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James P. O'Brien 75 N Woodward Ave, Suite 8000-1164 Tallahassee, FL 32313 Voice: 303-697-0183 E-Mail:

Over thirty years of experience in a broad range of applications and environments. Experience in application network interfacing, connectivity and information engineering is evident. Such diversity of experience is demonstrative of the versatility of this individual.

Knowledge and Experience

Databases DB/2 SQL Server Oracle Teradata Sybase Access IMS Languages Pascal PL/I COBOL Assembler VBA LISP REXX Operating Systems Windows 95/98/2000/NT UNIX OS/MVS OS/400 VMS VM/ESA OS/2 Case Tools ERwin ModelMart BPwin RSA CA:Kool Silverrun S-Designor

Product Support Material Requirements Direct Mail Document Storage Order Processing Accounting Software Support Telephone Billing Data Warehousing Transportation Distribution Job Scheduling Medical Payroll Bill of Material Artificial Intelligence Frequent Flyer Banking Software Development Inventory Order Tracking Film Processing Dental C.A.S.E. Call Processing Quality Assurance Insurance Quick Service Restaurants Internet Affiliate Marketing

Project Experience
3/12 - Present PBOJ Enterprises As a subject matter expert, participated in a research project in semi-automated taxonomy generation. The objective of the project was to see if a tool could take Entity, Attribute and Relationship definitions, analyze them, generate a taxonomy and then create Entity Relationship Diagrams reflecting the generated taxonomies. As a developer, designed and implemented a tool in VB .net that used ERwin API to take the generated taxonomies and automatically create Entity Relationship Diagrams. As a participant reviewed the interim results with the Enterprise Data Architecture unit of the sponsoring organization. System Environment: Windows Vista, Excel, Word. VB .Net, Powerpoint, Erwin, StarUML, FreeMind, Protege

8/09 1/12 Walmart

As an enterprise data architect, established a strategic approach that resulted authoring of an enterprise data framework, integration of the framework with specific implementation models ensuring the development of the necessary generic structures required to support flexible, scalable, reusable systems. Also developed the strategy and approach for the implementation of enterprise meta-data management. System Environment: Windows XP, Word, Excel, MS Access, VB .Net, Erwin, Rational System Architect, Provision, Eclipse EPF, IBM Business Glossary.

10/08 1/09 Metavante Corporation

As a senior business data information architect, authored methodologies and processes for: business process modeling, object modeling, model management and entity relational modeling. Developed documentation and training materials for use by business analysts, object modelers and data modelers. Advised the director on strategic objectives and challenges. Conducted tool evaluations and mentored other architects and modelers. System Environment: LAN, PC workstation, Unix servers, , Windows XP, Word, Excel, Erwin, EPF Composer, XMLSpy, Webshpere Business Modeler, Rational Software Architect, Power Designer, CVS and Eclipse.

5/07 5/08 ExxonMobil

Acted as a senior consultant in the Strategic Data Consulting group within ExxonMobil. Defined strategies and approaches for XML / EBXML based Enterprise Application Integration. Assisted application development groups in the adoption and use of XML based canonical structures for the transmission of information between diverse applications around the enterprise. Built tools to extract information from XSD files and build documentation spreadsheets. System Environment: LAN, PC workstation, Unix servers, DB/2, MS Access, Oracle, Windows XP, Word, Excel, Erwin, EPF Composer, SharePoint, XMLSpy, BizTalk, SAP/XI.

7/06 10/06 Circuit City

Participated in the Merchandising System Transformation project as the lead data architect for the Store clustering, Item planning and Assortment team. Assisted the SIA team in developing structures and determining sources for the Operational Data Store. Developed enterprise data standards and integration strategy. Models were developed using the Erwin tool. Wrote API utilities utilizing the Erwin SCAPI interface. System Environment: LAN, PC workstation, DB/2, MS Access, Oracle, MySQL, Windows XP, Word, Excel, Erwin.

