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l-auurence G Eppley

July 28, 2009

Govemor pat euinn
Ofücê of the Governor Chicago, tL 60601 Deer Govemor euinn:

100W. Randotph, i6-rOO

I have had the honor.an! privilege to serve as a t¡-¡stee of t¡le universtty of lllinois, inoluding time as chairman of the Board. o,¡iry rñiter¡rire üre unirrersþhas achiÊvÊd a great dÊal and has conllnued lts growth as a wodd-class instilutfónof f,igi,er learning. I belierye deeply in the mission of the UnÍverslty anú itr ability to fansfolm lives,
witn¡n the Û_ or ¡ oommun¡ty. lt is impor6nt for those of us entrusled wlth tho govêmanoo of th¡s insutufi;n toláifaoliltÊrÊ a resotution.

For the last elght years

[: 11" "uqlntly $¡erioncing 9 trylng moment tur the leadership of rhtE univorsiry. The cr¡rictsm thar has ensued has led to confuslon ãnã constèmatlon

whllE I cannot speak.on of my fellow lrustees, I can speak to the importance of our duty as a -behalf mernber of the board- As the ultiniate body of govemãncËã¿ leaoers¡,¡p ø t¡,¡. uniu"r"tty, the trusfees must help maintaln the confldencr dt. or¡1îr'a.h"tdG: in lllinols' Just as in the corporate world, shareholdErs' lack of who ür¡s'oase.àie he peopte of *.,f¡oen"e in an oruanization justifies effoc'tlng changes. whlle the me¡nbers of the bôard have dedicatÊd themselves to lhe mission of the university, it is cleer to me that we must now do our part to help the University get p"st th¡s sihrataon. lt is
our tundamgntal obligatlon to Þegln thq procesà that will'put this ep¡sädî úehina us and a[or,,r ttre untversity to reastablish
its focus and àchieve even grêater succêss in the future.

The public's confidence in the University muÉt be restored, and ono way to bogin to rcstôr€ thÊt confldence ls to makÊ a clean sta¡t Youlsnglp a.e given the oiportuniþ to appoint a new team' lt is for that rtason that I believo that the beãt interesæ öt tte ún¡veÉity w¡¡-bà teadÊrship sarved if the
cur¡ent members of the board step aEide (and seek reappolntrnent by you if lhey io cnoose¡ ¡n order to help the univereþ b€gin to more forward unencumberéd uy tne!Àreoont evenB.

To that end, it is wlth a deep sense_of loyalty to and devotlon for the unlverslty lhat I ofur þ be rhe f¡rst to step dor¡rrn as a member øf the Board of Trusteee ø the University of lllinoi.s, effectav; g0 days fom ths date of this letter or as soon as a suooessor_ts appolnted. I commlt to !,þu and the Universlty my assistance during the transition period and thereafrer.
atso "*.¡ lmportant that the publlc has confldancó and trust.in ttrg gryeus"å¿min¡st aøo whoË; responslbÍfity ñor the a3rJ9-!av decislons that have impac'ted the u of ¡ ;ri neEe circumstances. lt is my hope thar these adm¡nlstrators wlll also put the Universíty first end r==u-e responsibitity ior tn"¡i roles in this matter-

while the truslegs

ilt the end, responsible for tle overall govemanc€ of the university, it is

the Mikva commissron to compl€to its r¡'rorr an¿ issue'¡is rcporl to you.

boerd, includlng the completion of our planning' A transltion pÞriod will also allow you to evaluaie prospeo.tíve "nnuãi tuãõJ and resource trustee r"nãtciai.s, any of the ounant trustees who wish to apply for reappolntrni¡nt. 'And, justas i-pãåä.,tfv, ¡nctuding

trans¡tlon.Period [!{9ve¡ pendlng duties ofyor.r declde, it is important that we have time to comptete or hand off the important the wiil aflow




ITX/RX NO 87001

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This declsion ls the put the oeét


oÍ a thoughttul an{l3r.rsfoered

rt ¡s, fi,fl,liËr:'1gl'"lrultflli:.lll,i,,li;'jfll,u"tt I have crur¡ns my entire-reni,iä anrËusr be, about ¡ntãrãiis; tñ€ ñi¡l;i'#;åffi;'ä; /'s ä'ää'u"ard, r musi



criffiourr srh.¡Etion before us.

wlll always Þe an advooate fur the Uníversltyof lllinois.


Lswence C. Eppley




tTXlRX N0 87001

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