M. they are returning ancient teachings of ancient Tama-Re Tgipt*} the ancient language of Tama-Re "Egipf . In fact. and they had a strange look. The will retrace their steps Pa Neteraat The Deities".E. . N « i I •> I'.F. Northern A.l.The Neteraat will return My friend. n i Order Of The World. new ILL.l"'|>' > ' > l < . Messiah. churches.nlonton. M > . healthy. A Oriental Order Nobles Of The Mystic Shrine New M< « < n I. Ga of North & South America Wornhi|>(ul M U M . Rev. their steps to find what . They will retrace. i . Ga And Supreme Grand Hierophanl < H'Tlir Am I r i | > n . M . A n i l A l t ( . Ramon™ II M i l No •> people will emerge called Nuwaupians.O. t l u non. AF & AM Eatonton. and through them you shall see again. & A. give this to you. Nature is talcing control. H I . Deputy Grand Master For The State Of Georgia. . York t » l>ry. I Atum-Re. Al M n l i i l i I . old ways have returned. Mahdi's. . as nature prepares the planet for them. . CJa. They said. and no one's "god" can save them or their prophet. You will overstand again who you were and are. • • u i i n . Dr. N . in ancient Tama-Re TgipP were not different. . i < > l Nuwiiiipiun Lodge No. 3. Pa Neteraat The Deities* will return again. i i . n i | > l i N . Right now. where the sun appears to set in the west. A. mosques. Scottish Rite Freemason « > l Anm* < n u i n l I mine of Macon. m|. I Potentate Internationally Of The Anclenl A i .. uou see things changing all over. in their eye. .n-<.P.G. • . who came down among the people long ago. I I And I. They are returning again upon this Ta "Earth". but were very wise.i H lm I ' . you will see. Mulachi /. synagogues or temples. in the time of the next sun cycle. S . of A. &.

When Pa Neteraat Nuwaupu The World of the Tama-Reye "Egiptian" spiritual and otherwise. Ail of the things we need. . again turn from him and conform. but it does not belong to nature. We need to act in accordance with the truth. who is the destroyer and walks about on the planet Ta "Earth* like men. which is to say that it permeated our lives to such an extent as to be inseparable from everyday living. but they will make more. but Pa Tuta "The Human Beast* teaches hate. but yet they are beasts. Their steps will take them to the Hierophant Atum-Re. But most of the followers will be silent because. We were instructed to show a great respect for all the beings of this planet Ta "Earth". we were told by Pa Neteraat open the door to the secret unto them. Pa Nefu Tne Air" and that we are close relatives of Pa Neteraat The Supreme beint Old and Proven idteas The Truth does not belong to one religion. Supreme Beings* from the start. We were instructed to carry love in our hearts for others. who they will ask to guide them on their journey. The others will awaken to this new time with much to offer. is not to be overstood by assuming that it can be described easily in the English language. and in religious terms. All has been provided. He will guide them for ^O years. that the human beings are of two kinds. but many of the followers will have fallen asleep. We were shown that our well-being depends on the well being of the vegetable life. as Pa Temt-ta "The All". What we now think of as spirituality was not a religion in the commonly accepted definition of the word. known power existing everywhere i "The Supreme beings" already gave us all that is necessary for life. Nuwaupu was and is not a supreme being. because they will have all the answers. but rather a way of in referring to the cosmic.was left by the side of the Nile long ago. Pa Re "Tne Sun". but they cause wars. no one will ask anything of them. It was our way of life. Some of the followers will be silent out of fear. then When It Began In the beginning. Pa Mu Tne Water*. Those like Pa Neteraat The Supreme beings* and those like Pa Tuta "The Human Beast".

We know that in all creation."---J any one religion. Theu are the result of & ^j pride. these have birthed genocide of Nuwaupian people throughout the world: the invention of weaponry with the power to kill all people on the planet Ta "Earth". or ecosphere—but which we more simply call. loolc at our sepa- . that we may heal the evil one and heal each other. no in or out—all are together in the sacred all. we are the ones he divided and we are the ones Spiritual parents told us. who must come back together in our way of life to walk in the sacred Tama-Reye "Egiptian* Way. to gather not separate. All Are Together Mind of separation. for them to rule all others. To walk in the Tama-Reye "Egiptian" Way Pa Neteraat "The Supreme beings". such great sufferings are seen as necessaru. It is the mind. We need to contribute to an overall change of mind to love. Re "Ra" teach us love. or etheric parents. We are the ones who created him. We must help save the planet Ta "Earth". In the Tamahu's "Caucasians" teaching. man. proven facts not beliefs or faith. heart and soul of old and proven events through time remembered after time of discovering natural law. told us we have to do more than save what is left of our culture. Sacred Ones. not hate. and what you call the biosphere. there is no above and no below. ration. Mother Nature or Neter... Yaa Neteraat a oh Supreme beings". We feel pain and anger that The Human Beast rushes toward development. only the human family of Tama-Reye "Egiptian" has strayed from the sacred way. the idea that one is better or more important than another. compassion and honor. mind of domination. in the circle of right relationship. We grafted a human beast that we know.has been so neglected and hurt that our spiritual parents. In reality. so that human beings can begin to initiate strategies that will preserve and sustain the environment that all cultures and nations share and stop the destructive beast. the fabric of this planet has been raped.

