Lite ' Trend
Proper lighling con lift your home obove 'lhe commonploce, moking it o unique reflection of your individuol personolity Your lighting fixtures, of course, must provide omple illuminotion for oll the voried octivities of your wod<odoy world, bul beyond thot. they con complement orchiteclure, enrich nierior furnishi ngs, set o mood or highlight on oreo. With Lite-Trend, choosing jusi the righl lighting fixture for the right locotion ond


purpose con be on exciting odveniure, We're proud 1o present in this cotolog o wide ronge of distinctive designs. mode with core by people who core, ond built with quolity to reloin their beouty over mony yeors. Browse through these colorful poges Whether you're selecting lighting occessories for o new home, redecoroting, or simply replocing one or two fixtures, you'll discover something here thol will sotisfy your need cnd enhonce your decor. Lite-Trend . . . known for consistent excellence,

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DROPS 4618
Poges 5, 7, 8.40, 42,43,
45, '17

Poges 52 ond 53, 60 ihnr 69

Poges 8,
10. 15, 48,



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37.39,42,601 N72, 74Ihu 82.84 ond 85







Poges 91 thru 94


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10,'12 13,,1s. 18.

Poges 74 lhru 90

45.26, 36, 40, 43, 44, 46 ihru 5.1, 54 thru 60. 62, 67 , 68, 69, 7 3, 90

Poges 58 thru 72



This glittering contemPorarY lamily is a f ascinating combination of mirrored chrome reflective
panels and transParent smoke or clear acrylic panels. The light from the cleal bulbs is multiPlied by the carefu lly- angled mirror facets. For best appearance, we recommend 25W clear G25 lamps, but other lamps are available that give almost the same ellect.


T1120-7 Polished Chrome with
Smoke Panels

T1121-7 Polished Chrome wlth
Clear Panels Six light chandelier with concealed down light. (SeParale hidden switch for downlight.) Dia 21", body ht. 19% ", overall ht 40". 3Ow R2O lamp recommended fol downlight.

tT1125-7 Polished Chrome with
Smoke Pane ls T1126-7 Polished Chrome with Clear Panels Four light drop. Concealed downlight with separate hidden switch. Dia. 12" sq., body ht.20", overall ht. 40". 30W 820 lamp recommended for down light.

Wiip* lf +i';fiifii
Also available. but not shown: T1120-1 Polished Brass with
Smoke Panels.



Six light chandelier with
down lig h t.

T1125-1 Polished Brass with
Smoke Panels. Four light drop with downliqht.

( ftSZO-z

lqht. An trq ue brass frnrsh.3-way sw tch. Dra. 22 . body ht. 20', overall h1.40". Cande abra base bulbs. up to 60W. 30W F20 amp recornrnended for down ght. T1195-2 Two tight antique brass

F ve tght rrad t onai chande rer with c ear giass ch mneys and concealed down-

hang ng lantern. Clear beveled acrvli.j paneJs. Dia. 8", body ht 141/r,, ayeia)l ht.341,/r". Candelabra llase bulbs, up to 60W.


T1280-2 Eight iighl pendaft fixture. -'tdny-bly e \r\rlh dn qJA braSS f,rrSh.
, avetd) h1. 37% ". Candelabra base bulbs, up to 60W. (AIso available as swag. See T5280 on page 53.)

C ear qrass oa1e,s. Dra.


booy hl.




- --r- F=


t-\l D




f1212-46 Five light chandelier.


brown w th rosewood fin sh center column, bronzetone ch imneys. Dia. 21", body ht. 17", overall ht. 37". Cardel.bra base b,rlDs. Jp to oow.

T1211-46 One light drop. Gloss brown w th rosewood fin sh center column. 7" bronzetone glass sphere. Dia.7", body ht. 14". overall ht. 34". Medium base bulb, up to 60W.

T1213-46 Three light drop. closs brown with rosewood tinlsh fitter. 10" bronzetone giass sphere. Dia. 10", body ht. 16", overall ht.36". Candelabra base oulbs. up lo 60W. T3211-46 One rght ce.ling frxtJre. Gloss brown with rosewood finish center column. 7" bronzetone glass sphere. Dia. 7" , hl. 1A1/2" . Medium base bulb, up to 60W.

T6211-46 One light wall bracket.
Gloss brown with rosewood finish center column. 6" bronzetone glass sphere. Width 6", ht. 10", extends 81/a" . Candelabta base bulb, up to 60W.

T1210-46 Five light chandelier. closs
brown w tl' rosewood f'risn cenler column. 6" bronzetone qiass spheres. Dia.22", body ht. 17", overalJ ht. 37". Candelabra base bulbs, up to 60W.



- --rR

- F! O


0= =6',=' ',:,,,;



T1251-44 Lime /Avocado T1251-45 Lemon / Ochre One light drop. 7" opal qlass sphere. Dia.7", body ht. 13" overa I ht.33"

T3251-44 Lime/Avocado T3251-45 Lemon,/ Ochre One lght ce ling fixture.7" opat
glass sphere. Dia. 7", ht. 10".
Up to 75W.

T1660-6 ciossy White

T1660-45 Lernon./Ochre

ve ight strapwork chandel

er. 6,'



opal spheres. Dia.20", body ht. 141r,,, overall ht.3472". Up to 60W.

'f1252-44 Lime/Avocado 'f1252-45 Lemon /Oc hre Three lght chandelier w th Bubbleform center colurnn.6" opal glass sol-eras. D a. 'o oooy rl spl-^res up 15r,'r", spheres down 19" overa

T3250-44 Lime /Avocado T3250-45 Lemon/Oahre Three light ceil ng fixture.6" opal
glass spheres. Dia. 19", ht. 8". Up to 60W.


T1661-6 clossy White

ht.35rra",39". Up to 60W. T6251-44 L me /Avocad o T6251-45 Lemon / Och re One llghl wa I bracket.6" opai glass sphere. Width 6" , ||i. 91,2" , extends 8"
Up to 60W.

-T1250-44 Lime /Avocad -T1250-45 Lernon /Och

Lemon /Ochre Three light strapwork chandel er. 6" opdl solFres. D a. t8 oooy 1t. 14'. '. overa hr. 1,1 . Up lo 60W.


spleres. D a. 2) . aody ht: Sp"e'es
up 15%", spheres down 19"; overal
hl. 351/2" , 39" . Up to 60W. (Atso avatlabJe as swag. See T5250 on paqe 53.)

ve ight chandel


er. 6" opal glass

NOTE:,4// units an these two pages use medium base bulbs, wattage as showr. G/ass is held by " snap-on"

sp ngs lar easy rclamping.

*The ams on the 71250 and 71252 can be turned so that the sphercs are either up or down.




t! D










Smoke acrylic d ffusers are comb ned w th glitter ng rnlrrored chlomc n this unique and econom cal contcmporary fami y. Wc recornmend 25W G25 clear g obe lamps. but c ear A tYPe lamps, up to 60W, wi work equa Y well.

T3231-7 One llght ce ling I xture. Dia.7" sq., depth 6". CanoPY d a. 6r.i " sq. T1230-7 Four- ght drop. Dia. 14"
body ht. 11", ovorall ht.34".

S-to. d . pl-6 o. D ?. 0 oeptl Clear med unr basc bulbs recommended, up to 60W.





rec iight conternporary

T3230-7 Fo!r ight cc ling. Four acly lc d ffusers mounted of a chrome canopy. Canopy dia. 121r " sq., overal diameter 14" sq. (19tr"

drop G oss brolln ',1/ th wa nut fin sh , -, e' CO'J.ir. o .t O.6 cpl^- .. Dia 20", body ht. 14", overa ht. 34"
C ear rnediur. base bu bs

F ve ght contemporaTy chilndelrer. G oss bro\ n v/ th walnut f nish center co umf 6" srnoke spheres. D a.20", body ht. 14",


ht 34". C ear med um base bulbs recomnrended up to 5lllv.

iagonal), depth 6".

recornrnended up to 60W.

NOTE: I723r, T1231, T1601 and 71643 are all available as swags. See



ve- ghl chandel


'T2603-46 Th ree lght contemporary sem -cc ling fixture. G oss brou,/n \,\'ith
u/alnut i nlsh center column and

D a. 151,t" body ht. 1,1", overal ht. 34"


'G/ass secured by " snap-on" sptings lar easy relamping.




F! D


( T1600-6 Glossy

tT1600-7 Polished Chrome T1600-39 Lemon Yellow
Flve light contemporary chandel er. 6" opal spheres. Dia.22",body ht. 14", overall ht. 34".






'T1602-7 Polished Chrome T1602-39 Lemon Yellow Three llght contemporary drop.
6" opal spheres. D a. 20", body ht. 14", overaLl ht.34".



Glossy Wh te


T2602-39 Lemon Yellow
Three-light semi- ce !ing fixture. 6" opal spheres. Dia.2a", de?lh 12".

T3603-6 Glossy White T3603-7 PolishedChrome
T3603-39 Lemon Yellow Th ree-light ce ling lixture.6"
opal spheres. Canopy d a. 13",




T3601-6 G lossy White T3601-7 PolishedChrome
T3601-39 Lemon Yellow One light ceiling fixture.6" opal
sphere. Canopy 6%" sq., depth 9% ".

T6601-6 Glossy White T6601-7 PoiishedChrome
T6601-39 Lemon Yellow One !ight wall blacket.6" oPal sphere. Width 6", ht. 103/a",


NOTE: A/i lixtures on these two pages use medium base bulbs, up to 60W. Class lor all lixlufes held by "snap-on" springs lor


easy relanping.
*T1600-7 and T1602-7 ate alsa available as swags. See 15600-l and 756a2-7 on Page 53.

ll ll




l a\'Z'



The Country Heritage group, designed to recaptJ e ll'e sil']pla eregarce o"gtl^ Cent.rrv Amer,ca. l'te colors ol tl-e froral pattarn shades are oes:9ned to 1a'-no1 za w th the metal I nlshes . . . warm ealth tones lor antique brass, cool blues w th

T1699-2 Antique


T1699-12 Pewter Five ight chandel er with llora pattern shades. Dia.23", body ht. 16", overall ht
36". Uses medium base bulbs, up to 100W.







Antiqu e Brass


T169'1-12 Pewter One-light chain -h u ng drop. Thlrteen -inch opal student shade with lntricate floral pattern and frosted hurricane chimney, framed by sturdy metal scroll arms. Antique key controls medium-base three-way bulb (any wattage, up to 50/200/250W). Picturesque oil font conceals separatelyswitched down-lighl (any medlum base bulb, up to 75W. . .30W 820 reflector bulb recommended). Dia. 19", body ht. 28", overall ht. 48". (A swag version of the T1691 is available. See T5690 on page 52.)

L_r--r-: - --l- R r\ c= -



, A- '






T1693-2 Anliq ue Brass {'T1693-12 Pewter
Three- light chandelier wlth separatelyswitched downljght. Delicate small floral pattern shades are supported by distinctive metal scroll arms. Uses medium-base bulbs, up to 100W, downlight up to 75W (30W R20 recommended). Dia.24", body ht. 18", overall ht.38".

T2691-2 Anlique
T2691-12 Pewter


One-light seml-ceiling with metal scroll arms and floral pattern shade. Uses medium-base bulb, up to 100W. Dia. 10", overall ht. 14".


Antiq ue Brass

T6691-12 Pewter One-light wall bracket. Metal scroll arm
and floral pattern shade. Uses mediumbase bulb, up to 100W. Width 7", ht. 11", extends 9".


Antiq ue


T1291-12 Pewter
One-light drop with oil font downlight. lntricately cast scrolled arms form the supports for a l4" diameter crimped-top glass shade. lnside is a frosted hL'r'cane chimney. Three-way antique key switches main bulb, with separate switch for the downlight. Uses any medium- base three-way bulb. Downlight accepts any medium-base bulb up to 75W, with 30W R20 reflector bulb recommended. Dia. 18", body ht.27", overall ht.47".
NOTE: Aiso available as swag. See 75291 on page 53.


'12291-2 Antique Brass
T2291-12 Pewter One-light semi-ce iling fixture with crimped-top shade and intricate cast scroll arms. Uses medium-base bulb, up to 100W. Dia.9", overall ht. 14".

T629'l-2 Antique


T6291-12 Pewter One-light wall bracket. Small but charming crimped top shade, cast scroll arm. Uses medium-base bulb, up to 100W. Width 7", hl.91/2" , exlends g1h" .




r-{ D


I ttllo-z

One light opal polymer shade student larnp drop. Antlque brass and matte black finish. Uses three-way medium base bulb, up to 50/100/150W. Dia. 133/a", bod.y hl. 22" , ovetall hl. 42" .


T1475-2 One light chain-hung fixture

with downlight. Antique brass finish. Flowered student shade. Dia. 18", body ht.34", overall ht.54". Medium base 3-way bulb, up to 50/200/250w. Downlight (with off-on switch) medium base bulb, up to 75W. (Also avaiiable as swag. See T5475 on Page 53.)


T1476-12 One light chain-hung fixture
with downlight. Pewter finish. Blue and white flowered student shade. Dia. 18", ht.34". overall ht.54". [,4edium base 3-way bulb, up to 50/20A/25AW. Downlight (with off-on switch) med um base bulb, up to 75W. (Also available as swag. See T5476 on Page 53.)

T11061-2 One light chain-hung fixture.
Antique brass finish. Decorated opal glass shade and chimney. Dia. 18", bodY ht. 29", overall ht.49".l/ledium base 3-way

lb, up to 5A/200/254w.

T11691-2 One light chain-hung lixture.
Antique brass f nish. Hobnail shade, opal glass chimney. Dia. 16", body ht. 25", overall ht.44". N.4edium base 3-way

bulb, up to 50/240/254W. T1936-2 One light chain-hung flxture.
Antique brass. Satin white chimney. Dia. 12", body ht. 15", overall ht. 33". N.4edilm base 3-way bulb, up to 30/70/100W.






T1540-1 Polished Brass T1540-2 Antique Brass
T1540-12 Pewier Ten lght Engl sh colonial chandelier. Dia. 24" body ht. 21 ", overall ht. 41".

T1536-1 Pollshed Brass T1536-2 Ant que Brass
T1536-12 Pewler


Five I ght English Colonial chandel et. D a 21", body ht. 19", overall ht.37".

