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Student Organization


Student Organization

General Policy and Information

Important Campus Contacts
Benefits of Registering as a Student Organization
Conditions for Maintaining Registration
Organization Membership
Organization Advisors
Organization Officers
Withdrawal and Denial of Registration
Organizational Misconduct
Social/Alcohol Policy
Facilities and Services
a. Facilities
b. Classic Fare Catering
c. Equipment Rental
d. Grounds Usage Permit
e. Promotional and Advertising Space
f. Student Organization Office Space
g. Student Organization Lockers
h. Vehicle Rentals
Advertising and Soliciting on Campus
Getting the Word Out About Your Organization
a. Chalking
b. Crimson White
c. 91 Seconds on New Rock
d. World Wide Web
e. Student Organization Directory
f. CCSO E-mail List
g. Student Organization Display Board
h. CCSO Application Center and Drop-Off Slot
i. Get On Board Day
j. Student Organization of the Month
k. Student Organization Awards Banquet
Financial Information 14
a. Financial Affairs Committee

Ferguson Center Policies
Financial Affairs Committee Information
Hazing Policy
Student Organization Update Form
Social Events Registration Form
Alcohol Beverage Permit

Athletic Marketing and Trademark Licensing


Campus Mail Service 348-


Campus Media 348-7257

Corolla Yearbook 348-6076
Crimson White 348-7845
Dateline Alabama 348-
WVUA-FM 348-6082
WVUA-TV Cable TV 348-8660

Coordinating Council for Student Organizations

(fax) 348-0752

Community Service Center 348-


Counseling Center 348-


Ferguson Center Student Union 348-

Bama Dining and Classic Fare Catering 348-
Career Center 348-
Crimson Copies 348-6544
Ferguson Reservations 348-2827
Sylvester Jones Leadership and Career Resource Center 348-
The Supply Store 348-

Campus Activities Office 348-6114

Office of Judicial Affairs 348-


Public Safety
UA Police Department 348-

Seebeck Computer Center 348-

Student Government Association
Financial Affairs Committee 348-5715
Homecoming 348-6121
Office of the President 348-6127
Student Legal Clinic 348-2742

University Information 348-


University Printing 348-

Bulk Mail Processing 348-0333

University Programs 348-


University Relations 348-


Women’s Resource Center 348-

BENEFITS OF REGISTERING AS A STUDENT organization meets minimum standards
ORGANIZATION for registered status. Registration does
not imply University approval of the
There are many opportunities and organization or the activities of the
services registered organizations may group; and The University of Alabama
take advantage of: and the Campus Activities Office in no
way accept liability for the actions of
 Use of University facilities registered student groups
including Ferguson Center meeting
rooms (free of charge or at a ALL organizations must renew
discounted rate) registration every year. Reminders
will be sent by mail and via e-mail.
 Sponsorship of events, on-campus
solicitation, and fundraising
 Organization mailbox services (on- REGISTRATION
campus mail only)
 Eligibility to apply for student To remain registered status, previously
activity funds in accordance with registered student organizations must:
University procedures and
regulations A. Renew registration each fall semester
by completing a Student
 Limited computer privileges
Organization Information Update
determined by User Services
Form within the first two (2) weeks of
 Eligibility to obtain a student
the beginning of the fall semester.
organization E-mail and Website
B. Have at least one (1) representative
accounts through the Seebeck
from the organization attend the
Computer Center
Foresight: A Transition Workshop
 Opportunity to participate in “Get for Organization Leaders (generally
On Board Day” held in September).
 Inclusion in the Student C. Registered student organizations are
Organization Directory responsible for submitting to the
 Access to consultation with Campus Activities Office a Student
Campus Activities Office Organization Information Update
professional staff on organizational Form after election or appointment of
issues (i.e., conflict resolution, new officers, or when changes occur
retreats, officer transition, etc.) in the organizational officers or
 Free advertising of advisors, mailing addresses, and
program/activities in the Ferguson phone numbers.
Center D. Registered student organizations must
 Free use of display cases in the submit a copy of their constitution
Ferguson Center. and by-laws to the Campus Activities
 Opportunity for recognition Office (every year).
through the CCSO Awards Banquet E. Registered student organizations must
notify the Campus Activities Office in
Registered student organizations are writing when changes occur in the
private, voluntary associations and are general status of the organization
not official components of The University (inactive, defunct, name change, etc.).
of Alabama. Registration allows student F. To maintain registered status at The
organizations to enjoy basic privileges University of Alabama, student
granted by the institution when the organizations affiliated/associated
with a national/international make officers and members aware of
organization or designated as these guidelines.
chapters of national/inter-national 1. Membership in registered student
organizations must retain official organizations shall be open to all
recognition by the students of The University of Alabama,
national/international association. without regard to race, religion, sex,
G. If the organization allows membership disability, or national origin, except in
to include non-University of Alabama cases of designated fraternal
students, at least 50% plus one (1) of organizations exempted from Title IX
the total membership must remain regulations (20 U.S.C. §1681)
currently enrolled University of concerning discrimination on the basis
Alabama students. of sex.
H. At the end of each spring semester 2. Registered student organizations must
and no later than a specified date, inform the University community of
non-social fraternal organizations organizational membership criteria
must submit a Student and selection processes, including
Organization Annual Report to the membership application deadlines.
Campus Activities Office. * The Organizations should attempt
Student Organization Annual Report outreach efforts to groups that are
serves as an historical record of typically under-represented in student
organizational activities and as an organizations.
instrument through which the Campus a. Selection criteria must be relevant to
Activities Office and CCSO can the goals and objectives of the
evaluate and improve services and organization. Organizations with
resources currently available to selection criteria adversely impacting
registered student organizations. The a particular segment of the university
Annual Report will not be used as a community must eliminate that
basis to deny future registration. criteria or demonstrate adequately the
I. Every four (4) years, each social relationship between selection criteria
fraternal organization must submit to and organizational goals and
the Campus Activities Office a self- objectives.
study report based on standards b. CCSO, in conjunction with the
determined by the Greek Self Campus Activities Office, reserves the
Assessment Board and outlined in the right to work with registered student
Greek Self-Assessment Program. organizations to enhance
J. All student organizations shall conduct inclusiveness and to determine
affairs in a lawful manner and in alternatives to arbitrary criteria,
accordance with the constitution and limiting membership and encourage
by-laws on file in the Campus irrelevant exclusivity.
Activities Office and with all applicable
The University of Alabama policies and
regulations, city ordinances, and state
statutes and federal law.

