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which about actions actions which to talk talk about Past Simple Simple to We use use the the

Past We with: past. It It occurs occurs with: in the the past. at some some point point in happened at happened year. month // year. last week week // month ago, yesterday, yesterday, last ago,

Affirmative: Affirmative: Past form the the Past Regular verbs verbs form Regular adding ed Simple by by adding ed to to the the Simple infinitive. infinitive. talk talked talked talk

went to to France France two parents went Ann and and her her parents two years years Ann ago.. ago

girlfriend. Yesterday he he called called his his girlfriend. Yesterday

his family. family. Last week week Mark Mark rang rang his Last Negative: Negative:

-y + -y in a a consonant consonant + Verbs ending in Verbs ending and add add -ied -ied.. and cry cried cried cry

She didnt didnt go go to to Lisbon. Lisbon. She Interrogative: Interrogative: Did Ann Ann go go to to France? France? Did

different have different Irregular verbs verbs have Irregular forms. forms.


Give gave gave Give do - did did do


1. Write the verbs in the past simple:

Walk __________ Hate __________ Try __________ Love __________ Want __________ Start __________ Study __________ Wash __________ Watch __________ Have __________

2. Complete the sentences.

Dad ____________ ( work) last Sunday. We ____________ (play) football after school yesterday. I ____________ (watch) a goof film last night. My friend and I ____________ (try) skating for the first time yesterday. Mary ____________ (play) the guitar for an hour this morning. I ____________ (stay) at my friends house last week.

3. Complete the sentences.

Mary ____________ (go) shopping in Lisbon yesterday. Ann ____________ (wear) her new jeans on Tuesday. They ____________ (take) their books to school. My grandparents ____________ (come) to our house for lunch last Sunday. Peter ____________ (buy) some souvenirs for his sister.

4. Write the following sentences in the interrogative form using the past simple. Follow the example:

The tennis match / why / lose / he why did he lose the tennis match?

His / book / friend / buy / where / that __________________________________________________ Mary / why / to / yesterday / school / not go __________________________________________________ Have / she / what / breakfast / for __________________________________________________ At / study / Oxford / they __________________________________________________

5. Write the negative form of the following sentences.

Carol wrote a letter to her best friend. __________________________________________________ She lost her keys in the supermarket. __________________________________________________ They went to the beach with her parents. __________________________________________________ Mary bought all her books in the bookshop. __________________________________________________ The artists sang beautifully in the concert. __________________________________________________ He was very anxious about the results of her exam. __________________________________________________ Their parents gave them a dog as a birthday present. __________________________________________________