ISO 9001

Fast failure detecting of motor, electric fan, pump, air compressor, machine tools and so on Analysis of acceleration, velocity, and displacement Large memory of 100 readings and 10 frequency spectrograms hand-held accelerometer probe is available with a removable magnetic base for connecting with tested parts low battery indication Rechargeable battery large LCD display printer integrated, readings and vibration pattern can be printed out Upper and lower limit setting and sound alarm

Technical Specification
Testing range Acceleration Velocity Displacement Frepuency range Acceleration Velocity Displacement Power Tolerance Working temperature Dimensions Weight 0 0.1m/s2-199.9 m/s2 (peak value) 0.01cm/s-19.99cm/s (virtual value) 0.001mm-1.999mm (peak to peak value) 10Hz-500Hz, 10Hz-1KHz, 10Hz-10KHz 10Hz-500Hz, 10Hz-1KHz 10Hz-500Hz Standard Delivery Main unit Accelerometer probe Magnetic base Charger TIME certificate Instruction manual Warranty card Optional Accessory 86mm 47mm Needle groupware Short needle 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Nickel-hydrogen battery 5% - 40

270mm 650g


Velocity. bearings and gears Guard against mechanical malfunction Holding tested value for 40 seconds Automatic switch off after 40 seconds TV200 is used specially for velocity testing TV220 is used specially for displacement testing TV260 is used for testing of acceleration.999 mm (peak-peak) Acceleration:10Hz~1kHz Velocity: 10Hz~1kHz Displacement: 10Hz ~ 500Hz Standard Delivery Main unit Battery Protection pocket TIME certificate Instruction manual Warranty card 1 2 1 1 1 1 Displacement: Testing range Velocity: 0.01-199. Displacement Acceleration: 0.VIBRATION PEN TV200/220/260 Features: ISO 9001 Used for fast failure detecting of motor. small weight.5 hours working continuously 0 ~40 <85% 22mm 18mm 55g (including batteries) 42 . electric fan. velocity and displacement Battery house Battery Display windows Sensor Key Technical Specification TV200 Parameters RMS of vibration velocity (mm/s) TV220 Displacement TV260 Acceleration.01mm~1. easy handling Prompt testing of vibration on the workshop machines For quick checking of unbalance misalignment. 4. air compressor.0011. machine tools and so on Compact size.999mm (peal~peak) Frequency range Velocity:10Hz~1kHz Displacement: 10Hz 500Hz 5% 3 /2 digits LCD 1 Tolerance Display Power supply Battery capacity Operating Temperature Humidity Dimension DimensionWeight 150mm two button batteries (LR44 or SR44) Approx.1mm/s~199.01-199.9m/s2(peak) Velocity: 0.9 mm/s(RMS) Displacement: 0.9mm/s 0. pump.

5mm 28mm 200 pixels with backlight Optional Accessory Needle groupware Long needle Printer TA230 (see page 47) Dataview software 43 . 10Hz-10KHz 10Hz-1KHz 10Hz -500Hz Standard Delivery Main unit Accelerometer probe Magnetic base Charger Protection Pocket TIME certificate Instruction manual Warranty card 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Li-ion rechargeable battery LCD.1mm (peak to peak value) 10Hz-200Hz. 10Hz-500Hz.ISO 9001 VIBRATION TESTER TV300 Features: Advanced vibration tester with large measuring range Three display modes: Special mode: displaying acceleration.01cm/s-80cm/s (virtual value) 0. velocity and displacement Spectrum mode: displaying vibration spectrum large memory up to 1550 readings and 25 spectrums Easy diagnosis: alarm is sounded when vibration go over limit set. 320 0 .1m/s2-392m/s2 (peak value) 0. velocity and displacement Common mode: displaying one of acceleration.40 5% 171mm 230g 78. and get into spectrum mode testing results and spectrum can be printed out with optional micro-printer can be connected with PC by special software for further analyses of vibration Technical Specification Acceleration Testing range Velocity Displacement Acceleration Frepuency range Velocity Displacement Power Display Working temperature Tolerance Dimensions Weight 0.001mm-18. 10Hz-1KHz.

VIBRATION TESTER TV300 Dataview for TV300 ISO 9001 44 .