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Le Snat, Palais du Luxembourg, Paris lundi 5 dcembre 2005 Lautopartage, Une alternative lusage privatif de lautomobile

The Three Faces of Carsharing

1. The carshare business in 2005. 2. We, ordinary people in our daily lives. 3. The starting place is the city.
1. International Carshare Developments and Trends: 350 BC -2006 3 Six hundred world cities where you can carshare this morning 4 2. We, ordinary people in our daily lives 5 The kind of city you may not want. 6 3. The starting place is the city 7 4. Ten closing questions 8 Two hundred good places to carshare in France 9 5. And Next Steps 10

The Presentation

Presentation by Eric Britton

World Carshare Consortium

The World Carshare Consortium - The New Mobility Agenda is on line at Le Frene, 8/10 rue Joseph Bara 75006 Paris, France Tel: +331 4326 1323 Skype: ericbritton E: Backup: EcoPlan International Innovation consultancy/advisory 9440 Readcrest Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210 New Ways to Work in an Information Society:
T. +1 310 601-8468 E: Skype: xWork-on-line

The Three Faces of Carsharing

What is this?
Here you have the working notes that I pulled together for the purpose of a presentation at this first and more official meeting here in France to query the usefulness of creating a better structure for carsharing here in France. They have been extracted from a much longer thinkpiece that I have been drafting on the subject with the same title, and which is available from us here if you wish. They will shortly be available in French, the language in which the presentation was of course given (after all, this is France.) The half day Round Table at the elegant French Senate was chaired and introduced by Senator Roland Ries, who as previously mayor of Strasbourg has taken a leading role in the politics of bringing to life new transport ideas, including support of that citys pioneering carshare project. He was followed by Denis Baupin, the hard headed transport czar: of the city of Paris who put the carshare concept into the broader concept that Paris is following. Next we had presentations from the two leading French carshare operators sketching both the evolution of carsharing in general and more specifically in France in the last half down years. My talk was followed by an analysis of legal aspects and the eventual need for new legislation to support future carshare development, and that followed in turn by a Round Table discussion bringing together some representatives of local government and transport authorities. The afternoon closed with the first exploratory meeting for the formation of a new national carshare organization to guide and support future developments. Full information on the meeting and its follow-up will be found at, then clicking France Autopartage on the left menu: including the program and numerous follow-up pieces. What I can see in quick retrospect was that the standard was very high, that considerable differences in views and priorities emerged, but that the idea of carsharing in France has with this first high profile public session taken a next important step to its deserved and necessary bright future. The bottom line of my presentation here, as you will quickly see from the following, is that we feel the time has come for carsharing to enter into full speed here in France. Not sustainable much as a specific transport activity in its own right though when well implemented it can do a fine job at that but as a key to a multi-level city-wide mobility system that for the first time can begin to compete fully and favorably with the old mobility system (namely a car stuck in traffic). And as good a next step as any will be for us to get together to create a national association capable of bringing together the main strands and forces that can make it work. Finally, if you wish to place a bet about the pace of carshare development here in France over the est of this decade, there is still room for you within my 10k upper limit, so get in touch via We will set up a little written contract and confirmation. And Ill tell you where you can deposit your lost wager as soon as we get the 30th new system in place. Thatll probably be well before 2010. eb Paris, 6 December 2005

Eric Britton, World Carshare, speaking notes of 12/6/2005

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The Three Faces of Carsharing

Eric Britton, World Carshare, speaking notes of 12/6/2005

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The Three Faces of Carsharing

1. International Carshare Developments and Trends: 350 BC -2006

Ca. 350 Aristotle writes "On the whole, you find wealth much in use than in ownership." 1948 Selbstfahrergenossenshaft and the rest 2300 years later 1960s The miracle of PRT and automatic small vehicle transport (precursors of carsharing 2005?) 1972/4 Two great carsharing projects: ProcoTip and Witkar start . . . and stop 1980s Slow, spread out, start-and-stop diffusion but it doesnt stop there 1987+ Carsharing starts to come of age: Pre-Mobility & StattAuto set pattern. As projects multiple around (mainly) Europe, World Carshare Consortium established Late nineties Carsharing picks up speed and starts to establish itself in country after country (fast here, slower there. . . including France) 1 2005 -- More than 150 CSOs identified in World Carshare inventory 2006 -- More than 650 cities around the world where you can carshare this morning