It was given to all people by the Creators. and I have heard that Pa Ta The Earth" appears round. This is not true. Re "Sun". The wind. but in fact we are members of life as all living things. not all. . All these sacred all of life. Even the seasons form a great circle in their changing. it is not. the generation with the responsibility and option to choose Honor and Respect To honor and respect means to think of the land and the water and plants and animals who live here as having a the path with a future for our children. That is right. it's not. whirls. Birds make their nests in circles. responsibility and peace. We are untruth's are believed. along with: Pa Snajuraat "The Trees". They perform their given task in Pa Temtta The All". yet we are living at the top of the pinnacle of evolution. The Life of a man is a circle from childhood to childhood. Nefu *Afr" and Hatjwunaat "Animals" that each fulfil! their purpose in Pa Temt-ta The All". Hajuraat "Rocks". yet we know they are not true. all eaual and all the same. circle or square. We are the generation with the idea of respecting all things as part of the sacred all of life. for theirs is the same way as ours. that's not true. and we do and are also. like a ball. Pa Mu "The Water". and they're not. It is all symbolism. and Original Instructions The original religion was natural law. We are not I he supreme and all-knowing beings.So it is in Everything You have noticed that everything a Tama-Reye "Egiptian" does is in a triangle. Yet we do. acknowledge and respect nature. because the power of the world always works in symbols from the black dot. The sky appears round. as Pa Temt-ta "ThcAll". We must join hands with the rest of creation. and alwaus come back again to where they were. And so are all the stars. in its greatest power. including the idea of respecting all things as part of the so it is a in everything where power moves. and speak of common sense. and everuthine tries to be rounded out ^J <— J and sauared off.

All life is precariously balanced. which they had learned from their ancestors. these predictions have everything. or have faith and that Pa Neteraat "The Supreme beings* see and hear Tgiptsan* have important meanings for the future of the planet Earth. May we find. that we should speak only the truth. We were taught not to believe. Therefore. The Tamahu "Caucasian* \s Pa Hotep Kasuraat The Spirit dSoul Peace Breaker*. no peace among people. We must remember that all r *J things on Ta "Eart/r" have a spirit and are intricately related. have a divine soul and a home with them. that we should never be the first Righteousness refers to the shared ideology of the people using their purest and most unselfish minds. Peace is the product of a loving family that strives to establish sound right reasoning and righteousness. physical moral and technological development as a people. and that they never forget. this came when two governments promoted the abuse of human beings by other Pa Tuta —aat "Human Beasts" and ensured. Through generations. All people have a right to the things they need to survive—even those who 8 . that hereafter they will give every human being a spirit. but only their children will been maintained courageously. which has begun under Atum-Re. and recognizing that all roots lead back to Tama-Re "Egipt*. the spirit and courage to take the lead. Now we are in the year ZjOOO a critical stage of our spiritual. is a Tama-Reye 'Egyptian* prediction of rebirth of the sacred teachings of Tama-Re Tgipf. and accurately. that it was a disgrace to be dislouai to our Tama-Reye afgiptians family. methodically.Ancient Predictions The predictions of our ancestors of the Tama-Reye to break the natural laws. The Real Law Pa Temt-ta The All". Our Ancestors gave us many cultural laws in our way of life. the grower of all life—the Creator. I'm in Pa Temt-ta "The All". in the ancient sdom of the Tama-Reye "Egyptian". They told us to treat all nature as they treated us. Maker and Pashioner—did not intend for humans to abuse one another. These cultural laws were good for us.

