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Jane Goodall once introduced Amma as God’s Love in human form. I know of no better way to say it. To enter Amma’s sacred circle is to literally be standing in the presence of Grace and to feel the Divine Love of the Blessed Mother radiating through your being and into your heart. During Amma’s North American tour, Liane and I traveled to Washington, DC to meet with Amma and her organization and to present to Amma the first Humanity Healing Foundation’s Spiritual Activist Award. Please see the article, “Standing in the Presence of Grace”, to read about our incredible experience with the Presentation and the subsequent Blessing she gave to both of us and to Humanity Healing family. Truly an experience that will live in our hearts always. Much Metta, Christopher Buck & Liane Legey Cofounders

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Temple Spiraled Hands Hard is the hold of moving hands, to spiral into the length of sky, banding brothers to unite holding each other's arms. A hand that sets for peace, and draws strength in unity to create the temple fires, the breeze that sets the flags, holding hands from hill to hill, and crest of mountain top. Holding your arms into the sky as wisdom falls into the heart, and joy becomes the feast as fire becomes your heart, and flames your soul, to ignite free will towards man, and gift his blossom of haze to temple spiral mount, a flower that grows into the depths of the sun. From hand to hand, cradled soul extends into a mighty bow of hands, weeping for the God to touch and taste the glitter from the stars, rolling from the thunder of the sky, snapping bright the flash of lightening dripping from the eyes, to fold arms upon the chest and heave a mighty heart to cry Wonder and awe of hands that gather love, from a moment of outstretched wings, spiraling into the deep blue, grasping for the finger of God to unite us all into the birth of creation. Through their words, their art, their music and their intent our writers and contributors are reaching out "hand to hand" throughout the world in hopes of uniting the collective consciousness of us all as we steadily move closer to our new reality. It is truly an exciting time as we teach and learn our lessons in this time of new awakening! Gloria Henry Editor in Chief Om Times Magazine

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World Vision Twilight and Dawn

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Bollywood sensation Cleo Isaacs is and actress, singer and supermodel in India. Best known for her sultry and exotic looks, Cleo grew up in England to parents of Indian and Middle Eastern descent. Cleo's incredible adventure began when she was spotted by a modeling scout one afternoon while shopping in Manchester. She signed with a local agency and her career ignited in the fashion word. She graced the runway in many couture fashion shows in the UK and was a guest on TV talk shows hosted by Claudia Winkleman and Russell Grant. Realizing her destiny, Cleo knew that the confines of a regular job would never satisfy her hunger for discovery so she left university to pursue modeling full-time. She wanted to travel the world, broaden her horizons and search for an answer to her eternal question: what was missing within. Totally inspired, the lure of her Indian roots beckoned and Cleo set off on a journey of selfdiscovery to India. At first, it was a huge culture shock seeing the sights of the local street children which always caused her great despair. Then, she connected with a part of herself she had never known and for the first time in her life, she felt at home. Cleo soon found the will to give back to society whenever she had the chance and still does. Cleo soon echoed the great success she had found in the UK, and was gracing the covers of top magazines and featured in many music videos. The Mumbai glitterati loved her and photographed her at many celebrity affairs and followed her every move. She became the celebrity darling of The Times of India and her social success was matched only by her the rise of her professional star.

Jewels – Sunamoya Photographer

- Joel Benguigui Makeup – Anna Teilla

Her impressive portfolio of commercials includes work for international brands such as Wrigley's Chewing Gum, Colgate Toothpaste, Levi Jeans and Diet Coke. Her career exploded and she set the catwalk ablaze alongside other top supermodels for couture designers such as Manish Malhotra, Rohit Bal, JJ Vallaya, Rocky S and Sumeet Chopra. Cleo has been the cover girl for many top magazines including "Femina", which featured her twice and she also participated as a judge for them in the semi-finals of the Miss India 2003 Pageant.

spirituality, studied yoga and meditation to grow as a sentient being. During this time, Cleo rediscovered her love for music and singing - a process that proved tremendously cathartic and helped quell the spirits within her. Within a year, she released her debut single receiving instant acclaim amongst fans and critics alike. She is getting ready to release a new Hindi pop song and the response has been incredible as there is no other actress/supermodel in Mumbai that can sing as well. The combination of the whole package is the first of its kind in India. She has also been asked to become a patron for the Concert for Mumbai, a non-profit organization to preserve the heritage and culture of Mumbai. Recently, Cleo was cast in a featured role in the star-studded film "Casa Nostra" set to film later this year in Morocco, UAE and Istanbul. Looking forward, Cleo hopes to combine her dual loves for acting and singing and give back to the Universe the many blessings she has received. Optimistic, ambitious, inquisitive, humble, mysterious, travelled, encouraging, inspiring, athletic and pacifist are only a few words to describe Cleo Isaacs. Humanity Healing Foundation is honored to welcome Cleo Isaacs as an Ambassador for the House of Compassion and the Mahavidya Girls School Project of South India. To listen to Cleo’s new song, click below

Bombarded with Bollywood offers, Cleo declined most of them and film magazine Cineblitz wrote she was the first person in Bollywood history to be written about in Bollywood film magazines without ever having appeared in single film. Then, Romu Sippy, the producer of the blockbuster "Satte pe Satta", launched her acting career in the suspense thriller 'Who', in which she played the role of Sonali, opposite Priyanshu Chatterjee. Then, producer, director and screenplay writer Prakash Jha's cast her in "Apaharan, starring Ajay Devgan and Nana Patekar. Unfazed by the siren call of fame and fortune, Cleo decided it was time instead to build on the riches within. She moved back to the UK, took a long sabbatical, focused on developing her

transition, subsidized schools for those who would not have had a chance to have an education, pensions for widows, greened the planet with hundreds of thousands of trees planted every year and pledged tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars to disaster relief and suicide prevention programs...the list goes on and on. It is a rarified group that walks the talk like Amma. When you consider that she started from such humble beginnings, can anyone possibly doubt that Amma is more than just a woman. Jane Goodall described her as “God’s Love in human form”. I believe that she is a living embodiment of the Divine Feminine. Some time ago, Humanity Healing polled its members who should receive the first Spiritual Activism Award. The results were decisive: Amma!

Standing in the Presence of Grace
Amma’s hugs are know the world over for the love and light they bring to one’s being, but even Amma knows that true Spiritual Activism is more than just giving hugs (even if it is over 27 million of them). Amma and her organization have gained an unparalleled reputation not only for her personal outreach of bringing comfort and touching hearts with her personal touch, but as a result of the extensive charitable institutions she has established. Amma oversees a vast network of humanitarian activities. She has built hospitals where those in need can receive the best of modern medicine, over 100,000 homes for the poor, orphanages where the abandoned can find hope, hospices for those in

During her recent North American tour, Liane Legey and I traveled to Washington, DC to present Amma with Humanity Healing Foundation’s first Spiritual Activism Award.

Liane and I, along with her son Chris, arrived early in the day, as we had contacts within the organization that we planned to meet with to discuss both how we could interface with

Amma’s organization to assist with her mission as well as discuss Humanity Healing Foundation projects. Synergy is the key to successful Spiritual Activism. Amma’s organization in Washington, DC was matchless in both its efficiency and, more importantly, the selfless beauty of those who were there to assist those who had come to receive Amma’s Blessing. Everyone who comes to see Amma is given a token to facilitate a smooth progression and first-timers are given special consideration. We received our tokens, but were quickly pulled out of line to meet with a succession of individuals within her organization to discuss Humanity Healing, our projects and the presentation of the Spiritual Activism Award.

Blessings for greater than 20 hours at a stretch), but there is a much smaller percentage that she has time to give personal answers to spiritual questions. This quota had already been filled, but I was directed by Swami Ramakrishna to the group at the front of the room, so that I might speak with Swami Amritaswarupananda, the head of her organization. I moved up the line and suddenly, I crossed into Amma’s Sacred Circle. I know that each individual feels and interprets experiences like this differently. My background is with Reiki Jin Kei Do and I “feel” energy. Stepping through the boundary of Amma’s immediate presence is like passing through a living waterfall. Standing within her presence is to be continuously irradiated with an uninterrupted flow of pure Loving Presence. I am an engineer and not naturally poetical in nature, but it is nothing short of feeling the heat of the living flame of God’s Divine Love. I was fortunate to be given the privilege to stand within this energy for close to an hour, as I shared with Swami Amritaswarupananda and his representative, Steve Schmidt, who Humanity Healing was and what we represent. Liane and her son Chris continued through the process until they reached Amma’s Sacred Circle. Liane was pulled aside to stand with me and Chris received a Blessing and returned to his seat to reflect. At this point, I was not just full of the energy radiating out from Amma, I was gently and protectively swelling and stretching my previous limits with her energy. Liane and I were allowed to bask for another twenty minutes or so. I remember Amma looking up from a Blessing at Liane, with a beatific smile for a minute or so before turning back to her joyous task. In my mind, I heard “Hello, little sister!”. The time came and we were presented to Amma with the dispensation that a photo could be taken of the presentation. This was a great honor, and, to my knowledge, the only picture allowed that day. We were allowed this so that

Liane, Chris and I were directed to chairs near the front and asked to wait until Amma entered. For those who have not had the opportunity to attend, Amma entering the room is unmistakable. The audience joins in a collective meditation. Hearts begin to beat in time. The scent of fresh sandlewood suddenly permeates the air. A conch sounds. A visible ripple spreads outward through the crowd as each individual receives a conscious jolt from their Higher Self. Amma has entered the room and her presence is felt with every level of the Self. Amma gives a Blessing to all, despite the size of the crowd (she has been known to give

we could share with the Humanity Healing family a picture of Amma receiving her award. Amma has received many awards far more important and known than our humble one.

I had a whole speech worked out in my head. I got as far as, “On behalf of the Humanity Healing Foundation, I am honored to present to you this Spiritual Activism Award for…”. At this point, I could no longer speak. Tears welled up

and I could only softly sob, “Bless you, Amma, and thank you….” Amma was gracious in her response. She kissed the award to Bless it and pulled me into an embrace.

I do not have the words to describe the Love and Peace in that embrace. It lasted but a moment and it lasted for an eternity as her arms and soul enveloped me, with her voice gently singing in my ear. I do not remember the words, but that is how it should be as she sang her song to my Soul. After a long moment, or an eternity, I pulled back as she pulled Liane into her embrace, but she did not let me go so that I could retire. I

was privileged to hear her sing and remember her song to Liane’s Soul. I will never forget it – it rings in my heart as strongly as my Soul’s song murmurs softly, yet indistinctly. When Amma had finished sharing with Liane, she pulled back briefly, and then pulled us both into an embrace to Bless each of you, the Humanity Healing Family, and our organization through us. The rest of the day both incredible and difficult. Amma’s Blessing left us in such a positively charged state that we were giddy with joy, and

yet we were meeting with members of her organization to discuss such technical details as the what we should be expecting for the cost of building in Tamil Nadu, India per square foot and comparing our vocational training center and expenditures per child in Uganda versus what she met with her project in Kenya. The insights and connections shared were invaluable to us as a small nonprofit organization. I would like to thank formally and express my deep appreciation and Gratitude to Swami Amritaswarupananda, Swami Ramakrishna, Steve Schmidt and all the beautiful souls in Amma’s organization whose names I regret did not write down for all the love and assistance they provided. One additional note. When we left Amma, she gave both Liane and I each an apple. It is my understanding this is an additional Blessing and helps to materialize and internalize Amma’s Blessing. We made a ritual asking for Amma’s joy in the life of each of Humanity Healing’s family and success in completing our shared humanitarian projects. I savored the entire apple with the exception of the seeds, which I added to the small bag I carry with me that contains a Reiki Cho Ku Rei medallion and a Rosary that was Blessed by John Paul II. I am looking forward to a greater involvement between our organizations, but even more, I am looking forward to another hug from Amma.