Its suddenly 2005 and things no longer look as they did. The carshare business is out of the cradle and at present enjoying outstanding expansion across W. Europe and N. America, with steady progress in some Asian cities as well. Among the leading more of everything developments of the last two years have been: o o o o o o o More Cities are getting into the business at accelerating rates. More Countries: Carshare operations are beginning to crop up in countries which until very recently have had little or none. More Management: Without high management competence and entrepreneurship, carsharing operations cannot survive and prosper More Competition: We are beginning to see cities with more than one carshare operator opening up a new generation of challenges to and opportunities for city government policies. More Players: A crescendo of more active involvement on the part of some automobile firms and car rental groups More Money: The appearance of larger investors and venture capitalists (meaning that carsharing is starting to look like a technology business); More Technology: Steady movement toward increased technology content at all levels of the enterprise and the customer link to service.

Where does that leave us today? In brief: Carsharing is most definitely no longer an infant industry. This means that you can without hesitation consider it as a transport option for your city. The critical bottom-line in 2005 is the professionalism of organization and the business formula of the enterprise. There are a growing collection of groups and experts in the field who have proven that they know how to plan and deliver these services successfully -- and now available to work with you to make a success of your new start-up. (Many of whom are identified in the Supplier Annex here.) Carsharing succeeds or fails as a result of deep partnerships with their cities.

2006 bottom line 1: This Product is ready for market


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Eric Britton, World Carshare, speaking notes of 12/6/2005

