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Top 10 Most Successful and Accomplished Female Fitness Models

Not surprisingly, men ogle at women who flaunt their gorgeous bodies and lovely faces be it in the modeling, sports or fitness arena. Female models like Kate Upton ramp up the scene with their figures. Likewise, for female fitness models, their fit and trim bodies can certainly make men admire their physique and women yearn to have bodies like theirs

. Many fitness models are not simply around to show their beautiful bodies. They have taken the industry by storm with amazing things. They globally inspire other women in what they do. They rouse the interest of many and bring out the advantages of getting fit and maintaining that for a healthier life. And because of these accomplishments, it is worthy to list who these top 10 most successful and accomplished fitness models are. Being accomplished also means these women earn a lot in the fitness industry

10. Jelena Abbou

Landing on tenth place is Serbian figure competitor and trainer Jelena Abbou. She joined many competitions where she won the 2003 INBF Natural Monster Mash, 2004

WNBF World Pro Natural Figure in New York, 2004 Natural Atlantic Coast INBF Pro Figure, Ms. Photogenic and first runner-up for the 2004 Northeast Classic Pro Figure, and 2005 Ms. Buffalo Figure Championship.

9. Kiana Tom

On the ninth spot is Kiana Tom who was a former cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders in the NFL. This Hawaiian beauty had her own high rating show about health, lifestyle and fitness entitled Kianas Flex Appeal, which was aired by ESPN. Due to the shows success, ESPN created more shows called Kianas Too Fit 2 Quit, Hot Summer Nights with Kiana and Summer Sizzle with Kiana. She was casted to star in a movie along with Jean-Claude Van Damme.

8. Mindi Smith

In eighth place is Mindi Smith. This 34-24-34 hot babe is a fitness expert based in New York City. Under her belt, she won different fitness and figure competitions which include the 2009 NPC Nationals, 2010 IFBB Phoenix Pro, and the 2010 IFBB Figure International. Smith appeared in different fitness magazines like, Oxygen, Muscular Development, and Muscle & Fitness Hers. She was featured in theUltimate Workout DVD and appeared on the commercial ads of AXE Body Spray as a model. She was also invited to guest in sitcoms like Entourage and Manswers.

7. Marzia Prince
Hitting the seventh spot is Hispanic beauty Marzia Prince. She has earned certifications in biomechanics of resistance training, general physical fitness, pre and post-natal fitness, and dietary guidance. With all these qualifications, she works as a fitness expert who provides guidance in healthy behaviors on a one-on-one basis in her private gym. As part of her other accomplishments, this 59 tall and 36-26-36 figure fitness model has won several bikini competitions which include the 2007 Ms. Bikini Universe, 2008 FAME Bikini Championship, 2009 Junior National Bikini Championship, and 2009 Europa Super Show Bikini Championship. She was featured on the covers of fitness publications like Iron Man, Natural Muscle, and Planet Muscle.

6. Kim Dolan Leto

Kim Dolan Leto takes the sixth spot. Shes a fitness model who graced quite a lot of magazines locally and internationally. She may be in her early 40s but there is no denying that she is still a real beauty. She amazingly juggles her role as a wife, fulltime mother, and business owner. This accomplished fitness model has landed on more than 11 fitness magazines in her comeback in 2011. She has proven that women can have a taste of success in the fitness industry even if they are already over 40 years old. Leto writes for Yummy Mommy Fitness Oxygen magazine blog which reaches out to mothers who want to stay fit and healthy. In spite of her busy schedule, she was able to take up her Masters degree in business.

5. Natalia Muntean
On fifth place is Natalia Muntean. Even though she has successfully landed on 17 covers in the past two years, she is far from being just the fitness model who graced so many publications. Muntean is one of the most marketable fitness models and to prove that, she holds endorsement contracts and made history when she signed to be the fitness model for Muscle-Pharm. With her expertise, she is a columnist for more than seven different magazines globally. Her consistency made her self-made. She started her career in the fashion modeling industry before switching to fitness modeling in 2008.

4. Ava Cowan
The fourth spot goes to global fitness icon Ava Cowan. She is sponsored by Gaspari Nutrition. Her popularity can be measured on how many fitness covers she has been published on since 2005. She remarkably landed on the covers of twenty fitness magazines. This is quite a huge accomplishment for any fitness model. In addition to that, she has over 67,000 Facebook friends on her fan page. She also writes articles to help both men and women keep fit and healthy. Undeniably, Cowan is a true fitness model in the industry with lots of women looking up to her as an inspiration.

3. Jamie Eason

In third place is Jamie Eason. She doesnt only pose for fitness magazines, she also writes. In fact, she is one of the columnists for Oxygen and a writer for the website Having 85,000 Facebook friends clearly shows just how popular Eason is. Millions of women are motivated to stay in shape because of her articles. Many companies endorse her because of her popularity and thanks to her name, she gets to be frequently flown internationally for paid appearances

2. Jennifer Nicole Lee

Jennifer Nicole Lee gets the second spot as the most successful and accomplished female fitness model. Many national talk shows like Oprah, CBS Early Morning Show, and Inside Edition got her story featured. Since 2005, Jennifer or JNL has successfully landed over 30 fitness covers, which proves that she is one of the most sought-after fitness models in the industry. She has endorsement contracts with different companies and fitness modeling is not just her cup of tea as she has her own business as well.

1. Alicia Marie

Finally, the number one spot goes to African-American Alicia Marie. She is considered to be the Jackie Robinson of the fitness industry. Marie successfully broke the color barrier when she got featured more than 30 times on different fitness covers and 10 times in Oxygen. This helped pave the way for other women and inspired them that they, too can land on a fitness cover whatever their color is. BSN sponsors her as a fitness model. Alicia Marie hit it big and has become one of the biggest global fitness icons in history.