PERANCANGAN KULIAH LECTURE PLAN MAKLUMAT MATA PELAJARAN (SUBJECT INFORMATION) SEMESTER/SESI (SEMESTER/SESSION) KOD MATA PELAJARAN (SUBJECT CODE) NAMA MATA PELAJARAN (NAME OF SUBJECT) JAM BELAJAR PELAJAR (STUDENT LEARNING TIME - SLT) Category of Activities Guided Learning Lecture Tutorial/Practical Student Centred Learning Activities Self Learning Activities Preparation for assignments/projects Independent study/revisions Preparation for assessment Formal Assessments Continuous assessments Final Examination Total SLT Hours Activities : : : : Total Hours/Semester 39 0 3 32 34 5 4 3 120 I – 2013/2014 BEL 30403 Electronic Circuits Analysis and Design

Matapelajaran Pra-syarat (Pre requisite subjects) Nama Pensyarah (Lecturer’s name)

: BEL 10203 Analog Electronics 1. Nabiah bt. Zinal (Coordinator) 2. Dr. Jais bin Lias 3. Prof. Madya Siti Hawa Binti Ruslan 4. Dr. Audrey Huong Kah Ching 5. Nabihah@Nornabihah bt. Ahmad 6. Intan Sue Liana bt. Abd. Hamid

Disediakan oleh (Prepared by) : Tandatangan (Signature) : Nama (Name) : Nabiah Bt. Zinal Tarikh (Date): September 2013

Disahkan oleh (Approved by) : Tandatangan (Signature) : Nama (Name) : Dr. Jais bin Lias Tarikh (Date): September 2013

10. (PLO11-A3) ISI KANDUNGAN (CONTENT) : MINGGU (WEEK) 1.6Band-Stop Filters 3. implementation. Final Exam 5.3Op-Amp Applications – NonLinear 2.1Types of Waveform Generator 4. Test 1.3Amplifiers Circuits with negative feedback Positive feedback and Oscillator Principles of Operation KANDUNGAN (CONTENT) 4.5Band-Pass Filters 2. SINOPSIS (SYNOPSIS) : Student will be introduced to fundamental concepts of analog electronics and the application of these concepts to the design of analog circuits. Active Filters 2.8 Quiz.3Second Order Filters : Analysis and Design 2.1Types of Feedback 3. Focus is on the design. Test 1. Characteristics and effect of Negative Feedback 3. (PLO10-P5) 3. (PLO4-CTPSC5) 2.1Ideal and Approximate Responses 2. Test 2. oscillators and DC power supply. active filters.2.1Op-Amp Characteristics 1.4Higher Order Filters: Analysis and Design 2.4 KANDUNGAN (CONTENT) 1.2Phase-Shift Oscillator 4. op-amp circuits: Instrumentation amplifier. Feedback 3. Project.MATLAMAT (GOALS) : To provide an in-depth understanding on electronic circuits analysis and design.6 Quiz. Among the topics covered are the fundamentals of operational amplifiers: linear and non-linear operation.4 Tuned Oscillator Circuit 4. Final Exam 7. regulated DC power supply. Oscillators 4.3Wien-Bridge Oscillator 4. feedback and oscillators.3.2First Order Filters : Analysis and Design 2. Final Exam MINGGU (WEEK) 8. Design operational circuits consist of op-amp. Demonstrate the ability to discuss importance of electronic system engineering in current technology trend. Project. Test 2.5Crystal Oscillator PENTAKSIRAN (ASSESSMENT) Quiz.2Op-Amp Applications – Linear 1.2Advantages. Operational Amplifier 1. Construct and simulate accurately the prototype of electronic circuits using simulation tools. 11 PENTAKSIRAN (ASSESSMENT) Quiz. HASIL PEMBELAJARAN (LEARNING OUTCOMES) : At the end of this course the student will be able to: 1. Project. Final Exam . and testing of analog circuits by means of computer simulation software. 9.

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