1/06 4/06 LinkShare

Worked with the VP of product development to develop enterprise business models. Assisted the Systems Development department in utilizing the business models to develop non-redundant physical implementations. Utilized the ER-Studio api to develop specialized reporting tools. Hibernate was utilized to map Java classes to tables. EPF Composer was utilized for the Data Architecture processes. System Environment: LAN, PC workstation, Unix servers, DB/2, MS Access, Oracle, MySQL, Hibernate, Windows XP, Eclipse, Word, Excel, ER-Studio, EPF Composer.

8/04 6/05 Yellow Roadway Technologies

Participated in the planning and development of an integrated data strategy to support the Common Application Integration initiative. Two companies had merged to form the Yellow Roadway Corporation. The strategy had to address issues of data integration in a diverse and geographically dispersed environment. Also worked with the development teams to develop application level models. Participated in a project to migrate models from one ModelMart server to another. Developed various Erwin API tools. Developed the an EDI based interface with the U.S. Customs' Automated Manifest System.

System Environment: LAN, PC workstation, IBM mainframe, Unix servers, DB/2, MS Access, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Visual Basic, Windows 2000, Word, Excel, Erwin, ModelMart

12/02 2/04 Yum Brands, Inc

Filled the role of lead data architect on an Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) project. The EAI middleware utilized on the project was SeeBeyond Logical structures were developed utilizing Rational Rose. These structures were exported from Rose in XML format and imported into SeeBeyond as Entity Type Data (ETD) structures. Also advised the Data Systems Reporting group on the development of their data warehouse. Logical models and Star Schema's were developed utilizing Erwin. Implemented a model management infrastructure based on ModelMart. System Environment: LAN, PC workstation, IBM mainframe, DB/2, MS Access, Teradata, MS SQL Server, Visual Basic, Windows 2000, Word, Excel, Rational Rose, Erwin, ModelMart

7/00 11/02 IBM - Global Application Development

Functioned as the lead data architect on a large (150 + people) project to develop and implement a Clinical Information System (CIS). As lead architect, developed and implemented data modeling methodology utilizing Rational Rose. Built tools (in Visual Basic utilizing the Rational Rose Extensibility Interface) to carry out gap analysis between the different models for various releases. Was responsible for mapping the logical model to the different implementations. System Environment: LAN, PC workstation, IBM mainframe, DB/2, MS Access, Visual Basic 6.0, AIX, Windows 2000, Word, Excel and Rational Rose

3/00 5/00 Liberty Mutual

Assisted the process modeling team in gathering and organizing information requirements. Developed a tool to organize and track information on the process scenarios, objects and data sources. Provided recommendations with regard to data and process modeling approaches. System Environment: LAN, PC workstation, IBM mainframe, Oracle, DB/2, MS Access, Unix, Windows 95, Word, Excel and Silverrun

9/99 12/99 Conseco Finance

Acted as a methodologist in a data mapping effort. Designed and implemented procedures for mapping interface data between legacy systems and a new AllTel implementation. Developed procedures to identify and define target and source data, map logical attributes to the target data, map migration paths between target and source data and document the transition logic between the source and the target. System Environment: LAN, PC workstation, A/S 400, IBM mainframe, Oracle, MS Access, Unix, Windows 95, Word, Excel and Select SE

6/98 8/99 Platinum Technology

As a certified product specialist and instructor for ERwin, BPwin and ModelMart, developed strategies for implementation of the tools and methodologies. Developed customized curriculums for specific client needs. Taught both customized and standard classes. Developed specialized applications utilizing the ERwin API. System Environment: LAN, PC workstation, A/S 400, HP, IBM mainframe, DB/2-400, Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access, OS/MVS, OS/400, Unix, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT, TSO, ISPF, Word, Excel, ERwin, BPwin and ModelMart.

