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Fort Buchanan, Puer

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Your Service Provider

Team Leader of the

Month for November 2007
Directorate Carmen M. Dieppa
of Morale, Director
Welfare and
Recreation Child Development Center
•Mr. Freddie L. Giddens, DMWR
Director • T- 787-707-3530 •
Bldg 1018-D, Buchanan Heights
DMWR Admin. Officer:
Vacant • 
T- 787-707-3135
Community & Family Activities
Employee of the
Program Manager,Vacant • Month November 2007
T- 787-707-2976 •
Bldg 1018-C, Buchanan Heights William Rivera
NAF Support Management • Chief: MWR Warehouse
Mr. John P. Faass• T- 787-707-3069 •
Bldg. 1018-C, Buchanan Heights The Runner-up for the month was
Business Operations Division • Edwin Cruz, Automotive
Chief: Tammy Hite • T- 787-707-3373• Skills Center Technician
Bldg. 1018-D, Buchanan Heights
Community Recreation Division •
Chief: Vacant • T- 787-707-3301 •
Bldg. 1018-C, Buchanan Heights
Child & Youth Services •
Chief: Dr. Irma Julia • T-787-707-3399 •
Bldg. 1020-A Buchanan Heights
Army Community Service •
Director: Mr. Rafael Gilestra •
T- 787-707-3292/3804 •
Bldg. 1019-A, Buchanan Heights
Marketing, Advertising &
Commercial Sponsorship Staff:
Ms. Neysa Maldonado- Acting
Marketing Supervisor
Ms. Jannette Yambó- Marketing
Ms. Neysa Maldonado- Illustrator
Mr. Ricardo J. García- Illustrator
Mr. José Navarrete- Marketing
Produced by: MWR Marketing
Advertising & Commercial
Fort Buchanan, P.R.
Reproduced by:
Impresos Quintana
For information,
suggestions or
for commercial
MWR Marketing,Advertising &
Comm. Sponsorship
T. 787-707-3719/3711
F. 787-707-3715 or
A downloadable version of this publication is also available thru the
Fort Buchanan Morale, Welfare & Recreation web site.
throughout the Caribbean...
Come over and visit

MWR Serves
Labor Day thru Memorial Day During pool operating hours
• 20 Guests Only
Protect Our
• Mon thru Thu - Closed
• Fri, Sat, Sun & Hol - 12 - 5:30 pm • **Reserved area on the Freedom.
“cool deck” for 4 hours,
from 1 - 5 pm.
American Red Cross

• Use of O”- 4’ deep pool,

call for information

Swimming Lessons: water slides (children with

Levels I, II & III the required height.)
$50 - per 8 sessions • Use of games in the pool.
Adult Swimming Lessons • Lifeguards
$50 - per 8 sessions
Aqua Aerobics: For fees, reservations and more
$30 - per 8 sessions information call 787-707-3550.