Much Metta, Christopher Buck President Humanity Healing Foundation

Art & Poetry
"Poets are masters of us ordinary men, in knowledge of the mind, because they drink at streams Which we have not yet made accessible to science." ~Freud

Featured Poets: Gloria Gypsy, One Light, JBE and Kimberly

I Sphinx
By Gloria Gypsy

See all the Artwork here

As Godhood meets the void Within it we dream and divine; Our reality envisioned into light Past, present, future all collide Fought and cherished as one; Alchemy of outward opposites Dissolved by the red and blue Of ocean flood and hell flame Reborn through the eye of Isis Through our communal dust.

Poem and Artwork from 2009©Gloria Gypsy
All Rights reserved


Peace Peace finds itself amidst chaos Sending thoroughfares to other places To the heads of states To the steeples and temples Within our minds Deep rooting Into the earth Resting in the center Peace finds itself Within our hearts Connecting This uni-verse of one song with many sounds And full spectrum of light Peace finds itself As it always was Basking in the radiance Of knowing itself Gathering every piece From every highway Returning And greeting every weary traveler With the language of loving remembrance That we all share the same home.
Kimberly Rex 2005

Silent Breath.
A Poem from James

My spirit is trying to wake me free from the illusion. Many voices crying, laughing, sharing, screaming and quieted by forces within and silenced by forces without.

Many voices with many stories and songs to sing. All is always in unison. I share with you; the one will unlock our heart with the key. All these dreams are inside of you. The mind is a trickster in the shadow of light and separation.

Yes you are the centre of the universe, as I am. Our centers merge at our hearts. What does you heart sing.

Bewildered I am when the light shines through my being and silent truth enters within this vessel of soul.

I sing for you is what this song is saying, will sing you for me too? Can we play and make sweet symphonies of music together forever.

I start to sing a song of praise in your honor. In honoring you I honor my whole self. We never were separated and have always been.

Acts from heart of love reflects back as you. I smile and you smile back, in our moment all worries fade away.

Out of darkness must come out the light, is a songs reminder.

Together we are shadow and light. What a love story this song.

This is our bliss. We have it here <3 and we can share that which is the most sacred of all gifts. Are the words hollow enough to hear its' silent song? A song of a love that never fades away.

Life’s Great Questions
By One Light

If I smelled some sweet perfume might it change my scent or would it travel many miles while I wondered where it went? If I drove a Cadillac all brand and shiny new, might it give me great prestige and 4 free hubcaps too? If I stomped on bubbles and each one slipped and popped, would that mean I’ve lost my mind and all my brain cells stopped? If I met in many huddles with players on a field, could I help them with their strategy or would my fate be sealed? If I were a quite plump chicken about to become some soup, might I beg you for my life or just join a chicken group? If I reined in all my silliness, pulling tight with lack of plans, then what might never happen and would I need my hands? If I could climb a mountain while praying on my knees, then maybe I could also swim through the jungle and the trees.

If I panic in my hammock while my porpoise jumps the gate, perhaps then I can ride him if the waves don’t come too late. While I’m dozing in my daisies and dream of my escape, will I surrender to my thought-forms and is that the same as Fate? If I jumped up high on rooftops And giggled manically, might I miss the pink parade that I couldn’t even see? If I stood on tops of shoulders just balancing, awake might I fall upon your head and make a big mistake? If I pushed down a large balloon and it kept bouncing in my face, could I push it down quite hard enough to render its disgrace? If I cooked a princess and she was all that I could eat, would that give me sovereignty as I sat upon my seat?

If I sailed away in my canoe and found myself in layers, might I taste a tiddly-winor Laugh at baseball players?

and gave my brain a drain, would it maybe all make sense or would you render me insane?

If I were to swallow pictures with colors swirling down, would they simply tickle me or might they make me frown? If I swam in horseshoes would I then know how to trot? or maybe I could toss them with the hope I’d win a lot. If I balanced heavy moonbeams on my nose about to blow, might they each fall off, one by one, and still miss my biggest toe? If life were just like candy all sweet and sticky too, might it roll all over me so I could stick to you? If I threw myself a party and it landed on your head, who’s to say it wasn’t fun The Living or the Dead?

If I spoke in broken Spanish to a raging storm in France, would the people do a hula or some other fancy dance? If I bathed and lathered, then slipped and missed my cue, would the show just then end early and would I know just what to do? If I danced right up a monstrous hill to the music of the air, might you think I’m spinning or just having an affair? If I bumped a doofus

About One Light: Debbie Lawlor

“I view life as a classroom which exists for the education of the Soul. Each life lesson presents itself at the precise moment when we are open and ready to learn.” Reach Debbie on Om-Times Magazine

Coming Soon

Healing Cuisine

has a warm heart for cooking, he does not eat much himself. Instead, he drinks a lot of the special tea. Living in India gave him the opportunity to rear his own cows. These lovely ladies provide the house hold with daily milk that is rich, clean and very nutritious.

By Sri Devanayagi In India, tea is most popular next to the images of Lord Ganesha the elephant headed deity, and is served everywhere. As Ganesh is invoked in all new ventures, tea is served during all new and old ventures as well. Let us also start with preparing a good cup of tea so that we can contemplate on what we are going to create for dinner or lunch.

Ingredients for tea mixture 10 cardamom seeds 3 “cinnamon bark ½ teaspoon ground nutmeg 1 teaspoon peppercorns 1 teaspoon gloves 1 fair piece of ginger 5 star seed anise 500ml milk (cows milk or soymilk whatever has your preference) 300ml water 2 tablespoon of tea leaves dust. (Very fine tealeaves) Ground the cardamom, peppercorns and gloves freshly every time. Put them together with the star anise seed, cinnamon and crushed ginger in

Everybody who visits Shri Param in India will be served a nice cup of homemade spice tea or Chai Apart from the tealeaves the mixture that gives the flavor to the tea is a typical “on the house” specialty and remedy. Even though Shri Param

the water. Bring to boil, and leave to simmer while you prepare the tea.. In another pot and boil the milk and the tealeaves. Stir the milk until it has a nice coffee color. Fill a mug for about 1/3 with the spices tea mixture; make sure you use a sieve.

Shri Param Eswaran’s primary purpose for incarnating at this time of the Kali Yuga is to educated all in the Ancient Wisdom Teachings and practice of Shaktism, nurturing and supporting all to develop their inner divinity and reclaim the Living Goddess Tradition.

Then fill up the rest of the mug with the milk/tea mixture also using a sieve! Add sugar to taste and if you want to give it a real Indian stir; poor the tea couple of times from one cup to another until it cools down and a nice froth appears on the tea. Then sprinkle the grounded nutmeg on top of the froth. You can use the spice mixture for a couple of days, everyday adding new spices, crushed ginger according to taste. Make sure you keep it covered in water and boil until you can smell the aroma of ginger and spices. You can drink this tea whenever you need a physical and /or mental kick starter. The herbs in the tea all have medicinal properties. Drinking it late at night might keep you up even longer though…

UNZipping Reality
With host Leah LaChapelle

What is an UNZipped Reality?



New Thought

= New Paradigm Solution


How do your UNZip Reality? Leah guides you to go beyond merely examining the left and right sides of the same old zipped up discussion. The first step is to find the “zipper pull of your conscious mind”, and then grab hold, and PULL - to see and experience a new paradigm. Awareness and Consciousness are MERGING into a new reality!! Tune in every Weekday 12:00 – 1:00 pm CST This LIVE CALL-IN internet radio show that is revealing what true Freedom is, through the discovery of who we really are as Human Beings. Be a part of the new conversation that is producing a great and welcomed SHIFT in Human conscious awareness. Listener call in line: 512-879-3805

The co-host every Wednesday is Steven of
November 11th @ 11:11 am (your local time) For one hour then pass on to next time zone We unite again in song, prayer & meditation to heal the planet... As we set the intentional focus on unconditional love. We are one humanity on earth and All share in the bond of love All life is symbiotic energy We are all in this together...One Love The keys to flowing in the Universe: Attraction, Intention, Allowance & Balance ~ United as One with Love vibrations

SHIFT Happens ~ Intend and Transcend ~ Trust the Process ~ as YOU UNZip Reality!!

The Art of Julio Gilberto
An interview by Sri David
Click above to listen to Julio ‘s Music

“My desire has always been to understand what planet I came to. Why things are the way they are.

I am curious by nature. I am also very sentimental. The question of 'Spirituality' I would answer as: I am sentimental. I cannot see anyone suffer”

Truth-Seeker. Bohemian, Una Alma Gitana

aware that everything is a part of me, and I am a part of the Cosmos. I am a little grain of sand in THE SHORE OF INFINITY. As we ALL are. 2) Who or what was / is your biggest inspiration in life? What drives your life? My mother as well and my Dad, he is a great Dad. 3) Who taught you how to play the guitar, or are you self-taught? And why did you choose classical variations? When I was a little boy, maybe two years old I told my family: When I grow up I will be a musician and a doctor. So funny that now I find myself a musician in my adult life and somehow I always have people come to me for 'emotional healing'. I don't have a 'business' helping people, but God always drops people who are hurt on my lap. I a 'Soul Doctor?' (I am made me review my life with these questions!) As a guitarist: I had a little plastic guitar when I was like five. It was a toy, but I loved it. At 13 I was going into my cousin's closet to use his guitar. I was not supposed to play it until he came home because my Grandmother told me that I had to ask him for permission. LESSON TO SHARE: Never tell a kid that something is 'forbidden' because it will create a greater interest in them! I took lessons from a neighbor but my REAL SCHOOL has been such a series of synchronistic events that to write would take so long...I can explain it in a radio interview or a video much easier. It has ALL been synchronistic. I took lessons at a University as well, but how I learned really was by going to the best music venues and asking the musicians to teach me lessons. I was not even 21 at the

1) Julio you are quite a different type of guy, for what I know about you, you can be considered as a Spiritual activist, do you regard yourself as a Spiritual Person? Tell us why. My desire has always been to understand what planet I came to. Why things are the way they are. I am curious by nature. I am also very sentimental. The question of 'Spirituality' I would answer as: I am sentimental. I cannot see anyone suffer. I cannot see anyone cry. I try to help anyone in need because that is how my Grandmother was, and she lives through me. Her and I are ONE...for ALL ETERNITY. She was my neighborhood's mentor to many children. I try my best to teach kids and teenagers the lessons she taught me. So she lives through me. That is my answer. It is not that I think of myself as 'Spiritual'. There are many who claim to be 'spiritual' but are not. I am sentimental. I am 'spiritual' in the sense that I love people, animals, plants...everything, because I am

time so I could not go in, but that's how I learned. Also, when World-Class musicians from Spain came on tour, I would find my way backstage and ask them: Will you be here tomorrow or are you leaving tomorrow? If they said they had an extra day in San Diego, I would BRIBE THEM. I would offer them to show them around. I would also tell them: My friends and I would like to have a private lesson from you. It's about 10 of us, and we will pay you $50 (sometimes $100) each. That ALWAYS worked. They got to make extra money, be shown around and have a 'tour guide' and I got to learn from some of the best musicians in the world. I am sharing the best 'tips' I can share for anyone who wants to learn to play guitar or ANY instrument. Start with your local musicians. Anyone that 'touches' your soul...ask that person for lessons. 4) If you had just one wish to be materialized in this world, what would be it? INFINITE LOVE 5) How long have you been playing guitar? How long have you been playing publicly? I already answered much of this. Playing 'Professionally'? (Meaning in public and getting paid)...Hmmm...10 years or so. 6) There is a strong cultural element in your classic guitar; can you talk to us more about this? I don't play 'Classical Guitar' really. My background is Flamenco. The Gypsy People made their way to Spain (hundreds of years ago) and the Arabs were there as well. A blending of cultures took place in Southern Spain: ANDALUCIA. Spaniards who came to the

Americas brought Latin American music back to Spain, and added that. That is how Flamenco was created. It is a blending of many cultures hundreds of years in the making. Now even elements of American Jazz are finding their way into 'Flamenco". John Mc. Laughlin was probably the Artist responsible for that with his work with Paco De Lucia. 7) Tell us more about your professional life; do you have a contract, if so with whom? How can one get a hold of your music? I don't have a contract yet. I have had offers, but I did not trust the people who made me such offers. I am an ethical person. The music business is not a business populated by ethical and 'sentimental' (you say Spiritual) people. It is an ocean infested with sharks. But...I will find my 'Dolphin' or...It will find me. I TRUST T I wish to thank Leann and Chris at HUMANITY HEALING for their monumental efforts to LIFT UP HUMANITY, to educate and teach what is not taught at schools and universities. Their videos alone have healed many when they were hopeless and sad. Humanity Healing has become a phenomenon on the internet. I believe this to be THE WORK OF THE GREAT SPIRIT. I mean that sincerely. May The Great Spirit Bless You and everyone you touch. With ALL MY LOVE: Julio Gilberto

New website being set up. Meanwhile I can be contacted via e-mail at juliogilbertomusic@gmail. com. My music is on Myspace at

De-Mystifying Subtle Sense Perception

Jill is a holistic nurse. She came for a session because her feet were continually cramping. Though happily married, she felt this underlying anxiety that she couldn’t explain. When she lay on the table in a relaxed state her feet were severely arched. We worked first with the physical muscular tension, then deeper into increasingly subtler levels of her energy system. As Jill explored sensations in her feet, childhood memories flooded her awareness. Jill’s body began spasming, and her feet slowly released. The next moment, pain of childhood memories turned into gales of laughter. After several follow up sessions she confessed she had not had an orgasm in nine years of marriage. She was now experiencing orgasms and her feet were no longer cramping.