The Three Faces of Carsharing

Six hundred world cities where you can carshare this morning
Aachen Aarau Aarhus Adiswil Adligenswil Aesch Affoltern/A. Allschwil Alpnach Altdorf Altstatten Amriswil Amsterdam_Zuid Amstetten Andelfingen Andermatt Appenzell Arbon Arnstadt Arth-Goldau Ashburton Aspen Baden/Wien Baretswil Bath Baar Bad_Gleichenberg Bad_Homburg Bad Ragaz Bad Sackingen Bad_Schwartau Bad_Vilbel Baden Barcelona Basel Bassersdorf Bauma Bayreuth Bellinzona Belp Bellevue_(WA) Bergdietikon Bergen Bergisch_Gladbach Bergsjns Berikon Berkeley Berlin Bermgarten Bern Beromunster Biberach Biel Bielefeld Binningen Birsfelden Bludenz Boblingen Bochum Boden Bologna Bolzano/Bozen Bonn Bonstetten Bordeaux Bordesholm Bottmingen Borlnge Boulder Bradford-on-Avon Braunschweig Bregenz Bremen Bremerhaven Bremgarten Brig Brighton_&_Hove Bristol Brnshj Brookline Brugg Brugg_Weiermatt Brussels Bubikon Buchholz Buchs Bulach Buochs Burgdorf Calgary Cambridge(USA) Carouge Castrop-Rauxel Celle Checircne-Bourg Cham Chur Coburg Colbe Colne_Valley Copenhagen Corburg Cottbus Cranfield Dachau Darmstadt Davos Degersheim Den_Haag Denver Dessau Dielsdorf Dietikon Dinant Domat/Ems Dordrecht Dornach-Arlesheim Dornbirn Dortmund Dossenheim Dresden Dubendorf Dudingen Duisburg Duren Durnten Duesseldorf East_Bay Ebikon Ebnat-Kappel Ecublens Edinburgh Edmonton Effretikon Eglisau Einsiedeln Elgg Elmshorn Emmen Emmenbrucke Enzingen Eppstein Erfurt Erlangen Erstfeld Esbjerg Essen Eskilstuna Esslingen Ettlingen Eutin Exeter Falkenberg Fallanden Falun Farum Faulensee Fellbach Filderstadt Flawil Florence Fort_Collins Frankfurt/M Frauenfeld Freising Frenkendorf Fribourg Frick Frutigen Furth Garching Gatineau Gauting Gvle Gebenstorf Gegraveneve Gelsenkirchen Gelterkinden Gevelsberg Gieszlig;en Gipf-Oberfrick Giswil Gleisdorf Goldach Gossau_SG Gttingen Gteborg_(Gothenborg) Gottingen Grafelfing Graz Grabs Greenbelt Grenoble Greyrock_Commons Grenchen Greven Grut Gstaad Guelph Haarlem Hagen Halberstadt Halifax Halle Halmstad Hamburg Hameln Hanau Hannover Hannover Hausen_am_Albis Hebden_Bridge Hedingen Heerbrugg Heidelberg Heidenheim Heimenschwand Helsinki Herbrechtingen Herdecke Herisau Herning Herrliberg-Feldmeile Herzogenbuchsee Heuchelheim Hildesheim Hinwil Hisingens Hitzkirch Hochdorf Hofheim Holzwickede Hombrechtikon Hohenems Horgen Horw Huckelhoven Huddersfield Ilanz Illnau Ingolstadt Innsbruck Interlaken Iserlohn Ittigen Jena Jona Kapfenberg Karlsruhe Karlstad Kassel Kempten Kiel Kingston Kirchheim/Teck Kitchener-Waterloo Klosters Kloten Koblenz Konolfingen Konstanz Korneuburg Klagenfurt Koln Koniz Kping Kreuzlingen Kriens Kufstein Kusnacht Kussnacht La_Chaux -de Fonds Laatzen Lachen Landquart Landshut Landskrona Langen Langenfeld Langenhagen Langenthal Langnau Laufen Lausanne Lausen Leeds Leicester Lehrte Leipzig Lenzburg Leverkusen Lichtensteig Lige Liestal Ligerz/Twann Lilienthal