The following guidelines for membership
in non-fraternal student organizations are In order to take full advantage of all that
located in the Student Handbook. Please is available to student organizations, it
works to the organization’s advantage to
have an advisor. The advisor will be able changing leadership and organization
to share insights and directions with you conditions and adjust his or her advising
to ensure your organization promote the style accordingly. Maintaining frequent
objective and meaningfulness of your and open communication with the
group. Advisors of registered organization and its officers can easily
student organizations must be facilitate this process.
permanent employees of the
university, either faculty or staff.

An advisor’s role is different for every

group, but in every case your group is a
STUDENT organization. The primary
1. The primary officers of a registered
responsibilities of an organization advisor
student organization (president,
vice-president, secretary, treasurer,
or the equivalent) must be
 Overseeing all financial currently enrolled students at The
transactions and receiving all bank University of Alabama.
statements: 2. Officers of student organizations
 Ensuring that officers have a must be in good disciplinary
minimum cumulative 2.00 grade- standing and must maintain a
point average and 3.00 grade point minimum cumulative 2.00 GPA to
average for graduate students and hold office for undergraduates and
that primary officers are currently 3.00 GPA for graduate students to
enrolled University of Alabama hold office. The responsibility of
students; verification rests ultimately with
 Providing consultation concerning the organization and organization
membership selection procedures advisor(s).
and responsibilities, conducting an
initial overview of membership Student Organization Leadership
outcomes and reviewing profiles of
newly selected members; There are many styles of student
 Reviewing and signing leadership – leading vs. managing,
organizational registration personal vs. position power, and success
documents and Annual Reports; vs. effectiveness. The Campus Activities
 Performing other duties deemed Office provides opportunities to gain
appropriate by the organization leadership experience through both
and outlined in the organizational traditional settings and through non-
constitution and by-laws. positional leadership development
offerings designed to boost your
Registered student organizations have leadership potential. By participating in
the right to select a new advisor at workshops, service opportunities, and
anytime according to procedures outlined leadership training conferences and
in the organizational constitution and by- events, you can become the kind of
laws. leader that employers seek. Some of
these programs are even facilitated by
As an advisor becomes familiar with the students, offered by the LEAD team and
organization and its leaders, he or she Outreach Team, peer educators whose
can assess group needs. An advisor primary focus is to equip students with
should be perceptive and sensitive to marketable skills and to help student
organizations improve their efficiency the organization must show
and effectiveness. For more information cause why registration should
call 348-CCSO. not be withdrawn.
c. Should the organization
WITHDRAWAL choose not to show cause or
should the Campus Activities
No student organization will be officially Office determine
registered with The University of justifications for retaining
Alabama if the Campus Activities Office registration to be inadequate,
determines that the organizational the Campus Activities Office
activities are detrimental to the will notify the president and
academic and/or educational missions of advisor of the organization in
the University. writing of the actual
A. If the Campus Activities Office withdrawal of registration,
denies registration of a new and the reason(s) for
student organization, the Campus withdrawal of registration,
Activities Office will notify the and the effective date of
president and advisor of the withdrawal of registration.
organization in writing of the d. The organization may appeal
decision to deny registration. The withdrawal of registration in writing
organization denied registration to the Associate Vice President for
may appeal in writing to the Student Affairs within five (5)
Associate Vice President for University working days from the
Student Affairs within five (5) date of registration withdrawal
University working days from the correspondence. If the organization
date of the denial notification fails to appeal withdrawal of
correspondence. The decision of registration within the specified time
the Associate Vice President for period, the decision of the Campus
Student Affairs is final. Activities Office is final.
B. The Campus Activities Office e. Concerning organizational
reserves the right to withdraw appeals of withdrawal of
registration of a student registration by the Campus
organization for [1] failure to Activities Office, the decision
comply with regulations governing of the Associate Vice
students and student groups or [2] President for Student Affairs
loss of recognition by or is final.
membership in its respective
national/international organization.
a. The Campus Activities Office ORGANIZATIONAL MISCONDUCT
will notify the president and
advisor of the organization in The following regulations are located in
writing about the proposed the Student Handbook that is available
withdrawal of registration from the Campus Activities Office. Please
and the reason(s) for make members aware of the regulations.
proposed withdrawal of If a violation of the Student Code of
registration. Conduct is believed to have occurred, the
b. Within five [5] University judicial procedures laid out in the Student
working days of the date of Handbook will be followed.
proposed registration
withdrawal correspondence, 5. Article IV: Organizational Misconduct
Student organizations enrich the campus and misconduct when, prior to such misconduct, a
community by providing a source of intellectual, member or members have committed acts of
personal and social development of students misconduct the nature of which has caused
through their programs and activities. The the Campus Activities Office to be concerned
University fulfills an important mission by that the organization is not conducting
providing procedures and policies for the activities in a manner which discourages such
registration and of student organizations is the conduct, and the Campus Activities Office has
obligation of each organization to conduct notified the organization that further
activities in accordance with University rules and occurrences of such conduct by one or more
policies and applicable laws. Student members will result in disciplinary actions
organizations are required to comply with the against the organization. Examples of such
written rules and policies of the University. violations include, but are not limited to
A. Responsibility of Officers offenses against persons, offenses against
A fundamental aspect of any organization is property, alcohol abuse and illegal drug use.
the right of the membership to elect officers The notice will be in sufficient detail to notify
who serve to ensure, among their other the officers of the precise nature of the
duties, that the activities of the organization offenses and the length of time the notice
are conducted properly. It is the responsibility shall be effective.
of the officers of each student organization to
ensure that the organization complies with
this Code of Conduct and to actively oppose SOCIAL/ALCOHOL POLICY
and prevent any planned organizational
activity, which would violate the Code of The University of Alabama has
Conduct. It is also the obligation of the
officers of any student organization to advise
established a social/alcohol policy in
and counsel individual members of their order to ensure that the normal academic
organization whose conduct could lead to functions of the University are not
misconduct charges against the organization, disrupted and to encourage the
as provided herein. responsible developments of all students.
B. Organizational Responsibly for Misconduct
Student organizations will be held responsible For more information and specific
for misconduct in the following circumstances: guidelines, please see the appendix or
*Organizational responsibility for its own acts. obtain a copy of Party Smart, available at
The organization will be held responsible: the Campus Activities Office.
1. When the organization fails to comply with a
duty imposed by a written University policy,
including, but not limited to, improper FACILITIES AND SERVICES
membership education and initiation,
improper organizational registration of There are several facilities and services
activities for which registration and/or available to registered student
permission is required; failure to comply with
applicable health and safety regulations; organizations including facilities for
misuse of University property, facilities and meetings and events, promotional and
equipment; violations of University advertising space, vehicle rentals, and
regulations on the use of alcohol; and technical services.
violations of any other rule or policy
applicable to organizations.
2. When one or more officers refuse or neglect Facilities
to perform their duties under this code as Facilities are available for various size
described above in Article IV. groups in the Ferguson Center, Plaza,
*Organizational responsibility for individual acts Crimson Promenade, and Student
of misconduct. Services Center. For specific guidelines,
1. The organization will be held responsible for
the actions of one or more of its members, please see the Ferguson Center User’s
which violate this Code of Conduct when the Guide or the appendix. Some of the
actions arise in the course of or derive from facilities that are available to student
the activities of the organization. organizations are as follows:
2. In situations other than those described in (1)
above the organization may be held
responsible for a member or members’
Ferguson Center reservation. These arrangements can be
16 meeting rooms made in the Ferguson Center Event
Alabama Ballroom Planning Office at the time the facility
Heritage Room reservation is made.
Forum (90 people)
Theater (424 people) Grounds Usage Permit
Plaza – outdoor facility Areas such as the Quad and other
Game Room – pool tables and arcade University grounds are available for use.
games Contact the Campus Activities Office at
348-6114 for more information and/or
Crimson Promenade specific guidelines.
Outdoor area available for informational
and recognition nature Promotional and Advertising Space
The following promotional and
advertising space can be reserved by
Student Services Center student organizations in the Ferguson
5 meeting rooms Center Event Planning Office:

Social Activity Space Display Cases

Space at The Student Recreational Many large display cases are located
Center is available for social functions. throughout the Ferguson Center. The
Reservations made ONLINE only. Go to cases may be reserved for a maximum of for reservation and four (4) weeks. And can only be reserved
reservation policies. once a semester. Policies are posted on
the Ferguson Center website at
Classic Fare Catering
Classic Fare is available for all catering
needs for student organizations. Special Banner Spaces
student discounts are available. For Areas around the Plaza and parking deck
more information, please call 348-6080. are available for hanging professionally
made banners. These spaces are rented
Note: Registered student by the week. Policies are also posted on
organizations are allowed to bring in the Ferguson Center website at
snack food and beverages to
organization meetings in the
Ferguson Center (subject to certain Ferguson Center Table Spaces
conditions) not totaling more than Table spaces are available in the
$35. For a list of those conditions, Ferguson Center for distributing
please see the appendix or call 348- information and for appropriate
6063. fundraising. Please note the policies on
All groups reserving room space in the Ferguson Center website.
the Ferguson Center that will need
food for meals will be required to Student Organization Office Space
use Classic Fare for all catering. Limited office space is available in the
Ferguson Center for student
Equipment Rental organizations. Applications are available
Student organizations can rent a full each spring in the Ferguson Center Union
range of furniture, audio-visual Director’s office.
equipment, and accessories to use in
conjunction with their Ferguson facility Student Organization Lockers
Lockers are available on the third floor for the organization. The following is located
storage for student organizations. in the Student Handbook (VIII.
Priority is given to organizations without Advertisements, Co-sponsorship, Printed
assigned office space. For more Materials, and Solicitation):
information and/or specific guidelines,
call the Ferguson Center at 348-7487. I. General Guidelines
A. Solicitations, advertisements, sales,
Vehicle Rentals displays, or distribution of
Fleet Services has passenger vans and publications on The University of
cars available for rental by registered Alabama campus will be
student organizations. The vans are permissible under the
available for official in or out-of-state circumstances and within the
travel by UA faculty, staff, employees, parameters provided for herein. All
students, and authorized guests. other solicitations, advertisements,
Students are not permitted to travel out sales, displays, or distribution of
of the Tuscaloosa area without a faculty publications on campus are
or staff member with them or within a prohibited.
caravan. Reservation requests must be B. These guidelines apply to all
completed and turned into the Campus individuals, groups, associations or
Activities Office at least five (5) business businesses of whatever kind or
days prior to the trip. Please note that nature wishes to post any
personal use of these vehicles is advertisement or distribute printed
STRICTLY PROHIBITED. materials or who wish to engage in
any commercial activity on the
A note to new student organizations: campus of The University of
Privileges afforded to prospective student Alabama.
organizations are limited to use of
Ferguson Center meeting space up to II. Advertisements, Printed
three [3] times within 30 days after Materials, and Publicity
submitting the proper forms, permission A. General Provisions
to publicize meetings for membership a. Printed materials may be
recruitment and to complete the posted on designated bulletin
registration process, and pre-registration boards in accordance with
advising from the Campus Activities these guidelines. Posting of
Office concerning organization and such printed materials in any
registration participation in “Get on other location inside campus
Board Day.” buildings is strictly
ADVERTISING AND SOLICITING b. All posters, signs, and
bumper stickers should be in
good taste. Any questions
There are several options available to that arise concerning the
student organizations regarding interpretation of good taste
advertising, but keep in mind that there should be directed to the
are some restrictions and regulations Auxiliary and Support
regarding such. Please make all Services Office. Advertisers
members and future members of your are responsible for the
organization aware of policies as well as removal and proper disposal
the many options they have to promote of all advertising materials
within seven (7) days after
the event, which has been disrupt the normal functions of the
publicized, has occurred or University.
the time limits or conditions
of the advertisement have D. Academic Buildings
expired. Permission for distribution or
c. City codes and state statutes display of nonacademic printed
prohibit notices on any curb, materials or the Dean of the
tree, mailbox, utility pole, or college or school responsible for
public building. the building(s) must approve
d. Printed materials may not be commercial advertisements in
affixed to the outside of academic buildings.
University buildings.
e. Placement of printed E. Residential Facilities
materials on motor vehicles Permission for distribution or
is prohibited. display or printed materials for
f. Printed materials may be commercial advertisements in
distributed on public University residence halls and
sidewalks. Tables or apartments must be approved by
structures, which would Housing and Residential
impede pedestrian traffic on Communities
public sidewalks, are
prohibited. F. All Other University Facilities
Permission for distribution or
B. Ferguson Center display of printed materials or
The placement of printed commercial advertisements in all
advertising or promotional University facilities other than the
materials in the Ferguson Center Auxiliary and Support Services
must be coordinated in advance must be approved by that
with the Ferguson Center Events department.
Coordinator. Such placement of
printed materials is subject to G. Commercial Co-Sponsorship of
specific guidelines established by Student Events and Activities
the Campus Activities Office and The University permits all recognized
the Ferguson Center. student organizations and the Residence Hall
Association to enter into co-sponsorship
C. Free Speech Area agreements with commercial businesses and
The outdoor area immediately corporations for the purpose of providing
adjacent to the south entrance of campus-based student activities and events
the Ferguson Center on the ground in accordance with the policies and
floor is designated as the Free procedures contained within The University
Speech Area. Any individual or of Alabama Student Handbook. The
organization for the expression of administration of the policies and procedures
views and opinions and/or the for the commercial co-sponsorship of
distribution of printed materials student organization events and activities is
and advertisements may use this the responsibility of the Campus Activities
area on a first-come basis without Office.
reservations. However, the use of
the Free Speech Area must not H. Campus Merchandising Policy
violate the rights of others or The University Supply Store, as
mandated by The University of
Alabama Board of Trustees, has the The distribution of printed
exclusive franchise rights to advertising materials through
conduct all mercantile activity on student publications must be
campus. No other mercantile coordinated through the Office of
activity shall therefore be Student Media. Requests for
permitted without permission of distribution of printed materials at
the Auxiliary and Support Services campus locations served by the
Office. Upon approval from the student newspaper can be
Auxiliary and Support Services arranged by contacting the Office
Office, reservations for vending of Student Media. All
space within the Ferguson Center advertisements and solicitations on
can be scheduled through the printed material must meet all
Ferguson Center Events production requirements and
Coordinator. The availability of such established procedural guidelines
space will be subject to specific of the Office of Student Media
guidelines established by the before it will be considered for
Ferguson Center and the Campus distribution. The Office of Student
Activities Office. Commercial Media will charge a fee for the
solicitations for sales of goods and distribution of any printed
services by off-campus businesses, advertisement or solicitation
corporations, and individuals or material that is accepted.
through recognized University Advertisers that are interested in
organizations are normally limited distributing their materials through
to the Ferguson Center as outlined the student newspaper should
in Item III.G. However, location contact the Office of Student Media
exceptions may be granted for for information.
special campus wide events or
activities. Requests for campus III. Use of University of Alabama
commercial solicitations outside Trademarks
the Ferguson Center must be The use of any University of
approved by the Office of the Alabama trademarks that appear
Campus Activities Office and the on the artwork sheet in association
Office of Auxiliary and Support with the promotion, advertisement,
Services. Commercial solicitations or merchandising of any product or
for sales of goods and services by service is strictly prohibited without
off-campus businesses, first obtaining written permission
corporations, individuals or through from the University’s Trademark
recognized University organizations Licensing Office.
that are to be conducted in
University residence halls and IV. Violations of These Guidelines
apartments must be approved by The University reserves the right to
the Office of Housing and enforce these guidelines by all
Residential Communities and the necessary means to ensure
Office of Auxiliary and Support compliance. Persons who violate
Services. these guidelines may be criminally
prosecuted under the ordinances of
I. Distribution of Printed the City of Tuscaloosa as well as
Materials, Advertisements, and the trademark statutes of the State
Solicitations through Student of Alabama and the United States.
Media. Persons, groups or associations
that repeatedly violate these b. Crimson Promenade
guidelines will be prohibited from c. Walls anywhere on campus
further distribution of materials or d. Brick pavers (bricks or brick like
use of University facilities. NOTE: materials used for surfaces on
All inquiries regarding The which to walk)
University of Alabama e. Surfaces under porches or drive
Commercialization and Solicitation thrus
Guidelines should be directed to f. The entrance to the south end of
the Auxiliary and Support Services the Recreation Center
Office, 202 Hayden Harris Hall. g. Law School and surrounding
h. Brick pavers surrounding the
ORGANIZATION Commerce and Business

