Robert Kochly,  District Attorney Steve Bolen, Deputy District Attorney, Special Operations Division 900 Ward Street

Fourth Floor Martinez, CA  94553

Secretary Debra Bowen California Secretary of State Election Fraud Investigations Unit 1500 11th Street, 5th Floor Sacramento, CA 95814

Because of the serious nature of current and numerous public allegations of ongoing violations of both the California State Election Code and California GOP bylaws by the Contra Costa County Republican Party (CCRP); and the additional lack of any official acknowledgement of these allegations and complaints from the CCRP leadership, and Because of the urgent nature of these violations as they impact Californiaʼs District 10 Special Election scheduled for September 1, and Because I am a registered voter in Contra Costa County, or one of the counties within Californiaʼs 10th Congressional District, I formally request that your Department open an immediate investigation into charges that CCRP has violated multiple sections of the California Elections Code and Government Code:

- CEC § 7354 Failure to abide by prohibition against preprimary support, opposition or
endorsement of and Republican candidate.

- CEC § 7443 Failure of CCRP officers and Executive Committee to perform duties for the
benefit of the entire Party.

- CEC § 7410 Failure to fill Committee vacancies in a lawful manner. - CEC § 7411, CEC § 354. Failure to fulfill mandatory removal of lapsed and ineligible Member,
Tom Del Beccaro. - CEC § 20200-20203 Additional violations concerning disbursement of campaign funds. - CGC § 82016 Failure of the CCRP to comply with regulations governing a Controlled Campaign Committee. In addition to other correspondence you may receive from Party members, press, candidates, and other interested parties, further details of these allegations can be found on line at Please notify me of your receipt of this letter and your decision regarding the launch of an immediate investigation into the unseemly, undemocratic, and illegal activities perpetrated on both Party members and the entire polity of Contra Costa County and the other counties comprising CD-10 by the unaccountable and unlawful Executive Committee of the CCRP.

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