T1538-1 Polished Brass T1538-2 Antlq ue Brass
T1538-12 Pewter E ght light Englsh coloniaL chandelier. D a. 25",
body ht. 20", overa I ht. 40".

T1546-1 Polished Brass T1546-2 Antiq ue Brass
T1546-12 Pewter Five light chandelier with alear hurl cane glass chirnneys. D a.21", body ht. 19", overall ht. 36". T6546-1 Polish ed Brass T6546-2 Antiq ue Brass T6546-12 Pewter One I qht wall bracket. Hurlcane glass chimney. Width 5", ht. 11", extends 6".
NOTE: All lixturcs on these two pages use candelabra base bui bs, uP to 60W.

L- l--r- :

- -r F=


t'! D



e k:



I rtgoo-z

Antique Brass

T1800-12 Antique Pewter
Six light ceramic chandelier with concealed downlight. Crackle finish ceramic body is decorated in colors to blend with chandelier finish . . . Delft blues with pewter and warm earth tones with antique brass. 3-way switch. Dia.26", body hl. 201/2" , ovetall hl. 401/2" . Uses candelabra base bulbs, uP to
60W.30W R20 lamp recommended

lor downlight.

T1062-95 Ten light Andalusian


overall ht.38". T6061-95 One liqht wall bracket. Width 63a", ht. 103r", extends 7". T1061-95 Five light bronze chandelier. Dia. 19", body ht. 15", overall ht. 35". T3061-95 Three light chain hung foyer fixture. Dia. 12", body ht. 13", overall ht. 31".
NOTE: Ail t/xtures above use

bronze chandelier with clear crystal prisms, Dia. 24" , body hl. 18",

candelabrc base bulbs, up to 60w.



T1035-1 Polished Brass T1035-7 PolishedChrome T1035-9 Licorice Black
T1035-39 Lemon Yellow
Five light chandelier. Center column is walnut on polished blass and polished chrome units onlY. Dia. 21 ')", body ht. 14-r". overall ht.32 r". Up to 60W. T3035-1 Pol shed Brass T3035-7 PolishedChrome T3035-9 Licorice B lack T3035-39 Lemon Yellow Three light celling fixture. Canopy dia. 13", with Iamps 15", ht.8%". Up to 60W.

T3034-1 Polished Brass T3034-7 PolishedChrome T3034-9 Licorice Blac k
T3034-39 Lemon Yellow One light ceiling lixture. Dia.5", ht.8%", canopy 6%" square. UP to



All of the above are designed for use with G40 spher cal bulbs. Use
Duro-Lite or Sylvania lamps only.
Recommended - cleal lamps for chrome f nish, frosled for brass and "wet-look." Lamps not supplied.

T6034-1 Polished Brass T6034-7 PolishedChrome T6034-9 Licorice Black
T6034-39 Lemon Yellow One light wall bracket. Dia.5", ht.7314", extends 6". Up to 100W.






T6036-1 Polished Brass T6036-7 Pollsh ed Chrome One liqht wall bracket.6" clear glass
Width 6", ht.73la", extends 6%". Medium base bulb, up to 75W. Clear lamps recommended.

T1042-1 Polished Brass T1042-7 Polished Chrome Flve ght chandelier. 6" clear glass.
Dta.221/2", body hl. 14t/2", overall ht. 321r". Medlum base bulbs, up to 75W. Clear lamps recornme nded.

T1024-2 Five light chandelier with
antique brass finish and topaz q ass chirnneys. Dia.20" , body hl. 171/2", overa I ht. 3512". Candelabra base amps, up to 60W. Clear lamps




r-! D






T1022-7 Five light polished
chrome chandeller with oPal halfsphere glass diffusers. Dia.22", body ht. 20", ovelall ht.38". T1023-7 Three light poL shed chrome min i-chand elier with oPal half-sphere ctlass dlffusers. Dia. 19", body ht.20", overall ht.38". T6022-7 One lght polished chrome wall bracket w th opal halfsphere glass dilfuser. Width 7", hL 9", extends 7". Up to 100W.

"T1192-7 Five light polished chrome
chandel er. Dia. 21", body ht. 13%", overall ht.3l%". .T6192-7 One liqht polished chrome wall bracket. Wldlh 6", ht. 10%", extends B%". Fixture can be mounted in the up or down position. .T'1193-7 Three light polished chrome mrni-claldelier witl 6' opal glass. Dia. 17", body ht. 11%", overall hl.291/t".

NOfEi All fixtures above use nediun
base bulbs, up to 60W, except where shown. 'On starred units, glass is held in place by "snap-on" springs iot easy relan ping. ,'J)


T1033-1 Polish ed Brass T1033-7 Polished Chrome
Five light chandelier. Clear glass cylinder shades and black candles. Dia. 19", body ht. 16", overall ht. 34". Uses candelabra base bulbs, G16y, clear recommended.

T6033-1 Polished Brass T6033-7 Polished Chrome
One I ght wall bracket. Ht. 15", width 4%", extends 5" Uses candelabra base llulb, up to 60W.

T1032-1 Pollshed Brass T1032-7 Pollshed Chrome
Six light chandelier with matte black candles. Dia. 1972", body ht. 15%", overall ht.33%". Uses candelabra base bulbs, up to 60W.




f! D








T1049-2 Five light traditional
chandelier. Antique brass f nish w th amber glass chirnneys. D a. 22", body ht. 17", overa i h1. 37". C"'delab'a b"sp bJ bs Lp Io 60W.

T1092-2 Five light chandelier with
dark oak center column. Antique blass iinish, fluted amber g ass shades. Dia. 21". body hl. 17", ov.ra.l l-t. i7 . N,4ediJT bas" 6- 6. up to 60W.

T1520-2 Anliqu e Brass
T1520-12 Pewter
F ve I ght

'tankard" chandelier

w th downlight. Four-pos lion

f1047-2 Five I qht tradit onal chandelier. Antiqu e brass flnish.6"
opal glass spheres. Dia. 24". bady ht. 17", overall ht.37". lvlediurn base bulbs, up to 60W.

T1521-12 F ve light old p ne "bLllerLhr"r w ll- l-Lr"ly La dles. Anl que pewter finish. Concealed downlight wrth 3-way switch. Dia.23", body ht. 14%", overa ht.341',". Candelabra base bulbs. up to 60W.30W R20 lamp

3-way switch operates all bulbs. D a.22", body ht. 14", overall ht. 34". Candelabra base bulbs, up to
60W. 30W 820 amp recomrnended

for down gh1.

recornrnended for down ght.





t\t D



T12265-1 Five light polished brass chandelier with fruitwood column and opal hobnail shades. Dia.23", body ht. 15", overall ht.33". T12325-1 Five light chandelier wjth polished brass finish. Fruitwood column, frosted cut glass shades. Dia. 23", body ht. 15", overall ht. 33". T1905-2 Five light antique brass chandeljer with hobnail glass shades. Dia. 23", body ht. 13", overall ht.33". T6901-2 One light antique brass wall bracket with hobnail glass shade. Width 4", ht. 9",
extends 7".

T1385-6 Satin White


l\.ilatte Black Five light chandeller with fruitwood column and polished brass accents. Dia. 22", body hl. 15", overall ht.33". Candelabra base bulbs, up to 60W. T1335-l Five light polished brass chandeljer. Fruitwood center column, amber swirl glass. Dia.23", body ht. 15", overall ht.33". T6331-1 One light polished brass wall bracket, switch included. Amber swirl glass. Width 5",

ht.8", extends 7".
T6341-1 One light polished brass wall bracket.
Satin opal glass. Switch included. Width 5",

ht.8", extends 7". T6396-6 Satin White T6396-9 Textured Black One light wall bracket. Width 41/z' , h|.9"
extends 7".


T1345-1 Five light polished brass chandeljer.
Fruitwood column, satin opal glass. Dia.23", body ht. 15", overall ht.33". T1396-6 Satin White T1396-9 Textured Blac k Five light chandelier wlth fruitwood center column. Polished brass accents. Diamond pattern crystal clear glass. Dia.22", body ht. 15", overall ht.33".
NOTE: A// lixlures on these two pages use


nedium base bulbs, up to 60W, except
where shown.





t_ r--r-

- --rR:

r-! D





T1091-2 Five light transitionat
chandelier w th dark oak center column. Ant que brass f in sh, tapered smoke glass c h imneys. Dia.25", body ht. 17", overali ht.35". Candelabra base bulbs, up to 60W. T1048-2 Five llght chandelier w th combination wood and cast center
column. Smo ked optic glass ch imneys, antique brass ftnish. Dia.22", body ht. 14", overall ht. 32". Medium base bulbs, up to 60W.

f1202-2 Five iight chandel

er wlth dark oak center column. Amber glass chimneys, antique brass flnish. Dia. 21", body ht. 20", overall ht. 40". Candelabra base bu bs, up to 60W.


1204-2 Five light chandelier with > antique brass finlsh, dark oak center column and topaz glass chimneys. D a.22", body ht. 17", overall ht. 37". Candelabra base bu bs, up to 60W.

T1029-2 Five light chandel er with
oak center column. Antique brass finish, amber glass chimneys. Dia. 23", body hl. 16", overall ht. 34". Candelabra base bulbs, up to 60W.


- --rR


t\ D


T2013-2 Antique Brass Three light ceiling fixture with large crystal hurricane glass. Dia. 7" , hl. 14" . For matching drop see T1013 on page 50. Candelabra base bulbs, up to 60W. T1555-2 Five light antique brass chandelier with octagonal fruitwood column. Dia.24", body ht. 17", overall ht.35". Candelabra base bulbs, up to 60W. T1925-2 Five light antique brass chandelier with hurricane glass shades. Dia.22" , body ht. 13", overall ht.33". Medium base bulbs, up to 60W. T1018-2 Five light chandelier. Clear hurricane glass, solid maple center column. Antique brass. Dia. 21", body ht.'18", overall ht.36". Candeldbra base bulbs, up to 60W. T6546-1 Polished Brass T6546-2 Antique Brass T6546-12 Pewter One-light wall bracket. Hurricane glass chimney. Width 5", ht. 1 1", extends 6". Candelabra base bulb, up io 60W. T1174-9 Five light matte black chandelier with
tapered honey gold Spanish-style chimneys. Dark oak cenler column. Dia. 22", body hI.17", overall ht.35". Candelabra base bulbs,
up to 60W. T1943-2 Antique Brass T1943-4 Antique Copper



Three light wagon wheel chandelier. Frosted chimneys. Dia. 25", body ht. 16", overall ht.34". l\y'edium base bulbs, up to 60W.

T1945-2 Anlique Brass T1945-4 Antique copper
Five light wagon wheel chandelier. Frosted chimneys, Dia. 30", body ht. 16", overall ht.34". l,4edium base bulbs, up to 60W.

-2 Antique Brass T6941-4 Antique Copper One lignt wall bracket. Frosted chimney. Width, 5", ht. 1 1", extends 6". Medium base

bulb, up to 60W.







F! D



( ftOS+-e Five

light chandelier with circular metal band. amber glass chimneys. Matte black finish, Dia. 21", body ht. 19", overall ht. 34". Medium base bulbs, up to 60W. T1216-9 Five light chandelier with heavy I/editerranean center column. Amber swirl glass chimneys. Dia.23", body ht. 20", overall ht.


T1265-9 Five light chandelier with

Jruitwood center column. Matte black finish. Dia. 22", body hl. 171/2"

T1266-9 Five light chandelier with
fruitwood center column. l\4atte black finish, clear Sorrento glass. Dia.23", body hl. 17v2" , overall ht. 35".

T6151-9 One light [,4ed iterranean wall bracket. Cast backplate, matte
black finish. Width 5", ht.9", extends 7". T6152-9 Two light l\y'editerranean wall bracket. Cast backplate, matte black finish. Width 11", ht.9", extends 6".

T1020-9 Five light chandelier with
clear Sorrento glass diffusers. Textured lvlediterranean black f inish. Dia. 20", body ht. 21", overall ht. 39".

T1021-9 Five light



chandelier. Textured black finish, ivory colored husky candles. Dia.20", body ht. 21", overall ht. 39".
NOTE: A/i tlxtures on this page use


candelabra base bulbs, up to 60W,

except wherc shown,


- --rR

- t! D

T1941-1 Polished Brass and Ant que Copo' T1941-2 Antlque Brass and Matte B ack


Trad t ona one- ghi shaded drop w th concealed downl ght. Cornbinat on frosted,' clear top chimney. 3 way sw tch D a 18", body ht. 24r'r", overa hl. 441/i" l\,4ed um base bulb, up to 250W.30W R20 recommended lor d ow n lig ht. T2940-1 Po shed Brass and Antique Copper T2940-2 Antique Brass and Matte Black Three-light serf -ce ilng iixiure Cornpan on p ece to TT940 Dia. 181',", dePth 133'r" t'y'edlum base bu bs, uP to ilow


T1940-1 Polished Brass and Antique Copper
T1940-2 Antique Brass and Matte Black Three-light shaded drop with wood font and brass accents. Flat white dlffuser. Dia. 18/r", body ht. 13%", overall ht.333/a". Nledium base bulbs, up to 60W. (Also available as swaq. See T5940 on Page 53.)

T1239-2 Four light chain-hung fixture.
Antique brass. Clear glass chimneys. Wood center column. Dia. 19", h1. 18", overall ht. 38". Candelabra base bulbs, up to 60W.

T1937-2 One light pendant wlth downlight.
Antique brass finish. Satin white chlmney. Four-position 3-way switch operates both bulbs. Dia. 19",h|.22", overall ht.42". Med um base bulb, up to 200W. Downlight:
30W Fl20 recommended.








NJ D41


I ,*










i6iirirj;7':x ),,'-{



r 0
Antiq ue Brass/Satin Brown T1451-93 Pen nsylvan ia Dutch One I ght drop. Dia. 9", ht. 91r", overa h|. 291ir" . Up to 60W. For use with c 40

frosled bu lb.

T6451-2 Ant que Brass/Satin Brown T6451-93 Pennsylvania Dutch One light wall bracket. Width 9" , hL 9h", extends 10". Up to 60W. For Lrse wllh c-40
ifosted bulb.