By Laura Fine You’re a healer, therapist, body worker, nurse, martial artist, and poet. Perhaps you’ve studied Reiki, learned to channel, transmit light energy, re-structure chakras. People come to you for guidance, healing, insight, strength. You give of yourself open-heartedly. Your clients love you. You help them change their lives. So why is energy healing still so elusive? As modern day holistic health practitioners we accumulate an array of skills and techniques utilizing subtle energy, but have no understanding of how and why it works? The mind has four layers; the conscious, subconscious, unconscious and fully unconscious mind. When we work with subtle energy we progressively penetrate into deeper layers of the mind. Within these layers we retain the seed thoughts of all our karmas, positive and negative past actions, experiences and their cellular memories. These karmas show up throughout our lifetime reflected in our mental, physical and emotional health.

Inherent within the human physiology is a natural self-correcting mechanism. Distortions occur in our physiology due to early childhood (and past life) traumas. A trauma may not look dramatic, but it takes only one moment of helplessness for the infant to experience its life as threatened. As adults, these cellular memories show up as behavioral defenses, "feeling insecure, overburdened, and betrayed, etc." Stored in of intellectualizing will coax them out.

When we run subtle energies into the body we enliven consciousness of cellular memory containing "negative imprints," distortions of life force expression unable to be safely expressed in childhood. Once enlivened, the body’s natural mechanics do the rest, re-aligning the self with its true pleasurable essence.

The difficulty is accessing deeply enough into the layers of the subtle nervous system. It’s like holding up a tuning fork. You can only resonate to the depth of the refinement contained within the healer that is present.

How does one attain deep levels of refinement? We must choose our teachers and healers wisely. Look for the embodiment of humility, compassion, purity, love, calmness and integrity. Association with those qualities will cultivate this kind of healing in your own being and presence. Laura Fine is the Director/Founder of Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing is a California State registered school of energy healing.

Many people have asked me what does having a spiritual master mean. Does it mean we have to change our belief systems? Change our lifestyle? Follow an esoteric or different path? The quote explains it all. To follow one's presence is to be true to your depth and hence understand the depth that goes beyond words and unites us all.

Be True to Your Depth
By Tony Samara

During these times is when this union and understanding is more important than ever and hence the appearance of profoundness. One active meditation that can be practiced and that I highly recommend is to look at our usage of private cars as part of our trust in letting go of old comforts. The use of cars (as one example) is such an addiction and so much a part of the fast pace connected to other material addictions, that separate our heartfelt connections from each other, that we don't even realize that we are addicted to such modern conveniences. I ask you all to consider taking public transport. Even if it takes a little bit longer to get from place to place, you may be surprised at the moments you discover along the way. It is not the destination rather the journey that helps us understand that every action is part of the mystery of life. The mystery of life is waiting to be discovered by you.

The Sound of Healing
By Zeta Marie

Here’s the Pitch. Sound therapy is one of the most innovative psychological treatments available today. It’s incredibly powerful and it has really helped me in my journey towards healing. Dr. Donna Rogers, Founder and Director of the Sound for Healing Institute, is a Licensed Psychologist and a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist practicing in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. First, I’m going to give you the layman’s version of my experience with Sound Therapy and then some of the more technical details.

Okay, then they put clamps on your ears that are attached with wires to this portable unit called the Alpha-Stim Machine; it’s like a T.E.N.S. unit for the brain. It emits a tiny electrical current that stimulates brain tissue, causing an increased release of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and beta-endorphins. Then, they put headphones over your ears to block out all other sounds and you listen to a guided meditation recorded by Dr. Rogers herself (she has the most beautiful angelic voice imaginable) and with music. The sound frequencies on the tapes are also calibrated to do good things like balance the energies of your left and right brain, relaxation, etc.

The experience of sound therapy goes something like this: first, you meet with Dr. Rogers to discuss your needs/issues. Then, you are escorted into a room that has a sound therapy bed (pictured above). You lie down on the bed and it emits a vibration. However, it’s important to note that the vibration comes from sound waves. They adjust the amplitude of the vibration of the bed to suit your needs. These vibrations are extremely soothing to muscles and nerves. If I had one of these beds at home, I’d be on it all the time.

The meditations and guided imagery will teach you new coping strategies and have such titles as: Remote Control for Pain, Garden, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Sound Sleep, Calm Coping, Focus, Safe Place, Affirmations, and the list goes on. You can also purchase

these tapes for a very reasonable price to listen to at home (with headphones or earphones) on their website: Its technology that comes at you in waves…brainwaves that is. Next, they turn down the lights, leave the room and you just take this incredible meditative/physically-healing journey for about 20-30 minutes. When you are done, Dr. Rogers comes back into the room to discuss your experience and how to integrate it into your life. You go to places you can’t even imagine (like the Purple Planet) and explore what the images mean to you. It’s better than any pill you could ever take. All I can say is it works for me. It is covered by Medicare as long as you have a short therapy session first. It's also covered by most insurance as well. Now for some of the technical explanations (I’m using some quotes from their brochures): Sound for Healing Therapy is a cognitive intervention that utilizes relaxation techniques, guided imagery, and psycho education, together with low frequency sound waves and vibro-acoustic technology to create a therapeutically beneficial program. Sound for Healing understands and teaches you about the “mind-body connection” with a combination of technologies and psychological approaches that include relaxation and guided imagery. Guided meditations enhanced with sound waves can help with sleep, low self-esteem, anxiety, pain, anger, insomnia, phobias, fears, trauma, stress and depression. This is accomplished by helping to repair thinking errors and faulty beliefs. The mediation process also helps to reduce blood pressure and heart rate and can help manage physical discomfort. The Sound for Healing Institute can also dramatically help your relationships, issues with attention, confidence, happiness, concentration, forgiveness and selfesteem.

Sound for Healing also offers the workshops and courses by Autumn Rogers and Jean Leong. Autumn is a yoga instructor. Yoga can increase range of motion, flexibility, strength and balance. Yoga’s roots go back thousands of years and its benefits are well documented. Autumn’s class schedule is available online at: ule.html

Jean is a senior primary health care provider who has been teaching qigong for several years. Since 1985, Jean has been a California L.Ac., and when she closed her practice in 2003, she decided to focus on teaching. Jean is accredited to train acupuncturists and Chinese herbalists. Her primary focus is to offer classes and guidance for lay people to help increase quality of life. Jean routinely offers self-help wellness workshops, qigong exercise and guided meditation. She is an expert in qigong exercise, dietary guidance, and has helped many people with a variety of health problems and stress management. Her classes are designed to help people improve diet, increase flexibility, gain endurance, increase strength and manage stress, especially clients with injuries and chronic illness. For further information, check out their website at: or you may contact them at 702-563-1000, their address is199 N. Arroyo Grande Blvd., Ste.100, Henderson, NV 89074. Lend them your ear and you’ll feel the difference. Tell them Zeta sent you.

Zeta lives in Las Vegas, NV and is an Ambassador in the House of Compassion for Humanity Healing Foundation. She is currently working on the Uganda Outreach Project and Mahavidya Girls School of South India:

World Vision

Twilight and Dawn By Rene Wadlow*

replaced by the rays of the coming sun. During these periods of transition, shapes are less clear. Twilight may also resemble dawn, and it is not clear from the colour of the sky if the day is fading or growing. So too, in the study of international society and world politics, it is not always clear if we are moving toward greater night or clearer day. For our efforts to be most effective, we need to have some understanding of where we are in the cosmic process, if it is time to get more fuel for our lamps because night is coming on or if

The alternation of night and day is a cosmic process of which humans have been long aware and which has led to dualistic thinking: day and night, light and dark, right and wrong, pure and impure. However, during this alternation of night and day, there are two periods of transition — twilight as the day fades and night comes on, and dawn as night is

we can start putting away our lamps because day will soon be here. In this period with strong shadows and unclear shapes, we must be particularly careful in our evaluations of events and currents.

oriented Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

Around the world today, numerous communities face an immediate future of intense violence and social upheaval. The Congo, East Timor, Israel-Palestine, Kashmir, the Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Sudan and Tibet are examples amongst many others. In zones of chronic tensions, politics characteristically lurch back and forth from hope to despair to hope to despair. Peace talks, road maps and new elections descend into the daily hell of missiles, armoured vehicles and suicide-martyrs — and the new maps are drawn again.

We see among the shadows a world of base calculations, of power plays, of special interests working for national advantage and overlooking global responsibilities. In the confusion of today’s economic situation when only short-term profit and consumption mattered, we see jobs lost, homes lost, medical and educational facilities cut back or closed. Through financial misdoings, avarice and corruption, we are compromising our future and that of our children. We see a world where we have reached critical limits on pollution, on fossil-fuel extraction, on endangered species, on climate change.

The United Nations has taken unprecedented steps to focus the world’s urgent attention on the need to protect nature and to encourage ecologically-sound development. The UN has held major environmental conferences such as those of Stockholm (1972), Rio (1992), Johannesburg (2002) and the climate conference planned for Copenhagen in December 2009.

NGOs have responded to these challenges. They work year round to reverse the deterioration of nature’s plant life, water quality, forest cover, mountain ecosystems and marine resources. They combat atmospheric pollution, desertification and chemical hazards.

To meet these challenges, often the result of limited visions and short-term political calculations, we need a strong, values-based United Nations, and we need ethical and future-

NGOs are active in defending and promoting human rights, in assisting refugees, internally displaced persons and migrants, in running medical, educational and vocationaltraining institutions, in overcoming patriarchal obstacles to women’s empowerment, in healing children, and in giving youth a voice in

Where social welfare is lacking, where social justice is lacking, there you will find NGOs ready to take a lead, to take responsibility, to take action.