Linkping Linz Littau Locarno London Lorrach Los_Angeles Louvain_la_Neuve Lubeck Ludenscheid Lund Luneburg Ludwigsburg Ludwigshafen Lugano Lustenau Luzern Lyons Lyss Madison Malm Mannedorf Marseilles Magdeburg Magden Mainz Majornas Mannheim Marburg Marl Meggen Meilen Melbourne Memmingen Merseburg Mettmenstetten Minden Mohlin Monchaltorf Modena Mdling Montreal Montreux Motala Mountain_View Mulheim/Ruhr Munchen Munchenbuchsee Munchsteinach Munsingen Munster Muri MuriGumligen Muttenz Nacka Namur Nanaimo_(BC) Nanikon Nagold Neckargmund Neuchacirctel Neuhausen Neuss Newtown New_York_City Nice Nidau Niederhasli Niederlenz Nurnberg Nussbaumen Nyon Oakland Oberdorf/Stans Oberhausen Oberkirch Oberursel Oberuster Oberwil Obfelden Odense Offenbach Oldenburg Olten Opfikon Oslo Ottawa Osnarbruck Ossingen Ostermundigen Ostfildern Overijssel Oxford rebro sterfrnebo stersund Pansdorf Paris Passau Petit-Lancy Pfaffikon Pforzheim Pfullingen Philadelphia Plannegg Plochingen Portland Potsdam Pratteln Preetz Puch/Hallein Puchheim Pully Quebec_City Rafz Rankweil Rannebergens Rapperswil Ratzeburg Ravensburg Rebstein Refrath Regensburg Regensdorf Reichenbach Reinach Renens Reussbuhl Reutlingen Rheinfelden Rhein-Neckar Richterswil Riehen Rimini Rodovre Roggwil Romanshorn Rombach Rorschach Rostock Rostock Rothenburg Rotkreuz Rottenburg Rotterdam Rudolfstetten Ruswil Rumlang Ruschlikon Russelsheim Ruti Saarbrucken Sachseln SaintPaul< SaintQuentin Salisbury Salzburg Samedan San Diegp_ San_Francisco Sargans Sarnen Schofflisdorf Schoftland Schonenwerd Schupfen Schaffhausen Schattdorf Schiedam Schiers Schlieren Schliern Schopfheim Schwabisch_Hall Schwarzenburg Schwechat Schwerin Schwerzenbach Schwetzingen Schwyz Seattle Seeheim-Jugenheim Seelze Sempach Sherbrooke Siegen Sindelfingen Singapore Sion Sissach Soest Solothurn Southampton Speyer Spiez Stafa St._Gallen Stade Stans Stansstad Starrkirch-Will Steffisburg Steinbach/Ts. Steinen Steinhausen Steyr St._Plten Stockholm Strasburg Stroud Stuttgart Suhr Sundbyberg Sundsvall Sursee Suszligen Swansea Sydney Thalwil Therwil Thun Thusis Tibro Tierp Tofino_(BC) Tokyo Torino Tornesch Toronto Trubach Traverse_City(on_hold) Trimbach Tbingen Turbenthal-Wila Turgi Ulm Ume Umkirch Unna Uppsala Urdorf Uster Utrecht Uznach Uzwil Valby Vancouver Vaxholm Vsters Veltheim Ven Venezia Vevey Victoria Vienna_(Wien) Viernheim Villach Vinterviken Viskafors Volketswil Wadenswil Wurzburg Wabern Waiblingen Wald Wallisellen Waltrop Washington_DC Wattenscheid Wattwil Weinfelden Weingarten Weinheim Weiz Wels Wettenberg Wetter Wettingen Wetzikon Wetzlar Wiener_Neustadt Wiesbaden Wiesendangen Wiesloch Will Willisau Winterthur Witten Wittenbach Wittenberg Witzenhausen Wolfurt Wolfenbuttel Wolhusen Worb Worms Wunsdorf Yverdon Zofingen Zollikerberg Zollikofen Zuchwil Zug Zurich Zweisimmen
Eric Britton, World Carshare, speaking notes of 12/6/2005 p. 4 of 14

