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Early Childhood/E.C. Special Education A.A.S.

Articulation Agreement: Southwest MN State University

Graduates may find the following career opportunities:

Head Start Teacher Aide/Assistant Early Childhood Special Needs Aide/Assistant Public School Teacher Aide/Assistant Early Childhood Teacher (Child Care) Early Childhood Assistant Teacher Para-professional Family Child Care Provider Program Director

The Early Childhood/Early Childhood Special Education A.A.S. Degree prepares you for employment in an Early Childhood setting. You will obtain the educational background and practical experience necessary to provide young children (birth to age eight) of varying abilities with developmentally appropriate learning experiences. You will also explore universal promotion, secondary prevention, and tertiary intervention approaches to educate and care for children with challenging behaviors. Physical space, appropriate routines, and myriad transition and teaching strategies will be practiced. In addition, you will develop several communication strategies that will foster an inclusive, relationship-based approach to

Graduates wishing to pursue a Bachelors of Science in Early Childhood Education can seamlessly transfer to Southwest State University with their convenient online option through a new articulation agreement with Mesabi Range College. Some courses in this degree also transfer to UMDs Unified Early Childhood Studies program.

interacting effectively with diverse families.
Enrollment Office - Virginia Campus 1001 Chestnut Street W., Virginia, MN 55792 218-749-0313 800-657-3860


PROGRAM PLANNING FORM Early Childhood/Early Childhood Special Education A.A.S. DEGREE (60 credits minimum)
SEMESTER I TAIA 1202 TAIA 1204 EDUC 1515 GECL 1415 TAIA 2206 SPCH 1565 SPCH 1585

STUDENT STUDENT ID Effective Semester/Year Fall Semester 2013

Cr 4 2 3 1 3 3 3 Lec/Lab Grade 4/0 2/0 3/0 1/0 3/0 3/0 3/0

16 Credits
Guiding Childrens Development & Behavior I Communicating Constructively with Diverse Families Foundational Issues in Early Childhood Freshman Year Experience Child Abuse & Neglect Interpersonal Communications OR Intercultural Communications (Students transferring to SWSU will also need SPCH 1555: Public Speaking)

SEMESTER II 15/16 Credits Grade TAIA 1212 Environments for Learning TAIA 1218 Health, Safety, & Nutrition ENGL 1511 College Writing I (Students transferring to SWSU will also need ENGL 1512: College Writing II) MATH 1511 Foundations of Math OR MATH 1415 Math for Elementary Teachers (Students transferring to SWSU will also need MATH 1521: College Algebra) HLTH 1465 Drug Use & Abuse SEMESTER III 13 Credits TAIA 2202 Foundations in Assessment & Special Education EDUC 2414 Infant & Toddler Instructional Strategies TAIA 2210 The Art of Home Visiting PSYC 2551 General Psychology SEMESTER IV 16 Credits EDUC 2415 Cognitive Development TAIA 1220 Teaching Children with Challenging Behaviors EDUC 2514 Preschool Instructional Strategies EDUC 2516 Early Childhood Creative Expressions PSYC 2567 Life Span Psychology Students transferring to Southwest State University will also need to enroll in EDUC 1435: Methods of Teaching Early Childhood Literature (4 credits).

Cr 3 3 4 3 4 2 Cr 4 3 2 4

Lec/ Lab 3/0 3/0 4/0 3/0 4/0 2/0

Lec/Lab Grade 4/0 3/0 2/0 4/0 Grade

Cr Lec/Lab 3 3/0 3 3 3/0 3 3/0 4 4/0


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