Local Events
January 2008
Concierto de Reyes with
COMMUNITY CLUB & Orquesta Sinfónica de PR
CONFERENCE CENTER Place: Centro de Bellas Artes
Manager, Mr. Reynaldo Farinas•  T- 787-707-3535, x-201 Luis A. Ferré
e-mail: • Bldg 660, Fort Buchanan Date: January 05, 2008
Catering Services Whale-Watching at Rincón Concierto Inaugural with
• Tuesday - Friday, 8 am - 3 pm. Orquesta Sinfónica de PR
Saturdays by appointment only. 787-823-5024, 787-823-5024FX
Call 787-707-3535, x-206 for details. Humpback whales may be seen in Place: Centro de Bellas Artes
the winter from the observatory Luis A. Ferré
All You Can Eat Buffet Lunch park at the Rincón lighthouse. Date: January 12, 2008
• Tuesday - Friday, 11 am - 1 pm. The peak season is February,
$8 per person. Have lunch in a relaxed atmosphere! though whales have been spotted 10th Annual Caribbean
from late December through Boat Show at Marina Puerto
Evening Meals late March. Just ask around the Del Rey, Fajardo 787-860-1000,
Tuesday and Thursday, 5 - 6:30 pm at the marina or the lighthouse. In the 787-801-3010, 787-801-3030FX
Cafeteria Line. $5.95 per person. PICK UP peak season, you may see them Date: Jan 24 - 28, 2008 • Info at:
DINNER & give your family a break! a few hundred meters off the
Bingo Nights Orquesta Sinfónica de PR
• Tuesday & Thursday, 6 pm (Cards sold at 5:30 pm)
Bingo Buffet 4:30- 5:30 pm. $5 per person. Beauty and The Beast Place: Centro de Bellas Artes
~ Bingo Resumes: 8 Jan ‘08 ~ (in Spanish) Luis A. Ferré
Place: Centro de Bellas Artes Luis Date: January 26, 2008
Thursdays Karaoke Nights A. Ferré
The Zone: Free admission, Date: Jan. 04, 05 & 06, 2008 FOR TICKETS & MORE INFO.
Thursdays 4-10 pm. Menu from 5-8:30 pm ON LOCAL ATTRACTIONS
“The Best Sandwiches in Town” LOG ON TO:
SAT & SUN: Open for Catering Events Only 1
@ Library Welcome to your Library!
The Fort Buchanan Post Library offers a preschool story hour along with a craft. Januray’s story
time will be on the 16 January 08 at 3:00 pm and the theme will be “Martin Luther King’s Birthday”.
Acting Manager: Eva Cabañas Computer Orientations @ the Library – to assist customers in accessing public
• Telephone: 787-707-3208 computers and reference resources, the library will be offering computer orientations on
• Fax: 787-707-3480/3210 different subjects. Our next orientation will be conducted Wednesday, 9 January 2008.
• E-mail: For details or to sign up visit or call the Library at 787-707-3208.
“Library Coupon Club” Come and join us in learning how to save money on your grocery bill
Operating Hours: on Thursday, January 24, 2008, 11:00am – 1:00 pm.You will learn: where to find coupons, how
Mon - Thu 10 am- 8 pm
Fri 10 am - 6 pm to organize them, how to maximize your savings, and more! Limited Space Available, for more
Sat 10 - 5 pm information visit or call the Library at (787) 707-3208.
Sun & Hol Closed
DVD’s Releases for January 2008:
The Ultimate Gift Shrek the Third Pride
Meet The Robinsons Spider-Man 3 Away From Her
Super Size Me Ratatouille Deck The Halls
The Freshest Kids Georgia Rule Stage Door
Eloise Goes to School Lucky You Selena
Building The Great Pyramid A Tale of Two Cities Turning Point
Death Wish Big Dogs, Little Dogs The Elephant Man
Enemy of the State National Security Sex Education
The Karate Kid Collection

Library customers don’t need to own a DVD player to enjoy the high quality
technology of library movies. If you like to watch a movie while you relax, step up to the
library’s circulation desk and check out a portable DVD player and a headphone (for use inside the
library). Have your ID card available. Also, the Library has internet service for research and
work, including Encyclopedias & Word Processing Software.

Planning a party?
Picnic areas available at nominal fees
from Mon- Sun, 6 am to 11 pm. A
refundable deposit of $150 is required.

Scuba Diving Reservations/authorizations

required in advance by calling
ongoing Classes 787-707-3734 or 787-552-7222

For adults Basic Course fee: Equipment for rent

A varied selection of items at Outdoor
$150; includes Equipment & Book.
Recreation, Building 67. Open Mon, Thu
Advanced Courses also available.
Fri & Sat 8 am - 4:30 pm, Tue, Wed, Sun &
For information call 787-707-3550 Hol closed. Manager: Edwin Rivera. For
or 787-552-7222, Monday, Thursday, details call 787-707-3734 or 787-552-
Friday & Saturday 8 am - 4:30 pm. 7222, Fax 787-707-3416
(Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday & Holiday,

Installation Cable TV Customers

Payments are made at the Cable TV Office, Buchanan Heights, Bldg
1022-D. Cable TV office hours are Mon thru Thu 8 am- 5 pm
• Fri 1 - 5 pm. Sat, Sun & Hol closed.

