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5 M 35 x 100 t 5 x 830 t 20 t/sq.m MT Mhrs 1.500 2.m sq.West Low Astronomical tide Tide excursion Bollards force Mooring devices for largest FPSO Long term spread load Long term local load Reinforced quay capacity and length Load Out capacity Load out methods 450 M + 450 M length .500 420.450 (approx) 35.000 13.m 15kg/sqcm 50 T/sq.000 4.m sq.000 T Trailers.m sq.m sq.800 beds Landing strip length under implementation Singapore.m sq.000 (approx) 5.KARIMUN ISLAND YARD YARD GENERAL INFORMATION KARIMUN ISLAND BASE Total area Fabrication Covered workshops Warehousing covered Open Storage area Blasting/painting area Erection area open Main office building (3 floors) Additional offices (ex-covered rest area) Estimated yearly production Estimated yearly manhours YARD ADDITIONAL INFORMATION KARIMUN ISLAND BASE Training facilities Clinic Fire fighting Power Plant Marine Base Freezone Heliport Accommodation for Expats Recreational activities Accommodation for Regional Domestic airport in Karimun Distance from main international airport Nearest National airport locations Rooms for theoretical and equipped areas for practical lessons On 24/7 basis 2 fire-fighting trucks 3 power generation units for a total of 11 MW sq. 32 nautical miles (1h 30min ferry) Batam (1h 30min ferry) Jakarta (ferry to Batam + 2 hs flight) MARINE BASE AND LOAD OUT QUAYS MAIN FEATURES 2 quays North-South and East .11 M ± 2.000 INDONESIA Karimun Island Studio and apartments for a total of 268 beds 6 km outside yard for a total of 1.m sq.000 6.300. skidding rails .000 (approx) 32.m sq.m ÷ 100m (on N-S quay) 35.300 170.000.

os.2 Yard Project material store (provided with cooling and air conditionning systems) sq. 3 x 120 t + 1 x 20 t Assembly Hall Welding line Sand blasting & painting area Warehouse & bulk storage area Maintenance Lifting devices sq.os. Man-lifts.400 Dedicated over head cranes 7 Crawler cranes (180 ÷ 400 t) 7 Tower crane 1000 t 1 Harbour crane Liebherr model 600 2 Wheeler cranes 19 (from 25 to 60 t) Multiwheels 600 t 6 Forklifts.m 5. 10 tons Piping shop exotic material 132L x 18W x 9H (at hook) 2 n. Cherry pickers. telescopic Forklifts. 220 sq.m 4.000 mm Pipes cutting machine three lines of rails on top of concrete slab Dedicated outdoor area Temporary covers against weather Furnished offices with network 1 painting hall (40L x 32W x 17H) (40L x 30W x 10H each bay) 2 painting bays Grit recovery system Dust suppression Dehumidifier system Furnished offices with network 1 painting tunnel (8W x 60L x 6H) Grit recovery system Dust suppression Dehumidifier system Furnished offices with network N.000.m 60.os. 10 tons Prefabrication shops 172L x 28W x 12H (at hook) 172L x 32W x 15H (at hook) 14 n.m 150L x 38W x 25H (at hook) 4 n.m 5. MW 80 tons Buses and various transportation means 148 Total number of lifting and transport 183 equipment .FABRICATION FACILITIES Piping shop carbon steel material Single bay Dedicated over head cranes Dedicated X-Ray bunker for CS piping Associated fully furnished offices Single bay Dedicated over head cranes Dedicated X-Ray bunker for Exotic Furnished offices with network Three bays Single bay Dedicated over head cranes Dedicated X-Ray bunker Furnished offices with network Single bay Dedicated over head cranes Furnished offices with network Associated warehouse 132L x 18W x 9H (at hook) 2 n.000 Total available covered area sq.000 Open storage area sq. 30 / 40 tons external. approx Dedicated indoor area single line of rails up to 2.500 (total) Yard Painting material store sq.os.m 1.

INDONESIA . PT. Suite 610 .7300 .Desa Pangke.Fax: +62 (0) 778.p.21.p. +62. is a subsidiary of Eni S.Fax +62.7305 PT Saipem Indonesia Setiabudi Atrium Building. Rasuna Said Kav. Milan .600.21.A.R.520.Fax +39.5290.Provinsi Kepulauan Riau .5290.29634 Tel: +62 (0) 778. Skills. Saipem Indonesia (Karimun Branch) Jalan Raja Haji Fisabilillah . 67 . 62 Kuningan .02. +39. 02.12920 Jakarta . Via Martiri di Cefalonia.520.34010 saipem.A.Italy Tel.2013 KARIMUN YARD . Kecamatan Meral Kabupaten Karimun .A.Jl.Saipem S.com .600.02. H.20097 San Donato Milanese.p.Indonesia Tel.1025 .People.1026 Saipem S.34019 . Equipment. 6th Floor.

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