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UP Computerized Registration System

Reminders and Guidelines For First Semester, AY 2013-2014
The registration schedule for First Semester, Academic Year 2013-2014 Regular registration period Last day of registration and payment Change of Matriculation period First day of classes Notes 1. Students with unvalidated enlistments may be removed by the instructor from class lists on the first day of classes to open slots for other students. 2. There is no late registration period. 3. The Form 5 should be machine validated as "PAID" by 06 June before a student may apply for a change of matriculation. 4. Payment center is at the UP Theater. [click here for details] 03 to 05 June (Monday to Wednesday) 05 June (Wednesday) 06 to 14 June 06 June




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If you have problems or concerns, please read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). You may email us at or you may visit the CRSRS Office at the 3rd floor of the OUR building. You may also join the UP Diliman CRS Official Facebook Group at UP Diliman CRS (Official Page).


PAYMENT CENTERS FOR FIRST SEMESTER AY 2013-2014 REGISTRATION ( JUNE 3, 4, 5, 2013 ) A. UNIVERSITY THEATER *7 am to 4 pm (FORM 5, Change of Matriculation & other fees ) B. BANK PAYMENT **9 am 3 pm only

LANDBANK- will accept payment for FORM 5 only

Important Dates

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Course Catalog

Curriculum Checklist

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UP Computerized Registration System

LB Account Number : 1462-2220-48

to Remember
First Semester, 2013 - 2014
12 May 2013 (Monday) Start of Issuance of University Admission Slips to all types of students 06 (Monday) to 13 Mar 2013 (Monday) Priority Encoding 11 (Saturday) to 17 May 2013 (Friday) First Preenlistment 18 May 2013 (Saturday) Batch Processing 1 20 May 2013 (Monday) First Batch run Results 21 (Tuesday) to 28 May 2013 (Tuesday) Second Preenlistment 29 May 2013 (Wednesday) Batch processing 2 and Results 01 Jun 2013 (Saturday) Form 5A Available for Printing 03 Jun 2013 E-prerog for New Freshman, Varsity, Curriculum Checklist

DBP will accept payment for FORM 5 only DBP Account Number: 0455-024458-030 NOTES: *Payment may be cut-off earlier than the scheduled closing time depending on the volume of payers and the number of collectors available. Payers are highly encouraged to bring exact amount to avoid delays and inconveniences. **Validation of bank payments is at the UNIVERSITY THEATER up to 5 pm only. STUDENTS WITH THE FF. PRIVILEGES SHOULD PAY ONLY AT THE UNIVERSITY THEATER. STFAP GRANTEES EMPLOYEE DEPENDENT FACULTY/PERSONNEL BAND MEMBER PRESIDENTIAL SCHOLAR OBLATION SCHOLAR BARANGAY SCHOLAR GOVERNMENT & PRIVATE SCHOLARSHIPS OTHER SCHOLARSHIPS


Be advised that CWTS 1/LTS 1/ROTC 1 has changed its name to "NSTP". This has been done to comply with the NSTP law. For questions, please contact the UPD NSTP Office.

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UP Computerized Registration System

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Graduating & Graduate students 04 (Tuesday) to 05 Jun 2013 (Wednesday) E-Prerog for Other students 05 Jun 2013 (Wednesday) E-Prerog CrossRegistrants, Non-degree (OUR), Special Students 06 Jun 2013 (Thursday) Classes Start

Bracket B Certification
For UP Diliman students applying for Bracket B, you can read the guidelines and download the Bracket B Certification here.

Class Schedules for the Regular Semester
" Regular 1st semester 2013 " Regular Summer 2013

05 Sep 2013 (Thursday) Deadline for Dropping of Subjects 18 Sep 2013 (Wednesday) Deadline for Filing Leave of Absence 30 Aug 2013 (Friday) Last Day for Graduating Students to clear deficiencies 04 Oct 2013 (Friday) End of Classes 05 Oct 2013 (Saturday) Integration Period 07 (Monday) to 12 Oct 2013 (Saturday) Final Examinations Curriculum Checklist

Class Schedules for MBA and MS Fin (Part-time)

" MBA 1st Trimester 2013 " MBA 3rd Trimester 2012

Academic Calendar 2013-2014

" /acadcal2013-2014.pdf

Academic Calendar 2012-2013

" Cal 2012-2013.pdf

Course Catalog

Change of Matriculation Flowchart

" /ChangeMatFlowchart_modified.pdf

Dropping Flowchart
" Flowchart.pdf CRS FAQ Course Catalog Quick Links: 3 of 4

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UP Computerized Registration System

Curriculum Checklist (per program)


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Course Catalog

Curriculum Checklist

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