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“ Mr Branley
care less”
Allen Branley has been removed as your Councillor because he has
failed to attend a single meeting on your behalf for six months.
He now claims that he resigned as a matter of principle – you now know
that that is simply not true.
Remember, in1994, Allen Branley was removed as a Councillor for the Cleadon Park ward
where he again failed to attend a single council meeting in a six month period. This latest
insult is proof that he has nothing but utter contempt for the people he claims to represent.
Westoe residents will now have to foot a £17,000+ bill to pay for this unnecessary by
election caused by a man who couldn’t care less about his constituents. It’s time for the
people of Westoe to send a strong message to this arrogant, lazy politician. YOU WILL NOT
ELECTION with his endless leaflets, delivered by a professional company at considerable
personal expense.

Mr Branley’s attendance record at Council meetings on your behalf 2004-09

Year Number of Meetings he could have Number of meetings he actually

attended on your behalf attended on your behalf
2003/04 47 19
2004/05 32 17
2005/06 35 6
2006/07 27 7
2007/08 27 8
2008/09 23 3

He says in his leaflet “It’s been a privilege to represent

you” – the fact is that he has FAILED to represent you.
Councillor goes AWOL while issues of
importance to Westoe residents are debated

Issue and meeting Mr Branley?

Report on Business Support to improve Town Centre shopping
Local Community Forum 12th June 2008 AWOL
Report on future of Special Needs Schools in South Shields
Local Community Forum 12th June 2008 AWOL
Approval of Pedestrian Improvements to Chichester Metro AWOL
Local Community Forum 12th June 2008
Debate on Westoe Residents access to Health care AWOL
Local Community Forum 22nd July 2008
Debate and discussion on a new Permit Parking Policy AWOL
Local Community Forum 22nd July 2008
Approval of the Decent Homes Programme fore Council houses AWOL
Local Community Forum 2nd October 2008
Debate on how to Improve the bus network in Westoe AWOL
Local Community Forum 6th November 2008
Debate on traffic problems adjacent to Mortimer School AWOL
Local Community Forum 11th December 2008
Discussion on how to tackle empty homes in the private sector AWOL
Local Community Forum 11th December 2008
Approval of Councils budget for 2009/10
(Independents fail to present an alternative) AWOL
Full Council 26th February 2009
Appointment of Council Leadership, Cabinet and Chairs of Committees AWOL
Full Council 12th May 2009
We know that there are real issues of concern in the Westoe
and Chichester area which need to be tackled and resolved.
They won’t be while Mr Branley treats you with contempt
and refuses to attend meetings on your behalf.

Representing you is not something to be taken lightly

Neither should your vote be taken for granted
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