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From: niles.hooper@ <> Subject: Re: Fwd: Dam/Spillway 850ft.

from Corn Valley Drill Site To: " "< @> Cc: "Niles Hooper, Robert" <>, "Crosswhite, Rex" <>, "Tackett, Scott" <>, "Branch, Anita" <>, "McMurry, Mark" <>, "Tanner, Morris" <> Date: Sunday, August 14, 2011, 11:58 PM Ms Reed, Thank you for the email. Attached is the SWD policy regarding gas and oil operation near USACE controlled and United States owned flood control structures. This is the policy of Fort Worth District because we fall under Southwest Division. USACE opposes the Corn Valley operation and has requested that Chesapeake stop operations at Corn Valley under this policy until such time as USACE can complete the necessary studies to ensure safe operation of the well. Chesapeake has declined to cease operations. The United States does not own the surface or the minerals where the wells are located and therefore has serious limitations in the actions it may take under traditional enforcement mechanisms. USACE is currently evaluating further responses but has made no final determination as to what actions it will take at this time. USACE is also engaged in preparing a geotechnical study to scientifically address the risk posed by such operations near Joe Pool. I appreciate the information that Chesapeake appears to be preparing further operations on the well. The public remains our best source of information in this case at this time. Please continue to share. My office and the Fort Worth District became aware of the Corn Valley site in late January to early February of 2011. I have no knowledge of the calls you refer to in your email. With whom at USACE have you spoken? I will attempt to ensure that further communications are promptly addressed and added to our files. Since you are so close to the well, what if any, luck have you had with the city? I realize this well has already been permitted by TRRC but do you know if Chesapeake is required to seek further municipal approval? Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T