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VOLUME Oct. - Nov. - Dec. 1979 NUMBER
IT'S A ''L·OF-A-MASS'' 8
THE HAGNITUDE OF CREATION •••••••••••••••••• 11
A SATURDAY STORY • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 13
INTEGRATRON STILL VAN TASSELJ? • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 14
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Our 25th year of publication
0 mortal man of present,
discontinue looking on dead pasts;
Nor learn from history of other
bygone days
For that which is dead
should pattern no tomorrow.
Shed a mouldered ruin of yesteryear
and look to present living.
Set thy course to the future
that is yet to be.
Greater patterns as shape
the law of Life, and Love,
I give to three of Me
all in Love and Light.
Interest not yourself in ego,
bent for pleasure
Stumgle not in flocks that dwell
in ignorance of cause in making.
Rather, bend to set the style
and lead the way ...
And flocks of sheep will follow,
for so ... has man become.
So, by not thinking, or not knowing,
paths are bent to his destruction.
Rather to be reborn in Light
through efforts spent in Love.
So let Me take you by the hand,
to walk the narrow lighted way,
that tomorrow's sun may
be within thy vision evermore.
~ o l d e n Density
As we move directly into our rightful places here at The Ministry
of Universal Wisdom, Inc., we are causing waves of truths to pre-
vail under unique situations.
It is time for jus'tice to move into right thought and in right
action for all mankind. It is time all of us here on the project
should be especially alert.
Today, we who know of our purpose on the planet Earth are alert and
persistantly aware of our new opposition regarding the enlarged
future of the Integratron.
Why ... and why the Integratron? We who are of knowing, do know .
for certain the destiny of the Integratron cannot be changed.
Our own patterns for survival on this planet are very much involved
with this project and, from now onward, must keep that constantly
in our balance.
The Integratron has been geographically placed in its' own present
location to correlate with the World Energy Grid System (as so
adequately explained by George w. Van Tassel and Bruce Cathie in
that issue of Proceedings for October, November and December 1977).
IMPORTANT? You should think so!!! It is time!
For many years it has been a
icate with "Space Brothers"
situations on this planet.
their realms when Earth man
pleasure and understanding to commun-
through many varied and important
These Beings have often guided from
It seemed that certain forces tried to move in on our project with
a control concept of world energy power. Power was one aim. THIS
CANNOT H A P P E N ~ You are part of that reason. Be alert ... THINK ...
Communicate ... Balance true facts by direct communications and
question - - - Is God in your action?
Lois Burbridge
Treasurer of
The Ministry of
Universal Wisdom
The INTEGRATRON is a non-metallic structure 38-feet high and
58-feet in diameter. This dome is an electrostatic magnetic
generator with an amature over four times larger in diameter
than any other in existence. The fields generated by this
machine encompass its entire structure. This is why the
dome does not contain any nails, bolts or metal in the assembly.
The dome is six times stronger than the commercial building
code requires and is held together like a Chinese puzzle.
The theory of the function of this giant machine is based on
seven years of smaller research. It is designed to charge
cell structure with energy. No healings of diseases are
claimed in its operation.
The electromagnetic funtion is based on other research conducted
over the past 50 years by other outstanding scientist, in-
cluding, Tesla, Dr. A. D. Moore, Dr. George Crile and Dr.
George Lakhovsky. Other funtions are limited to constructive
biophysical phases of research indicated as important by the
Space Being who gave an original to "Mer" many years ago and
who continues their communications.
George W. Van Tassel- "Van" or "Mer" . - as the Space People
know him, is the primary builder of the Integratron. Through
coordinative actions of many associate scientist around the
world for nearly thirty years ... this electro-dynamic wonder
is nearly completed for testings.
It is good to know that the essential parts are not housed
in the dome & will remain in their separated and appointed
locations until the correct time for use within this hugh
Associate scientist working with the Integratron Project
realized that the Integratron is more than a functioning
electrodynamic machine. Now, let's see some of the effects
they had to appreciate in this phase of the research.
Used in homes and industries (as in figures 1, 2, 3 and 4).
, COil
Demonstrating that a
coil through a mag-
netic field generates
a voltage across the
coil terminals.
