Industrial Ecology and LCA, Instructor Iddo Wernick Fall 2012 Syllabus (subject to refinement/updating


SUS 7300C—Industrial Ecology and Life Cycle Analysis (Fall 2012) Description: Students will be introduced to the purpose, philosophy, and applications of Industrial Ecology as well as the status of environmental and urban resources. The basis and use of tools to assess Industrial Ecology will be reviewed, focusing on Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and Carbon Footprinting. Several case studies that use the philosophy of Industrial Ecology to manage resources in the built environment will be presented and discussed: energy, agriculture, commerce, transportation systems, manufacturing, and waste management. 3hr/wk.; 3cr. Instructor Pre-req: Textbook: Dr. Iddo Wernick. Math 190 or equivalent, or consent of instructor. T. E. Graedel and Braden R. Allenby, Industrial Ecology and Sustainable Engineering, 2010, Prentice Hall and Selected Readings. Room: Shepard 209. Time: Monday 4:50-7:20pm Office Hours: Mondays 3-4 PM Shepard Hall Room 307B. Objectives: By the end of the course, students should be able to: determine the correct framework for assessing environmental problems using Industrial Ecology; quantitatively analyze environmental problems; and have an improved ability to effectively communicate technical information to a broad audience. Homework assignments – 30% Midterm – 30% Term Project – 40% A term paper is due at the end of the semester. Students must submit a one-page outline of their term paper at mid-semester and present a five--minute talk describing their proposed project. The instructor will provide a list of suggested topics. Students may suggest their own topic of interest. Topics Covered (on an approximately weekly basis): Human Attitudes to the Natural Environment Driver-State-Response model Optimists and Pessimists Tragedy of the Commons – Malthus Ehrlich/Simon wager Master Equations IPAT, IMPACT Readings: Graedel & Allenby Chapter 1, 2. New York Times editorial, December 15, 2009, Four Sides to Every Story, Stewart Brand.


Theis. Journal of Cleaner Production 12 (2004) 865–875. 2004. Seager and Thomas L.mines. 5. Resources Policy 21(3):189-98. Frosch R. Land Food paper Indicators Environmental currency Cataloging Ratios Indices Readings: Wernick IK. A taxonomy of metrics for testing the industrial ecology hypotheses and application to design of freezer insulation. http://facultysenate. 1995. Toward the End of Waste: Reflections on a New Ecology of Industry http://www. Thomas P. Ausubel JH.less resource for same bang o Waste Utilization Business o Market-based policies o Industrial Ecoparks Readings: Graedel & Allenby Chaps 3. On Borrowed Time? Assessing the Threat of Mineral Ecology and LCA.php?record_id=4767&page=157. 4. National Material Metrics for Industrial Ecology. Instructor Iddo Wernick Fall 2012 Syllabus (subject to refinement/updating) Defining Industrial Ecology Biological o Industrial Metabolism o Cycling materials and energy – efficiency/resilience o Ecology as a science Physical o Materials Flow Analysis o Dematerialization .pdf With Both Eyes Open chapter TBD. 1997. 2003. John E. 2 . Resources (Production & Consumption) Land Energy Food Water Materials Readings: Graedel & Allenby Chapter 24. Tilton. Resources for the Future (RFF Press). Washington.

Allen.Life Cycle Stages Examples o Drinking Cup example 3 . Green Engineering: Environmentally Conscious Design of Chemical Processes. Wiley. 2002. Construction Ecology.epa. In: Kibert CJ.Use natural systems Wind-Sun Orientation Design for multiple functions Readings: Chapter from Kibert. Instructor Iddo Wernick Fall 2012 Syllabus (subject to refinement/updating) Building Technologies Look at science/engineering principles for: HVAC Windows Water Building materials/Embodied energy LEED Readings: Graedel & Allenby Chapter 11.Industrial Ecology and LCA. CJ.pdf. Design For Environment DFX concept where X is: o Environment  Producer objectives  Extended Producer Responsibility o Reuse o Disposability o Energy recovery o Use Phase DF Manufacturing o Process design o Green Chemistry o Decision Matrices Readings: Graedel & Allenby Chapters 8-10 Industrial Ecology by David T. Life Cycle Analysis Carbon footprinting as special case Formal LCA . Sendzimir J. Industrial Ecology of Architecture Metabolism and Foot print Ecological Design. Chapter 14 in EPA's Green Engineering Textbook. http://continuingeducation. London: Spon Press. Sustainable Construction: Green Building Design and Guy GB (eds).gov/opptintr/greenengineering/pubs/ch14intro. www. Van der Ryn S. John & 2nd Edition .php. Pena R.Mimic natural systems . 2008. Ecologic analogues and architecture.

(2002). C. 17 _ 7301–7306. Journal of Industrial Ecology. 42 (6). Consulting o SLCA Readings: Graedel & Allenby Chapter 12-14. 4 . and Erik Alsema Environ. Growth. scaling. Sci. end point. reduce waste. Water Water Supply o Surface/Ground o Cross basin transfers o Desalination o Recycling Water Pollution o Point/Non-point o Municipal/Industrial/Households Wastewater Treatment o Collection o Treatment o Discharge Readings: Graedel & Allenby Chapters 21. 2007 _ vol. PNAS _ April 24. 2008.use resource more efficiently. disrupt least o Urban density o Surface area o Transport o Water and wastewater o MSW Readings: Graedel & Allenby Chapters 20. et al. 6: 49–78. Databases. 104 _ no. Hyung Chul Kim. Instructor Iddo Wernick Fall 2012 Syllabus (subject to refinement/updating) o Diaper example o Silicon solar panels example Data Sources Risk ranking LCA impact o Traditional midpoint. Technol. and the pace of life in cities. Fthenakis.Software. Bare. Vasilis M. A. Cities Local Impact and Distant Impact IE Built Environment . 2168-2174. TRACI. J. Distance-to-Target (policy) o TRACI o Process-based and Economic Input Output LCA o EU examples . innovation.Industrial Ecology and LCA. Luís M. Emissions from Photovoltaic Life Cycles. Bettencourt..

hormones. 1999. Stabilization Wedges: Solving the Climate Problem for the Next 50 Years with Current Technologies S. 204-212. Patterson TM. Municipal Solid Waste Material sorting and recovery technologies Markets for recyclables Recycling policy Landfill . Toward a Rational Exuberance for Ecosystem Services Markets. Pharmaceuticals. no. Daniel Sarewitz. streams. Environmental Science & Technology. Chapter 19.Industrial Ecology and LCA. 26. 1999-2000: A national reconnaissance. June 2009 pp.Pollution and Resource Special topics o Scrap Tires o Construction & Demolition Waste o Electronic waste o Carpet o Batteries Readings: T Amari. 1202-1211. 36. Instructor Iddo Wernick Fall 2012 Syllabus (subject to refinement/updating) USGS. 2009. Pacala1 and R. and other organic wastewater contaminants in U. pp. 305 Science. Mazzotta MJ. and IK Wernick.S. Socolow 13 August 2004 vol. Journal of Forestry. Resources Policy 25(3):179-188. Curing climate backlash. Resource Recovery from Used Rubber Tires. Kline JD. v. 6. 28. Nature vol. Rhine/Hudson papers. NJ Themelis. 464|4 March 2010. Recent Paper on Plastic recycling Energy 1st Law of Thermodynamics 2nd law entropy Primary energy and end-use energy Energy Life cycle Alternative energies Climate o Geoengineering o Wedges Readings: Graedel & Allenby. 2002. 5 . Economics and Government Rich enough to care? Forms of government Economic Valuation Blue Sky Readings: Graedel & Allenby Chapter 7.

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