Clinical signs
1-stiffness of movement 2-lameness & ↑ tendency for recumbancy 3-enlargement of joint of fore limb 4-enlargement of costo-chondral junction (rachitic rosary) 5-benting of the long bones of the limbs 6-arching of the back

Treatment …..
1-injection of Calcium gluconate →I/V or I/M 100-200 cm / calf 50-100 cm / lamb 2-I/M injection of vit. D AD3E or vit.A inject→ 3-5 cm / lamb/day after day →5-10 cm / calf /day after day (the dose may be given daily acc. To severity of the case) 3-I/V or I/M injection of Tonophosphan 5-10 cm / calf /day after day 2-3 cm / lamb /day after day 4- Mineral mixture →25 gm/calf daily →10 gm/lamb 5-exposure of the animal to sunlight 6-addition of bone meal & bran to ration daily N.B: in case of severe deformity →the treatment is of no value.

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