The Three Faces of Carsharing


We, ordinary people in our daily lives (The 21st Century context of carsharing)

What do we know: Unrestricted use of cars is no longer possible in our cities This is not only a matter of negative environment and resource (petrol) impacts Nor strictly of personal and city/state economics (though the strain is awful) But it is above all a matter of geometry: The only way that our cities can accommodate the space requirements of large numbers of cars is if we entirely design our cities for them. (A good example of what happens if you say with old mobility, Houston Texas, can be see on the following page). o This is sometimes called the elephant in the bedroom syndrome. o A good example of what happens if you say with old mobility, Houston Texas, can be see on the following page.

What do we (really) want? Before we see how carsharing fits into this overall mobility context, lets take a quick step back and consider briefly how most of us want to get around in their cities. Our ideal is neither a car stuck in traffic -- nor a wait for a late bus (that may never come) in the rain The famous love affair with the car is increasingly not so much the car as an instrument . . . But as our preference for what we call car-like mobility: an ability to get where we want to when we want to with a minimum of lost time, discomfort and unnecessary expense. Attitudes are changing in many places, including among many younger people. Moreover at least half of those who today regularly drive are in fact medically, physically incapable of being safely on the road.

How does it work? This state of affairs has been seized by leading planners and policy makers, mostly in Europe, over the last decade and a half. It has led to a new and far better adapted approach to the planning and provision of transport in cities, which is called the New Mobility Agenda. Key elements of this new approach are a combination of gradually extending restrictions on car use, more and better public transport, increased emphasis on protecting walkers and cyclists and bringing them into the middle of the New Mobility Agenda. But there are times, as we all know, that many of us really need a car. Which is why carshare becomes important

Carsharing is the missing link of a successful New Mobility Agenda for you city Completes the car-like mobility chain, which otherwise is missing. And the industry now knows how to deliver the goods But the second key (to managerial competence and entrepreneurship) is deep partnership with the city Well in that case, what indeed are our cars for? New Moblity Answer: If at all for non-routine trips, vacations, holidays, and an ever shorter list of other stuff. The city is thus the ultimate client for carsharing and is the place to start.