12/97 2/98 UMB Bank

Developed an activity centered data architecture and a process architecture for automated data extraction. Authored a recommendation regarding the participation of the data management organization in the technology review process. Participated in a modeling effort for the development of an enterprise wide shared reference table. Drafted processes for the participation of the data management organization in the MIS solution delivery process. These processes complied with the Software Engineering Institute's Capability Maturity Model. System Environment: LAN, PC workstation, A/S 400, HP, IBM mainframe, DB/2-400, Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access, OS/MVS, OS/400, Unix, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT, TSO, ISPF, Word, Excel and ERWin.

3/97 7/97 Duke Power Co

Functioned as a Data Analyst. Was responsible for developing Application Data models for various functional groups. Additional responsibilities included providing query support and impact analysis. System Environment: LAN, P/C Workstation, DB/2, Oracle, Sybase, OS/MVS, TSO, ISPF, UNIX, Microsoft Access Word, Excel, ERWin and BMC.

10/96 2/96 Solo Cup Inc.

Developed a set of tools utilizing REXX and MS Access to reverse engineer the existing financial systems. The tools copied the JCL and source code from ICCF. The JCL and source code was parsed and the results were then imported into an MS Access data base. The data base could then be queried and the relationships between system components traced. System Environment: LAN, P/C Workstation, HP Server, IBM Mainframe, DOS/VSE, VM/CMS, Unix, Microsoft Access, Word, Excel, Oracle, REXX, Dossier

12/95 7/96 CNA Insurance

Reported to the VP -- Data Services. Responsibilities included, data analysis, methodology & architecture support, strategic planning & internal marketing and case tool support. Developed and began implementation of a strategic plan for the organization. Assisted various strategic business units in project planning as well as developing data and process models. Developed a marketing plan. Implemented an inhouse on-line conferencing system. Developed a strategy for adoption of an information system architecture and methodology. System Environment: Token ring LAN, Pentium 100, Microsoft Project, Access, Word, Excel, Sybase, Oracle, Bachman Groundworks, Sterling Key for Enterprise, ERWin and S-Designor

7/95 10/95 Michigan Department of Social Services

Participated in an effort to reverse engineer a data model from existing process specifications. Made recommendations regarding methodological issues. Primarily responsible for modeling the System Support, JOBS/MOST (vocational training), Child Day Care and Quality Control subject areas. The data models were documented utilizing ERWin and were then imported into Excelerator. The implementation environment was a client server architecture based on a UNISYS TCP/IP Unix network. System Environment: Novel, ERWin, Windows, Unix and Excelerator.

1/95 7/95 GTE Data Systems.

Participated in a business area analysis for the billing business function. Responsible for developing a logical data model and integrating the model with an in-house process modeling tool. The logical data model was developed utilizing the IDEF1X methodology and was documented utilizing ERWin. The Integration with the process modeling tool was achieved utilizing MS Access.

System Environment: 3COM+, MS-Access, ERWin, Leverage, PACBASE, Windows and OS/MVS

8/94 10/94 ITC Inc.

Developed a high level logical data model. The model identified the major business entities, the relationships between them and the associated entity sub-types. The model was recorded using EasyCase. Authored a testing methodology to be used to develop in house testing procedures. System Environment: Lan based PC, MS-Word, Oracle, EasyCase

3/94 6/94 MCI Inc.

Led a team to design, develop and implement the main data feed for an MCI client. The sub-system took data from ten different operator companies and reformatted it for input to the Call Processing system. System Environment: IBM 3090, OS/MVS, COBOL, REXX

11/93 12/93 Howmet Inc.

Participated in a Business Area Analysis for a Cost Accounting system. Responsibilities included those of Scribe and Facilitator for joint process analysis sessions, as well as tool administrator for both the process and data analysis teams. The Data Model was recorded in System Architect and the process model was recorded on ADW. System Environment: Intel 486 based workstation, O/S 2, ADW 2.7, Popkin System Architect

5/93 11/93 USAir, Inc.

