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€ oF UnrvE:RSAL WisooM I .
The Voice of the Integratron ,
VOL 14
; .
i.ife Ever' is
Nat ural Law.
Erronedus Zones. .
Quote and Echo •
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Mu4age oJLOm "The Golden Vu.ti.ny"
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EJcr'El<NAL SOURCE HALWCINATION - A amron definition of
hallucination that prevents it fran be:in;J noted is a
psychological sequence of activities triggered by an exter-
nal source and is the same classification as deleritn trarors
and other al::rlonnal delusions. This prevents valid exper-
iences resulting fran social fear.
'!he research manbership associated within the college are not
associated within anothers whether they be a Church organiza-
tion or corporation. Our only affiliation is with full time
Intregretron Projects and the outgrowth of the original
fornula given to George w. Van Tassel by Solgonda. '!he ideals
remain the sarre, and the God PoWer in the reasoh for this
project continue also. It is this pcliNer that !lUSt be realized
for use and finalizing. '!he calendar cannot progran us as
this is a right not a want situation. Man is entirely too
selfish for proper jud:;Jenents at this phase man is unable
to fool God with hunan ideas. So we !lUSt evolve in the way of
His Perpetual Progression or go backward to man choice. May
we remind you again. babies and children often express wisdan
better than adults thus wisdan is not oonfined to size, age or
place of happen:in;J.
This is the official title given to a secret and incredible
netlooork of 96 underground cities. These were b..lilt to protect
approximately 6,500 government officials in case of nuclear
war. It seans that even the Senate Subcamdttee on Constitu-
tional Rights is unable to obtain any information regard:in;J
these cities except that they are o::mplete in every detail. All
departments of the Executive Branch have urxiergOI.IOO counter-
parts through:lut PennsYlvania, Virginia. West Virginia, Maryland,
and North Carolina. Operating expenses go into the millions.
Free energy principles could slow present powers (oil, gas
atanic, $). This could slow industry of tires, axles, springs,
internal canb..lstion engines, radiators, generators, starters of
autos alone.
Since the last issue of the "Pl10CEEDINGS", we are aware of
many special friends having left this plane. I prefer to say
that their vitality is transferred and we do especially
express our true love and recognition with them. Death is a
word of a sin;JU].ar balance and I carmot recognize it as being
wh::>le or but rather a phase that stows beautiful
colors. Soul shines thru the personal evaluation
phase that one must experience alone after a mate has left
I keep being reminded of a small sentence in a main thesis ·
written by Col. Bearden. His vocabllary often stirred up
roore thinking than the Russian Physicists developed.
One of the roost startling and potent people I ever knew was
Helen Keller. She taught even as she learned the brilliance
and beauty of faith for 1 t clirrbed over the top of any lesser
erotioo and impacted into the magic world of thinking beyond
the sad limited strata man knows . Although nuch of her fourxia-
tion for religion or philosophy to be evolved arcond the
SWedenborg Foundation, the unique and dynanic personality shines
thru all her thinking of the creative essence we know as Gcd
and praise to Gcd. One day I will recount experiences into
vision that I gained by having known this great soul, Helen
" - Night is drawing nigh -
Fbr all that has been - Thanks!
'Ib all that shall be - Yes! "
• • • • Dag Hammarskjold
"Detente" in today's En;!lish means, "stall until we can get
the nations pro;JtailiE!d to each play their part according to
the plan of war. "
So rroney is the rronster responsible for secrecy, welfare, .
unsocial insecurity, loans, national debt, interest, inter-
national trade, ph:>ney energy crisis, and war. Why are
beneficial thil)Js in life so hard to finance?
Gravity nullification in cars, and spacecraft has been
successfully used in secrecy since the 1950's. Why? Because
these principles would eliminate tire =npanies, pavil)J
construction, chemical finrs, steel o::rnpmy products and
gasoline stations.