Chalking is a wonderful and inexpensive
way to advertise or promote programs
and events. Failure to adhere to the Crimson White
following guidelines will result in Student organizations may purchase a
disciplinary action according to the Code display advertisement in the Crimson
of Student Conduct. White based on the size of the ad. For
A. Chalking is only permitted on more information or to find out the
natural gray concrete sidewalks Crimson White reporter assigned to your
and streets that are subject to organization, please call 348-6144.
being washed by the rain. No
chalking can occur on sidewalks or 91 Seconds on New Rock
building entrances that are covered 91 Seconds on New Rock is a program
by a shelter of any type. available to registered student
B. No chalking can be closer than 20 organizations through the Coordinating
feet to a building. A building Council for Student Organizations and
structure includes porches, stairs, New Rock WVUA-FM. This program
and drive thrus. allows student organizations easy access
C. No chalking is permitted on a to having public service announcements
vertical surface including the riser made on the campus radio station. For
portion of stairs. more information or an application,
D. Absolutely no chalking is permitted please call 348-CCSO.
in the Plaza of the Ferguson Center
or in the Crimson Promenade. World Wide Web
E. Chalking is not permitted on any A registered student organization may
type of brick or concrete paver. apply for e-mail and website space
F. Only solid concrete surfaces and through the Seebeck Computer Center.
streets as outlined in A-E are Applications are available in the Campus
subject to chalking. Activities Office. For more information
G. The type of chalk used must be call 348-6114.
washable and not capable of
withstanding several rains. Student Organization Directory
H. The following are expressly The Student Organization Directory,
prohibited from chalking: located on the CCSO website, is a listing
a. Plaza of all registered student organizations on
campus. Included is the directory is a that make a difference both to the
brief description of the organization and student body and to the University
contact information for the president and communities. The award is selected
advisor. For more information visit based on criteria such as outstanding or call 348-CCSO. service to the University of Alabama or
Tuscaloosa area community, outstanding
CCSO E-mail List accomplishments within the organization
Once an organization is registered, the itself, extraordinary activity regarding its
president will be placed on the CCSO E- relationship to The University of
mail list. The list is used as a tool to Alabama, etc. For more information call
inform the president of current and 348-CCSO. Applications are posted on
upcoming events on and sometimes off the CCSO website
campus. It is also used to inform
presidents of CCSO deadlines and events, Student Organization Display Case
as well as information about registration A display case specifically designated for
renewal. For more information call 348- the Student Organization of the Month is
CCSO. located on the second floor of the
Ferguson Center. The Student
CCSO Application Center and Drop- Organization of the Month can use this
Off Slot display case to publicize their
The Application Center, located on the organization for the month of their
second floor of the Ferguson Center, is a award.
great way to promote student
organizations. Applications may be Student Organization Awards
placed in the Application Center, and Banquet
completed applications may be dropped Held during Honors Week each year, the
off in the Drop-Off Slot, located at the Student Organization Awards Banquet is
CCSO office (341 Ferguson Center). A a formal dinner and ceremony in which
contract must be completed before the CCSO recognizes outstanding students,
Application Center can be used. For advisors, and organizations. Awards are
more information on the center and/or presented for outstanding organizations,
specific guidelines, please call 348-CCSO. officer, advisors, and programs and
Get On Board Day
CCSO sponsors Get On Board Day each
fall and spring. The event is a wonderful
way to promote an organization and
recruit new members. Held on the Quad
in the fall and the Ferg during the spring,
Get On Board Day draws large numbers
of students who are interested in joining
organizations. An officer within the
organization will receive an application
by e-mail when it is time to apply, which
is a “first come, first serve” basis. FINANCIAL INFORMATION