2006 bottom line 2: We know what we want

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Eric Britton, World Carshare, speaking notes of 12/6/2005

The Three Faces of Carsharing

The kind of city you may not want.

Houston Texas, taken from the air by Alex MacLean, an architectural geologist and pilot. Appeared in Geo in 2003, posted w/ other views at

Eric Britton, World Carshare, speaking notes of 12/6/2005

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The Three Faces of Carsharing

3. The starting place is the city (And the politics of transportation)

1. To make carsharing work in your city you definitely need a strategy -- and that strategy has to be not only a matter of technical and business expertise on the part of the operator, but also requires the development of a broad based partnership of organizations and interests in the host city, led ideally by local government and supported by many institutions -- and (especially important) win/win strategies in the transport sector and other. It does not make much sense for a city to support carsharing per se, unless it is already in the process of developing a global policy for sustainable mobility. It can be done, and almost always has been the case up to now -- but it is our firm recommendation that the two proceed in parallel. Carshare operators traditionally claim that the biggest problems for them are, in order, (a) local legislation, (b) insurance, and (c) parking. And subsidies. This may be true from their perspective, but is only part of the strategic challenge as a whole. As to subsidies, it is our view that it is not going to be very easy to get the right subsidies, unless the city is able to see how this new service is going to work with and interact with everything else that is in place. Once a reasonably good framework for the overall sustainable mobility system is in place, the process that needs to be engaged to prepare a detailed city strategy and support program can be carried out with proper organization and support in less than a year. Today there is no real difficulty in finding first rate sources of consultancy help, as well as prospective operators and partners. (Annex A below provides you with a good starting place, and more information and guidance is available from World Carshare and its extensions.) We often say that all the necessary studies and the RFP (Request for Proposals) can be carried out for less than the prices of a single city bus. We suggest you send out your RFPs to at least 3 qualified eventual supplier/partners and moreover that you pay them fairly for their work. This is important for 2 reasons. We need to have economically solid enterprises in the field, and the best way to ensure that is to pay them for their work. Moreover, it is likely that your final implementation plan is going to draw from more than one, possibly all of those who respond to the RFP so it is only fair that they be compensated for their expertise and time Keep an eye on the cultural awarenesses of your supplier choice. Ideas and procedures that work well in one kind of cultural and legal environment may not make it in your city. So careful.

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.


10. Bear in mind that in time there may be more than one carshare operator working in your city, so make sure that you provide each of them with a level playing field. It is healthy to assume this from the start rather than getting into two special a relationship with your supplier. 11. At the end of the day, the development of a strong carsharing operation from the vantage of the city is a test for your leadership and governance skills. 12. And in France now that the sector is maturing, it may be a good time for all the key players to join in a wide open national carshare organization, to exchange experience and provide a basis for collaboration and creative synergies, with real possibilities for creative cost-sharing. 13. Remember: carsharing does not have to be imposed. It is a response to what people want and need, opening up new choices and savings --not an obligation st forced on them, It is thus an example of 21 century democracy in action.

2006 bottom line 3: We know how to make it happen

Eric Britton, World Carshare, speaking notes of 12/6/2005 p. 7 of 14

The Three Faces of Carsharing

4. Ten closing questions (and one bet) about you and carsharing

1. 2. 3.

After these introductions, do you think it might be a good idea for you at least to have a closer look at carsharing for your city? Do you know within 100 how much you pay for your car in 2005 (all inclusi ve) Based on what you know, do you think that if your city puts in a carsharing operation that works well, it will help you to become Kyoto Compliant? (Or is that a consideration with no particular merit?) Which are the agencies or originations in your most likely to oppose your carshare program? How can you bring them in as partners? Are you aware of the fact that until now very few cities in the world have developed an integrated sustainability/carsharing strategy and that if we can start to do this in France it will be a model for the rest of the world? Is this also a desirable goal? Is carsharing a political football? Should it be associated with any given political movement or agenda? Or should it be politics free? Do you think that mayors and city council members of France should become carsharers themselves once service is available in their city? And that in each place the public authorities should do what they can to facilitate carsharing for all their employees? Might carsharing be an option in the cits and for poorer people who need a break? Or is it just a middle class comfort option?