Sports & Fitness SPORTS

Sports & Fitness

Luis Robles, Bldg. 1020-C
Fitness Center Acting Manager:
Juan Sanfeliz Jr., Bldg. 167
Acting Sports Specialist:
Roberto Fernández
Hours of Operation:
Mon - Fri, 5 am - 9 pm
Sat, 8 am - 6 pm
Sun, 9 am - 5 pm
Call for Holidays
hours update.

Indoor Cycling Clinic

• Sat, 12 JAN • 9 am
2 Hours Indoor
Cycling Challenge
• Saturday, 19 JAN • 10:30 am Free Lap Swimming
Tuesday thru Thursday
Reserve your space prior to each from 11 am to 1:30 pm
event by calling the Sports & Fitness Open to AD, Family Members
and DoD employees.
Center at 787-707-3767

Fitness Ongoing Schedule: Civilian Wellness Program: DoD employees are

authorized work time up to 3 days per week, 1 hour a
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday day, for 6 consecutive months to participate (once during
5:30 am - Indoor Cycling 5:30 am - Indoor Cycling 5:30 am - Indoor Cycling 5:30 am - Indoor Cycling
employee’s career). Enroll at the Fitness Center, with medical
9 am - Yoga Class 9 - 10 am - Golden Age 9 am - Tai-Chi Class 9 - 10 am - Golden Age
certificate signed by a doctor, supervisor’s authorization, and
- - - - - - - -------------------------- 11 am - 1 pm - Racquetball Challenge ---- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
the health risk questionnaire.
12 noon - Indoor Cycling 12 noon - Indoor Cycling 4:30 pm - Basic Pilates 12 noon - Indoor Cycling Golden Age Program: For patrons 50 years of age
3:30 - 5:30 Pickup Basketball 4 - 7 pm - Racquetball Chall. 3:30 - 5:30 Pickup Basketball 3:30 - 5:30 Pickup Basketball or over. Socialize and enjoy physical activities. Medical
4:30 pm - Tai-Chi Class 4:30 pm - Advanced Pilates 4:30 pm - Indoor Cycling 4 - 7 pm - Racquetball Chall. certificate required. Socialized and enjoy group fitness.
4:30 - Indoor Cycling 4:30 pm - Indoor Cycling 6 pm - Indoor Cycling 4:30 pm - Advanced Pilates
Racquetball Challenge: Sign-up to
5:30 pm - Group Fitness 5:30 pm - Body Toning 4:30 pm - Indoor Cycling
5:30 pm - Group Fitness
challenge the winner of preceding games.
Racquetball court is open to all participants;
Friday Saturday no individual reservations made during this period.
11:30 - 1 pm - Racquetball Challenge 10:30 am - Indoor Cycling
3:30 - 5:30 - Pickup Basketball 3 - 5:45 - Pickup Basketball

The Community
The Directorate of Human Resource Office staff coor-
dinated the Parade that initiated the evening’s events on
Friday, 14 December across the street from the Community
Club & Conference Center. Holiday decorated floats by the
Municipal San Juan Parranda, Army Community Service, Child
and Youth Services, Army National Guard, Coast Guard, Ma-
rines, Navy Cadets, a Retiree Group, Fort Buchanan Girl Scouts,
Fort Buchanan Chapel Choi

COL Domingo and children from

the community light-up the tree
to start the celebration.

The Three Kings

The U.S. Army does not officially endorse sponsors.

Made the Holidays Happen...

AMS Global Warming Group from DDESS, Antique Military Cars, Director-
ate of Emergency Services, and the Fort Buchanan Fire Department brought
the spirit of the season to the celebration. Music, Clowns, Inflatable Games,
Concessionaires and Santa, provided the right atmosphere to officially start the
holidays in the installation. The contributions of many Volunteers and Commer-
cial Sponsors provided that extra “glow” to the celebration. Thank you to all...


