Example personal statement – Immunology

Modules taken as part of my Biomedical Science degree at Durham University first instilled my interest in immunology. My industrial placement, working on vaccine research at the Ministry of Defence, further strengthened my interest and fuelled my resolve to progress into immunological research; so much so that I chose to specialise in immunology for my final year project. The MSc in Immunology at King’s College London would enable me to develop my knowledge in an area which I find both interesting and innovative. I chose to apply for your MSc in Immunology because it would allow me to develop both my theoretical knowledge of immunology and my research skills, through problem based learning. The possibility of applying my practical knowledge during the six months Experimental Research Project and attending a national Immunology Conference is extremely exciting. The Immune Disorders and Infections and Molecular Immunology modules reflect areas I have a great deal of interest in. Having the ability to use the latest immunological techniques to devise treatments for modern diseases particularly attracts me. The research project which I was involved with during my year in industry ‘The development of a novel oral attenuated vaccine for anthrax’ further strengthened my interest in both vaccine development and immunological experimentation and fuelled my wish to work within the field of immunology. Results I obtained during my work on that project have been integrated within my supervisor’s PhD research and your course would provide excellent preparation for my own PhD, which I aim to go on to do. I am particularly interested in the opportunity to be taught by experts in the field: by renowned teaching staff at Kings College and through the excellent visiting lecturer programme in place on your course. Dr Dunn-Walters’ research into the Activation of B cells for vaccination, for example, was a significant influence on my final year project: ‘HIV– the search for new treatment’. It is very important for me that my future course will allow me to further develop the research skills, for example the use of electrophoresis and ELISA, which I have acquired through my project, industrial placement and through my Immunology; Molecular Biology and Research Design and Data Analysis Modules. I believe I am a suitable candidate for the course because I am exceedingly enthusiastic about immunology and am highly motivated and hard-working. My results so far, averaging 75%, demonstrate my strong work ethic and desire to achieve success. I have excellent attention to detail even whilst working under extreme pressure: I have demonstrated this through my work behind a bar at a busy nightclub; handling cash and dealing with customers’ orders both quickly and accurately. My high quality work was rewarded with promotion to bar manager after only four months experience and I am confident that the skills I have developed through university studies; laboratory research and my outside interests will enable me to thrive on the academic rigors of the course.

17 August 2012


I would relish the opportunity to study on your course and I hope you allow me that privilege. The course would not only be an extremely relevant and useful qualification to further my future career plans but would also provide me with the opportunity to meet and work with many like minded enthusiastic individuals from different nationalities and to live in one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in the world. 17 August 2012 Example personal statement – Immunology 2 .Completing your MSc in Immunology would also enable me to step into a research environment with a deepened knowledge of immunology and an increased confidence in my research skills that I could utilise when applying for a PhD.