T1450-2 Antiqu e Brass/Satin Brown
T1450-93 Pe n nsylvan ia Dutch Three llght drop. Dia. 25", bady h1. 14", overall h1.34". Up to 60W. For use with G-40 frosted bu lbs.


lMatte Blac k

T3527-93 Pen nsylvan ia Dutch One lght ceiling fixture. B" opal sphere. Ota.161/2", ht.'11%". N.4edium base bulb, up to 100W.


N,4atie Blac k

T1527-93 Pennsylvan a Dutch One lght drop. B" opal sphere. Dia. 161/2", h|. 15", overall ht. 35". l\y'edium base
bulb, up to 150W.

T1938-2 Antiq ue Brass/Satin Brown T1938-42 Rustic Yellow One ight pendant. 8" opal glass sphere. Dia. 17", body ht. 16", overall ht.36". Medlum base bulb, up to 150W.


I Tit66-1

Potished Brass

T1166-2 Antique Brass Slx-light Georg jan-style f ixture. Arched clear beveled glass panels with hand-cut star design. Dia. 161/4" , body ht. 197r ", overall

T1168-l Polished


T1168-2 Antiq ue Brass
Three light foyer fixture with six clear beveled glass panels. Dia. 81/2" , body hl. 171/2" , overull h|.37V2"



T1167-1 Polished Brass T1167-2 Antique Brass
Four light, four-sided foyer fixture.

Clear beveled glass with hand-cut star pattern. Dia. 10" sq., body ht.

, overall hl. 371/2" . T2167-l Polish ed Brass T2167-2 Antique Brass Four light foyer ceiling fixture. Hand-c ut beveled glass. Dia. 10" sq., depth 16%". T2168-1 Polished Brass T2168-2 Antique Brass Three light, six-sided foyer ceiling fixture. Hand -cut beveled glass.







T1195-2 Two liqht antique brass hanging lantgrn. Clear acrylic panels. Dia. 8", body hl. 141/2", ov-aralI ht.34%". T1184-2 One light square lantern drop. Antique brass. Textured acrylic panels. 7" square, ht. 171/2", overall ht.377r". Medium base bulb, up to

T1194-2 Two light drop. Aniique brass. Clear slate acrylic panels. Double caqe lantern. Width 7", ht. 17", overall ht. 37".
NOTEi All lixturcs on these two pages use candelabra base lamps, up to 60W, except wherc shown.


- ---rR


t\t D











f 'q 'l '.!.





T3072-2 Antiq ue Brass
One iight shaded ce ling. Fru twood finished frame with "woven cane" panels. 8" opal glass sphere. Dia. 18%", depth 15". i\ledium base bulb,
up to 100W. -T1072-2 Antlque Brass One light shaded drop. Fruitwood finished frame, "woven cane" panels. 8" opal glass sphere. Dla. 1B%", body ht. 15", overall ht.33".

T1037-1 Po ished Brass T1037-7 Polished Chrorne
One light drop, smoke glass. W dth 8", body ht. 10", overall ht.28". N.4edium base bulb, up to 100W.

T2965-6 clossy

T2965-23 Poiished Aluminum
Three light contemporary semi-ceiling fixture. Dia. 15", depth 7la". Medrum base bulbs, up to 60W.


T1040-7 Three light polished chrome
coI-icdr foyar f xlure. s-no\e glaSS. Dia.71/c" , body hI. 121/a" , overall ht. 307a". Candelabra base bulbs, up to 60W.

T1963-2 Three light Colonial reftector
drop. Perforated metal decorative trim. Antique Brass iinlsh. D a. 151r", body ht. 13", overall ht.33". N,4edium base bulbs, up to 60W.

Medium base bulll, up to 100W.

T1071-8 Antiq ue cold
One light shaded drop. Amber F emish acrylic panels. 8" opal glass sphere. Dia. 1Bfz", body ht. 15". overall ht.33". Nledlum bas-. bulb, up to 100W.

T2963-2 Three lighi Colonial reflector serr -coil'1q fi> tJre. A1t qL^ B'aSS
finish with decorative trim. Dia. 15%",

T1965-6 clossy -T1965-23

pth 91,".l\ledium base bulbs, up to 60W.

White Polished Aluminum Thr-a lqht c or l-npora ry r^flector drop. Dia. 15", body ht. 10", overa ht.30l:". Medium base bulbs, up


to 60W.
NOTE: T10/2-2 and 71965-23 are also available as swags. See T5072 & T5965 on Pages 52 and 53.

T3071-8 Antiqu e Gold
One light shaded ceiling fixture. Amber Flem ish acrylic panels.8" opal glass sphere. Dia. 181/2", depth 15". N4ed um base bulb,
up to 100W.







T1052-1 Three llght foyer drop. Polished brass finish. Six deeply-beve ed clear panels with polished "wheel cut" decoration. Dla. 147r", body ht. 10", overall ht. 30". Candelabra base bulbs, up to 6OW. T1352-2 Three I ght loyer drop. Anlique brass finish. Smoke panels with "wheel cut" decoratlon. Dia. 141/2", body ht. 10", overail ht.30". Candelabra base bulbs.
up to 60W.

T3052-1 Three light ce ling fixture. Po ished brass f nish. Clear panels wilh "whee l cut" decoration. Dia.141/2" depth 9%". CandeJabra base bulbs,
up to 60W.

T3352-2 Three light ce ling fixture.
Antique brass fin sh. Smoke panels with

'wheel cut" decoralion. Dia.


depth 9r,r:". Cande abra base buJLs, up to 60W.

T1351-2 One light foyer drop. Antique

'wheei cut" decoratton. Dia.9%", body
ht. 10", overa I ht. 30". N.4edium base bu b, up to 60W.

brass fin sh. Four smoke panels with

T1051-1 One light foyer drop. polished
brass finish. C ear panels wlth "wheel overa I ht. 30". L4edium base bulb, up to 60W.

cut" decorat on. Dia. 9tr", body ht. 10", T3051-1 One light ceiling iixture. Polished brass flnlsh. Clear panets with ' wheel cut' decoration. Dia. 9/r ", d-.pth 9%". l\.4edium base bulb, up to 60W. T3351-2 One light ceil ng f xture. Antique brass flnish. Smoke panels wlth "wheel cut" decoration. D a. 97r", depth 9%". l\.4edium base bulb, up to 60W.

T1137-1 Polish ed Brass


,ghl orop. Detalshaped clear beveled panels. Dia. 9l!", body ht. 11", overall ht. 31". Ca^delabra bdse bJ,os, Lp lo oow. T1138-1 Polished Brass T1138-2 Antiq ue Brass Tul p design three light drop. Petalshaped smoke beveled panels. fnq'aved la qLe decordUons. Dia. 9i4", body h1. 11", overall ht. 31". Cd^delabra base bJ os. Lp to 60W.

Tr'rp des'q.



T3138-1 Po lshed Brass
T3138-2 Antiq ue Brass Tul p design three light ceiling flxture.
Petal-shaped smoke beve led panels. Dla. 91.r ", ht. 12" . Cande abra base bulbs, up to 60W.

T3137-1 Po lshed Brass T3137-2 Ant que Brass Tul p design ceiling fixture. Petal-shaped c ear beveled panels. Dia. 9y4", ht. 12". Candelabra base bulbs, to 60W.



- --r- R


t-! D





T1038-1 Polished Brass T1038-7 Polished Chrome
Two light drop with smoke glass Dia S", body ht. 10%", overall ht. 281/2". Candelabra base bulbs, up to 60W

Two I ght ceil ng fixture. B" smoke glass sphere Depth 10". Candelabra base bulbs, up to 60W. T1201-9 One Iight drop. N,latte black finish with wroughtiron scrolls. T" opal qlass sphere. Dia. '12", body ht. 10", overall ht. 28". l\y'edium base bulb, up to 100W. T1862-2 Two light pendant. Antique brass finish. Cleal amber faceted giass. Dia. 7V2" , body ht. 972 ", overall ht.28". Candelabra base bulbs, up to 60W.

T3038-1 Polished Brass T3038-7 PollshedChrome

T11791-t Polished Brass
T11791-2 Antique Brass One light pendant. Dia.8", overall ht.27". N4edium base bulb, up to 150W. T3862-2 Two light ceiling fixture. Antique brass, amber laceted glass. Dia.7", ht. 10". Candelabra base bulbs, up to 60W. T32062-2 Two light ceiling tixture with amber melon shaped glass. Antique brass tinish. Dia. 7", hl. 10". candelabra base bulbs, to 60W. T31811-2 One light ceiling fixture. Antique brass linish, hobnail glass. Width 8", ht. 12%". N.4edium base bulb,
up to 100W.



T11811-2 One light pendant. Antique brass finish, hobnail glass. Dia.8", overall ht.30%". [,4edium base bulb, up to 100W.


lA 'I

T1013-2 Three light hanging flxture. Crystal hurricane shade. AnliqJe brass I n.sl'. Dra. 7', l.t. 13", overdll

ht.32'. Candelabra
up to 75W.

basp bulbs. Jp to 60W.

T21051-2 One light fixture with antique brass finish, hobnaii chimney. Dla. 12", ht. 15". N,4ediurn base bulb, T1750-34 One light drop. Swedish iron finish scroll cage. 6" clear crackle glass sphere. Dia. 81r", body ht. B%", overall ht.287:". Medium base buib, up to

T1752-34 One light drop. Swedish iron finish scroll cage. 8" clear crackle glass sphere. Dia. j l ", body ht. 12", overall ht.32". [,4edium base bulb, up to 150W. T'1757-9 One light drop. L4alte black textured scroll cage. B" opal sphere. Dia. 11", body ht. 12", overall ht.32". l\.4edium base bulb, up to 150W. T3043-7 Five ilght ceiling fixture. polished Chrome. Dia. 8", ht. 93/4". Candelabra base bulbs, up to 40W.
G-167, lamps recommended.

T3757-9 One light ceiling fixture. l\,4atte black textured scroll cage. B" opal sphere. Dia. 11", depth 9". l,4edium base bulb, up to 100W. T3750-34 One light ceiling fixture. Swedish iron tlnish scroll cage. 6" cleat crackle sphere. Dia.\i/r",
depth 8". N,'ledium base bulb, up to 60W.

T3752-34 One light ceillng fixture. Swedish iron lin sh scroil cage. B" clear crackle glass sphere. Dia. 11", depth 10%". N.4edium base bulb, up to 100W. T1136-9 Two light chain-hung drop wlth wrought ron cage. l\,4atle black f nish. Smoke glass. Dia. 7", body ht. 15". Candelabra base bulbs, up to 60W. T3136-9 Two light ceiling fixture with wrought fon cage. lVatte black finish. Smoke glass. Dia. 7", depth 12". Candelallra base bulbs, up to 60W.



SWAG MOUNTED FIXTURES Thefxtures shownon these two pages haue been Dach fxture comes with 12 Jt. oJ chain' 15 Jt' oJ espicially fiepated for swag mounting. This wire, two swag hoohs and mounting hardware,, .e raliows tie^fixiure to be hung at anA point in a a canoPV, an in-line su)itch which can b.e blaced plug' room, without f egard to u.)hether a ceiling outlet is at an| point along the wire, and a walt
auailable ot not. Suag a contem|orarA chandelier ouer a dining table or breahJast .nooh, or. hang T50j0 swag

r |

two smaller units ouer end tables, fianhing couch, in lieu of table lamps.




2 decorativ6 swag hooks, 15;

(not shown). Avaitable in most f nishes. of chain, 18' of wire, 1 wall

plug and


feed-thru switch'




< f5072-2 Antique Brass Swag version of T1072, paqe One liqht, up to 100W.


75690-2 Antique Brass T5690-12 Pewter Swag version of T1691, paqe

3-way bulb, up b 5A/2AA/250W. Separately switch ed down light, 30W F20 recomme nded.



Anlrq ue Brass T5476-12 Pewter Swag versions ot T1475 and f1476, page 21. 3-way bulb, up to
tA / 204 /

down light, up to 75W.

)alw . Separatety sw.lc l- ed

T5291-2 Antique Brass T5291-12 Pewter Swaq version of T1291, paqe 19. 3-way bulb, up b 5a/2AO/isOW. Separate ly switched downljqht,
30W Fl20 recommended.


T5213-46 closs Brown & Bosewood Swag version of T1213, page g. Three candelabra base bulbs, up to 60W. T5250-45 Lemon /Ochre Swag version of T1250, paqe 10. F ve liqht, up to 75W. T5965-23 Polished Aluminum Swag version of T1965, paqe 47. Three liqht, up 10 60W. -




75940-1 Pol. B'ass & A1t. CoDDer T5940-2 An1. B,ass & Matte Bticr.
Swag version of T1940,.paqe 4j Three liqht, up lo 60W.

T5280-2 Antiq ue Brass
ca^deiabra base bulbs, up to 60W. T5603-46 Gloss Brown and Walnut Swag versron of T1603, page 13. Three light. up to 60W. T5600-7 Polished Chrome Swag version of T1600, paqe 14. Five light, up to 60W. 75601-46 Gloss Brown and Walnut Swag vers'or of T'601, paqe 13. five light, up to 60W. T5602-7 Polished Chrome Swag version of T1602, page 15. Three light, up to 60W.
Swag version o{ T'280. page 7. E gt t

T5120-7 Pol. Chrome, Smoke

J5121-7 Pol. Chrome, Clear

Swag versions of T1 120 and T1 121 page 4. Six llght, 25W G25 clear lamps recommended. Se'parately switch ed d own liO ht, 30W F20 recornmended. T5230-7 Pol. Chrome & Smoke Swag version of T1230, page 12.
Four Iiqht,25W G25 clear lamos recomme nded.


T5231-7 Pol. Chrome & Smoke
Swag version of T1231, Page 12. Flve llght,25W G25 clear lamps recommended. f5125-7 Pol. Chrome, Smoke T5126-7 Pol. Chrome, C lear Swag versions ol T'125 aro T'126, Page 5. Four light, 25W G25 clear Iamps recommend ed. Separate ly sw tched downlight, 30W R20 re comrne nded NOTE: All lixtures on these two pages use medium base lamps, except whete shown.



L_ t--r- E=


t! D









T3603-6 Glossy White T3603-7 PolishedChrome
T3603-39 Lemon Yellow
Three light contemporary ceil ng with 6" opal spheres. Canopy dia. 13", depth 9ta"


T3240-6 Glossy White T3240-7 PolishedChrome
T3240-38 Parrot creen T3240-39 Lernon Peel Yellow
Three light ceil ng fixture with 6" opai glass spheres. Canopy dia. 13", overall dia. (with glass) 14" , deplh 7" .
Up to 75W.

