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Surface Mine Data Package for Future Development Contacts: Rachel Lester, Energy Development Specialist West Virginia

Division of Energy Office of Coalfield Community Development 304.957.2000 George Carico, Environmental Manager Marshall University WV Brownfields Assistance Center One John Marshall Drive Huntington, West Virginia 25755 304.696.5456 Dennis Jarvis, II, Director Upper Kanawha Valley Economic Development Corporation 326 Third Avenue Suite 307 Montgomery, West Virginia 25136 304.981.6400

Gary Begley, Land Manager PVR Partners 13905 MacCorkle Avenue Charleston, West Virginia 25315 304.949.5630

Alloy Property Overview The PVR Partners (formerly Penn Virginia Resource Partners) Alloy property is located near the towns of Boomer, Alloy, and Gauley Bridge, West Virginia, offering over 8,500 acres for development and investment (see site map in the appendix). This property is a unique development opportunity as it is located adjacent to several communities, the Midland Trail (U.S. Route 60), river barging faculties, and active rail lines. The property also provides access to infrastructure: water, sewer, and electric. Community Profile: The property is located in the Upper Kanawha Valley approximately thirty-six miles east of Charleston, West Virginia. The property is located entirely within Fayette County, West Virginia, and within five miles of the regional commerce center of Smithers and Montgomery, West Virginia. Montgomery, West Virginia, is home to West Virginia University Institute of Technology, Bridgemont Community and Technical College, and Montgomery General Hospital. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the total population for Montgomery, West Virginia was 1,798 people. Fayette County overall had a population of 46,039. Vital data points for demographic data (Montgomery): Median age 31.5 years Male population 950 52.8% Female population 848 47.2 %

The town of Smither, WV, located within three miles of one property entrance on U.S. Route 60 to the property has experienced growth and investment. Smithers is the commercial district of the Upper Kanawha Valley providing fast food and grocery outlets, including: McDonalds Taco Bell Pizza Hut Subway Tudors Biscuit World Burger Carte Lopez Italian Restaurant Rite Aid Pharmacy Krogers Exxon Gas Station Little General Gas Station Sunoco Gas Station

The 2010 United States Census shows the population of Smithers at 881 people. Vital data points for demographic data (Smithers): Median age 50.4 years Male population 45.6% Female population 54.4 % The property also has access to West Virginia State Route 16 and the community of Gauley Bridge, West Virginia. In the 2010 United States Census the total population of Gauley Bridge was 830 people. Vital data points for demographic data (Gauley Bridge): Median age 44.3 years Male population 398 44.7% Female population 432 55.3%

Economic Conditions: The Upper Kanawha Valley has a history of being a sustainable economy based in industry sectors like manufacturing, coal mining, and other minor sectors. In recent decades the trend has been changing and there has been a decline in employment. The region has lacked growth in growing or emerging industry sectors. Recent data reflects the largest employers in the region are industry sectors such as: retail, government, health care, and corrections. In 2011 the top ten employers in the Fayette County were:

Fayette County Board of Education Mount Olive Correctional Complex Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Maple Coal Company WVA Manufacturing, LLC Plateau Medical Center Montgomery General Hospital Frasure Creek Mining, LLC New River Health Association, Inc West Virginia University, Institute of Technology

The average wage rate for Fayette County in 2011 was $35,152.00 The unemployment rate for Fayette County for 2011 was 8.6 % and has demonstrated a trend of shifting as the economic climate has changed. The main industry sector for the region of the Upper Kanawha Valley is mining and related support companies and during the period of 2006 through 2009 there was a relatively lower unemployment rate with the increased demand for coal and employment. West Virginia Workforce reports the following employment data for Fayette County during the period of 2006-2011: 2006 Unemployment rate 5.2% 2007 Unemployment rate 5.0% 2008 Unemployment rate 4.5% 2009 Unemployment rate 8.4 % 2010 Unemployment rate 9.3 % 2011 Unemployment rate 8.6 %

Property information Water/Sewer: Water and sewer service is provided by the Kanawha Falls Public Service District offering an eight inch water line and a six inch sewer line. The Kanawha Falls PSD has enough excess capacity to accommodate appropriate development on the property. As a part of safe operation requirements, Alpha Natural Resources is required to have fire preventive measures in place, requiring large volumes of water available on-site. The site has water and sewer in place at several operations. Electric Service: Appalachian Power Company provides electric service to the property and surrounding area. Currently the property is serviced by three-phase power via 23 KV lines.