The always popular Santa Claus

Photos by Neysa Maldonado

Our Sponsors:
The U.S. Army does not officially endorse sponsors.

Child & Youth Services
“It Pays to INVEST in QUALITY!”
• CYS Chief, Dr. Irma Julia,
Tel. 787-707-3399
• CDS Coordinator, Ms. Carmen
Dieppa, Tel. 787-707-3598/3769
• SAS Director, Ms. María Martínez,
Tel. 787-707-3468/3280
• MSP Facility Manager
Mara Clemente, Tel. 787-707-3826
• Teen Center Acting Facility Manager
Mildred Pérez, Tel. 787-707-3783
• Recreation Specialist Supervisor,
Ms. Mara Clemente,
Scheduled Events
787-707-3434 for JANUARY ‘08
• CLEOS and Supervisor
Recreation Specialist YS, Friday, 11 January 2008
Ms. Mara Clemente, MSP Monthly Dance
• Sports Specialist, from 7:00-10:00 CYS TOUCH POLICY
Ms. Arlene Muñoz, CYS definition for Appropriate touching involves:
787-707-3466 at the Middle School Cafeteria
• Recognition of the importance of
physical contact to child nurturance and
Friday, 25 January 2008 guidance. Adult respect for personal privacy
707- Teen Center Monthly Dance and personal space of children
KIDS from 7:00-10:30 • Responses affecting the safety and
A hotline to well-being of the child ( holding hand of a
express your concerns Place to be determined. child when crossing the street; holding child
or alert the School Liaison gently but firmly during temper tantrum)
Officer and the Command
of issues related to our CYS Baseball Registration:
youth. A way for the For CYS, Inappropriate touching involves:
28 January until 20 February 2008
community to support our • Coercion or other forms of exploitations
youth. at CYS Registry Office at Bldg. 1020, of the child’s lack of knowledge.
tel 787-707-3787. • Satisfaction of adult needs at the expenses
of the child
• Violations of laws against sexual contact
between adults and children.
TAE KWON DO • Attempts to change child behavior with
for youth adult physical force, after applied in anger.
Classes are held every
Mon, Wed & Thu If you see any inappropriate touching against
at Bldg. 1020-C, a child, contact Directorate of Emergency
Buchanan Heights Services at 787-707-4911.
• Ages 5-10
3:30 - 4:30 pm
• Ages 11 - 18 Tutor Needed!
4:30 - 5:30 pm
CYS is interested in receiving proposals from
Monthly Fee: certified teachers to offer tutoring classes for
$50 per child. our children and youth. For information, con-
Child must be
registered in CYS tact Chief, CYS at tel 787-707-3399 or visit
in order to CYS administrative office located in Bldg 1020,
CYS registration: $18 per year. Buchanan Heights.