Pol shed Brass



GJossy Wh te

Polished Chrome T2602-39 Lemon Yellow Three light semi-ceil ng with 6" opal qlass sone'es. D a. 20 . dept'r "



lossy White

T3754-9 Matte Blac k One light cei ing fixture.6" opal glass
drum, textured scroll cage. Dia.8y2", depth 4".

T3241-38 Parrot Green T3241-39 Lemon Peel Yellow Two light ceiling fixture with opat
giass diffuser. Dia. 12y2", deplh 41/r".

T3755-9 Matte Blac


T3185-6 White
T3185-38 Parrot Green T3185-39 Lemon Peei Yellow
One light ceiling fixture wlth B" opal glass. Canopy 9%" square, depth 9". Up to 100W.
NOTE: A// lixtures on these two pages use medium base bulbs,

Two light ceiling. B" opal glass drum, lextured scroll cage. Dia. 11", deplh 41/a".

73757-9 Matte Blac k One iight ceiling fixture. B" opal glass


sphere, textured scroll cage. Dta. 11yr", depth 9". Up to 100W.



6AW, except where shown.

T3250-44 Lime /Avocado T3250-45 Lemon /Ochre Three light celling lixture. Bubble-forrn center column. 6" opal qlass sphere. Dla. 19", depth 8".

On all lixtures on these pages, g/ass /s attached lo holder with "snap-on sVings lar easy rclamping.



T31131 60 T31132 75 T31133 1s0 T31134 150

Cat. No.

Watts Dia.

6" B" 10" 12"



15" 17" 19"

One light pendant spheres. Available in Polished Brass (-1) and Satin Aluminum (-23). T3481 Three light celling f xture. Ribbed design wood frame. Frosted panel. 14" sq., dePth 5". UP to 60W. T3489 Three light ce ling f xture. Wood finished f rame. Opal/gold glass. D a. 12%", depth 5". UP to


-T3490 1/60W 71/2" 31/z' -T349't 2/6AW 9" 4' -T3492 2/6AW 11" 41/2"
-T31101 1/60W -T31102 2/6AW -T31103 2/6AW

No. Lamps Dia. Depth

Fluted Satinex glass. Available in Polished Blass (-1), Ant que Brass (-2), and Polished Chrome (-7).

4" N.4olded glass. Pol shed chrome.

6" B' 10"


-T31141 1/60W -131142 2/ 60\tN -T31143 2/75W

8" 10" 12"



ushroom-shaped opal glass.


Ava lable in Polished Brass (-1), Ant que Brass (-2), and Pol shed
Chrome (-7).

1 /60W 6" B" 10" 13 2/60W -T311 14 2/75W 12',


2/60W 'T31112 -T311



Opal glass. Available in Antique Brass (-2), Satln Whlte (-6), and Pol shed Chrorne ( 7). T61902-11 Two light bullet on swivels. Satin brass finish. W dth dpp'o, '1-. ht. 10 . . UP to i00W. T61901-11 One light builei on swivel for ceiling or wall. D a. 5", Hl. 107q". Up to 100W. T3488-2 Antiq ue Brass

T3488-6 White

T3488-31 Avocado T3488-33 Auturn n Gold Two light ce ling lixlure. Opal glass. D a. 0'r'. oepll'3 a". Up to 60W.

T31862-6 Satin White
T31852-33 Autum n Gold Two llght ceiling. Dia. 12", depth

". Up io 60W. NOIEi All lixtures on this page use

medium base bulbs. Maximun watlages indicated. 'On staffed units, g/ass ls atfached to canopy wtth "snap-on" springs


lar easy relamping.




T1524 One light drop with 8"
opai glass sphere. Dia. 181,'r", body ht. I1". overall ht. 31". lr'led um base bulb, !p to 100W.

,A ill

T3524 One liqht ce lina

8' opa glass sphere. Textured
wood finish shade is h ghlighted by insel frult-s ce d scs. Dia. 1Bl?", depth 9". Ny'ed um base bulb, up to 100W.


T1142-37 One light pendanl fixture. Satin whlte flnish wiih orange and lemon frull sllce decorat on. 8" opa glass spherc. Dia.20", body ht. 13", o\^rdll hl. ',a . Ved -r o rse o..o up to I00W. T3142-37 Ane J ght ceiling fixturc.
Satin wh te f nish with orange and lcmon iruit slice dccorat on. 7" opal glass sphere. Dia. 17", depth 9". Up to 75W.

FLUORESCENT UNDER CABINET LIGHTS Eaah unit inc udes removable p asttc dilfuser Knockouts for G.C.O. and s\^/ tch are provided on 30" un t. G ossy \.,,h te f nish.

Cat. No. Length Ht. T3200-6 18" th" T3201-6 18" 11,q" T3202-6 30" 11,'q"

Ext. 3Lz"

15WT8 15WTg




tlncludes switch. c.C.O. cord and plug.

L_ r--r-




F! D





T3022-1 Polish ed Brass T3022-7 Polished Chrome
One light ceiling fixture. Clear rock crystalformation glass. D ia.5", de pth 8". T3023-2 One light ceiling fixture. Antique brass finish, drapery pattern giass. Dia. 7" , deplh 7". T3220-2 Qne I ght ceiling f xlure. Ant que brass linish. 6" crystal sphere. Oia.7" . h|.71/2" . 73182-8 Ant que Gold

T3601-6 T3601-7

c lossy While Pol shed Ch rome

T3601-39 Lemon Yellow One lght ce ling flxture wilh 6" opat sphere. Canopy 61,/r" sq., deplh 9%". T3301-5 Ona ohr ce li'lg f /tJre. Prov ncia white, gold. D)a.6",hL71/2".

T3223-8 One light cut crystal drum. Ant.que gord'inisn. Dta.7 1t.3 T3224-8 Two lght cut crystal drum.
. .

T3280-6 Wh te T3280-7 Po ished Chrome
T3280-39 Lemon Yellow One light ceiling fixture.6" opal sphere. Dla. 6", deplh 71/,".




e Brass

Antique gold fin sh. Dia. Blz" , hL 3" T3053-8 Antique cold T3053-12 Ant que Pewter One light ce ling fixture wlth cast rosette f itter. Mushroom-shaped opal glass,dia.B".Fitter dla. 10", depth 3%".


Antiq ue cold

T3182-9 Malte


One light ceiling. "Bulleye's pattern" glass. Dla. 7", deplh 61/r". Up 10 60W. T32141-9 One light cei ing with 6" opal globe. l,4atte black f nish. Dia.


7", deplh 71/r".

T3281-2 Antiqu e Brass T3281-6 Whlte T3281-7 PolishedChrome
T3281-39 Lernon Yellow
One light cei ing fixlure. B" opal sohe'e. Dia. B . rt. L Up lo 100W.

T3196-1 Polished Brass T3196-2 Antique Brass
One light hobnall ceillng lixture. Dia.6", depth 6". T32131-8 Antiq ue Gold


N,4atte Blac k

One light cei lng fixture. Fluted

Satinex diffuser. Dia.7", depth 8".
Up to 100W.


One light ceillng fixture. Antlque brass with amber crackle glass. Sphere dia.6", depth 8".

T3197-1 Polished Brass T3197-2 Antiq ue Brass T3197-7 Polish ed Chrome One I ght ceil ngf xlure.Dia.6",ht.77,". T3198-1 Polished Brass T3198-2 Airtiq ue Brass T3198-7 Polish ed Chrome One lght cei rng fixture. D a.8",
depth 9". Up lo 100W. T3221-8 One light cut crystal drum. 4f iq-e gold f ',sh. D d. /-,ll.t-. f3222-8 ane light cut crvstal drum. Art que qold l rrsh. D a. / , 11. 5-

T3054-12 Antiq ue Pewter Two light ceil ng lixture with cast rosette f tter. 10" mushroom-shaped opal glass. Fitter dia. 12" , deplh 41/2". T3055-8 Antique Gold T3055-12 Antique Pewter One light ce ling f xture wlth cast rosette f tter. Square cut crystal glass drum, dia. 7". F llet dia. 10". depth 47r ".


Antiqu e Gold

T3056-12 Antique Pewter Two lght ceiling fixture with cast rosette fitter. Square cut crystal glass

ia. 81/2". F Ilet dia. 12",

T3180-1 Polished Brass T3180-9 l\,4atte B ack
One light c-^iling fixture with tapered cut glass. Dia. 5", depth 8".

depth 4Yr". NOTE: AII lixtures an these two pages use mediun base bulbs, up b 6AW, except wherc indicated. On all Iixtures on these pages, g/ass ls attached to holder with

"sndp-an' springs lot easy rclam ng,




F\l t-





T5322-8 Double swag. Afllque gold
linish. Cut crystal pear-shaped glass. Dia. B', ht. 11". Each chain 6r.i'long. Ce ling hooks included Up to 100W.

T6351-8 Ant qu -. Gold T6351- 12 Antiq ue Pewter
One ligh t wall bracket. Clear cross-cu1 glass with open fluted bottom. Width 6", hl.91,", cxtends 912". Up to 60W.

Antiq ue co d T1080-12 Antiq ue Pewter One light drop. Opalescent crystal sphere. D a.61,]", body ht. 11",


T3320-8 One light ceil ng f xture. Anl qL^ gold 'i1 q" Da 8,rr.-0.
Up to 75W.

overal ht 31". Up to
Antiqu e



Antiq ue cold T6352-12 Antiq u e Pewter


T1320-8 One light drop. Antique go d
finlsh. D a.8", ht. 11", overall
Up to 100W.
h1. 31".

Two lighl wall bracket. Clear cross-

T5082-12 Ant que Pewter
Dou ble swag, opalescent crysta spheres. Dia.611", body ht 11 ", Each chain 61/, ft. ong. Cell na hooks ncluded. Up to 60W.


cut g ass w th open fluted bottom.
Widlh 14", ht.9", extends Up to 60W.



NOTE: A// lixtures an these two pages use medium base bulbs, cleat Alg recammended.

t_ l--r-:




T1904-8 One I qht drop. Antique
gold finlsh. Square cut crystal glass. Dia.6", body ht. 18", over-

all ht.36". Up to


One light ceiling fixture. Dia.7", depth 6%". Up to 75W.

'T32101-2 Antique Brass

-T12101-2 Antique Brass One light drop. D a. 53/a", body ht. 83/4", overall ht. 27". Up to 75W. -T62'101 -2 Antlque Brass One light wall bracket with Baroque cast back plate. Width
53/a" , hl. 101/2" , extends Up to 75w. 7314".


Dou ble swag. Crystal glass diffuser. Dia. 53/q" , hl. 83/a" . Each

'T52102-2 Antique Brass

chain 6%' long. Ceiling hooks included. Up to 75W.
Ant jque Gold One light wall bracket. Cut crystai water-drop shaped glass. Dia.5", ht. 13Y2", extends 7". Up to 60W.


T1330-8 Antique Gold
One light pendant. Cut crystal water-drop shaped glass. Dla.5", ht. 13/2 ", overall ht.33". Up to 60W.

T5332-8 Antique Gold
Double swag. Cut crystal waterdrop shaped glass. Ht. 14", dia. 41/t". Each chain 67r' long. Ce iling hooks inclLded. Up to 60W.

NOTEi All fixtures on these two pages use nedium base clear

'O, staffed unlls, g/ass ls


attached to holder or canopy
with " snap-on" springs lor easy



- --r F=


t! D





n this group of fixtures frorn the Country Heritage co lection, the charm of 19th Century American artistry has been re-created. Antiq ue Brass 75422-12 Pewter Double swag lixture wlth bold cast scroll arms and 5" dia. ball chimneys. lncludes two 61, ft. chains. Dia.8", body ht. 19",


overall ht. as desired.



Antlque Brass T5292-12 Pewter Doubie swag with cast scroll arms and 7" dta. crimped top shades. Two 6% ft. chains are included. D a. 9", body ht. 17", overall ht.
as desired.


'16421-2 Antlq ue Brass
T6421-12 Pewter One-light wall bracket. tntricate cast arm and 5" dia. frosted ball chlmney. Wldlh 512", ht. 12",
extends 8".

T6291-2 Antiqu e Brass T6291-12 Pewter One-,rgrr wal bracner. Srnalr bLt
charrning crlmped top shade, cast scroll arm. Width 7", ht. 91/2" , exlends 9l?"

Antiq ue Brass T6691-12 Pewter One-light wall bracket. N4etal scroll arm and florai pattern shade. Width 7", hl. 11",



extends 9".
Antiq ue Brass T5691-12 Pewter Double swag with scroll arms and 7" dia. llata) patlern shades. Includes two 67, lt. chains. Dla. 10", body ht. 20", overall ht. as desired. NOTE: A// lixfules shown on these two pages use medium base bulbs, up ta 100W.





_ _t_

R :

t_! E,







v 3


T5712-2 Double swaq. Antique brass

r,sh tlLteo opa glass. fach cra r 6lr'lonq. Hooks lncluded. Dia.5",

body ht. 12". Up to 75W.

T17'11-2 One light drop with antique brass finlsh and fluted opal glass. D a. 5", body ht. 12", overall ht.30". Up to 75W.


*T5702-2 Double swag. Antique brass f nish with opal g ass. Each chain 6%' long. Cei ing hooks ncluded. Sphere dia.6", body ht. 111r". Up to /5W. *T1701-2 One light drop. Aftique brass finish, opal glass. D a. 6", body ht. 1l 1,/, ", overa ) h|. 291i2" . Up to 75W.

8", body ht. 11", overali ht. 31".
Up to 150W.

ht.29". Up to 100W. 'T1274-2 O\e rigrt orop. AnriqL6 b'ass f n s". Clear crac{le gtass. D a.

*T6701-2 One llght walt bracket. Antique brass finish, opal giass. Width 6", hL 17", extends 8". Up to 100W. .-f1272-2 One light drop. An|que brass f nish, clear crackle glass. Sphere dia.6", body ht. 9", overa

I rtSh witl.


'T5272-2 DoLole swag. Anr qup b,ass clea'ctaclle qtass. Tach

ircluded. Sphere d:a. 6', bodv r1. 9 Uo to 100w


long. Ceilrnq hooks


'T3272-2 Or^ t,gl-t ce rrng.,11u,s Ulear crachie qlass and anttaue
8". Up to
brass fintsh. Sphere dra.



