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What you w ant to do after your school days? Which subject area it fits you best? What opportunities arise for you? These questions should be as early and comprehensively. Plus w e offer you some help.

Girls' Day Siem ens AG opens its doors Siemens also participated again this year at the International Girls' Day. The company offered 25 April 2013 in its training centers, w orkshops, offices and laboratories in turn the opportunity to gain insight into different areas of the w orld of w ork and to socialize. Girls' Day is the largest professional orientation project for students. Since the action began in 2001, more than a million girls participated. Last year alone, more than 115,000 girls w ere more than 9,600 companies and organizations go to learn about technical and scientific professions. Siemens offers annually to about 2,000 places in over 40 locations. In Germany, the young generation of w omen has a very good education. Still, girls decide w ithin their training and study choice still far above the typical "female" occupations or fields of study. Thus they draw their future possibilities not full. But many companies lack, especially in technical and engineering-related areas increasingly qualified young. The successful transition from school to w ork is therefore a central challenge for schools and a key indicator of success for the German education system. This interface is the link betw een schools and business is of great importance. The starting point is the Girls' Day in the United States, w here he first introduced in 1993 by the organization "MS. Foundation for Women "w as held. In Germany, the success story of the Girls' Day started in 2001. Jointly launched by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research, the German Trade Union Federation and the D21 this nationw ide campaign. The active promotion of w omen is part of the Siemens company-w ide training program "Generation 21". With its international programs, the company takes account of its social responsibility and encourages prospective employees, decision makers and designers of tomorrow .

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Student internship As part of a student internship, you w ill gain a first insight into the w orld of w ork and can get a taste in the technical or commercial w ork. For tasks that you must solve in part independently, you gain experience in the many fields of the Siemens AG. Take advantage of the internship as your personal chance to get to know the your preferred field of w ork in advance. An internship you show your future employer that you have show n already during school time interest in the practice and commitment to bring the later w ork. As our capabilities are very limited, w e ask for early application and close consultation w ith the contact persons of the regional marketing candidates: Amberg - kfm. Internships: > w w w / kfmschuelerpraktikumnordbayern Amberg - Technical Training: > w olfgang.klee @ Augsburg - Technical Training: > ulrike.braun @ Augsburg - kfm. Internships: > Lu.Schmid @ Bad Neustadt / Saale - kfm. Internships: > anja.johannes @ Bad Neustadt / Saale - Technical Training: > susanne.kaul @ Berlin: > norbert.giesen @ Brunsw ick: > behrens.dirk @ Bremen: > nicole.barkmann @ Chemnitz: > norbert.kuhn @ Dresden: > ines.matschko @ Dusseldorf - kfm. Internships: > w iebke.moucha @ Dusseldorf - Technical Training: > kornelia.pohlhaus @ Duisburg - kfm. Internships: > miriam.naunheim @ Duisburg - Technical Training: > marcus.engels @ Eichsttt - Max. Internships: > mark.muehlenbeck @ Erfurt: > andreas.holzheu @ Erlangen - kfm. Internships: > w w w / kfmschuelerpraktikumnordbayern Erlangen - orientation internship for graduates: > w w w / internship orientation-gain Erlangen - Internships in the restaurant area: > karl.foeger @ or > petra.zinkel @ Erlangen - Technical Training: > manuela.fischer @ Eat-kfm. Internships: > inge.blumenthrat @ Eat-technical internships: > kornelia.pohlhaus @ Frankfurt: > ursula.robinson @ Freiburg: > martin.euhus @ Gorlitz: > roland.olonczik @ Hamburg: > nicole.barkmann @ Hanover: > claudia.bode @ Herbrechtingen - Max. Internships: > hans-juergen.gruener @ Karlsruhe: > guenter-a.zimmermann @ Kemnath - Technical Training: > martina.dirrigl @ Kiel: > nicole.barkmann @ Constance: > friedemann.fischer @ Krefeld - kfm. Internships: > w iebke.moucha @

Krefeld-technical Praktia: > dagmar.mathias @ Leipzig: > norbert.kuhn @ Mannheim: > ursula.robinson @ Mlheim adR: > ferdinand.w albaum @ Munich: > melanie.zagel @ Nuremberg - kfm. Internships: > w w w / kfmschuelerpraktikumnordbayern Nuremberg - orientation internship for graduates: > w w w / internship orientation-nuremberg Nuremberg - Technical Training: > birgit.w olfrum @ Paderborn: > baerbel.lummer @ Rastatt: > matthias.pflueger @ Regensburg - kfm. Internships: > w w w / kfmschuelerpraktikumnordbayern Regensburg - Technical Training: > brigitte.w ieser @ Rostock: > nicole.barkmann @ Rudolstadt: > norbert.kuhn @ Ruhstorf: > josef.w enig @ Saarbrcken: > ursula.robinson @ Stuttgart: > christina.hees @ Tbingen: > duerr.thomas @ Ulm: > bianca.heske @

Project sem inar on academ ic and professional orientation (P-sem inar) The Project seminar on academic and professional orientation (P-seminar) to open the Bavarian grammar schools throughout the w orld of w ork and allow students valuable experiences for a successful career and study choice. The focus therefore have to practice and the promotion of methodological and social skills that are supported and challenged in a concrete project w ork. We like to support you. > Opportunities for cooperation w ith Siemens > Concrete suggestions for topics from Siemens > Your specific project request > The P-Seminar Overview

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