There is a need for NGO leadership and cooperation, for adequate funding and the sharing of information as to new needs and new opportunities. With such leadership and cooperation, we will not mistake the dawn for the twilight. determining the future. NGOs are helping people redefine themselves from victims into partners for a new world society.
*Rene Wadlow is a Representative to the UN, Geneva, and Association of World Citizens

Spiritual Destinations
We revisit the art of Traveling, through a holistic and spiritual perspective. In the quest for Oneness and Enlightenment, your road map of Success.
“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” - St. Augustine

Crop Circles and the Sacred Sites of England
By Author Gina Alzate

continue to create interests as the circles' designs become more complex. (Examiner article)

Why are more crops circles showing early and in abundance each year? What is the meaning of wildlife designs being added to the collection? How can these intricate designs so perfect in geometry and proportions can be considered a hoax? There are more questions than answers as more scientists and metaphysicians conduct research on crop circles, paving the way for annual crop circle tours. The sightings of crop circle formations have become so popular for spiritual seekers and skeptics alike that Crop Circles and Sacred Places Research Tours sell out early. Crop circle tours help the seekers understand the mysteries inherent in crop circles. This tour includes a private access to Stonehenge, a 5,000 year old monument believed to have been a sacred burial site, a healing sanctuary, or a ceremonial site for sun worship. It also allows seekers to experience the Stone at Avebury, the largest and most beautiful stone circle in the world. What makes this tour meaningful for explorers is that everyone could engage like-minded individuals the notion how crop circles manifest and why. Crop Circles: Hoax or Real World Tours and Cruises Talk Radio conducted an interview with Dr. Simeon Hein on June 30, 2009. Dr. Simeon Hein is the author of Opening Minds - A Journey of Extraordinary Encounters, Crop Circles and Resonance. He is the founder of the Mount Baldy Institute in 1996, which aims to give people the chance to learn remote viewing, a type of intuitive training that taps into our subconscious intelligence. Dr. Heim holds a Ph. D. in Sociology with an emphasis on statistics and research methods. He is the Mount Baldy Crop Circle Research Team Lead. His research team conducts a journey to Wiltshire, England in July of each year taking a group of curious explorers to these crop circles to study them and be on site to feel the energies produced.

Yatesbury, England 2009 June 12 by Dai Dobbs

Crop circles 2009 season began early in Wiltshire Country, England this year. Most of the sightings usually occur in July through August each year, and more crop circle formations have been discovered as we near 2012. If there was any correlation to the increasing frequencies of sightings to the 2012 theories, the crop circle researchers are determined to uncover. Crop circles are geometric patterns created by flattening of crops such as wheat, barley, canola, corn, rye, linseed and soy. Uncertainties abound as to the origins of crop circles, whether or not they are man-made, perhaps created by unidentified flying objects (UFO), or created by paranormal means. Whatever is the case, they

Crop Circles: Real or Hoax World Tours and Cruises Talk Radio What was fascinating about the interview was the exploration of scientists' interests to study crop circles and what have they found so far. According to Dr. Simeon Hein, crop circles continue to fascinate his team of researchers as there is not a real conclusive evidence that points to the formation of the energy crop circles generate. Dr. Hein's team uses equipment and energy readers to measure electrical and magnetic fields produced by the crop circles. As for determining whether or not crop circles are real, Dr. Hein stated that it is the wrong question to ask. The question they are still asking is how crop circles produce powerful energies that have the abilities to stop batteries and equipment from working properly. Dr. Hein impressed upon our listeners that all crop circles are real, whether or not they are man-made. Crop circles produce electrical and magnetic current, and that the circular patterns produce more energy than intricate and ornate formations. Apparently several groups of crop circle makers have shown his team how crop circles are produced by humans.

UFOs creating crop circles and giving us messages how to prepare for 2012? What will happen to the world in 2012? Scientists and metaphysicians are still asking these questions as they study crop circles and attempt to decode them while proving their authenticity.

(Examiner article) World Tours and Cruises Talk Radio also conducted an interview with Metaphysicians Ross Holcomb of Energy Works and Meredith Holcomb of Myoga Studio on July 7, 2009. The Holcombs conduct crop circle
tours in conjunction with the Sacred Britain Crop Circle Tour held in August each year at Wiltshire, England. The tour includes visits into crop circles, an optional helicopter flight over these exquisite patterns, private out-of-hours access into Stonehenge, attendance at a top Crop Circle Conference with international researchers, and visits to some of England's most powerful sacred sites. These sites are the Stonehenge, Glastonbury Abbey, Glastonbury Tor, Chalice Well, and Avebury Landscape Temple, Avebury Henge, The Sanctuary, Knoll Down, Silbury Hill, West Kenneth Long Barrow, Merlin's Mound and Morgan'sHill.

Explore Crop Circles and England's Sacred Sites World Tours and Cruises Talk Radio The Holcombs’ approach is metaphysical in nature as Dr. Simeon Hein’s is scientific, as both crop circle tour leaders study the energies inherent in crop circles. The Holcombs’ use dowsing rods to locate water source underneath the crop circle formation and they use their intuition to channel messages, if any, from external sources. Dr. Hein’s research team use scientific equipment and photography.Energy Healers such as Reiki Masters, QiQong Practitioners and Pranic Healers are sensitive to electro-magnetic energies through their own practice of working with individual energy

2012 Connections to Crop Circles Is there a connection between crop circles and the Mayan Prophecy and Calendar 2012? Are

levels. Metaphysicians and Intuitive sense energy through various modes of clairsenses. They either see energy as auric fields (clairvoyance), sense energy through their physical bodies (clairsentience), hear vibrational frequencies (clairaudience), or just have a knowing that energy is present (claircognizance) When these people with heightened sensitivity to energy enter crop circles, their clairsenses become much more heightened than they are accustomed to feeling. A few claims to channel information from extraterrestrial light beings as to the messages the crop circles convey. Since extraterrestrial messages are difficult to prove or document for further studies as they are personal accounts using clairsenses and channeling, these reported accounts are still yet to be supported by researchers of crop circles. Since there are no proven ways currently to verify personal accounts of energy fluctuations felt internally by observers, metaphysicians have the challenging task to relay to the mainstream world how information gained through intuitive channeling perhaps are messages sent by extraterrestrials and UFOs. UFO Connections to Crop Circles Crop circle tours aim to illuminate crop circles and their connection to UFO sightings. Sacred sites tours are usually included with crop circle tours, however, UFO sightings have been noted around crop circles even during the day while people were inside the formations. UFO connections are often cited as reasons why crop circles exist, that extraterrestrials (ETs) are beaming messages on Earth through the formations metaphysicians claim to be of sacred geometry. Are all crop circles man-made? If not,

who made them and why? UFOs and ETs have been linked to the presence of crop circles, and their messages have been circulated as warnings of solar flares and natural catastrophes brought on by cosmic activities. Yet, there are also groups of people debunking theories related to UFOs, ETs and the crop circles. (See Examiner

More Questions on Crop Circles for Future Discussions Crop circles continue to fascinate scientists and metaphysicians alike. The more is known about them, the more questions go unanswered. What are crop circles and why do they exist? As the world becomes more aware of global expansion, the possibility of other light beings living among us might be more truth than fiction. The ongoing prominence of crop circles might be serving to bring our awareness to higher forms of thoughts. Perhaps crop circles are not merely geometric patterns but symbols of protection, healing, and warning. Whatever is the case, Global Ascension 2012 serves as a point of mystery for many and crop circles may be a way to help us ease our fears. If England is your destination spot this summer, allow flexibility in your schedule in case you happen to be near a site where the next crop circle forms. Enjoy the experience of witnessing a marvelous phenomenon.
Crop circle Picture Credits to 2009-0612-EnglandYatesbury-DaiDobbs Dr. Simeon Hein

Author Bio:Gina Alzate is the Metaphysical Therapy Educator of Holistic Life Designs. She facilitates Holistic, Metaphysical and Divine Romance tours, cruises and workshops with World Tours and Cruises. She is an Online Radio Talk Show Host and the Broadcaster of World Radio 365. Gina is also the Philadelphia Romance Examiner and the National Holistic Travel Examiner with

The Great Stupa of Dharmakaya Which Liberates Upon Seeing

in the beholder, then we walked among Buddhas that day. Special Destination I had traveled from New Hampshire to the Shambhala Mountain Center, 8,000 feet above sea level, outside the dusty little town of Red Feather Lakes, Colorado to celebrate the opening of the one of the most magnificent example of sacred Buddhist architecture outside of Asia. Formally known as The Great Stupa of Dharmakaya Which Liberates upon seeing, this remarkable symbol of enlightenment was designed to have an uplifting effect upon all who behold it, and it invariably succeeds. For me – as with so many of the practicing Buddhist students, teachers, and guests there - it was an experience of a lifetime. Living Legacy As a long-time student of Trogyam Trungpa Rinoche – the accomplished Tibetan teacher to whom The Great Stupa is dedicated – I knew the event was historically important, commemorating his significant role in transplanting Vajrayana Buddhism to North America. (The Mayor of Boulder declared it Trogyam Trungpa Rinpoche Day.) I also knew that the building itself would be impressive. It took four hundred workers fourteen years to construct, using the world’s most durable concrete, to enable The Great Stupa to stand through a thousand Rocky Mountain winters. And I knew that sacred objects could be imbued with spiritual energy; and this one – with ancient relics, millions of printed "mantras" (sacred prayers), revered texts, precious jewels, and even a microscopic bone fragment of the Buddha Himself encased in its walls - would most likely be the greatest sacred object I would ever get near. But I had no idea how The Great Stupa would

- By Lonny J. Brown
Ascending the winding mountain valley to the new Tibetan-American Buddhist sacred monument called The Great Stupa of Dharmakaya, catching the first glimpse of its gleaming golden, sky-pointing spire, quickens the heart. Minutes later, seeing its full 108- foot form appear takes your breath away. That’s what happened to me and my friends and all the people we met among the 2000 attending the consecration ceremonies for this historic monument, in the summer of 2001. If it is true that this first moment of seeing this majestic structure contains the essence of enlightenment

get into my heart, and continue to manifest in my life.

The Palace of Awakened Mind
Approaching The Great Stupa, we are greeted by a fourteen foot gleaming bonze Buddha standing overhead, gazing benevolently down, hands open in gestures of fearlessness and generosity. Sculpted by the project’s art director, Joshua Mulder, this classically styled figure seems to accept and protect everyone approaching its holy abode. Aside from being a spiritual landmark and a burial reliquary, The Great Stupa lives up to its name by doubling as a three-story museum, housing some of the finest new sacred Tibetan Buddhist sculptures and wall paintings in the world. Indeed, entering the multi-colored main portico brings us before an even larger Buddha, the twenty-foot Shakyamuni, seated in teaching position. The statue impressed me greatly, even before I learned that Trungpa Rinpoche’s cremated remains rest in the very heart of the huge figure. Spectacular Vision One floor above the main assembly hall stands a most striking Tibetan Buddhist statue. Leaping up before you, larger than life, are the superhuman, “semi-wrathful” meditation deities, Chakrasamvara and Vajrayogini. Naked, entwined, eyes locked, sexually merged , they arise as one; he, fierce and red - embodying uncompromising wisdom - and she, intense blue - ultimate compassion in action. The vision of their spectacular union has an indelible effect on the mind of the beholder. So powerful and significant is this statue - and so alien to western religious iconography - that only initiated tantric practitioners are routinely permitted to see it. My friend Amy said "It brought a very emotional response... fear, love, longing, passion, awareness. My eyes were opened.” Life Force Pole The highest room in The Great Stupa reveals the base of its internal 57-foot Life Force Pole

(shokshing), rising within the tapered spire, and supporting the luminous pinnacle of the shrine. A significant monument by itself, this massive “spine,” was cut from a 110 foot Oregon Incense Cedar tree, and is now oriented to the same compass direction in Colorado as it stood for centuries in Oregon. It gleams lacquer-red, covered with thousands of hand-caligraphed, gold leafed, sacred inscriptions. The finished beam epitomizes the devotion that went into this building, and the uncompromising, impeccable tradition of Tibetan Buddhist sacred art.

Sky-Pointing Jewel Pinnacle
The brilliant golden spire of The Great Stupa represents the ascent to enlightenment, which Trungpa Rinpoche called human wholeness. The pinnacle is crowned with a graceful garlandshaped “parasol” (symbolizing compassion), a crescent moon (representing awakened mind or Bodhicita ) cradling the sun-disk of highest knowledge (Prajna), and topped off by the perfect wish-fulfilling jewel of awakened mind. Within the spire are treasure boxes filled with sacred texts, prayer flags, thousand year-old relics, silver, gold, precious jewels, and seeds from the still-living Bodhi tree in Bodgaya, India, beneath which the Buddha achieved enlightenment. Though it weighs several tons, the welded aluminum pinnacle appears to float effortlessly in space above the stupa and all who view it.