NOTE: ,4/i , (tures o n these use medium base bulb.s

lwo pages

'On stdtrcd untts. gtass is a ached lo holder or canopy with 'snaD-on sptings fat easy relanping.





( "T5100-6 .T5100-7


lossy White

PolishedChrome .T5100-39 Lemon Yellow DoJble swdg w 1l- 6" opal spheres. D a. 6". body ht. 7 . '. Each c1a n 6 2 ft. long. Ceiling hooks inclJded. Up to 60W. .T5601-6 Glossv White .T6601-7 Polisiied Chrome .T6601-39 Lemon Yellow O1e liql-t cortemporary wall bracKel with 6" opal splere-. W dth 6'. ht. 1012 . extenos 7". Uo to 60W.


-T3601-6 Glossy White -T3601-7 PolishedChrome
.T3601-39 Lemon Yellow

One light contemporary ceiling wlth 6" opal sphere. Canopy 61/2" sq., depth gya". Up to 60W.

T6273-12 Pewter One light torch wall bracket Diamond pattern crystal

T6273-2 Aniiq ue Brass


lass. Width 5", ht. 12rlr ", exte nds 67, ". Up to 75W. Brass

T6046-2 Antique

T6046-12 Pewter One llqht wall bracket with opal/clear chimney. Widlh 5", ht. 12", extends 71/2". Up lo 75W. T6186-2 One light torch wall bracket. Antique brass. Wood handle. Width 6", ht. 14", extends 7yr". Up to 100W. T6187-2 One llght iorch wall bracket. Antique brass

finish. Waterfall crystal glass. Ht. 14", width 5%", extends 7Yr". Up to 100W. T6282-5 One lioht wall bracket. Provincial white and gold finish. Opaiglass. G.C.O. W dth 4" , hI. 14" , extends 5". Up to 75W. T61631-2 One light wall bracket. Antique brass. 6" opal sphere. Width 6", ht. 9% ", extends 8". Up to 100W. T61632-2 Two light wall bracket. Antique brass. widlh 1212", ht.9rlr", extends 67r". Up to 100W.


'f5252-44 Lime/Avocado "f5252-45 Lemon / Ochre Double swaq. Bubble-form holder. 7" opal glass spl'eres. Dia.7". ht. 13". tacl'chai'r 6 , lo'rg. Ce linq hoo\s included. Up to 75W.
One liqht drop. BLbble-'orm holder.7" opal glass

'T'1251-44 -T1251-45 Lemon /Ochre


spl^e'es. D a.

z . ht. 13 . overdrl l't.33".

Up to 75W.




*T3251-44 Lime/Avocado -T3251-45 Lemon/Ochre C)ne lioht ceilrno lrxlJre. Bubble-form holder.7" opal giass spheie. Dia. 7". l't. 10". Up to 75W. *T6251-44 Lime/Avocado One liqht wall bracket. Bubble-forn l'older.
glass Jphere. Dia.

'T6251-45 Lemon / Ochre

6' opal 6 . l-t. 9 -'. exlerds 8'. Up to 60W.

T5302-5 Double swag. Provincial white and gold f inish. Opal globes. Each swag c hain 6%'long. Ceillng hooks lncluded. Sphere dia.7", body ht 9". Up to 100W T1311-5 One lioht De'ldant. Provincial white and
Up to 100W.


opal sphere. Body 'rl. 10". overall

ht 28'.

T6301-5 Ore lioht wall bracket. Ptovincial white and gold. 6 opal spiere. Ht. L extends 7". Up to 75W. T6302-5 Two lioht wa I bracket. Provinc al white ard qold. 6" opal spFeres. Wroth 16". ht 9', extends 8'.
Up to 75W.
NOTE: Aii fixtures on these two pages use medium base bulbs, wattages as shown.

'On starrecl units, g/ass ls atfached to holder with "Snap-on" sprin$ lor easy rclanping'




T\l D



c/.) tt

-T6474 Two light 14" bath bar. Gold epoxy on opal white glass. Ht.5%", exlends 5". G.C.O. Up lo 75W. *T6475 Four I ght 24" bath bar. Gold epoxy on opal white glass. Ht.4",
extends 5". G.C.O. Up to 75W.

Four light 24" bath bar. Embossed metal trim on opal glass. Ht.4", extends 5". G.C.O. Up to 75W.

''16477-8 Antiq ue Gold 'f6477-12 PewIet


'T61431 ) 60w rl?-T61432 4/60W



Lts. Width Ht.



23" 51/2"


White corner cut glass wlth gold icing design. White backplate. G.C.O.


*T6476-12 Pewter Two ght 14" bath bar. Embossed metal tr m on opal glass. Ht. 5%", extends 5". G.C O. Up to 75W.

Antiqu e Gold

oracket. Go.d epoxy on ooal glass. Width 5", h1.71/2" , exlends 41/2" G.C.O. Up to 75W.

'T6473 One light vertical bath

tT6478 Two light bath bar. Med terranean black design on whlte glass. Width 15" , h|.41/2" , extends 5".
G.C.O. Up to 75W.


*T6479 Four light bath bar.
l\,4editerranean black des gn on whlte glass. Width 24", hl. 41/2", extends 5".

G.C.O. Up to 75W.

rWith K.O.lar switch.

base bulbs, 15W, 25W or 40W. Naturally, a compiex jnstallation requires careful planning and measurement. Do not place strips directJy over, or too close lo a wash basin, where water mlght splash on the light bulbs. Cornplete installatlon instructions are packed wtth each fixture. CAUTION: Do Not overioad circuits. The wiring in the strips is rated for a rnaximum of 750 watts. Do not exceed 18 40W buJbs, 30 25W bulbs, or b0 1bW bulbs on one circutt.

Use singly or put together your own desjgn (see sketches at rlght). Slngle strips can be joined together end-10-end, or you can turn a cotner with the T9200 Corner Connector, shown below. The f xtures are designed for use with Gi6ti candelabra


1T6206-2 Antiq ue Brass

iT6206-6 White
1T6206-7 Polished Chrome Four-light makeup strip. Width 2", length
extends 4".

1T6207-2 Antiqu e Brass
1T6207-6 Whlte

tT6207-7 Polished Chrome
Six-light makeup strip. Width 2",lenglh extends 4". 1T6208-2 Antique Brass

tT6208-6 White
1T6208-7 Polished Chrome Eight-light makeup strip. Width 2", length
extends 4".

1T6202-2 Antiq ue Brass

tT6202-6 White
1T6202-7 Polished Chrome Three light bath bar, 6" opal spheres. Width of bar 2,,, length 24", extends 7%". Up to 60W.

T9200-2 Antlq ue Brass T9200-6 White T9200-7 Polish ed Chrome
Corner connector, to join makeup strips at right angle. For instalJations around mirrors, etc. Set of two. 2" sq.



four tight 'make-up,'wall bracket

base bulbs, 15W. Gl61/z frosted recommended. 'T6486-6 14" two light bath bar 'f6487 -6 24" four light bath bar rT6488-6 36" six light bath bar Gold-on-gold scroll design on white giass. class s hrged aro rernovable for -asy cleaning (see skerch below). Wl^lle backp.ate. Ht. a:r . exlcrbs a" Up to 7qW 'T6490-6 14" two light bath bar -76491-6 24" four ilght bath bar -T6492-6 36" six I ght bath bar Plain opal glass, hinged for easy relamping and removable for easy cleaning (see sketch below). White backplate. Ht.47r", extends 4". Up to 75W.

T6256-8 371/r" six light 'make-up" wa bracket T6258-8 49V2" eight light "make-up,'wall bracket Antlque gold finish. Ht. 4", extends 4i/2". Candelabta




il ,,t, I

NOTE: All lixtures on these two pages use medium base ,bulbs, unless otheruise


twith K.O. for switc


lwith K.O.s for c.C.O. and/or switch.


- --l- R


T'! D


T61451 Two llght bath bar. Polished chrome. Width 14", ht.4%", extends

T6485 Four light bath bar. Polished
chrome, plain opal glass. Width 24",

T6483 Two light horizontal bent
glass bath bar. Whlte cross line glass. Width 11", ht.6", extends

T61453 Same as T61451, but wlth

ht.4%", extends 5". G.C.O. T6990-7 One light wall bracket.
Polished chrome. \Nidlh extends 7". Up to 60W.
G.C.O. and switch.
41/2" ,

. G.C.O.

T61452 Four light bath bar' Polished chrome. Width 24" ,I'1. 41/2" , exlends




T6482 Four light bath bar. Polished
chrome finish. White line textured glass. Width 24" , hl. 41/2" , exlends

T6991-7 Same as T6990, but with T6481 Two light bath bar. Polished
chrome flnish. White line textured glass. Width 15", ht.4%", extends

5". G.C.O.

T61454 Same as T61452, but with

T6480 One light vertical wall bar.
White line textured glass. Width 41/2" , hI.71/z' , extends 5". G.C.O.
NOTE: A// lixtures on this page use medium base bulbs, up to /5W, unless

T6484 Two light bath bar. Polished
chrome, plaln opal glass. Width 15", ht.472", extends 5". G.C.O

5". G.C.O.

otherwise shown.

NOTEi Bedrcon tixtures are listed below in nume cal arder.

T3473 Three Iight round ceiling


fixlure. Gold epoxy des gn. Dia. 15",
ht. 6"

f3474 Iwo light square ceiling
fixture. Gold epoxy design. 12" square, ht.5".
T3483. Three lgl-t ce linq 'ixtJre. Gold zodiac pattern. Dia. 15", ht.6".

T3484 Two light square ceiling
fixture. White line pattern. 12"
square, ht.57r".

T31202 Three light ceiling fixture w th radiating line design. Pol shed brass iinlsh. 14" square, ht.57r". T31221 Two light ceiling f xture. Nautical deslgn. Dia. 14", ht. 6".

f31222 lhtee light ce ling.
Compass-map design, brass trlm. D ia. 16", ht.8".

T31223 Three light ceiling fixture. Wheat paltern. Polished llrass. 14" square, ht.572".


T31225 Four light ceiling fixlure. Gold ice decoration with pollshed

t|m. D)a. 19", hL


T31226 Three light ceillng fixture
with line design. Po lshed brass flnish on alass trim. Dia. 151/2", hl.5lz".

square, ht.6".

T31231 Three light ceiling fixture. Jet Plane and l\,4issite design. i4t "

T31233 Four light ceiling fixture. White and gold filigree trim. Dia. 171/2". hl. 51/2". T31234 Three light ce ling fixture. L lt . g rl s{ioo rg 'ope. 14" sqJdre,


T31235 Two lrght square ce ling filture. Bubble patlern qlass. 12
square, ht.57r".

T31236 Two light square ceiling fixture with bubble pattern qlass. l4" square, h|.57r". Up to 75W. T31237 Two light round ceitinq
fixture. Bubble pattern glass. Dta. 13" , ft. 51/2"


T31239 Two light square ceilinq fixture with bubbte pattern glass. pull chain switch. l2" square, ht.5yr".

nedium base bulbs, unless otherwise shown.

NOTE: .4/i lixlures on this page use





F\l D

For design. quality of construction

and enduring beauty, the lanter'ls shown on these pages are Probably the best value in lhe country. TheY are weatherproof, rustproof and virtuallV ind estr u ctible. with a4 inteqral linish that will never need
repaintin g. The one-Piece toP hihqes open for relamPing, snaPs c lo6ed. Unbreakaole acrylic panels

a T6530-9 One lrql't square mansard'rool torch lantern w th clear Flerishpattern panels. N,4atte black firis\' Wrdth 7ra", hl. 17", extends 8 4

T6531-9 Same as T6530, but wlth
amber Flemish Panels


T6532-6 Same as T6530, but with
Flemish panels.

matte white finish and milkY wh te

T6630-9 One light square tradltional

lantern with torch handle l\ilatte black f!nish. Clear beveled acrylic panels Width 73lq", ht. 17", extends B"


T6635-9 One light Colonial-style souare lantern w'th torcl' l"andle l/atte black frlish w th or;ql't b'ass tri'n Brass-framed clear acrylic beveled
panels. Width
73/a" ,



19" ,



NOTE: Aii these lantems use medium base bulbs, uP to 60W.






t__r_: __]_R _ t\ D




Weatherproof , ruslproof and virtually outdoor lanterns will enhance any

indestructible, these strlking hexagonal

entranceway. lntegral matte blac k f n sh wil nevar reed 'epaintinq. Non-yellow ng acrylic panels. Oneoiece lop hing"5 9pu. for reld.nprrg. snaps closed. Medium base bulbs.

( T6736-9 Clear acrylrc


T6737-9 Clear Flernish acryllc panels T6738-9 Amber Flemlsh acrylic panels One light wall lantern. Georgian-style
roof. Width 93/4", ht. 20%", extends

". Up to 60W. T6730-9 Clear acrylic panels T6731-9 Clear Flemish acrylic T6732-9 Amber Flemish acrylic panels One light wall lantern wlth torch hand e.
Georgian-style roof. Width 93/4", ht. 28Ya", extends 107a". Up to 60W.

T6432-9 Ciear Flemish acrytlc panets ) T6433-9 Amber Flemish acrylic panels One lighr wall lantern. Fluted peaked roof. Width 10", ht.23", extends 10".


Up to 60W.

T6430-9 Clear Flemish acrylic panels T6431-9 Amoe. Flemis't acryl c pa'1ers O-e I ght wdll lante"t w,1l- lorcl- handle.
Fluted peaked roof w th spike. Width 10", ht. 31", extends 10". Up to 60W.

l-r--r- E --T-R:

T! D





Heavy-duty cast alum num ensures long life and maximum res stance to weathering n these tradit onally styled hexagonal lanterns. Each is equ pped with a h nged top for easy relamp ng and tempeled acrylic panels to elnr nate glass

::%":i"1i#Ji,n[:3fJ;[:"'rocations tr
T6551-9 Matte Blaa
One light

T6551-27 Gilded B lack

wal lantern. C ear Flemish panels. Width 8", ht. 14", extends 71/,".JpIa75W. T6552-9
T6653-27 T6554-27

N4atte Blac k

Same as T6551, but w th Amber Flemish panels. T6553-9 lvlatte B ack

T6552-27 Gilded Blac k

T6553-27 Gilded Blac k

One I ght wall antern wlth lorch hand e. C ear Flem sh panels. Widlh 8", ht. 19", extends 71,'r". Up to 75W.