Army Community
Mission- Facilitate commander’s ability to provide comprehensive, coordinated,
and responsive social services that support readiness of soldiers,
civilian employees and their families.
The Army’s Official website
Family Advocacy Program Army Volunteer Corps for military families is:
Classes for January Special Invitation to all Volunteer
Advisory Council (VAC) members and AVC
• Stress Management Organization Point of Contact (OPOC).
Thu, Jan 3 • 4:30-5:30 pm ACS Bldg. 1019D meeting & training. Wednesday, Jan 30 • Army Community
• New Parents Support 10:30 am - 12 noon at ACS, Bldg. 1019. Service
Morning Playgroup Topics: Planning of the annual volunteer Director:
Mon, Jan 14 & 28 • 9 - 11 am at CDC Bldg 348 recognition events by organization and Mr. Rafael Gilestra
increase your supervisory skills training. Tel. 787-707-3292
• Anger Management Class
Wed, Jan 16• 4:30-5:30 pm at ACS Bldg. 1019D Confirm attendance by calling: 787-707-3365
or email: • 7 am - 4:30 pm
• Teen Support Group meeting
Wed, Jan 23 • 3:30-4:30 pm at Teen Center Financial Readiness
• Family Team Building Program
Thu, Jan 24 • 4:30 -5:30 pm, ACS Bldg. 1019D The Art of Budgeting
• Child Abuse Prevention Campaign • Thursday, Jan 24
Committee Meeting Trainings will be held at ACS Bldg. 1019,
Wed, Jan 30 • 1 pm, ACS Bldg. 1019D Garcia St. Buchanan Heights. Time 10- 11:30
am. Spaces are limited, for a reservation you
• Stress Management must call Arlene Romero, Financial Readiness
Thu, Jan 31 • 4:30-5:30 pm, ACS Bldg. 1019D Program Manager at 787-707-3310 or email
• Domestic Violence & Child Abuse
Prevention Training • FAP’s Overview Child
and Spouse Abuse Prevention Class, date & time by Relocation Readiness
request. Please call: FAP Educator, Carmen Teresa Program
Rivera at 787-707-3698, Newcomers Trio Army Emergency Relief
email: Part 1 Cross Cultural For details you may contact Ms. Arlene
Adaptation Tour to Rio Piedras Romero, AER Officer at 787-707-3310.
Sexual Assault Prevention &
Response Program AR 600-20 Farmer’s Market Exceptional Family
For military personnel only. • Awareness Training Thu, 10 Jan • 9 am - 12 noon
• Response to victims 24 hours a day, 7 days a Part 2 Health Info Tour Member Program
week. Emergency hotline 787-406-4222. Tue, 15 Jan • 9 am - 12 noon EFMP Meeting
An introduction to the installation’s activities will Special Education Care Plan For Parents:
Victim Advocate Services be from 7:30 - 8:30 am. Bus departs from the
We provide support to victims of domestic “How to develop goals, objectives and
Community Club & Conference Center at
violence and sexual assault. For more information 8:40 am for a tour of Old San Juan and El interventions” Tuesday, 15 Jan at
call Ms. Myriam D. Ayala at 787-707-3481/3396. Morro. Returning to the Club at approx. 1:30 1:30 pm, ACS Conference Room. For
pm. Tour is free except for the cost of lunch. more information contact: Mr. Raymond
For FAP & SAPR program related information Morales at 787-707-3295 or raymond.
call Ms. Wilda Díaz at 787-707-3709 or Part 3 Newcomers Info-Fair Tour
Thu, 31 Jan • 7:30 am - 2 pm
This is a mandatory tour for all newly ar-
rived soldiers and family members are highly Army Family Team Building
Military & Family Life encouraged to attend. A briefing from Steering Committee Meeting
Consultants TRICARE and Health Clinic Staff from 8:30 Thursday, 24 Jan • 9 am - 12 noon at
Their role is to help you with your daily living situ- –9 am at the Community Club & Confer- ACS, Bldg. 1019 Buchanan Heights.
ence Center, followed by a tour which will
ations related to being part of the Army Commu-
include a drive by local hospitals and Clinica AFTB Level 1 (in English)
nity. We offer you help and support with issues Las Americas. 22 - 24 Jan • 9 am - 12 noon at ACS,
such as: separation from your loved ones, per- Bldg. 1019 Buchanan Heights. For more
Scrapbooking Class
sonal relationships, adjustments to new situations Wed, 30 Jan • 4 - 6 pm info call Mr. Ernesto Berrios at 787-707-
and family concerns, among others. Services are Use your creativity and enjoy a relaxing time 3290 or