Are we enlightened now?
After a full day admiring The Great Stupa of Dharmakaya, circumambulating it, and touring the three-story sacred Buddhist art gallery within, I felt profound reverence, peace, and joy. What were totally unexpected were the after-effects of this pilgrimage. Since returning home, I find not only the image but the experience of The Stupa coming back to me often: I feel it as a blend of great gratification, satisfaction and motivation. My friends also felt this”after-glow” of her

Great Stupa experience. “It still affects how I see colors,” says Joan, a month later. “They look sharper, more intense and vivid.” She visualizes the stupa in her morning meditations, and during daily activities. “I use it to stop thinking.” she says. “I can access it whenever I want.’

more than a monument to a good idea. It is a dynamic “emanation” that at once awakens, inspires, instructs, motivates and empowers us to live in dignity and grace. Needless to say, I highly recommend a visit to The Great Stupa of Dharmakaya Which Liberates upon Seeing. The hike is healthy, and the view is enlightening.

Go There!
Like the world's great cathedrals, The Great Stupa of Dharmakaya is a physical structure with a spiritual effect. In Tibetan Buddhism, Dharmakaya means primordial mind. I continue to realize how this beautiful edifice is so much

Lonny J. Brown is the author of “Enlightenment in Our Time - The Perennial Wisdom in the New Millennium (, “Self-Actuated Healing” (Naturegraph Publ.) and “Meditation – Beginners’ Questions & Answers ( His online column, "The Holistic Mystic," is at Lonny J. Brown, HHC ENLIGHTENMENT PROJECTS 121-F Old Town Farm Rd. Peterborough, NH, 03458 ph/fax (603) 924-0425

For more information: Shambhala Mountain Center upa.html 4921 County Rd. 68-C, Red Feather Lakes, CO 80545 USA (970) 881-2184 Shambhala International: email

Dreaming from the Field

educated kids, currently in the midst of building their new home 'Dreamfield'.

Michael's website: What is Bio Architecture? Biologic Architecture is the pure principle set of rules for design, construction and land use - which utilizes the necessary 'fractal' or rose like symmetry / shape of electric fields which allow all living systems to thrive.

An Interview with Bio Architect Michael Rice
By Sky*

Biographical Information:
Michael is an award winning architect and member of the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland. He studied at the School of Architecture in University College Dublin. He set up his own practice in 1998 based in the Slieve Bloom Mountains in the heart of Ireland, specialising in Sacred Design and Living. He is kept wonderfully busy designing beautiful homes all over the world. He teaches ‘Sacred Geometry and Coherent Emotion’ internationally, and has gained a reputation as a dynamic and playfully enthusiastic presenter. He has travelled extensively and studied Architecture / Natural Design, Martial Arts, Science and Philosophy for over 25 years, and brings this understanding and practical experience to both his design work and his teachings. His knowledge of the Science of Creation offers deep insight into how literally the shapes of our thoughts and emotions create our worlds. He lives with Heather, and five amazing home

How does geomancy and feng shui interplay with the plans you create? By studying Nature, and incorporating her patterns, shapes, forms, ratios and symmetries we can consciously create buildings and spaces which can accurately be described as ‘Sacred’. Biological Architecture automatically is good Feng Shui – as it not only provides a beautifully holistic living structure which allows all the

energies to come together nondestructively, but encourages those energies to interact and share sustainably – and this is the new definition of Life.

These shapes and resulting ratios, proportions and growth algorithms provide us with a magnificent blueprint for the design and creation of spaces that are literally filled with life energy (capacitive charge density). All of the designs available on this site are based on these natural design harmonics. There are no arbitrary walls positions or dimensions. Every building element, from the plan matrices to the built volumes and enclosures support biology measurably. Countless folk who have built homes using this approach not only get to live in brighter and more beautiful spaces, but they often describe experiencing a definite positive shift in their circumstances, ranging from health to relationship issues.

Can you explain how a building created and placed upon the earth with this awareness works for its inhabitants in terms of healing or other benefits? By understanding the symmetry of electric fields causing health versus disease we rediscover that an overwhelming simple and yet compelling rule or pattern emerges. Applying this beautiful algorithm to architecture - we now see exactly why the design of living space - must be exactly that - an electrically living space. An electrically alive space (sometimes called 'sacred') - is simply the space where charge can breathe efficiently and thus achieve the (multiply connected / holographic and fractal) distributed resonance called awareness the thrust of all living systems.

*Sky is an Ancient Future Dreamer living in the Heartland of Turtle Island.

had gone to the airport to meet her! I told him how I had posted it on fridge and that I had every intention of going to see her also. He said to make sure I stayed until the end so I could get one of the hugs she would give out.

My First Meeting with Amma
By April

In 1987, I was working as a nurse in a retirement center in San Francisco, California and I was also working in a day care center for elderly adults. I was working two jobs because I was a single mother with a child to support. One day on the way to work, I picked up a copy of a local news paper and as I was looking thought it I saw a very small ad about this woman, Amma, who was coming to San Francisco and she was going to sing some songs. I looked at her picture and immediately felt a connection. The funny thing was she was going to be at the ashram across the street from where I used to live. I spent some time at this ashram and I had in the past gone there to pray, even though my deity was the Virgin Mary.

That night, I went to the little tiny temple where she was. Only about 35 people had turned out, but the temple had to have the doors opened so some could spill out into the garden. I heard the Indian songs they sung and it was really nice. My friend sat in front of me. When the music ended people went up to her and she held them.

The advertisement gave the time and I posted it on my refrigerator to remind me what day it was so I could schedule time off work to go. I had never heard of her before and knew nothing about her, but I felt very drawn to go see her. The night before the event, I got a call from a very close friend who told me that he

I was as clueless as to who she was. It was mind boggling what happened when I got in her arms. I went to put my arms around her and I gave her this huge bear hug - you know the really big hug - but this funny thing happened to me as I was hugging her. I could not feel where her body stopped and mine began. Our bodies became one. A feeling of intense Oneness came over my whole being. My heart opened and my energy rose and I was on fire! I knew in that instance that she was my guru and there

would never be another guru for me, so I asked for my spiritual name and she named me: Durga Lakshmi. I went home that night and every time I went to shut my eyes to go to sleep, I could see her in my third eye. I was in total bliss! The rest of the time she was in the Bay Area, I tried to be with her. I could not work and called into both my jobs and took all my vacation time. I told my brother and he went with me to see her too. All my friends went to see her as well. I went up every chance I could to have her hold me! I felt so very deeply in love with her! I cried a lot that I could not go with her when she continued on that first USA tour.

I was in total bliss for six months afterwards, but slowly the bliss fell away as I was still stuck in my ego mind and could not maintain that level of life force. That was over 22 years ago now and let me tell you she worked on that ego big time...
April is at the present time, traveling through India to live with Amma and help her organization, being the Liaison of HH and Amma’s Foundation.

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The Missing Piece to Overeating; Why Diets Fail
By Judith Orloff As a psychiatrist I know that there is more to overeating and obesity that meets the eye. One big reason that many diets fail is that traditional weight loss programs don’t factor in how we process subtle energy, what Chinese medicine terms life force or chi. Subtle energy penetrates and surrounds the body. Sensitive people who I call intuitive empaths unknowingly overeat in response to being overwhelmed by negative vibes. Empaths not only can sense energy around them, they absorb it into their bodies. If this is you, “Emotional Freedom” will teach you to center and protect yourself when the impulse to overeat hits.

Energy is at the root of an empath’s hunger. Whether your sensitivity to negative vibes is minimal or intense, for a diet to succeed it’s important to develop alternative coping strategies other than overeating. In my book I will show you how to cope with negative vibes without abusing food. Whether accosted by an angry colleague or global threat, apply them immediately. Stick to those that work best for you.

8 Emergency Interventions to Halt Energetic eating when the impulse to overeat hits: 1. Identify an Addictive Craving from a True Need: Addictive craving, a symptom of nutritional abuse, is a frequent response to energetic overload. Bottom line, you eat certain foods like a drug addict; this leads to obesity. Cravings feel intense: whenever you keep lusting after sweets and carbs especially, be suspicious. (I’ve yet to see someone binge on brussel sprouts!) For instance, chocolate turns from simple pleasure to crutch when you gorge on it, use it to self-medicate stress, or to get a sugar high--also if you experience mood-swings, sugar hangovers, can’t control your intake, or it makes you sick. With cravings, you eat to relieve stress, not to build energy. Try to identify addictive foods, and limit them. A true nutritional need lacks such sturm and drang: there’s no lusting or lunging for food to

Here’s the energetic premise of obesity: When empaths are thin they have less padding and are more vulnerable to soaking up negative vibes. For instance, early twentieth century faith healers were renowned for being grossly obese to avoid absorbing their patient’s symptoms-a common trap I’ve seen modernday healers also unconsciously fall into; food is a convenient grounding device. Similarly, many of my patients pack on pounds to protect against overwhelming vibes, massive or minute.

guard against negative energies. A true need comes from a centered place, has nothing to do with soothing our emotions (comfort foods) or obsession. Feeling healthily nurtured from food never involves mood swings--sedation or elation--rather an even feeling of satisfaction. A true need lets you enjoy your meal, optimizes energy, and doesn’t lead to obesity. 2. Quickly pinpoint energetic stressors that trigger addictive cravings: Immediately ask yourself: Have I been exposed to bad vibes? A loud- mouth neighbor. An ordeal to pass through airport security. A siege of overbearing phone messages from your mother. Don’t write off the “smaller” incidents, which notoriously send empaths motoring to the refrigerator. Avoid panic. Methodically pinpoint cause and effect. You don’t have to be victimized by negative energy. The trick is to clear it as soon as possible once you’ve been slimed.

breathe in light and clarity, breathe out stress. Breathe in vitality. Breathe out fear. I also visualize negative vibes exiting through the spaces between the vertebrae in my lower back. You can try this too. Breathing out toxic vibes is a proactive cleansing process. You’re in charge of the flow. Allow well-being to permeate every inch of you. Repeat this exercise until you’re free of negative residue. 4. Pray to Release the Addictive Craving: If you’re gripped by a craving, go into prayingmode. For a few quiet moments breathe slowly. Bring your awareness to your heart, and aim for self-compassion. The craving may feel impossible to handle, but that’s okay. In this calm state ask your higher power lift it from you. No mental nudging needed. If you surrender your ego-involvement, this simple heartfelt request works like a charm. What you’re doing is calling on a cosmically influential positive energy to supplant a material-world negative drive.

3. Breathe Negative Vibes Out of Your System: Take a five-minute break for damage control. Slowly inhale and exhale. As you’ve learned, breath activates positive energy; it also releases negative vibes. Notice if they get stuck in a specific part of your body. For instance, negative vibes go straight to my gut; I feel irradiated by a toxic stun gun. Identify your vulnerable points. Then practice this visualization: Just as your lungs take in oxygen and expel toxic carbon dioxide, you’re going to

5. Take a bath or shower: A speedy way to dissolve negative vibes is to immerse yourself in water. My tub is my refuge after a busy day: it washes away everything from bus exhaust to long hours of air travel, to personal unpleasantness. While you relax water works on you. It has alchemical cleansing properties, which will purify your physical body and energy field. 6. Burn sage: Just because vibes are invisible doesn’t mean you don’t eat over them. Try burning sage to counteract negative energy someone deposits in your office or home--a strategy that has kept pounds off my patients with a lot of people-contact in their space.

Vibes accumulate and can cause stress if not eradicated. You may not realize that left-over subtle energies trigger addictive eating patterns, but these vibes subliminally wear at you. Sage has been used by ancients crossculturally to purify locations. Burn it, and the desire to eat over lurking negative vibes will wane. 7. Visualize a Protective Shield around You: Visualize white light surrounding every inch of you from head to toe so that negative energy cannot penetrate this shield and deplete your energy.

As a board-certified psychiatrist, Dr. Orloff blends her traditional medical skills with intuition to enhance patient care. Her new book Emotional Freedom (Harmony Books, March, 2009) helps readers liberate themselves from negative emotions and develop hope, compassion, and courage.

