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Seventh Semester B.E. Degree Examination , May / June. 08

Time: 3 hrs.

Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Note : Answer any FIVE full questions. Max. Marks:100

a. List five applications of fluid power in the automotive industry. ( 05 Marks b. Sketch and explain the working of a balanced vane pump. ) (07 Marks) c. A gear pump has a 75mm outer diameter 50mm internal diameter and 25mm wid th. If the volumetric efficiency is 90% at rated pressure, what is the corresponding actual flow rate in litres per minute given pump speed is 1000 r.p.m.
(08 Marks) 2 a. With a neat sketch, explain the construction of a double acting hydraulic cylinder. Explain how cylinder cushioning is achieved.

b. A hydraulic motor has a displacement of 130cm3 and operates with a pressure o(10 Marks) f 105 bar and a speed of 2000 r.p.m. If the actual flow rate consumed by the motor is 0.005m3/s and the actual torque delivered by the motor is 200Nm. Find i) Volumetric efficiency ii) overall efficiency and iii) kW power delivered by motor. ( 10 Marks) 3 a. Explain a pilot operated pressure relief valve with a neat sketch. Marks) b. Assuming that the two double rodded cylinders of fig.3(b) are identical, what' un ique features does this possess?
(05 Marks)

Fig.3(b) c. Sketch and explain working of. a locked cylinder hydraulic circuit using pilot check valves.
(08 Marks)

4 a. Show that in a regenerative circuit the extending and retracting speeds of the cylinder can be made equal when the piston area equals two times the rod area. b. In what circumstances meter - out flow control valve system is preferred to meat r - in system. What are the disadvantages of meter - out system? ( 1.8 c. For a meter - in system the following data are given. Valve capacity coeffi ci e nt 1.8 lpm/ kPa ; cylinder piston diameter 5cm ; cylinder load 17.8 kN ; specific gravity of oil 0.90 ; Pressure relief valve setting 96 bar. Determine the cylinder speed . (07 Marks ) 5 a. What are the most common causes of hydraulic system break down.
07 Marks) b. Classify filters. What is meant by Beta ratio? Define Beta efficiency. ( c. What are the problems caused by gases in hydraulic fluids? (07 Marks) (06 Marks) 1 of 2

. (06 Marks) 6 a. Sketch and explain Diaphragm type of air cylinder. Give its applications control. h. With a sketch, explain the actuation of a double acting cylinder using air pilot 08 Marks) c. Explain the construction and working of a quick exhaust valve with suitable sketches. Marks)

7 a. Using 2/2 Direction control valves show the following logic functions . (08 Marks) i) AND ii) OR iii) NOR and iv) NAND. K Sketch a circuit to control two pneumatic cylinders using limit switches for (12 motion. g a. Sketch a two - handed safety control circuit for actuation of a pneumatic cylinder 08 Marks) h. What happens to the cylinder of fig.8(b) when the push button is momentarily depr essed. Marks)


Fig.8(b) c. Sketch neatly an air lubricator and briefly explain its working.

(06 Marks)

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