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Kaieteur News: The Plight of Homosexuals (An initial response to an Editorial of the same caption dated 10 21 13; http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.

com/2013/10/21/the-plight-of-homosexuals/ ) Lately, the Kaieteur News has been declining to publish some responses in its online and print fora, and we remind its editor(s) of the sacrifice many in Guyana have made in defence of press freedoms. Dear Editor, I refer to your editorial the Plight of Homosexuals (KN 10 21 13) and would be grateful for the opportunity to respond. The Editorial is remarkable in its inattention to fact, truth, detail and evidence! It suggests a crude and reflex reaction to the recent decision by Guyana's Chief Justice in tossing sasod unceremoniously out of the recent constitutional case against cross-dressing, and in fact retaining the law proscribing such activity. We had insisted in the past that Guyana and Guyanese deserve to have factual information to be able to make responsible decisions, and had begun that argument by pointing to the stunning factual outlines of the psychiatric evidence of psycho-sexual disorder in the online article "Sexual Politics And Scientific Logic: The Issue Of Homosexuality" ( ) by Dr. Charles Socarides. It completely debunks the premises of the American Psychiatric Association ... and illustrates the generalized and substantial hoax that now informs that organization's positions on same-sex-attraction-disorders. As if that were not enough, Dr. Jeffrey Satinover writes in his book "Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth" at Table 7 that no less than 15 outcome-studies by credible secular organizations exist to show success rates as high as 82% with the treatment of persons afflicted with same-sex-attraction-disorders. The Editorial ignores this evidence of healing, recovery and renewal, and offers none of its own. This is a remarkably callous attitude to adopt against a what the editorial refers to as "... just another group of people in the human chain ...". As to sasod's publishing the "study" of same-sex-attraction-disorders in the Caribbean, the Editor would be horrified to know that the U-RAP group in the University of the West Indies declined to address or publish the concerns about that study published in the online article "Christopher Carrico, Collateral Damage, and Britain: Feeding the Beast of Deception on Gay Rights " ( ). The article was sent to every member of the faculty of law at the UWI, and they chose to ignore it. You somehow know that a regional institution has reached a strange place when its faculty of law refuses to encourage debate and to respect fact, truth, detail and evidence! So we detailed additional facts that the Editorial obviously ignores in the online article "The Case Against PANCAP and the Decriminalization of Homosexuality" ( ), and advocated for treatment , healing and recovery as the best approach to public policy that should inform the status quo on homosexuality as psychosexual disorder, rather than the innuendo and sophistry so evident in the editorial!

There is more ... and we had summarized some of it in the online article "Universal Periodic Review: Open Letter

to Guyana's Parliamentarians September 2010" ( ). This editorial has offered very little for our parliamentarians to ponder! Robert Regier and Daniel Garcia have offered that, if only given the evidence offered by the Centers for Disease Control, Homosexuality is Not a Civil Right ( ). They summarize eloquently the dilemma confronting national governments: When protecting ones inalienable and civil rights, the government must discern between liberty and license. This requires that rights attach to persons because of their humanity, not because of their behaviors, and certainly not those behaviors that Western legal and moral tradition has regarded as inimical to the "Laws of Nature and of Natures God," as stated in the Declaration. Yet, today some advocate granting "rights" to behaviors hostile to the most fundamental forms of self-governmentfamily, church, and community. This is especially the case with homosexual activists, who ironically seek to hijack the moral capital of the civil rights movement. Essential to the homosexual agenda is the idea that homosexuals are fighting for basic civil rights denied them by an oppressive society. This argument strikes a sympathetic chord among many Americans, whose decency and sense of fair play demand that all people be treated fairly. However, a closer look at the truth about homosexuality and the political goals of the "gay rights" movement shows that homosexuals are not an oppressed minority, that opposition to special legal protection for homosexuality is not bigotry, and that extending such protection is dangerous to individuals and society. .. We repeat medical/psychiatric/spiritual treatment, healing and recovery are the best approaches to public policy that should inform the status quo on homosexuality as psychosexual disorder, rather than the innuendo and sophistry so evident in the editorial! We cannot legislate obvious psycho-sexual distress into acceptance. Because we know, intuitively, that when a psychosexual disorder is given the space to consider itself normal, it always without exception seeks to impose its madness upon society, regardless of the consequences. History tells us that many pinnacle nations have been destroyed thereby! Yours faithfully, Roger Williams October 21, 2013