T6554-9 T6555-9

lMatte Blac k

T6554-27 Glded Back
Same as T6553, bul w th Amber Flem sh pane
N.4atte Blac k

T6555-27 Gild ed Blac k One lighl wall lantern. Clear Flemlsh panels. Width 10", ht.21%", extends 10". Up lo 100W.


Ny'atte Blac k

T6556-27 Glded Back
Same as T6555, but with Amber Flern sh panels.


lMatte Black

T6557-27 Gllded Blac k

One light waLI lanteln with torch hand le. Clear Flemish panels. Width 10", ht. 29", exlends 10". Up to 100W.
l'.4atte Blac k





T6558-27 G lded Black

Same as T6557, but with Amber Flem sh panels.


t..._r--r-- ---rR:

t\ D


Heavy-duty cast aluminum ensures long life and maximum resistance to weathering in these traditionally styled lanterns. The
square lanterns (T6570 Serjes) are equipped with hinged tops for easy relamping, and all (except T6522) have tempered acrylic panels

to eliminate glass bleakage. All are suitable for wet locations.


T6522-27 Gilded Black. T6522-34 Swedrsh lron

One light alum:num wall lantern with torch handle. Amber crackle glass. Wldth 6", ht. 20", extends 9". UP to 100W. T6573-9 N,latte Black. T6573-27 Gilded Black One light square wall lantern with torch handle. Clear Flemish acrylic panels. Width 8", ht. 26", extends 10". UP to 100W. T6574-9 N.4atte Black. T6574-27 Gilded Black
Same as T6573, but with amber Flemish panels

T6575-9 N/atte

Black. T6575-27 Gilded Black One light squale wall lantern wlth torch handle. Clear Flemish acrylic panels. Width 6v2" , hl. 15' , extends 7% ". Up to 75W. T6576-9 lvlatte Black. T6576-27 Gilded Black
Same as T6575, but with amber Flemish panels. T6577-9 N.4atte Black . T6577-27 Gilded Biack

One light square bracket lantern with clear Flemish acrylic panels. Width 8" , hI. 181/2" extends 10". Up to 100W. T6578-9 Matte Black . T6578-27 Gilded Black

Same as T6577, but with amber Flemlsh panels T6570-9 N.4atte Black. T6570-27 Gilded Black One light square wall lantern. Clear Flemish acrylic panels. Width 6%", ht. 11", extends

8". Up to 75W. T6571-9 Matte Black

' T6571-27 Gilded Black Same as T6570, but wlth amber Flemish panels. T6579-9 N/atte Black. T6579-27 Gilded Black
One light square wall lantern with decorative cast scroll arms for mounting above garage doors and entranceways. Clear Flemish panels. Body width 8", overall width with scrolls 24", ht. 18", exiends 10". Up io 100W. T6580-9 Matte Black ' T6580-27 Gilded Black Same as T6579, but wlth amber Flemish panels T6172-9 Clear Flemish acrylic panels T6173-9 Amber Flemish acryllc panels One light "barrel-style" wall lantern. Matte black finish. Width 7", ht.8%", extends 5%"
Up to 75W.

T6170-9 Clear Flemish acrylic panels T6171-9 Amber Flemish acrylic panels
One llght Mediterranean style flush-mount

wall lantern. Nilatte black finish. Width 7%", ht.'11", extends 41/2" . Up lo 75W. T6160-9 Clear Flemish acrylic panels T6161-9 Amber Flemish acrylic panels
One light wall bracket. Nilatte black. Width h|. 9y2" , extends 4314 ". To 75W T6166-9 Clear Flemish acrylic panels T6167-9 Amber Flemish acrylic panels One light flush-mount wall lanlern. l\y'atte black finish. Width 672", ht.8", extends 5". Up to 75W. NOTE: A/i /anterns on these two pages use mediun base bulbs.
63/d" ,


T6195-2 Two light wall bracket. Antlque
panels. Dia. 8" , ft. 2A1/2" , extends 9". Candelabra base bulbs, up to 60W. T6734-24 One light wall bracket. Antique gold glaze f nish. Clear beveled acrylic panels.5y'," sq., ht. 15%", exlends 8". Candelabra base bulbs, up to 60W. T6735-24 One I ght wall bracket with torch handle. Antique gold glaze finish. C,ear oevpl"d ac vlic parels. ) .' sq.. ht. 20%", extends 8". Cande abra base bulb, up to 60W. T6521-9 One light cast aluminum wall bracket w th torch handle and crown.
L4alte olach f 1sl^. 6 opal sple'a W dtl- 6', 'rt. l7 , e/londs B . ly'ed Ln brass linish with clear beveled acryiic

base bulb, up to 100W. T6520-9 One I ght cast aluminum wall

bracket. 6" opa sphere. Matte black f r,sl'. W.dlt- 6 '. 'tt. 1' e\lendc B . lledium base bulb, up to 100W.

T6527-27 Same as T6520, but gilded black linlsh with 6" amber crackle sphere. T6185-2 Ore liqnt poc"er ld'lte'r.
Antique brass f nish. Clear slate pattern panels.5" Square, ht. 101,/a". l\y'edium base bulb, up to 60W. T1194-2 Two light drop. Antique brass. Clear slate acryL c panels. Double cage lantern. Width 7" , hL 17" , overall ht. 37". Candelabra base bu bs, up 10 60W. T1184-2 One light square antern drop. Ant que brass. Textured acrylic panels. 7" square, hL 171/2" , overall hL 371/2" l,4ediurn base bu b, up to 60W. T6184-2 O1p rghl poclel la-tcrn Antique brass. Wldth 7", ht. 17yr", extefds 7". Medium base bulll, up to 60W. T6196-2 Three light pocket lantern. Antique brass finish. Textured acrylic panels. Widlh 10",hL171/2", extends 53/4". Candelao'a oase bLlbs. up to b0W.

L_ r--r-




t! -)



T619i-9 Smoke g ass
T6198-9 Opa glass One ight wall brackel. Text!red b ack Lexan filter. Dia 5", ht.611", exiends 51r". Up to 60W. T6100-9 One light g ass wall bracket. N,4atte b ack Lexan filter. W dth 411", ht. 6", extends 43r". Up to 75W. T6001-9 One light g ass wall bracket [.4atte black Lexan Jitter. Wldlh 5", ht. 7". extends 51,!". Up to 75W. T6002-9 One ght g ass wal bracket. t\y'atte black Lexan fitter W dth 41i", h1.63,!", extends 5r,,r". Up to 7SW.
T61871-9 One lght contemporary outdoor brackei. Matte b ack. class diffuser. Width 4". ht.7%", extends 31r ". Up to 75W. T6181-9 One Ight a urn nLtrn wal lanlern. Ny'a e black. Scroll pattern on amber glass. W dth 7" , hL 7" extends 4% ". Up to 75W. T61081-9 One ght trad t onal outdoor bracket. l\,4atte b ack. G ass diffuser. W dth 7' , h|. 73i4" . extends 5".

To 75W.


T6177-9 One ght contemporary pocket antern. Matte black. Amber acrylic d ffuser. Ht. 9" width 5%,,, extefds 6". Up to 75W. T6163-6 One ight pocket antern. lMatte wh te flnish and m lky wh 1e Flemlsh acryl c panets. Width 8L'r", ht.91,'s" extends 57s" Up to 60W. T6164-9 C ear Flem sh acrylic panels T6165-9 Amber Flern sh acrylic panels
Same as T6163 excepi matte black finish and clear or arnber pafels. Up to 60W.

T6179-9 One ight metal and plastic wal lantern. Clear geometric glass. Width 5", ht. 16" extends 6". Up lo 100W. T7301 One ght outdoor bracket. Cast a urn n umNy'ax

mum depth


up to 150W.

rnaximum w dth 5". PAF 38 lamp,

Two gh1 outdoor bracket. Cast a um n um. Max murn depth 5", maximum w dth 10" PAF 38 lamp, up 10 150W.
T7302 T6510-9 W th 6" opal q ass sphere T6511-9 With 6" smoke qlass sphere One gh1 contemporary torch style wall bracket. Weatherproof. rust proof, v rtuaily lndestructible. Matte b ack i n sh. W dth 6", ht. 13". extends 61/,"
Up 1o 60W.

T6515-9 With B" opa glasssphere T6516-9 W th S" smoke glass sphere One I ght contemporary torch-style wail bracket. Larger
versions of T65T0 and T6511. Width B", h|. 15ya", exlends 812". Up to 100W. T6525-9 With B" smoke glass sphere T6526-9 W th B" opal glass sphere One light conternporary torch-s1yle cast a urn num wall bracket. l,4atte black linish. D a. 8", ht. 16" -.xtends 9".
Up to 150W. NOTE: A// lixtures on these twa pages use mediun
ba.se br-l/bs.





t-! D


Two examples are shown here:

Design your own large-scale ring chandelier. l\4any of the lanterns and wall brackets shown in this catalog can be mounted on a ring to form an imposing chandelier for large rooms.

T8635-9 Ring Chandelier with f ive
modif ied T6635 square lanterns.

T8738-9 Fing Chandelier wlth five modif ied T6738 hexagoral la.tter.rs.
Dimensions and price wlll vary with lantern or wall bracket chosen. Ask distributor to contact factory lor detalls. Both are 32" O.D.,22" body ht.



'_ i

Ll Ll

i l l l l i

( T1577-9 One light square cast aluminum hanging
antern. lvlatte black with c ear Flemish acrylic panels. Width 8", body ht. 15", overall ht.35".
Up to 100W.

T1578-9 Matte Black
T1578-27 Gilded Blac
Same as

Tl57/, but w th amber Flem sh panels. T1557-9 Clear Flemish acrylic panels T1558-9 Amber Flemish acrylic panels One lght hexagonal cast a um num hanging
17" ,

antern. l\,4atte black f nish. Dia. 91r", body ht. aveta)l ht. 37". Up to I00W.


T1432-9 Clear Flernish acrylic panels T1433-9 Amber Flernish acrylic pafels One light hexagonal hanging antern. lvlatte black finish. Width 9%", ht. 17", overall ht.37". Up to 60W. T1185-2 One light square hanging lantern.
Antique brass finish with c ear s ate-pattern acrylic panels. 5" sq., body ht. 10", overal ht. 30". Up to 60W.

T1530-9 Clear F em sh acrylic panels T1531-9 Arnber F em sh acryl c panels
One lqht econorny hanqinq lantern. Black f nlsh. Width 8", body ht. 10", overall ^,4alte ht.30". Up to 60W.

71532-6 One I ght white hanging lantern. lVllky whlte acrylic panels. Width 8", body ht. 10", overall ht.30". Up to 60W. T1195-2 Two Ilght hanging lantern. Antique brass with clear beveled acrylic panels. Dia.8",
body ht. 14%", overall ht. 341/,". Cande abra base bulbs, up to 60W.

T1635-9 One I 9hl square hanging antern with
colonial roof. Matte black wlth br ght brass trim. Beveled clear acrylic pane s framed by brlght brass. Dia.73/4", bady ht. 11", overal ht.31". Up to 60W.


T1730-9 Clear acry c panels T1731-9 Clear Flemish acrylic panels T1732-9 Amber Flemish acrylic panels One light hexagonal hanging antern with
Georgian-style roof. Matte black finish. D a. 10", body ht. 18", overall ht. 38". Up to 60W.
NOTE: A// lixtures on these two pages use medium base bulbs, ercept wherc nho,rrn.








For use w th any post rnount ncandescent lantern. Weatherproof photo-eleclr c c ell. Fits any standard 3" post. N.4atte blac k



f nish.

T9113-9 P er
mou nt adapter for

post lanterns.
W dlh 5" square, ht.23/a". NOTE: A// f ixturcs on lhese two pages except 77592 use medium base bulbs. All past lanterns fit


T7211.9 T7212.9 17213.9

3" O.D. post.


T7555-9 Clear Flemish acrylic panels T7556-9 Amber Flemlsh acrylic panels


[,4atte Black T7577-27 G ilded Black One light cast aluminum post lantern. Clear Flemish acrylic panels. Width 8", ht.20". Up to 100W.

One light hexagonal cast aluminum posl lantern. l\y'aite black f inish. Dia. 10" , hl.22V2' . Up to 100W.


l\y'atte Blac k


T7578-27 cilded Black Same as T7577, but with amber Flemish panels. T7582-9 One light cast aluminum post lantern. Ht.267r", width 137s". Up to 150W. T7592-9 Same as T7582, but uses 100W l\y'ercury Vapor lamp. Ht. 31". 120V high reactance ballast inciuded.t 77530-9 Clear Flemish acrylic panels

Opal polyethylene (U.V. stabilized) sphere. 12" dia., ht. 12". Up to 200W. T7212-9 Same as T7211, except sphere dia. 14", ht. 14". up to 300w. T7213-9 Same as T7211, except sphere dia. 16", ht. 16". Up to 300W. T9135-9 Economy metal post. lvatte black linish. Ht. 84", 3" O.D. T9136-9 Architectural grade aluminum alloy post. .065 wall thickness. NI. 92" ,3' O.D. f itter, 4" O.D.

T7531-9 Amber Flemish acryiic panels One light square mansard-roof post lantern. 8" square, ht. 1 1 ". Up to 60W. T7211-9 One light post top luminaire. l\.4atte black.

through base. T7432-9 Clear Flemish acrylic panels

T7433-9 Amber Flemish acrylic panels One light hexagonal post lantern with lluted peaked roof . Width 91/a' , hl. 19" . Up to 60W. T7730-9 Clear acrylic panels f7731-9 Cleat Flem sh acryllc panels f7732-9 Ambet Flemish acrylic panets One light hexagonal post lantern with Georgianstyle rool. Matte black finish. Width 83/a", hl. 15".
Up to 60W.


T7635-9 One light square post lantern with
traditional style roof. l\,4atte black finish with bright brass trim. Brass-framed clear beveled acrylic panels. Width 73/a", hl. 103/q". Up to 60W. 'NOTE: Photo-Electric Control can be lactotv installed on T7592. Ask distributor lor details.