Magnetic lines of
force inducing vol-
tage in the second
Essential components
of a typical D-C mo-
tor. Also can be made
to generate electric-
Generator, (Figs. 4, 5,6) developed by Dr. A. D. Moore and explained
complete}y in his book "Electrostatic Exploring, Controlling and
Using Static Electricity" printed by Doubleday and Company, Inc.,
Garden City, New York.


r- .. BRUSH
Sf DE.
Basic electrostiatic generator
componet diagram. 10" armature,
32 inductor rods.
This generator is being used to charge coils, capasitors, etc. for
basic research.
Rotation speed clockwise top 1,200 R.P.M. top most KV 80-85. Aprox:
Micro-amps)8. (600 R.P.M., 20 KV.
This particular generator was designed and built by Bob Benson.
Measurenent of the Earth 's Magnetic Field:
The direction of flow of the field of magnetism that surrounds the
earth is shown on the drawing of the world, old concept as traveling
from the S pole to the N pole; see arrows indicating direction of
flow. Many texbooks refer to the direction of flow from the two
poles as from the N pole to the S pole. However, this is incorrect,
and this new discovery can be supported by laboratory and space
findings in the last few years.
The drawing shows a bar magnet having the conventional two poles.
In the direct center of the magnet is the Bolch Wall, or the point
of division of the circling vortex (spin) of electronic magnetic
energies. The small arrows shown on the bar magnet indicate the
direction of the spin of each pole's energies. The center of the
magnet shows the phase change of the spins.
Point o£ Zero
Known as the Dok b Wall
The north pole or negative spin is counterclockwise, or to the left.
The south pole or positive spin is clockwise, or to the right.
With the use of a straight bar of cylinder magnet we may then have
access to the two separate froms of energy for our application of
just that energy form and/or type. The illustration and discussion
on this page is an outline of initial 1936 discovery .

N - - -
- + s
+ +
t Clockwise spin
The North Poll! }i 0 The South Jlolt: Ji
of flODY
is negative:
These electrometer measure-
ments show measuring from
one side of the body to the
other. Example, from the
right hand to the left hand;
the other readings were made
in the exact same way.
Fig. is a composit overlay
to demonstrate magnetic
relationship of the human body.
Therefor positive and negitive
magnetic fields, have an effect
on, people.
It's A "L- Of- A- Mass"
The openmindedness of Joseph F. Goodavage makes his reportings
to be of lasting value, as with an earlier article on cellular
structure by Dr. Ravitz. We quote .....
"Cellular structure in certain parts of the human body is
completely renewed every six months. It's the L-field, not
the DNA molecule Dr. Ravitz explains, which molds the new
material derived in part from food intake into the same design
as the old. This explains why, eventhrough you might not
see a friend for a year or more, during which time all the
molecules of his face & head have completely changed he is
recongnizably the same. Also, it explains why you can remember
events of five, ten or fifteen years ago when every molecule
of your brain has been replaced .. perhaps half a hundred times".
This proves that the spirit of mind holds the same pattern
in figure and you are a reflection of yourself here in a matter
We have explained in past issues of the "Proceedings" ...
that "Time, Space and Being are the trinity of infinity".
Time is absolute , Space is absolute and Being is the manifes-
tation of all liv ing things which live eternally somewhere
in this universe forever.
"Your·nervous s y stem (for example) didn't develop from demands
of a hostile terrestrial environment ... as the theory of evol-
ution states. Instead, it came into being as a result of
the dynamic forces superimposed on the groups of cells by
the total field pattern- y our individual L-field."
"The indestructible quality of L-fields suggest:
a) that they are changeless; and, b) being changeless they
do not get influenced by physical evolution. It is possible
too that there is yet another area of being, another state
or dimension where the Universe exists in a kind of Eternal
Now ... a 'time less' condition. Our conception and even our
experience in time may not be what our subjective senses tell
us. "Time" might be apocryphal -- just one way of seeing
reality. Thus an observer in an airplane for example, can
see what the motorist below sees, but, in addition he can
also see where the motorist has been and where he's going
If the 'past and 'future' are purely subjective, then they
may coexist with the present. The L-fields are changeless
because they appear to exist in another dimension, where
all time ... is 'now'.