8. Eat with Attunement: Develop a diet that satisfies your energetic needs. I’d like energy to motivate why you eat, more important than taste or any dietary dogma--a priority to impart to children. Whatever you put in you mouth, run by your energy meter; see what truly nourishes or depletes. Even foods you’ve shunned become more attractive when your experience their energy lifts. Food is no place to be passive. The interventions offered in my new book will allow you to take an active stance in eating healthily. You don’t have to let poisonous energy lodge itself in you. To stay on top of your eating, do a daily check-in. Stay alert for cravings prompted by negative vibes. Watch your responses. I promise your eating habits will change.

Naval Gazing or Constructive Self‐Examination?

“Cultured people practice self-examination with trepidation and fear.” — I Ching At the core of all religions, spiritual creeds, motivational courses, self‐help techniques, therapies, methods to cure mental and emotional illness, and even political movements, we find the need to change the mind, by changing what we believe. None of us can escape the fact that if we are to change our behavior, we must change what we believe. Even behavior modification, through pain, or the more gentle hypnosis, must change the participant’s belief, even if only temporarily. Unfortunately, without being consciously aware, we can believe that we are actually powerless to change. It is as though we believe that only some act of God, magic wand or, pixie dust, can transform us. Even if you are aware that changing your beliefs is the solution, an enormous difficulty Remains—how do you come to know all of what you believe? We each carry hundreds or maybe thousands of beliefs. Adding to this difficulty is the fact that much of what now believe, we decided before we were six years old. Add in the beliefs that we have unconsciously stuffed into our subconscious and we begin to see the enormous difficulty facing those of us who honestly want to change. The Twelve Steps, used by recovery programs of every sort, may be the very best method of searching out and changing unwanted beliefs. Originally assembled from their founder’s

religion and psychology studies, they have an appeal that crosses all religious and psychological boundaries. Regrettably, social stigma has prevented public awareness, much less widespread use, of this extremely successful technique. This is where mastering the Light comes in. We have tailored this magnificent process into a Twelve Step course of action to fit folks who do not have addictive problems or behaviors. More importantly, we have removed the stigma. We did this by extracting just the Steps from the addiction recovery programs and tailored them to deal with more universal needs. Now you can bring this same kind of powerful course of action to bear on your life’s lesser or greater difficulties.

The basic problem for the addict is powerlessness. As ordinary people, we face this same problem when we attempt to change ourselves. Mastering the Light’s Twelve Step Course of Action brings you into a place of power over areas that until now you have not been able to change. You no longer need to depend upon a life altering spiritual experience, or magic, to take real charge of your life. The principled course of action offered by Mastering the Light will guide you to your life’s purpose and put you at the helm of your own destiny. If you are having difficulty changing or, you are not finding the peace of mind, prosperity, or your life’s purpose, read my book, Mastering the Light: A Modern Miracle for Difficult Times. It offers understanding and a course of action that will lead you to success in all areas of your life. You will find more information at:

Soul Purpose

By Rev. Judi A. Lynch Our souls are so unique in every way, our experiences so vast and varied, our purposes known and unknown. Sometimes we find ourselves crashing into each other in a big sea of confusion. Some souls know when they are children just exactly what they’re doing and why they came here and who they came here to be. Some of those children say what they have to say, be it through art or poetry or courage to battle a devastating disease, and then they are quickly gone from this world. They can leave behind a legacy of hope and inspiration for thousands of people. Other souls go through life searching for their purpose through a sea of grayness, peering through a curtain at everything going on around them, wondering what else is out there but not knowing how to find it. Some souls do find themselves awakening later in life when they finally get away from the attitudes and the programming that has been hounding away at them for years. When they

are finally able to strip away the religious programming, judgment, peer pressure, childhood traumas, they realize that they are the only ones who can decide what they believe in. Everyone has their own journey to conduct that is when they start to awaken. It’s the same principle if you surround yourself with people who are very gray and even dark hearted in their souls, and then you can start to believe the way that they do and forget why you came here and what you came to do. Just like the negative energy swirling around some people, there are physical places where the negative energy can wrap around people like a shawl. It is a true miracle when someone is able to break through a sea of grayness to see and feel this incredible healing light but there is no question that it happens.

Some people think that once they reach a certain age that things are set for them. Nothing could be further from the truth. If they know in their hearts and souls that they are still looking for their purpose, if they still think there is more to do, then there always is. By opening up your mind to all the possibilities you might have only imagined as a child, you are opening up your heart to be able to give unconditional love. That process can only help to open up the psychic channels you need to keep your own

soul from turning gray. Know when to back away from the souls who will only suck your good intentions out the window. They can be people you have known for years.

been peeking through that curtain of gray themselves.

If that means changing your life situations to find your joy and live your purpose, then pray for the courage to make the changes you need to live you life the way you came here to live it. No matter what anyone else thinks, or believes, or says. You have to be true to what is true to your very soul. No matter if you are 25 or 75; you have the ability to find that inner joy, to feel God’s healing light, to tap into the energy source, the creator…whatever name is right for your soul. Your soul is ageless compared to this short lifetime here on earth and you will want the knowledge you came here for this time. There have been great thinkers, artists, writers and inventors who have discovered miraculous talents and formulas to heal the sick…created symphonies to sooth the soul no matter their ages or their physical or mental limitations. These people have felt that energy and were so connected to the source that no one or nothing could have stopped them from making awesome contributions to mankind. Remember that if you are determined to be on your path and find your joy that you can use the same principles. No matter what you were taught, what you used to believe, how old you are…it is never too late to heal, to find your purpose and to feel that joy. When you do that, your light shines on other good souls who have

Rev. Judi A. Lynch is President of The Crystal Healing Foundation, Inc., and a non-profit charity dedicated to healing mind, body and soul. I am a Psychic Medium and Healing Light Energy channel.

Surya Namaskar:
Multiple Benefits

In ancient times the Sun was worshipped as a daily ritual because it is a powerful symbol of spiritual consciousness.
By Mani kutty

Suryanamaskara is an integral part of the yogic Suryanamaskara is a well known vital technique within the yogic practices. Its versatility and application make it one of the most useful methods to induce a healthy, vigorous and active life and at the same time prepare for spiritual awakening and the resultant expansion of awareness... Approach and can be easily integrated into our daily lives for it requires only 5 to 15 minutes of practice to obtain remarkably fast and beneficial results.

At Sunrise , the most peaceful time of the day when the atmosphere is full of the Sun’s ultraviolet rays which is so important for the body. Make a habit of rising early answering the call of nature, taking a bath. When ever possible practice in the open air, wearing light and loose cloths to allow the skin to breathe and to absorb the Sun’s energy.

Ideal Position:

Suryanamaskara is a series of twelve physical postures. These postures generate prana, subtle energy which activates the psychic body. These postures stretch, massages, tones and stimulate all the muscles, vital organs and physical parts of alternatively flexing the body backwards and forwards. These alternative backward and forward bending asana flex and stretch the spinal column and limbs through their maximum range.

Suryanamaskara is ideally practiced facing to the Sunrise. If it is not possible in the early morning then the practice can be done at any convenient time, provided the stomach is empty. No food should be taken for at least three to four hours before. In the evening, before the dinner is also a good time to practice, as it stimulates the digestive fire. Effects of Suryanamaskara

Breathing Practice:

Synchronizing the breath with the movements is important. The basic breathing principle followed is Inhalation during backward bending due to expansion of the chest and abdomen. Exhalation during forward bending due to compression of the chest and abdomen. Ideal Time:

Respiratory System: In Suryanamaskara a deep rhythmic breathing process is synchronized with each movement, which completely empties the lungs of all traces of stale gases and refills them with fresh, clean, oxygenated air. All the pockets of the lungs are expanded, stimulated and cleansed. The oxygen content of the blood is increased, which improves overall vitality oxygenation of the cells, tissues of the body and brain. Sluggishness and lethargy are rapidly overcome. Also good for the prevention of diseases such as tuberculosis and asthma, which develop in the little used, stagnant regions of the lungs.

Circulatory System:

Improves flow of blood, speeds up the elimination of waste matter and introduces fresh oxygen and nutrients to all the cells of the body. General circulation is improved. Cardiac muscles are strengthened. Microcirculation to the heart is increased and reducing the chance of heart attack. Sluggish circulation, cold hands and feet, blood vessel diseases and general fatigue can also be eliminated The circulation of lymph which is the prime importance in fluid balance and in combating infections is toned, which body gains an increased resistance to infections and a better ability to heal.

Tones nerve flows by stimulating integral organs. Stretches nerves, works on the spin and enhances prana, which activates brain centers. The whole nervous system is activated and seems to wake up...


Digestive system:

The alternative stretching and compressing movements of Suryanamaskara tone the whole digestive system by thoroughly massing all the abdominal organs. this not only enhances elimination but also increases the digestive fire, promoting a healthy appetite, complete and rapid assimilation of food.

Nervous System: In the twelve movements of Suryanamaskara the spinal column is systematically stretched and compressed to the maximum extent, stimulating circulation in the whole spinal cord and all nerve plexuses.

The skin is the largest body organ and apart from holding the body together serves to regulate body temperature, as well as excreting waste matter through perspiration. When there is an excess of poisonous matter in the blood, it comes out through the skin in the form of boils, rashes and pimples. As Suryanamaskara produces perspiration, speeds up circulation and enhances the elimination of wastes through the digestive and urinary systems, it cleanses and endows the practitioner with a clean, glowing complexion, which is an important sign of health. Many skin diseases caused by subcutaneous toxins deposits such as pimples and eczema, can be removed. Bad odors from the body can be eliminated. Overall circulation of blood to skin is improved. When practiced in the early morning, facing to

Sunrise, ultraviolet rays having greatest intensity and are thought to be very beneficial for health as well as being responsible for vitamin D production.

They play an overall role in the co-ordination and integration of all physiological processes. The main function of the endocrine glands is the production and secretion of hormones, chemical substances released into the blood stream and carried throughout the body to act upon particular organs.

Pituitary Glands:

The pituitary gland is known as the body’s master gland. It has many hormonal secretions which control the body’s growth and development. By increasing the flow of blood to the head and through its effects on the nervous system, Suryanamaskara stimulates the hypothalamus, which regulates the pituitary action the practice of Suryanamaskara has a direct and beneficial effect on this vital center and the whole body.

Pineal Gland:

The pineal gland is a tiny gland in the brain.

Endocrine System:

The endocrine glands are the most vital and mysterious of all systems.

Heaven the Kingdom of God, What Did Jesus Really Say and Teach? (Excerpt)
By: Steven R.Walker Most Christians believe in life after death. Their faith teaches that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, conceived by the Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin Mary, lived a sinless life, was unjustly accused, sentenced to death, and crucified on the cross. His blood was spilled to wash away the sins of all who believe and accept Him. He was the perfect sacrifice that ushered in the Age of Grace in the New Testament, from the Laws of Moses in the Old Testament after he descended to Hell, and was resurrected three days later. To understand, believe and accept this story is the basis for all Christianity. The history of Christianity is extremely rich in fact and fiction. It has many facets and aspects that would take a lifetime to explore, even if one were to eliminate all of the various Christian Denominations that exist and simply focus on the fundamentals. However, in order to glean a base understanding of such fundamentals, it is extremely important and

necessary to focus on one particular subject at a time in the evangelical Christian culture. This particular paper was based on a question posed by a born-again Christian young lady, who asked the following: “If you were to die right now, are you 100% sure that your soul would go to heaven?” It is my desire that not only will the reader learn the true answer, as given by the Christian Bible, but will also begin to see how the truth of the answer found, begins shedding light on common misconceptions of Christian beliefs. Furthermore, the reader should be able to see the how Jesus’ teachings parallel and are synchronous to various truths also found in Ancient Eastern Philosophies. Fortunately, spiritual truth is all around us, and in all religions. To use a biblical analogy, we only have to separate the wheat from the chaff, to personally see the light at the end of the tunnel of truth. May your journey for awareness be blessed, so that you may always discern truth from lies, and the endless shades of gray.