Student Organization of the Month Guidelines for financial management and

The Student Organization of the Month is accountability are the following:
an award given monthly during October 1. Registered student organizations
through April to student organizations must maintain all funds allocated
from University-controlled sources
in a University account and must
spend these moneys in accordance
with current University of Alabama
financial policies and procedures.
Student organizations losing
registered status also forfeit
student fee allocations.
2. Registered organizations
maintaining an account outside the
University must keep accurate
records of funding sources and
disbursements, including the
amount of income and
expenditures, the means of
generating funds and approving
expenditures, and the purposes of
expenditures. Student
organizations must keep receipts
for moneys expended and must
issue receipts for moneys collected.
3. Members of registered student
organizations have the right to
know how organizational funds are
collected and disbursed.
Additionally, sources and amounts
of organizational revenues and the
objectives and amounts of
organizational expenditures are
public knowledge.
4. Organizational moneys should be
dispersed by use of checks rather
than cash. All checks must include
the signature of the advisor and
one (1) officer, preferably the
president or treasurer.

Financial Affairs Committee

FAC serves as a source of funding for
registered student organizations that do
not receive a direct allocation from
University sources. The committee is
able to fund such things as office
supplies, travel to national/regional
conference, and events and programs
that are sponsored by student
organizations. For more information
and/or specific guidelines, please contact
the Student Government Association at
Forms and Documents
Ferguson Center Policy
Financial Affairs Committee Meetings and
Hazing Policy
Social Events Registration Form
Alcohol Beverage Permits
University of Alabama
Ferguson Center
Display Case Reservation Policy

Reservations must be made at least (5) working days in advance. Reservations can be
made by contacting the Ferguson Center Reservations Office at 205.348.2827 or by
filling out an on-line Display Case Reservation Form.

Only recognized University affiliated groups and University Departments will be allowed
to reserve display cases.

Display cases may be used to promote student activities, organizations or departments

and may be reserved for a maximum of one (1) calendar month. Items must be
placed into the rented display case within the first week of the reserved month. If not,
the display case will be forfeited and the space will be given to the next
person on the waitlist. Display cases cannot be reserved for consecutive
months by the same department or student organization.

The reserving party must provide all decorations and materials necessary for the display.

The use of nails or staples to tack items in the display case is prohibited.
Anyone doing so will be charged for damages.

The reserving party is responsible for removing all materials and decorations at the
conclusion of the reservation period. If materials are not removed, unclaimed displays
will be taken down by Ferguson Center staff and discarded.

The Display Case key may be checked out at the Ferguson Center Reservations Office
during regular hours of operation. The key must be returned as soon as you have either
set up and/or removed your display. Please be sure that the display case is locked. If
there is not a lock on the display case that you have reserved, please notify the Ferguson
Center Reservations Office, Facilities Manager or Student Building Manager on duty (if
during evening or weekend hours).

The Ferguson Center is not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen items
that are a part of any display case.

Posting Policy for Display Boards (Near Theater)

1. All flyers must be no larger than 8 1/2" x 14" and must clearly state the name(s) of
the sponsoring organization(s) or departments(s).
2. A maximum of one flyer or sign per event, per week can be posted.
3. Posters or flyers in any language other than English should carry an English
4. Items should be brought to Room 230 Ferguson Center for posting.
5. All flyers/signs will be removed after the date of the event.
6. Profanity, nudity, or the promotion of alcoholic beverages or bars on display board
flyers will not be permitted.
7. Questions regarding the posting policy should be directed to the Union Director's
Office in Room 230 Ferguson Center.

General Reservation Guidelines

The Ferguson Center Event Planning Office (EPO) is located in Room 230 in the Ferguson
Center Student Union. The staff is available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday
to answer questions and can help you successfully plan and carry out any size event.

Who is eligible to make reservations at Ferguson Center?

Registered student organizations, University Departments, faculty/staff

organizations and external guests of the University are eligible to reserve Ferguson
Center facilities.

For student organizations, the President or Advisor must initiate the reservation
request. Please note that the Ferguson Center is not available for regular academic

On-line reservation form requests are preferred and can be submitted via the on-line
reservation system. To access the web site go to and click on
Reservations/Room Request.

The Ferguson Center EPO will try to assign requested space when possible and
appropriate. The EPO reserves the right to substitute assignments when
necessary to best accommodate all space requests.

Please note that the time frames listed below are guidelines. Requests may not be
able to be accommodated if adequate notice is not received; additional fees
may also be incurred.

1. Reservation Time Frames

10 (ten) working days notice for:

Building hour extension

Internet connection


Teleconference arrangements
Telephone line activation

Grounds Use Permit Application

5 (five) working days notice for:

Audio-visual requests

Room set-up requirements

Cancellation of the Ballroom, Heritage Room and Pavilion

Display Case Requests

2 (two) working days notice for:

Cancellation of audio-visual equipment

Cancellation of the Amphitheater

1 (one) working day notice for:

Cancellation of regular meeting rooms

Cancellation of vendor tables

Cancellation of information tables

2. An organization or department may schedule only one series of general

meetings and/or one series of executive committee/board meetings per week.
The same holds true for sub-committees of larger student organizations.
Auditions, petitions, interviews, etc. are not considered serial weekly

3. Audio/Visual Policies

The use of all audio/visual equipment requires a reservation placed five

working days in advance of the event date.

Cancellations made less than 48 business hours before the event will be
charged a cancellation fee of 50% of the rental charges.

4. Food and Alcoholic Beverages

Bama Dining Services/Classic Fare Catering operated by Aramark holds an

exclusive contract with the Ferguson Center.

All food and beverage service at an event in Ferguson must be provided by

Bama Dining/Classic Fare Catering with the exception of foods and procedures as
outlined in the Student Group Snack Policy.
Any student organization wishing to request an exception to the food policy
should contact the Event Planning Office two weeks prior to the event.