Functioned as the account manager for this account. Was responsible for team supporting Frequent Traveler, Revenue Management and the interfacing of USAir and British Air frequent flyer systems. Responsibilities included personnel and performance management, client relations and client marketing. This account represented revenues in excess of 1.2 million dollars. System Environment: IBM 3090, PS/2, OS/MVS, VM/ESA, OS/2, DB/2, COBOL II, REXX and CICS

5/91 5/93 IBM (German Application Development Lab)

Managed a system support project to provide Product support for an IBM enterprise repository product (CDF/MVS). Responsible for providing management and technical direction to a team of six technicians, administration of a remote site located in Boeblingen Germany as well as liaison with the customer. Technical direction included addressing product design issues, developing infrastructure and administrative tools, conducting design and code reviews and providing technical assistance in the areas of Assembler, REXX, DB/2 and Data Modeling. The project generated $3.5 million in revenues with a profit contribution of approximately $800,000.00 over a two year period. System Environment: IBM Mainframes, RS/6000, PS/2, OS/MVS, AIX, VM/XA, OS/2, PC-DOS, DB/2, ISPF/Dialog Manager, TCP/IP, RSCS, REXX, Turbo Pascal, Oracle, 360/370 Assembler and an IBM internal development language.

3/91 4/91 CTG INC. - Branch Recruiter - Denver Branch

Carried out the recruiting responsibilities for the Denver Branch of Computer Task Group.

12/90 1/91 Bank Western

Designed and implemented heuristic sub-system to merge vendor supplied names and addresses into an in-house mass mailing system. System Environment: VM/SP, DOS/VSE, COBOL, DYL-280 and VSAM

10/90 11/90 Metro-Denver Water Board

Conducted a data & processing modeling project for a document control system. Entity Relationship Diagrams were drawn up utilizing Extended Relational Analysis techniques. Data Flow Diagrams were developed utilizing the De Marco methodology. System Environment: PS/2, PC-DOS and EasyCase

6/90 8/90 IBM (Systems Integration Division)

Participated in a project to port a Wang based MRP system to IBM AS/400 for a pharmaceutical firm. Responsible for converting BASIC to AS/400 PL/I. Specifications

were drawn up utilizing Entity Relationship Diagrams and De Marco Data Flow Diagrams. System Environment: AS/400, OS/400, PL/I, COBOL and Excelerator.

2/90 5/90 Xerox Crop (Toronto)

Implemented an education tracking system. The system tracked who had signed up for a course, when & where the course was to be held and who was to teach the course. System Environment: IBM mainframe, OS/MVS, Xpeditor, IMS DB/DC and COBOL.

1/88 1/90 Kodak(Colorado Division)

Designed and implemented a system to interface between a local payroll system and a remote human resources system. The sub-system captured batch transmissions from the wide area network, emulated an on-line session and utilized existing on-line programs to post the information to the local payroll system. System Environment: IBM mainframe, OS/MVS, RSCS, PL/I, IMS DB/DC Developed an interface between an in-house project control system and McCormick & Dodge purchasing system. The interface captured project and work order information residing on the IMS data base and built transactions to insert the data into a Datacomm/DB database under CICS. System Environment: IBM 3090, OS/MVS, ISCS, PL/I, IMS DB/DC, CICS & Datacomm/DB Led a seven person team to convert the divisional systems from a 13 period accounting cycle to a calendar month accounting cycle. The project involved changing seven data bases and 1900 programs. System Environment: IBM mainframe, OS/MVS, PL/I and IMS/DB Designed and implemented a Quality tracking system. The system captured sensor data from the departmental local area network, inserted it into the mainframe data base. Captured defect analysis data provided by the quality technician. This data was then sent to the remote site to which the product was being shipped.