2. Another possibility is to think about the word 'ascended,' as used in this particular scripture, in a spiritual sense. Meaning that Jesus “ascended” because he was spiritually enlightened in knowledge, understanding and wisdom. This is very different than what Christians would normally tend to think and accept. Usually, they take this to mean that Jesus literally rose upwards (ascended) to Heaven.
Note #1 - It’s important to understand that what Jesus is teaching us here about ascension is completely different than rising up in the 'resurrection,' which occurs much later after His death and has a completely different idea, and meaning.

Beginning: John 3:13 "No one has ascended to heaven but He who came down from heaven, that is, the Son of Man who is in heaven." Jesus clearly tells us that no one has 'ascended' to Heaven, except He who came down from Heaven, which of course, was Him. But Jesus was physically there talking to the people. He was physically on the Earth speaking these words, and yet, He said that He was also in Heaven at the same time. This could be interpreted and explained in a couple of different ways: 1. Jesus was referring to God the Father, who was in Heaven as Jesus spoke. Since Jesus and the Father are considered one in the same in most evangelical faiths, the Lord was in both places simultaneously.

It is explanation number Two, that is in fact, what Jesus was truly saying. He was referring to His own personal spiritual ascension in understanding, knowledge, and wisdom. He was the Master, and perfect. Simply put, no one else was His equal at the time. However, He did offer an explanation and taught people a way to know the Kingdom of God spiritually. As we saw above, no man has actually gone to Heaven. To enter into the Kingdom of God, a man must first be born of water (which simply means to be physically born), and then born of spirit. This is then explained, but most often misunderstood, as we shall see soon.

This is shown in scripture: John 3:5 Jesus answered, "Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God.” These words were not only true then, but are still true for each one of us today. To further illustrate that the kingdom of God isn't a place you literally ascend or rise up and go to, or a place you can literally see, we can read more. Luke 17:20 Now when He was asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, He answered them and said, "The Kingdom of God does not come with observation; And Jesus went on, Luke 17:21 nor will they say, 'See here!' or 'See there!' For indeed, the Kingdom. of God is within you."

Fortunately, all of us can experience the Kingdom of God here and now, while we are experiencing this lifetime on Earth. In fact, that is the whole point and idea of spiritual birth and growth. Jesus clearly said this to those around Him the day he spoke the following words:

Mark 9:1 And He said to them, "Assuredly, I say to you that there is some standing here who will not taste death until they see the kingdom of God present with power."

The Kingdom of God is inside of each and every one of us. It is your personal and individual spirit within your very being. Like your body, it too requires attention, nutrition and energy in order to grow. Your studies, prayers, and meditations allow you to 'ascend' within yourself, spiritually. By doing so, you grow in faith, hope and love, which is encouraged in all faiths:

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How to deal with a world of illusion
Posted by Mara

I hope it offers some measure of understanding on how you can break free from illusion. Human beings as a general rule like drama. Just pay attention to the movies and shows on TV to get an idea of just how much we like drama and excitement. Would the movie theaters make money on a movie of a peaceful, calm and happy life? I believe this is part of the reason we have created a world of high emotion and drama. Just look at how mesmerized everyone is with the life of Michael Jackson. And of course when people die they make big news not when they are living peacefully. I can remember watching on the news hurricane Katrina right before it hit New Orleans. We all sat on the edge of our seat

waiting to see what would happen. I remember even thinking, "This is really exciting," then feeling bad for the thought. But we all have this reaction, it is human nature. My point with all of this is; we are creating all the drama we see in the news and in the world. We are actually creating this with our consciousness. We are creating our own life's movie.

There is a transformation of consciousness that is being birthed in our world today. The concepts I am presenting here are extremely radical to most people and until this time could not be conceived. But now is the time of the opening of consciousness and awareness. This is the "Great Awakening." The whole idea is our lives are a miraculous projection of our own creation. All the great mystics have said this world is "all an Illusion!" In Vedanta philosophy the world is said to be Maya or an illusion. It is all a big dream in the mind of God. The great Swami Baba Muktananda said, "The world is simply a play of consciousness. "Paramahansa Yogananda said, "Our lives are like a moving picture show in the eye of God." Jesus said, "The kingdom of God is within you." The Upanishads state that our higher self is like light and our lower self is like a shadow. Course in Miracles teaches us that everything is in our own mind including our body. Let me explain the mechanics of our miraculous illusion and what we can consciously do to master our movie set to create the movie we want of our life. Feelings/....Emotions We go to movies, concerts and sporting events because they make us FEEL a certain way. Everything is about our feelings. So if we think we want a certain thing or person it is generally based on the way it, or they, will make us FEEL. When another person evokes a feeling of hurt or love in us, our reaction is to blame that person

for making us feel a certain way. But you are in charge of your own feelings nobody or thing is controlling how you feel. Emotions are strong feelings and have the power to create anything you want in your life. Realize there are only two core emotions, fear and love. When you come from a place of desperation you are coming from fear, and when you come from a place of love you come from abundance. How does our consciousness work? How do we get caught up in this illusion? Our minds are composed of three parts; the conscious mind, the subconscious mind and the superconscious mind. Your conscious mind is the reactor to stimulus in the world. The way in which it reacts is based on beliefs we have acquired. Our beliefs are stored in our subconscious mind. If you have a recurring pattern in your life it is simply the way the brain is programmed to work. It will naturally react instinctually with the defense mechanism of fear. But we have a higher power to work with if we choose - this is the superconscious mind. Swiss psychologist Carl Jung said, "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate" or, "That which you deny will become your destiny. " Beliefs are how we create our supposed reality. Beliefs, unconscious or not, are creating the events in our life. These beliefs are composed of limiting patterns instilled in our subconscious mind. They are acquired from our ego self or shadow self that is not part of our true self which is the Divine. Our superconscious mind is our higher self or our connection to the Divine. This is who we really are, everything else is an illusion. Our conscious mind is controlled by our ego which is operates on fear. So our ego is

based on fear and our superconscious mind is based on love. The more we choose to come from a place of love the more the ego will try to control the mind. The ego does not like to be defeated. So the struggle will not be easy. More and more issues will confront you as you decide to not let the ego take charge of your mind. I guess this is the struggle of the darkness and light suggested in many spiritual texts. Limitless power comes when you surrender your ego to the higher power. You will then receive inspiration that becomes your intention that comes from a source beyond your ego. It comes from your higher self. This is the power of the Divine. This direction will come from your heart, not your mind. When you follow your higher self you are following your Divine path. There is no power outside of yourself. There is no power in the illusion you have created, not in anyone or anything. Other people are there to reflect back to you what you are thinking or feeling, based on a belief that you have. You project things from within yourself onto everyone else in your life. Additionally other people are in your life to teach knowledge or move you forward in growth.

hurt in you, you can then realize it is only an issue that has been activated within you from a past hurt or event. It is a limiting pattern. You will keep attracting people and situations to reflect this issue until you learn to release it and let it go. Every one of us has a past hurt that controls our life. This creates a pattern forming our beliefs and judgments. Until you can fully recognize and feel the hurt that is deep within you, it will continue to operate and sabotage your life. Take it a step further to understand why you are feeling this way. This is about something within you, not anything or anyone "out there" because there is no out there. Realize this belief is based on false assumptions about yourself. Forgiveness The next step to releasing the beliefs, judgments and resentments that control you and your life is to find forgiveness. But it is not about finding something wrong with you! It is about coming to a place of gratitude. There is nothing to really be forgiven because there is nothing wrong within you. You have only distorted everything believing there is something wrong with yourself. So, forgiveness is actually about understanding and finding appreciation and gratitude. You must focus on what you appreciate about others but particularly about yourself. Then you will see the resentments dissolve. In actuality there is nothing to forgive because the Divinity that is you has never come from a place of judgment. We have created the illusion of judgment. In the "Course in Miracles" it states, God does not forgive, because in order to forgive you must judge, and God has never judged us in the first place. We are the ones with judgment. God is love and acceptance. We created this illusion of judgment and right and wrong. Gratitude/....Appreciation

Letting go of the Past Limiting patterns within your beliefs hold you back from the realization of the truth and keep you locked into the illusion. Everyone and everything out there is essentially you. To totally release your grudges and resentments against others will release you from all negativity in your life. When you realize that the way you feel has nothing to do with the person who activated the

Gratitude is the most powerful energy you can have to heal and shift the negative energy of resentment. Once you feel this energy of gratefulness you are in the zone of the power to create miracles. When you are grateful there is no room for resentments and negative beliefs, for to be in judgment and negative emotion is to be ungrateful. Shift to appreciation and gratitude and you will be in connection to your higher self and at one with the Divine. You will manifest what is for your highest good, which is better than what you could even imagine for yourself. Gratitude will shift everything in your life. You will learn to love everything, everyone and especially yourself. GRATITUDE IS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Surrender to the Higher Power

itself up so that each unit observes the dream from a different point of view, which explains your own individual experience. You are infinitely powerful. Your natural state is infinite abundance. You are playing a human game and have unlimited creative potential. You are creating everything in your own movie you call your life. There is no such thing as out there! It is all within you. Realize that every time you keep telling the same story of your life that you do not like, you keep up the beliefs that it is real and you are the victim of this story. Since it is all an illusion you must come from a place that you fully appreciate your power to have been able to keep the illusion real. You must stop any judgment. You cannot use this process to change, fix or improve something that is not real or an illusion. As you release your power out of all the limiting patterns, your higher self will help you create what it wants for you which far greater than anything you could have imagined for yourself. "It" will do not need to go looking for it! And you will begin to find infinite compassion and appreciation for everything in your creation, even the apparently difficult people and painful experiences, because "they" are "you." Accept the present moment without reservation, wanting, and you will flow with well being under the guidance of your higher self. All you have to do is to dissolve the limiting patterns that you have created that obstruct this flow." The case of Dr. Hew Len whom Joe Vitale writes about in his book Zero Limits Paraphrased from "Zero Limits" by Joe Vitale "This is about a Hawaiian healing technique called ho'oponopono. It means "to make right." Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len worked at the Hawaii State Hospital on cases for criminally insane patients. He had remarkable success on healing

Ask that your intentions not come from the ego but from the Divine. Let your inspiration move you from your heart and ask that, "not my will but Thy will be done." Trust the Universe! All you have to do is let go, and the Universe will drive the perfect circumstances and people to you to achieve what is in your highest good. Let go of all fear, doubt, and any negative emotion that will prevent you from achieving your desired goal. Remember EVERYTHING in your life that happens is always directing you to your highest goals and is promoting growth on a spiritual level. There is nothing else out there. There is only one true source and everything else is a projected illusion because the source is all there is, it is you. The one God that directs and is everything. It is pure oneness. It is LOVE.

