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US intelligence assets in Mexico reportedly tied to murdered DEA agent |...


US intelligence assets in Mexico reportedly tied to m DEA agent
By William La Jeunesse , Lee Ross Published October 10, 2013




Few remember Enrique 'Kiki' Camarena, the DEA agent killed in the line of duty almost 30 years ago, Drugs was the talk of Washington.

"On February 7, 1985, Special Agent Camarena was kidnapped by the traffickers," then First Lady Na somberly told a room full of anti-drug advocates. "He was tortured and beaten to death."

Camarena's killer was sentenced to 40 years in jail. Now, he's free after serving only 28 years. And tho agent and became close to his family are fighting to see that his story is not forgotten.

"I think the American people, at least, owe him for the sacrifice that he made to ensure that the people that subjected him to torture over a three day period of time are held accountable and brought to justic Gurule’, the former Assistant U.S. Attorney in Los Angeles.

Gurule’ indicted Rafael Caro Quintero for Camerena’s murder. But it would be in a federal Mexican co powerful drug cartel leader was convicted of murder.

Today, however, Quintero is gone, released from jail by Mexican judges nine weeks ago on a legal tech so, Mexico ignored a U.S. extradition request and also never informed Washington of his release. Two White House released a statement saying it was "deeply concerned" Quintero was free.

"I'm deeply disappointed about a lot of things," Gurule’ told Fox News. "But we're talking about the rel murderer of a DEA agent. I think that's a very shameful statement. The government should be outrage DEA is outraged. The Camarena family is outraged." Outraged because of how Camarena died and the role Quintero played.

"Quintero is such a psychopath that he makes Charles Manson appear to be a cub scout," former DEA Berrellez said.

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10/20/2013 3:38 PM

US intelligence assets in Mexico reportedly tied to murdered DEA agent |...

According to an internal government report obtained by Fox News, Quintero's drug operation stretched establishing "a cocaine pipeline from Colombia, shipping multi-ton quantities of cocaine into the United Mexico."

Using a series of wiretaps, the DEA and Camarena were making sizeable drug busts inside Mexico, in cost Quintero $2.5 billion.

"Camarena was kidnapped and murdered because he came up with the idea that we needed to chase drugs," said Berrellez, who led the investigation into Camarena's murder. "We were seizing a huge am However, we were not really disrupting the cartels. So he came up with the idea that we should set up target their monies."

In February 1985, as Camarena left to meet his wife for lunch outside the U.S. consulate in Guadalajar surrounded by Mexican intelligence officers from the DFS, a Mexican intelligence agency that no longe "Back in the middle 1980's, the DFS, their main role was to protect the drug lords," Berrellez claims.

U.S. intelligence documents obtained by Fox News support that assessment: "Drug smugglers/transp Rafael Caro Quintero were always provided protection prior to moving a drug load....two DFS agents ( the smugglers at all times to avoid any problems."

Blindfolded and held at gunpoint, the DFS agents took Camarena to one of Quintero's haciendas five m

Over 30 hours, Quintero and others crushed Camarena's skull, jaw, nose and cheekbones with a tire ir ribs, drilled a hole in his head and tortured him with a cattle prod. As Camarena lay dying, Quintero or doctor to keep the U.S. agent alive. "At that point he administered lidocaine into his heart to keep him alert and awake during the torture,"

After the cartel dumped Camarena's body on a nearby ranch, the DEA closed in on Quintero at the Gu

"Upon arrival we were confronted by over 50 DFS agents pointing machine guns and shotguns at us-us we were not going to take Caro Quintero," says Berrellez, recalling the stand-off. "Well, Caro Quinte plane door waved a bottle of champagne at the DEA agents and said, 'My children, next time, bring m laughed at us."

The kidnapping and death of a U.S. drug agent was, until then, unprecedented. Mexico initially did little Reagan shut down the U.S. border, paralyzing the Mexican economy. Within weeks, Quintero was beh

The details of the case are not new. However, those involved in investigating the case, have until now

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10/20/2013 3:38 PM

US intelligence assets in Mexico reportedly tied to murdered DEA agent |...

about the role U.S. intelligence assets played in Camarena’s capture and Quintero's escape.