Natural Gas: Parts of the area are serviced by Mountaineer Gas Company, the largest natural gas distribution company in WV, with both residential and commercial-scale use. Mountaineer Gas Company is regulated by the Public Service Commission of West Virginia. Transportation: The property has direct access and road frontage to US Route 60 and West Virginia State Route 16. The property is 17 miles of the I-64/I-77 interchange and 23 miles to access US Route 19 (Mountaineer Expressway). Commercial air service is available within 35 miles via Yeager Airport in Charleston, West Virginia. The airport provides service via: United Airlines US Airlines Delta Spirit The site is also within twenty-five miles of general aviation service offered by the Fayette County Airport and forty-five miles from the Nicholas County Airport. Rail Service: Two major rail lines (Norfolk Southern and CSX Corporation) are located with the Upper Kanawha Valley area, and in close proximity to the site. These rail providers service major markets throughout the Eastern, Southern and Central U.S. Kanawha River Barging facilities: The Kanawha River has a series of lock-and-dams at London, Marmet, and Belle, operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, to control water levels for river traffic. This infrastructure offers several opportunities for barging facilities providing the potential investor with additional transportation opportunities for the transportation of product. There are several locations within fifteen miles of the Alloy property location that offer barging facilities, including: Quincy Dock: Operated by Kanawha River Terminals Riverpoint Dock, LLC, located in Marmet: Operated by River Trading Company Mammoth Coal load out: Operated by Alpha Natural Resources River transport services are available on the Kanawha River for transportation of coal, aggregate, chemicals and related bulk storage commodities. One major towing company that provides these services is Amherst Madison (offices located in Charleston). Potential Site Uses The Property is ideal for several investment opportunities in numerous industrial sectors, and could be suitable for several of the ten targeted industrial sectors of the West Virginia Development Office. The ten sectors are: Advanced Energy Aerospace

Automotive Biometrics Biotech Business Services Chemicals and Polymers Specialty Metals Tourism Development Wood Products

The Upper Kanawha Valley has investments in several of the targeted sectors from the West Virginia Development Office. Specifically, there are current investments from the following sectors: Specialty Metals Chemicals and Polymers Wood Products Energy Sector

The Upper Kanawha Valley is currently interested in new investment opportunities and new sectors and believes an optimal sector for new investment would be in tourism development. The extensive property acreage available, location to transportation systems, and existing recreational opportunities provide an excellent prospect for a recreational based investment on the property. The Hatfield McCoy Trail system recently announced a proposed off road recreational trail head near the Kanawha County/Lincoln County area of US 119. The facility would be independent from the existing ATV system and offer off road vehicles a facility for their vehicles. The PVR property is ideally suited for this type of investment as the property already has the needed infrastructure from the mining facilities in place to support the development. The property has a series or network of haulage roads that connect the property to US Route 60 and US Route 16, providing multiple access points. Additionally, the property has natural features from the mining activities and reclamation that offer the off road enthusiast a natural, rugged setting for an enhanced experience. The Upper Kanawha Valley also has an abundance of activities to augment the property with fishing, hunting, and mountain biking in the region. The West Virginia University Institute of Technology has a series of hiking and biking trails and boat launching facilities in and around the Montgomery area, including the West Virginia University Institute of Technology marina and pier. Montgomery also has a shooting range at Morris Creek. Additionally, the region has access, in addition to the Kanawha River, to the New River and Gauley River for fishing, rafting and related water activities. The property is also located within thirty miles of the New River Gorge National River and Gauley River National Recreation Area and associated outdoor recreational opportunities, with the additional infrastructure needed to support the industry. The whitewater rafting industry has undergone a