When serving alcohol, arrangements must be made through Ferguson Center

to ensure that no one under 21 will be consuming alcohol.

Any organization bringing in its own food or beverages is in violation of these

policies may lose their right to meet in Ferguson Center.

5. Billing

A University of Alabama departmental account number is helpful in processing

reservations with billable charges.

All reservations will be billed on a weekly basis and payment should be

remitted to the Accounting Assistant for Ferguson Center at Box 870292,
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487.

6. No Shows/Cancellations

In order to accommodate as many requests for events as possible, we must ask all
organizations to honor their reservations. Because of the high demand for Ferguson
Center meeting rooms, an organization or department that reserves a room and does
not use it and fails to cancel the reservation within a reasonable amount of time may
be assessed a late cancellation fee.

Cancellations for regular Ferguson Center facilities must be received by 2:00 p.m. one
(1) business day prior to the event by sending an e-mail to or
by calling (205) 348-2827.

Cancellations for the Ferguson Center Ballroom, Ballroom/Heritage Room or

Pavilion must be submitted at least five (5) business days prior to the event
without incurring a charge.

The following late cancellation fee will be applied:

Ballroom and Heritage Room - $100.00

Presidential Pavilion - $100.00

Theater and Forum - $50.00

All other meeting rooms: $25.00

Failure to show or cancel a reservation will result in the following:

First occurrence – warning

Second occurrence – loss of privileges for one month and cancellation fee.

Third occurrence – loss of privileges for one semester and cancellation fee.

7. Time Restraints

Rooms may be occupied only during specified event times.

Events must end at least 30 minutes before the building closes.

8. Extending Building Hours

Requests for a building hour extension must be made at least 10 working days
in advance of the event to the Event Planning Office.

If an extension is approved, an operating cost of $150 per hour will be charged

to keep the building open late. Fees are not pro-rated for partial hours.

9. Event Security

Sponsoring student organizations must take adequate precautions for the security of
attendees at an event, as determined by the Union Director’s office and the University of
Alabama Police Department. Failure to adhere to these security policies may result in an
administrative and/or disciplinary sanction.

Event security is scheduled through the Ferguson Center Union Director’s Office. The
sponsoring organization will be required to pay a portion of the security personnel in
advance of the event. UAPD establishes the hourly rates for security and UAPD and
Ferguson Center will jointly decide the number of officers needed for an event. If security
requirements are not completed, the event will be canceled.

In general, the required number and type of security personnel for an event will be
determined by the following:

Projected attendance (usually 250 or more people)

Time and location of event

Presence of alcoholic beverages

Description of activity planned

Number of organizational personnel available to help monitor the event

Final determination as to the appropriate number of security personnel will be made by

the Assistant Director, Operations for Ferguson Center.

Other factors which may be determined are as follows:

Dependent upon the content and nature, advertising can either increase or reduce the
need for security. Advertising which indicates that the attendance will be limited in
number and/or restricted to University of Alabama students and their guests may reduce
security needs.

Closed vs. Open Event:

Closed events (restricted to the members of the sponsoring organization and their
guests) may require less security than events open to all University of Alabama students
and their guests.

Money Collection:
The collection of money for any purposes (ticket sales, souvenir sales, refreshment sales,
etc.) could require additional security personnel.

Risk Assessment:
Increased risks (e.g., threats received, demonstrations planned) will increase the security

Written Invitations or Prior Ticket Sales:

Events which are restricted to persons with written invitations or advanced ticket sale
holders will usually require less security than events selling tickets at the door.

10. Decorations

Must be flame retardant.

Candles, incense, and fire are not permitted.

No glitter sparkles or small confetti may be used.

No smoke machines are allowed.

Waterfalls, fountains, or pools are not allowed.

No decoration materials of any kind are to be attached to the interior walls,

doors, door frames, draperies, light fixtures, columns, or ceilings.

Taping, tacking, nailing, or gluing decorations is strictly prohibited.


11. Solicitation and Publicity

May take place only at reserved locations on the First and Second Floor by
registered student organizations, University Departments, or approved vendors
who have made a reservation through the EPO. In order to protect the rights of our
patrons, distribution or solicitation is not allowed away from assigned space in
other parts of Ferguson Center or in the areas outside of Ferguson Center
(including parking lots).

12. Parking
Permits are required to park on campus Monday-Friday, 7:30 am - 4:30 pm.
Handicap zones are in effect at all times.

Arrangements for Visitor/Vendor parking permits can be made through the

Transportation Services Office located in Room 103 Student Services Building (348-
8391). Please note that there is a fee associated with temporary parking permits.

Parking is also available for $0.50 on the upper two levels of the Ferguson
Center Parking Deck located off of McCorvey Drive.

13. Furniture and Room Sets

The SGA President’s Room (307), Morris Mayer Room (312), Anderson Society
Room (313), Sparkman Room (358), The Forum (360), and Rooms 204-A, 204-B,
and 305 have pre-set conference furniture. A minimum of $25 fee will be levied if
these sets are altered or rearranged in any way.

Organizations should contact the Event Planning Office at least five days in
advance to discuss room sets.

Ferguson Center furniture and audio/visual equipment is not available

for rental at other venues on campus. As the only exception to this provision,
Ferguson furniture and equipment may be rented for a fee by organizations using
the Ferguson Center Plaza or Crimson Promenade. The EPO can arrange the rental
furniture order for you.

14. Smoking Policy

• Ferguson Center is a smoke free building. Smoking is not permitted at any time.
• The Second Floor Terrace area outside Starbucks has also been designated as a no
smoking area. The designated smoking area is located outside the Game Room
and Supply Store Entrance on the First Floor.

15. Responsibility

The sponsoring organization is responsible for all charges, fees, and any
damage resulting from a member of the organization or from anyone attending the

The sponsoring organization will be assessed the full replacement cost for any
damaged furniture, draperies, carpeting, etc.

Users of departmental facilities or grounds must abide by University

regulations and Federal, State and local laws. Failure to do so may result in the
cancellation of future reservations and/or restriction of use of Ferguson Center

16. Misrepresentation
• Student organizations shall not use their privileges for access to university space
and services inappropriately. As an example, a student organization should never
agree to reserve a meeting room for a non-university group or commercial vendor
who would not have access to campus or for whom there would be a fee charged.
If a non-university group of any type contacts your student organization about "co-
sponsorship" for access to space or service, please contact the Event Coordinator
for more information.