"Our intelligence agencies were working under the cover of DFS. And as I said it before, unfortunately, time were also in charge of protecting the drug lords and their monies," said Berrellez.

"After the murder of Camarena, (Mexico's) investigation pointed that the DFS had been complicit alon intelligence in the kidnap and torture of Kiki. That's when they decided to disband the DFS."

Complicit is a strong term that Berrellez doesn't shy away from. However, when he raised the issue int supervisors told him to drop it. Eventually he was transferred to Washington D.C., and was ordered to angle that suggested U.S. assets knew of Camarena's capture.

"I know and from what I have been told by a former head of the Mexican federal police, Comandante (G Calderoni, the CIA was involved in the movement of drugs from South America to Mexico and to the U Jordan, former director of DEA's powerful El Paso Intelligence Center.

"In (Camarena’s) interrogation room, I was told by Mexican authorities, that CIA operatives were in the conducting the interrogation. Actually taping Kiki." Eventually, the prosecution did obtain tapes of Camarena's torture and murder.

"The CIA was the source. They gave them to us," said Berrellez. "Obviously, they were there. Or at lea contract workers were there."

On Thursday night, a CIA Spokesman told Fox News that “it’s ridiculous to suggest that the CIA had a the murder of a U.S. federal agent or the escape of his killer.”

Berrellez says two informants from the Mexican state police, who witnessed Camarena's torture, indep positively identified a photo of one man, a Cuban, who worked as a CIA operative who helped run gun Contras.

Tosh Plumlee claims he was hired to fly covert missions on behalf of U.S. intelligence. He says he flew of Quintero's ranch and airports throughout Central America in the 1980s.

"The United States government played both ends against the middle. We were running guns. We were were using the drug money to finance the gun running operation," says Plumlee, who now works in Co

Plumlee flew for SETCO, which according to a CIA Inspector General's report delivered "military supp inside Nicaragua."

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10/20/2013 3:38 PM

US intelligence assets in Mexico reportedly tied to murdered DEA agent |...

In 1998, CIA Inspector General Fred Hitz told Congress he "found no evidence...of any conspiracy by C to bring drugs into the United States. However, it worked with a variety of ...assets (and) pilots who fer Contras, who were alleged to have engaged in drug trafficking activity."

Hitz said the "CIA had an operational interest" in the Contras. And while aware the rebels were trading the CIA "did nothing to stop it." Plumlee puts it more directly.

"You want me to say this on camera? Alright. Those entities were cut outs financed and operated by th Intelligence Agency," he said. "Our operations were sanctioned by the federal government, controlled o The CIA acted in some cases as our logistical support team." In the past the CIA has insisted, it was not involved supplying or helping the Contras.

However, all three men, say it was an American pilot - who worked for the CIA as well as the Contras a who flew Quintero to freedom from Guadalajara.

“You have the CIA employees,which are your badge, carrying CIA personnel and then you have all of t employees that work with these intelligence agencies,” Berrellez explains. “Some of them are pilots, so boats, but they are contract employees. Now, the pilot that flew Caro Quintero to Costa Rica was a co "Absolutely," agreed Jordan. "That's a fact." "That's absolutely right," added Plumlee. Plumlee says the pilot now lives in New Mexico and regrets that flight.

Quintero’s escape was short-lived. After significant pressure from the Reagan administration, includin border, in April 1985 the Mexicans nabbed Quintero in Costa Rica and brought him back to stand trial. He was convicted and sent to prison. Two months ago a Mexican court ordered his release on a legal trial should have taken place in state not federal court. He hasn’t been seen since.

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10/20/2013 3:38 PM

US intelligence assets in Mexico reportedly tied to murdered DEA agent |...


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10/20/2013 3:38 PM

US intelligence assets in Mexico reportedly tied to murdered DEA agent |...

