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Philosophy is a tool to help us toward understanding what and why we do things.

Sports consists of various activities performed for the purpose of competition , fun, development , skills, excel and so on . The different purposes distinguish the nature of a sports such as running for a competition in front of thousands of spectators counted as a sports but running in the park by yourself is a recreational activity. Sports contains two aspects of recreational sports training and skills in pursuit of excellence . Excellence means being able to overcome the previous benchmark , a time , a world record and so on . Drugs used by athlete just to give an advantage when competing in a sporting event . These drugs affect the body differently such as can enlarge the muscles or increase the flow of blood oxygen capacity . Notwithstanding the presumption advantage of taking drugs, drugs used is considered unethical and dangerous in terms of health . According to Director of Drug Control USM Prof. Dr. Aishah Abdul Latif , sportsmanship is decreasing and too demanding for a medal and victory among some athlete be the cause of the increased incidence of drugs abused in sports . She said every year , cases of drugs abused is increasing. She was presenting a paper on Drug Abuse In The Field Sports in Malaysia on the 7th of Sports Science Seminar organized by the university. The findings of the seminar revealed that there was an increasing of 37 percent from 1800 samples taken from athlet including positive foreign drugs. Obviously the athlete is willing to take risks in order to earn the victory in the tournament and game they participated . While it has proven to be authentic drug effects strengthen performance in terms of health , development and use of these materials continue to rise. Sophisticated medical technology past centuries have produced various types of new drugs as well as the new rules that allow athletes to use them .

This material demand continues to increase over time due to the intensive reward for excellence . Athletes practice for many years to be a champion and to create record of success. The best amateur athletes will receive scholarships from university or college due to their excellent performance in sports . Leading professional athletes in many types of sports earning millions of dollars, award and commercial endorsements . There are some athletes taking drugs to be at the same position as their collegues. Prohibition of drugs in sport not only because it violates the ethics of sport and unfair competition but it also takes into account the harmful effects on the health of athletes. Drugs abused is also prohibited in terms of religion and law. Such materials can be harmful to one's health and leads to themselves and others. Many studies show that many athletes do not care about the risks that would be faced when they can get an artificial strength and power . Therefore, this issue has become the most serious problem in the world of sports today. Way of solving this problem is to give a more in-depth exposure to the athletes and this should be done at lower levels. This can be accomplished through counseling, lectures, awareness campaigns and so on to the athletes so that they can strive and work hard to achieve any success. Besides the athletes also need to be aware they should be accountable for whatever food they consume since sports officials and the association are not able to observe their movements all the time. Anything in particular food supplements should be referred to the National Sports Institute (NSI) clean from drugs. misjudgment. This situation can endanger