4. 5.

6. 7. 8. 9.

10. Tell us how many places in France might be good candidates for a well organized carsharing operation in the next few years?

The Bet: I am offering to take bets up to a total of ten thousand Euros ( 10,000) as of today, that we will have at least thirty new places with carsharing in France within the next five years (by New Years Ever 2010).

Eric Britton, World Carshare, speaking notes of 12/6/2005

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The Three Faces of Carsharing

Two hundred good places to carshare in France: 2006-2010

Paris. Franconville. Marseille. Lievin. Lyon. Conflans-Sainte-Honorine. Toulouse. Pontault-Combault. Nice. Stains. Nantes. Draguignan. Strasbourg. Echirolles. Montpellier. Neuilly-Sur-Marne. Bordeaux. Six-Fours-Les -Plages. Rennes. Romans-Sur-Isere. Le Havre. Bagnolet. Reims. Haguenau. Lille. Sainte-Genevieve-Des-Bois. Saint-Etienne. Vandoeuvre-Les-Nancy. Toulon. Dreux. Grenoble. Les Mureaux. Angers. La Ciotat. Dijon. Montelimar. Brest. Plaisir. Le Mans. Saint-Dizier. Clermont-Ferrand. Schiltigheim. Amiens. Creil. Aix-En-Provence. Villefranche-Sur-Saone. Limoges. Chatenay-Malabry. Nimes. Aurillac. Tours. Viry-Chatillon. Villeurbanne. Saint-Raphael. Metz. Agen. Besancon. Perigueux. Caen. Le Perreux-Sur-Marne. Orleans. Biarritz. Mulhouse. Vienne. Rouen. Saumur. Boulogne-Billancourt. Vierzon. Perpignan. L'Hay -Les-Roses. Nancy. Houilles. Roubaix. Sotteville-Les-Rouen. Argenteuil. Mont-DeMarsan. Tourcoing. Soissons. Montreuil. Malakoff. Saint-Denis. Athis-Mons. Avignon. Saint-Etienne-Du-Rouvray. Versailles. Thonon-Les-Bains. Nanterre. Palaiseau. Poitiers. Alencon. Creteil. Trappes. Aulnay-Sous-Bois. Menton. Vitry-Sur-Seine. Chatillon. Pau. Chatou. Calais. Colomiers. La Rochelle. Le Chesnay. Colombes. Villeneuve-Saint-Georges. Asnieres-Sur-Seine. Rillieux-La-Pape. Champigny-Sur-Marne. Clichy-Sous-Bois. Rueil-Malmaison. Thiais. Saint-Maur-Des-Fosses. Nogent-Sur-Marne. Antibes. Saint-Cloud. Bourges. Lambersart. Dunkerque. Draveil. Courbevoie. Meyzieu. Beziers. Orange. Cannes. Lomme. Saint-Nazaire. Bethune. Colmar. Montbeliard. Villeneuve-D'Ascq. Villenave -D'Ornon. Valence. Pontoise. Quimper. Ermont. Aubervilliers. Yerres. Drancy. Goussainville. Merignac. Annemasse. Troyes. Saint-Laurent-Du-Var. La Seyne-Sur-Mer. Villemomble. Neuilly-Sur-Seine. Sens. Antony. Le Grand-Quevilly. Lorient. Elancourt. Saint-Quentin. Villiers-Sur-Marne. Noisy-Le-Grand. Charenton-Le-Pont. Sarcelles. Vichy. Niort. Bezons. Pessac. Le Creusot. Venissieux. Laon. Chambery. Villiers-Le-Bel. Charleville-Mezieres. Carpentras. Beauvais. Bergerac. Cergy. Chaumont. Levallois-Perret. Taverny. Cholet. Epernay. Ajaccio. Pierrefitte-Sur-Seine. Issy-Les-Moulineaux. Les Ulis. Montauban. Rochefort. Vannes . Vallauris. Hyeres. Aix-Les-Bains. Evreux. Vigneux-Sur-Seine. Maisons-Alfort. Saintes. Laval. Saint-Medard-En-Jalles. Ivry -Sur-Seine. Vanves. Fontenay-Sous-Bois. Cherbourg. Saint-Malo. Sannois. Arles. La Garde. Belfort. Armentieres. Annecy. Fresnes. Clichy. Saint-Sebastien-Sur-Loire. Sartrouville. Henin-Beaumont. Chalon-Sur-Saone. Oullins. Pantin. Guyancourt. Chateauroux. Dole. Evry. Cachan. Meaux. Sucy-En-Brie. La Roche-Sur-Yon. Rambouillet. Brive -La-Gaillarde. Gonesse. Blois. Champs-SurMarne. Clamart. Cavaillon. Villejuif. Abbeville. Chalons-En-Champagne. Grigny. Sevran. Ris-Orangis. Le Blanc-Mesnil. Oyonnax. Bondy. Decines-Charpieu. Frejus. Coudekerque-Branche. Epinay-Sur-Seine. Montfermeil. Narbonne. La Garenne-Colombes. Tarbes. Vernon. Albi. Bruay-La-Buissiere. Saint-Brieuc. Herouville-Saint -Clair. Chelles. Bois-Colombes. Boulogne-Sur-Mer. Illkirch-Graffenstaden. Bobigny. Romainville. Carcassonne. Rodez. Cagnes-Sur-Mer. Le Kremlin-Bicetre. Grasse. Brunoy. Saint-Herblain. Orvault. Meudon. Fontenay-Aux-Roses. Mantes-La-Jolie. Montigny -Les -Metz. Vincennes. Saint-Pol-SurMer. Martigues. Fontaine. Castres. Grande-Synthe. Angouleme. Sarreguemines. Douai. Lisieux. Wattrelos. Herblay. Aubagne. Mons-En-Baroeul. Gennevilliers. La Teste-De-Buch. Le Cannet. Bourgoin-Jallieu. Montlucon. Eaubonne. Valenciennes. Villeneuve-Sur-Lot. Caluire-Et-Cuire. Forbach. Compiegne. Tournefeuille. Saint-Priest. Saint-Die. Nevers. Sevres. Puteaux. Begles. Thionville. Miramas. Bourg-En-Bresse. Le Bouscat. Arras. La Madeleine. Chartres. Lunel. Bayonne. Savigny-Le-Temple. Garges-Les-Gonesse. Le Petit-Quevilly. Saint-Ouen. Villeneuve-La-Garenne. Suresnes. Gradignan. Sete. Beaune. Corbeil-Essonnes. Auch. Ales. Maisons-Laffitte. Vaulx-En-Velin. Lanester. Rosny-Sous-Bois. Moulins. Istres. Montgeron. Roanne. Etampes. Saint-Germain-E n-Laye. Fougeres. Bastia. Libourne. Auxerre. La Valette-Du-Var. Montrouge. Le Plessis-Robinson. Massy. Torcy. Saint-Chamond. La Celle-Saint-Cloud. Bron. Bretigny-Sur-Orge. Noisy-Le-Sec. Hazebrouck. Livry-Gargan. Millau. Talence. Gif-Sur-Yvette. Bagneux. Lormont. Marcq-En-Baroeul. Villeparisis. Salon-De-Provence. Cenon. Gagny. Mont-Saint -Aignan. Vitrolles. Sainte-Foy-Les-Lyon. Joue-Les-Tours. Le Mee-Sur-Seine. Alfortville. Fecamp. Gap. Combs -La-Ville. Savigny-Sur-Orge. Loos. Lens. Muret. Poissy. Ozoir-La-Ferriere. Epinal. Fleury-Les-Aubrais. Saint-Martin-D'Heres. Dammarie-Les-Lys. Melun. Croix. Reze. Montceau-Les-Mines. La Courneuve. Blagnac. Anglet. Montmorency. Montigny-Le-Bretonneux. Sedan. Dieppe. Orly. Macon. Le Puy-En-Velay. Choisy-Le-Roi. Saint-Michel-Sur-Orge. Chatellerault. Denain. Marignane. Velizy-Villacoublay. Tremblay-En-France. Vertou. Villepinte. Les Lilas. Cambrai. Luneville. Maubeuge

