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Use the communication process model and describe a personal experience in which you failed to achieve your objectives due to ineffective communication. It was the time when I was in my graduation college. I was a part of the team which was organizing technical fest in the college. The team was divided into several groups of three. This helped us to divide our responsibilities and be able to focus on a particular work. The head of technical fest team gave me a responsibility to organize the microcontroller quiz competition along with other two members of my group. I was extremely excited as I was organizing an event for the first time in my life. I communicated with other two members of my group and started making plans for organizing the event. Two days before the event, I called one of my friend(not my group member) on his mobile and asked him to bring a hard copy of some question sets on the day of quiz competition as he had organized several events last year and microcontroller quiz competition was one of them. So,he had a bank of quiz questions with him. On the day of the quiz competition, I was very excited as almost all the arrangements had been made. I called my friend and asked him to come with the questions sets to a particular room where the quiz was going to be held. When I saw the question papers, initially I was very happy but that happiness turned into sadness a few seconds later. I saw that the questions sets that my friend bought were of microprocessor instead of microcontroller. I asked my friend furiously what this was all about. I told him that he had to bring question sets of microcontroller and not microprocessor. But he replied by saying that I had asked him to bring question sets of microprocessor during our telephonic conversation two days back. He said that there was some noise in line during our telephonic conversation on that day and by mistake interpreted my words as ‘Microprocessor’ instead of ‘Microcontroller’. At that time, I was feeling helpless as I was not able to come out with any solution to get question sets arranged on that day. I told about this chaos to my other two group members. They got angry at me and blamed me by saying that It was my responsibility to arrange the question sets. Ultimately,I told all this matter to our team head and asked him to suggest any solution. After not getting any possible solution, the team head cancelled my group event. I was extremely sad after this as I had failed to achieve my objectives due to ineffective communication between me and my friend. But on that day, I learnt a lesson that how a little noise during a telephonic conversation could have drastically bad outcomes.

NO LEVELS STRENGTH WEAKNESS 1.2. I am not able to communicate more effectively with girls in comparison with the boys. This helps me in making the other person more comfortable and then we can have a healthy conversation. INTRA-PERSONAL I am able to regain my confidence when I talk with myself. This helps me to communicate more effectively with others. Analyse your strengths and weaknesses in communication at the following levels: S. I sometime gets entangled in deciding the right path for me as a lot of things are revolving in my mind. . 2. INTER-PERSONAL Most of the time I talk in a polite manner with others.

I don’t speak much when I speak to the director of my college. This reduces the communication effectiveness. I sometimes get very nervous while addressing a group which holds me back and stops me to communicate more effectively. I try to speak loudly so that everyone could hear what I am trying to convey to them. I try to wrap up the conversation as early as possible. facial expressions and eye contact when I address a group of people. . GROUP I use my hands. 4.3. I listen to the other person more carefully which helps me in better understanding of what the other person wants to convey. ORGANIZATIONAL I am always humble when I communicate at the organizational level like talk with the director of my college.

When I asked that student if he had thought that he would get selected.Tech final year. I was one of the eight placement coordinators of our college. In your communication style. I saw that the student was giving most of the answers wrong but while giving the answers. I always try to reply or put forward my views with politeness.describe a personal experience in which you found that the style of communication used by you or someone else let to an extra ordinary positive outcome or a failure. In my personal day I was in my class and one of my classmate by mistake threw some ink on my assignment which was to be submitted on that day. Seeing that I did not get angry much and tried to maintain my calmness. I had seen people using different styles of communication which sometimes led to an extra ordinary positive outcome and sometimes to a failure. when the results of the interview came out. the interviewer asked all questions from java language to him. aggressive or passive. Otherwise. At that time. For example. his confidence was still at the same level. He was also humble and polite with the interviewer at the same time. As I knew about java well. most of the times my communication style is that time if I had confronted him aggressively. He replied by saying that he himself had left hope about getting . When anyone speaks to me. My work at the time of interview was to be in the room where the interviews will take place and ensure that the proceedings go smoothly. When his interview started. But to my surprise. The matter ended there only.3. He admitted his mistake and said that his pen was not working so he tried to jerk it and in that process by mistake threw some ink on my assignment. I asked him politely if he could tell me the reason for throwing ink on my assignment. I saw that the student was selected. These experiences are explained below: It was the time when IBM had come to our college to recruit students of B. another student entered into the room for the interview. things would had gone more worse. Also. I knew that this student would not get selected as he had given most of the answers wrong. When the interview ended. According to me. So. my assertive behavior helped me to make the other person admit his mistake and resolved the matter in a decent way. After about four students interview had taken place.I was in my third year. are you assertive. Explain with example. He was looking very confident as if he had complete knowledge about all his subjects.

When I asked that student if he had thought that he would not get selected. He gave almost all the answers correct. The interviewer did not answered his question and asked him to leave the room. When the student entered the room. Although. he entered the interviewer’s room without anybody’s permission and asked the interviewer about the reason for not getting him selected. . There is one more experience in which another student was interviewed. confidence and communication effectiveness got him selected. But I saw that he was getting uncomfortable while speaking to the interviewer. When his interview started. he was a bit nervous. After all this had happened. but he was not able to express himself completely. When that student saw the results. he was asked questions from many subjects that he had studied while doing graduation.selected. he was giving all answers correct. He replied by saying that he had at least that much confidence that he would get selected as he had given almost all the answers correct. I realized that his communication ineffectiveness was the reason for not getting him selected. His communication style led to a failure for him. He also fumbled many times while giving the answers. I then realized that his behaviour. His style of communication led to an extra positive outcome for him. When the interview results came out. then that student was not selected.

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