System Environment: IBM mainframe, Dec VAX, OS/MVS, VMS, LU6.2, IMS DB/DC, PL/I and Pascal

5/86 12/87 Michigan Blue Cross & Blue Shield

Designed and implemented a Claims notification system. The system analyzed claims data and produced a textual explanation that was sent to the customer. Re-designed and re-wrote payment sub-system for the Dental Claims system. System Environment: IBM mainframe, OS/MVS, IMS/DB and COBOL

1/86 5/86 Allied Film & Video

Developed an enterprise data and process model. The model was developed utilizing Extended Relational Analysis to specify relational structures and integrity rules. System Environment: IBM PC/XT, PC-DOS, Apple Macintosh and EXCEL. Audited an existing Oracle database. Identified non-normalized structures and recommended changes. System Environment: Wang, VS and Oracle Designed and programmed a mailing label system. System Environment: IBM PC/XT, PC-DOS and Turbo Pascal

11/85 1/86 Wisconsin Bell

Participated in a project to implement a fixed asset accounting system. System Environment: IBM mainframe, OS/MVS, IMS DB/DC and COBOL

7/85 11/85 Detroit Edison

Managed a project to code test and implement a system to interface the customer and Michigan Department of Social Services. System Environment: IBM mainframe, OS/MVS, RSCS, IMS DB/DC and COBOL

8/83 7/85 Volkswagen of America

Designed and implemented an interface system for a world-wide distribution network. Process and logic specifications were done utilizing the Warnier/Orr methodology. System Environment: IBM mainframe, VM/SP, OS/MVS, Datavantage, IMS and COBOL

2/83 7/83 Interstate Research & Development

Designed a Bill of Material based Manufacturing Control System. System Environment: DEC PDP/11, RTS, RPG II Led a project to revise a micro-based medical billing system. System Environment: Altos micro-computer, Digital Research MP/M and CBASIC.

1/82 2/83 Detroit Ball Bearing

Developed distribution, inventory and accounting systems System Environment: IBM 4381, DOS/VSE, VSAM, COBOL

5/80 1/82 3PM Inc.

Programmed list processing and text editing applications for direct mail campaigns. System Environment: IBM 370/148, DOS, COBOL and Assembler

3/78 5/80 Independent Software Consultant

Designed and implemented a variety of manufacturing applications. Also developed a dental records system. System Environments: IBM 360, DOS, COBOL, PL/I, System 3, OS/3, RPG II, System 34, OS/34, Data General Nova 3D, RDOS and BASIC

4/76 3/78 Watson Manufacturing Co. Inc.

Responsible for all system design, programming, operations and administrative functions for a three person EDP department. System Environment: NCR Century 101, B1, Neat/3 and RPG

Other Experience
8/84 5/85 University Research Projects - University of Michigan
Participated in a research project in Symbolic Integration. Solutions were arrived at utilizing rule based processing methods. System Environment: Amdahl 470, MTS, LISP Participated in a research project in Optimal Solutions. Solutions were derived utilizing tree generation and heuristic search techniques. System Environment: Amdahl 470, MTS, LISP

1/83 6/86 Guest Lecturer - University of Michigan

Delivered guest lectures to students on Structured Analysis and Design. Advised faculty regarding curriculum.

9/88 4/89 University Tutoring program - University of Denver

Participated in a tutoring program for students enrolled in a vocational rehabilitation program. Advised faculty as to curriculum.

3/12 Present Guest Lecturer - Virginia Commonwealth University

Delivered guest lectures to graduate students on Enterprise Architecture.


EDW 2012 Atlanta, Ga presented A Pragmatic Approach to Enterprise Data Architecture DWBI 2012 London, UK presented Using Metadata to Speed up Reference Model Organizationalisation

Acheived Instructor & Product certification for Erwin 6/98 Logicworks, Inc. Acheived Instructor & Product certification for BPwin 10/98 Logicworks, Inc. Attended Flashpoint pre-release class 3/94 Knowledgeware Corp. - San Francisco Attended Structured Analysis & Design class 3/90 CTG Branch certified course - Denver Branch Attended IEW class 6/89 CTG Education center - Buffalo Attended Interpersonal Management Strategies class 8/88 Xcel - Denver Branch Attended Account Development Strategies class 6/88 Xcel - Denver Branch Attended Oracle Application Programming class 8/86 Oracle Corp. - Chicago Attended University of Michigan 1978 - 1982 General Studies Curriculum