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The phrase work- life balance reportedly owes its origin to working womens Association in the UK dating back to 1970s but it got popularized from mid-1980s in the US. Work related pressures and demands haave been consuming far too much time of the employees leaving them with no time for family or leisure. Inability to say thus far and no more, poor time mangement and delgating skills, and, last but not the least, the diehard attitude towards work are cited as the reasons for employees getting into stressful situations. The growing competition due to globalizaton is adding fuel to the fire. The consequences are rise in attritiomn rates, stained domestic relations leading to divorces, and worst of all, exposure to life-threatening ailmets, etc., to say the least. In a study carreid out globally among the executives of varoius companies, 81% reportedly agreed that their jobs are affecting their heath. If this is the state with the executive cadre, blue collar workers under stress respond etc. with The workplace violence, alcoholism, absenteeism,

question arises whether one works to live or lives to work only. Women employees suffer the most, trying to strike a balance between official and domestic pressures. Commmuting to and form the workplace has become yet another stressful and tiresome experience involiving long

hours of personal time. Of late, many corporatoinsw have been registering a phenomental rise in the working hour, all for that slight edge over the nearest competitor,l little lealizing the long-term ill effects it will have on the employees and on the organizaton as a whole. As more and more employees are faling sick due to work-related stress, some companies have now realized the need to make them feel at home even while at work. They have taaken varous intiatives like recreational facilities, flexi time, vertual office, gymnasiums, family holiday packages, social interactions with spouses, meditaton and yoga centers, round-the-clock cafeterias, conceirge sercices, etc. no career success can be enjoyable if it comes at the cost of family life. Ensuring a quality time with the family should be ajoint effort by te employee and the managmenet. Present day technology with all its gadgetory has become more a bane than a boon to the family of an employee. Its time the companies take a note of this serious malady and institutonalize adequate measures so as to ensure a reasonble balance between office and home life. On the individual front, one must learn to prioritize and draw lines in te office, while chilling nad freaking out with children and spouse at home. Remember, worrying does not slove the problems, as Baz

Luhrmann, Academy Award-winning Director, rightly said, Dont worry about the