It is committed to the core thrusts of truth. While enriching our activities. SIDHI has strived. In this regard. Noted by: ank you very much for your kind JULIET FE J. 2011. symbolizes the fearless voice of reason of every young economist. SIDHI. and excellence. Your kind support is vital to the success of this worthy event. in UP Diliman. the o cial student publication of the UP School of Economics. Furthermore. consideration and more power! Respectfully yours. service. In over its 25 years of existence. we are celebrating the SIDHI Week. not only to instill social consciousness in the members of the college. literature. your company will gain maximum promotion and exposure. CORPUZ Editor-in-Chief . Attached herewith are the event details and a matrix of sponsorship packages that you can avail of. and journalism. is is a tradition to celebrate the success of the organization in providing quality information and updated news to the student body and to further promote responsible economic/business journalism. On January 24-27. UP SIDHI is inviting your company to be part of this meaningful event as a sponsor. an active member of Solidaridad—UP System-wide Alliance of Student Publications and Writers’ Organizations. LAGUDA Managing Editor/Marketing Director PAMELA JEAN P. an annual weeklong event to showcase the skills and talents of the students in the School of Economics through art. we shall see to it that our agreements are handled professionally. Should you have any questions or inquiries. but also to form character and capture the con dence and sense of being a thinker. which literally means intensity. you may reach us through: Juliet – 09266447335 Pam – 09269909191 We earnestly hope that you will respond favorably to our request.________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ Dear Sir/Madam: Greetings! We are UP SIDHI.

please inform us as soon as possible so that we can get the necessary permits ( is option is still subject to the approval of the administration. • All promotional materials (posters and tarpaulins) will be released on January 10 and will be posted within the University of the Philippines-Diliman School of Economics. aiming to protect both parties. Kindly refer to the list below for the favored items: Food and Beverage for the audience and performers Giveaways for the contest participants and token for the judges Gi Certi cates for giveaways • Company-provided streamers shall have a maximum size of 3x2 feet and shall be given back to the providing company 1 week a er the event. e above stated packages are negotiable. • Documentation will be sent two weeks a er the event.S P **media advertisements are still subject to negotiations with media sponsors ***If your company wishes to set-up a booth. a week a er publication. • e sponsoring company will also receive a copy of our monthly newsletter.) ****If your company wishes to hold a game. BE A COMPANY PARTNER! Call or text Juliet – 09266447335 or Pam – 09269909191 . please inform us as soon as possible so that we can include it in the event program. UP SIDHI will be preparing a Powerpoint or Word presentation to be sent to the sponsoring company through e-mail. • All agreed sponsorships would be formalized by a contract prepared by UP SIDHI. We also accept sponsorship made through cash and x-deals preferably a 70% cash – 30% (x-deals) basis.

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