Livil)J cells, in a life level of their own can only respcnd
and confiDII to natural laws. they do not need rOOio or tele-
ph:lne to camunicate; neither do they have courses in
chEmistry or physics. '!hey have no A.M.A., doctors, Health,
Education and Welfare or any level of education, unions or
politics. 1hey only respcnd to the natural laws of reaction,
reciprocation, polarity, balance and survival. Life that
makes stationary and rrobile ccn;Jlarerates of themselves,
Jeno and l'Bdeline Barnothy, and other researchers, are gettil)J
the sarre results as the negative ions are gettinJ with magnet-
ic fields . Actually the magnetic fields polarize the ioos
and the ions get the results. George I.akovsky, Nil<Dla Tesla,
Dr. George Crile daronstrated that hurans extract the electrical
charge fran the atans within the spectrun that we call oxygen.
'Ibis electric and magnetic charge is then picked up by the
cells in the blood, which are capacitors. As they circulate
in the bloodstrean and lymphs they in turn discharge elec-
tric activity.
Seeds found in ancient t:arbs , several th:lusand years old, have
been planted and grow as if they care fran last years plants.
l'Bgnetotherapy basically consists of applications of low
frequency magnetic fields: 50 Hz sinusoidal fields, plisatil)J
fields of 50 to 100 Hz, periodically interrupted fields, also
rotatil)J magnetic fields.
Biologist Leslie Orgel's theory of aging causes us to wonder if
we may have rore "Erroneous ?Dnes" than we realize. Biologist
Orgel believes that aging may be the result of accunulated in-
formation errors of information being processed in the body.
These may arise fran OOA source loosing itself in translation
of genetic information between body constituents and itself.
Are we to believe nothin;J can be done about it? loh;t medical
and biological opinion indicate "genetic deterioration" may be
s l o . ~ e d but not reversed. OUr theor-.t indicated this is but a
portion of a truth and not one we care to accept at this point.
A true scientist when discovered does not have in mind that there
is a" padlock" to be placed on his information sanewhere alorq the
way, (unless it serves politics, pocket or pornograph).
Our electrostatic machine is based on other research conducted
CNer the past 50 years, including scientists Tesla, Dr. A. D.
M:x>re, Dr. George crile and Dr. George I.akovsky.
A biological science not easily grasped is that the brain is
a bio-tranducer that can transcend fran mundane htman thinking
and thought reception. ·
by George W. Van Tassel
A recent and courageous translation of Matt. 3:2 reads, "Repent
ye for the Kirqdan of Heaven is at hand"), consider a transla-
tion by Berger which reads, "Change your hearts, for cc:mnunica-
tion with God's Spirit World is at hand."
What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters
canpared to what lies within us. (And what lies within us ••
is the l:O'I power - Your Presence) .
Not what we have , but what we enjoy constitutes our abundance.
("Status" is the biggest bag of vacuun that ever was.)
In every triumph, there is a lot of try. (You gain your e>arq)h
much later on!)
A really rontented man has all his yesterdays filed away, his
present in order, and his future subject to instant revision.
(A great man is one with an open mind, and can i.ntrediately
change his mind and his word if a ne.t, clearer and superior
vision anerges on his horizon.)
Life's heaviest burden is to have nothing to carry. (Divine
responsibility is the only Freedan there is.)
Whatever your past has been, you have a spotless future. (There-
fore don't let evil Karma fran the past and yet to be endured
cause you to do new spotful or spiteful things.)
- - --- --- -- - -------
To (re)l11E!lber (or p.1t together again) and in a bonified re·-
shiprent back into the minds of rren, The Ancient Wisdan, the
Laws that are God, and the Divine Jldnanitions of our Angel
Kingdon levels •.• our "Heavenly Host," who have built and
supervise our creaticn for us, under G)!) • • • we heartily
sound the call and the opporttme imritation for llDre MEMmi.-
SHIP - for the CAUSE:
The cause of RE-MEMBERim this \o«Jrld, nCM torn in the disnerber-
ment of hate and .fear - culminating in both the disintegration
of the Holiness of God's Atans - the disintegration of 11Dral
ethics - all of which can, as thin}s ARE, cnly end - (witl-alt
your HELP) in the END of mankind here.
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