Paraphrased From "Busting Loose from the Money Game" by Robert Scheinfeld "Everything that exists is really just inseparable thought. There is only one dream which explains our common experiences, but the mind has split

patients that had been given up as hopeless. He took the charts of these patients and prayed over them by looking deep within himself to heal what was in himself that caused the issues, and through the healing of himself he healed the patients. He was asked, "What were you doing within yourself to heal these people?" Dr. Len explained that total responsibility for your life means that everything in your life, simply because it is in your life, is your responsibility..... In a literal sense the entire world is your creation. This means the entire predicament the world is in is your responsibility..... You have created it! The economy, the President, terrorist and poverty, and to change this entire means you have to change YOU. You see none of it really exists, it is all a projection we have created and we can heal it. What a freeing and powerful way to feel. You see ho'oponopono really means Loving Yourself. Dr. Len revealed that he would say over the criminals' charts, "I'm sorry, and I love you over and over again." He said I was simply evoking the spirit of love to heal within me what was creating the outer circumstance. To love yourself is to heal yourself and the world. He exclaimed that there is really no out there. Everything is all within you. Therefore to heal or improve anything in your life, the only place to start is within yourself. And to heal you must love. Love everything and everyone and you will begin to feel the Divine connection and everything will heal. The prayer is, "I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.""

reporting this. I do not like being in the role of "Doomsayer", I am truly calling it the way I see it. All indicators are off the charts! I know just about everyone here is trained to focus on the good, and the love, and the light. I am extremely grateful to all of you in this endeavor. It is my fondest hope that none of you experience any of the difficulties I see on the horizon. It is my highest intent that all of you are successful in creating the change needed for us to make it. My intent in pointing these things out is to help you all realize the importance of focusing your love on the world with ALL the intent you can muster right now! We are at the crossroads right now! You should all know that your prayers are needed now. You must realize that All of you here are a very powerful army. The most powerful force in the universe is love. I would like to ask you to direct that love, collectively at our world. As we are all aware the situation at hand is very serious. Most of us do not realize how serious. Our economy is in collapse mode. Not recession, not depression, collapse. In its present form, it will never recover. If the United States collapses, the world will also. It is already happening. The situation is not as complex as it seems. There are many people that have a deep understanding what has to change in our economic system to rebuild the system. Direct your love and light at those people. They are fighting for our very lives. A complete rebuilding from the ground up will not be easy. It is the only way. The current world wide system, that is supposed to save us, is the exact corrupt system which, left as it is will surely kill up to 2 billion people in very short order. A very harsh reality! The global pandemic, the swine flu H1N1 virus out break from Mexico, is a lab modified bio

Global Warning!
by EtherEagle All of my favorite spiritual activists had one thing in common. None of them were afraid to tell the truth. Our situation here on the blue marble is precarious to say the least. There is a common enemy we all share. We must learn to accept this, very quickly or we will perish, as in cease to exist as a society. The current path for our world is not one of happiness and good times ahead. I really hate to tell you all that. I do not take pleasure in

weapon, released to cause panic, and make a ignorant society line up for a vaccine that will be just as deadly, if not more so. A very harsh reality! Part of the plan, to bring us to our knees. Don't take my word on it. Research it. Research all vaccines. Very carefully, with an open mind. Look at the 1976 swine flu outbreak. Look at fluoride in the water. Research it. Look around you, please.

unconditionally as humanly possible, even the people who mean us harm. Be well, and be blessed.

It does not have to be that way! It can be very different. We can make it happen. But we must understand what exactly is responsible for this horrific possibility. Our world leaders are puppets of a corrupt, greedy, genocidal, group of maniacs who think they are better than everyone else. The only reason they get away with these things is because we let them. By becoming aware of their existence we shine OUR collective Light and Love on them. As we all know the transformative powers of the light and love create miracles every day. There is no power to destroy the love of humanity. That is why they have to remain in the shadows, a myth in most people's minds. What you don't know can harm you! They get their power from being an evil phantom in the minds of rational men.

They have infiltrated the worlds governing bodies, society’s food sources, the health care systems, and the religions of the world. Wherever they have tainted society, a complete collapse is needed to root out their influence. Or they must change. I opt for change. That can only happen if we say, "We know who you are, and we know what you are doing! We forgive you; now join us in humanity instead of fighting us!" Then, and only then, will we stand a chance. It really is up to us, to love everyone as

About Ethereagle I'm an Independent Researcher, Artist, Musician, Poet, and social commentator at Down in a Hole Down in a hole is an independent observation of life. A mix of political, philosophical, spiritual, musings of life in these crazy times.

Is 2012, the End of what???
For those who profit from all the various levels of conflict, it will be an ’end time’ for that kind of activity. For those who try hard to keep people from seeing and living the fundamental unity that we are, this will be an ’end time’ for them. Reason being, that kind of Energy of Thought will have no soil to grow in.

We get almost inundated with a lot of fear surrounding the 12/21/2012 date. Why do so many cultures have calendars that stop on that date, why the doomsday sensations, why the endless fear? Mostly it’s because of misinformation, misunderstanding and misconception.

We’re not going to instantly become recognized Brothers and Sisters but that realization will become much easier to understand. The use of wealth will become less the measure of a person and more the reason many problems will be corrected because it will be seen as a means to an end and not the means to social stature.

Firstly a good many things are coming up on that date. The 2500 year cycle of transiting the sign of Pisces, and its cousin Conflict, comes to an end, beginning the new cycle of Aquarius, with its cousin Compassionate Understanding.

More importantly, 12/21/2012 is the end of the Galactic Year. It is the point where we begin a new cycle around the Galactic turn style, a 25,000 year cycle. The calendars that end on

that date are ones that were started at the last galactic cycle. Calendars started by the ancestors of us all.

This is not an ’end’ to all life, as some would believe, but rather a great awakening. It will be the time we finally see that killing for personal and national gain will be seen for the folly it truly is. Earth will be seen as the Living Being it really is. We will understand our true relationship to all the plants and animals as the same as we, emissaries of Spirit, not tradable commodities. Know it’s the natural turning of the galactic clock. Rejoice in the fact that you are here to be part of it. That being here, now, is right where you are meant to be, adding your Energy to that which is coming. Because strictly’s going to be a long time before we come here again, and we’ll be here then too. Peace. So when the New Age comes on 12/21/2012, EMBRACE IT!!!!

Interesting Paradox
By Alison Kain

Have you ever noticed how much time we spend attempting to get to know someone only to arrive at the epiphany that, in some ways, we rarely ever really fully know another? How many times have you said, "I thought I knew them so well, but..."?

Consider this...most of us spend most of our time looking outward; one of the greatest reasons we do this is to develop relationships of various types (e.g. work, love, friends, etc...) in all their glorious myriad of complex, simple, beautiful, difficult various shapes and types. Still, I've noted that seldom have these relationships been built upon a very solid foundation since we use them (albeit usually unconsciously) to avoid getting to know ourselves first and well. Odd, wouldn't you agree?

What would happen if we spent even half as much time attempting to know ourselves (and not in an arrogant nor narcissistic manner) as we do others? Would we come to know the depths of who we truly are - and not by labels or demographic language? In short, the gist of the question becomes, if we spent as much time looking to understand our own motives, our thoughts, our fears, our hopes, our joys, would we sincerely know ourselves well enough to even begin to realize all that we are this day and can be at any given point?

I postulate this then for your consideration: Would the very act of knowing ourselves not also allow for the furthering and deepening of our various relationships; their structure, their Essence, their beauty? Why? In what ways would this help? (You may be asking those questions now). I believe, in my own humble estimation and experience, that the very art of undertaking the act of knowing one's truest self leads to less desire to blame others for our faults, stops blockades from being erected by us out of fear of being hurt, stops justifying maltreatment of others, leads to greater respect for self and therefore subsequently also others, and, last but

not least, aids in ending or healing our base/root (often shared or common) fears. I humbly suggest that it is in the course of learning who we are that we can also begin to truly know and see the truth of who others are. We can also stop trying to label or pigeon-hole these cherished souls we love into categories that don't befit them or do justice to their importance to us; we can simply enjoy and accept them as they are, or leave them if things cannot work out despite the presence of love (in whatever form it may take) all while learning to love and accept our own selves more. Let's throw away personas, labels and demographic information when we look at who we are because, again, in my humble opinion, we are NOT who we present to another in the

course of one persona or another, be it our job label, or our marriage status, or our parental status; we are souls living a human life with special gifts, purposes, loves, desires, hopes, joys, fears, sorrows and struggles. This, my dear friends, is who we really are - at least to me. *soft smile* the short version? The crux? To have the capacity to sincerely deeply know another requires us to know ourselves first and foremost; truly, deeply and wholly.

We do it backwards too often and expect to find ourselves in another; hence the paradox.

OM Meditations

moved through the people who were on that call was nothing short of a miracle. That was when I really knew I was on the right track! Peace prayers are the top downloaded meditation, followed by Karma Cleansing and Implant Removal, and then the Solfeggio Frequencies Meditation. As it naturally progressed, I educated people to protect themselves. I was guiding people to the astral plane, which may sound like a sweet fairy tale, but it’s actually far from it. On the astral plane, it’s best if you go shielded instead of making yourself a sitting duck. And then, the talk portion of Peace Meditation and Talk was born. I interviewed House on shielding yourself in the astral plane, dreamtime, or just walking down the street. That’s when the doors swung open for my discussions. I interviewed so many remarkable people like Bernadette Cahill, author of The Angle, The Cross, and The Grid; The Grand Prior of the Gnostic Knights Templar; Chantee on re-educating your child; Stompers Sean and Char; Dr. Laura Dunham, author of Spiritual Wisdom for a Planet in Peril: Preparing for 2012 and Beyond; Regina Norlinde, author of The Power of Being Different, Embrace Your Uniqueness. Other shows that blew even me away were Jennifer McLean of Healing Release, Al Cuppett former action officer for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Maddy Webber of Mayan Majix. There are also many other interviews that will take your mind on a outstanding ride, like one of my recent reviews says, “She has a unique insight that requires you to re-evaluate your ideas!” Being a doctor of Natural Health, I started recording some of my more common “soap boxes” like how to detoxify your body, eliminate parasites and toxins, as well as bolster your immune system. But the lecture on the color code system of metal awareness was the one that caught Christie Czajkowski’s attention. Christie asked me to give my lecture on her show, which progressed into a 2 hour show every Friday night called “Ask Dr Kimberli”. Once people call, I do free healings live on the air. The calls have been very moving! I really enjoy the time I get to spend with Christie, she is my soul sister, if there is such a thing. I think

By Dr. Kimberli Kimberli, I’m stressed, can you do that meditation thing for me?

Everyday, sometimes six or more times a day, people would ask “please Kimberli, do that meditation thing, please!” So, I would stop what I was doing, listen to the current list of ailments, then try to get an instant quite environment and do what I do best. Then I discovered this beautiful thing called TalkShoe, a place to record all of my meditations. I promptly set up an account and started recording meditations, which freed up my time, but more importantly I no longer had to listen to people’s daily complaints incessantly. Wow, what a Godsend! But what happened next was totally unexpected; my meditations turned into a popular thing. Really. Out of sheer amazement, I watched the downloads double almost every week. It was then that I told myself that I would continue with the meditations. I was able to find the quiet time of my choice, plan the scripts, and take people deeper and deeper into their own beautiful minds. The meditations have taken on a life of their own. They emphasize on learning how to expand your psychic gifts, reprogramming the Subconscious Mind, programming your future, and developing your empathy, all for personal development. Then, for the sake of humanity as a whole, I was moved to record meditations such as Healing the Universal Consciousness, Healing for Mexico City during the first swine flu outbreak, and my personal favorite, Peace Prayers. In Peace Prayers I combined many different prayers from different religions, also from different times. Oh My! The spirit that

our callers feel the good energy between us as well. Christie says, “Kimberli, you have helped so many, I am proud to call you my friend and very blessed that you join us at every Friday night on TruthBrigade Radio. Your meditations help me clear my head when times are tough. Thank you and Many Blessings!” The show can be found at 7-9pm CST. The call in number is 512-879-3805. I encourage anyone who needs or wants a free healing to call in and let me offer to you the special gift that I have to offer. Another interesting guest I have on my shows is Amber, who gets psychic impressions and reads auras. She was just a caller on one of shows, and during a bit of open lines she reads someone, and from there, that grew. She is amazing and will be joining me once a month, so watch for your chance to have a free reading with Amber. Also, from time to time I will just do an open lines show, called be (nice or)

Leave. That’s goes into some places of high strangeness!

My website is just launched called The talk show can be found at Fridays Talk to me privately at Kai

Kimberli Ridgeway D.N.H. has been a student of natural healing for over 15 years. She has written a book called Chorompuncture which explains how to use light instead of needles utilizing the acupuncture points. She specializes in emotional, subliminal, and spiritual healing used in meditation, law of attraction, and energetic healings. Kimberli strongly believes wellness happens by choice, not chance. She works with Louisiana Tech University teaching Adult Continuing Education classes, she is the Alternative Health Advisor for FFCHS, has a private practice, writes columns, and hosts Peace Meditations and Talk on But her passion is working with the local animal shelter as a foster mom to dogs in need

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