since to him all days are Pa Neteraat The Deitie's* and is as beautiful as the next. broken by the crash of pale white lightening and it too can be tamed and deemed a benefit to growth. This quality of attention— paying attention to the whole — is called among my people.Force should be restored only as a defense against the certain use of force. Our Seed In our wau of life with everu decision we make. help us to help him see his place in all this. Help us to grow. to all people spirituality. 10 11 . because we know that the races of future generations are looking up at us from beneath the ground. and negotiate their differences. we always keep in mind the children to come out of our seed. shelter.do not or can not worlc. . Ancient Tama-Reueaat "Egiptians*teachings call us to turn primary attention to the sacred Tama-Reye Tgiptian" teachings on life. clothing. protection or freedom. to stop a mistreatment of the human beings by The Human Beast is strikingly beautiful or sublime— a cloud with the rainbow's glowing arch above the mountain. No people or beast has a right to deprive others of these things. The Colors Whenever. arbitrate. is the overstanding that Pa Neteraat "The Supreme beings* live in all things. of which we are a part and with which we are so obviously entangled. a blue waterfall in the heart of a green gorge. in all realms of creation — including earthly life. in the course of the daily hunt. holiness. only Attention Please Central to Atum-Re's message. Attention please. a vast area of grassy land tinged with the spots of pure brown earth— he pauses for an instant in the attitude of worship. light by the yellow sun. He sees no need for setting apart one day in seven as a holy day. food. the red blooded hunter comes upon a scene that rorce Human beings should use every effort to sit and council about. when we walk upon the Ta "Eartn* we always plant our feet carefully. we can never forget them.

Amun-Re. You must know what theu eat. It is a female language because the female was first. and which of them are close to you.The Eemale We are a matriarchal society. and they will smile at you. chemical side of everything. You Will Know Each Other i if you talk to the animals and love them. How can you help cure or heal? To be a good Alchemist. look westward for the evening sun. So. you've got to be wise. also talk to other people and they will talk to you. one tries to destroy. what cures •^J them in nature. the inside of the circle is to honor the female. you will not know them and then will not know uou. You must know their nature. You've got to be lower than a worm and higher than a bird. Giving is Kind. Atun-RCj and the joy of living. Smile at other people. and at noon look up and give thanks for the noon sun. what one fears. When uou gather for the ceremonial arums of uour culture. if uou see no reason for giving thanks. you will fear. the fault lies in yourself. even our language honors the female. when the sun appears to set. and give thanks. and what you do not know. uou have to experience the Ctving Thanks when you arise in the morning give thanks for the morning sun. they will talk with you. Experience Everything To be an Alchemist. You are spiritually and physically blind. you must become a part of the cure. In nature. •honor mother nature. When we gather trie men together on the outside of the circle. if you do not talk or smile at others. Getting is Necessary It was our wau that the love of possessions is a weak- 12 13 . Like birth and our first meal from her own breast. Atum Re. and give her respect and joy for all the things she gives us to stay alive. and you will know each other.

some of the energy that they are always giving us. The women who preserves her selfhood is ever calm and unshaken by the storms of existence. The air gives us the sacred breath of life. but that's because 1 accept it. The water keeps us alive and clean. Its appeal is to the material. Tnis was taugnt to us so that we would not want. as tine human beast just takes and takes. who all have nothing to offer but each other. children must learn that beauty is more than skin deep. We want peace and love that comes with self rule. The element of Ta "Earth1' gives us a place to grow food and the ability to make homes. it will in time disturb ones' spiritual balance. if you ask her what is silence? She will answer: "It is great mystery". a Neter "Supreme Being". He is in the image of "God" and not me. and to sit. We Do Want Riches Look at me—I am poor and naked. We do not want riches. We do not want riches. Riches would do us good. we need riches for self rule. Building character Silence is the key to absolute balance of body. but never getting. but we do want to train our children right. and the moon protects us at night. not to think poverty is noble while all others teach their children to get rich and have power. Through the Ancient Egiptian Order. we learn how to give back. Therefore. but raise your soul and inner being to make the real you. Pa Ta "The Earth" constantly gives us a surface on which to stand. We can't take them with us to the other world. They are taught to give what they prize most. Listen for the inner voice. that they may taste the happiness of giving. mind and spirit. if you ask: "What are the fruits of silence?" She will say: "Trieu are 14 15 .. The fire warms our homes and cooks our food. and need to get a better life.ness to overcome. The Holy Silence is her voice. Re "Ra" sun warms us. and if allowed its way. Give Rack The most important thing to remember about the Ancient Egyptian Order is that it is a way of life for humans who want to give back to the Creators. but all we do with riches is for others. ! am the boss of mu family. part that gives us power of our own. We would never be forgotten like the great A'aferti-aat "Pharaohs*.