L_t--r-: ---r-R:

t\ E)




T31851-9 One ght tapered square
T31 00-9


porch ceil ng flxture. Malte black w th opal lens. H nged for easy re amping.73,,;" square, depth 33,,ir".

T31852-9 Two light black porch ce ling
fixture.91'r" square, depth 4t|".


T3186-9 One light porch ceil ng fixiure. Amber lens. N,4atte black.7%" square,




T3187-9 Two lght porch cei ng flxture.9%" square, depth 4% ". T2635-9 One ght square sem -cei


rnounted lantern. lMatte black finish w th br ghi brass trim. Clear beveled acrylic panels, framed ln bright brass. Rustproot, weatherproof and virtual y ndestruct ble.73a" sq., depth 12%".

T3100-9 One light ce ling fixture.
Clear naut cal g ass. Malte black finish. D a. 41i2", depth 712".




T3180-1 Po shed Brass T3180-9 Matte B ack O-e lig'rt c"i rg fi.<t'lre. CLI glass. Dia.5", d epth 8".
T3182-8 Antlque Gold T3182-9 Matte Blac k One light ce ling f xture.'BuLlseye pdlldrr q a.s. D o. /' 6^pth 6 ' T2530-9 Clear Flemish aclylic panels T2531-9 Arnber F ern sh acryl c pane s One lght plast c sern -ce ling f xture.
lMatte black flnish. Wldth 8", ht. 10%"

epth 8".

T2532-6 Same as T2530, but with
matte white f nish and m lky wh te Flemish acryl c panels.
NOTE: A// above use medium base


bulbs, up



Power-Trac@ is a linear power source, In effect, a continous

electrical outlet, to which miniatur e decoratiue lamp-

holders can be attached at any foint. It is auailable in 2 Jt., 4 ft. and 8 Jt. sections, which can be joined together to form a continuous run of any length. Lampholders are auailable in many styles and sizes, as shoun on the Jollowing pages. The entire sgstem comes in decoratiue finishes which will harmonize with ang residential interior. Trac is normally attached to the ceiling, but can also be mounted to the underside oJ a cabinet or shelJ, or attoched to a wall, either horizontally or uertlcally. It can

illumination or for accent lighting . . .Jor examfle, to
fireplace, or to highlight
bring out the texture
oJ a

be used either Jor general




group of paintings or a boohcose wall. Power-Trac is the modern conceft in lighting. Its uses are as uaried as your imagination.

miniature track lighting lor home, apartment, ollice and industry


Each Power-Trac lampholder is a miniature spotlight, designed to put light exactly where you want it. Lampholders can be attached to the Trac at any point, and can be adjusted to aim light in any d irection.







Power-Trac comes in 2,4 and 8 it. lengths, and is available as a complete unit (that ls, with all the parls needeo'or a complele srngle-seclion installal on), o'as a _oil.er ur'l (r'yoL wish to ado additional sections to lorm a longe. run).

8'run would require l L602 Compleie unit only. 2. A 16'run would require 1 L602, plus 1 L652 Joiner Unit and 1 L903 Straight connector. Trac sections can be joined in a straight line or in any "L" or "T" configuration by means ol the connectors shown below.
1. An

COMPLETELY SAFE: The Power-Trac system has beer oesigned lor cor"oletely sale operalron. Each l,ac has a separare third w're for proper grounding and is polarized to ensure continuity. To install the Trac, all you need is a screwdriver and, perhaps, a drill (depending on where

you install it).

TRAC FINISHES: As shown at left, Power-Trac is avallable in Black wilh Teakwood Trim (W), Semi-Gloss Whlte Paint (P), and Polished Aluminum (PAL). Add letter designatjon to Trac catalog number when ordering.
INSTALLATION: Power-Trac is normally installed with the elechical feed point (live end) at an outlet box. lf no outlet box is available, the electrical feed can come lrom any nearby grounded receptacle through use ol the L950 Cord and Plug Connector (see below). COMPLETE UNITS (includes outlet box cover, live end, dead end and mounting hardware)
L600 L601 L602




2'Trac (actual le.'glh 227/s") 4'Trac (aclual length 467s") 8'Trac (actual ength 947s")

>>7 u**o=F


JOINER UNITS (jncludes dead end and mounting hardware onry). L903 Srrarght Colneclo', L904 ''L Connector or L905 T Conneclor mLsl be ordered separately lo connect loiner Trac to comPlete Trac.
L650 2' Trac L65l 4' Trac L652 8' Trac


Each Trac section includes a live end connector, a dead end caD, an outlet box cover, and mounting hardware Electrical connection is made through screw terminals in the live

Trac run by connecting Trac


sta(ing a outlel box.

L903 STRAIGHT CONNECTOR Connects lwo -frac sections end to end in a straight line.

end connector. Power-Trac has a capacity ol 20A Complete wiring and installation inslructions are included with each Trac section

sections at right angles.

L904'L" ANGLE CONNECTOR Connects Trac

"T" CONNECTOR Connecls ihree Trac sections in a "T" configuration.
L950 CORD & PLUG CONNECTOR Replaces live end of L600, L601, or L602 Trac, allowing Trac to




be plugged lnto convenience outlet.3-wire 12' cord wjth 3-prong grounded plug. Capacity l0A.







All connectors availab e in White (P) or Malte Black (MB).


L983-T-bar Attachment Clip. Allows Trac to be altacl'eo to nverted tee ce:l,ng. Order mlnrmJm of 2 or one lor each 3'(or porlion thereof) of
Trac run- "P" or "MB".




UNIVERSAL Will accept any medium screw-base lamp including PAR and R lamps, up to 300W.

L700 Tube d)a.2-1/16" , maximum depth with largest lamp and hood 13". No switch. AL, MB or P. L701 Same as 1700, but with switch in adapter. Maximum depth with largest lamp and hood 141/2".

L270 Light shield for use with 75W R30 lamps on'y. Clamps on to lamp. Dia. 41/2". Available in P or Ny'B. L280 Light


Holder for use with 150 or 300W F140 or 150W PAR 38 lamps only. Dia. 5-9/16". Available in P or MB. L290 Refleclor for use with 60 to 150W l.F. general service lamps. Dia.sys". Exterior: l\.48. lnterior: PAL.

"CONTINENTAL" STYLE Available in the following finishes: PAL, W, P.

L731 For use w.tl" Halo Lamp

No. Zg (40W R16). Will also accept 30 or

50W R20. lntegral rotary off-on


switch. Dia.3", max. depth 7". L732 Fot use with Halo Lamp No. 210 (100W F25). Will also accept 30 or 50W R20. Off-on switch in adapter. Dia.35/a" , max. depth 117a". L733 For use with Halo Lamp 210 (100W) or 75W R30. Off-on switch in adapter. Dra. 5", max. depth '114 '.

L734 For use with

150 or 300W R40

or 150W PAR 38. Otf-on switch in adapter. Hood dia.57s", maximum depth l37+". Available in AL, MB or P finishes. (PAL and W not available.)

CYLINDERS Available in the
following finishes: PAL, W, P.

L761 FoI use with Halo lamp No. 29 (40W R16). lntegral rotary off-on switcl'. Dia. 2' 2" , max. depth 7ss ' L762 For use with Halo Lamp No:
210 (100W R25). Will also accept 30 or 50W R20. lntegral rotary off-on

switch. D a.


". max. depth



L763 For use with Halo Lamp No.
210 (100W) or 75W R30. Off-on switch in adapter. Dia.5", max. deplh 12v2" . L764 For use with 150 or 300W R40 or 150W PAR 38. Off -on switch in adapter. Dia.57s", maximum depth 14". Available in AL, B or P linishes. (PAL and W not available.)


KEY TO FINISHES: PAL-polished aluminum, W-teakwood and matte black, P-satin white paint, MB-rnatte black, AL-satin aluminum.

TO ORDER: Add finish designation lo calalog number. Example: L763-w.








CONTINENTAL Available n P, AL,


L704 For use with L705 Same as

or 300W R40 or 150W PAR 38 or lower

wattages. No switch. Hood d a. 57s", max mum depth
1704, excepl with

switch in adapter.

depth 13-3/16".

L201 Accessory holder/light shield.

SQUAFE TUBES Avallable in PAL, W, P.


Fot use with Halo Lamp No. Zg (40W R16). lntegral rotary off -on switc h. D a. 21/2" , max. depth 7 5/s ".

L772 Fot use with Halo Lamp No. 210 (100W R25) or 50W F20. lntegral rotary off-on switch. Dia.3%",
max. depth

30 or

(100W) or 75W R30.

L773 Fot use wlth Halo Lamp No. 210
SPHERES Available in P, PAL.

Off-on switch in adapter. Dia.41/2", max. depth 12ls".

L781 For use with Halo Lamp No. Zg (40W F16). Dia. 4",
max. depth


L785 Same as L781, but with switch.



L780 For use with Halo Larnp No. 210 (100W R25), 30 or 50W 820 or 75W Fl30 lamp. Dia.6", max. depth 9". L789 Sarne as

1780, but with switch. Nlax. depth 10%". 150W F40 or 150W PAR 38. Dia. 8", max.

L784 For use with

L788 Same as 1784, but wlth swilch. Max. depth 11". FOCUSING SPOT Finish: l\.48. lnternal sliding socket
depth 12".

mechanism and focus ng lens gives magnified punch of light. L757 Fot use with 75 or 100W 419 LF. lamp. Dia. 3y2", max.

c-LAl\,IP HOLDER Finish: PAL. For use with G25, G30, or G40 sph erical lamps. L715 Tube dia.2". l\,lax. depth with G25 lamp 7", with G30 8", with G40 9% ".
KEY TO FINISHES: PAL-polished alurninum, W-teakwood

and matte black, P-satin whlte paint, N,4B-matte black, AL-satin aluminum.

TO ORDEF: Add finlsh designation to catalog number.
Example: L763-W.

L973 Canopy Adapter. Mounts permanently to outlet box.

sq. P or



qf nrr' z9 - 210





40W R16 lamp. For use n m niature lampholders 1731,
100W Fl25 lamp. For use in min alure lampholders

L761, L771, L7B1 and 1785.


L732, L762, L772, LTBA and 1789.


Basic Becessed and Surlace Besidenlial Lighting


Recessed fixtures provide efficient, unobtrusjve general illumination for such areas as kitchens, hallways, baths, porches, etc. Or they can be used to create dramatic eftects

spotlighting art objects, wal washing, or accentlng areas with light. They are especia ly effective when used to supplement decorat ve frxtu'es as n a dini-9 toon or I v nq roor


n _*.
z9 t


These diminutive and decorative lighting fixtures provide an emphatic punch ot light without overpowering their surroundings. Designed for use w:th standard electrical wiring systems (120 volt), they are excellent for residential installations. Uses 29 or 40W 419 unless otherwise specified. Can be used with standard dimmer systems.

Miniature reflectorized



H9 with 93 TrimExploded View.

medium base 40W R16 lamp for use in all Little


Lights. High voltage

Hg Prewired Housing. For use with six trims shown below. (Shown wilh #93 trim installed.) HB2 bar hangers provided.

or more when lamp operated at normal
house current (115/

design gives an average lamp life ot 1800 hours


13l+ " Pinhole Recessed. Satin white finish.

'H9-92 Scoop Trim Wall

Wash with Coilex Baflle. Satin white finish.


Regressed Drop Opal with

Coilex Balfle. Satin white finish.

'H9"93 Coilex. Black grooved
Coilex Balfle. Satin white.

Edge-Glow with Coilex Baftle. Sat;n white finish-Will also accept 40W A19 general seruice lamp and 30/50W R20 reflector lamp.

H9-94 Decorative

H9-98 Adiustable

Eyeball. 358"

rotation, adjusis 30" off vertical.
Satin white.



The most versalile recessed lighting fixture availablel (Any oJ the trims shown here can be used with the H7 housing.) Socket adjusts vertically to use many types o{ screw-base lamps. Complele with junction box and bar hangers.



',.. ''.._lD
Economy Scoop Trim Wall
IOOW general service










Open Baffle-150W R40


7" O.D.

8" O.D.

7" o.D.


Regressed Ad j.



Scoop Trim Wall

75W R30



150W R40



FINISH: All above units available in "P" only.


Open-.._7sw R30



302 Louvered-7sw
7Y4" O.D.




/' /\




=-+-\ -\ tGt-.

2" Pinhole-l00W general service lamP*8" O D'

79 available in 75

402 Louvered-rbuw

=---;--: -:

FINISH: 301, 302, 401 and 402 available in "P," "C," and

"P" only.


Albalite glass-100W general service lamp-8" O.D.

"All-Glas" Trim-100W general


Drop Opal-100W general service








R20-8" O.D. FINISH: All available in "P,"

Louvered Eyeball75W


Adj. Eyeball-3o-sow


Adj. Eyeball-7sw R30 lamP*8" O.D.




70 and 71 also available in "AL." On 75, only opal glass is visible.

HOW TO ORDER: Complele un t consisls ol ho!s ng and tr m. To order, add tr rn nlmber and I rlish des gnat on to ho!sing number, .e., H7-410P,


H.i,'iN I

H7 79P, eic.

Halo's lamous patented "Parallector" housings are now used in over two million homes. Complete with junction box and bar hangers. H1 housing, at left, is for 100W general service lamp. Trjms are g3l8 " square. H2 housing, at right, is for 150W general service lamp. Trims are 117e" squareH1 Housing H2 Housing


Albalite Glassavallable in "P," "C," and "B."

20 Albalite Glassavailable in ''P," "C," and "B."

11 Drop Opalavailable in "P," ''C," and "B."


Drop Opalavailable in "P," "C," and "B."



Opal class.





Opal GIass.

Opal-available in "P" only.


Regressed Drop


Regressed Drop

Opal-available "P" only.


satin aluminum. lndicate ljnish desired by adding letter after trim Number as shown in ',How to

"8" satjn brass, "AL"

"P" satin white,,,C,'satin


Order" section.










l 4ttht"


6T+' x24t/a"



73/t" x |lVe"




For'100W general service lamp. Housing includes junction box and 18" bar hangers. Albalite glass trim is available in "P," "C," and "8." Trim attaches to housing with torsion springs for easy relamping.

H4-40 Housing and trim, comPlete.

H6-60 Housing and trim, comPlete.

able in "P," "C," and "8." Trim attaches to housing with torsion springs for easy relam ping.