FREE and CONFIDENTIAL. For more infor- preserving and creating interesting ways to
mation or for a consultation, please call: present your favorite photos Employment Readiness
Your Military & Family Life Consultants: @ ACS conference room Bldg. Career Orientation for Military Spouse
• Nina Martínez- Mondays through Fridays, 1019, Buchanan Heights. and Widows Thursday, Jan 24 • 10
9 am - 5 pm, 787- 685-3423, Fort Buchanan & San Chocolate Making Class - 11:30 am at ACS, Bldg. 1019. Presented
Juan National Guard Center. Wed, 23 Jan • 4:30-6:30 pm by U.S. Small Business Administration. For
• Vanessa Villafañe- Mondays through Fridays, For reservations & more information call more information and to register call
9 am - 5 pm, 787-685-3429, Muñiz National Guard Ms. Adria Lucca, 787-707-3682/3697 787-707-3365 or email: ivette.davila@
Base & Juana Díaz. email:
Golf Course
Complex Golf Course Complex
Month End Madness FORT BUCHANAN, PR
Friday, January 25, 2008
Shotgun start at 12:30 pm. Manager:
Fee: $25 Golf Club Members Randy Paul Stephens, PGA
$35 non-members Tel. 787-707-3980
Registrations for tournaments is avail-
able the first day of the month and pay-
ments must be received by close of busi- Golf Club Snack Bar
ness 3 days prior to the event. Call our Lunch Specials
Pro-Shop at 787-707-3980 or 787-707- Mon - Fri,
3852 and sign-up as soon as possible, spaces 10 am - 1 pm
Volunteers pitch-in... are limited. Pro-Shop
Sun - Sat,
Snack Bar 6 am to
On 16 & 17 November Food service for groups and take-outs available 6 pm
groups of volunteers upon request. Snack bar closes at 3 pm on Sundays.
from various director- The Pro Shop is open daily and offers a va-
ates and tenants made riety of golf accessories for golf enthusiasts. Golf apparel,
a difference at Fort clubs, bags, shoes, gloves, hats and much, much more are avail-
Buchanan and adjacent able. We also have a wide variety of logo items available; they
communities. make great gifts for family and friends!
The Bunker Bar offers a place to sit back and relax af-
Organizations that ter a challenging round of golf. You are able to keep up with the latest
participated: sports updates on our big screen TV and see how you compare with golf greats!
• CYS/School Age Wednesdays through Saturdays 3 - 8 pm.
Services & Middle
School Program
• Navy Operation
DPW Support Center
• San Juan MEPS
• DOL Transportation Bowling Center Manager: Luis Torres
• Army Community • Tel. 787-707-2695 • 787-707-BOWL
Service E-mail:
• Chapel community
• Girl Scouts Troop 412
• Post Office workers Kids’ Eat n Play Combo
NAVY OSC When you buy a children’s Combo,
• Air National Guard
• DPW your little ones will receive up to
• BSA Venture Crew 95 3 Free Games of Bowling when
from DDESS/AHS accompanied by a parent, every
Saturday from 11 am - 3 pm. Child
Thank you for all the must be under 18 years old. Come
support, donations and and enjoy this great family fun expe-
contributions. rience!
San Juan MEPS
The Bowling Center
will be closed on
Jan. 1, 6 & 21 ‘08

DOL Transportation GSA Troop 412 Open Bowling! Monday, Wednesday and Weekends,
all lanes will be available until January 5 ‘08.
Café 300 will open Tuesday thru Thursday from 5 - 10 pm
& Fridays from 5 pm - 12 am.
Rate and offers current as of January 1, 2008 and are subject to change. Rate dependent on amount borrowed, term, and model year. Car Loan example: $20,000 loan at
5.29 % APR, 60 monthly payments of approximately $381 each. *Rate applies to online applications only.Otherwise, the applicable APR is 5.69% for 12 to 72 months for a new car loan and 12 to 60 months for a used car loan.

Finding the right car loan

is the easy part

5.29% APR *

12 to 72 months on new autos

12 to 60 months on used autos
when you apply online

If you can find a better deal, take it. • 800-247-5626
Visit your loca l bra nch
Building 673, Carretera South Terminal
Fort Buchanan, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

Thanks for sponsoring Santa’s Gazebo during our

Holiday Celebration held, 14 December 2007.

Paid Advertisement/MWR fund.

The US Army does not officially endorse sponsors.