The Secret of Christ’s Calvary Sacrifice
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To know Christ we must Know Why He manifested. Purpose of Christ’s manifestation is to restore the Kingdom of God. Kingdom of God is Truth and Justice. In short it is Light and Life. This will filter Bible down to Light or Life cycle. Vedas of the East clearly speaks Universe as Living being and we as individuated systems born in its image in time. In short we are the cells of one whole universal being. Vedas speaks Universal Time Cycle as Truth and Justice Cycle, where Truth and Justice deteriorates in 4 quantum proportions, much as four phases of life cycle. The laws of energy and matter conservation of science tell us that nothing is destroyed or created. Everything is transformed. Spiritual science also tells us that Souls are indestructible but falls from higher to lower levels. The Resistance of God “not to eat from the tree at the center” is resistance to Created Souls from turning his mind from the field of Light/Life to darkness or death. It is resistance from becoming self-centered and slave to material force. However, the Created Souls or lesser Gods because of their ego fall trying to build their Kingdom. They work on the mind of humans on earth. This initiates a journey of all souls to darkness or death. This necessitates God’s intervention to transform and uplift souls from darkness back to Life [New Life to Souls] and initialize it back in Light [Illumination of Mind] to start a New Cycle. Since “Self” is the cause for fall to death, the journey back to life is Sacrifice of “SELF”. We need to visualize Christ and His “Self Sacrifice” from this point.


Scientific way to visualize this Biblical secret is to visualize Universe as a Living One with two parallel worlds which are one [Right and Left of a single body or Male and Female which are one]. When souls [cells] forming the body become cancerous, the Kingdom is endangered, unless the Creator or King goes into recreation and restoration mode. Science tells us that what we see as matter in fact is spirit or energy or wave enfolded. In creation the Spirit of the Male World unfolds to leave its body to enter the Feminine body to unite with recessive and supportive Feminine Spirit. Both dominant masculine and recessive feminine spirit are important for creation. Life originates from the dance of masculine and feminine sprit. When it is done in absoluteness it creates no friction and thus no time direction. When it is done in “self”, it create friction and traps the spirit or energy as black energy. We the human souls are relative to one God the Father Soul and God the Mother Soul. When the souls forming the body tend to amass energy into black form, it creates a time direction to death. Thus the King and Queen souls are forced to conquer time/death and recreate the body. The only way out is transform energy trapped as black energy and thus lift the system back to its initial state. This secret was manifested when an absolute conception occurred through Mother Mary to form an Absolute personality which made the absolute “selfsacrifice” ensuring Life back to the world. We must note that science understands that this universe originated in a Big Bang from a point [singularity]. This Theory has some serious draw back. Relativity Theory of Einstein on which this theory is built necessitates the existence of second point with which it can be related. The lack of it makes Big Bang Theory nonsensical. Today advancement in Theoretical Physics has led to concepts like, Black Hole, Information Loss and Black Energy and so on. They have also invented Parallel Worlds. Recently three well known scientists Neil Turok, Paul Steinhardt and Burt Ovrut have even concluded that at singularity one parallel world pierces and comes out on the opposite side. Quantum


Science tells us that somehow human mind [observer] is integral part of the system and universe cannot be understood in isolation of Life. It also tells us that material world is only an illusion what is reality is the wave or energy in motion. This brings human mind to the center stage and calls us to look beyond the material body. Knowing Truth now is a matter of putting all conceptual developments in science and scriptures into some order If you observe life from a point of freedom we note that all lives are instinctively anti-gravitational. They have INNER SPACE-TIME FIELD in which gravity is converted into anti-gravity. When material space-time field tend to wind and collapse to a point, life grows against it. Thus we invent here a space-time field and force that oppose gravity, which Einstein searched for much of His life. All life has male and female or parallel worlds. When we bring life and especially human into center stage, we in fact are seeing parallel worlds; A King and Queen Soul/Spirits. They form the Father and Mother of all other Spirit/Souls. In Christ both the Spirit of the Father and Mother existed in its Absolute and pure state. Mother Mary showed the world how to receive the Spirit that Gives Life. In the Body of Christ both the Spirit of the Father and Mother God, Adam and Eve [Human Spirit] co-existed. In fact in Christ’s body we existed. When Christ became a sacrificial Lamb forgiving every soul, fully aware of His Reality liberated, he liberated Human spirits/souls. God opened all His realms, the Heart, Mind and Body for renewal with Free will to all souls. In to a world that edging deep into darkness and eventual death because lessor God’s and their Ego, God through Christ conceived the spark of Life and Light. This since has been growing opening us the platforms to transform and take New Life. This light is bound to break the darkness of the womb to create New Order. All scriptures and science eventually tend to Light or Truth. Further reading


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