For three 60W general service lamps. Housing includes junction box and 18" bar hangers. Albalite glass trim avail-

H35-301 Shallow-depth housing and trim lor 75W R30 lamp. Complete with junction box and bar hangers. Trim available in "P," "C," and "B."


H39-601 -

a 12"


ts3Y,!. r--"1a1






H39-601 PolishedAluminum H37-401C Satin Chrome Two-light housing. One-light housing. Radiant heat through use of 250W lnlra-Fed heat lamps. Housing includes junction box and bar hangers.

halls. Satin white finish on louvered trim. 25W GS lamp. Also available with switch as H2921. (H2921 shown)

H2920 Provides necessary night light for stairways





(H2931 0nly)

,.--'a +" -9h" jl':' i[ Hzgsr 'T"lg








H2931 With pull-chain switch; albalite glass and satinwhite trim. Complies with National Electric Code for closet lighting. Uses 60'c supply wire.25W GS lamp Available
wi'thout switch as H2930. (H2931 shown)




U[ ]1 ,3\.i

H2410 Ceiling N/lount, H2411 Wall Bracket. Opal glass in simple classic shapes. Waier-tight, heat-resistani

neoprene gasket. Satin aluminum standard. H2411 also available in matte black (add "NlB" to catalog number).

Numerical lndex

I^ v

,l I --

Tr013............ 50 Tr018.. .... 36 T1020 .. . 39 T1021 .: . .39 T1022 . . .. .. ..28 T1023....... ......28 11024. .... .. ... 27 T1029. .. .... 35 T1032. .... 29 T1033. .. .. 29 38 T1034. . . T1035 26/2-l T1037.. .. . .. 47 T1038.,,. .. ... 50 T1040...... .. ... 47 '11042 .. 27 T1047. . . ... .. ..30 Tt04€ . .. . .. 34 T1049 .. . 30 T1051 ... .. .. ..48 48 T1052. .... T1061 .... .25 T1062 . . .. .. ..25 T1071. .. .. . .. ..46 11472. .. .. ..46 T1080......... ... .6l T1091. . .. . .. .. .34 T1092. .. .. 30 T1120...... .4 T 2t .4 T1125 5 T1126 ..5 T1136........ .51 T1137. .49 T1138...... 49 T1142.. ...... .. 57 T1166 .. ... .. 44 T1167. . .. ... 44 Tr 163 44 Ti iTd :tj 11134 as/Aa T1'85 86 T1J92. . .. .. .. ..28 T1193....... .. ..28 T1194 45/83 T1195 /45/87 T1201 50 -11202... .... .. 34 TJ204. . .. . .. .. ..35 T1210 .. .... ... ...9 T12|. .. .. .0 T1212 .... .. ..,.A T1213. . .. .. .. .8 T1216 ..... ......38 Tt2!0 12 T1231 . . . . . . . . . . . . ..12 Ti239 ,. .. . ..41 T1250........ ... 10 T1251. .... .. ..10/69 T1252... .. .. ..10 T1265....... ... ....39 T1266.... ... ... 39 11272..... _. ... ... 67 T1274,.,.,.. ,.. .. 67 T1280. .......... 7 T1291....... ... ... 19 T1311.,.,,... .. ...69 T1320 . .. ... .60 T1330.. .... ... ... 63 Tr335.. ........ ...33 T1345. .. .. ... .... .. 33 T1351 ... ....... ...48 T1352....... .....48 T1385. ..... ..33 T1 396 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 T1432.. .. . ...... .86 T1433.... .... ... 86 11450... ....... ... 42 Tt45t.,....... ....42 Tr470......... ... ..20 T1475,....., ... ... 21 T1.176....... .. ....21 T1520......... ...31 T1521 . . . . . . . . . . . . .31 T1524......,.. ... .. 57 T1527.. ...... ..,...43 Tr 530 al

Tr i3r T1532. T1536.

... .............87 .. .. . 23 Tr538......... ... ..23 t1540.............
'T5010 SWAG

.... 23 T1555.. .......36 T1557 .. .. ..86 Ti558 . ... 86 Tr570.. ... .. .6 T1577 . .. ... 86 T1578 ... ... 86 T1600 .. .. ...14 T1601. .. . .. .. ..r3 T1602. .. . ... .... ..15 T1603 ... ... 13 T1635. .... .... 87 T1660. . .. .... .. 11 T1661 .... .. ... 11 T1691 .. ... 17 T1693 . .. .... .. ..r8 T1699 . .. ... 16 Tr70r .. .. .66 T1711.. ... ... ..66 T1730 .... .... ..87 T173r.. .... .. 87 't1732. .. ... 87 T17s0 .... ... ..51 T17s2 .. . .. . 51 T1757 ... ..51 T1800....... .. 24 T1862. .. .. . .. 50 T1904.. ... .62 Tr905 .. .. . .. 32 T1925. .. .. . .. .. ..36 T1936...... .. 21 T1937. .. .. .... 4r T1938.... .. 43 T1940. . ,. , ... 41 T1941. ........... 40 T1943... .. .37 T1945,.,.... 37 T1963.. .. ... .. 47 T1965. .. ... .... ...47 T2013........... ....36 T2167. ...... ..44 T?168... ... .... ..44 T2291....... ..... ...19 T2530.. .. .90 T253r.... .. ..... 90 T2532.. .. ..... ... 90 T2602......... rs/s4 T2603....... ... ..r3 T2635......... .... 90 T2691. . .. .... .....18 T2940........... .....40 T2963. . .. ..... ... 47 T2965. ......... .....47 T3022........ .....58 T3023.......... ..58 T3034. ......... ....26 T3035.... .........26 T3038.. .. ... .... . 50 T3043.... .... ..51 T3051........ .. ..48 T3052 ...... 48 T3053....... .. ..59 T3054....... ... 59 T3055........ ... .59 T3056.................59 T3061......... ..... 25 T3071.,..... .. 46 T3072... ....... .....46 T3100. ........ ....90 T3136. ......... .....51 T3137.......... . .49 T3138....... .. ....49 T3142...... .... ..57 T3180 ....... .58/90 T3182.... ... s8/90 T3185.,....... ... 55 T3186..... ...... 90 T3187...... .. ..... 90 T3196.......... .... .58 T3197......,... .. ..58 T3i98. .. .. .... ... 58 T3200...... ..... ..57 T3201 . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..57 T3202........ .....57 T3211...... .. .....,.8 T3220. . . . . . . . . . . ....58 13221. ....... ....59 13222 . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59 T3223. ....... ......59 T3224... .. .......... 59 T3230......... .... 12 T3231 12

T3240 .... 55 T3241 .... .......55
T3250.. ..

T6186............ ..

13271 .. .. .58 T3272. 67 Ts280...... ... ..58 T3281 .. .... .58 T3301.. .... .... 58 T3320.. ...... .... 60 T3351...... .. ......48 T3352. .. ... 48 T3473..... ..... ....73 -f3474..... .. 73 T3481,.... .. .. ..56 T3483.. .. ... .. ... 73 T3484.. .. .. 73 T3488.... .. ...56 T3489 .........56 T3490..... ... ....56 T3491.. .... ... 56 T3492.... ...... ..56 T3524...... .... 57 T3527.... ... .. ..43 T3601. .. . .15/58/68 T3603. .. . ..... ..15/s4 T37s0....... ... .5i T3752. .. .. .. .. 51 T3754. .. .. . ... .. 54 T3755. .. .. .... ... 54 13757 .. ..51/54 T3862 ..... .50 T5010' ...... ...52 f5012. .. .52 T5082 .. .. 6t T5100....... ... ...68 T5120.... .. ...53 T5121 ...... .... ..53 T5r25.. ........ .53 T5126. .. . ... .53 T5213............ 53 T5230 .... 53 T5231.. ... .....53 T5250. ...... ... .53 T5252.. . .. . ...... 69 '15272... .. ... .... 67 Ts280...... .. ... 53 Ts291.... ...53 T5292.... ... ....64 T5302.. .. . .. ... 69 T5322 ......... ..60 T5332,,.,..,. ..,...63 T5422. . .. . .. .. . 64 T5475.. ........53 T5476.. ...... .. . s3 T5600.. .... 53 T5601.... ... .... .53 T5602......... .. ..53 T5603... .. .53 T5690. .. .. . .. ..52 T5691 . . . . . . . . . . . .... 65 '15702....... .... 66 T5712 . . . . . . . . . . . 66 T5940... .. ....... .53 T5965.. .. . .......... 53 T6001........ .. ....84 T6002......... ..84 T6022 ..... .......28 T6033 ... .... ..29 T6034 ....... ..... ..26 T6036......... ...... 27 T6046. . . . . . . . . . . . . 69 T6061 ....... .... 25 T6100......... ..84 T6151. ....... ......39 T6152..... ...........39 T6160... ....... .. ..81 T6161 .......... ....81 T6163.. .. ....... ....84 T6164......... .. ....84 T6165....... .... ..84 T6166........ ........81 T0167.. .. ...... ..81 T0170.. .. . ..... ... 81 T6171..... ...... ....81 T6172.....,... .... ..81 T6173.... ........ ..81 T6177....... .... ..84 T0r79....... .....84 T0181........ .... .84 T6184........... ....83 T6185........... 82

T3251 . . . . . . . . . . . .





....... 82 T6196........ ....83 T6197.... .... 81 T6198.......... 84 T6202.. .. . .... ... 71 T6206... ..... .71 T6247 71 T6208 11 T6211. . .. .. .8 T625r. . ... 10/69 16254 .. ...... ....71 T6256 ....... ...71 T6258...... .. .. 71 T6273..., .. ......69 T6282.... .. ... 69 T6291. .. ... .19/64 T6301.... ..... ....69 T6302. .... .. ... .69 T6330 .. .. . .. ..63 T633r... .... .... 33 T6341... .. .... 33 T6351..... ....60 T6352....... .... .60 T6390...... ... ..33 T6421 . .. .. ... ..64 T6430...... .... 77 T643r ........... 77 T6433........ .... 77 T6451. .,.. .... 42 '16473. 70 T6414. .... ..70 T6475....... ..70 T6476 .. . ..7A ru77. .. ..70 1647A... .... 70 T6479.... ..... 70 T6480. ... ..72 T6481 .... .. ..72 164A2 ... ... .72 T6483 ... .72 't6484 .. ... . .72 T6485 .. .. .. .... 72 T6486... .. 71 T6487. . .. 71 T6488....... 71 T6490.. ... ..71 T6491. ...... .... 7l T6492. .... 71 T6s10. ....... ... 85 T65]l...... .... 85 T6515....... .. 85 T6s16. .... .. .85 T6520......... ... 82 T652r... .... .. 82 T6522......... .. 80 T6525..... .. .. 85 T6526... ... .. 85 T6527.. . .. . .. .82 T6s30.. . .. .. .... 71 T6531 .. ..... ... 74 T6532..... ... ... 74 T6546. .. . 23136 T6s51. .. .. .. ... ..78 T65s2. . . . . . . . . . . .78 16553. .. .... ... . 7E T6554.... ........ ..78 T6555. . ........ .78 T6556 . . . . . . . . . . . . ..78 T6s57.... .. .. .....79 T6558......... ... .79 T0570......... ... ..81 T6571.......... ...8t T6573.. .. ...... ... 80 T5574. . .. ... ...... .80 T5575...... ... ..81 T6576.... .......81 T6577. ............81 T6578 . . . . . . . . . . . . ..81 T6s79.......... ..81 T6s80... ... .... 81 T660r. .. . ..... ..15/68 T6630. .... .... .....75 T6635... ....... ....75 T689r... .... ... 18/65 T0701... ....... ....66 T6730... .. . ..... ... 76 T6731 ............. .76 T6732. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 76

T6187........ ... T61S2......... ..

69 69

'16734......... ..82 T6735.....,.... 82 T6736. .. . 76 T673f ._...... ..76 T6738..... ...... 76 T6901... .. T691J...... ... .32 37 T6990.. . ..... .. 72 T6991 . . . . . . . . . . . .72 T7211 ...... .. ..88 T7212.. .. ... ..... 88 T7213..... .... 88 T7301 ...... ... 84 T7302... .. 84 T7432.... ... ...89 T7433 ... ..... ......89 T7530....... ..88 T7531 ........ ...88 T7555....,., ...88 T7556........ ......88 T7577.... ..... ... .8e T7578........ ....88 T7582........ ..88 T7592... ... ..88 T7635.. . .... 89 T7730. ... .. €9 T7731... ... .89 T7732... ...89 T8635.. .. . .... . 86 T8738....... .... .. 86 T9113.. ..... 88 T9r15.. . .. .. ...88 T9135... .. ...88 T9136....... .. ....88 T9200.. .. . .. 71 T11061...... .... 21 T11691... ... 2t T11791. .. .... .50 T1181r....... .. .. 50 T1210r...... ...62 T12265..... .32 112325.. .... .. .,32 T21051. .. .... .50 T31101......... .56 T3r102.......... .56 T31103. ... . 56 T31111..... ..... .56 T311r2 .... ... .56 T31113...... .... .56 T31 4 . . . . . . . . . . . . 56 T3r31... .... .....56 T31132... .. .. ... 56 T31133........ .....56 T31134... .... . .56 T31141,. . .. 56 T31142 . .. ... 50 T31r43....... ... ..5E 131202... .......73 T3i221...... ......73 T31222...... ..,...73 T31223. .. .. . .. . 73 T31225....... .73 T31226....... .73 T31231........ .73 131233......... 13 T31234......... .. 73 T31235.. . .. .... ..73 T31236.... ... .73 T31237.. .. .. ..... 73
1 1 .

T31239........... ....73
.. .. T31862..

T318ri............... 50 T31851...... ......90


T32062....... ......50
T32101 . . . . . . . . . . . T32131 . . . . . . . . . T32r 41 . . . . . . . . . . . .




. ..

T61081...... .........84

....70 ....72




T61453...... ......72 Ter454...... .........72 I6i03r........ ...... 59 T61632............ .. 69
T61S01........ ......56 T61902....... ......55

. .. T61452........
T61431 . . . . . . . . . .



T614s1........ .....



T62101........ ... i
i€ed-rhru swirch.


KLT.. . Ava labl€ ln mosl llnish€s. Two decoralivs swaghooks, 15'ol chain,

ol wlrs,

1 wa I ptug and

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