Student Group Snack Policy

1. Student groups are allowed to bring in snack food and beverages to organizational
meeting (subject to the following conditions) not totaling more than $35 in value in to
the Ferguson Center.

2. Approved snacks include:

• Pretzels
• Chips
• Salsa/Dips
• Crackers
• Candy
• Popcorn
• Cookies/Brownies
• Peanuts
• Baked goods (donuts, breads, Rice Krispie Treats, bread sticks, etc.)
• Vegetables and fruit platters
• Whole fruit
• Sodas
• Bottled Waters
• Iced Tea
• Juice
• Punch/Lemonade
• Pre-made hot beverages

3. All incidental items (paper plates, tableware, napkins, and cups) must be provided by
the student group. Classic Fare Catering can provide these items for a charge if required
in advance.

4. The use of appliances that require and electrical supply (coffeepots, crock pots, etc.)
is not permitted.

5. No food preparation is allowed in meeting rooms.

6. Student groups who plan to bring food in to the Ferguson Center must stop at the
Information Desk upon entry to the building and inform the Information Desk attendant
that they will be bringing food in to the Ferguson Center.

7. Rooms must be left in the condition they were found. All trash must be placed in the
trash bags obtained from the Ferguson Center Information Desk.
8. Organizations that fail to follow the above guidelines or abuse the snack food policy
can have their privileges revoked by the Ferguson Center Union Directors Office.

9. This policy only applies to registered student organizations. All University

Departments and outside organizations must use Bama Dining/Classic Fare Catering to
provide refreshments.

Information Table/Promotional Table Space Policy

1. Distribution of literature, petition drives, surveys, and similar activities in Ferguson

Center may be conducted only from a reserved information table location.

2. Tables are only available for registered student organizations and University

3. In order to protect the rights of patrons, distributions or solicitation is not allowed

away from assigned space in other parts of Ferguson Center or outside of Ferguson
Center. Group members should remain behind the table and not approach patrons in the
hallway area.

4. Group members must remain with the table at all times. Groups cannot leave
information displays unattended.

5. Amplified sound (i.e., radios, TVs, etc.) may be used only with permission from the
Event Planning Office and must be at an acceptable volume level. The Ferguson Center
EPO reserves the right to ask groups to lower the volume on sound equipment.

6. Tables can be reserved for up to one week (Monday-Friday) for a specific activity or

7. Information tables reserved during Study Week or Finals Week should not be staffed
by students.

8. Student groups must adhere to the same policies as outside vendors regarding the prohibition of credit
cards, cellular/paging, etc

2006 – 2006

October 2, 2006

November 7, 2006

November 27, 2006

January 29, 2007

February 12, 2007

March 5, 2007

April 9, 2007

All FAC Packets are due in the SGA office by 4:45 p.m.
the Monday prior to the meeting Date.

Meetings are scheduled at 6:00 p.m.


2006 – 2007



1. Reimbursements require original receipts or invoices. Staple (don’t

clip) these to the voucher to help keep the documentation with the
2. If a receipt does not detail the items purchased, a description of
each item on the receipt must be submitted.
3. Appropriate documentation required for reimbursement includes the
a. Original receipts.
b. Canceled checks.
c. Credit Card slips.
d. Bank statements that give details of paid checks.
e. Credit Card statements.
f. Original and detailed folios from hotels.
g. If travel, names of ALL students on trip.

4. Honorariums require proof of social security number and address

(copy of driver’s license is acceptable).


• Organization has previously reimbursed the students (Proof of that
reimbursement must be attached).
• Department has previously reimbursed the students and the
department is to be reimbursed by a departmental transfer (DTA).
Simply defined, hazing includes any act which inflicts extreme physical, emotional, or psychological pressure or injury on an
individual or which purposely demeans, degrades, or disgraces an individual. Though most commonly associated with sororities
and fraternities, hazing can occur in any student organization. Alabama is one of 31 states with anti-hazing legislation. In the
State of Alabama, individuals committing acts of hazing can be charged with a Class C misdemeanor and can be subject to both
criminal and civil prosecution. Additionally, an individual or organization participating in hazing or knowingly permitting hazing
forfeits entitlements to public funds, scholarships, awards, and grants.

The University of Alabama does not condone any form of hazing, and students involved in hazing incidents are
subject to University disciplinary sanctions. The University has accepted and approved the following anti-
hazing policy:
Hazing, as defined by Section 16-1-23, Code of Alabama (1975), and such Section as may be amended from time
to time.
Additionally, for the purpose of this Code, hazing shall include any mental or physical requirement or obligation
placed upon a person by a member of an organization, individual or a group of individuals, which could cause
discomfort, pain, or injury including, but not limited to, striking, laying open hand upon, treating with violence or
offering to do bodily harm to a person with intent to punish or injure the individual, or other treatment of a
tyrannical, abusive, shameful, insulting, or humiliating nature.
Hazing is an action taken or situation created, whether on or off University premises, to produce mental or physical
discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule. Hazing is also considered to be the creation of a situation,
which results in or might result in mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule, including
involuntary servitude, often called “personal favors.” Both individuals and organizations may be held accountable
for such activity.
We, the undersigned, have read and understand the above statements concerning the policies of The University
of Alabama and the Campus Activities Office prohibiting hazing in any form or fashion. Our signatures attest
that our organization follows and adheres to all University, local, state and federal laws.

__________________________________________ ________________________________________

Name of Organization President Signature

__________________________________________ ________________________________________

Vice President Advisor Signature

(SEMESTER) ______ (YEAR) ______


(The University of Alabama should not be part of the official group name, “Bama”, “Alabama” or “University” is acceptable.)



NUMBER OF CURRENT MEMBERS Is this group a local chapter of a national/international organization? YES* NO
*If this organization is a campus chapter of a local, state, regional national or international organization, please submit with
the campus constitution and by-laws a copy of the local, state, regional, national or international constitution and by-laws.


By signing below, we hereby give our consent to release our grades for official education purposes to the advisor(s) of the above named
organization and the Campus Activities Office. We grant this permission as long as we are officers of this organization.