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aAl false. caro's pilot was werner lotz, not an american. hector berrellez has lied a lot before...h airport the morning of feb 9th when Quintero flew away. Armando Pavon Reyes, first commande Federal Judicial Police was there with 2 DEA agents from other offices in Mexico sent to assist search. none could identify Quintero as there were no pictures of him. Berrelez LIED and paid m guerrillas imprisoned in mexico to testify that they saw prominent businessman and politician R Pres Echeverria's brother in law) at the house where Camarena was tortured. With lies, they ar sentenced him to life where he died in Florida last year AN INNOCENT MAN. He also acc Minister of Interior and General Arevalo Gardoqui Minister of Defense of being at the house sup Ludicrous. Caro Quintero was NOT at the house where Camarena was tortured, other peop involved. the DFS agents were trained in Ft Benning, Georgia, the DFS directors were all CIA a Machain did NOT revive Camarena and did NOT administer shots of lidocaine to keep him Quintero family gynecologist who lived two houses away from 881 Lope de Vega where Ca tortured. For being the Caro family doctor, he was kidnapped by bounty hunters and ILLEGALLY and arrested on bogus charges, a miracle that a judge deemed this unconstitutional and let him is now ruined and he is a street food vendor in Guadalajara now. The Camarena case ruined th Lets talk now how Camarena was corrupt. Since 1982, he befriended Caro, Fonseca and F became their protector and compadre (Camarena baptized one of Caro's kids), and was a DEA office at the US Consulate in Guadalajara. Why dont they mention how Camarena was because he was disillusioned about his job and the Agency's way of buning its own agents and Bario anyone? Now you know the truth. Caro always said he was a drug trafficker but NO he did Camarena. But the US needed scapegoats and what better scapegoat than two peasant dru law of a ex president, a prominent Guadalajara doctor and the Ministers of the Interior and Defe


Yes it is interesting that a GOP outlet such as Fox unveils this information that exposes big corru Reagan CIA, at least I do give credit and respect to Fox News for doing it !! For those who can is a follow up story being published in Mexico in a magazine called Proceso

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10/20/2013 3:38 PM

US intelligence assets in Mexico reportedly tied to murdered DEA agent |...


Does it bother any of you that everything those durn Leftists said about Reagan's dirty wars in C been confirmed by Fox News itself? Reagan's CIA chief, William Casey, WAS flooding Am cocaine to fund the Contras, and selling weapons to our worst enemy, Iran, for the same purpos admit you were wrong--horrifically wrong.


There is a new President in power and Mexico knows that he doesn't really care about losing a agents...heck, he will even supply the cartels with the guns to take them out!

Joe User

More lies from our Government about their illicit and illegal activities. It was revealed years ago flying arms to the Contras and filling the plane with cocaine and flying it back into the US. Euge pilot shot down in 1986 in Nicaragua. He initially stated he was flying under guidance of the CIA that...obviously under pressure. He has said they were flying cocaine back. So it is not a stretch involved with Kiki Camarena's murder. I'd believe Berellez and Plumlee long before I'd believe official!


... and you wonder WHY we need to deepen the rio grande, put the military on the border arme CLOSE it completely... mexico's government is as corrupt and inept as mexifornia's or the cong


Quintero is probably living in a border town (United States, of course) collecting disability pay (f stamps in low income housing using a government paid phone to arrange drug deals that agent tortured and murdered with no one in government being held to task.

Brian Smith

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10/20/2013 3:38 PM

US intelligence assets in Mexico reportedly tied to murdered DEA agent |...

"I think the American people, at least, owe him for the sacrifice that he made to ensure that the p life, that subjected him to torture over a three day period of time are held accountable and broug Jimmy Gurule’, the former Assistant U.S. Attorney in Los Angeles. -- And if you want that, then w the hundreds of people held in Guatanamo without trial or cause, for years, being subjected to t people held and tortured daily for years in rendition centers around the world by the USA.


$2.5billions. I'm in the wrong business


Another indicator of the lack of respect other countries have for the US, because of the narcissis

Just Say Now

"He was tortured and beaten to death." HAHAHA Too funny!


shows what a leader (Reagan) can accomplish & what the non-leader we have now can't - or won't


More of Obammie's or Holder's friends I suppose.


