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This survey is being conducted by a group of students to fill their research needs for a final year course in Social Marketing. It seeks to discover the knowledge, attitudes and practices of a group with similar characteristics, when it comes to smoking in general as well as the recently implemented smoking ban. Please check () the appropriate responses. Do you smoke cigarettes? o Yes o No If yes, proceed with the survey. Sex: Male Age: ________ Hall of residence: Chancellor Taylor Rex Nettleford Faculty: Humanities and Education Gender and Development Medical sciences Science and Technology Social Sciences Law Irvine Mary Seacole Towers Post grad Preston Commuter Female

1. Do you think smoking is a health risk? Yes No 2. Lung cancer, emphysema, Coronary Heart Disease are health risks associated with smoking True False 3. When I smoke, others may be exposed to respiratory infections True False 4. Are you aware of the recent ban on smoking in public places implemented by the Jamaican government? Yes No 5. Now that the government has put the ban in place do you think that (Select all that apply): No one will be allowed to smoke It is a timely warning about the dangers of smoking Sales of cigarettes will decrease I will quit smoking 6. Are you aware of the sanctions that accompany the smoking ban? Yes No b. If yes, tick all that you are aware of: JA$6000.00 or 2 weeks imprisonment or both for any offence JA$50,000.00 or 3 months imprisonment or both for first offence JA$5000.00 or 12 months imprisonment or both for first offense 3 years imprisonment for third offence

7. Strongly Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Agree Disagree Where I smoke is a personal choice When I smoke, others are affected I should be more cautious around others when I smoke 8. The smoking ban is essential The smoking ban is an inconvenience The smoking ban is unnecessary The smoking ban does not matter The smoking ban will decrease business for cigarette manufacturers The smoking ban will reduce smoking The smoking ban will increase productivity in workplaces The smoking ban will lower health risks 9. How many cigarettes do you smoke in a typical day? ____________________________ . Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree

10. I feel most comfortable smoking (tick only one) In my house At my place of work At my school In my car

11. Do you smoke alone or in a crowd? a. Smoke alone b. In a crowd

12. If b. was selected above, who do you smoke with? Smokers Non-smokers Both smokers and non-smokers 13. If Im at the bus stop and there is no one around: I am definitely going to smoke It may be okay to smoke I wont take the risk Other (please specify) ________________________

14. Since the implementation of the ban, have you noticed a reduction in your smoking habits? Yes No

b. If yes, how many cigarettes do you now smoke in a day, since the implementation of the ban? ______________________________________ 15. Would you attend a workshop aimed at sensitising you about the smoking ban? Yes No