"Many of your child's texbooks have as many wrong answers as
right ones" (Ken Macrorie)
"Nature is medicine and medicine is a servant of nature"
(Ancient Apocrypha)
"May your live s continue to be enriched and nourished by the un-
folding spirit within ... and may your understanding of the Truth
melt away all that which would delay your unfoldment."
"Funny or peculiar that
tive things one lays on
of the spirit or soul."
(Hugh Barnes)
human nature will believe all the nega-
it, but it will not own the higher ability
(Steve Brown)
"Always , ALWAYS our good is more-is greater-than the trouble or
the seeming evil that appears to dominate the situation at the
monent we are going through it." (Hugh Barnes)
"There are two expressions which require no translation ... One,
is the smile of a child; the other is the wag of a puppy' tail"
(D. 0. Flynn)
Flight devoid of stress has been part of a continued project
concerning the work of Townsend T. Brown - an American -
who has been involved in research in electro-gravitic pro-
pulsion for more than 30 years. Townsend Brown has done
constructive pioneer work into this little understood phenom-
enom which is based on the principle that when condensers
are high changed electrostatically, then the movement tends
towards the positive electrode. The interrelationship that
exist between the two fields-electrical and gravitational-
seems to have a similar relationship between the condenser .
and the gravitational field that exists between the magnetic
field and the coil?
May we refer you to "Ether- Technology", a book written by
Rho Sigma. In this book can be found a number of fascinating
electrokenetic forms shaped like disc wherein the youthful
explorer may locate ideas for years of research. Application
of the bie-field Brown effect alone could claim hours of
introspection. The startling efficiencies and variations
in using this principal will cause us to wonder why we allow
ourselves to be chained to any single energy exceeds the
negative polarity charge of the mass and manifests in a
specific action.
While electricity, magnetism and gravity are distinct forces,
know each of the three forces and dependant on the other,
to produce unique e ffects not found when these fields are
separated. Each of these influence the effectiveness of
their interacting power, causing the merged force to be acutely
different than any of the factors would be if separated.
It's easy to understand how education into any one of these
3 fields might barricade possibility of potentials where all
three are unified.
Written words are symbols and images of spoken thoughts and ideas.
It takes hundreds of words written here in an effort to convey
to readers my many thoughts and ideas on the magnitude of crea-
tion .. which become the title of this article.
Since some would start with analyzing words from the dictionary
this too is how I started.
1. Magnitude ... extent; great amount; importance or greatness.
2. Creation .... act of creating; fact of being created; original
bringing into existence of a universe by the Die-
3. Diety ....... a God or Goddess; Divine characture or nature;
the estate or rank of a God; the character of
nature of the Supreme Being; The Diety, God.
4. Create ...... to bring into being; cause to exist; to produce.
When we look into the sky on a dark night unaided, we see count-
less millions of tiny lights that shine back at us. They're won-
derously lovely to see . But if we look into an enlarged atom of
lead in the same manner we might very well see a similar wonder.
A photograph of deep space taken through the 200-inch telescope
on Mt. Palomar gives us a strong hint of the even greater magni-
tude of creation. In this magnitude, of that infinity found in
space, we should probe into the minute mysteries of the workings
of an atom. Here is the same magnitude of infinity staring back
at us.
On page 118 of "Life Science" (a Library book on matter) there is
a photograph of a model of an enlarged beryllium atom. The atom's
four e lectrons whirl around a nucleus composed of 5 neutrons and
four protons. To make this model entirely accurate in its propor-
tions would necessitate placing the intermost electrons 25 yards
from the nucleus. How far would this make the two outer electrons
from the nucleus? And yet we are told it would take one million
of these atoms side by side to equal the thickness of this page:
Now, let us move on to the cell structure as it is in people. We
have b e en taught that there are approximately 100 trillion cells
in one human body. It takes about 250 of these cells laid end to
end to equal one inch. So, if we laid all the cells of one body
end to end they would reach around the world 200 times at the
Each one of us is a complex walking , talking, living galaxy of
cells . Your body is a complex civilization with cells that must
function together in relative harmony goes out of orchestration,
to a certain degree, that what we know of as life on earth cea-
Now we will take a look at our own body solar system - the earth
and galaxy of which it is a part and the system of which all of
our known cosmology is a portion. Refer to the diagram of the
VELA SECTOR SYSTEM. Look for a minute dot ... that is our earth
complex; can you find yourself? How simple to ask it yetthose
tiny cell parts within us on that tiny dotrepresent as varied a
plan within us as the planet, stars and other forms do out there
in the omniverse, that even the Vela Sector System is only a small
We can consider our earth-moon system like unto a huge atom of
hydrogen with a nucleus (earth·) in the center and the single
electron (moon) in orbit. Then tl1e earth and moon becomes an
electron of an even greater system and so on add-infinitum. This
macrocosmic atom structure extends infinitely beyond any compre-
hension we can share easily.