Student Full Name E-mail Address Campus Wide ID Number
Complete Local Mailing Address City State Zip Code Local Phone Number Student’s Signature
Student Full Name E-mail Address Campus Wide ID Number
Complete Local Mailing Address City State Zip Code Local Phone Number Student’s Signature
Student Full Name E-mail Address Campus Wide ID Number
Complete Local Mailing Address City State Zip Code Local Phone Number Student’s Signature

I am aware of the responsibilities of a student organization advisor as outlined in the Student Handbook (, and I agree
to serve as advisor for the above named organization during the current academic year.
Faculty/Staff Advisor Name Campus E-Mail Address Campus Wide ID Number
University Department/Office Campus Box Number Campus Phone Number Advisor’s Signature
Faculty/Staff Advisor Name Campus E-Mail Address Campus Wide ID Number
University Department/Office Campus Box Number Campus Phone Number Advisor’s Signature

We hereby certify that the above named organization will abide by and conduct all activities in accordance with state and federal law, the organization constitution and by-laws,
and the policies and procedures governing student organizations as formulated by The University of Alabama and stated in the Student Handbook (
Additionally, we, the undersigned, certify that organization membership currently includes at least ten (10) or more students enrolled at The University of Alabama and verify that
the information appearing on this form is true and correct to be best of our knowledge. This information may be released for directory and mailing purposes. The Campus
Activities Office will receive written notification of any changes occurring in the organizational constitution and by-laws, officers, advisors, or general status.
President Signature Date Faculty/Staff Advisor Signature Date

Date Received ________________ Approved By ___________________________________________ Date ___________________

Entered By _________________ Date __________________ Category _________________________________ Mailbox # _______

Purpose: This form is used to register on-campus events. Social events include parties,
swaps, band parties, formals, receptions, theme parties and social activities in Greek
houses, residence halls and other facilities. Some events may also require submission
of Campus Ground Use/ Amplification Equipment request forms.
Registering: Organizations registering on-campus events must submit this completed form, additional forms (if necessary) and all applicable fees to the
Campus Activities Office during regular business hours at least five (5) working days prior to the event. Submission of this form does not imply
registration has been accepted. All registrations will be processed within five (5) days of receipt; and the event chairperson will receive a copy
of this form. Failure to follow social event registration procedures may result in the loss of an organization’s social privileges. See Part V of
STUDENT AFFAIRS HANDBOOK for the complete policy.

Note: Events featuring musical entertainment (band, disc jockey, or other

performers) require a $6 per event royalty fee made payable to The
University of Alabama at the time the function is registered.

_____________________________________ _____________________________________ _________________________________________

Name of Organization(s) Type of Event Place of Event
Date of Event Time from _______AM/PM to _____AM/PM
____________________________________ Inside or Outside
Day of Event Number of Guest/Members Attending______
Open Closed
Facility Reservation Confirmed Yes No N/A
Will an admission fee be charged? Yes No Will Alcohol be present? Yes No
If yes, how much? $__________ Alcohol Permit: Single Annual N/A


Complete the following items if alcoholic beverages will be present:

1. The organization plans to use the following acceptable method of identifying members/guests who
are of the legal drinking age (21 in the state of Alabama): (check one) ____distinctive stamp not
not easily imitated or duplicated. _____colored wrist bracelets.

2. Describe plans to provide sufficient food and alternative beverages to members/guests for the
duration of the event.

3. Describe method of providing transportation to those unable to drive and of preventing intoxicated
members/guest from driving.
__________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________
President Name Phone President Name Phone
E-Mail Address ______________________________ E-Mail Address _________________________________

___________________________________________ ______________________________________________
Vice President Name Phone Vice President Name Phone
E-Mail Address ______________________________ E-Mail Address _________________________________

___________________________________________ ______________________________________________
Secretary Name Phone Secretary Name Phone
E-Mail Address ______________________________ E-Mail Address _________________________________

__________________________________________ ______________________________________________
Treasurer Name Phone Treasurer Name Phone
E-Mail Address ______________________________ E-Mail Address _________________________________

___________________________________________ ______________________________________________
Event Chairperson Name Phone Event Chairperson Name Phone
E-Mail Address ______________________________ E-Mail Address _________________________________

_______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
Advisor Signature Phone Advisor Signature
E-Mail Address _____________________________ E-Mail Address _________________________________

Faculty Advisor Signature ____________________ Faculty Advisor Signature _________________________

E-Mail Address _____________ Phone_________ E-Mail Address ________________ Phone __________

________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________
President Signature Phone President Signature Phone

I hereby certify that, as the event chairperson for this organization, I am at least 21 years of age (for functions with
alcohol). I understand that I am responsible for coordinating and overseeing this event. I hereby agree that I will be
present for the duration of the event. I will be available to meet with any University official to review the
procedures which are to be followed for registered social functions.

_____________________________________ ___________________________________________
Event Chairperson Signature Event Chairperson Signature

Do not write below this line

Date Received _________________________
Registration Accepted/Rejected Reason ______________________________
BMI/ASCAP _________________________
Permit Number _______________________
________________________________________ ______________________
For the Campus Activities Office Date Security Pmt. Received _____________________
The University of Alabama
The Campus Activities Office
Application and Agreement
Date:___________________ Type of Permit: _____annual _____single event
Applicant’s Name:_________________________________________________________________
Designated Location:_______________________________________________________________
(Describe the site or facility. If Single Event, describe the social event and provide date.)

I, the undersigned, a duly authorized representative or officer of the Applicant, for and on behalf of the
Applicant hereby apply for the Permit described above. By signing this Permit Agreement and for the period
of time for which the Permit is issued, the Applicant agrees:

1. To abide by and comply with all provisions set forth in the Social Event Alcohol Policy.
2. To abide by and comply with all state and local laws applicable to a social event at which alcoholic
beverages are present and consumed.
3. To permit any State of Alabama Beverage Control Board official and any University of Alabama
representative to inspect the area or premises that is being used for the social event.
4. Not to offer either as an association or organization with any person, group, or organization anything
of value as a premium or consideration to have alcoholic beverages served or available at a social
5. Not to advertise or give public notice of the use, availability, or consumption of alcoholic beverages
at an upcoming social event.
The Applicant understands a violation of the conditions set forth in this Permit Application and Agreement may
subject the Applicant to disciplinary action in accordance with the Code of Student Conduct published in the
Student Affairs Handbook and could result in sanctions, including, but not limited to, imposition of fines and
suspension or revocation of the Applicant’s permit.
Applicant acknowledges that the Permit is not a license to offer for sale or to sell or distribute alcoholic
beverages. The Permit issued by Campus Activities Office serves only as permission from the University of
Alabama for a student organization to have alcoholic beverages at an on-campus social event.
The undersigned acknowledges receipt of a copy of the Social Event Alcohol Policy.
Signature of Applicant’s Authorized Representative or Officer Address, City, State and Zip / Phone

Signature of Faculty Advisor Phone Signature of Chapter Advisor


Date Received_____________ Date Paid ______________ Amount__________________ Approved______

Not Approved_____