transition during the past three years offering visitors an experience destination with multiple activities, including: ATV trails, zip lining, canopy tours, horseback riding, guided tours of the under deck of the New River Gorge Bridge, water park, and aerial tours of the New River Gorge. The region as a whole has an abundance of lodging and dining facilities to support the influx of visitors.


Site Map Site Photos

PVR Partners Alloy Property

Above photos show coal washing facility and surrounding property, with electric and water utilities

Network of Haul Roads can be found throughout property

Rugged terrain, close to infrastructure, offers excellent opportunities for recreational-based industries

West Virginia Division of Energy Office of Coalfield Community Development

The Office of Coalfield Community Development (OCCD) was created during the 1999 legislative session to assist communities affected by sur- face mining activity throughout the state. The legislation was effective June 11, 1999, and the OCCD became opera- tional July 1, 2000. In July 2007, the OCCD became part of the new West Virginia Division of Energy, under the West Virginia De- partment of Commerce.

Office of Coalfield Community Development

Surface Mine Property Information Package for Future Development

PVR Partners Former Alloy Surface Mine Operations Alloy, Fayette County, WV

The mission of the OCCD is to identify and assist communities affected by surface mining activities to develop plans for long-term economic viability after mining.

West Virginia Division of Energy Office of Coalfield Community Development 1900 Kanawha Blvd., East Capitol Complex, Building 6, Room 645 Charleston, WV 25305-0311 304/957-2000 1-800-982-3386

Prepared in partnership with Marshall Universitys Center for Environmental, Geotechnical and Applied Sciences and The West Virginia Brownfields Assistance Center at Marshall University

Potential Reuse Options: Partnering Opportunities:

Future Recreational Development:

Off-Road 4x4 Trails Development ATV/UTV trails Development

Industrial / Commercial Use:

Extensive Large-scale Warehousing Large Scale Industrial Parks Industries with large footprint needs Large scale equipment repair and storage Bulk Storage Facilities Agricultural-based industries

Coal mining operations are complete in sev- eral areas on this extensive property. De- pending on future coal industry needs, only small sections of the property may be uti- lized for future coal production. PVR Part- ners is interested in evaluating and enter- taining multiple property redevelopment and re-use options. PVR Partners has been in discussions with the Upper Kanawha Valley Economic Devel- opment Authority for potential future site development opportunities. The site in- cludes an extensive road network, coal washing facility and associated infrastruc- ture, all available for future use. Represent- atives of PVR Partners are actively pursuing multiple property development opportuni- ties. The size of the property is sufficient for multiple developments.

PVR Partners - Former Surface Mine Property, Alloy, WV

Site Details: Over 8,500 acres total, with mined areas in latter stages of reclamation process, or reclamation activities are complete; roads throughout property 3-Phase Power on-site, via 23kVLines Water and sewer services provided by Kanawha Falls Public Service District Natural gas service to parts of area available, provided by Mountaineer Gas Company Rail Service to Area Provided by CSX and Norfolk Southern

Contacts: Gary Begley, PVR Partners (304/949-5630) Rachel Lester, WVDOE, OCCD (304/957-2000) Dennis Jarvis, II, Upper Kanawha Valley Economic Development Corporation (304/981-6400) George Carico, Marshall University WV Brownfields Assistance Center (304/696-5456)

Located next to U.S. Route 60 (Midland Trail), 17 Miles from I-77 and I-64 inter- change
Adjacent to Kanawha River, with barge and dock facilities, plus recreational opportunities Property owned entirely by PVR Partners Located near West Virginia University Insti- tute of Technology and Yeager Airport

PVR Partners Alloy Property