We need to recognize that the government in Mexico is run by the cartels, and begin conducting Mexico with impunity. If the President in Mexico objects, we should tell him to pound sand.

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10/20/2013 3:38 PM

US intelligence assets in Mexico reportedly tied to murdered DEA agent |...

Of course, since this administration, specifically Eric Holder, brazenly protects and supports the never happen.


The highest levels of the CIA are running and controlling the flow of drugs as we speak, from Af to processing facilities in Turkey where it is converted into a billion dollar slush FUND for all bla nefarious ends. In the 60's it was the Golden Triangle in S.E. Asia. Anyone who reports on it is m "Conspiracy Theorist" or eliminated, like the reporter from Rolling Stone!!


If We Had Declared The US-Mexico Border A National Park....Do You Think It Would Be C


@CGDoc That is the funniest thing I've read in years.. Kudos


He's not in Mexico, he's in California getting welfare, unemployment, food stamps, and cruising new "illegals only" drivers license right next to his Dem party registration card.


@leejames125 He is probably making plans to run for mayor of Los Angeles now.


Well if it worked once, it'll work again. Shut the Mexican border down and force Mexico to extrad US. That would take some cojones...a pair of which Reagan had and Obama does not.

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10/20/2013 3:38 PM

US intelligence assets in Mexico reportedly tied to murdered DEA agent |...


Its time for the United States end the misery of Mexico by annexation. If they are going to force t United states, then we might as well liquidate their assets to pay for it.


@ArmChairWorrier - and WHY would we want 100 million Mexicans as US citizens? subjects? Erase that border and running coke, meth and whatever else across will beco difficult than driving it from Arizona to Texas. The way to end the misery of Mexico. to create a 5 mile wide no man's land between the two countries. No border ci ranches. Nothing between the US and Mexico but desert and rocks.


@usapatriot1 @ArmChairWorrier - & claymores


It's called paid off...Mexico Money talks...and this had to come from the highest levels of govern start with the Judge...

Joe Sandiego

The government of the US has proven to have run smuggling out of Asia during Vietnam, Panama during Iran Contra. So it is no surprise that when the Taliban ran Afghanistan drugs w and production was down to nothing. Within 5 years of US invasion Afghanistan was number o Heroin production. There is no way this trillion dollar industry could operate without our govern With our satelites and drones and eavesdropping, it is a joke to pretend we are ignorant and w the plants are grown or find refining sites. We all know it is true. It has gone on for the past 50 will continue until we demand legalization.

A word about Quintaro, a man convicted in California and sentenced to 40 years, would be rele 'good time' credits, and would have likely received parole before that. The max he could have s have been 24 years, and likely less with parole. So stop the manufactured rage that Quintaro years out of 40.

I am sad for the family of Camarena, who died while 'waging a war' where the governments of b

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10/20/2013 3:38 PM

US intelligence assets in Mexico reportedly tied to murdered DEA agent |...

US were playing both sides of the street.


@Joe Sandiego ----You assume a lot. 'Good time' credits are not guaranteed. Did he credits? Likely is not definitely. Do you really think this monster would have gotte time credits? I do not. So the fact he was let out before his full time, based on his crime, is quite deservi

Now he is free to destroy more lives. And that, Joe, is deserving of TREMENDOUS ou


@Joe Sandiego Nail on the head...

suzy000 is pretty obvious what we need to do next to get results. The problem is we have a hor with no cahones to shut down the border. No only does he lack courage and fortitude, he canno evil politics long enough to actually stand for something like for one of our law enforcement who country.


@suzy000 hell he can't even stand up for his own military....



Know what Reagan did after this US agent was murdered?....He legalized 3 million ille


@graffiti @suzy000 And Obama is legalizing 20000000 illegals. that's 20 mil DIFFERENCE if you know anything about math.

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10/20/2013 3:38 PM

US intelligence assets in Mexico reportedly tied to murdered DEA agent |...


Wonder how many pounds of drugs he moved into the US?

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10/20/2013 3:38 PM

US intelligence assets in Mexico reportedly tied to murdered DEA agent |...

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