In the Sector System of Vela there are twelve Sectors; each Sec-
tor varies in its diameter the same as planets vary in their dia'-
meter, from 6 hundred thousand million light years across to over
22 hundred thousand million light years across. The Sector System
of Vela then becomes an electron of an even greater system in
space; the diameter of this greater system would require 32 minutes
of our time to quote those figures in our light years.
According to our friends in space, who gave this information, they
have found and know in full what our advanced minds call the forth
dimension. Something we have not yet begun to fathom is the immen-
sity of the universe, let alone the omniverse beyond it; a compre-
hension of such magnitude is less difficult for our Space Friends
of the fourth dimension.
Progression is only recorded by change and so one who understands
even his immediate environment is indeed a remarkable individual,
while one who may live within it in calmness may indeed be a
Charactoristic of the first four Densities
Life Motion
Life Motion Consciousness
+-4. Life Motion Consciousness Emerence
Each Density is composed of many
galexies, nebulaes, Solar Systems,
and planets. Each Density is a
vortex. The even numbers are of
positive polarity. The uneven are
of negative polarity.
A Saturday Story
Ellen Stern Harris-a member of the Board of Directors for
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, wrote a
searching article on Sept. 8, -79, in the Los Angeles Herold
Examiner. She tells of nuclear wastes threatening L.A. drink-
ing water from spills out of New Mexico that dump into the Colo-
rado River from processing plants. Some do not even have per-
mits to discharge wastes !
We suggest many lessons can be learned. There is a need for
responsible authorities . As many as 75 new uranium mines and
other facilities similar to the one responsible for the July
radio-active. s p i l ~ are . anticipated. As yet no clear control
is known to protect people in Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and
California from devastating radiation.
The Envioronmental Protection Agency details the spill site
as reading 28 million pico curies per liter-- 500 pico curies
per lite r was allowed----Drinking water standards permit 18 pico
curies per liter!! Are you listening ?
Cut on dotted line and mail
The Mini s try of Unive rsal Wisdom
Annual Meeting: October 27, 1979
Van Tassel Home
Time : 4:30p. m.
Annual Application Request ..... . .
.. Octobe r 1979 to Oct . 1980 ..... .
AD DR---------------------------------------
PH #
Centrary to reports made by Velesques ... the Integratron is still
an asset of the Ministry of Universal Wisdom and is in good stand-
ing. Our position is sound. The attorney hired by us is a well
recognized professional corporate attorney. In fact legal papers
were served on the other parties and an action is underway to have
the situation cleared by our Officers and board members.
The fact that such stuff was written and mailed was less amazing
then that people believe it!! Without contacting the original
and contuing owners by letter or other communication. It seems
very sad to members of the board and friends who spell the name
with love and understanding the same as George Van Tassel always
Is this a sign of the times? A craze for destruction ... of ideas,
or of character, and of truth as well?
At an Omniversal Meeting for spiritual discussion this weekend,
a few of us discussed what are the meanings of reactions and angry
responses? How does anger put a mark on the body? How does your
action and thought show where you are living?
3701 PtHf .. t<Vic'W /..N.#tlA
IRviNg CA. ~ 2 715
---n l.er.ra .. YqJt
'Jt..clc1ernen I
Se pd rn Te SheeJ fom Goo..7G
~ Mdrntndh
New OrJer or G ov
0 "Rd., c/d
c q c Q
f?t S1nq Sv n
! ----
. I
Yucca V aile'Jt
costa mesa
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