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Contents Teacher support documents Topic For teachers Activity name User guide Teachers’ notes full version Financial learning guide Teacher support documents Teachers’ notes Utilities Index of module content Skilled to go Index of listening and video content Setting the context activities For teachers Bingo Home energy use Setting the context activities Teachers’ notes 1 Utilities Bingo 2a Home energy use 2b Energy bill key words 2c Energy bill key words record Essential information Unit 1 For teachers Energy saving top tips Essential information Bills, tariffs and payments Unit 1 Teachers’ notes 1a Energy saving top tips cards 1b Energy saving top tips table Energy bills article 2a Energy bills article

England and Wales Downloaded file name E_Userguide W_Userguide Ut_Full_Teachersnotes All_Financiallearningguide Ut_TSD_Teachersnotes UtindexEW Avindex Ut_STC_Teachersnotes Ut_STCA1_Utilitiesbingo Ut_STCA2a_Homeenergyuse Ut_STCA2b_Enbilkeywds Ut_STCA2c_Enbillkeywdsrec Ut_STCEi_Billstariffandpay Ut_U1_Teachersnotes Ut_U1A1a_Ensavtoptipcards Ut_U1A1b_Ensavtoptiptable Ut_U1A2a_Enbillsarticle


Contents Topic Activity name 2b Energy bills article activity 2c Energy bills article activity answers Downloaded file name Ut_U1A2b_Enbillsarticleact Ut_U1A2c_Enbillsartactans Unit 2 For teachers Unit 2 Teachers’ notes Teachers’ help sheet 1 Electricity bill Teachers’ help sheet 2 Gas bill Ut_U2_Teachersnotes Ut_U2_Teachhs1elecbill Ut_U2_Teachhs2gasbill Ut_U2A1a_Dialmetfsandactivsh Ut_U2A2a_Readgasbillsans Ut_U2A2b_Readelecbillsans Ut_U2A3a_Extempelecbill Ut_U2A3b_Extemgasbilloldm Ut_U2A3c_Extemgasbillnewm Ut_U2A3d_Stagegasbillcal Ut_U2A3e_Stagegasbillcalans Ut_U2A3f_Extempelecbillwrd Ut_U3_Teachersnotes Ut_U3A2a_Gasbillactivity Ut_U3A2b_Gasbillactivity Ut_U3A2c_Gasbillactivity Dial meters Reading energy bills 1a Dial meters factsheet and activity sheet 2a Reading gas bills and answers 2b Reading electricity bills and answers Calculating energy bills 3a Excel template for electricity bills 3b Excel template for gas bills (old meters) 3c Excel template for gas bills (new meters) 3d Stages in gas bill calculation 3e Stages in bill calculation answer sheet 3f Excel template for electricity bill with readings Unit 3 For teachers Working out gas bills Unit 3 Teachers’ notes 2a Gas bill activity 2b Gas bill activity 2c Gas bill activity 2 .

Contents Topic Activity name 2d Gas bill activity 2e Gas bill activity 2f Gas bill activity answers Downloaded file name Ut_U3A2d_Gasbillactivity Ut_U3A2e_Gasbillactivity Ut_U3A2f_Gasbillactivityans Ut_U3A3_Casestudies Ut_U3A4a_Dialoguecards Ut_U3A4b_Listphoneautomenu Ut_U3A5a_Dfuelwelcomelet Ut_U3A5b_Dfuelconnectlet Ut_U3A5c_Dfuelletarract Ut_U3A5d_Dfuelletques Ut_U3A5e_Dfuelletans Ut_U3Ei_Setupandswitchsup Ut_U4_Teachersnotes Ut_U4A3a_Makecompkeywds Ut_U4A3b_Makecompkeywdsrec Ut_U4A4a_Listcomplaint1 Case studies Talking about switching providers Dual fuel letters 3 Case studies 4a Dialogue cards 4b Automated phone menu options listening activity 5a Dual fuel welcome letter 5b Dual fuel connection letter 5c Dual fuel letter arrangement activity 5d Dual fuel letter questions 5e Dual fuel letter answers Essential information Unit 4 For teachers Making a complaint Essential information Setting up and switching suppliers Unit 4 Teachers’ notes 3a Making a complaint – key words 3b Making a complaint – key words record Making a complaint (listening) 4a Making a complaint on the phone Listening activity 1 3 .

Contents Topic Activity name 4b Making a complaint on the phone Listening activity 2 Downloaded file name Ut_U4A4b_Listcomplaint2 Ut_U4A5_Letterofcomplaint Ut_U4Ei_Helpandadvice Ut_EMA_Teachersnotes Ut_EMA_SSa_Exactivssheet Ut_EMA_SSb_Gamecards Ut_EMA_SSc_Activsheet Ut_EMA_SSd_Cardholder Letter of complaint Essential information EMA For teachers End of module activity 5 Letter of complaint Essential information Help and advice EMA Teachers’ notes a Excel activity spreadsheet b Game cards c Activity sheet d Card holder 4 .

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