. in the interest of peace. It is the breath of a bull in the wind. One Mind We must stand together. what does it matter? It is not the color of mu<Jslcin that makes me good or bad. Will you teach this fact to white people please? What Is life! A Common Root What is life? It is the flash of a firefly beetle in the night. We must raise leaders of peace. After all of the religions have been preached and expounded. The garden is beautiful because it has different colors in it. w e . patience. one heart. All Religu ions 16 17 .self-control. Our energy is the combined will of all people with the spirit of the natural world. We must abolish nuclear and conven- Skin Color DOGS Not Matter The color of the slcin makes no difference. Amun-Re. We must unite the religions of the world as a spiritual force strong enough to prevail in peace. and those colors represent different traditions and backgrounds. Nuwaupu—Sound Right Reasoning. good and just for one is good and just for the other. We share a common root and the root is Tama-Re ^Egipt".i?. dignitu and reverence. What is tional weapons of war. I have brown slcin. true courage or endurance. to be of one body. and one mind for peace. It is the little shadWe are all flowers in the Great Spirit's garden. but mt) grandfather was a black man. which runs across the grass and loses itself in the appearance of the setting sun. "god" has said. and the great Neteraat eSupreme Beings" made all men brothers. or have been revealed by brilliant scholars cultural ow. We human beings are a spiritual energy that is thousands of times stronger than nuclear energy. ire. the Nuwaupians.." Stop praying to "god" and listen to what One heart.

we think. which will be hell to him. we will be given no other chances. because our spirit feeds upon it. as they did the last world. so that this world is not' ^/ destroyed. Without it. Pa Shajuraat "The Trees" . and Dei. It is a crossroad at which the outcome of our actions will decide the fate of all life on Ta "Earth"..E. We must have it. Pa Mu-aat "The Waters". we think. or have been written in fine boolcs and embellished in fine language with finer covers. Without love our self-esteem weakens. comes befc Our rinal Chance We are now living in the 30th year and final world of the Tamahu "Caucasian's" . support jppor life. we think. if we destroy this. containing no facts. and with it alone. we are creative.Pa Nefu "The Air". we are not going anywhere from here. we think. all man is still confronted with the truth of who and what he is. things that support life. courage fails.all the things which •ore uou.see liberation as something that needs to be extended h) the whole of the nature. so that we can continue to live and save this land and life. A.untrue. Wake up before its too late! We Think Love is something you and ! think we need. Not one of them has come baclc to confirm The Web of Life People who are living on this planet need lo break with the small concept of their own liberation. unlike the last world which was heaven to him. we think. The Ancient Egiptian Order. We think with it. which will be like heaven. we march tirelesslu. 18 19 . this highest world. Let us consider this matter seriouslu.O. We must have it because without it we become weak and faint. and little by little we destroy it ourselves. What is needed is the liberation or ail their religious beliefs. temporarily alive. we think. With it. and hell to us. With it. our heaven. we are able to sacrifice for others. but did we ever think that i_X to love anything or person other then Pa Neteraat "The Supreme Beings" is a sin? Think. is our last chance. This is the last world. We turn inward and begin to feed upon our own personalities.m ID . Without love we can no longer look confidently at the world. we think. We are at a most critical time in human destiny.

Prophet. verbs.. Guru.$20. hastairitlenlfltotte «W^ wft every term^drd <-' J r is not merely the absence of war. Every human being must answer to that source. Human beings tend to forget that no man-made religion is the source. is available for you NOW! Join the many Nuwauplans who have taken the step towards speaking their own language Nuwauplc. alits anil grammar esi Vnvaupic ThcAncient Egiptian Mystery Language At A Glance $20. the Creators.00 Nuw aupic ThcAncicnt Egiptian Mystery Language Simplified Survival Brothers and sisters. making those connections strong. and between humans and the other beings of this planet.00 $35. Pa Temt-ta "The All". Mahdi. the ancient tongue of our ancestors the Ancient Egiptians.. connection to the great Tama-Retje Tgifytian" Mystery. uage. We direct to uour minds that peace Lon lOitt (fa i::Tfcetakfatevtrmar yooc lias been witKit iigforisowlim. Nuuaupk TheAncient Eiptian Mystery \ Quick O lith more! 20 E-MWLTO:EGIPT3X3@AOL . but the constant effort to maintain harmonious existence between a!! things from individual to individual. Pa Ta "The Earth" to the spirits of the ancestors and to their spiritual essences holds the key to finding the balance. evert) human being is being asked to remember their connection to the Creators and to the Ta "Earth". Each person's N uwaupic f W The Ancient Egiptian Mystery Language Book Series. we bring to your thought and minds that right-minded human beings seek to promote above all else the life of all things. sndi as roots. . not to another human being. Messiah.r ^ Trie Connection In these times of turmoil. the only source is the great Tama-Reye "Egiptian" Mystery. We point out to you that a spiritual consciousness is that path to the survival of all life. but only to the Source.