation

Reliability and efficiency from proven technology

Operational exibility
Back pressure or condensing with internally controlled extraction and possibility of several bleeds allows the selection of optimal solutions for the industrial applications. Back pressure and condensing turbines are available with upward or downward exhaust. The blading design for industrial applications enables exibility of operation without disturbance for extensive and rapid changes of load. This design provides for high efficiency over the whole operation range, giving the customer highly exible plant operation. To ensure good steam consumption at full and part loads, the turbines are designed with ow control. A multi-stage control valve system incorporating very few and well protected parts ascertains reliable steam ow control.

Easy installation and maintenance

The SST-200 turbines and auxiliaries are mounted on a skid. The entire package is assembled and wired in the workshop prior to delivery. Mechanical drive units are designed according to API (American Petroleum Institute) standards. Our proven installation and maintenance concept lowers maintenance cost by enabling easy access to the installed components. Several maintenance concepts are available for different modes of operation.

Optimum performance
The turbine casing and casing components are designed to permit short start-up times. Internally controlled extraction gives high efficiency over a wide range of ow. The SST-200 rotor is tted with resonance-proof blading. The reliability of the blading is achieved primarily through a low total stress load on the blades. Rotor for a condensing turbine with resonanceresistant blading

Example for turboset with a SST-200 steam turbine

Compact and exible solutions

Typical layout for a SST-200 steam turbine

SST-200 technical data

Power output.................up to .......10 MW Speed .............................up to .......14 600 rpm


Live steam conditions pressure .......................up to ........ 80 bar / 1160 psi temperature .................up to ........ 480 C / 896 F Bleed ..............................up to ........ 25 bar / 363 psi Controlled extraction pressure .......................up to ........16 bar / 232 psi temperature .................up to ........ 350 C / 662 F Exhaust steam conditions

back pressure ...............up to ........10 bar / 145 psi condensing ..................up to......... 0.6 bar / 8.7 psi All data are approximate and project-related.

1 Steam turbine 2 Base frame

Typical dimensions
L W H Length...... 4 m / 13.1 ft Width........2 m / 6.5 ft Height...... 2.5 m / 8.2 ft

Features and Benets

Design features
Customized steam path Proven Modular Thermoexible design Compact design minimizes space requirements of installation Easy access to mechanical components facilitates maintenance Remote control for simple operation High reliability/availability High efficiency

Customer benets
Fast and early layout planning Short delivery time

Reference examples

SST-200 has been sold for a rich variety of applications around the world. The following references are typical examples of this versatility of application.

Abu Quir, Egypt, mechanical drive in test facility Tamoil, Switzerland, 2 turbines producing on average 5 MW each in mechanical drive application

Quality and experience in one product family

Type SST-100 SST-200 SST-300 SST-400 SST-500 SST-600 SST-700 SST-800 SST-900 Steam Parameters 65 bar 480C 80 bar 480C 120 bar 520C 120 bar 520C 30 bar 350C 140 bar 540C 165 bar 565C 140 bar 540C 165 bar 585C
Dual Casing/Reheat Center Admission Single Casing/Non-Reheat Dual Casing/Reheat Double Flow
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Output (MW) 50



150 +

SST-200 steam turbines are part of a modern range of Siemens steam turbines developed to meet the most demanding customer requirements for cost-efficient power generation and mechanical drive applications in power plants and industrial environments. This is achieved by using a highly modularized system of state-of-the-art components with well proven design features. Its development is based on experience accumulated during a century of steam turbine design, manufacturing and operation.

The SST range of our turbines cover the complete spectrum from 2 to 180 MW and are available in back pressure, condensing and extraction design. The table above shows the Siemens full range of industrial steam turbines and their most important parameters. Whether you need a generator drive for power generation or a mechanical drive for compressors, blowers and pumps just tell us your needs and together we can select the optimum turbine or turboset which is most suited to respond to them.