Eric Britton, World Carshare, speaking notes of 12/6/2005

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The Three Faces of Carsharing

5. And Next Steps

1. Create the Autopartage Association through an open group process and then put it to work (See Annex below) 2. Tighten international linkages and cross-learning from experience 3. Follow closely both procedures and progress of the Nantes carshare project (a pioneering exercise in itself) 4. Invite the UITP platform committee to hold their February meeting here in Paris, and to make it open to members of the new Association 5. The Monaco Atelier Autopartage: 30 March/1 April 2006 Inviting the main international furnishers of supporting services and supplies in an Exposition Invite considering cities in the region to come and learn more about how carsharing can work and help in their cities Invite French and francophone projects to come, show and learn

6. Work with all interested cities to increase their awareness of international developments and leading edge innovations and practices world-wide

Eric Britton, World Carshare, speaking notes of 12/6/2005

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The Three Faces of Carsharing

International References
Annex A. Organizations Offering Services and Support

Annex B. 600 Cities with Carsharing Operations You Can Use This Morning Annex C. World Carshare Operator Inventory

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World Carshare Consortium, Founded in 1997, Paris. Carshare Caf, World Carshare Consortium, Founded, Sept 1998. Today at North American Carsharing Network, Toronto, at (also offers good coverage of carshare organizations across North America). Carsharing.US. Information, issues and ideas for U.S. and North American carsharing services and partners. Autopartage France. Since Nov. 1999 at Ecs: European car sharing MOSES -- Mobility Services for Urban Sustainability (EU project) --

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Eric Britton, World Carshare, speaking notes of 12/6/2005

The Three Faces of Carsharing

Annexe D : Rflexion sur une Association pour le Dveloppement de AutoPartage 2006 Une Invitation 5 dcembre 2005, aprs Table Ronde
Un groupe indpendant et titre priv runissant les personnes et organisations rflchissent lide de lancer en 2006 une Association Loi 1901 pour soutenir le dveloppement de l'autopartage en France, et dans les pays francophones. Une premire lettre dinvitation de discussion et dchange dides sur ce sujet t envoy une groupe de personnes qui actuellement collaborent dans lorganisation de la Table Ronde actuellement organis par le Snateur Roland Ries au Snat le 5 dcembre. Suite a la runion, nous invitons tous les personnes ventuellement intresses de se joindre pour une discussion libre et ouverte ce sujet, en vue de la prparation dun projet de mise sur pied de la nouvelle Association en janvier 2006. Voila quelques uns des points sur lesquels nous proposons dinviter vos commentaires et suggestions : Objectifs de lAssociation Association franaise ou francophone ? (Suisse Romande, Belgique, Monaco, Qubec, autres pays francophone) Association 1901 ou autre Nom Premire listes des atouts (Projets existants, rseaux, site web, forum, Lettre dautopartage, instituions, individus, autres associations, villes, socits, etc.) Profil des membres (une, deux ou plusieurs catgories) Importance dune reprsentation trs forte des femmes Aspects juridiques Assurances Finance - options Site Web et moyens de communications Rapport avec World CarShare et autres programmes nationaux/internationaux Rapport avec la Commission Europenne, lUITP Et avec les organismes publiques cls : Ecologie, Transports, Energies, Villes, ??? Nomination dun bureau provisoire pour avancer le projet Prochains pas et calendrier propos

Premire runion: 19:15, le 5 dcembre 2005, Palais de Luxembourg, Salle Monnerville Invitation ouverte tous

Eric Britton, World Carshare, speaking notes of 12/6/2005

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The Three Faces of Carsharing

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Eric Britton, World Carshare, speaking notes of 12/6/2005

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